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Open file (68.83 KB 616x396 hitleryouth.png)
Aryanism Blackshirt 11/02/2020 (Mon) 23:27:25 ID: 92f845 No.12002
New to this board. Is Aryanism is based off of race or ideals, or both? Can there be non-White Fascists and Aryans?
>>12017 > wouldn't that end up with the Whites sharing their technology with the people they've conquered? That's exactly what happened, and that is what led to the erosion of a White political, industrial and economic supremacy over the rest of the world.
>fascists Yes in theory, in practice likely never. >aryans Fuck no.
Open file (371.33 KB 1200x1662 Blood for the Blood God.jpg)
>>12021 >That's exactly what happened, and that is what led to the erosion of a White political, industrial and economic supremacy over the rest of the world. Actually the main reason for this is Whites being more concerned with killing each other than with killing other races. Europeans never saw each other as an unified thing, they identified first by their religion and second to their ethnic group (Germans, Slavs, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards). It will most likely continue to be that way in a 100% White world because competition is inherent to human nature and so is war, and you'll never get Europeans to abandon their local identities and unify in a single Aryan nation. If and when the shitskins are ever wiped out, it will signal a new age of intra-racial warfare the likes of which has never been observed before, until one of the sub-races prevails and exterminates all rivals.
Open file (125.47 KB 1200x630 war eternal peace dream.jpg)
>>12026 I definitely think what I said is a key factor, but I definitely think you're thinking along the right lines in the rest of your post. If we are to throw off the Jew, Whites will expediently work with each other, since we have at least some sense of a common history and identity, and increasingly so, but there is no European people, there are related European peoples. To think that removing all non-Whites or Jews would usher in utopia is laughable, and it is good to see that people here are aware that ethnoglobe would not be some Abrahamic "end of history". Eternal struggle means eternal struggle. And of course, I'm not even saying that this is what I want, it is just what will happen, to expect otherwise would be to be foolishly optimistic.
Open file (737.81 KB 1294x728 1417038315918.jpg)
>>12029 To live is to struggle brother. It has always been this way, and shall remain so forever. If life had ever any meaning, was to fight eternally until it can no more.
>>12018 No, varna doesnt change in one lifetime. I dont know if it changes at all in other lives except as a punishment to live as a sudra. Bhagavad gita states its better to fail in your own varna than succeed in someone elses. To get a better understanding of the varna system you should understand the 3 gunas (qualities, modes of nature) theory of samkhya that varna is based on. This is explained in bhagavad gita.
>>12029 >>12029 >And of course, I'm not even saying that this is what I want Want what? The ethnoglobe? The thing is that many support ethnoglobe because of the fact that they hate the mere existence of shitskins (then why were shitskins born then?) + if Nature expects Whites to rule everything. If you're saying there's eternal struggle even after an ethnoglobe then why do you think they'd strive for an ethoglobe?
>>12040 >The thing is that many support ethnoglobe because of the fact that they hate the mere existence of shitskins (then why were shitskins born then?) + if Nature expects Whites to rule everything. Ethnoglobe is supported because shitskins are useless and taking up space that could be filled with White people in the future, as well due to the fact that presently non-Whites are destroying the environment and breeding like rabbits. Shitskins weren’t born for any real definite purpose in Nature, but they are just another group to struggle against in the grand struggle for existence. Nature doesn’t necessarily “expect” Whites to rule everything, it is more that the possibility certainly exists, and all we have to do is seize ahold of it if we are willing to take up the task. Until 1945 we were still more or less on this track.
>>12002 >New to this board. Is Aryanism is based off of race or ideals, or both? Long story short: At its base Hitler's National Socialism was a political Health and Fitness Movement, as only healthy individuals can make healthy decisions. The easiest and best way of getting healthy individuals is breeding strong individuals with a healthy baseline and then educate them in healthy behavior. So naturally National Socialism became concerned about race and since they were European they developed Aryanism. But the idea itself can be applied to every race of people.
What about Honorary Aryans? Is it just a meme? I’ve gotta be honest I’ve never actually read anything from the NSDAP that uses that term, but there are definitely non-Whites who can exhibit admirable qualities. The Japanese are definitely one of them, not that it makes it acceptable to interbreed with them.
>>12082 Funny enough you say that, the japanese are genetically related to Whites.
>>12089 Where’s the evidence?
>>12089 >>12090 Don't listen. He's a burgermutt kike lover who will try to convince you that aniu are some ancient ayyrians while every scientific sources concludes they're mongolic-ulrgic
>>12093 Even *if* he could prove a distant genetic relationship it wouldn’t signify very much, honestly. Japanese as they are today are not White, and this is true regardless of whether they’re more of a Jōmon or more of a Yayoi phenotype. A select amount of Japanese may have vaguely caucasoid appearance, but I still wouldn’t ever race mix with them (assuming even a distant genetic relation)
>>12095 So just because they're considered honorary Aryans doesn't make it permissible to breed with them?
>>12280 >So just because they're considered honorary Aryans doesn't make it permissible to breed with them? Not at all. We are to preserve our race, not dilute it, and the Japanese feel the same way. If they were just Aryans there'd be no reason to even make the distinction. The designation "honorary Aryan" denotes that they are a people with great qualities and are very admirable, but they're obviously not Aryans themselves. Hitler was a great admirer of Japan, but even he said in Mein Kampf that without the West they would be nothing.
>>12281 >and the Japanese feel the same way No they are desperate to outmix with Europeans just like any other shitskin race. If you truly believe this you are fooling yourself with romantic notions about the japs because most nips, just like any other asian, would pass up one of their own for a chance at a blonde aryan wife or husband in a hearbeat given the opportunity. It's only that they can't, that they don't. Only the females get a chance at it and they snap up the deal when it presents itself. Then stupid White men date down thinking they got a great deal except the joke is on them they will make Elliots, it only benefits the asian who is dating up because they get access to White prestige.
Open file (8.97 MB 1280x720 japan virtual waifu.mp4)
>>12286 >implying Japanese even breed post-1945
>>12093 It's the Ainu and they do have European phenotypes because geneically in the more pure examples still around have genetics similar to the Corded Ware people, they are not Aryan and Couldn't be as they are missing a good portion of gene's necessary to qualify for that title.
>>12005 >You're going to anger this board. Lurk first. People used to support a "homeland for every race" idea but slowly realised that there's no such thing as a happy peaceful world when the ZOG has been defeated Nonsense, there is no lurking to be done here since the board has never ever remotely come close to this kind of agreement. Only ethnoglobe is being discussed by a few here and there is yet to be a consensus on the validity of it, or even its feasibility and necessity. Although nothing precludes Whites from attempting, like any other race, to conquer vast amounts of territory, there is no absolute obligation to push the necessity for exclusive land control to an absurd level either. The most likely outcome in the case of a clear White victory is an empire of some sort enforcing a population reduction of other races so they can become a non-threat and enjoy a better life in a cleaner and less saturated environment. As to answer OP --- Fascism is not specifically White. Aryan is more and more associated to Whiteness but even our most respected intellectuals also use it as an adjective synonymous of honorable to highlight the ethical and spiritual value of a person. I say it would be preferable for a non-White to use a different term to reflect a higher character animated by noble virtue.
>>12044 >Ethnoglobe is supported because shitskins are useless Define usefulness then. How are Whites useful? What to?
>>12286 Don't generalize. Some want it, some don't.
>>12346 >implying usefulness in that post isn't in terms of usefulness for White interests
It's just as bizarre to weigh the value of a people on what use they could be to Whites, even strangely implying that we could somehow depend on them if we looked hard enough, or would even have to scoop down to such queries. This is already a deranged way of thinking.
>>12354 Non-Whites could be useful for forced labor, although technology has made slavery basically obsolete, and of course slavery is always a risk in that you can become overly-reliant on a different race. They have literally nothing to offer Whites nowadays, and almost everything they have is the product of Whites in the first place, even their civilizations. Just look in the White history thread to see what we've learned.
>>12356 Tell me again how Slavery worked out Fro the Romans? America? South America? it ends with miscegenation and the uplifting in status of the enslaved, better to kill them all, than to risk this shit happening again.
>>12364 My post says that slavery has been made essentially obsolete and that it is dangerous to become overly reliant on another race, I'm not sure why you are interpreting my post as necessarily pro-slavery. See also >>11925
Open file (326.03 KB 736x676 ainu-people.jpg)
>>12299 >It's the Ainu and they do have European phenotypes Researching the Ainu people it seems like they actually have Negroid phenotypes, not European. Image related
>>12370 Yeah Ainu look pretty negroid to me as well in comparison to ethnic Japanese people. It can be hard to tell with someone of the women though due to how they paint / tattoo the lips to look huge. Here are some more old photos in the video below. Ethnic Japanese sometimes look more Europoid in my opinion, see the attached pics of various samurai and Meiji figures and compare them to the Ainu in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc46pfG0aqU
>>12367 I was reinforcing your point.
Open file (64.61 KB 580x550 ainu-6.jpg)
Open file (128.40 KB 768x1024 download.jpg)
Open file (32.64 KB 564x400 Hokkaido_Ainu.jpg)
>>12370 First guy is Shigeru Kayano, an ainu rights activist and one of the last native speakers of the Ainu language. 2 and 4 are Hideo Akibe, also a full-blood Ainu. They could pass for Middle-Eastern but they are clearly not negroid-looking.
Open file (2.33 MB 640x360 ainu.webm)
Here's another Ainu guy
>>12415 Perhaps one could say the Ainu are the eastern extreme of some distant steppish Eurasian mixing.
>>12424 so the nips tried to destroy them?
>>13351 They got out-competed by the Japanese both racially and culturally. Diseases wiped out most of them, and they were more primitive than the Japanese
>>12002 >Can there be non-White Fascists Yes >Aryans No, only honorary and let's not go on about the exceptions to the rule that exists somewhere 0.01% unless geneology/DNA confirms the actually have White haplogroups. And if you want to read about how this whole racial stuff works in NS society read about the Nuremberg laws(actually the translated laws, not the kiked bs). >>12288 Lol that's just harrowing, what the fuck. Are (((they))) just making fun of japanese at this point? That whole anime soy "culture" seems like it's just as destructive to japanese and asians than rap to niggers.
>>13365 Whatever is happening, Japan has spiritually died and is rapidly tumbling into nihilism, consumerism, corporatism and a word of frivolous childlike cuteness. It's disturbing, the Jews are softening them up, and within a decade will begin flooding them with shitskins. They will be sitting ducks
>>13366 >frivolous childlike cuteness Japan has one of the best cultures of all countries and anime is the proof of that. Imagine a single nation invented music, or film, or written fiction, and would remain the only place where it is made
>>13609 >anime is the proof of that >anime is the proof of that I remember when I knew nothing about Japan. Natsukashii
>>13609 lol are you implying that japan invented cartoons and is the only place where they are made
>>13609 Japan took inspiration from American animation studios to create anime. Japanese culture without anime was still something of high culture and their folklore, religion, architecture, and history is already proof of this, anime and their modern music is not needed.
>>13365 >rap to niggers So niggers were better before rap? And another thing, rap before 2005 was better than .odern day rap because the anti White agenda wasn't so heavy back then.
>>13628 well before rap they were slaves so i guess so yeah
>>13609 All the juvenile escapism, panty shots, and gacha really hammer home Japan's superior culture.
>>14138 >juvenile escapism They have a hardworking population. They need to relax during their rest hours some times.
>>14139 Wouldn’t want the goyim to realize how empty and meaningless their lives are, would we?
>>14139 It's juvenile because of lazy writing and shallow characters.
>>14149 It's gotten worse over the years with the trend of loli moe blobs. There is no quality limit to the bottom for their coomer audience living in daydreams.
>>12005 I'm non-White and I agree
>>14223 >I'm non-White Ew

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