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You don't need a tradwife Blackshirt 10/06/2020 (Tue) 19:35:33 ID: 6a4e46 No.10052 [Reply] [Last]
What do you need is a loyal woman of the same race that is willing to have a decent number of children (4+). If you want a 'trad' lifestyle, then become Christian, have values and fundaments, have a decent source of income (like a having a business). The unique thing that you need for this it is a Large house for a family of the desired number, things like food or diapers, the clothes can be passed from the older siblings to younger ones. If you want a 'varg trad' lifestyle then buy a land and make a farm. Homeschooling is recommendable, but also is Religious/Military education. >Thing that you must NOT do >Send kids to laic schools >Send kids to universities >Buy your kids things like Phones or Computers >Living in degenerate places like states where the democrats are mainstream or there's (((LGBT))) parades STOP LARPING AND MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, IMPROVE YOURSELF (and if you ask, yeah, i copypasted this from my 4chan thread)
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"Tradwives" aren't found, they are made by their boyfriends before they are wed.
>>10098 But then it becomes a matter of who to choose to begin with anyway. A girl who lost her virginity to someone else you could make work but a bar slut would be too much work for little gain.
>>10115 The problem is that even having a single partner beforehand is decreasing marital stability majorly. It's probably still workable with one partner beforehand, but any more after that and pair-bonding is shot. Bar sluts are definitely a no-go too.
Open file (1.17 MB 2000x3000 Only You.jpg)
>>10052 >If you want a 'trad' lifestyle, then become Christian Why? You don't need to be a Christian to live a traditional lifestyle. >The unique thing that you need for this it is a Large house for a family of the desired number I think what's more important than having a large house is having a large property, or at least nearby access to natural environments like forests, lakes, streams to have food and water security. For example, if you live on a small property that's next to a public forest, you have plenty of room to explore, hunt, fish, obtain water, etc. Plus, a larger house requires more resources to construct, heat in the winter, and cool in the summer - unnecessary expenses you could otherwise use to ensure your family's survival. >Living in degenerate places like states where the democrats are mainstream or there's (((LGBT))) parades I wouldn't necessarily say to avoid living in a Democrat-dominated state. Whether one lives in a Democrat or Republican state, degeneracy can always be observed through media, smart phones and TVs. Though what you said about limiting phone and computer usage would probably be the simplest way to avoid degeneracy. Also, mainstream political parties are a joke, and I don't think anyone here on /fascist/ identifies as Republican or Democrat. >>10098 Wise words. Your chances of meeting a girl who's traditional and redpilled on modern issues are extremely slim. I once saw a girl who I thought was traditional, met all the requirements of a 'tradwife', but a few weeks later discovered she was hanging out with a black guy. I'm thinking the best course of action for us single guys is to stop searching for the perfect tradwife, and instead broaden our sights and seek some girl who wants a lot of kids and lieks to garden/homestead, even if she holds some leftist views. With time she can be enlightened and redpilled to become your ideal tradwife.
Open file (250.44 KB 750x1002 peasant girl 2.jpg)
>>10124 >Your chances of meeting a girl who's traditional and redpilled on modern issues are extremely slim I'm increasingly thinking that this is true. It's been said before that a good girl will adapt to what her man thinks on many issues, and while I just accepted this, until recently I had never heard this said in real life until my friend was telling me about his own girlfriend that he has been dating over a year. When she first started dating my friend, he told me that she was much more liberal and hated religions, but after dating my friend for a year apparently she considers herself a Christcuck now and is "more conservative than I am" (my friend's words). It seems to me like a perfect wife is forming before his eyes. The idea you say about looking first and foremost for a girl who wants a lot of kids and who likes to garden / homestead is a good idea, I think. We have similar views about the need to get away from the centers of pozz and get more in touch with nature.

Open file (8.96 KB 437x318 ClipboardImage.png)
Fascism and National Socialism Blackshirt 09/01/2020 (Tue) 14:24:01 ID: d8feef No.7080 [Reply] [Last]
To what extent are they truly different? I have recently realized that I hold two views simultaneously which are potentially contradictory - namely that, like Mosley said, Fascism (which he also called National Socialism) is a name for a movement with similar characteristics that takes on slightly differing forms depending on where exactly it springs up according to different local cultures, racial differences and political situations. While I agree with this and often cite this definition, I can't help but feel that National Socialism is simultaneously much more, given the fact that it bases itself in applying racial and evolutionary science, preventing the degeneration of a people and in general looking to Nature for guidance. This is why some National Socialists like Savitri Devi have said that National Socialism cannot be reduced to just another "ism". To try to reconcile these, it can definitely be said that there is much overlap between Fascism as a general term for a political ideology, and then National Socialism, which in many ways goes beyond the political. National Socialism is almost religious if one takes it to its extreme, while we never see the same with Fascism. Either way, I'd be curious to read other anons' thoughts on the matter, whether they are just plain Third Postionists or NatSoc
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>>7089 >totalitarian You'd be surprised to see how many people in here dislike that. On that thought, would Singapoe be considered totalitarian? Some of its citizens tend to describe it as that.
>>7105 The problem is that 'totalitarian' is one of those dirty words that, due to propaganda, has been totally distorted. Totalitarianism, in the Fascist sense, refers to all an all-embracing state. The fascist totalitarian state is not something imposed from above like liberals and lolberts like to assert, it is an organic state. And on top of that, Italian Fascists always asserted a spiritual dimension to the state. Residual liberalism can be hard to shake off. Regarding Singapore. It's definitely authoritarian, but I don't know if I can call it totalitarian in the sense we use here. When I think totalitarianism I can only think of the Third Reich, Imperial Japan and Italy under Fascism
National Socialism might have started off as merely German Fascism, but it has became something with a life of its own, and is in many ways superior in its developed form – though there is still much overlap in some areas
>>7917 It was the focus on Nature in National Socialism that made it something far greater than the other varieties of Fascism. That this happened in Germany is actually not very surprising, as Germany in the late 19th century was basically the centerpoint of science, especially when it came to biology, geography and other important fields that would influence National Socialism. Ernst Haeckel in biology, Friedrich Ratzel with the term "Lebensraum". Germany was ripe to spawn such a worldview.
>>7917 There's just no one size fits all fascism, it will always have to be adapted to the culture of a nation as long as its core tenets stay the same. These adaptions may on the surface make it look very different in two fascist countries but in fact the real differences weren't that big except one ... the extremly high awareness of the jewish question in German national socialism. If there's one thing separating German fascism it's that. Italy for example had almost to be pressed to act on this most important of all front lines.

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
/fascist/ for the Infinity Cup 2020! Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 13:53:45 ID: 20bce6 No.986 [Reply] [Last]
Hey guys, I don't recall if I asked you yet, but would you be interested in joining us for the Infinity Cup 2020? All you've gotta do to enter is: 1) Create a thread on https://anon.cafe/icup/ with your team 2) Create a logo and at least one kit 3) Just join the fun when the cup starts!
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>>9134 The models are made in koikatsu and stored in images to put it simply. You can also export the models, as many people use koikatsu for making vrchat avatars, but I don't know how to do it. https://files.catbox.moe/rkx68p.png https://files.catbox.moe/kr6524.png https://files.catbox.moe/x0iap9.png https://files.catbox.moe/82lvn0.png
>>9137 Try the videos in >>8770
Open file (3.56 MB 3211x1828 winnin_son.png)
>>9261 thanks. if i have time ill use a plugin to extract the models as a pmx and provide the textures and shit
Open file (189.22 KB 1977x2048 _fascist_Fan.png)
Still cant believe we won
>>9750 I was surprised too. It makes me wish I had watched more of them. But now that /fascist/ has a legacy to defend I’ll have to tune in more in the future

Fascist Architecture General Blackshirt 05/22/2020 (Fri) 21:18:09 ID: e810f7 No.188 [Reply] [Last]
What architectural style does /fascist/ prefer, ornate classical architecture, or the more austere "stripped classicism" favored by Speer?
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>>197 > Danish Neo-Post-Pre-Proto-Ethnoprimitivist I know that's probably a legitimate thing, but if I have ever heard an architectural style that sounded like a joke, it's this.
>>8052 One important thing to keep in mind is that we're just seeing a colorless model. I imagine that even if these trees and grass in the model were colored in, it would look much more vibrant and alive and beautiful. I'll have to see if I can do anything in Photoshop
Open file (904.73 KB 1000x500 easy coloring.png)
This definitely put a bit of life into it.
>>9368 Nice. Maybe the dome would have red lines and golden plates, plus trails of azure blue. It is hard to know what was planned. I'm worried about the shadow. I'd loathe living in one of the buildings engulfed in the massive dark stain cast by the huge boob.
Open file (918.35 KB 1000x500 edit 2.png)
>>9372 Not a bad color for the dome.

Can Fascism/National Socialism have a militia or armed populace? Blackshirt 09/22/2020 (Tue) 06:32:38 ID: 5c6e4f No.8922 [Reply] [Last]
Not a lolbert faggot, but I don't know everything about NS/Fascism, obviously by the title. Obviously Hitler was pro-gun, however I think it was limited to party members. My main concern would be, what is keeping such an authoritarian regime from being corrupt once the dictator dies and is succeeded? If this were to happen, wouldn't it be necessary to go full Murrica on the guy? Please share your thoughts, I think this is an interestijg question.
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>>9307 It's a very good doctrine (or lack thereof!) to abide by. The flexibility of Fascism is one of its greatest strengths. In contrast to people on /leftypol/, who throw paragraphs of Marxist pilpul at each other and scream "REVISIONIST" (basically heretic), we just do what works in pursuit of our goals. Communists try to force a square peg in the round hole of reality, while the Fascist would realize that the square peg doesn't fit, either getting a new peg, or cutting the edges off in order to make it fit.
>>8922 I don't see why not. In fact, I think it would beneficial for every household to own a firearm, especially in the case of an invading force
>>8932 >ideally nothing In the real world, every civilization of note has experienced the rule of corrupt or incompetent leaders; it's a virtually guaranteed inevitability. An armed populace is a nice reminder to the state to keep their priorities straight, and dissuades weaker men from seeking and abusing higher offices.
Open file (72.55 KB 374x396 Cute little Fuck.jpg)
>>9314 >you are a revisionist because your people are not starving! Things like that make want to start a sort of psyOp thread, I enjoy waving enemies fuck over themselves than some glorious conventional fight, but not only do I not have much material, I also think manny will see it as « Jewish tactics ».
Open file (7.60 KB 266x189 scheming jew hands.jpg)
>>9326 I enjoy making subtle bait threads like that on /leftypol/. Once I attacked environmentalism as "reactionary" and "inherently conservative" and that the maturation of capitalism necessitates ruthless industrialism and the destruction of Nature. It caused a pretty big shitstorm there. I always hope that by defending such an absurd yet plausible position that I will drive someone from communism.

Open file (194.96 KB 736x947 your friend.jpg)
Converting leftists Blackshirt 07/08/2020 (Wed) 22:39:00 ID: cff7c8 No.3059 [Reply] [Last]
It's no secret that eventually we will come across actual leftists with an interest in real class warfare instead of pseudo socialist radlibs with retarded notions of opposing a system that supports them wholeheartedly. It's important that we convert them and add their revolutionary spirit to the fold. Convince them of the ills of such materialist ideology and if failing that convince them of the merits of the third position and the standard of living it would bring to millions of lives. Avoid faggots like Vaush and if you were a leftist before converting posting ideas itt palatable to our unawakened comrades would be greatlty appreciated.
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>>8465 >American Indians >Malays What was he saying about Malays and American Indians?
The pursuit is not exactly fruitless, is just that the results will be underwhelming. As I said, men cannot be molded back once their identities have settled. When that happens—if ever—we cannot say, some retain the personality they developed when they were 13, some keep their minds unbound. The first group are slaves, they will forever be trapped in their mindset, no matter where they find themselves in. Leftism is based off this way of thinking from those who are marginalized (and ruthless capitalism is from the master's view), so, it is only natural that all leftists who are deep into the ideology are complete slaves. Even if we eliminate all marxist ideas and rationalizations, we will still get a defective human, fill his head with right-wing ideas and you will get an angry failure who now blames jews and women for all his problems, instead of wasting his time in discussions about unions and intersectionality, he would be talking about circumcision or how a Hollywood movie is literally White genocide. Fascism is abstract, unbound, and esoteric; it will never be understood my these kinds of people, now should be insult its name my pretending it to be possible. And while unrelated, I want to add; this does not only apply to leftists, manny so-called « third positionists » also suffer from this. When using a spectrum to gauge someone's ideology you may have imagined that not having strong opinions about anything will put you on the same category as having strong opinions which are all over the place. This will risks categorizing Fascist men alongside slaves of fringe ideologies, be aware of the angry sheep in wolf's clothing. The only thing I can see some future with is to use these converts as golems, they are already empty shells, no matter what ideology they use to paint their excuses. But having those people stay on the left and let the degenerate them from within is also an option, we would have to consider whether their long-therm corrosion of the left would give us a bigger advantage than to use them as golems. >tl;dr: Instead of trying to convert them, we should be taking advantage of them
>>8973 The songs that Malays tend to sing and play music to tend to be sad. He was right about that
I think a good number of leftists will never be able to more close enough to our position, but they can be nudged very far to the right nonetheless as many of them operate with a good heart but little knowledge of facts and natural laws. They're naive softies and have very warped notions of justice. They also tend to be rapidly revolted by any authoritarian system unless they're really antifa radicals who dream of hardcore marxism (these individuals are dangerous and nearly all of them will not bulge and will have to be dismissed). Authority, especially in a liberal world, is frightening. They assume it would be automatically excessive. Truth be said, fascism and national socialism have certainly not fallen short of examples of this excess of power applied in all sorts of domains which should have remained within the hands of local groups of people. The best demonstration of this is how after its defeat, no force remained in Germany so as to oppose in a way or another the alien authorities. Minds were crushed, people aghast, just like shocked children without parents. It was easier to destroy the state than attack every single local group and family. But when the state invited itself everywhere and took control of families, it was crossing a line that proved detrimental to the success of the doctrine. In other words, too much "statism" had a thing to do in its undoing.

Open file (15.52 KB 160x160 2afavicon.png)
Blackshirt 08/07/2020 (Fri) 13:19:55 ID: 54fb3f No.4874 [Reply] [Last]
Big list of imageboards easily sortable https://socialwiki.top/wiki/Imageboards Enjoy
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>>5110 Yes, but they're Tor only now
>>5110 It never went away, it simply remained tor only after the kikes shoaded clearweb site.
Open file (13.62 KB 843x147 ClipboardImage.png)
Our site got a mention along with Neinchan in the same paragraph here: https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/forums.html
>>8503 >/x/ has disappeared It's out there. on zzz.
>>4874 Hey this is Paul, email me mango242@protonmail.com I wanna say whats up

Open file (1.03 MB 900x1000 rothalintornorman.png)
Women in Politics Blackshirt 09/15/2020 (Tue) 22:23:07 ID: f83e3f No.8346 [Reply] [Last]
Why didn't any of you fuckers tell me a woman this cute existed and she shared some of my values? Anyways, this gets me on an interesting topic. In an idealized state, would women be allowed anywhere near politics? If you want my opinion, I'd say no since I understand how politics usually end when women get involved (a sex that focuses more on emotion rather than empirical/objective logic); however, I often hear the counter-argument that such a perspective is akin to how Mudslimes treat their women. I don't want women to be forced to wear full hijabs but I do want them to be forced to dress modestly. The problem is that I don't know how this can be enforced legally. From the victorian era, if I remember correctly, women dressed how they did because of their husbands/fathers, rather than the state actually having anything in place. Forcing women out of politics could potentially be something that can be enforced legally - if someone sees a potential downside please let me know, I could be overlooking it - but other rules like how women should dress or behave may be best left to their parents. First, of course, men and women alike would need to be instilled the values of modesty for this to ever really be enforced in a family hierarchy, and for that I think religion would need to be a stressed virtue - particularly Christianity. We could get into how difficult nourishing religion widely in society would be in a different thread. The scope of this one is to discuss where women should sit in matters of politics
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>>8444 Probably, they promoted nudism as a sexuality rather than nudism as a way to admire a healthy or admirable physique.
>>8374 >only female fascist leader I've ever heard of >is a massive degenerate What a coincidence
I believe women should not be allowed anywhere near politics. If you look at the political beliefs of women today (and in the past) they boil down to group thinking and feelings. The "political power" that women wield is inside the family, as general family planners. Women enforce established values quite well, they just need to be taught the right values. The man of the house sets the rules, and the women (wife and mother of the husband) enforce these rules.
>>8840 >The "political power" that women wield is inside the family, as general family planners. Women enforce established values quite well, they just need to be taught the right values. The man of the house sets the rules, and the women (wife and mother of the husband) enforce these rules. That's very true. This is where they are truly in their element and best able to contribute and feel satisfied. And this is certainly no unimportant role. Women fulfill many vital functions that we all rely on, but there is a clear division of labor. Men have many responsibilities that women are relieved of. The state is a big family, the family a small state.

Open file (131.79 KB 635x629 pagan girls.jpg)
Open file (616.52 KB 1024x768 bhagavad gita.jpg)
Open file (324.92 KB 960x821 adl pagan.png)
Open file (237.80 KB 905x787 pagans jews.jpg)
Indo-European Religion / Paganism Thread Blackshirt 04/28/2020 (Tue) 19:39:58 ID: fe0edb No.10 [Reply] [Last]
Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Asatru, Rodnovery - whatever you like to study or even practice, post about ITT. Channels: Survive the Jive: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThomasRowsell DharmaNation: https://www.youtube.com/user/DharmaNation Partial ThuleanPerspective Archive: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/hhoe86QNkKLo/
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>>8727 The Old Testament is little better than tribal god-worship. The real Vedic-esque stuff is when Jesus came, but the Jews were just too spiritually benighted to understand.
Open file (12.46 MB 480x360 hitler dharma song.mp4)
>>8732 where did you get that video??? i
>>8778 That's some of my OC
>>8732 Just want to say thanks for this it's very inspirational.

Open file (3.20 MB 557x768 hitlerkalkiodin.gif)
New Age Pan-Religious Esoteric Mystic Ethno-Monotheism Is The Way Forward Blackshirt 06/06/2020 (Sat) 23:53:27 ID: 8d68ba No.708 [Reply] [Last]
After reading the amazing, mature and insightful religious discussions here, i have concluded that this is the answer. We can all feel this, that we NEED this, and we are all desperately searching for it in different religions. Sadly though we must be bold enough to admit, every religion out there does not fully align with all of our values and does not stand up to intellectual scrutiny. Because of this, any current religious system can only carry with it the danger of subversion to the movements we hope to establish in our lifetime. One religion will provide proper guidance in one area, while failing in another, either not being explicit on some matters or worse yet giving the worst stance possible such as denial of race which should be the most egregious sin possible. I will attempt to breakdown each term in the lengthy title i have given to this. i hope these explanations will give understanding enough that arguments and criticisms stemming from confusion of terminology wont arise here. >New Age By new age i dont mean crystals and hippies and loony rich white people. By new age, i mean overcoming purist and dogmatic viewpoints pertaining to a certain religion. They are all bad and need to be abandoned. i will briefly cover this here for each one i can think of. >Paganism - Most of it is destroyed and forever lost - At best a re-enactment, otherwise known as LARPing - phallus worship, human sacrifices, other barbaric acts - at best a fucking LARP - failed to preserve itself from christianity - a LARP >Christianity - Explicit tenets of racial universalism, this should immediately disqualify it, nothing could be more subversive and dangerous - Non-White Origin - Not racially exclusive, millions of nigger believers - strong roots in judaic world - End of the World Doomsday Cult

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>8208 >Until nogs banded together to kill wypipo. Do you know about Rhodesia, South Africa or Haiti? Look into them All of those only happened since Mulatto elites or foreigners aided them.
>>8563 >references to (((them))) >I find it annoying and too much of a concession already to even grant the Jews the luxury of being named and having a spot in our spiritual lore. they've earned it. references to the jew and what their activities and tendencies are should be included as part of our history, along with the traitor White. >It's necessary to define the guidelines though before going over collecting material primary sources from religions and spiritual paths that Whites have historically practiced, even including abrahamism. these would all be read by the anons so we are all familiar with the same pool of information >collecting material that would be useless and poisonous. this can be determined after the material is collected and analyzed. >saints and angels theres nothing wrong with giving great people the title of sainthood as a post humous honoriffic. all cultures including indo european have had such a system. >Semitic lore >Babylonian to Assyrian cultures dont forget that Whites have been retreating to europe for millenia. these areas could have been White at one time. >I don't even see if our Euro ancestors had anything like that >guys with chicken wings in robes i like the imagery and i dont see anything wrong with or degenerate about it. i dont see why we cant appropriate it. >euthanasia validation

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>8781 >theres nothing wrong with giving great people the title of sainthood as a post humous honoriffic. all cultures including indo european have had such a system. Not really. Also sainthood is literally Christian and has only existed as a promotion to some form of great-than-man status strictly on the basis of Christian principles. Even IF we managed for some reason to brainwash all people into accepting a new set of criteria for sainthood, all former saints would have to be demoted and forgotten. >dont forget that Whites have been retreating to europe for millenia. these areas could have been White at one time. Perhaps but by the time these images popped up, Whites are already being phased out, so much that there are strong debates about these Sums, Babs and Asses to know how much Whiteness there was in their overall population, either in cities (usually more cosmopolitan) or in the rural areas. Wings started to appear in Egypt in later times too after multiple mutual cultural influences between Kem and the Levant. Romans, Greeks, Celts, Nords, Aryans (Scythians in India), none had these people with wings. it's like it's a purely nigger-tier thing where the plebs couldn't figure out people being able to come from above without having KFC wings. >i like the imagery and i dont see anything wrong with or degenerate about it. i dont see why we cant appropriate it. If isnt no aryan, we no keep. Unless you come with a hell of a rationalization. >thats really a nigger tier mindset, not aryan, and you can see this in the nigger culture of mob violence and mob executions versus the aryan culture of developing systems and institutions of self improvement (religion, school) and revering these things as some of the most important aspects of their society. You have literally not explained once how this was unaryan.
Okay, goys, I've upped the bumplimit to 750 but it still seems like the bumplock is still there and there is no option for me to remove it. I'm going to ask on /meta/ and see if I find a way to do it.
>>9057 ok, thank you.

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