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Open file (131.79 KB 635x629 pagan girls.jpg)
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Open file (237.80 KB 905x787 pagans jews.jpg)
Indo-European Religion / Paganism Thread Blackshirt 04/28/2020 (Tue) 19:39:58 ID: fe0edb No.10 [Reply] [Last]
Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Asatru, Rodnovery - whatever you like to study or even practice, post about ITT. Channels: Survive the Jive: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThomasRowsell DharmaNation: https://www.youtube.com/user/DharmaNation Partial ThuleanPerspective Archive: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/hhoe86QNkKLo/
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>>8585 Bridging jesus to india is easy and has already been laid out. Maybe look into the connections between judaism and vedic mythology. Abraham is the father of all jews and his wife is sarah. In vedic lore brahma is the creator god (at the behest of supreme god) and his wife is saraswati, there are more connections people have found, its easily searchable on the net.
>>8727 The Old Testament is little better than tribal god-worship. The real Vedic-esque stuff is when Jesus came, but the Jews were just too spiritually benighted to understand.
Open file (12.46 MB 480x360 hitler dharma song.mp4)
>>8732 where did you get that video??? i
>>8778 That's some of my OC

Open file (117.68 KB 738x1146 Arno-Senpai.jpg)
A E S T H E T I C S . T H R E A D Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 05:52:39 ID: 07132f No.961 [Reply] [Last]
For the discussion, sharing, development, nurturing and use of A E S T H E T I C S
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/11/2020 (Thu) 17:01:13.
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Careful, goyim, this sort of Romanticism and worship of A E S T H E T I C S is a sign of right-wing extremism! Stop loving nature and beauty! https://eeradicalization.com/romanticism-and-far-right-extremism/
>>7688 >I hope you are able to find it. Sadly, the specific account that posted it seems to have been deleted. However, I remember the person in question recommended the book 'Children of the Sun' by Gordon Kennedy, which is about this subject. So if you are really interested, I suppose you could read that instead.
>>7932 Thanks, anon, I'll have to check this out eventually. >>7691 > they got ruined by the inverted rune, as it stands for death I have wondered whether the choice of this symbol was purposely (((injected))) into these groups before. We all know how our enemies enjoy these types of ironies. I'm not so sure that I believe the account given in the link below: >The modern peace sign was designed by Gerald Holtom for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1958. The vertical line in the center represents the flag semaphore signal for the letter D, and the downward lines on either side represent the semaphore signal for the letter N. “N” and “D”, for nuclear disarmament, enclosed in a circle. Holtom also described the symbol as representing despair, with the central lines forming a human with its hands questioning at its sides against the backdrop of a White Earth. https://www.britannica.com/story/where-did-the-peace-sign-come-from
>>7921 The path towards beauty is one in which you trample and burn everything that gets in your way. Absolute beauty is a suicide charge
>>8664 Based post.

/sig/ - Self Improvement General Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 00:40:08 ID: c5b896 No.926 [Reply] [Last]
The quote attached to my post is apparently a fake quote, but the spirit of it ring true to my ear. A healthy body and a healthy mind are key components of fascist living and a perfect balance shall be a key component of any fascist resurgence to come just as it was in the Third Reich and other societies. Some books: >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) https://archive.org/details/ConvictConditioning_201602 >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached)
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>>7568 Eat limited amounts of bread and sweets, get plenty of vegetables and fruits in, and a deceney amount of meat? It's not complicated, anon. Just don't eat like a nigger on welfare, cook your own meals, etc.
>>7441 I'm glad everything worked out, anon!
Anon, what have you done lately? You have clear goals, right? Short-therm, mid-therm, long-therm Sure, it must suck not knowing where to go >>7372 Box, even if you are interested in something else; learn box first
>>8668 >Box It clashes strongly with oriental martial combat and even western based ones due to the legs being sitting ducks when striking. Unless the trainer starts strictly with leg work, because otherwise a basic mid-distance kick to the knee can eliminate any boxer.
>>7372 Any that you can, and like other anons have said, boxing is usually the best available choice for a foundation. Wrestling may be (imo) the ideal foundation, but unfortunately no one really runs "wrestling dojos". The fake pandemic has resulted in a complete shut down of martial arts schools in my area, so good luck with that. Overall, don't worry about styles too much, just try to go with the best teacher. >>8669 I don't want to be an asshole, but you don't know what you're talking about. I've done both (primarily traditional Chinese martial arts and kickboxing, but some pure boxing as well, among other things), and you'll only be better off for learning each. It's really easy to say "just kick the knee" it's another to actually do it when a boxer is busy disintegrating your liver with hooks and knocking your teeth out.

Unpopular Opinions #2: The Autism Continues Blackshirt 08/28/2020 (Fri) 03:01:34 ID: 59e976 No.6673 [Reply] [Last]
Last thread is about to hit bump limit. Post ‘em.
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>>8245 Wrong. It actually is useful in rejecting the dominant alien cult in the White Western World: Christianity. It cleans the room so one can start afresh. Now, being stuck on atheism is another problem.
>>8249 I wonder if it's more beneficial though to negate all spirituality first and then to build on top of the clean slate like you say, just bearing the consequences, or merely to put something better in its place immediately. Christcuckery is already rotten and has been for centuries. Something stronger will displace it when it arrives
>>8034 >Then your mother belongs to a zoo? Please, get real no info? no sources? No proof that they're Aryan? Wow shocking that a monkey brain would not provide an argument. >Nope. All people like to have the good life but those who lived in harsher conditions and isolated from non-Aryans did very fine. In more temperature areas, only discipline and territorial segregation can bring about a proper emulation of these conditions, precisely to counter-act any propensity to hedonism. This literally makes zero sense and you still haven't answered my question on why the Aryans knocked up Dravadians and Meds if they weren't hedonistic. >Being "godly" precisely is being descendant of gods. Except what part of the Aryans were godly? If they were godly they have made mistakes and done stupid things as well, what part of the Aryans were not gods do you not understand buddy? >That's because of miscegenation that affected culture (mind), destroying the spiritual race which, without surprise, led to the destruction of the biological race. It's also because the Aryans given the title put to anyone they liked or put those who were unequal as equal as they are.
>>8044 That person keeps shilling his twitter.
>>8252 I've met enough Christians who have a change of faith, going through a state of mind that scares them because it's a void of some kind, a no man's land. Then, there are different shades of atheism and the radical one remains quite pointless and stupid.

Open file (28.91 KB 474x298 OIP.jpeg-59.jpg)
Christian Fascist Thread Blackshirt 05/22/2020 (Fri) 19:36:33 ID: 9df816 No.181 [Reply] [Last]
Am I the only Christian here?
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>>5765 >Kek. Are you unironically suggesting the trannies aren't women in men's bodies? Whether this is true or not, in the end they still are freaks. Feel pity for them if you want but it ends there. >Kek. Are you unironically suggesting being a coomer is bad? If fapping regularly is good, we'd know it by now. Enough studies and even practical religious practices show it is not. >Kek. Are you unironically suggesting race is real? It is.
>>8203 All of those are "accepted" in the "scientific community." Like muh universe origin.
>>5747 >Jesus called Jews that didn't follow him the children of Satan. Martin Luther, the father of protestantism, hated the Jews. C.S.Lewis, a famous Christian theologian, hated the Jews. Anyone who thinks Christianity is pro-Jewish has clearly never read the Bible. Source on C.S Lewis hating jews? I tried searching and could not find anything except a reddit post complaining that it is "terrible and strange" that he did not write about muh holocaust https://www.reddit.com/r/CSLewis/comments/7gsl2y/did_cs_lewis_write_about_the_holocaust/ lol Christianity being pro-jew is a jewish lie. Everyone should read on the jews and thier lies by Martin Luther, I have attached the pdf.
>>8397 >Christianity being pro-jew is a jewish lie. And here we see another useful idiot for the Jews thinking that just because some Christians over time have spoke out against Judaism AS A RELIGION that means that Christians are totally based and opposed to the ultimate Jewish scheme towards JWO. One who lays the poison for does not sample it himself if he is smart. An ethnic Jew who LARPs a Christian is and will always be a kike Christianity denatures the goyim, blunts their racial instincts and gives them a morality of slaves. All preparation for even greater poison later such as Communism
>>8397 It is anti-Jew insofar as it criticizes some of them and wants Jews to convert. It still recognizes the authority of the fathers of the law. It still is a religion that makes the Jews necessary as an essential part of the story.

The Coming Family-State Blackshirt 07/15/2020 (Wed) 20:40:51 No.3518 [Reply] [Last]
>tfw you realize that "family values" fags are correct but that they don't realize that capitalism and feminism is destroying the family-structure The strengthening of the family is essential for the future. Effective familial relations are the root of both community and state. The family's are the ultimate source and ground of the political order. Atomized individuals and broken families are symptoms of a sick and degenerating society. The society has grown top-heavy. The individual finds face-to-face with the state with no intermediary associations. This too is unnatural. A truly strong state needs strong families, strong local communities and finally a strong and capable national leadership. The weakness of any of the three above is harmful for the others. How can the family be strengthened in future fascist societies? I think inculcating the people with Confucian-like ideas of role ethics, guidelines for conduct drawn from concrete familial and social roles would be one helpful educational policy, but the real problem is that Whites are totally spooked on the idea of the abstract autonomous individual, abstract universal principles and the idea of the state as something that restricts them.
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Open file (109.77 KB 800x600 vichy_france_poster.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 2880x2091 versailles.jpg)
>>7984 Is that a new Grace I see? Nice
>>8285 There will be more. I might keep using that outfit, who knows?
>>8282 Anyone else getting 90ies teen magazine vibes from this?
>>8311 The new outfit looks good, hope to see more.

Open file (3.20 MB 557x768 hitlerkalkiodin.gif)
New Age Pan-Religious Esoteric Mystic Ethno-Monotheism Is The Way Forward Blackshirt 06/06/2020 (Sat) 23:53:27 ID: 8d68ba No.708 [Reply] [Last]
After reading the amazing, mature and insightful religious discussions here, i have concluded that this is the answer. We can all feel this, that we NEED this, and we are all desperately searching for it in different religions. Sadly though we must be bold enough to admit, every religion out there does not fully align with all of our values and does not stand up to intellectual scrutiny. Because of this, any current religious system can only carry with it the danger of subversion to the movements we hope to establish in our lifetime. One religion will provide proper guidance in one area, while failing in another, either not being explicit on some matters or worse yet giving the worst stance possible such as denial of race which should be the most egregious sin possible. I will attempt to breakdown each term in the lengthy title i have given to this. i hope these explanations will give understanding enough that arguments and criticisms stemming from confusion of terminology wont arise here. >New Age By new age i dont mean crystals and hippies and loony rich white people. By new age, i mean overcoming purist and dogmatic viewpoints pertaining to a certain religion. They are all bad and need to be abandoned. i will briefly cover this here for each one i can think of. >Paganism - Most of it is destroyed and forever lost - At best a re-enactment, otherwise known as LARPing - phallus worship, human sacrifices, other barbaric acts - at best a fucking LARP - failed to preserve itself from christianity - a LARP >Christianity - Explicit tenets of racial universalism, this should immediately disqualify it, nothing could be more subversive and dangerous - Non-White Origin - Not racially exclusive, millions of nigger believers - strong roots in judaic world - End of the World Doomsday Cult

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>8279 >my heart tells me yes, my mind tells me no Some small tribes that have clearly no will nor capacity to leech onto us are not a problem. Usually the browner the skin, the safer is kept in small and isolated numbers. Mind you, depending on one's desire for plundering and control, nothing says we should spare other races. Nothing. But that's just cruel beyond necessity to me, although I do consider the need to apply a population reduction at a global scale. >myths They are very useful though. It's easier not to take them literally, contrary to Abrahamisms that really ride the realism wave with sometimes nuggets of straight out anti-physical extravagances. But we should note that literalism also ended plaguing our older ancestors. >understanding texts The literalism in light of tales is absurd. Clear commandments are not concerned by this because they're not part of the narrative and fictional layer, either because they're clearly written as rules with little to no association to a made up figure, or are provided by such a figure but still understood and accepted for their moral value just like many today like to quote movies because of the meanings of words uttered by made up characters. >references to (((them))) All myths have their heroes fighting monsters and degenerates, but the names are not representing real groups in most cases, so what scholars do is that they look at the attributes of the antagonists and look into society and other groups who and what shares these negative values so as to assert what is a danger to the people. I find it annoying and too much of a concession already to even grant the Jews the luxury of being named and having a spot in our spiritual lore. >phase 1 It's necessary to define the guidelines though before going over collecting material that would be useless and poisonous. When it comes to saints and angels, the main pre-Abrahamic source that features almost identical creatures is found in the Semitic lore already and in an area covered by Babylonian to Assyrian cultures. I don't even see if our Euro ancestors had anything like that, it seemed more animistic with a mix of Gods and spirits, not guys with chicken wings in robes. But it seems the whole angelic representation has become a big fave, which is perhaps more of that degenerate literalism at play. >>castes >phase 1

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>8208 >Until nogs banded together to kill wypipo. Do you know about Rhodesia, South Africa or Haiti? Look into them All of those only happened since Mulatto elites or foreigners aided them.
>>8563 >references to (((them))) >I find it annoying and too much of a concession already to even grant the Jews the luxury of being named and having a spot in our spiritual lore. they've earned it. references to the jew and what their activities and tendencies are should be included as part of our history, along with the traitor White. >It's necessary to define the guidelines though before going over collecting material primary sources from religions and spiritual paths that Whites have historically practiced, even including abrahamism. these would all be read by the anons so we are all familiar with the same pool of information >collecting material that would be useless and poisonous. this can be determined after the material is collected and analyzed. >saints and angels theres nothing wrong with giving great people the title of sainthood as a post humous honoriffic. all cultures including indo european have had such a system. >Semitic lore >Babylonian to Assyrian cultures dont forget that Whites have been retreating to europe for millenia. these areas could have been White at one time. >I don't even see if our Euro ancestors had anything like that >guys with chicken wings in robes i like the imagery and i dont see anything wrong with or degenerate about it. i dont see why we cant appropriate it. >euthanasia validation

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>8781 >theres nothing wrong with giving great people the title of sainthood as a post humous honoriffic. all cultures including indo european have had such a system. Not really. Also sainthood is literally Christian and has only existed as a promotion to some form of great-than-man status strictly on the basis of Christian principles. Even IF we managed for some reason to brainwash all people into accepting a new set of criteria for sainthood, all former saints would have to be demoted and forgotten. >dont forget that Whites have been retreating to europe for millenia. these areas could have been White at one time. Perhaps but by the time these images popped up, Whites are already being phased out, so much that there are strong debates about these Sums, Babs and Asses to know how much Whiteness there was in their overall population, either in cities (usually more cosmopolitan) or in the rural areas. Wings started to appear in Egypt in later times too after multiple mutual cultural influences between Kem and the Levant. Romans, Greeks, Celts, Nords, Aryans (Scythians in India), none had these people with wings. it's like it's a purely nigger-tier thing where the plebs couldn't figure out people being able to come from above without having KFC wings. >i like the imagery and i dont see anything wrong with or degenerate about it. i dont see why we cant appropriate it. If isnt no aryan, we no keep. Unless you come with a hell of a rationalization. >thats really a nigger tier mindset, not aryan, and you can see this in the nigger culture of mob violence and mob executions versus the aryan culture of developing systems and institutions of self improvement (religion, school) and revering these things as some of the most important aspects of their society. You have literally not explained once how this was unaryan.
Okay, goys, I've upped the bumplimit to 750 but it still seems like the bumplock is still there and there is no option for me to remove it. I'm going to ask on /meta/ and see if I find a way to do it.

Open file (1.42 MB 2500x3000 fascist with flag.png)
Propagandizing Fascism Blackshirt 06/17/2020 (Wed) 00:59:48 No.1725 [Reply] [Last]
I know we have a thread on propaganda in general, but I think this is at least worth its own thread for visibility reasons alone. How can we spread awareness of fascism, National Socialism and related doctrines either online or through other means while maybe also advertising this board? I've been thinking that it could do us good if we attempted to produce various forms of content such as infographs, flyers, pamplhets and other forms of media — as long as they look appealing to the eye and are well-made and informative. With all of the shit going on recently I've been energized to do something, so I figured that it might be good to start from a small and manageable project as a board for those interested. If anyone has good tutorials for gimp, photoshop and the like on producing infographs or posters or whatever else could be useful to anons, post it ITT. I'm sure if we put our minds to it we could make some neat stuff.
46 posts and 23 images omitted.
>>3253 A coordinated effort of screencaps and high effort posts on cuckchan is unirocally the best chance we have. All we need is 3-4 people bumping a redpill thread everyday.
Pasting posters everywhere should improve the general perception on fascism For example: "YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT FASCISM" would catch the publics attention and "VISIT WWW.FASCISTSYSTEM.ORG/TRUTH TO LEARN MORE" would be inconspicuous enough for them to go to the (hypothetical) site without really thinking that it's fascist propaganda
Nothing can be gained from wasting time online
>>8066 >>8067 Or even better, it might be good to go click-bait style and say "WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT FASCISM". This is more ambiguous too – who is "they"? Is it the fascists themselves who are hiding something about fascism, or something else? At the very least it piques a reader's intention. What type of poster are you imagining? Something with images / more elaborate or more simplistic?
>>8068 Just the link to the site, the message and an optional fasces at the bottom. Any more details would raise suspicions.

Absolute Dedication Blackshirt 08/03/2020 (Mon) 05:21:04 ID: 540938 No.4511 [Reply] [Last]
Lately I’ve been thinking that what is lacking most in our people – White Nationalists in particular, that is – is an absolute and unwavering dedication to our cause. If a non-Muslim insults or depicts Muhammad in a negative fashion, this person fears for their life. Some of them are so dedicated that they will blow themselves to bits in one act that brings zero benefit to himself (from a non-religious viewpoint). We can see similar behavior in WWII among the Japanese. As the Americans approached the home islands, young Japanese men eagerly volunteered to hurl themselves into aircraft carriers in airplanes. The whole country would have likewise rather collectively sacrifice themselves than allow American troops on their soil as an invading force, it seems. Today it seems, Whites are like beasts that trample over each other at the first sign of danger, terrified of actually risking anything in pursuit of their values. A lot of this applies to WNs too. Why is this so common among even the people who claim to uphold the 14 Words? Is it because there is no overarching Purpose? Is biological survival not enough to motivate people? Has the “comfy life” propaganda sunk too deep? The specific examples above of suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots are beside the point, and they were purposelly chosen for how extreme they are. Today most Whites would call them “brainwashed” for not being utterly self-absorbed rats. Even 10% of this dedication among the most active WNs in doing organization and similar important tasks IRL would be a night and day difference.
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>>7500 > You have your heads up your ass with this "muh mass Whites radicalized". It's literally happening right now. You have your head up your ass if you can't see it. Leave your basement and go to talk to Whites. They are not "awake" in the sense that people are on places like this board, but they are getting tired of niggers, tired of the anti-White rhetoric, tired of the rioting, tired of this Covid psyop. No one is saying that Whites are turning 1488 and are going to overthrow ZOG or whatever, we're merely saying that a small shift in attitude is happening. I have noticed this in real life, and I have talked to people on here and elsewhere who are saying the same thing. >how can we be so sure that this isn't CIA niggers trying to spread panic and hate more towards Whites? Gee why would a White man ever get enraged and want to fill kikes and non-Whites with lead?? Also, these don't create any panic. People don't give a shit if it doesn't effect them directly. This is lemmings 101. The Jews create more hatred through a single case of "muh police brutality" than through mass shootings by Whites
>>7456 There is absolutely no reason to keep arming niggers; they are already armed and willing to fight, whether it be with guns, bricks, or fists. The fact that you suggest to arm niggers, but then defer the responsibility to do so to others because you lack money shows your lack of purpose in general, making others do what you'd want to make things happen. Weapons are expensive, and ammunition is very hard to find in common calibers. 9mm is over a dollar a round now. .556 is about $0.70 a round and climbing. You suggest others should waste their precious resources arming their enemies with tools that often end up requiring registrations in some places and so linking them to those who bought them, or requiring a lot of time and money to put together from 80%s. All this effort just to give to a nigger who will shoot you for giving it to him. There are many other ways you can do things yet you just want to have the niggers and other people do all the hard work for you while you laze about with the excuse that you have no money. You're disgusting for wanting people to give up their arms to niggers.
>>7506 >There is absolutely no reason to keep arming niggers if we can arm niggers we should. they will kill more of each other than a RWDS ever could, and they'll attack more Whites hopefully forming militias that will loot suburban neighborhoods, burning the frog. >The fact that you suggest to arm niggers, but then defer the responsibility to do so to others because you lack money shows your lack of purpose in general, making others do what you'd want to make things happen. you need to calm down. >Weapons are expensive, and ammunition is very hard to find in common calibers. 9mm is over a dollar a round now. .556 is about $0.70 a round and climbing. You suggest others should waste their precious resources arming their enemies with tools that often end up requiring registrations in some places and so linking them to those who bought them, or requiring a lot of time and money to put together from 80%s. All this effort just to give to a nigger who will shoot you for giving it to him. calm down >There are many other ways you can do things >yet you just want to have the niggers and other people do all the hard work for you that would be great actually, yeah, why not. >You're disgusting for wanting people to give up their arms to niggers. >wanting people to give up their arms to niggers. I never said that, i never meant that, i never implied that. you need to calm your bitch tits down sonny. why are you trying so hard to misrepresent me? are you a disruption shill by any chance? >>7502 bluepilled normies have been radicalized so much now, its hard to tell the difference between a conversation between a bunch of old White boomers at the gas station and /pol/. they are being redpilled, polarized, and radicalized so fast we never thought it was possible. this is truly a gift from the gods. we must continue penances and austerities, acts of worship towards the spirits of old, that they may continue to bless us with their favor.
>>4532 Is that a blood bag?
>>8054 That looks nothing like a blood bag.

Open file (166.96 KB 500x500 algiz ecofascism.jpg)
Ethnoglobe is Likely Inevitable in a Pro-White Future (and that's a good thing) Blackshirt 06/12/2020 (Fri) 16:55:12 ID: 1596de No.1259 [Reply] [Last]
Ethnoglobe became inevitable by 1900 at the latest. The superiority of Western Europe and North America in the second half of the 19th century in economic, military, financial and political spheres was based on our monopoly of industry. The rest of the world absorbed the products of the White world, not producing themselves. Colonies were founded for resources and new markets. Production usually remained situated in the White world. Then began the dissemination of industry, motivated by greed for greater profits by bringing the production to the area of marketing. Secrets, processes, methods, engineers, managers, etc all given to non-Whites. Within thirty years of Japan modernizing from its feudal state, they had a defeated a European power in battle, Russia, something which shocked the world. Non-whites, unaccustomed to the comparative luxury of the White world, worked for low wages, bringing their rising industrial might into fierce competition with non-Whites. Gradually, gradually, the center of gravity of production shifted into non-White hands, becoming the weapon of the exploited world against the White industrial core. While all of this was happening the population explosion continued unabated, propped up by artificial grain surpluses and modern medical technology, all given to non-whites by the benevolent and foolish White man. They, with the collaboration of greedy capitalists and jews, shattered the power of the White world and helped balloon their numbers hundreds of times larger than was naturally permitted by Nature. Non-whites, brainwashed by materialistic thinking and looking for better lives, were drawn to the West, which badly needed labor after WWII. They begin to settle, invited by the victorious Jews and the Allies. The great replacement begins, and the enormous growth of the population is the chief cause of the impending collapse. Bearing millions of useless bodies permanently is unsustainable, especially at Western standards. With the coming of modern technology, whether this be in regards to communication, transportation, etc the world has become a smaller place, and shitskins are able to come into our lands (where they can live wasteful and unsustainable consumerist lifestyles too!), build (but not innovate) their industrial power, nuclear weapons, destroy the environment, etc. Racial struggle is the driving force in history, not class. In a given multiracial and multicultural environment there is always a struggle for dominance, whether open or hidden, violent or peaceful. The locus of struggle has become truly global in scale. The situation is unsustainable. Ethnoglobe is the only option. "What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes and only one lifeboat, with room for only ten people, has been launched? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship's axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides of the boat."
26 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>2480 >this level of self awareness and surrender youre a good one m8, but i hope you understand why shitskins eventually have to go and it cant happen gently through some kind of breeding program. even if youre a good one by White man standards, the likeliness of your kids being decent self aware people or at the least capable of surrendering to a higher race is nonexistent. know that this will probably never happen in your lifetime though.
Open file (44.73 KB 1102x368 ethnoglobe theory.PNG)
Some anons have likely seen this second pic, but this image supplements the OP well I think
>>1264 >too abrahamic >that's a bad thing
>>8053 You know, it is worth thinking why Abrahamism has crushed non-Abrahamism almost every time.
>>8053 Yeah that is a bad thing, unless you want inbred ruling the Earth or Israel ruling the Earth. >>8055 Money, resources, propaganda, elites switching to establish social control , terrorism, and pretty much appealing to the feelings of lower IQ peasants.

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