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Open file (1.04 MB 396x216 goebbels laugh.gif)
Unpopular Opinions Thread III Blackshirt 11/22/2020 (Sun) 20:20:22 No.13706
You know the drill. Previous thread: >>6673 Archive: https://archive.fo/PAxr1
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/23/2020 (Mon) 04:00:35.
>>23234 Last: The big problem with "The Right" is that it never goes far enough. The roots of everything wrong stem from the Iron Age. Men like Socrates with their subversion. Christ would not have gained a foothold without the acts of such men like Zoroaster.
>>23234 >>23235 I've gotta say, I pretty much agree. Though, I think some of the PUA stuff is right (esp. shit tests and the like) but like you said I think it's more of a product of a degenerated social order and feminism than any sort of constant in human history. As you say yourself, dating is modern and degenerate, and likely a reason why pair-bonding has been destroyed and marriages so often fail nowadays (along with many other related reasons). Regarding prostitution, it's definitely a good point. It existed in past societies and they weren't full of beta faggots. I think it would be a step up at this point since it would reduce the SMV of the average woman and knock her arrogance down a notch.
>>23234 I like playing vidya and watching TV but I don't think you're wrong.
>>23243 >I like playing vidya and watching TV
>>23244 What do you care? Maybe that poster might be a shitskin.
Open file (425.04 KB 510x382 talmudvision.gif)
>>23248 Imagine defending watching the electric jew. There is one cucked poster who uses Tor, and I bet it is him. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you are him pretending to not be him now
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EKTEQvE6Imdijedm2deq-ABNAjAJQX0w/view https://traditionsofconflict.com/blog/2020/12/13/book-review-humankind-by-rutger-bregman https://traditionsofconflict.com/blog/2020/9/8/the-weirdest-people-in-the-world-gets-polygyny-wrong Backing what was said. >>23236 Having mass car usage combine with police alone undermines tradition. Cars let daughters be able to sneak off to get fucked far easier than if they had to travel on foot or on horse. Police ensure that fathers and other males in the family can't properly keep their daughters' behavior in check.
>>23698 >Having mass car usage combine with police alone undermines tradition 100% true. I read this same thing about cars in a book on the Amish and it really made sense to me. I have said for a long time that the law has been gradually eroding away the power of father's to ensure that their children are raised how they want them to be and to make sure the women of the house behave. It's very obvious.
>>23700 Didn't National Socialist Germany wanted most of their citizens who lived in urban areas to own cars? Wouldn't that mean they also undermined tradition as well?
>>23710 >Didn't National Socialist Germany wanted most of their citizens who lived in urban areas to own cars? Wouldn't that mean they also undermined tradition as well? They wanted affordable cars for their citizens, along with radios, housing and other consumer goods. Now were *they* undermining tradition? No more than capitalism and industrialism in general were undermining tradition and bringing about destructive trends such as individualism. National Socialism was partially a corrective against all of this modern degeneracy, but it was also very modern itself. They didn’t do everything 100% perfectly, not because they were misguided though. We are speaking with hindsight now. NatSoc Germany, as modern as it was, is a literal utopia compared to what we find ourselves in now. Much of what they did they could not have done better. There is a reason why they still today serve as a guiding light to Völkisch nationalists all across Europe.
neinchan is best chan no matter the opinion of the current leader
Open file (83.61 KB 836x960 Polydoros.jpg)
>>13718>>13721>>13722>>13731 You have to be reminded
>>23710 Ignoring any sort of resource arguments, cars are most socially destructive if you need to use them everyday. If your city is set up for walking to be the main mode of transport, you still have neighbors rubbing elbows and less isolation in general. It's so easy for our cities to be neglected because people just drive through or around them, and thus avoid having to actually engage with it
In a nigger-free world with less people in general, public transportation hopefully would be far more in use than individual cars. It just makes sense. >>23716 >all lowercase Hello deradmin, now go back to your dead site.
>>23732 Good points. >that example pic If you've ever had to ride in a bus that's packed with that many people you know it's a miserable experience. Even with zero non-Whites it wouldn't be exactly pleasant, but throw in niggers etc. and it's becomes a demonic cesspool as is to be expected. Dealing with traffic jams in your own car is far, far more preferable to the experience. Besides, this is definitely some You don't own nothing, goy!11 You'll eat the bugs and be happy about it-tier propaganda. The traffic is the prime issue pictured. Every other artifact from the example is pretty much a net positive overall.
>>23732 whos deradmin also nein is still alive lol
>>23737 I'm sure the source of this image is certainly from some sort of 'eat the bugs" type campaign, but it's based on a kernel of truth. Reducing the amount of cars out there would ideally lead to faster travel times, more efficient travel and probably cleaner air in the long-term. I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say "completely ban cars", but instead changes could be gradually made to make certain types of travel the most convenient option for people. Cutting down on superfluous travel could really be implemented as well slowly by making communities more locally self-sufficient in many things. For example today it is very clear that 99% of people are dependent on grocery stores, imported foods and supply-chains. They are utterly helpless without these. Food should be being grown by local communities and many things should be being produced and reused locally as well if it is possible. Now I don't value efficiency over everything. This is part of the reason why the system that we live in is an anti-human jewish hellworld, because it is places efficiency above everything else, but the focus instead should be helping communities be healthy, natural, self-sufficient as possible and sustainable. What we do want to avoid is packing people into trains or buses though, like video related. I'd argue that this is another symptom of the current system. They want to pack as many meat bags into a train as physically possible and move them from point-A to point-B. We need to balance various variables to get a preferable outcome
Open file (91.83 KB 776x564 .jpg)
>>23732 >omitting the third option
>>23743 I'll admit I'm neither a regular here, nor a fan of this strain of fash that's grown up here. You OTOH are kind of like a breath of fresh air here. You seem actually sane. Thanks, I actually drop my previous assertion and concur with your fully. Just curious, have you ever read Alexander's The Timeless Way of Building ?
>>23743 I would go even further and advocate for individual self-sufficiency. A nuclear family can grow more food than it can consume with trivial amounts of labor, throw in quilting and home crafts for the wife and machining and technical work for the husband, and the only thing you might need a community for is raw materials like fabrics and steel. A relatively promitive computer running a network-enabled revision of TempleOS would cover all complex calculations, automation, and machine control. The economy of the future might very well be made up of 99% homesteaders doing occasional small-scale production work, cultural, or research projects, and just 1% living in small towns working the material extraction and refining side of things. Even now, only about 2% of jobs are actually productive in a real, material sense, everything else is make-believe busywork counting meaningless numbers, just to give the average goy something to do. Transport in this case would be mostly cargo, even if a family owned a rugged, self-maintainable car, they wouldn't use it much. Freedom means being allowed to do something, without being compelled to do so. The freedom to drive means nothing if you have no choice but to do it. >>23746 You just haven't swallowed the schizo pill yet. Absolute collectivism is absolute individualism.
>>23747 I don't know if there's enough food going around if everyone's supposed to grow/hunt it on their own, especially in cold regions where plants have less time to grow. Of course it's a different situation if you delete cities and generally spread people more so that nobody lives in small city grid cuck houses, but that'll never happen because you can't convince anyone that reducing the amount of people on this shitty rock is a good thing.
>>23745 I was thinking more in terms of long distance travel in my previous post, but I certainly think we could use more bicycles. That's the one thing I noticed a lot of when I was in Europe, is that there are tons of cyclists. I think that that's definitely a good thing. One does not need a bus to go a mile down the street or a few streets other. Either bike or walk. >>23746 >You seem actually sane Depends what I'm talking about >Just curious, have you ever read Alexander's The Timeless Way of Building ? No, I haven't, but from looking at a description and a few reviews it seems very interesting. I think the large majority of architecture we see around us today is pretty much cookie-cutter and soulless, and there is definitely something missing that makes them not feel 'alive' while in pre-modern buildings there is a certain charm or 'soul' to it that many modern things are lacking. This is the same with many things today I think, just compare traditional clothing styles, which are intricate and colorful quite often, with drab utilitarian modern clothes that often turn you into a walking billboard for some corporation and were made in some sweatshop. I also kind of like traditional Japanese architecture which very much aims to integrate itself with the surrounding environment unobtrusively and subtly rather than flatten everything into a moonscape. Basically we need to take the Bhutan-pill: >>11055 I'll have to remember this book.
Open file (135.91 KB 900x580 hans dahl painting 2.jpg)
>>23747 >I would go even further and advocate for individual self-sufficiency. A nuclear family can grow more food than it can consume with trivial amounts of labor, throw in quilting and home crafts for the wife and machining and technical work for the husband, and the only thing you might need a community for is raw materials like fabrics and steel Oh definitely. If we are to make communities more self-sufficient themselves though there will definitely need to be local cooperation to an extent given the amount of food that would need to be produced, but there are absolutely no downsides to having families try to produce as much as they can themselves in terms of crafts, clothes and the like. I feel a bit hypocritical saying some of this since I'm not really practicing what I'm preaching at the moment, but ideally I'd like to move towards this more in the future and see more people adopt this sort of lifestyle. I've said before too that feminism is the direct result of the erosion of this sort of traditional lifestyle by industrialism. Corporations and government slowly co-opted traditional female domains of influence such as crafts, basic gardening and child-care, and left them with little more to do than tedious domestic work and vacuuming the fucking house. No wonder there was some unease felt by some, and this is exactly where the kikes got the entrance they needed to destroy the family from within. >>23748 >you can't convince anyone that reducing the amount of people on this shitty rock is a good thing. They'll be left with no other choice in time. We should just hope that it is the far-sighted and dispassionate at the helm when the time does come, otherwise it will be like the lifeboat analogy, except for it sinks to the bottom of the ocean.
>>23748 You wouldn't even have to reduce the population in any way. There's plenty of unused land, and a self-sufficient household would have a minimal impact on the environment. Sparse, distributed villages of nuclear family homesteads blend into the environment, as sparse villages already do today. Still, with what's coming we don't have to worry about lowering the population anyway, most normies will perish even with all the good-will on our side. These are the same people who still support central utilities and supermarket subsistence after nearly dying from rolling blackouts and food shortages. >not enough food to go around You can grow a dozen metric tonnes of tomatoes on about 2 square meters of land, with a primitive greenhouse. Most vegetables in our diet grow at similarly ridiculous rates, I'd be more concerned about what to do with the tonnes of unused food from each household. Meat can be covered with quail coops (very low maintenance and also give delicious eggs), and a single milking cow produces enough milk for a dozen or so families. Traditionally, hard-to-keep animals were raised by single families passing down the trade through generations, with less specialized families bartering with crops, crafts, and other goods. This can very well be the same in the digital age as well, in rural areas the "village IT guy" is more or less institutionalized already.
Open file (383.09 KB 768x2383 1591887440338.jpg)
>>23752 You're making it sound like anyone can grow an abundant food supply from their backyard and pic related is complete horse shit.
>>23751 >I feel a bit hypocritical saying some of this since I'm not really practicing what I'm preaching at the moment And this is what is wrong with fascist and WS today. If White people could act like more like the Amish and Mormons and exit out if city with their own kin then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. I recommend all of you to always nd practice the things you know will help us. Owning land and moving into rural areas and starting our own communities is a goal I believe many of us should try to strive for or even help other Whites who aren't faggots or feds join us. Never rely on the government and urbanites to help you.
Open file (2.00 MB 461x259 1610340835805.gif)
>>23761 I don't think it's fair to blame people too much. The society just isn't made to put people in a situation where moving away is viable and where people have any kind of skills to survive there. Relations between people and the conventions to interact with strangers are at rock bottom so the amount of help and support and resources you can or know how to gain from other people are minimal. The economy and jobs are in the shitter as well so not many people can afford to buy a house, let alone a decent one with a fair amount of land, and then also be able to pay for car and gas to commute from there to work to pay for it all. A lot of people are probably knee deep in college debt or something as well. And let's not forget how difficult it is to find a relationship that actually works so you'd have someone at home helping around. I'd love to move somewhere more rural at this moment but I can't afford to, at least it would be very risky since I have no idea what I would do to pay my bills since all my education is in arts/design and computers, I could live probably a couple years with my savings and that's without taking the ownership/usage of a car into account. I have 0 skills in cultivating something to eat either and I can't exactly practice from my current situation, not counting planting tomatoes in a pot or something, and tomatoes are among my least favorite things to put into my mouth.
>>23761 >If White people could act like more like the Amish and Mormons and exit out if city with their own kin then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place No, we'd still be being ethnically replaced just like Mormons and Amish are.
>>23788 The Mormon and Amish have some of the highest birth-rates in America. Their birth-rates are high enough to turn a small town that's filled with non-Whites to being 60-70% White. If Whites created their and built their environments to be safe and allow them to bred often then there wouldn't be any ethnical replacement.
>>23799 Also it doesn't make sense that you're saying something as false as this, because the Amish and Mormons are buying up land and creating their own communities as they marry very often. And the most conservative areas aren't being ethnically replaced. Ethnical replacement isn't going to happen, it's just that Whites are going to be a minority in some cities and towns, which won't matter if Whites continue to make up at least 50% of the income, despite being a small portion of the population.
>>23801 https://oklahoman.com/article/2251960/mormon-church-buys-ranchland-in-osage-county https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/jan/30/from-book-to-boom-how-the-mormons-plan-a-city-for-500000-in-florida https://www.christianpost.com/news/mormon-church-largest-private-landowner-in-florida-with-670000-acres.html/ http://groups.etown.edu/amishstudies/social-organization/population-growth/ I still can't believe we're still doing this bitching and moaning about ethnical replacement when something such as that is not really endangering the White race along with it being easily stopped if White people would stop being normalfag and start having sex. This is working for the Amish and Mormons, why can't it work for White people who aren't them?
>>23801 >Ethnical replacement isn't going to happen, it's just that Whites are going to be a minority in some cities and towns Absolute delusion. Hope you enjoy living in a gated White community in South America 2. Maybe if you're lucky your grandchildren won't mix your genes off by attrition.
>>23803 Do you really think these people are going to be allowed to grow to an extent that disrupts the jewish system? Of course they won't. Amish population growth isn't even sustainable since there will be an increasingly large population that won't be directly involved in farm work and will instead probably get involved in business, which will take them further away from their families and communities and more into contact with the modern world, which is 100% necessary for those doing business. And Mormons on the other hand are massive philosemites, and besides from a few moral issues are 100% amenable to the jewish system. What >>23809 says is right, your idea right now would lead to some sort of South Africa scenario where Whites live in enclaves in a degenerate world ruled by jews, surrounded by a sea of shitskins. And it's quite presumptuous to think that we would even be allowed that.
>muh amish/mormons le based meme >muh retreatism Yawn. Amish aren't even safe from using cellphones. They're tolerated since they pose no threat to Globohomo since they're ultimate Christcucks and if anything serve it by giving the illusion of options. And Mormons are just White jews. Their lands are operating bases for Globohomo (spies for one). Their women are mega whores who think that "virginity" means that you only suck on dicks and take it in your rear in high school to college.
>>23821 This nigger is a Demotivation Shill, he seeks to point out that we don't talk about what we do in the real world, and thus we must not do anything at all, right guys? Your bullshit doesn't work here shill.
>>23821 Just admit you're a lolberg already. >The "jewish system" isn't interupting small community Whites from having a steady and increasing birth rate. Those small communities you speak of are either geopolitically irrelevant or can be subverted easy enough. There are small towns with Somalis and/or rainbow flags. >high IQ Whites Say that it's okay to run around taking dicks up your ass when you're a man and chopping your dick off makes you a woman and also that race nun reel yet White Privilege is and that lobergism/anrckiddieism/communism works. >You schizo keep crying about muh jewish system, but still haven't proven it's impossible to fight agaisnt. I swear Americans are the biggest cucks on Earth. Activism doesn't work when you have no power backing you. Retreatism is cowardice.
>>23822 >>23821 You propose sheltered meadows, as if we have not all considered this before and rejected these options because they will not overthrow ZOG.
>>23821 We're not against having children you numbskull. But neither will having children alone save our race from being overwhelmed by replacement migration. Sounds like you are saying we should do something besides complain. I agree. What are your recommendations once you've made a couple children? What are you doing beyond having children?
>>23833 Translation:"We're gigantic pussies and will never do anything against ZOG. Everything we do is a larp and jews in reality are more chads than we are, while we're just autistic mutts and retards who can't fight for shit." Yeah massive cope bud, 1488 will never come no matter how many times you search for an article and cry about ZOG.
>>23851 Hey look another Demotivation agent, where are they all creeping in from?
>>23858 It's a new shill tactic. They come in waves and all talk on coordinated topics. First this happened with Communists, and then Christcucks and now with people who are calling us pussies but never proposing any solutions. >>23851 >offers no solutions and rebuttals Opinion discarded.
>>23860 At least the Christians and commies are fun to mock and BTFO, these ones are just pathetic.
>>23861 They must be running of ideas. Sad!
>>23866 Oh this ones a sassy agent, it doesn't like when we disagree with it's milquetoast takes and completely uninformed opinions on the crazy religious sect it drove to our lands, and one of our own, both of whom are actively aiding in our ethnic genocide by allowing niggers among them and to breed with them, in the case of the Amish, by adopting them. Even if you are serious the strategy you advocate was btfo by GLR himself more than fifty years ago when he correctly identified that you euros are the pussies and the last true remaining Aryan Barbarians exist here, in America, it is here that resistance to ZOG will begin and here from which Aryan power will grow again.
Open file (7.92 KB 1276x164 Shill OG post.PNG)
>>23867 Don't change your shit, Agent Smith.
I wish for one time one of these “you’re all do-nothing cowards” posters would actually provide some sort of solution. I am always left disappointed
>>23868 >>23869 >Muh CIA! See this exactly what in talking about, you faggots are not only schizo, but also snowflakes banning me. You pretend you can handle an opposing opinion when in reality anything that upsets your fragile egos will make you kvetch like the kikes at wallstreet. You cry CIA and FBI as if you know that these are the only individuals who are willing to join your faggy movements. There are still zero White militias, there are no White supremacists in your little shithole who's going to usurper and take over America. Whites in America barely even consider destroying the republic for good. Your fetishism and dreams are a cope and you still haven't said a single intelligent counter-arguement on why I'm wrong that you guys aren't just as much as losers as the anarchist who dream of destroying your country as well. You're both niggers who only dream, take the L and realize that White Americans are the biggest losers of White people, because they're cucks and cowards. The sooner you accept this, maybe you will stop larping on the 1488 train and do something for once, although I'm talking to a retarded mutt, so I don't expect anything that would lift me an eyebrow.
>>23888 >schizo >snowflakes >cope >larping >mutt >>>/cuckchan/ Also the logs show no bans, so you're a lying jew
>>23888 We call you all shills and CIA/FBI, partly because it is a very long running joke and is true a good bit of the time, but also because you are all here to tell us NOT to do what we desire to do. What we desire to do is use violence unrelentingly against the Federal Government of the United States of America, until we have attained a purely ARYAN ethnostate from which we will expand and cleanse this nation that my direct blood ancestors fought and died to give to me. You come here and being a European full of unchecked, undeserved arrogance and a false sense of superiority, have the nerve to say "you guys are doing it wrong, do it this way I say to do it". Rockwell told you fucks what was what back in the 60's when you whined and bitched that he was leaning into the "Hollywood Nazi" image. He rightfully called each and every one of you cowards and shirkers and weaklings because you assholes drove ALL of your Barbarians to America, on purpose, leaving nothing but weaklings cowards and bureaucrats in the homeland.

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