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Open file (175.10 KB 273x231 ClipboardImage.png)
Crime and Punishment Blackshirt 12/04/2020 (Fri) 16:56:20 No.14788 [Reply]
How would you fix this system? In America in particular, there are far, far too many people in prison, and oftentimes it seems to me like the idea of locking someone in a cage for years on end is a silly punishment for many crimes, especially in cases where we are keeping absolute human scum alive. The idea of punishment being a sort of "rehabilitative" process is very modern and is tied with Utilitarianism and other pozzed ideologies. This is in fact where most modern prisons came from, as a "humane" alternative to more punitive methods. What we need to bring back is the idea of lex talionis, an eye for an eye. If you attack someone and blind them, you get blinded yourself, etc if the victim wants that. If you murder someone, it's the death penality, simple as that. A large variety of less serious crimes too should be replaced with flogging or caning. These are very painful and will the offender with a memory of the incident for some time afterwards. For good measure these should be carried out in public as well. Everyone should read 'In Defense of Flogging' by Peter Moskos
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>>16978 I definitely agree with what you are saying here. The principle of 'an eye for a eye' is a good one, but obviously does not work with all crimes. In many cases a person's labor could be very valuable, or else they could be merely flogged and sent on their way, with a small financial penalty for their medical services required, or a certain amount of community service required afterwards for the next few months. The prison is largely a product of Christcucks from the late 18th century. They were trying to "heal" the criminally ill. >A stated goal of the early prison advocates was nothing less than the complete elimination of punishment. The penitentiary would be a kinder and gentler sentence, one geared to personal salvation, less crime, and a better life for all. Like so many utopian fairy tales, the movement to cure criminals failed. Sourced from the PDF attached. The purpose of justice should be to incapacitate those whose behavior is disruptive to public order and safety. Some should be killed, others flogged, others put to work, but there is no reason to keep the worst of the worst alive. Like why is this dude still in prison? Why should we keep this child-molesting murderer alive for the rest of his life? Muh death penalty is sooo cruel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Megan_Kanka >>16981 The one thing about the mutilation punishments is that they should serve as a very powerful deterrent to crime. When one thinks about how the victim has suffered due to the actions of the perpetrator, I feel like I can lean more in favor of it. Here is one example from Saudi Arabia. A man stabbed his friend in the back and paralyzed him from the waist down. The courts ruled that either this man pays $240,000 in compensation to the victim, or they will paralyze him from the waist down via a medical procedure. Apparently it is largely up to the victim what will happen >In such cases, the victim can demand the punishment be carried out, request financial compensation or grant a conditional or unconditional pardon. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/apr/04/saudi-arabian-paralysis-sentence-grotesque
>>16985 >>17000 I dont see it as sufficient enough a punishment if the perpetrator comes out of the whole situation the same as the victim. No matter who started it, both losing an eye here? Where's the difference? Simple reciprocity is not enough in my book, heavy injuries deliberately inflicted like a lost eye demand death, for a finger it might be okay if the victim accepts and gets compensated for the pain and the future burden but even when i would prefer a different method of punishment. I dont like mutilating people and dont like seeing them around.
Open file (74.43 KB 620x500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (40.01 KB 515x455 ClipboardImage.png)
Some excerpts from Hitler's Table Talk
Open file (89.70 KB 574x680 Saudi supermarket.jpeg)
>>17002 >corporal punisment before prison >in certain cases no disagreement here but he's not about ripping out eyes though I could imagine having someone wear a fixed eye patch for the rest of his life
>>17004 Yeah I don't necessarily know of any evidence that Hitler was in support of surgically removing eyes or limbs. Hitler's position based on what was seen in the excerpts above is basically what is laid out in the book I mentioned in the OP.

Open file (166.96 KB 500x500 algiz ecofascism.jpg)
Ethnoglobe is Likely Inevitable in a Pro-White Future (and that's a good thing) Blackshirt 06/12/2020 (Fri) 16:55:12 ID: 1596de No.1259 [Reply] [Last]
Ethnoglobe became inevitable by 1900 at the latest. The superiority of Western Europe and North America in the second half of the 19th century in economic, military, financial and political spheres was based on our monopoly of industry. The rest of the world absorbed the products of the White world, not producing themselves. Colonies were founded for resources and new markets. Production usually remained situated in the White world. Then began the dissemination of industry, motivated by greed for greater profits by bringing the production to the area of marketing. Secrets, processes, methods, engineers, managers, etc all given to non-Whites. Within thirty years of Japan modernizing from its feudal state, they had a defeated a European power in battle, Russia, something which shocked the world. Non-whites, unaccustomed to the comparative luxury of the White world, worked for low wages, bringing their rising industrial might into fierce competition with non-Whites. Gradually, gradually, the center of gravity of production shifted into non-White hands, becoming the weapon of the exploited world against the White industrial core. While all of this was happening the population explosion continued unabated, propped up by artificial grain surpluses and modern medical technology, all given to non-whites by the benevolent and foolish White man. They, with the collaboration of greedy capitalists and jews, shattered the power of the White world and helped balloon their numbers hundreds of times larger than was naturally permitted by Nature. Non-whites, brainwashed by materialistic thinking and looking for better lives, were drawn to the West, which badly needed labor after WWII. They begin to settle, invited by the victorious Jews and the Allies. The great replacement begins, and the enormous growth of the population is the chief cause of the impending collapse. Bearing millions of useless bodies permanently is unsustainable, especially at Western standards. With the coming of modern technology, whether this be in regards to communication, transportation, etc the world has become a smaller place, and shitskins are able to come into our lands (where they can live wasteful and unsustainable consumerist lifestyles too!), build (but not innovate) their industrial power, nuclear weapons, destroy the environment, etc. Racial struggle is the driving force in history, not class. In a given multiracial and multicultural environment there is always a struggle for dominance, whether open or hidden, violent or peaceful. The locus of struggle has become truly global in scale. The situation is unsustainable. Ethnoglobe is the only option. "What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes and only one lifeboat, with room for only ten people, has been launched? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship's axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides of the boat."
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>another Christnigger absolutely annihilated I swear this board does it better than any other
>>16384 >>16385 >>16386 Thank you very much for this education, anon. You are clearly very well read and versed in this matter. Any recommended readings to gain a better understanding of christianity as a subversive forced in White societies?
>>16962 I'm glad you were able to benefit, anon. Here are a few books which stick out to me as important in forming my thoughts on Christianity: >'On Being a Pagan' by Alain de Benoist >'Hitler's Table Talk' >'The Antichrist' by Friedrich Nietzsche >'The Twilight of the Idols' by Friedrich Nietzsche >'Beyond Good and Evil' by Friedrich Nietzsche >'Might Is Right' by Ragnar Redbeard de Benoist's book on paganism is interesting. He touches on a lot of different topics within this book. Most of it is comparing how radically different Judaism / Christianity and pagan-like thought actually is. For example Abrahamism is categorized by a form of radical dualism where the first source of creation is radically distinct from nature, this is also a contributing factor to the Abrahamic hatred of life, since God is something radically other, totally unrelated to the world except as a source. He lays out how the idea of progress and linear time has its roots in Hebrew thought, and how Marxism itself is akin to an Abrahamic religion, "a secular expression of prophetic Messianism" in Judaism. There is also more on how Semitic intolerance is an inevitable consequence of monotheism, and more about how the 'generic man' of liberalism has its roots in Biblical monogenism (descent from Adam). Finally he talks about how individualism and Judeo-Christianity are linked, due to the fact that the relation to the divine is purely individual, one makes one's own salvation, and there is a rupture of solidarity with the community. Essential reading in my opinion. It kind of drags in a few places, but it was full of a lot of good redpills. As far from "LARPy" paganism as it gets too. Fairly Nietzschean really. Table Talk drops a lot of good information on Christianity, but it is spread throughout the work. A lot of it is at the beginning though. Hitler says that Christianity and Bolshevism are both products of the Jew and that Christianity was the first creed in the world to exterminate its adversaries in the name of love. He compares this to Bolshevism, and how it claims to bring liberty to mankind, but how it truly seeks to enslave them. According to Hitler Paul used Christianity to overthrow the Roman Empire which the Jews hated by promising the equality of all men before God. All of the Nietzsche works I've listed are interesting in how he exposes Christianity as a product of resentment, weakness and a hatred of life. The most Christianity-centered one is of course The Antichrist but all of them touch on Christianity and the sort of "Christian attitude" more or less. Ragnar Redbeard is just fun to read, and he bashes on Christianity a lot throughout. "He who turns the ‘other cheek’ is a cowardly dog — a Christian dog."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>16994 The recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks for the summaries. I’ll definitely take a look into those.

Open file (119.48 KB 716x952 159986098316.jpg)
Open file (696.93 KB 575x688 El Miliciano.png)
Open file (641.88 KB 569x420 UNR.PNG)
Open file (350.52 KB 496x257 FON.PNG)
Aesthetics Thread Blackshirt 09/30/2020 (Wed) 00:53:49 ID: 63b35c No.9538 [Reply] [Last]
>inb4 there's already one thread about this But I think this time we should do one with a focus on topics like tutorials for basic things like political bracelets, best color combinations for uniforms, materials for uniforms, haircut styles according to the shape of the face and a long etcetera.
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Open file (430.31 KB 480x321 linkola forest.png)
Open file (806.66 KB 754x593 linkola bird.png)
>>15280 Linkola-core looks pretty nice tbh
Open file (427.31 KB 667x574 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (254.22 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10050 I purposefully dress like a hick: flannel shirt, jeans, sturdy boots, occasionally a hat with a prominent "country" brand. I almost always sport facial hair as well, but I keep it well-trimmed. Not only is it practical, durable, and adaptible, it's great normalnigger repellant.
>>16293 You must live somewhere very posh because that style is a mainstay among metrosexuals in Portland.
>>16636 Don't let faggots ruin things, anon. They tried to do the same with beards.

Open file (4.04 MB 2383x1655 bt65.png)
Brenton Tarrant Thread Blackshirt 06/10/2020 (Wed) 21:12:31 No.858 [Reply] [Last]
Post news about Brenton Tarrant, as well as memes, images and general discussion.
502 posts and 206 images omitted.
The bump-limit is still set at 750 here, but it didn’t seem to work (again) on this thread. Someone had a theory that it doesn’t work retroactively. Annoying honestly.
>>16190 Primary sources are imgur and reddit, I suppose the person uploading it on both places was the same. Recent private Tarrant family pictures were taken form his sister's Facebook, so they were probably saved by someone who has her in his FB friends list. The mugshot is something different though, it could have only been leaked by police or court employees.
>>16206 > it could have only been leaked by police or court employees. Well, here's to hoping for more leaks if that's true
For all the anti-Tarrant shills: Excerpt from the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, July 16th, 1983 : "Frank C. Spisak was found guilty yesterday of aggravated murder in the slayings of three people at Cleveland State University. Now he faces the possibility of his own death in the electric chair. Spisak told the jury he was fighting a war against Blacks and Jews, and that he was not a criminal, but a prisoner of war. The first casualty was on February 1st and the war ended when Spisak was arrested on September 6th cowering in a basement crawlspace of a friend's house." Excerpt from letter by Spisak, dated February 17th, 1984: "I don't know what you heard or read about me in the papers in your area but it was probably mostly all lies. The Cleveland papers said I'm a criminal and a pervert and a faker and the worst person in Cleveland's history. They said nobody deserves to die more than me. Coming from the Jew, I take these insults to my integrity as compliments of the highest honor but some people in our Movement are terrified of all the 'bad publicity' I've got and are doing their best to run a hundred miles an hour in the opposite direction from me and saying, 'No, no! Don't connect us with Spisak!' That's what the Jews want. The name of their strategy is called Divide and Conquer." Excerpt from a letter by Spisak, dated March 17th, 1983: "Just between you and me, I think our people are 'through'. The Enemy has got so many of us convinced we are each others' worst enemy we can't get it together for a big push against the real power! But that's no secret: White people haven't been able to stick together for years, and the Jews keep making sure we don't. Movement people keep telling each other and trying to convince the rest that the press is controlled and is feeding us misinformation. But let something like what happened to me happen to any one of us and the whole pack of them go barking off and running in the same direction as the Jewsmedia like a bunch of hounds on a leash. If they could only see themselves and what they are doing." From SIEGE by James Mason pg. 306-307
>>14674 >who is that varg clown being shilled every other day I know a month later and obvious info for 99% of everyone here but he's a musician named Varg Vikernes, very influential in metal, pretty crazy story he's involved in him so look it up. Still don't know what to think of him after practically growing up on his music. He's not like super fucking nuts IMO, just a real puzzling fellow.

/fascist/ Screencaps and Archive Thread Blackshirt 11/24/2020 (Tue) 17:45:28 No.13932 [Reply]
Help preserve board good content ITT. OC belongs here: >>2800
16 posts and 22 images omitted.
>>14097 >>14069 >>14046 OP here, although I intended this for mainly /fascist/ content, if you have some good screencaps that are relevant to fascism, National Socialism or the broader Third Position I wouldn't really mind that much. Let's be real, a lot of good posts are made here on /fascist/, but this thread won't last long if it's just /fascist/ content, because truly screencappable posts are not too common of a phenomena. >>14100 I'm glad you were able to get something out of my post, anon. It's really astounding how blatant they are in their plans. It's literally all right out there in the open to the extent that hundreds of millions of Christians can open up their bibles and read it themselves, yet it goes right over their heads Also implying that Christians read that fucking book lmao
First post is from Neinchan, the other two are /fascist/ stuff though. I thought that this Lebensraum redpill would be useful for people though
Open file (305.42 KB 1872x816 jews world domination.PNG)
Open file (508.00 KB 1320x844 christianity fascist.png)

Open file (72.56 KB 1300x957 microphone.jpg)
Your Ideal Political System Blackshirt 12/04/2020 (Fri) 14:32:58 ID: 1be1ca No.14771 [Reply]
Lets have a fun thread, talk about your ideal political system (no it cant just be you as the sole dictator)
16 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>15757 Yeah, I think all signs point to the fact that extermination is literally the only option that we have with Jews now. This has been going on for millennia now, no exaggeration. In the past a king could kick the Jews over the board and be done with them for some time, but in the age we live in now, Jewry is truly international in a sense that it never was in the past. They've always had links wherever they've lived, but today it's a complex web of money, families, businesses and the like who can communicate with each other at a moment's notice. There's no just kicking them over the border and being free of them for a generation or so before they seep back in. Whole nations are their golems now.
>>14771 National Socialism with Interplanetary aryanism Obviously, when this happen, some hegelians, will talk about intergalactic dialectics
Open file (120.46 KB 480x563 laughing marx.jpg)
>>15781 >Communism >working on societal scales Good one.
>>15788 >tripfag Reported honestly
Corporatist economy, tests for ideological purity done on council of fascism members, no jews Simple

Uncensored /k/ General Blackshirt 11/30/2020 (Mon) 20:11:10 ID: b8067f No.14422 [Reply] [Last]
It's come to my attention that /k/ is a dead 1PPH board with control freak julay moderators and BO who censor any dissent based on their feeeeelings as in you're not allowed to be political. I won't accept that. The current mods of /kuck/ think their moderation "style" is somehow acceptable even though we escaped from that bizzaro shit to come on comfy boards have some banter without fragile-ego "apolitical" weak little tranny enuchs ruining everything. So what do? With the current moderators of /k/ this is not possible, so from now on I will be posting here and I encourage others who do not accept this absurdly resentful abusive clown attitude towards their users to do so. Leave the cucks to their larp trannycave and come here to talk with actual men with will, whom many from our circles in the world have already proven to this world by fighting this diseased judaic beast they have an innate sense for justice, truth, sacrifice, that only comes with a strong ideological resolve and a belief that we must fight in this age to preserve our White civilizations of our ancestors while the goons on the other cuck side still salivate about old pictures of defeated rhodesians who unfortunately got decimated by Jewish communist factions. Do not just salivate about things like this. You better damn make sure and do everything in your power NOW that something like that NEVER HAPPENS again. So after all, no guns no revolution. Democracy has failed. Pretty sure the Jews and their filthy shabbos have made that very clear already. Also if you unironically think you are the next Alexander, Atilla, Ceasar, Guderian, Kesselring, Machiavelli, Sun tzu,(you might) Don't be so eager to share your tactics here, write it down keep it hidden and start fraternizing where it matters. Again, It's quite evident at this point that the Jews and our traitors have dismantled this mere idea of democracy into a dictatorship so much now that it's nearly impossible to circumvent their wrath and annihilation of anyone who disagrees "too much", to the point where armed struggle to overthrow is a duty and necessity. If you're White you need to fight. I don't care how. >tfw we're in a world where actual facists condone more free speech than some random retard unaffiliated clowns
184 posts and 92 images omitted.
>>15371 All of this could have been avoided if the original BO wasn't such a banhappy niggerfaggot. I just wanted to argue with boogtards about whether or not there will be another 1776/ACW without being banned for "niggerpilling", now the board is all fucked up.
>>15555 I'm not Acid, I have lurked in both places long enough to know the truth of shit and Mark doesn't have any authority over anything outside of /v/, none whatsoever, I rarely go there anymore as little is of interest but i know the types of people on that site and a good few of its more active boards, Mark is nowhere save for /v/ and thats what he wants.
>>15557 >without being banned for "niggerpilling" That's why I was getting butthurt originally too
>>14827 Ak's in the US are usually more expensive and because of the import restrictions quality goes down with parts needing to be made domestically. Any brands that does not have this drawback? A okay quality AR is the best bet to make in america.

Open file (117.68 KB 738x1146 Arno-Senpai.jpg)
A E S T H E T I C S . T H R E A D Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 05:52:39 ID: 07132f No.961 [Reply] [Last]
For the discussion, sharing, development, nurturing and use of A E S T H E T I C S
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/11/2020 (Thu) 17:01:13.
188 posts and 349 images omitted.
>>7292 Sharing more Black Magick SS choruses, because I love this band. My Love "I lay down my sword and my armor by my side I no longer remember your eyes You took all that I used to be in my life My love... my love..." Endless Hallucinations "Flying past the stars Black wings take me far I live in endless hallucinations Drifting into the night To find a better life" Kali "Kali, Kali, Kali

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>Some of the most striking claims of art for things outside the art world were responses to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen called them "the greatest work of art ever....the greatest work of art for the whole cosmos," "a jump out of security, the everyday." >Since aesthetics centers on direct sensory perception, it is clear that acts of terrorism have powerful aesthetic force. All those who experience the effects of terrorism – its chance victims, their relatives and associates, the organizations and institutions that are damaged, the general public, the social order – all can attest to its aesthetic impact. >Is there art in terrorism? It cannot be denied that much of the political effectiveness of terrorist acts comes from their carefully planned aesthetic impact. Indeed, their effect is primarily, often spectacularly theatrical. We can in fact say that such actions are deliberately designed to be high drama. In this sense, then, is theater any less appropriate a way to describe a spectacular act of terrorism than it is to designate military activities? Perhaps it now becomes understandable how an artist could consider a terrorist act a work of art. https://digitalcommons.risd.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1206&context=liberalarts_contempaesthetics
Open file (116.08 KB 960x780 media_En2O4_SXIAU_yep.jpg)
Open file (303.50 KB 1003x1280 media_En2PC9lXYAEvz2Y.jpg)
Open file (536.74 KB 640x640 media_EobhKItXIAEamJw.jpg)
Open file (138.56 KB 1117x1200 media_EpGr_rBW4AU-oEe.jpg)
Open file (232.70 KB 1271x1221 media_EpKDilvXUAEIZ02.jpg)
Open file (111.30 KB 1920x1080 media_EoltWOEXYAAHorz.jpg)
Open file (313.61 KB 1720x1376 media_EonLObzXUAAWX-x.jpg)
Open file (799.30 KB 1500x1946 media_Eoy7hh3XIAMerwm.jpg)
Open file (1003.31 KB 3504x2336 media_EmkMGnlXMAAaKRo.jpg)

What are the /fascist/ thoughts on genetic engineering. Blackshirt 10/07/2020 (Wed) 11:26:50 ID: 1ae0a7 No.10096 [Reply]
1. What are your main thoughts about genetic engineering? 2. What is the main difference between genetic engineering and eugenics? The second question is actually more important than the first because I couldn't give a coherent answer to myself.
33 posts and 18 images omitted.
Is it possible to dilute non-White DNA or any way possible to get White genes to become dominant in an offspring?
>>12969 Not in any practical sense
>>12334 >underestimating them and letting your guard down. I feel like this is the biggest error that many on our side make and instead develop false confidence. NEVER underestimate your enemy; learn their tactics and methods and be prepared to counter them.
>>12342 I've been saying this for years. Jews are only able to compete with us, and subvert us (or any other race) is due to them hijacking the DNA of their targets. They are parasites after all. This is why in the middle ages they would kidnap and rape White women to produce offspring and why Jewish women would target socially stupid, but intelligent White men to produce offspring.
>>12334 Yes it does matter, because it's a retarded form of niggerpilling and making shit up so you can create your perverted wet dreams of creating a clone. This is why you don't get all of your information from Jewish scientists who enjoy jerking themselves off as if they're great people when in reality, they desperately need European DNA to not be a useless piece of shit along with the Torah telling them to go into banking and roles that deal with finances, because many civilizations desperately needed material prosperity. Along with their entire history of being nothing more, but stealing land and claiming that it has some divine and holy power when the place is filled with faggotry and evil.

/fascist/ OC general Blackshirt 07/04/2020 (Sat) 10:31:45 ID: 934ffe No.2800 [Reply] [Last]
For OC and /fascist/-related content.
184 posts and 145 images omitted.
>>13899 Notice how the ancap musters up a fake lol when all really all he's laughing at are people so comfortable with their own ideologies that they don't need to delete some of the most retarded, hostile, bait-unserious questions OP's in the world as with 99.9% of factions on the internet.
>>2800 They were actually real threads, but it was a cherrypicked and misleading image. >Gay thread There were no pro-gay voices in the thread at all and fags were condemned and exposed as freaks of nature >Islam thread Shill thread, but a good shitstorm >Bushido thread Forerunner of the Japan thread
>>13941 Meant for >>13940
Open file (117.35 KB 600x800 download.jpeg)
>>13504 Nevermind, I found it. It was on R.A.M.'s telegram.
Might as well bump this, and attach some OC that anons have likely seen, but that has not been put in this thread.

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