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Fascist Architecture General Blackshirt 05/22/2020 (Fri) 21:18:09 ID: e810f7 No.188 [Reply] [Last]
What architectural style does /fascist/ prefer, ornate classical architecture, or the more austere "stripped classicism" favored by Speer?
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>>199 Holy cow, feels like it's Librian architecture. cookie 4u if ref gotten
>>217 The atrium is not totally bad but the issue with this building is the lack of details. I do not think that brutalism should automatically mean a lack of refinement in the average surface which, lazily, comes with no relief, no trench, no volumetric art work. It too often becomes reduced to the pure functionality, which was argued for by Marxism. The lack of different hues hurts too.
>>226 >pictures shit, meh, gud, meh, shit
A lot of the monolithic ancient architecture, starting with the Egyptian pyramids of Gizeh, is sheer brutalism, but elegant and harmonious. Modern brutalism, for the most part, would be cancerous and distorted by architects.
I absolutely love the intimidating atmosphere, but it is a bit bland. It could use a bit more detail, Hitlers vision of Berlin. I'm surprised that he didn't do it considering the fact that he wanted to be an architect

Open file (228.31 KB 789x1024 1599404920575 (1).jpg)
Jewish control. Blackshirt 09/09/2020 (Wed) 00:53:36 ID: 7a80cb No.7956 [Reply] [Last]
Let's start the Jewish-satanism redpill.
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>>7988 But CI says non-Whites are devils themselves. And CI (while being a we wuz religion) at least has some good portrayal of the races. Other people say that Hinduism is devil worship or simething.
A lot of these Satanist fags also seem to worship Charles Manson - is there a particular reason? Is it a subversive influence as well? I don't see what in this man is so worthy of respect or admiration in the same way that Hitler is.
>>8000 Being racist agaisnt others does not = good, cl is Jewish as fuck. Also I'm pretty sure Hinduism is not a devil worship considering they worship those who slay evil and demons in particular. >>8001 My guess is probably because he tried to so called start a race war.
>>8000 >>7960 >>8005 I honestly can't see a single good reason why one would ever want to involve themselves in Christian Identity outside of shilling something to normalfags that makes them racist that they are already partially familiar with. Even this though is foolish because (1) it is Jewish, and (2) slave morality is built into Christianity and inseparable. >I'm pretty sure Hinduism is not a devil worship considering they worship those who slay evil and demons in particular. I assume they say this because besides worshiping a Supreme Being / Creator, many Hindus worship a whole host of lesser gods and beings. Such a thing is an abomination to the Abrahamic God and ascribing power or ability to grant prayers to some contingent lesser being. This makes more sense in the Old Testament though, since it seems like these other gods actually exist along with Yahweh.
I think that's a bunch of random symbolism. The jews are very anti-dualism though. They believe YHWH does literally everything good and bad, and that satan is merely one who tests members of the jewish faith. To say jews are satanistic is half-right. I think they just are amoral and don't give a shit if they do horrendous stuff becuase they don't believe in a Hell.

Open file (140.59 KB 768x1024 hc.jpg)
Raising Children Blackshirt 09/07/2020 (Mon) 01:31:36 ID: ecc35b No.7715 [Reply] [Last]
What should the government policy towards raising children be? Where does the responsibility lie on raising children in the fascist ethno-state, on the parents or the state? What would you change about the education system? When is someone considered an adult and no longer a child? What is a marriageable age/age of consent for sexual activity? What rights should children have at all, if any? I would like to see less dependence on government schooling and more emphasis on parental responsibility on producing healthy children. Raising unfit children should be considered child abuse/neglect. i think that children are taken from their parents too early and they stay in school for too long, and that not every child needs higher education.
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>>7715 > the government policy towards raising children be That's your first fuck up, depending on the government for a basic human function. The government's role should be to create the environment in which a good couple can raise good children (easing the economic weight of children, making cities safe, infrastructure for easing the lives of people, etc.). However, I am not trusting some bureaucrat on how I should raise my children, what values should I transmit to them nor let it pretend to know my children better than I do. >What is a marriageable age/age of consent for sexual activity? Conversation goes to shit when users start talking extensively about: >age of consent (sex) >females (for sex) >circumcision (muh dick) So let's skip that, but in short, human relationships are too abstract and complicated for them to be put in legislation, so for now just have a good set of values and follow them. But, while I would not exactly criminalize it directly, having unfit children is child abuse, and a sort of grooming as you are teaching your children to be OK with unhealthy practices. Most probably there will not be a law specifically saying that parents who let their children be obese get the stick, but it will most likely be criminalized as the result of a broader child-protection law. Anyways, fat-shaming will be a much better regulatory agent than law, since the former does not require a judicial system to be present. >>7749 >have parents teach their children. At the minimum, they should be taught speaking, reading and writing, basic math, geometry, survival skills, swimming, physical training, self defense, gardening, and natural resource conservation You think parents have time for that? naturally, parents who focus on work and leave education to a private or public entity will have an advantage over parents who set aside time to do everything themselves And I should, before someone proposes it, say that it is bad practice to (in a competitive environment) make others less instead of improving oneself, so I would not restrict a parent's right to optimize their lives. A mother can only teach her children so much, and a father has even less time and can only teach by example (which wile a more profound way of teaching, it is much slower), so parents should focus on the very basic, like values, traditions and ethics. An education system (be it public or private) should be then entrusted with teaching our children what parents had to set aside (writing, basic math, geometry, survival skills, swimming, physical training, self defense, gardening, and natural resource conservation from a scientific standpoint; the practical side should be taught at home as part of everyday habits).

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They way I see it, I think that a government for children should be one to seek to create healthy and happiness 24/7 everyday and encouraging men to become heroes, geniuses, leaders like >>7715 said.
>>7790 >You think parents have time for that? Some do. I think in an ideal family, the mother would not be employed so she can stay home and teach the kids, do household chores, and cook. The father would work at most 4 days a week to earn income, and spend his days off doing work around the house and teaching the kids. If the parents need more time for themselves (for work, income, education, etc.) then the grandparents would ideally be able to take care of the kids until the parents are stable. >it is bad practice to (in a competitive environment) make others less instead of improving oneself I don't know what you mean by that.
>>7796 well yes of course, but how is this done?
I've seen a lot of people saying that more burden should be put on the home for schools. While I don't like the idea of mandatory indoctrination facilities that you send your children to for 5 days a week for hours on end for years on end, I think they're more necessary than one would think to select for the best and brightest of our nation and to ensure that they are located and cultivated. Ideally the leadership would rise out the society organically and through a selection process depending on educational attainment, military service, etc. Public education ensures a more uniform quality and more importantly, control over the curriculum.

Open file (71.08 KB 819x1024 1557139580139.jpg)
FIX YOUR SHIT YOU NIGGERS Blackshirt 07/30/2020 (Thu) 13:01:36 No.4276 [Reply] [Last]
FIX YOUR FUCKING SEC YOUR CYBERSEC YOUR OPSEC YOUR PHYSICAL SEC CyberSec This will be a novel, if you are impatient here is what you will do. Buy a spare/burner laptop, 2x usb drives, install GNU/Linux (Devuan/AntiX) toit. If wifi does not work, purchase a Linux Compatible wifi usb to plug into it. Follow the installer, watch videos on how to install one or the other with FULL DISK ENCRYPTION. And then use Tor to talk to your internet nazi frens. If you can't get a second computer, just install Tails to a usb and only talk to your internet frens through that. THE NOVEL Operating Systems, you have a lot of choices, none of them are Windows 7, 8, 10, 95, ME, XP, or OSX, or Android/ChromeOS. Your choices are BSDs, GNU/Linux Distros of varying types, research OSes for supernerds, and things that are beyond brainlets. Here is a list of recommended Operating Systems In all of your choices you want these two things, FDE (Full Disk Encryption), and no systemd. OpenBSD - Secure by DEFAULT, there are some functional losses of operation, but it is the most secuire Operating System out there, VeraCrypt support is iffy (come back and check this). Tor-Browser is one pkg_add torbrowser in the command line away, and other useful tools for security. Install XFCE or Mate for a desktop environment from the command line and you're solid. Ethernet is required for people who can't into command line wifi. FDE offers keydisk option for advanced users. GNU/LINUX Devuan - Debian without systemd, braindead simple to install and run things on. Everyone makes things for Ubuntu/Debian, almost everything that runs on them, will run on this.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>6701 >randomly brings up synarch-anon even though unrelated Some retard is just obsessed with him and has been forever now. I don't think most of the loli people are shills, if you look at the old unpopular opinions thread there are several people attempting to argue for their position over the course of the thread; they're not just spamming tranny pics and bringing it up in every single thread.
>>6631 Maybe if you were anon instead of flag-fagging and constantly mentioning your niggerskin then this wouldn't be a problem
>>6701 >could it be the loli anons behind the recent attacks? Not me. I've been on /fascist/ for a couple months and have only seen two other possible 'loli anons': one who posts Charlie and his young wife in the first Unpopular Opinions thread, and another anon in the Ecofascist thread. Don't know much about the first guy, but the latter at least seems to be a decent and genuine Anon who contributes quality posts. IMHO, the 'no degeneracy' rule is good as it is. Report pedo trolls that spew degeneracy and any content that sexualizes children. But spare the few loli anons who comply with the no degeneracy rule.
>>4825 read corporatist theory faggot
>>6777 (checked) Luckily it seems like all of the bad actors who were posing as loli-anons to make us look bad are gone.

Open file (8.96 KB 437x318 ClipboardImage.png)
Fascism and National Socialism Blackshirt 09/01/2020 (Tue) 14:24:01 ID: d8feef No.7080 [Reply] [Last]
To what extent are they truly different? I have recently realized that I hold two views simultaneously which are potentially contradictory - namely that, like Mosley said, Fascism (which he also called National Socialism) is a name for a movement with similar characteristics that takes on slightly differing forms depending on where exactly it springs up according to different local cultures, racial differences and political situations. While I agree with this and often cite this definition, I can't help but feel that National Socialism is simultaneously much more, given the fact that it bases itself in applying racial and evolutionary science, preventing the degeneration of a people and in general looking to Nature for guidance. This is why some National Socialists like Savitri Devi have said that National Socialism cannot be reduced to just another "ism". To try to reconcile these, it can definitely be said that there is much overlap between Fascism as a general term for a political ideology, and then National Socialism, which in many ways goes beyond the political. National Socialism is almost religious if one takes it to its extreme, while we never see the same with Fascism. Either way, I'd be curious to read other anons' thoughts on the matter, whether they are just plain Third Postionists or NatSoc
>>7080 Fascism can mean a lot of things. It can be both an umbrella term for everything from Falangism to Natsoc, or specifically mean Italian fascism. Thus you would be correct in describing them both as fascist, but that doesn't make them the same. I often hear the two described as such; Italian fascism is focused on the state, and the individual's "worship" of that state - the state is the end goal. NatSoc, as you probably know, is focused on the race, the people, and the state is used as a means to the end - the prosperity of the race is the end goal.
>>7086 I feel like Italian Fascism is built on sound foundations (i.e. I am very fond of the idea of the unity of thought and action, the ethical state, the idea of liberty in the state, the totalitarian character, etc) but I just can't see the state as an end in itself beyond a certain point. I feel like Hitler's view was much more in tune with how the world actually functions, and especially how Italy itself probably actually functioned, i.e. working in accordance with securing the existence of the Italian people and working towards their prosperity.
>>7089 >totalitarian You'd be surprised to see how many people in here dislike that. On that thought, would Singapoe be considered totalitarian? Some of its citizens tend to describe it as that.
>>7105 The problem is that 'totalitarian' is one of those dirty words that, due to propaganda, has been totally distorted. Totalitarianism, in the Fascist sense, refers to all an all-embracing state. The fascist totalitarian state is not something imposed from above like liberals and lolberts like to assert, it is an organic state. And on top of that, Italian Fascists always asserted a spiritual dimension to the state. Residual liberalism can be hard to shake off. Regarding Singapore. It's definitely authoritarian, but I don't know if I can call it totalitarian in the sense we use here. When I think totalitarianism I can only think of the Third Reich, Imperial Japan and Italy under Fascism
National Socialism might have started off as merely German Fascism, but it has became something with a life of its own, and is in many ways superior in its developed form – though there is still much overlap in some areas

Open file (271.23 KB 723x725 integralist qtddtot.png)
QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Blackshirt 08/10/2020 (Mon) 23:31:45 ID: 35c0e3 No.5128 [Reply] [Last]
If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT. Made a new thread because I was sick of not knowing if there were new posts. OLD THREAD >>3 https://archive.fo/Uupqa
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/11/2020 (Tue) 16:05:04.
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>>7674 They follow what the press and TV tell them is better. The ideal man is becoming darker. Today, most ads on TV and in magazines put White women with negroes. This accelerated recently with the doctored BLM fraud. Show them White overmen and they'll wet their panties for any true White Northerner.
>>7678 ty fren
>>7684 Would African TV show African men being the best of the races or do they shoe the White man too? If not, African men (the same ones) have no hope. God made them for no reason.

Open file (551.31 KB 920x306 pic.png)
All-purpose anti-wrong ontology/metaphysics/history views thread Blackshirt 08/12/2020 (Wed) 20:05:46 ID: 4c4cd4 No.5376 [Reply] [Last]
It's about time we had one. In this thread, we take on wrong or misguided views when it comes to ontology and metaphysics and history. Examples of such: >"Materialism" as peddled by your Dan Dennetts and your Richard Dawks with it being framed in opposition to "idealism >The notion of there being "separate, floating, atomized, souls/brains" as opposed to something like Plotinus' teachings. >The Big Bang and other cases of stealth Abrahamic metaphysics And so on. Any and all info or sources is acceptable.
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>>7078 Each layer seems to have at least one thing that is true or likely true in it. I'm not well-read enough to detect what is outright false in all of it though. >>7063 Hopefully we will return one day to where we were in the late 19th century where some biologists went as far as to label other races as different species altogether.
>>7079 In the sense where many animals consists of different species, all races are considered as species too. Unless you're calling the other races as species because they're barbaric animals.
>>7082 Both honestly. At the very least I can not understand why they are already not labeled sub-species at minimum. As Ernst Haeckel said in his 'The History of Creation', "Varieties are commencing species". For over ten thousand years we had separation in very different environments, where groups encountered very different ways of life. New environments induce new ways of living which, over time, doubtlessly change the people themselves. And for groups living in tropical areas year round for hundreds of generations, it is clear that generation after generation of easy living, instant self-gratification and no need for much abstract or long-term planning has had some effect and produced, like you said, what seems to be "barbaric animals" to the eyes of Whites. It makes me sound a bit Lamarckian to stress habit and habitat so much, but I don't think it's totally false, natural selection plays a role as well though. Just look at moles, some varieties have lost their eyesight. Why? Because they don't use their eyes. Same with some types of fish
>>5519 >orgone, etc. I think electromagnetic radiation can be detrimental to your health (even if it isn't ionizing) but it can be used to enhance healing and immune system as well. Robert O. Becker wrote a book called 'Cross Currents'' which redpilled me on health benefits/dangers associated with EM radiation. >precognition, remote viewing, ESP I think it is legit, but most of the World's population can't get results that are meaningful outside lab. I used to think the CIA got just scammed by SRI, but A Blackshirt redpilled me on Holographic Universe (Read Talbot's book) https://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/answers/crvmanual/ https://www.sacred-texts.com/psi/mrad/index.htm Also, read Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe and Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. >Binaural beats Binaural beats can offer similar benefits to meditation. Actually, I view binaural beats as kind of "training wheels" for meditation. >vaccines I think they work but new vaccines are a scam created by big pharma. >No fluoride, more iodine >No Aluminium >Kali Yuga is real yes.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

https://wmbriggs.com/post/32392/ Here's a Catholic look.

Blowing the whistle Blackshirt 08/17/2020 (Mon) 14:42:41 No.5717 [Reply] [Last]
Hello lads, I was a journalist for the New York Times before corona-chan, for reasons that I will not say I left the company and took lots of documents with me, I hope you lads can find something interesting in them, PDF rel is one of the juicy ones out of many, good luck. Torrent for the full leak: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a4e12a2b79836402f49e2fdcd0bb8fbbf142aac9&dn=NYT_leaks.tar.gz&tr=udp Hash: a4e12a2b79836402f49e2fdcd0bb8fbbf142aac9
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>>5718 That's how I got the documents, all the actual IT guys at NYT left the company once the social justice stuff got too crazy, so the security of the website is in the gutter, your looking at the wrong place though, I got the documents from https://int.nyt.com/data/documenttools/, so I figured out that by searching site:int.nyt.com/data/documenttools on Google you can access ANY internal documents you want.
>>5720 What's your point? Is there some previously unknown fact that can be found? Just say what it is.
>>5721 You guys can do your own research but here are some highlights in the leak: Information detailing bankers stealing billions/trillions from taxpayers during the 2008 financial crisis A group letter to Joe Biden saying that if Biden doesn't support reforming/defunding the police he won't get the black vote Lots more stuff on Biden including his campaign talking points Document on United States v. Cesar Sayoc a.k.a the "Magabomber", includes interesting information especially the "Soros Package" in the document And much more.
Did anyone check this out? I'm computer illiterate and scared of viruses, but I'm curious what's in the docs.
>>7571 Anon was so flighty I didn't check it. It seems like a NYT whisteblower would post to the much more renowned 4/pol/, not little /fascist/.

Open file (109.61 KB 406x185 ClipboardImage.png)
Fascist Misconceptions and Errors Blackshirt 09/01/2020 (Tue) 14:35:38 ID: 094b22 No.7083 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think are the biggest misconceptions or falsehoods commonly spread about fascism even among those who claim to fascists themselves? We all know what normalfags think (or don't, more accurately), but it could be interesting to learn where even people here often go wrong with fascism or the third position (in a broad sense). One thing that I have noticed is that liberal and individualistic attitudes die hard. Even here on /fascist/ I occasionally see individualists in denial, or those who whine about how a certain measure would be "totalitarian", when of course in reality we are openly and proudly totalitarian as fascists. It is definitely hard to outgrow the liberal and individualistic assumptions pushed into our brains since birth.
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>>7498 No problem
>>7442 This is textbook pilpul. >the statistics are wrong >even though the point still stands, the exact number is wrong, so you're wrong and you shouldn't post things like that because they're wrong Pretty transparent.
>>7484 > It's about how politics boards are an echo chamber where false reality is easily normalized and people correcting them are demonized. It doesn't matter if it's alt-right, anarchists, fascist, communists, libertarians or moderates, self-radicalization leads to people accepting bullshit as reality and wondering why the rest of the world is doesn't understand these obvious things. This post stinks of fed
>>4784 >top 4 billionaires in the US are non-jews It changes a fair bit: Zuckerberg jumped to 3rd place, the other three are White https://www.forbes.com/real-time-billionaires/ >Bezos, Gates, Zuck, Musk Still means the the person you replied to is retarded but dont act like you dont make mistakes too >>7488 You could have just posted proof instead of acting like a nigger
>>7507 >>even though the point still stands, the exact number is wrong, so you're wrong and you shouldn't post things like that because they're wrong <being off by 30% is ok I hope you're not in STEM. The issue is that if we all accept stuff like that and use those numbers when convincing people on the fence, they can easily find out or be shown it's not true and lose trust.

Political Evolution Thread Blackshirt 07/03/2020 (Fri) 20:50:05 No.2779 [Reply] [Last]
How long have you considered yourself some sort of fascist? How did you get to this point? It's interesting to hear the stories of different anons, because while there are often some broad similarities, every story is unique.
71 posts and 16 images omitted.
1987-1993 liberal, apolitical 1994 reed Rush Limbaugh, get redpilled on women, and the current state of thing during Clinton. Waco also didn't help. 1995-2003 largely Neoconservative 2003-2011 Paleocon/Paleolibertarian 2012-2015 Hoppean Minarchist 2016-2017 National Anarchist/Strasserism 2018 - NAZBOL GANG/Pol Pot fan 2019-now - some kind of Fascist hybrid ideology, got sick of the left real quick.
Open file (287.38 KB 633x933 1516554682322.jpg)
Found much of the old testament fables read to me by my mother before bed hard to believe during late elementary years. Had a crisis of some sort. Didn't know what to believe. Hated everything everyone else liked. Began watching sportsball to fit in and picked up a dope smoking habit during middle school years. Was still unhappy with life and couldn't make sense of anything so I decided to start getting political. Newspapers were boring but Jon Stewart was entertaining. Became a full fledged liberal. Thought I'd test out my new jew-planted thoughts ideas and opinions by starting political arguments with friends and family. Lost all of them and adopted the ideas of the people I'd lost to. Mainly neocons. Was introduced to reddit around this time and through reddit I found 4chan. Through /b/ I found /pol/. Started watching Hitler speeches and loved every bit of it. Found a torrent magnet for Dr. Pierce's broadcasts and EVERYTHING CHANGED. I've never looked back since. After discovering Dr. Pierce everything finally made sense. From there it's been a mish mash of all things natsoc. Longtime 8chan user. User base was smaller but of much better quality than 4chan. Started reading Pierce, Oliver, Irving and others. Thought I'd hit a dead end until I found Alex Linder and subsequently vnnforum. Went down another rabbit hole. Siege, Culture of Critique and so on. More or less where I've been at for the last three or four years now.
>>2779 My evolution >apolitical >new atheism >liberal >demsoc >libsoc *start watching vids about anti-sjws >Anti-SJW (still a leftist) >classical liberal *start using 4/pol/ >generic conservative >paleolibertarian >reactionary *start using 8/pol/ >White Nationalist */fascist/ is created

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (58.65 KB 593x522 hitler girl 2.jpg)
Open file (76.69 KB 442x632 hitler feeding deer.jpg)
Open file (44.45 KB 500x488 hitler group.jpg)
>>7527 Not too different from my own journey. I went more in the direction of apolitical, new atheism, liberal to anti-SJW, but besides that we align pretty closely. I feel like a lot of people were propelled into National Socialism through anti-SJW content or in general in backlash to the increasingly visible pozz in our society. My only issue is that though I am tedpilled as well, there is a strange tension between those views and our requirements for survival in the short term. I know that technology is behind many of our problems, yet we are unable to get off the train. I wrote about this here recently >>7226 >>7431 >Started watching Hitler speeches and loved every bit of it. When I first started Hitler speeches my mind was literally blown. I even wondered if these were real translations at first, but the more and more I learned, I came to know the true character of Adolf Hitler and what he preached. It is amazing how the most demonized man in world history was in reality the closest thing to a benevolent selfless leader we have ever seen
>>7533 >demonized man in world history was in reality the closest thing to a benevolent selfless leader we have ever seen And on that note, how the jews lied that he wanted to exterminate anyone who was not White or whatever.

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