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We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

Open file (100.63 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault-2.jpg)
Help me please Blackshirt 07/08/2020 (Wed) 01:11:31 ID: 6d90e9 No.3009 [Reply] [Last]
I am currently writing a Hard Rock album with very many Eco-Fascist themes and I am researching many different styles of book to make it an appealing story in accordance with the Fascist/Traditional spirit. So far this is my reading list: Friedrich Nietzsche -Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil Ted Kaczynski - Industrial Society and Its Future, Technological Slavery, Anti-Tech Revolution Herman Melville - Moby Dick Sun-Tzu - The Art of War Yamamoto Tsunetomo - Hagakure Yukio Mishima - Runaway Horses George Sorell - Reflections on Violence Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya - Dharma Manifesto Giuseppe Mazzini - The Duties of Men Corneliu Zelea Codreanu - For My Legionnaires Mario Palmieri - The Philosophy of Fascism Joseph Campbell - The Hero with a Thousand Faces Neil Postman - Amusing Ourselves to Death Bronze Age Pervert - Bronze Age Mindset Julius Evola - Revolt Against The Modern World, Ride The Tiger, Metaphysics of War Savitri Devi - Impeachment Of Man

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>>3022 This
Open file (180.22 KB 304x493 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3017 This is a good list, but I always wonder why it is does not have The Will to Power, since it is a good work even if it is unfinished and essentially a collection of notes. Typically Kaufmann is definitely someone to be careful with for obvious (((reasons))), but it's very hard to find a full translation of it it seems like. I was basically left with no choice but to buy his translation of it,
>>3009 Imo you should look into some myths/legends and take some inspiration from them as well. Stories about, for example, mythological kings and heroes proving their worth, defending their homeland, etc. As I'm Danish, I myself particularly like to read the Gesta Danorum, in which the deeds of legendary kings of old have been written down. There's also Homer, the Arthur mythology, poetry like "Horatius at the Bridge", the Chanson de Roland, etc.
>>3068 This is a big reason why I have Joseph Campbell and am thinking about putting Carl Jung on the list is too look at myths and find common ground so all can understand it whilst having elements unique to the west to stay true with the Nationalism
Hey, I too am writing an album of music with similar themes. My genre is a weird admixture of classical inspired folk though. In my experience it is much easier to write song lyrics inspired by your own personal history / feelings and only use references to extant works as supplement to fill in empty space. Stretching out someone else's material to fit your own is only going to be more difficult. Just be truthful about yourself and the listener will believe in it.

Open file (70.80 KB 500x464 aryan woman baby.jpg)
Why Should Whites Survive? Blackshirt 07/04/2020 (Sat) 16:58:33 No.2813 [Reply] [Last]
Of course to anons here on /fascist/ and similar sites, this will often be something that we should obviously hold in high regard and take for granted, but among the bluepilled this question will likely be far more pressing to anyone you try to redpill. In fact, everything hinges on this question. According to today's spirit of egoistic Jewish materialism, one has one's own personal goals and lives life chasing after some vague sort of 'happiness' and 'satisfaction' for themselves and their family alone. They have no larger purpose in life. If they perceive life in this way, race is unimportant. We should just seek the "good life", work at our meager wage-cuck job and entertain ourselves in our free-time. It's easy to see why people who live according to this mindset - and it includes both "leftists" and "right-wingers", Republicans and Democrats - continually fall prey to the Jewish agenda. They have no ground to stand on. Our people need given a purpose, a reason to survive, a reason which breaks this nihilistic and destructive mindset, a philosophical or spiritual foundation. Of course I have my own answer, but I don't want to dominate the thread so I'll remain quiet for now.
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>>2961 I’ve thought about it this way as well. Whether Whites want to get involved in racial politics or not, it is being forced on them. All other groups are engaging in it and are praised for doing so. We’re heading towards a point, I think, where Whites will soon realize that endlessly capitulating to niggers and debasing themselves before them does nothing, and they will realize that for reasons of self-preservation alone they will have to band together and engage in racial politics. Of course this doesn’t mean just sit back and count on it happening, but even normalfags around me have been more anti-black lately in private.
>>2813 I say try not to trigger anyone deeply bluepilled with things like information and reasonable arguments. Sppeal to their vapid, base natures. "I just like blonde hair/green eyes.', etc.
>>2966 That might work for simple-minded women, but I don't know about men.
Show them non-white who care about their own race and how tribalism they are. Even better, if you're non-white, try to redpill them. They will listen when it isn't an ebil whitey right?
Open file (1.81 MB 2592x3888 BYx9Ryy.jpg)
>>2813 IMHO people feel an innate connection to people who look and think like themselves. When I meet a stranger who doesn't look like me, I'm usually uncomfortable and not trusting of them at first. However when I meet a stranger that shares my skin tone, age, hair color, height, hobbies, etc, I naturally feel much more comfortable and compatible with them, as if they are part of my own tribe. I'm sure people of any race can relate to this feeling, that they wish to be around and interact with people who look and think like themselves.

Open file (186.95 KB 656x1000 tehoFiB.jpg)
Incest and nobility Blackshirt 06/28/2020 (Sun) 23:35:04 ID: 215611 No.2549 [Reply] [Last]
It was relatively common for noble houses to engage in incest during European history. If no fitting suitor could be found or a family wished to consolidate power among themselves they would turn to incest. Cousins, Siblings and very rarely parents/children would marry and have offspring to keep the family blood line going. This wasn't looked down on the way incest is today and would be pretty common in the higher tiers of society. When dealing with a future ethnostate or at least a white community what do you think of incest? How close a relationship would you find acceptable and how many generations of inbreeding? This is not a porn topic. Weebs and degenerates can go to a porn board to deal with their mommy issues.
Inbreeding is equally degenerate, opposing extreme of race-mixing. Selectively breeding people with common genetic background but enough variation is the best approach.
>>2549 Incest was just a sign of the kali yuga as nobles desperately tried to maintain power and their noble right to rule; this attempt at purity eventually led to material degeneration.
Incest is universally seen as taboo and dysgenic.

Open file (357.60 KB 570x319 Runaway horses dusk.PNG)
Open file (312.05 KB 1024x783 mosley blackshirts buf.jpg)
Fascist Anti-Intellectualism, or The Unity of Thought and Action Blackshirt 06/20/2020 (Sat) 15:31:17 No.1922 [Reply] [Last]
To know and not act is to not truly know. Only thoughts we live out have any value. This is the core of the much-slandered “anti-intellectualism” of fascism. It is not a glorification of stupidity, quite the opposite, but a reaction against the endless pilpul and navel-gazing of weakling intellectuals, individuals who often have produced great works but never set out themselves to apply their visions or follow their teachings. On the other hand there is a type of person who foolishly acts upon impulse without engaging in the slightest thought or reflection. The true fascist is a synthesis of the principle of actual and the principle of knowledge — the “cultured thug” of Bowden, or a man like Mishima, himself an admirer of Yangmingism, a Neo-Confucian philosophy which emphasizes the inseparability of these two principles. You cannot be a fascist if you do not apply your principles to your life. These are the true LARPers. Do you truly know?
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>kill all the intellectuals Mao and Stalin are happy with you
>>2428 I love how clear it is that you didn't read the thread.
Open file (205.99 KB 487x423 pol pot 2.PNG)
>>2428 Let's be real, intellectuals are scum. They're anemic, navel-gazing, living in ivory towers, divorced from reality, their heads in the clouds. If WNs ever got into power I'd dump 95% of them into a mass grave.
>>2428 >>2457 >>2615 Hold on, define a intellectual.
>>2632 I think the target of this thread is clearly the type of stereotypical intellectual that I mentioned in my post, and the similar characterization of them and people like them in OP’s two posts. Basically the type of person who is content with just speculating, theorizing and watching from afar, never participating in life or acting on his thoughts and values. There is an opposition between thought and action here. These individuals who side wholly with thought are what fascism criticizes. I don’t even think that “intellectuals” as a group then are what this thread criticizes, but rather any type of disconnected person. Just imagine a hypothetical poster to this board who fully supports fascist philosophy in his convictions, is moved by works of fascists and speeches of Hitler and similar figures, yet he never applies his knowledge, he never acts according to this knowledge. He is internally “redpilled” in a superficial sense, but outwardly he behaves just as he did before, like a lemming or a degenerate. Can he said to be truly redpilled? I think not, his redpill would not be actualized.

Where is 8moe? Blackshirt Board owner 06/10/2020 (Wed) 03:09:41 ID: 510f80 No.768 [Reply] [Last]
You’re probably wondering where 8moe is if you’re one of the people who had came over there. I deleted it. This seems like the only way to resolve the issues that we are facing regarding this, and the situation as it stood (the board being divided between two places and the understandable unpopularity among some of 8moe. I had primarily pursued this option not out of any love of that particular site (I had never heard of it prior to it being suggested to me), but because I wanted to preserve our threads, just like was attempted with Hoppe, another disaster. Since I do not want to purposely destroy this community over my choice of location alone or to personally bring about another disasterous move, I deleted the controversial location in favor of the one that no one has a problem with. This might make me appear impulsive and indecisive, I understand that, but the more I read what people have to say, and the more I sit on this issue and think about it, the more I am convinced that this is the best thing I can do for the long term health of /fascist/. I have taken the step prior to deletion of archiving some of the new threads, you can find these in the thread of collected Julay content. Hopefully with the removal of this issue from the table we’ll finally be able to enter some degree of normality, things have been rough ever since we left JulayWorld, and I haven’t handled it the best even though I was trying to do what I thought was best. As of now, AnonCafe is the only location of /fascist/ and will hopefully remain so, with Neinchan serving as our primarily and as of right now only fallback. I apologize to anyone who’s understandably upset about my sudden decision, out of the blue, on this matter. I’m a little bummed about stirring the pot again and losing the threads, but we’ve rebuilt once, and we’ll do it again. Anons matter more than threads. This, bearing some equally as unforeseen event, is the last time we’re moving if I can do anything to control it. Thank you to all of the anons who bashed me over the head about this issue until I finally started to contemplate it rather than just ignore them. I’ll do my best to answer any questions, criticisms, comments and the like ITT.
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/10/2020 (Wed) 03:14:20.
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>>1092 Not just fast as in posts per hour, fast as in not taking a couple of seconds for a post to be made. >Is there a page limit right now? I don't see anything in the settings. I think we just don't have a lot of threads right now Yes, it could simply be making pages based on the amount of threads. If it doesn't grow to 4 after a while, you may want to check the thread limit option. >>1237 That explains all the fedposting kek. It's actually important for us to keep such boards alive so they draw all the shills and glowniggers so we can have serious discussions in peace.
>>768 Well, at least you're decisive.
>>785 >some kind of DDOS attack on server after it >how to set up your own website like they did, eventually ask some donations if it's something you could realistically do but need some extra bucks to realize. Image related.
>>796 Remember, smugloli started out as a bunker, and they did much better than any other board after christchurch.
>>2206 Thanks for the infograph

LOL Blackshirt 06/22/2020 (Mon) 23:29:01 ID: 61d266 No.2172 [Reply] [Last]
>Like Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson thought about class in continental terms. His greatest accomplishment as president was the 1803 acquisition of Louisiana, a vast territory that more than doubled the size of the United States. He called the new western domain an “empire for liberty,” by which he meant something other than a free-market economy or a guarantee of social mobility. The Louisiana Territory, as he envisioned it, would encourage agriculture and forestall the growth of manufacturing and urban poverty—that was his formula for liberty. It was not Franklin’s “happy mediocrity” (a compression of classes across an endless stretch of unsettled land), but a nation of farmers large and small. This difference is not nominal: Franklin and Paine used Pennsylvania as their model, while Jefferson saw America’s future—and the contours of its class system—through the prism of Virginia.1 >Eighteenth-century Virginia was both an agrarian and a hierarchical society. By 1770, fewer than 10 percent of white Virginians laid claim to over half the land in the colony; a small upper echelon of large planters each owned slaves in the hundreds. More than half of white men owned no land at all, working as tenants or hired laborers, or contracted as servants. Land, slaves, and tobacco remained the major sources of wealth in Jefferson’s world, but the majority of white men did not own slaves. That is why Mr. Jefferson wafted well above the common farmers who dotted the countryside that extended from his celebrated mountaintop home. By the time of the Revolution, he owned at least 187 slaves, and by the Battle of Yorktown he held title to 13,700 acres in six different counties in Virginia.2 >Pinning down Jefferson’s views on class is complicated by the seductiveness of his prose. His writing could be powerful, even poetic, while reveling in rhetorical obfuscation. He praised “cultivators of the earth” as the most valuable of citizens; they were the “chosen people of God,” and they “preserved a republic in vigor” through their singularly “useful occupation.” And yet Jefferson’s pastoral paragon of virtue did not describe any actual Virginia farmers, and not even he could live up to this high calling. Despite efforts at improving efficiency on his farms, he failed to turn a profit or rescue himself from mounting debts. In a 1796 letter, he sadly admitted that his farms were in a “barbarous state” and that he was “a monstrous farmer.” Things continued downhill from there.3
I don't even understand the relevance of this thread
>In Jefferson’s taxonomy, then, class was less about Franklin’s commercialized language of “sorts,” whereby people and goods were readily equated and valued. Instead, Jeffersonian-style classes were effectively strata that mimicked the different nutritive grades within layers of the soil. To this bookish Virginian, idealizing rural society, classes were to be regarded as natural extrusions of a promising land, flesh-and-blood manifestations of an agrarian topography.

Post content from julay here. Blackshirt 04/30/2020 (Thu) 01:10:19 ID: b4fe44 No.14 [Reply] [Last]
Just like how we saved content from 8chan we will save content from Julay before the shutdown in 89 days, gather as much as you can and post it here before it will forever be lost, these can be banners art of integralist-chan, screenshots of discussions or just some other OC. /fascist/ may still be saved on Julay but we cannot be too careful.
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>>741 If you want to continue your sperg fest from the old board, your thread still exists here: https://8chan.moe/fascist/res/6861.html I look forward to laughing at you
Open file (87.85 KB 552x500 NWO and dugin.png)
Open file (59.99 KB 918x422 oy vey.jpg)
Open file (35.69 KB 616x378 5.png)
Open file (66.83 KB 680x298 dugin nigger.jpeg)
>>741 Ubei sebya, (((vatnik))) ebanyi.
8moe paganism thread https://archive.fo/j5Xqd BLM thread https://archive.fo/srfvL Duginism shill thread https://archive.fo/octkx One anon’s religion thread https://archive.fo/vNPtK
Open file (77.21 KB 300x100 parikshit.png)
Not Julay content, but just banners that have been added since we set up shop here. The first one is new
>>741 >by giving somebody freedom of speech, you cause crimes to happen and by doing that you rob victims of these crimes of their freedoms instead. >For example if you give freedom to nazis to present their opinions publicly on the internet, then some of them get radicalized on such websites and they will go and murder whose fault is it when a person gets radicalized and commits violence? were they subjected to mind-control? of course not. it's up to the individual to judge what is right and wrong and make decisions. otherwise, you're taking away their agency by depriving them of information and channels of communication. and ultimately, that's what pro-censorship ideologues want; they want to dictate to others what they're allowed to say/think/do/consume/etc. they want to impose their morals and judgments onto everyone else, because they believe they know best, and they consider their fellow competent adults to be stupid children. it all comes back to the same place. to clarify, Free Speech means that you have the right to express yourself freely, as long as you're not violating anyone else's rights. inciting violence or counseling someone to commit a crime are NOT free speech. however, rights are strictly defined, and this still allows substantial freedom. you don't have the right to not be offended or outraged at things. we have to allow any speech that doesn't explicitly violate rights, including hate speech or promotion of ideologies that you consider dangerous. otherwise, it's the tip of the wedge, and the entire right gets eroded. likewise, even the worst criminals still get their legal rights (presumption of innocence, timely trial by jury, no double jeopardy, etc) without exception, for the same reason. btw, what this write-up says about nazi ideology could just as easily be applied to radical islam, if anything you could make a better case for censoring and proscribing Islam using this same disingenuous argument. but of course, the neo-marxists won't do that. they're not interested in philosophy, only in using it tendentiously to push their particular ideology forward.

propaganda Blackshirt 05/23/2020 (Sat) 05:24:04 No.219 [Reply] [Last]
i understand propaganda can either be subtle or overt. i prefer subtle since it doesnt scream your ideas, but rather whispers it into the eyes and minds of those who observe it. with that in mind, what're some subtle ways one could bring thoughts like ours into the general public's mind? would they be specific to where one lives, or is there a catch-all way to advertise (i suppose advertisements are just corporate propaganda) some fashy-like ideas? i do intend to draw (markers count as drawing right) some posters, but the coronavirus has limited the mass viewing appeal.
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>>718 <(Our cause is unpopular so it's better to stick to supporting/attacking other causes for now.)
>>726 Pragmatism is what separates leaders and fanatics. If you were to make a faceless attack on the democrats you would get support from lots of different places and gain influence. But if you published branded fascist propaganda you would get a hostile reaction from both intended enemies, unintended enemies and factional enemies. How do we reconcile the divides between fascists, ultra-nationalists, libertarians and the hundred other groups? As soon as we gain and power it will turn into a shitstorm- see: communist factions. Better to launch unbranded material until a clearer pecking order within the loose coalition emerges- it's the only way we get out of the white power sandpit. Hence I will take requests from anyone in the ballpark
Open file (29.26 KB 448x444 mk1.JPG)
Here's a 5 layer stencil, although you might hand paint the flag first to cut it down to 2. Bridges are marked within each layer. This was a terrible, small and grainy image with bad contrast and a couple of shitty islands so I probably won't bother finishing it The reason it looks a bit shite is because it's pixelated, when you cut it you smooth the edges as you go. To finish it you would convert each layer to vector (easy) and join the edges to harden the outlines That being done you could print it in continuous strips on an a4 gloss roll and make a glorious 5M^2 spray
>>724 Sounds like /leftypol/ would't even see the difference between gentiles and jews in spheres like media. It's a very superficial form of anti-semitism that's not entirely wrong but fails to really see the bigger picture.
>>724 >/leftypol/ hate Jews, although that hate is almost entirely directed towards both the billionaire Jews with power over media and the Isreali Jews fucking over Palestine. They view this through a class-focused and anti-imperialist lens. The Jewish aspect is secondary. They don’t mind Jews if they’re pro-working class and anti-capitalist. This should be clear given how so many of their intellectual leaders and notable figures are full-blooded kikes. >The culturally-integrated Jews don't concern them at all. These are the most dangerous of them all. >Also, they hate the DNC. Say that 'Joe Biden is tolerable' anywhere, it's a barrel of fun. Yet they still support mass immigration, gay marriage, tranny shit (most of them do, they’d get cancelled if they cried about “idpol” in real life), feminism, globalism, anti-racism, egalitarianism and the like.

Important - Please Read Blackshirt Board owner 05/21/2020 (Thu) 14:56:00 ID: 24324b No.131 [Reply] [Last]
NEW LOCATION ESTABLISHED There seems to be some hesitation about this location so I’m not going to push it one way or another.
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/10/2020 (Wed) 02:35:48.
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>>692 Yeah the more I’ve thought about it the better a course of action that seems. I also checked the strawpoll and saw that the amount of people interested in 8moe was equal with the amount that wanted to stay here (assuming no samefagging or people trying to push numbers) so I realized it would be stupid to wreck the board over something like this. At minimum it would become a bunker.
>>691 >Everyone knows it’s there, but no one’s posting on it It's beginning to ramp up now. And a good thing too, there's more quality discussions being revived and the board has more viewing potential.
Open file (69.92 KB 600x789 redacted_merchant.jpg)
>>603 >although I find the paradoxical parallels with the Jews quite amusing. It's the filthy goyim scum's fault, oy vey.
>>693 >I also checked the strawpoll OH SHIT I FORGOT TO VOTE because voting usually doesn't matter I can't find the poll but I'm voting fexit, I like their posts, dark theme AND being next to /monarchy/ is great. Plus I get the feeling that cafe is more of a temporary shelter. and I hate more of these other boards here.
>>699 Yeah, it’s definitely picked up now. >>717 >because voting usually doesn't matter The best of dictatorships have to have a veneer of popular sovereignty to flourish ;) >I can't find the poll I wiped the OP of this thread today since a lot of it was ruminating on whether to look into 8moe before it was migrated.

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