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Open file (1.04 MB 396x216 goebbels laugh.gif)
Unpopular Opinions Thread III Blackshirt 11/22/2020 (Sun) 20:20:22 No.13706
You know the drill. Previous thread: >>6673 Archive: https://archive.fo/PAxr1
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/23/2020 (Mon) 04:00:35.
>>13749 >people believe the holocaust happened or not, we seek to do what hitler didn't better to get people over that hurdle without making thyem stake their tent in the cuck like lands of "a place for every race". I'm new to /fascist/. May I know if >"A place for every race" is a cuck idea is the normal opinion in her regarding views on other races? If so, what's your take on people who believe otherwise but are still in this board.
these bump limits leave me confused >>13620 --movies-- in them, where is the faith? did you see a single temple? any reference to this being? >>13624 >For example, they basically defined the United States as a Whites-only nation where only a tiny amount of property-owning males could vote. where is the explicit reference to Whites? >>13645 looks like monarchy or anything similar is a thousand times more honest then and im surprised i'd say that >>13656 until they found a big leader to channel them for some bigger looting campaign
uo: since most people are stupid and npcs and we do need less people on this planet and since jews have been winning for a long time already, why not side with the davos bois?
>>13783 >Muh cope cope cope cope Post when you have an argument and you don't like a cuckchan retard.
>>13790 You didn't give examples, you insulted and mocked it like a dumbass who has no idea what he is talking about. We already have proof and an indication that the NS did indeed have bases in antarctica and the UFOs were indeed built. You just a dumb niggerfaggot who's willing to listen libshit intellectualism.
.>>13790 >prove me wrong faggot i already gave some examples in the post you quoted Your examples are retarded, because believing in the Anatarctica base doesn't shit on nor ruin NS, your leap of logic sucks. >also serrano's worldview is deeply pessimistic and just another form of escapism T. doesn't know anything about Serrano >>13796 >lol the one super tech the united states didn't put to good use after paperclip i think you deserve a butthurt badge too, well earned How exactly do you know that? The US were willing to copy and steal many designs that came from the NS government along with the fact that even admitted that the UFOs were high tech. You're indeed retarded. Congrats on the larp of being NS, retard.
>>13718 Literally impossible and that would only end up being used against us knowing how kikes are only end for things for themselves. >>13766 I hate how right wingers use the ole "y-you're a kike!" as a way to ridicule as something they don't personally like . Does he hate the British empire and their kikes as well? If not then it's just further proof that he is just a subversive. >>13790 >also serrano's worldview is deeply pessimistic and just another form of escapism No it isn't Serrano's worldview was never pessimistic unless you wanna say that Savitri was pessimistic as well, because the both of them had worked and encouraged the National Socialist to get in power. Serrano said nothing different then what Himmler believed in and even used to as away to solidify why they should stay in power.
>>13797 I wonder if the shit bob lazar talks about was actually nazi german tech captured or reverse engineered or built with stolen blueprints
>>13782 >another side ‘“let’s side with kikes!’ post Organic or not? Kikes are disgusting child molesters, filthy inbred rats and the parasite of nations. We will never side with them, ever. Anyone who sides with the Jews is going to find themselves in a mass grave along with his heeb buddies The Jews are literally the antithesis of all Aryan values. Most people are NPCs, but I want a world where White NPCs can be imbued with the Aryan values and made better and stronger. Jews want us to be degraded and addicted to pornography, alcohol, gambling and sugar. I want a depopulated world for the future, both because it is more beautiful, and because it will secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. I’m not even convinced Jews want it, but if they do it’s so they can keep exploiting and sucking the blood out of their golems for just a little bit longer.
>>13783 >>13790 Go away newfag, your autistic posts have been shitting up the board for a few days now and you offer nothing of substance. plus you can' t stop typing like a dumb nigger back to cuckchan >>13778 >>"A place for every race" is a cuck idea >is the normal opinion in her regarding views on other races? Here? I'd say yes, generally speaking. If someone believes otherwise they're free to do so, but I bet that they will be changing their tune after some time, since holding the idea that every race is entitled to land and a nation-state of their own is truly untenable in practice if one is holding to any sort of realism at all, plus one will always struggle for the survival of their group before all others, even if others have to be thrown under the bus to secure the existence of our people. Now even if I don't believe that others have an absolute right to land or existence, that doesn't necessarily mean that we have to take their land from them, it just recognizes that politics is the progression of the struggle for existence among groups, and that there will be conflict, and victors and losers in this conflict
>>13781 The movies don't matter and I do not think any temples were mentioned at least not in LOTR itself, might have been mentioned in Silmarillion but been a while, regardless their areas of worship seemed from thewo context to me to be in the open, not confined to temple spaces, like the White Tree Of Gondor for instance.
>>13778 Ethnoglobe does seem to be the majority opinion, so yes, that would be the norm, and as for other opinions existing, sure there are some who want to be more merciful than I believe is required, but they do tend to get ruthlessly refuted, and sometimes mocked, any time they are brought up. My take is to believe what you will, I prefer the uncompromising truth and taking the stance most correct, even if it's a brutal path to take, myself.
>>13801 >I hate how right wingers use the ole "y-you're a kike!" as a way to ridicule as something they don't personally like . Does he hate the British empire and their kikes as well? I do believe he dislikes Anglos, but that is just typical of Slavs, so doesn't really indicate anything. He is a subversive, and is so autistically retarded he thinks that he can make the contradictory Anarcho-Fascism work. >If not then it's just further proof that he is just a subversive. I needed no further proof than him thinking Slavic blood is what gave me my intelligence. Pictures are some more of what i have posted previously and his Judaeo-nazi post.
>>13849 Forgot one.
>>13849 >Slavo-Iranic nobility Top kek Slavs were literally pulled out of the mud by Nordics (i.e. Varangians) and even during later times the Romanovs are heavily tied up with Nordics from what is modern Germany
Open file (52.07 KB 336x370 smug rustle 4.jpg)
>>13856 >it's the troll n shitpost thread No, it's not, retard
>>13858 >your unpopular opinion hurts me pls stop like you try to forget what unpopular according to chan culture is damn newfags why cant you even...
>>13856 >they do nigga No they do not, and refer to me as "Nigga" one more time and BO has my vote to ban your useless ass, not that he needs it. >even more because i asked about them on purpose, not the books countless millions saw them and they are rather inspiring too, recycled by right wing people for racist memes We aren't "right wing", the movies were shit, and an insult to J.R.R Tolkien and his legacy, the answer is the same regardless, THEY WORSHIPED IN THE OPEN! >jews saw this and tried to have the hobbit movies pozzed with diversity, strong women, racial mixing, etc. I have the books, I do not need the movies nor do i consider it an insult that they pozzed the Hobbit as I HAVE THE BOOK. >so again, is there any sign of religion in the movies as far as humans are concerned? There's little to no sign of religion no matter who's concerned, that wasn't something broached in LOTR, either the books or the movies that subject was covered in other books in the Legendarium. >>13856 <Ethnoglobe does seem to be the majority opinion >not really it's just your opinion that's all Nope, it's my opinion and the opinion of at least the BO and two or three other posters, so fuck you.
>>13863 >Nope, it's my opinion and the opinion of at least the BO and two or three other posters, so fuck you. I'd even argue that among core daily users of /fascist/ ethnoglobe is the "orthodoxy". Not that it's the enforced opinion, but I recognize that I am often talking to certain anons that seem to post at least as much as I do here. There is somewhat of consensus among these users on Christianity, ethnopluralism, the importance of the Laws of Nature, etc.
Open file (33.92 KB 640x360 1460389742612-0.jpg)
>>13856 >ethnopluralist types like a nigger
Open file (123.37 KB 1078x909 monkey.jpg)
>>13869 >a space for every race!
>>13849 >. He is a subversive, and is so autistically retarded he thinks that he can make the contradictory Anarcho-Fascism work. Yup he sounds mentally retarded. I don't understand why so many people think that anarachism is le ebin and cool. Also he cries about muh famine and diseases and other shit that can't be pinned on the NS and then claims to be an anarchist. Anarchy is truly for the mentally disabled. >err what? i don't recall devi pushing the gnostic blackpill and earth bad Neither did Serrano I like how you still haven't brought any proof that he is a blackpiller. >besides let me tell you that the worldview principle is not just about any activism to bring ns to reality What are you on about? What do you consider to be reality faggot, because you sound like an plebbitor who up and denies anything that further proves the greatness of NS. I don't think you even understand how NS or fascism was even created considering a lot of esoteric and romanticism ideals have brought our foundations.
>>13866 I agree, though of course I am one of those users, mostly after I get home from work or on days off, but I try to at least keep up with whats been said for an hour or so every day so that I don't get too bogged down in the blackpills.
>>13873 It's good that users are reaching a consensus on some issues.
>>13872 >>13849 >Anarcho-Fascism Why do people make this dumb shit up? The quickest refutation to anarchism is crushing them with the superior power of the state. Might is right. Statists will always crush anti-statists, and if the anti-statists win they will inevitably construct a state. Political naturalism is the only truth. Government begins at the level of the family, and everything more complex than that is merely built on this foundation and elaborated from the structure of the family.
>>13856 >think again, defending ns doesnt mean you defend serrano or even his peculiar spin on messianic hitler or the providential ns man, which are ideas we can find correct separately from serranos ramblings about plasmic buttsex and sheeiit >err what? i don't recall devi pushing the gnostic blackpill and earth bad Either you're a subversive or a newfag. Serrano didn't say anything of the like you're making shit up, because Serrano believed that world is shit, because is because it lacks heroes and an age where most today now, lack a heroic spirit to defeat Judaic materialism infecting the world and that NS was the only thing that could bring that age back. He believed that we should take action to change world, because only Hyperborean Aryans were capable of doing so. The idea that we believe that Hitler was just going to come back is a lie. It's obvious that we must take action as soon as possible, because even if the NS did succeed in making a base, they are taking too long to stop the destruction of our world or probably left for another world. >not really it's just your opinion that's all Do you really think that ethnoglobe is possible or that the fascist would ever really truly be for the idea of every space for ever race, when they wanted their own to rule over other lands for the sake of their nation?
>>13876 It's just a larp to be honest, I think people do this shit, because they're mostly dumb and young or just want to seem cool and edgy. It might also be because there are fascist who desire destruction and chaos, because they see that most things today are Judaic. It's still retarded, because you don't need chaos to destroy kikery and their culture.
>>13872 It is quite retarded, I mean I want to see this all burn, so that we can birth something new from the nourishment of the ashes but I am no Anarchist. I really don't get it either, I think he's just a butthurt slav who found the source of European religion and thinks his people actually are the Aryans, directly descended from Iranians, it seems. >>13876 Because they're butthurt, or think they are smarter than everyone else. the strange thing is someone who actually is smarter knows the value of the wisdom of the past and can see who and what is correct, most of the time instinctually. For a good understanding of geniuses see Edward Dutton, in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjYaG4PrwrE he's been on NRM podcasts before, I dislike NRM myself, but they do good work.
>>13886 >I dislike NRM Why? They look pretty solid
>>13874 Never seen such a hiveminded place in an imageboard.
>>13863 >it's my opinion and the opinion of at least the BO and two or three other posters, so fuck you. That's not a lot. >>13871 Did you quote the wrong post?
>>13887 I have spent time in their English language chat on telegram where some of the hosts of their radio show and podcasts are admins, as for being solid, i'll throw their last posted rules into here when i can get a mod to post them again and also i'll tell you I've seen people literally say in there that NRM deradicalized them from positions like ours. The do good work and are certainly optical but uncompromising, but they seem exceptionally stuck in a sort of limbo, or at least have been for the last 20 years or so.
>>13891 That's what I have identified there could be plenty more but with Tor, etc, we may never know.
>>13888 Bullshit, 4chan's /pol/ is more like a hivemind than here, hell bunkerchan is a literal hivemind.
>>13888 >Gets ass blasted for being a dumbass <T-this imageboard is a hivemind If you don't like the fact that we don't agree with your gay insults and lack of argumentation then go back to nu/pol/.
>>13888 >Never seen such a hiveminded place in an imageboard. And that's a good thing.
>>13908 >okay so board with 5 posters is not /fascist/ anymore it's /extermination/ What the fuck are you on about? This is a board that still talks about everything fascist and related to fascism, there is no contradictions to extermination nor is anyone saying that you have to be an ethnoglobalist to be here. If you support ethnopluralism, then don't expect there to not be anon's who disagree and want to debate with you on why you're wrong. >so an ethnoglobe is an entire planet reserved for one people Correct if you had enough braincells in your thick skull then you would of realized that by now and understand why we support this viewpoint by lurking on this board. One people who make the majority of humanity. >maybe i missed the slip and a good bunch of posters in dharma and japan thread are just larpers? >Muh larp How about using words that actually go by there meaning instead of petty insults? Also where roleplay in those boards, because anons doing nothing else, but discuss what dharma is and other relation topics that relate to it and the Japan board is nothing else, but talks and admiration of Japanese culture, history and peoples. >devi was married to a pajeet and serrano was friend with the daila lama Who cares their works are still great to read and learn from, Nitschze was an admirer of kikes and yet I still love his work. >where is the consistency in this if you're such ethnoglobists? What a leap of logic. > one was a race traitor and the other was friend to an asian Congrats for exposing that you aren't a fascist or an NS at least. Saying that we should dislike Serrano for being friends with an asian is like saying we should hate Rockwell for working with a nigger. >you are a complete joke his view is completely dark gnostic You still haven't brought any evidence to support this claim. > i never disputed the validity of ns and that's actually a total red herring and strawman argument on your part Funny for you to cry strawmen when you were constantly strawmanning those who believed in the UFOs. >you know very little about the roots of fascism and i never found that underlying idea that the world is shit in ns although some few people took at face value the tales of greater successive races as brought by blavatsky but it never went beyond and nobody knows where she pulled that stuff from You don't know anything about fascism, because many of the NS were believer of esoteric beliefs, Himmler believed that they were Nordic aliens in outerspace and the Italian fascist were believers of mysticism. The stories of mythology along with the romantic movement were both of one the roots of fascism. >that type of thinking is not specific to serrano Then proof it you fucking idiot. >core to serrano's stupid stories is precisely that hitler is going to come back with a fucking epic fleet of ufos See what I'm talking about, you literally no idea what you're talking about. The idea that Hitler would come back is not a form of weakness nor does it mean we should have to sit on our asses all day and do nothing and wait for him to come back. Serrano never said anything about waiting around or that NS should just allow shit to happen. >let's reclaim our own countries before talking about the complete eradication of all other races Once again you're being dumb, because ethnoglobe is exactly that. Reclaiming the world also means reclaiming our countries, how are we going to reclaim our countries by being Ethnopluralists when niggers, spics, chinks, and kikes all don't give shit about our home, but it's exploitation? >n nature there is conflict but i also see a large variety of life I see also see a variety of life, but I don't see it in anyone who it in non-Whites. The ideas and beliefs of fascism would never work under a fascist state and giving niggers a land to border yours is a recipe for disaster for niggers do not care for laws and those who aren't them.
Open file (36.00 KB 647x659 YES CHAD.jpg)
>>13908 >/extermination/
>>13908 >okay so board with 5 posters is not /fascist/ anymore it's /extermination/ Since when did extermination and fascism oppose each other. I am for extermination nigger and you're going to have to get over it. > good to know and i guess the japanese thread is hypocritical and people posting in it are also for removal of japanese an ethnostate is a state reserved for one people, so an ethnoglobe is an entire planet reserved for one people Lol what? I don't think you understand what we mean by ethnoglobe retard, the nips were honorary aryans meaning that they were the allies of White fascists. If the nips were to once again be those same honorary aryans then they won't be exterminated.
Open file (1.39 MB 866x1262 369.png)
LotR is a classic of epic storytelling, backed by rich worldbuilding. it also provides many insights into globalist plans for subversion and consolidation. the movies aren't terrible, and they have provided meme material (pic related). but ultimately, they're derivative action movies which fail to capture the feel and atmosphere of the books.
>>13934 I think you meant this for the "Stating facts" thread.
>>13772 A "White Judaism" is not the same thing as "Whites should just like be jews bro haha it's the best way." >>13856 I don't understand how someone could type like this and not feel like a complete retard gas yourself >>13934 "LotR is good and the movies are subpar" is not something I would consider an unpopular opinion, at least on imageboards. I also like the importance it places on those who are natural born leaders (Aragorn, Gandalf) and the folly of nepotism versus recognizing those who are best fit for a particular task (Boromir was lured by the ring when Faramir was not, for example, simply because Faramir was the better man and in Two Towers Tolkien nearly says so outright - he did say as much in his letters, I believe).
>>13961 >A "White Judaism" is not the same thing as "Whites should just like be jews bro haha it's the best way." Oh, of course, I know this. I don't know whether the anon saying that Whites should just be like Jews is arguing in good faith or not for his alleged unpopular opinion, but in case he is, I am trying to show that there are ways for Whites to be particularistic and unapologetic about it without becoming foreskin-munching inbred yids
>>13983 >real question is since when did they go hand in hand? >Answering a question with a question You're so dumb it's not even funny, my last post and (You). Fascism is not a moralistic nor does it care for multiple races, the entire point of fascism is to enhance and en-strengthen the race/ethnicity. Why do you think Mussolini and Hitler created a war economy and establish that military was going to be their main focus? The Germans and Italian fascist did not care for other races nor did they want establish fascist state for them. They wanted their own kin to rise to the top and be dominant. Thus why Hitler dreamed and promoted pan Germanism and dreamed of a Germania empire and Mussolini was an pan-Italian and dreamed of a Roman Empire. >you having such an opinion is not the issue There is no issue, you have an issue with it personally for whatever reason may be. I don't recognize every race and every state for them I only want one state and that state is built for the White Aryans.
>>13983 >sure but that wasn't the question looks like people need glasses because reading a simple question has proven harder than i initially thought I wasn't responding to you, I was responding to the anon who posted about it without quoting anyone, you blundering invalid.
Gahh I’m sick of reading this drivel
BO can you just ban this retard? He's annoying and shitting up the thread being retarded.
>>13994 It’s impossible to ban torniggers. This is the same problem we had with Integralist-kun earlier this year. I can make it fruitless to post though by deleting this shit though
>>13995 Well, thanks any way this conversation was getting annoying.
>>13996 I’m tired of reading it, so no problem. Also sorry if I make this annoying to read with mass deletions.
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/25/2020 (Wed) 01:17:09.

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