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Golden Dawn Thread Blackshirt 10/06/2020 (Tue) 22:12:14 No.10069
HAPPENING TOMORROW IS THE VERDICT FOR 68 MEMBERS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN ON MURDER AND RACKETEERING CHARGES >In proceedings both dramatic and banal, 68 people, including the party’s entire leadership, have faced charges of operating a criminal organisation while at the same time posing as a political group. Police officers who allegedly supported the far-right party are among those in the dock. >The accusations have been vigorously denied. Only Giorgos Roupakias, a Golden Dawn operative, has confessed to the stabbing of Pavlos Fyssas, a popular anti-fascist rapper whose death triggered the group’s unravelling. >MPs who represented the xenophobic bloc until its electoral defeat in July 2019 are accused of attempted murder, possession of weapons and employing violence to eradicate perceived enemies. Like Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a Holocaust denier who founded the neo-Nazi movement in the early 80s, they claim to be victims of political persecution. >Yet nearly five and a half years after the trial began, Athens’ normally divided political class is united in the belief that this week’s decision will be as cathartic as it is decisive. Writing in Saturday’s Syntakton newspaper, leaders from across the spectrum rejoiced in “the end of Golden Dawn”. >The verdict is expected to be the denouement of Golden Dawn’s terminal decline. Riven by feuds, defections and factional infighting, the group has all but collapsed since narrowly failing to cross the 3% threshold into parliament in 2019. Yet no country in modern Europe has come as close to an overtly Nazi group strutting the national stage. https://archive.fo/nRaMX https://www.theguardian.com/global/2020/oct/03/greece-puts-faith-in-judges-to-heal-wounds-inflicted-by-golden-dawn https://archive.fo/xe7Tc https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/06/greece-braces-for-verdict-in-epic-trial-of-far-right-party-golden-dawn https://archive.fo/JyX4e https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/10/6/greece-braces-for-historic-verdict-on-far-right-golden-dawn-group
>>10228 casapound has been cucked for a while and they started supporting zionism sadly. luckily there's many other third positions orgs. still kicking like forza nuova and tricolour flame
Open file (40.43 KB 628x384 casapound 2.jpg)
>>10275 So is this claim on the Wiki page true? What a shame if so. It looks like yet another case of the members of the party being less cucked than the party itself, which slowly succumbs to kosher ideas. This is why true leadership is so important. They will not bend. >Some activists of the movement expressed antisemitic and xenophobic rhetoric online,[36] but CasaPound refuses both and expels members who support these ideas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CasaPound
Open file (2.76 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10277 in 2018 casapound was defending israel, while Forza Nouva (New Force) was marching with actual polish nationalists its a shame because casapounds aesthetics were great
Open file (914.81 KB 1728x2304 tricolor flame.jpg)
>>10280 Ah, I see it on the Kikepedia page now: >The Movement was originally both anti-American and anti-Zionist, and started a cooperation with the Lebanese anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist Hezbollah organization in 2015. However, Di Stefano later said, "we do not have problems with Israel". In 2018, Di Stefano defended Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies regarding repatriation of illegal immigrants to Africa as "undoubtedly excellent", and criticised humanitarian organisations and the United Nations for intervening to prevent them. Something must have happened to make them flip so dramatically. I can't imagine why one would openly support Israel. If it's some sort of way to appeal to normalfags and not look too scary, they probably end up alienating more serious nationalists than gaining any normalfags. Again, optics-cucking is gay. CasaPound's still getting more votes, but the coalition of Forza Nuova and Tricolor Flame, both fascist, got a decent (for our standards) 150,000 votes in 2018. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italy_for_the_Italians
Spread this forum on the chans
>>10292 kill yourself
>>10292 That’s a bad idea in 99/100 cases
>>10173 Idolizing tarrant and the like is cringe and glows, bunch of psyoped idiots that killed random people and accomplished nothing. I mean why do you think every terrorist today targets nobodies where in the past they would target politicians?
>>10313 >glows There's that Cuckchan word again. > I mean why do you think every terrorist today targets nobodies where in the past they would target politicians? To believe this you'd have to think that (1) no one wants to or is able to commit terrorist attacks today and (2) suddenly every terrorist attack was replaced by false-flags that accomplish... next to nothing. A real false flag would lead to the immediate accomplishment of some objective. Think Operation Northwoods. The goal would be war with Cuba. The false flag would be executed, war would begin. With these recent attacks, ZOG hardly does shit and companies go and censor some Youtube channels and Patreons. People scream (like cowards) "FALSE FLAG" after every single attack, yet the reason for the false flag is never clear, guns are never banned, no major action is every taken. It's schizo bullshit almost 100% of the time.
>>10292 Ahahaha fuck no >>10313 You can fuck off as well >>10277 >>10280 >>10283 As far as I know Casapound was somewhat civnat, never went openly into being ethnonationalist because they participated in national election and wanted to become a proper party to participate from inside the System. After not being able to acquire outstanding results, they gave up on the idea. Recently I read a comment by Iannone that sounded like literally 200% demoralized, something like "our world is collapsing, we cannot stop it so we'll just stay here to witness to it without changing our souls, but there's nothing we can do." Rome's mayor is on the war path to kick them out of their headquarters, I think future mayors will be on the same path and will finally manage to kick them out.
>>10313 The problem is that some anons are so fixated in fixing the visible problems before the invisible ones that provoke them, mainly because they live in said visible environment. Trying to reason with a muslim/blacked community White man about targeting the jews first is nigh impossible because they are too enraged to see the truth behind the curtain, you will rarely get a positive reply against being a blind dummy targeting the bottom feeder immigrants instead of those who bring them in.
>>10354 Treating symptoms is just as important as seeking a cure
>>10354 >Trying to reason with a muslim/blacked community White man about targeting the jews first is nigh impossible While there are exceptions, this is true.
Greek court imposes jail terms on far-right Golden Dawn leaders >The leaders of the far-right Golden Dawn, once Greece's third largest political party, were sentenced to prison on Wednesday for running a criminal gang linked with hate crimes during the country's worst economic crisis in decades. >The court handed down 13-year jail terms to six former lawmakers, including Golden Dawn's leader Nikos Mihaloliakos. >Other former lawmakers were sentenced to 5-7 years in prison for being members of a criminal group. The court will decide later this week if any of the sentences can be suspended. >On Wednesday, the court also imposed a life sentence and 10 year in jail to Golden Dawn member Yiorgos Roupakias for the murder of Fyssas. https://archive.fo/sMToO https://edition.cnn.com/2020/10/14/europe/greek-far-right-leaders-jailed-intl/index.html
There is no political solution.
>>10615 I wonder how opticsfags will cope now. This was the third largest party in Greece as far as I understand it, and recently the Nordic Resistance Movement's Finland branch was banned by the courts. We're not in the 1930s anymore, things are completely different. I would never tell anyone to totally disavow politics, but they should certainly be smart enough to see now that we're not gonna ride into power through playing by the enemy's rules and by having the lemmings vote. We should not put all of our eggs in one basket, but we need to get over this democratic meme.
>>10069 >>The verdict is expected to be the denouement of Golden Dawn’s terminal decline. Riven by feuds, defections and factional infighting, the group has all but collapsed since narrowly failing to cross the 3% threshold into parliament in 2019. Yet no country in modern Europe has come as close to an overtly Nazi group strutting the national stage. I would obviously beg to be shown the evidence that this political party was already falling apart even before being openly attacked by Greek traitors and infiltrators. OTOH, their dressing code is so cringe that I am not sure how much of the population they hoped to convert. I know they had a strong street-level implication and support for Greeks. This certainly makes you wonder the point of having a front political party in Europe where nothing close to the first amendment exists. >>10093 >Forming proper parties to participate into the System is futile. Whereas the solution can certainly not originate from the rigged political system and democracy, which really the western world's illness, a political party remains useful to push the red pilling and gain converts. >>10101 Made up charges, made up evidence? >>10168 >The wonders of democracy. The third largest party in Greece can be collectively labeled a criminal organization. P47: The simplest way to describe a democracy is this: Three people form a government, each having one vote. Then two of them vote to steal the wealth of the third. This knows a good number of permutations, including slander and political assassination >>10169 > I'm not a follower of Greek politics really, but it looks like they really fell apart even before this by losing all of their seats in parliament. So the Golden Dawn was already crumbling, losing all seats in places where it could have protected them? Is this confirmed? If yes, where is the source of this problem? Sheer incompetence? Internal poisoning? Truly corrupts politicians, even on "our" side? >>10171 Democracies are just the other side of Communism, they're the expression of Capitalism in politics. It's all for the Jews. What you say is stupid because most communist parties have shown to be willing to play the game and associate to softer left parties to gain seats too. >>10173 Posting pictures of patsies and (((agents))) ain't exactly the best way to make an argument, although it is true that democracy must die and will certainly not provide any way out of this genocide. >>10174 What "saints"? People who are gonna waste bullets and their lives against small fish, again? Stupid and double stupid. >>10175 In what way exactly? >>10203 This year, similar news come from all across Europe: parties attacked or being forced to close, or being excessively billed, whereas political figures are being finned or even jailed. The worst part in this is that only a miracle would seem able to change any of this. Military men for the most part are stupid and follow easy orders for quick money. They would hardly take any risks. Only isolated elements might feel like they could go offroad. The only way to get through this is to create true chaos. The enemy uses a form of controlled chaos that remains soft enough so as not destroying the entire structure they rely on. They basically aim at maintaining a tyranny as long as they can before they pull out of ruined countries and fall back onto Israel. >>10228 >This is peak kikery as far as I'm concerned, because their HQ provides free food, medical service and housing for people. Not to niggers though, so Casa Pound are oppressors and exterminators!!!
>>10275 >casapound has been cucked for a while and they started supporting zionism sadly Then goodbye, it is. >luckily there's many other third positions orgs. still kicking like forza nuova and tricolour flame Mere blips on the radar I suppose. >>10283 >"we do not have problems with Israel" Every time someone suggests that Israel in itself does not represent a problem or is fine on its own, or fails to openly point out the truth what this criminal state is all about, we should go quoting NatSoc pamphlets since they, at least, had already sharply delineated the true purpose of Israel back then and demonstrated how the Zionist entity should be dismantled and Jews dealt with. >>10319 >There's that Cuckchan word again. Yet it has not lost its validity in the slightest. Sorry if it pains you. >To believe this you'd have to think that (1) no one wants to or is able to commit terrorist attacks today The is not the issue. The point though is that most likely most people willing to do something know of their limited power and immediately understand the logic of prioritizing higher profile and meaningful targets, and doing so in ways which are not going to reveal your identity or maximize your risks of getting killed or captured. >(2) suddenly every terrorist attack was replaced by false-flags that accomplish... next to nothing. Whether they're true ff or not, fact remains that they do accomplish next to nothing for us. >A real false flag would lead to the immediate accomplishment of some objective. Yet, to pick on recent examples, objectives were indeed accomplished after Tarrant and Crusius. What kind of complete idiot would by now continue to ignore this? Pretending not seeing the changes incurred by these events, all against us and in favour of either the ZOG or migrants. You cannot be that ignorant of these simple facts or you should lurk more. Unfortunately we're being short on time now. >With these recent attacks, ZOG hardly does shit And that's a bold faced lie. >and companies go and censor some Youtube channels and Patreons. Youtube and other companies censor pro-White activists, even soft ones. Anything pro-White, they attack it. These Silicon Valley giants are part of the ZOG. >People scream (like cowards) "FALSE FLAG" Don't be a retard. There is no cowardice in wondering if we are again being played. It's called intelligence, discernment, not cowardice. >yet the reason for the false flag is never clear Are you retarded? >guns are never banned See NZ. >no major action is every taken Another lie or you're really that much of a cretin. >>10354 Not sure what you're trying to say here, the problem is fairly obvious from our standpoint: Zionism, with Jews and shabbos goyim in it, use finance, medias, politicians, judges, police and army on top of immigration to destroy us. The only way to make this stop is to destroy the monetary system. If there's no more money, even traitors cannot be paid any longer. They may not join our side, but they would at least be neutralized to some extent. The ZOG is not going to let the whole international, cashless monetary system crush in a way that would prevent it from being transformed into a totally centralized entity managed by Israel. We need a true crisis it would not control in the near future: Destroying the tax collecting system, destroying the banks, being fiendish about it, all coupled to a bloating excess of procedural paperwork pushed onto our respective IRS-like administrations that will make the whole machine come to a halt. Luckily, the enemy centralizes its assets and progressively turns into a glass cannon. We need to plan sabotage in places that will hurt. Sabotage of the power grid too will be necessary, to generate large scale chimpouts and to prevent police forces from being able to operate efficiently. Internet and banks will have a harder time working properly. Anything related to communication like phone lines will need to be sabotaged too. This will have the double effect of bleeding the System dry. From there, we will jump on the occasion to hunt down and kill as many enemies as possible. Killing police forces will be necessary too because they're more and more turning into private protection armies and will work for the ZOG, not Whites. Bar a few infiltrators working for us, all System forces will be "the enemy". MONEY and ENERGY Remove both and our poisoned civilization goes down. Politics can only help to radicalize people and move a greater quantity of the population towards the far right, therefore mathematically reducing the quantity of potential active leftists, commies and antifas, all whom will have to be identified and exterminated swiftly ASAP.
>>10620 >Is this confirmed? Golden Dawn lost all of their seats in the Greek parliament in the last major election. Note though that this trial had been going on for years prior to ending last week and probably did a lot of harm to the image of Golden Dawn over time. You just know that the kikes milked it for everything that it was worth. >In what way exactly? Online we see a lot of people talking big game, but they don't show it in real life with anything major. I'm mainly talking about organizing as serious White Nationalists and not some offshoot of some cringy eceleb. Lots of people support White Nationalism on places like /pol/, but soon, I think, one will either have to definitively side with Whites and accept the consequences and risks that result from that choice, or they will show themselves to be too timid, a traitor. The pressure is only going to increase on Whites in the years to come. The Fentanyl Floyd fiasco was only a preview.
Open file (166.66 KB 1008x760 aristotle on democracy.jpg)
>>10554 Who doesn't just love democracy?
Open file (2.14 MB 1700x2275 aristotle.jpg)
>>10647 Aristotle is based. >Also difference of race is a cause of faction, until harmony of spirit is reached; for just as any chance multitude of people does not form a state, so a state is not formed in any chance period of time. Hence most of the states that have hitherto admitted joint settlers or additional settlers have split into factions; for example Achaeans settled at Sybaris jointly with Troezenians, and afterwards the Achaeans having become more numerous expelled the Troezenians, which was the Cause of the curse that fell on the Sybarites; and at Thurii Sybarites quarrelled with those who had settled there with them, for they claimed to have the larger share in the country as being their own, and were ejected; and at Byzantium the additional settlers were discovered plotting against the colonists and were expelled by force of arms; and the people of Antissa after admitting the Chian exiles expelled them by arms; and the people of Zancle after admitting settlers from Samos were themselves expelled; and the people of Apollonia on the Euxine Sea after bringing in additional settlers fell into faction; and the Syracusans after the period of the tyrants http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0058%3Abook%3D5%3Asection%3D1303a
>>10228 >black White red >red background with with centred White circle holding black emblem >Italians This pisses me off so much, make your own damn symbols, use your own damn colours, make your own flags. As far as I know black White and red have never been national symbols for Italy and Italy or Italian countries haven’t had such flags before. It’s like the west with their Tricolours now except the colours are all the same and only one symbol is different. If they’re Italian National Socialists and not Italian fascists, make a new flag that is Italian. I’d assume the Italian flag with the eagle and the facese is illegal it Italy but that’s no reason to copy Germany’s NatSoc flag, even Golden Dawn used the colours and similar symbol. And while it was a Greek symbol I’m not sure if those colours hold much meaning to Greeks. Even the Romanians who used the exact same Swastika made their flag black with the Romanian tri-colour border the whole thing. Black White and red was used by the NSDAP because those were the flags of the 2nd Reich’s flag which was the same flag used by the North German confederation. They took the two traditionally dominate forces in northern Germany; the Hansa (usually red and White) and the electorate of Brandenburg/Prussia (White and black) to make a new flag. Personally I think it’s not as unifying as the current German flag which comes from a veterans flag based off the colours of a German division’s uniforms but also has older use in some states and the failed German confederation. Regardless I’m sick of modern NatSoc, fascist, or similar groups being unable to into basic vexillology and using the German NatSoc flag as a template.
>>10656 They have a detailed explanation of the turtle symbol on their website, but not about the colors. Don't know why they chose them but their official logo has the green-White-red italian colors too.
Open file (1.90 MB 700x394 black sun glitch.gif)
>>10656 >I’m sick of modern NatSoc, fascist, or similar groups being unable to into basic vexillology and using the German NatSoc flag as a template. It's definitely lazy and possibly counterproductive. I've heard that one possible reason for Rockwell's lack of success was how foreign and alien he looked flying his swastikas and marching around with people dressed like brownshirts. I wouldn't agree that one should fly American flags or anything since this country has been pozzed from its foundation, but there are things that one would be smart to think of refraining from if they want to have success in their own nation. Like you said, you've got to draw from your own national roots whether we're talking about colors or symbols. One can appear authentically national and unique without kosherizing one's message. Some symbols though have pan-White meaning - Swastika and Black Sun are among these - even movements like the Iron Guard flew the Swastika - but a unique symbol still has value.
An interesting article from October 5th that will put some things in perspective concerning other groups like the NRM. They're kvetching extremely badly after what recently happened: Sweden may ban ‘racist organizations’ after neo-Nazi Yom Kippur campaign >The Nordic Resistance Movement, a neo-Nazi group, targeted Jews in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland with antisemitic harassment during the week before Yom Kippur. > Sweden is considering banning racist groups and making active membership of one a criminal offense, after neo-Nazis launched a hate campaign against Jews across Scandinavia on Yom Kippur, Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told The Jerusalem Post on Monday. >“Racist organizations pose a threat to society that must be taken very seriously,” Johnasson said. “These organizations spread racist expressions. They also pose a threat to individuals… [and] are capable of committing serious, violent crimes and terrorism. Racist organizations are, therefore, a threat that needs special attention.” >The Swedish government has established an all-party committee to propose legislation to outlaw racist organizations and to make it a criminal offense to participate in activity instigated by such groups. >The group reported that its members confronted Jewish worshipers and stood outside synagogues, hung antisemitic posters and distributed hateful flyers to “make the Nordic people aware of foreign customs and Zionist ruling plans throughout the Nordic region.” >The Nordic Resistance Movement’s pre-Yom Kippur campaign led the Supreme Court of Finland to issue a cease-and-desist order to the group, the first such order issued since the 1970s, according to the Helsinki Times. The court determined that the objectives of the organization were in violation of the foundations of a democratic society. >Dr. Shimon Samuels, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s director for international relations, contacted the prime ministers of Sweden, Denmark and Norway after the antisemitic campaigns were reported and called for the group to be banned. >In his letter to Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Samuels wrote that his organization was “shocked to learn that an Oslo police magistrate, reportedly, had the temerity to call ‘freedom of expression’ the posters accusing the Jews of ‘cruelty against animals, abuse of women and pedophilia’... This is a direct threat to the Jewish communities of, so far, three Nordic countries... Clearly Oslo police require education on controlling hate.” https://archive.fo/Sb5np https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/sweden-may-ban-racist-organizations-after-neo-nazi-yom-kippur-campaign-644589
>>10331 From what I understand they still only offered services like medical attention and food for the homeless to native Italians. It could just be a case of them wanting to appeal to a wider range of Italians by being implicitly Italian rather than exclusive. Euros have undergone extensive brainwashing on ethno-nationalism so I can see why they would concede a few things at face value.
>>10665 I hope it's not as bad as it looks, but it's a small step from tweaking a position to appeal to the public to total kosherization. The slope is slippery. I don't know how we could interpret this alleged shift from anti-Zionism to Zionism. It can be appealing at times, I bet, to try to appeal to the public more, but once one understands the lemming phenomenon (as most people do here), they will understand that the public by and large is programmed by the mass-media, education and the current system to explicitly reject certain aspects of the Fascist worldview. It wasn't like this as much in the 1920s and 30s.
>>10629 But if only a years long trial is enough to kill a political movement that had, as we believed, some noticeable popular support, and failed to become martyrs but instead lost the trust of their electors, then there's something really fucked up about Greeks, even the far right ones. >online vs irl I think a lot of the difference comes down to how you must be cautious in society, and how during the last decade many European countries have multiplied the quantity of laws opposing any expression of a political thought necessary to our liberty and survival as a race and White culture. Honestly, the situation is very screwed and if we wait for this System to fall apart under its own weight, then we're going to have wait a lot: Soviet Russia was maintained for decades and South Africa with its less than 10% Whites is still functional, somewhat. The blackpill to me is how all logic shows that we're not going to win. Even if Jews run away and retreat to Israel, our countries will be so full of race traitors and non-Whites, including large numbers of mutts, that reclaiming our lands will be a sad joke. >>10647 Philia does not cut it. Democracy opens the way to bribes and to an ever expanding pool of voters in the hope of gaining more popular support through fake appeals to plebeian power and representation. >>10649 Very good points. Wish he could post here. >>10656 >red black White #MeToo >>10660 The Northwest Imperative thing goes with its own tricolor. Intricate shields are something or another age. Stars and Stripes is kiked tho. >>10663 >Sweden Actually, how many judges, corrupt politicians and top level police commanders are there? Are they not a very oppressive yet very small minority? >we will ban everything pro-White There goes another country. >The court determined that the objectives of the organization were in violation of the foundations of a democratic society. And not allowing all opinions to be expressed across numerous national medias wouldn't be a violation of the sacrosanct democracy? Their hypocrisy is sickening. >>10666 (observed) > I don't know how we could interpret this alleged shift from anti-Zionism to Zionism. The same way it's sold all across the Western World: it's 4D brah! No, in reality it's just a bunch of sellouts. Zionism is the Jewish program for world domination. It's Zionists who destroy us. Zionists are enemies. White Zionists are the worst of all, pure traitors.
Open file (227.33 KB 850x400 hitler struggle quote.png)
>>10686 >The blackpill to me is how all logic shows that we're not going to win. Even if Jews run away and retreat to Israel, our countries will be so full of race traitors and non-Whites, including large numbers of mutts, that reclaiming our lands will be a sad joke. I'm a very pessimistic person in general, not just about the future of our race, but the future of this planet too. The only thing that I can do is to think of Hitler's words - "Never despair". When I listen to this man speak, and when I see how disgusting and filthy the modern world, I am filled with energy to attempt to secure the existence of our people. Even if we are to fail, I'd rather as a people try and fail than just continue to docile sheep for eternity. The Whitepill about the situation is that the Jews feel the need to combat us still. They would remain silent if we were no real potential force to reckon with. >And not allowing all opinions to be expressed across numerous national medias wouldn't be a violation of the sacrosanct democracy? Their hypocrisy is sickening. They appeal to "hurr we can't tolerate the intolerant". In reality though, democracy is merely the most insidious form of Jewish control that there is. The Jews and other elites are like shepherds who guide their sheep in whatever direction they wish through the use of media and the power of money. The lemmings think that they are freely making choices, but we know where the truth truly lies.
The mistake the GD did was to adopt a clear para-military structure instead of going for a classical political one and only allowing other operations to happen under the hood, without any official support, so as to possess the advantage of plausible deniability as long as possible. The idea is to look like the average Joe, operate like a normal party, just show some symbols here and there occasionally, and be the true fascist inside, in your head and heart. I think the GD didn't have a strategy so as to extend into the normie sphere since they appear to have focused too much on the hardcore group. Anyway, regardless of what the Zionists do in Greece, this country's economy is probably going to implode very soon. It will be complicated for the IMF and the government to obtain more credits. What is the list of Greece's main revenue sources anyway? Isn't tourism ranking high on this scale?
Open file (42.99 KB 632x307 kotleba 2.jpg)
>>10169 >Kotleba HAPPENING KOTLEBA HAS JUST BEEN SENTENCED TO FOUR YEARS AND FOUR MONTHS IN PRISON >THE LEADER of a nationalist party with seats in the Slovak parliament was convicted of “illegal use of neo-Nazi symbols” and sentenced to four years and four months in prison on Monday. >Marian Kotleba, head of the People’s Party Our Slovakia, was standing trial after he presented three poor families with checks for 1,488 euros in 2017. The number 1,488 has a symbolic meaning for racial-nationalists: “14” for the “14 Words” of David Lane — “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”; and “88” for “HH” (“H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet) for “Heil Hitler.” >The verdict isn’t final. Kotleba pleaded not guilty and can appeal the verdict issued by the Specialized Criminal Court in Pezinok. The country’s Supreme Court would decide on his appeal. https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/10/slovakia-leader-of-nationalist-party-sentenced-to-four-years-for-giving-1488-euro-checks-to-poor-families/ It's very interesting how the Jews seem to be shutting it down all across Europe right now. NRM in Finland, attempts against NRM in Sweden, mass-jailing of the GD's leadership, a potential imprisonment of Kotleba - What next?? Is something about to happen?
>>10757 >interesting how the Jews seem to be shutting it down all across Europe right now (...) What next?? Is something about to happen? I think it's just business as usual. Since there is no consequence and they can get away with doing whatever whenever, there's no reason for them to ever hold back. Probably the opportunities just presented themselves so they took them.
>>10757 >Four years and four months Four months for using the 1488 number and four years for gifting money, i bet
>>10757 I've heard that a French writer got jailed recently too. Or was he Belgian? Fuck, cant remember that weird name. All I know was, stuff be like;; JEWS HATE HIM This man exposes the Jewish psyche by reading material they published LEARN TO RECOGNIZE THEM TOO
>>10843 Hervé Ryssen. Here was sentenced to 17 months for speaking out against the Jews and their lies.
>>10843 >>10849 If some anon with fast internet connection can download all of videos, articles, texts by Hervé Ryssen and upload the whole archive on anonfile, it will be cool. https://archive.org/search.php?query=Herv%C3%A9+Ryssen&page=3
>>10757 Four years in prison for writing a fucking check? Christ they give niggers less time for killing people.
Open file (144.95 KB 798x1033 kotleba 3.jpg)
>>11209 It's such a blatant strike against him and his party that it's not even funny. I mean literally just earlier this year his party nearly 10% of seats in parliament. It's huge for a party that Kikepedia describes as "far-right neo-Nazi" to get that kind of level. Slovakia is a place to watch. I visited there in 2017 for a few hours when I stopped in Bratislava. Don't think I saw a single shitskin
>Former lawmakers of Greece’s extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party have begun turning themselves in to authorities, after a court ordered their imprisonment following their convictions for running the party like a criminal organization >Those surrendering to authorities Thursday included party leader Nikos Michaloliakos and other former lawmakers who were convicted of leading a criminal organization. Michaloliakos and another five former lawmakers received 13-year prison sentences, while a sixth was sentenced to 10 years. >“I am proud to be going to jail for my ideas. Some people at some time will be ashamed for taking this decision,” Michaloliakos told reporters outside his Athens home after the court decision was announced. “We will be vindicated by history and by the Greek people.” https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/greek-court-imprisons-golden-dawn-party-leadership-73759351 https://archive.fo/tyL0T
>>11233 Depressing.
>>11233 Reprisal attacks when?
>>11255 At least Michaloliakos seems upbeat, all things considered. >>11259 I feel like for a little bit it would be smart to lay low. Right now the lemmings have the idea of "CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION" in their head. Obviously ZOG will never treat them nicely, but if I were high up in GD and was not going to prison, I would stay low and step up public service activities, and prepare for a comeback within a few years. Any attacks now would only confirm in the minds of the masses the false label of ZOG
>>11276 It's efficient how they operate. They falsely accuse you of being a criminal and imprison you because of an action someone else did (which condemns the whole organization like a mafia), and if you try to resist it, that only brings on more charges. And, they are free to continue dismantling your organization and imprisoning your people if they can be tied to the original organization as well as then they are associated with "criminals". All because some dead worthless piece of shit who deserved to be removed. Those judges and other politicians also deserve to be removed, but former GD members should not be caught doing so. But unfortunate accidents would be, well, unfortunate indeed.
Open file (24.30 KB 620x350 luca traini.jpg)
>>11292 Yes, I agree, anyone with GD links caught doing anything now would be a disaster. Honestly, Greece is one of those countries in which I'm surprised we haven't seen a Breivik-like attack. The same goes for France and Italy. Of course in Italy we got Traini but he didn't kill anyone (though he's still a hero of course, especially in light of what happened to the White girl who died).
>>11292 >dead worthless piece of shit who deserved to be removed Who?
>>11295 He should've gone after the niggers who murdered the girl.
>>11361 The Antifa who this all started over.
Open file (35.51 KB 672x372 traini.jpg)
>>11361 Pavlos Fyssas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavlos_Fyssas >>11362 I think they were in custody of some kind. Either way, the citizens of Macerata supported Traini, and banners were even put up for him in Rome which read "Onore a Luca Traini"
Greece: Convicted former Golden Dawn lawmaker on the run >Greek authorities are hunting for one of the leading members and former lawmakers of the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party after he refused to turn himself in following a court decision ordering his imprisonment >Police were searching Friday for Christos Pappas, officially considered a fugitive after a Thursday court decision ordering a total of 39 people, including 13 former Golden Dawn lawmakers, to be imprisoned after they were convicted of running the party as a criminal organization. >All but two of the 39 were in custody by Thursday night, having turned themselves in. However, Pappas’ lawyer Periklis Stavrianakis told Greek state broadcaster ERT that his client was not surrendering as he considered his conviction would be quashed on appeal, meaning he would have served a prison sentence that could be overturned. Appeals processes in the Greek court system can take several years. >The other former Golden Dawn lawmaker not yet in custody is Ioannis Lagos, currently a European parliament member who lives in Brussels and is protected by immunity. Lagos was the only one of the former lawmakers who did not appeal for a suspended sentence. Give him your energy, lads. https://archive.fo/vuVwN

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