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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

All-Purpose Dharmic Philsophy Thread Blackshirt 05/30/2020 (Sat) 15:17:03 ID: 2205aa No.458 [Reply] [Last]
About time we had one. I'll begin with an interesting tweet thread going over how proper Buddhism has nothing in it that encourages social justice: https://twitter.com/gesarofbling/status/1070566104089583618
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>>2004 >>2003 Akhand Bharat will rise, just wait. Both China and Pakistan will be BTFO
Open file (56.26 KB 691x453 Tibet.png)
>>2027 Since when was Tibet part of greater India?
>>2051 >>2027 B I G G E R
Open file (128.40 KB 486x591 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2051 The only thing that makes sense would be if it was included for cultural reasons. Because this map >>2053, as funny as it is, makes sense if you think about it that way, for example I know Java and around there used to have Hindu kingdoms. Speaking of Indonesia, people should look into "Agama Hindu Dharma", a version of Hinduism shaped in the image of Islam that people practice in Bali
>>2054 > a version of Hinduism shaped in the image of Islam Sikhism did it better

Post content from julay here. Blackshirt 04/30/2020 (Thu) 01:10:19 ID: b4fe44 No.14 [Reply] [Last]
Just like how we saved content from 8chan we will save content from Julay before the shutdown in 89 days, gather as much as you can and post it here before it will forever be lost, these can be banners art of integralist-chan, screenshots of discussions or just some other OC. /fascist/ may still be saved on Julay but we cannot be too careful.
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>>741 If you want to continue your sperg fest from the old board, your thread still exists here: https://8chan.moe/fascist/res/6861.html I look forward to laughing at you
Open file (87.85 KB 552x500 NWO and dugin.png)
Open file (59.99 KB 918x422 oy vey.jpg)
Open file (35.69 KB 616x378 5.png)
Open file (66.83 KB 680x298 dugin nigger.jpeg)
>>741 Ubei sebya, (((vatnik))) ebanyi.
8moe paganism thread https://archive.fo/j5Xqd BLM thread https://archive.fo/srfvL Duginism shill thread https://archive.fo/octkx One anon’s religion thread https://archive.fo/vNPtK
Open file (77.21 KB 300x100 parikshit.png)
Not Julay content, but just banners that have been added since we set up shop here. The first one is new
>>741 >by giving somebody freedom of speech, you cause crimes to happen and by doing that you rob victims of these crimes of their freedoms instead. >For example if you give freedom to nazis to present their opinions publicly on the internet, then some of them get radicalized on such websites and they will go and murder whose fault is it when a person gets radicalized and commits violence? were they subjected to mind-control? of course not. it's up to the individual to judge what is right and wrong and make decisions. otherwise, you're taking away their agency by depriving them of information and channels of communication. and ultimately, that's what pro-censorship ideologues want; they want to dictate to others what they're allowed to say/think/do/consume/etc. they want to impose their morals and judgments onto everyone else, because they believe they know best, and they consider their fellow competent adults to be stupid children. it all comes back to the same place. to clarify, Free Speech means that you have the right to express yourself freely, as long as you're not violating anyone else's rights. inciting violence or counseling someone to commit a crime are NOT free speech. however, rights are strictly defined, and this still allows substantial freedom. you don't have the right to not be offended or outraged at things. we have to allow any speech that doesn't explicitly violate rights, including hate speech or promotion of ideologies that you consider dangerous. otherwise, it's the tip of the wedge, and the entire right gets eroded. likewise, even the worst criminals still get their legal rights (presumption of innocence, timely trial by jury, no double jeopardy, etc) without exception, for the same reason. btw, what this write-up says about nazi ideology could just as easily be applied to radical islam, if anything you could make a better case for censoring and proscribing Islam using this same disingenuous argument. but of course, the neo-marxists won't do that. they're not interested in philosophy, only in using it tendentiously to push their particular ideology forward.

Pan-Nationalism Anonymous 04/18/2020 (Sat) 19:11:18 No.5 [Reply] [Last]
Imperialism and irredentism were common themes in fascist movements pre-WW2. Post WW2 what I've seen is more pan-nationalism, i.e. the idea that every fascist, whatever he is, must be united with his fellow fascists against globalism and degeneracy. Irredentism and imperialism only serve to divide our movements against each other, which is exactly what globalists want. Do you agree that we should encourage each other to put such conflicts on hold until we've got more power? Regardless of what you may think of other nations, their movements share many of the same goals as yours but for their people. I think we should be like George Lincoln Rockwell and Malcolm X(before he went to Mecca).
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Open file (30.06 KB 768x432 npcs.jfif)
>>1337 It all goes back to that NPC meme. The majority of people are NPC's with regard to national concerns, which is why they don't really matter that much. What matters is who programs them.
>>1760 >It all goes back to that NPC meme. It really does. When one begins to understand this a lot of things really fall into place. Many of the people who rail against egalitarianism today in less redpilled parts of the Internet are still in the grip of the idea of the rational individual, having faith in the masses. This kind of idea is also essential to really get accelerationism.
>>1765 The Lemming thing was an interesting read. Well articulated what makes the majority act the way they do. I don't really know what political ideology I would fit in. I'd like to think of myself as a free thinker.
>>1769 >I don't really know what political ideology I would fit in I wouldn't feel too pressing of a need, if I were you, of aligning yourself 100% with any sort of "political ideology". The non-NPC thing to do is to read and learn from all over the place and see where you broadly align. There was never a moment where I thought "I'm going to become a National Socialist". The more I read, the closer I came to realizing that National Socialism was most in accordance with how I viewed reality. And even with this said, I can't be fit directly in some Nazi-shaped box. Good luck with your search for knowledge.
Should a nonwhite be rooting for an ethnoglobe or ethnonationalism?

propaganda Blackshirt 05/23/2020 (Sat) 05:24:04 No.219 [Reply] [Last]
i understand propaganda can either be subtle or overt. i prefer subtle since it doesnt scream your ideas, but rather whispers it into the eyes and minds of those who observe it. with that in mind, what're some subtle ways one could bring thoughts like ours into the general public's mind? would they be specific to where one lives, or is there a catch-all way to advertise (i suppose advertisements are just corporate propaganda) some fashy-like ideas? i do intend to draw (markers count as drawing right) some posters, but the coronavirus has limited the mass viewing appeal.
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>>718 <(Our cause is unpopular so it's better to stick to supporting/attacking other causes for now.)
>>726 Pragmatism is what separates leaders and fanatics. If you were to make a faceless attack on the democrats you would get support from lots of different places and gain influence. But if you published branded fascist propaganda you would get a hostile reaction from both intended enemies, unintended enemies and factional enemies. How do we reconcile the divides between fascists, ultra-nationalists, libertarians and the hundred other groups? As soon as we gain and power it will turn into a shitstorm- see: communist factions. Better to launch unbranded material until a clearer pecking order within the loose coalition emerges- it's the only way we get out of the white power sandpit. Hence I will take requests from anyone in the ballpark
Open file (29.26 KB 448x444 mk1.JPG)
Here's a 5 layer stencil, although you might hand paint the flag first to cut it down to 2. Bridges are marked within each layer. This was a terrible, small and grainy image with bad contrast and a couple of shitty islands so I probably won't bother finishing it The reason it looks a bit shite is because it's pixelated, when you cut it you smooth the edges as you go. To finish it you would convert each layer to vector (easy) and join the edges to harden the outlines That being done you could print it in continuous strips on an a4 gloss roll and make a glorious 5M^2 spray
>>724 Sounds like /leftypol/ would't even see the difference between gentiles and jews in spheres like media. It's a very superficial form of anti-semitism that's not entirely wrong but fails to really see the bigger picture.
>>724 >/leftypol/ hate Jews, although that hate is almost entirely directed towards both the billionaire Jews with power over media and the Isreali Jews fucking over Palestine. They view this through a class-focused and anti-imperialist lens. The Jewish aspect is secondary. They don’t mind Jews if they’re pro-working class and anti-capitalist. This should be clear given how so many of their intellectual leaders and notable figures are full-blooded kikes. >The culturally-integrated Jews don't concern them at all. These are the most dangerous of them all. >Also, they hate the DNC. Say that 'Joe Biden is tolerable' anywhere, it's a barrel of fun. Yet they still support mass immigration, gay marriage, tranny shit (most of them do, they’d get cancelled if they cried about “idpol” in real life), feminism, globalism, anti-racism, egalitarianism and the like.

Important - Please Read Blackshirt Board owner 05/21/2020 (Thu) 14:56:00 ID: 24324b No.131 [Reply] [Last]
NEW LOCATION ESTABLISHED There seems to be some hesitation about this location so I’m not going to push it one way or another.
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/10/2020 (Wed) 02:35:48.
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>>692 Yeah the more I’ve thought about it the better a course of action that seems. I also checked the strawpoll and saw that the amount of people interested in 8moe was equal with the amount that wanted to stay here (assuming no samefagging or people trying to push numbers) so I realized it would be stupid to wreck the board over something like this. At minimum it would become a bunker.
>>691 >Everyone knows it’s there, but no one’s posting on it It's beginning to ramp up now. And a good thing too, there's more quality discussions being revived and the board has more viewing potential.
Open file (69.92 KB 600x789 redacted_merchant.jpg)
>>603 >although I find the paradoxical parallels with the Jews quite amusing. It's the filthy goyim scum's fault, oy vey.
>>693 >I also checked the strawpoll OH SHIT I FORGOT TO VOTE because voting usually doesn't matter I can't find the poll but I'm voting fexit, I like their posts, dark theme AND being next to /monarchy/ is great. Plus I get the feeling that cafe is more of a temporary shelter. and I hate more of these other boards here.
>>699 Yeah, it’s definitely picked up now. >>717 >because voting usually doesn't matter The best of dictatorships have to have a veneer of popular sovereignty to flourish ;) >I can't find the poll I wiped the OP of this thread today since a lot of it was ruminating on whether to look into 8moe before it was migrated.

Tracing the roots of liberalism/leftism in Abrahamism Blackshirt 06/03/2020 (Wed) 19:44:34 ID: 5bb03e No.639 [Reply] [Last]
I'm sure we all know this. Nietzsche talked about it. This thread is about compiling all sources that note the connection between all forms of liberalism (whether it's called leftism, "self-determination", Black Lives Matter etc. al).
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Open file (299.87 KB 315x482 ClipboardImage.png)
Alain de Benoist's book on paganism deals with this. Despite the name, it is far more critical of Judaism and Christianity throughout than constructing a view of paganism, though it does touch on it of course. He has a very Nietzschean view of things, but he lays out throughout the book similarities between the Abrahamic worldview and Marxism, as well as leftism in general.
For sources on the roots of leftism in Abrahamism, Dr. William Pierce's "Who We Are" has a great chapter on it; there is of course Nietzsche's "The Antichrist", a nice little book; "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin" is great even though it doesn't attack christianity directly; esotericist authors such as Evola have also written about it. Seeing frothing christians calling for the death of non-christian nationalists so many times has convinced me that the christian problem is second only to the jewish problem. It is dangerously naive to think working with these people is possible, especially since the seemingly reasonable christians would of course side with their fellow christians if they had to make the choice.
Open file (44.52 KB 661x489 ClipboardImage.png)
>>671 This seems like a great work on many topics. Just from the third paragraph of the pic I attached alone, I think Pierce may have dropped a small redpill on me. Of course we know that in pre-Christian antiquity that there was no distinction between religious and civil life, and that it was in the practice of rituals as participant and spectator that the pagan entered his religion, but in Christianity, as Pierce points out we have this individual and direct relation to the divine and individual salvation. I wonder how much influence this has had on the atomization of today. >the christian problem is second only to the jewish problem. I agree. Christianity and the Christian-influenced mindset is absolutely poisonous to our race and one of the main reasons why whites have renounced their status as true masters. We obviously must deal with Christianity if we are to come to power one day since it is so widespread, especially in America, but as long as such a huge chunk of our people remain infected with slave morality and Jewish-influenced currents of thoughts, they will be cucked by those who play victim and cater to weaklings time and time again.
Open file (98.43 KB 785x523 savitri devi.jpg)
The Lightning and the Sun by Savitri Devi has a unique twist on this. What she seems to see as the paramount problem in all of the creeds such as leftism, Abrahamism and the like is that they all have this sort of superstition for "man", the generic, universal abstract man. According to Savitri Devi, ideologies such as this take man as the measure of all things, and hold the illusion that anything endowed with a more or less human shape is of unquestionable value and must be allowed to live. In contrast to this we of course have a "life-centered" view which is based off of Hitler's aristocratic conception of nature which champions the beautiful, intelligent and healthy, and stresses conformity to the Natural Order. She takes this view so far that beautiful trees and animals, in tune with the their true nature and beauty are afforded more worth in her mind than sickly and degenerate bastard humans. And with this I agree.

Open file (181.68 KB 717x769 intgralist crying.PNG)
The Situation with Hoppe-sama Blackshirt Board owner 05/19/2020 (Tue) 17:52:35 ID: 39c156 No.48 [Reply] [Last]
As anons have probably realized, HS has been fucking up on and off for the last day or so, and Tor seems to have been down longer than that. I'm not sure what is going on, and I have emailed the owner, but after 24 hours there has been no response so far. I am unsure of how to get in contact with the owner of /monarchy/ and /liberty/ also so I can't tell you guys anything. Worst comes to worst we'll be hear if the whole site goes down, and naysayers against HS will have been proven right. Hopefully it won't come to that though. I'll be posting updates between here, Neinchan's stickied /pol/ thread or on Julay if anyone asks questions there.
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8moe /monarchy/ has all the recycled julayworld threads, but I wanted the hoppe-sama threads. I spent days carefully organizing those hoppe-sama ones. The recycled julay content is a headache. The julay threads are ugly/old/no longer relevant to our current timeline. I'm calling for a fresh start, or I will have to painstakingly bring over the hoppe-sama content. Not what I wanted w/ recycled julay stuff. Petitioning our King of /monarchy/ about 8moe move and the leftover uglyass julay threads left there.
8moe, Zchan, anon.cafe, 9ch, those are what we have already discussed now. King of /monarchy/ should contemplate. If the King is really feeling sticking to the Webring, then Zchan/anon.cafe perhaps? 9chan, but if it has 18MB+ file size. Otherwise, there is 8moe, but 8moe needs a fresh start imo--leftover julay threads gotta go. Unless King-sama has something in mind. The King should weigh in.
>>618 >>624 >oy vey we got our new site but this is bad! I’s all gotta go!!!
Open file (209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
>>626 I am not the King of /monarchy/. The King of /monarchy/ should bring a seal of approval. Now that everything is laid out.
>>626 8moe might do, but I petition a wipe of all the julay leftover threads.

Open file (51.44 KB 1306x386 Uruguayos basados.PNG)
Open file (41.94 KB 505x640 Miguel Serrano.jpg)
Open file (343.48 KB 1296x573 Based Post.PNG)
Criollo/White Nationalism in South America Blackshirt 04/28/2020 (Tue) 17:37:26 ID: 9d7550 No.9 [Reply] [Last]

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