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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
/fascist/ for the Infinity Cup 2020! Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 13:53:45 ID: 20bce6 No.986 [Reply] [Last]
Hey guys, I don't recall if I asked you yet, but would you be interested in joining us for the Infinity Cup 2020? All you've gotta do to enter is: 1) Create a thread on https://anon.cafe/icup/ with your team 2) Create a logo and at least one kit 3) Just join the fun when the cup starts!
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>>989 Are the goalhoarns unique to each player or is it one for the entire team?
As a heads up, there is one week left to submit your board's entry to the Infinity Cup! For your entry to be considered complete, we need to know your medal players on your roster (Gold Silver, 2 Bronze) and 2 more kits from your board. >>1048 You need a team goalhorn, but it's optional to have player-specific ones on top of that.
forgot my image here, damn it all.
Open file (209.93 KB 800x800 fascist_logo.png)
Congratulations XXXXX, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows: >July 31 Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below) >August 1st Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage >August 7th, 8th, 9th First, second, and third Day of competition >August 14th, 15th, 16th Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage >August 22nd First day of Knockout Stage >August 23rd Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>2832 Congratulations /fascist/. Seems i'm destined to fuck up whenever I post an announcement on this board.

Open file (4.04 MB 2383x1655 bt65.png)
Brenton Tarrant Thread Blackshirt 06/10/2020 (Wed) 21:12:31 No.858 [Reply] [Last]
Post news about Brenton Tarrant, as well as memes, images and general discussion.
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>>2713 That's pretty much to be expected. I'm really only interested in this report for what new info it will give us concerning the events leading up to the attack, Tarrant's travels, contacts, Internet usage info, etc.
>>2708 >first image I just read that with the saint's voice as if it were his own criteria lol no seriously these people are unbelievable in their quest for shitversity. No wonder mudshits laugh their ass off about retarded westerners
Christchurch shooting: Brenton Tarrant's sentencing date announced The sentencing hearing for Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant will begin on August 24, 2020. Justice Cameron Mander released a minute and said it's estimated the hearing will last three days, but it will take as long as it needs to. It will begin at 10am on August 24. Justice Mander said appropriate technology will be in place so victims based overseas who can't travel to New Zealand can view and participate in the hearing remotely. This includes video conferencing facilities so victims can present their victim impact statement and communicate with the courtroom. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2020/07/christchurch-shooting-brenton-tarrant-s-sentencing-date-announced.html
>>2683 aside from following in his shoes nothing will help. Posting online or finding momentary enjoyment at the 20 or 30 people who validate your thoughts is akin to delusion. It's not going to go away because we hope so. Culling the herd is the first step to achieving our goal
>>2756 Posting online is definitely useless after a certain point, but I think there are more paths open than one would think besides the Tarrant path. Perhaps I am extremely arrogant and self-confident, but I think that an organization with the right leader could get some traction and get us above the threshold that we seem to be stuck at as a movement. If I ever try to organize lads IRL I'll see if I am deluded or not.

Open file (81.13 KB 452x640 yukio mishima.jpg)
Individualism versus Collectivism: False dichotomy? Blackshirt 05/20/2020 (Wed) 23:43:51 ID: 28f717 No.110 [Reply] [Last]
Often people associate modernity with extreme individualism, but in a sense it seems more like an atomized herd pushed around and directed from above by Jews which allow them to seek identities in ultimately superficial things such as brands, television shows, video games, clothing, sex preferences, and even gender. A rootless herd of nigger-cattle. For individual strength they substitute sheer quantity, common sentiment, group activities. The less one needs others, the more powerful one is. True individualism is something almost non-existent today, this we seen within the Übermensch, who arises as a reaction against the psychology of the mass, he's the last uprising of man as a beast of prey against its captivity in soulless culture to shake off the limitations of modernity. And this does not even necessitate having no connection to a people and culture. Just as individualism is something that does not exist in the herd-society of today, so has the organic society of natural groups, blood and soil, been eliminated gradually.
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>>2427 >The Roman Republic/Empire was a clown show of disastrous mismanagement and seeking to emulate it in any way is dumb. >>2433 >and they still managed to conquer White Europe. Absolutely correct. While it is true that organisation of the Roman empire was seriously lacking by modern standard, I've heard a history prof saying it's considered to be on par with modern Zimbabwe, for its time that was a milestone unparalled so far. If Romans had adressed their massive political and socio-economic internal imbalances, that is foremost to abandon their rabid self-destroying factionalism and the nepotism, and put their conduct on par with their spirit the empire would rule to this day. Their spirit should certainly be emulated.
>>2438 >that was a milestone unparalled so far. >I'm pretending places like India and Persia were never around
>>2439 >I don't know about Greek (sic) Sassanids and that actual Persia came into existence hundreds of years after Rome was founded >poo in the loo my ass t. history brainlet
>>2427 I was never saying to emulate Rome 100%, their mistakes, and Americas mistakes by extension, should not be repeated. In my opinion it's much better to not make the mistakes of our forebears and make our own instead at least then we will know we have tread new ground.
>>2440 Quit arguing and admit you just want power to obfuscated and for society to be all against all (which is what really happens in "Republican" society).

Open file (357.60 KB 570x319 Runaway horses dusk.PNG)
Open file (312.05 KB 1024x783 mosley blackshirts buf.jpg)
Fascist Anti-Intellectualism, or The Unity of Thought and Action Blackshirt 06/20/2020 (Sat) 15:31:17 No.1922 [Reply] [Last]
To know and not act is to not truly know. Only thoughts we live out have any value. This is the core of the much-slandered “anti-intellectualism” of fascism. It is not a glorification of stupidity, quite the opposite, but a reaction against the endless pilpul and navel-gazing of weakling intellectuals, individuals who often have produced great works but never set out themselves to apply their visions or follow their teachings. On the other hand there is a type of person who foolishly acts upon impulse without engaging in the slightest thought or reflection. The true fascist is a synthesis of the principle of actual and the principle of knowledge — the “cultured thug” of Bowden, or a man like Mishima, himself an admirer of Yangmingism, a Neo-Confucian philosophy which emphasizes the inseparability of these two principles. You cannot be a fascist if you do not apply your principles to your life. These are the true LARPers. Do you truly know?
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>kill all the intellectuals Mao and Stalin are happy with you
>>2428 I love how clear it is that you didn't read the thread.
Open file (205.99 KB 487x423 pol pot 2.PNG)
>>2428 Let's be real, intellectuals are scum. They're anemic, navel-gazing, living in ivory towers, divorced from reality, their heads in the clouds. If WNs ever got into power I'd dump 95% of them into a mass grave.
>>2428 >>2457 >>2615 Hold on, define a intellectual.
>>2632 I think the target of this thread is clearly the type of stereotypical intellectual that I mentioned in my post, and the similar characterization of them and people like them in OP’s two posts. Basically the type of person who is content with just speculating, theorizing and watching from afar, never participating in life or acting on his thoughts and values. There is an opposition between thought and action here. These individuals who side wholly with thought are what fascism criticizes. I don’t even think that “intellectuals” as a group then are what this thread criticizes, but rather any type of disconnected person. Just imagine a hypothetical poster to this board who fully supports fascist philosophy in his convictions, is moved by works of fascists and speeches of Hitler and similar figures, yet he never applies his knowledge, he never acts according to this knowledge. He is internally “redpilled” in a superficial sense, but outwardly he behaves just as he did before, like a lemming or a degenerate. Can he said to be truly redpilled? I think not, his redpill would not be actualized.

Open file (166.96 KB 500x500 algiz ecofascism.jpg)
Ethnoglobe is Likely Inevitable in a Pro-White Future (and that's a good thing) Blackshirt 06/12/2020 (Fri) 16:55:12 ID: 1596de No.1259 [Reply] [Last]
Ethnoglobe became inevitable by 1900 at the latest. The superiority of Western Europe and North America in the second half of the 19th century in economic, military, financial and political spheres was based on our monopoly of industry. The rest of the world absorbed the products of the White world, not producing themselves. Colonies were founded for resources and new markets. Production usually remained situated in the White world. Then began the dissemination of industry, motivated by greed for greater profits by bringing the production to the area of marketing. Secrets, processes, methods, engineers, managers, etc all given to non-Whites. Within thirty years of Japan modernizing from its feudal state, they had a defeated a European power in battle, Russia, something which shocked the world. Non-whites, unaccustomed to the comparative luxury of the White world, worked for low wages, bringing their rising industrial might into fierce competition with non-Whites. Gradually, gradually, the center of gravity of production shifted into non-White hands, becoming the weapon of the exploited world against the White industrial core. While all of this was happening the population explosion continued unabated, propped up by artificial grain surpluses and modern medical technology, all given to non-whites by the benevolent and foolish White man. They, with the collaboration of greedy capitalists and jews, shattered the power of the White world and helped balloon their numbers hundreds of times larger than was naturally permitted by Nature. Non-whites, brainwashed by materialistic thinking and looking for better lives, were drawn to the West, which badly needed labor after WWII. They begin to settle, invited by the victorious Jews and the Allies. The great replacement begins, and the enormous growth of the population is the chief cause of the impending collapse. Bearing millions of useless bodies permanently is unsustainable, especially at Western standards. With the coming of modern technology, whether this be in regards to communication, transportation, etc the world has become a smaller place, and shitskins are able to come into our lands (where they can live wasteful and unsustainable consumerist lifestyles too!), build (but not innovate) their industrial power, nuclear weapons, destroy the environment, etc. Racial struggle is the driving force in history, not class. In a given multiracial and multicultural environment there is always a struggle for dominance, whether open or hidden, violent or peaceful. The locus of struggle has become truly global in scale. The situation is unsustainable. Ethnoglobe is the only option. "What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes and only one lifeboat, with room for only ten people, has been launched? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship's axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides of the boat."
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>this thread exists >non whites like mex synarc anon post here Idk why buy that's just hilarious
>>2558 /fascist/ has always been implicitly White Nationalist due to its origins in 8/pol/ and due to the fact that the BO here is a NatSoc pagan but the the board rules and description are worded in such a way where the board is broadly about fascism wherever it appears whether in Mexico, Brazil or elsewhere.
Mars may become an ethnoglobe. With the dangers of colonization being so high, those chosen will have to be based solely on merit. With no diversity quotas this will make a primarily Caucasian group of settlers, maybe some Asians will make the cut. The best chance for your bloodline is to raise sons and daughters that will be of use on early Mars colonies.
>>2568 >implying we will even leave Earth I admire your optimism. If we can't even safe Earth from Jews and mud people, we certainly won't be able to have Mars. As everyone knows, Mars will be colonized (if it happens) at this rate by mega-corporations and governments.
yes because europeans are most loyal and useful lapdogs of the jews

Fascist Architecture General Blackshirt 05/22/2020 (Fri) 21:18:09 ID: e810f7 No.188 [Reply] [Last]
What architectural style does /fascist/ prefer, ornate classical architecture, or the more austere "stripped classicism" favored by Speer?
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>>1705 Looks like some cuneiform writing you would find in Sumeria. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
>>1704 Those are horrific art styles. The first three are structures literally designed to give off horror and fear to future civilizations to ward away a New Mexican nuclear waste disposal site.
>>1737 >The first three are structures literally designed to give off horror and fear to future civilizations to ward away a New Mexican nuclear waste disposal site. Yep, designed to cause fear regardless of cultural background. Well, I listen to sp00ky radio broadcasts, and psichophonies just because; of course I like this kind of stuff. Still, I feel the need to say again that I would not want anything of this style anywhere close a city.
I've got a fair interest in architecture, urban design, etc. and I know there's a decent amount of talk among Fascists about similar topics. I figured this'd be the best place to do it. How would you, if you had control, change your country/states makeup when it came to urban design? What would you change to incentivize and make a difference in how people live and commute in your new cities? What would you incorporate and how? There's a lot I could ask but I'll try and cut this at the knees and let you take it from here. I'd love to hear how you'd handle these things. if it helps, you can specify *where* you'd be changing not just what.
>>2535 Apologies for the linebreaks, by the way.

The Natural Order Blackshirt 06/10/2020 (Wed) 04:41:08 ID: aa33c6 No.776 [Reply] [Last]
How exactly is the Natural Order defined? How do we discern its laws? Should we always adhere to the Natural Order when it conflicts with human conventions? NatSocs like to mention this concept a lot, and while I myself consider myself a NatSoc and refer to this concept quite often, I am thinking that I need to flesh out my idea of what exactly this implies and how exactly it should be interpreted. We know that Hitler correctly pointed out, as have many others, that man is an integral part of Nature, never able to truly divorce himself no matter how hard he may try to “conquer” it. He remains subject to its laws regardless of how much he may protest their “injustice” or “cruelty” according to his moralistic humanist view. It seems to me that the Natural Order is primarily defined as the essential nature of things in general, more narrowly human beings and their behavior, independently of social engineering, nurture or anything else, referring to what is natural and healthy to us. Given this definition which I adhere to, degeneracy or decadence is anything contrary to this. What exactly does this imply (certainly not exhaustive): >inequality between races, men, men and women, etc >hierarchy (rule of the strong over the weak) >life defined in terms of struggle Is it always good to live in accordance with this? From my view it seems to imply that the Jews are ‘rightfully’ (according to natural justice) in power now, but this power is not absolute and inviolable, as life is struggle. The weak being ruled by the strong is natural justice. The weak are often utilized by the strong in their plans – sidestepping, I think, Socrates’ objection to Callicles’ claims in Gorgias. Sheep are guided by shepards, rarely do they spontaneously do anything en masse. Of course we are left to define what is meant by the strong – clearly not physical strength alone, intelligence, charisma, perhaps technical organization – all constitute qualities of the strong today. Technics are merely tactics of living in struggle which is identical with life itself. I rambled a bit but I think there’s some things to discuss.
10 posts and 4 images omitted.
A lot of the NatSoc talk about living in accordance with the Laws of Nature reminds me of the debates of the Sophists in ancient Greece who saw nature as authoritative for correct human behavior, but differed on whether traditional morality as accepted at the time was a product of nature itself or a mere piling up of norms and conventions contrary to nature. I've found the nomos (convention) and (physis) distinction they made helpful in my own thinking about these things, and it is clear that the vast, vast majority of our conventions today are completely opposed to the Laws of Nature, and we see the results of such attitudes and practices today only too clearly. In a way it's appropriating the idea of "social construct" but in a way that is topsy-turvy compared to the leftist use of it and wholly opposite of their goals. Of course though, not all conventions are directly harmful or contrary to Nature, and this must be kept in mind.
>> > absurdities akin to what E. Michael Jones says where if Africans had only had the Catholic Church they’d be like Europe, or if we just give these niggers our oh-so-great Western culture they’ll suddenly be model citizens it's even more absurd that we tried exactly that, Rome's missionaries were all over the place and we exported our culture to all four corners of the globe. It just didn't work. Until today everything that works in those third world shitholes is literally made by Westerners and has been brought to them during colonialism.
>>2403 >Until today everything that works in those third world shitholes is literally made by Westerners and has been brought to them during colonialism. And what a disaster this has been for the White race. I have discussed this at length in the Ethnoglobe thread (>>1259) and elsewhere, but if you want a good short account that was remarkably prescient, look into Oswald Spengler's Man and Technics to see how right he was about the decline in the power of the White race and the dissemination of industry and technology to non-whites. Almost all notions of "progress" (to where? For how long??), whether they be the White man's alleged "civilizing mission" or modern capitalist efforts to destroy all native traditions in habits in favor of turning every man, woman and child into a consumer wage-cuck have been disastrous.
>>1667 >>muh magic dirt what the fuck do you even mean
>>2424 I'd assume he's referring to the view that environment is more important than race.

Where is 8moe? Blackshirt Board owner 06/10/2020 (Wed) 03:09:41 ID: 510f80 No.768 [Reply] [Last]
You’re probably wondering where 8moe is if you’re one of the people who had came over there. I deleted it. This seems like the only way to resolve the issues that we are facing regarding this, and the situation as it stood (the board being divided between two places and the understandable unpopularity among some of 8moe. I had primarily pursued this option not out of any love of that particular site (I had never heard of it prior to it being suggested to me), but because I wanted to preserve our threads, just like was attempted with Hoppe, another disaster. Since I do not want to purposely destroy this community over my choice of location alone or to personally bring about another disasterous move, I deleted the controversial location in favor of the one that no one has a problem with. This might make me appear impulsive and indecisive, I understand that, but the more I read what people have to say, and the more I sit on this issue and think about it, the more I am convinced that this is the best thing I can do for the long term health of /fascist/. I have taken the step prior to deletion of archiving some of the new threads, you can find these in the thread of collected Julay content. Hopefully with the removal of this issue from the table we’ll finally be able to enter some degree of normality, things have been rough ever since we left JulayWorld, and I haven’t handled it the best even though I was trying to do what I thought was best. As of now, AnonCafe is the only location of /fascist/ and will hopefully remain so, with Neinchan serving as our primarily and as of right now only fallback. I apologize to anyone who’s understandably upset about my sudden decision, out of the blue, on this matter. I’m a little bummed about stirring the pot again and losing the threads, but we’ve rebuilt once, and we’ll do it again. Anons matter more than threads. This, bearing some equally as unforeseen event, is the last time we’re moving if I can do anything to control it. Thank you to all of the anons who bashed me over the head about this issue until I finally started to contemplate it rather than just ignore them. I’ll do my best to answer any questions, criticisms, comments and the like ITT.
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/10/2020 (Wed) 03:14:20.
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>>1092 Not just fast as in posts per hour, fast as in not taking a couple of seconds for a post to be made. >Is there a page limit right now? I don't see anything in the settings. I think we just don't have a lot of threads right now Yes, it could simply be making pages based on the amount of threads. If it doesn't grow to 4 after a while, you may want to check the thread limit option. >>1237 That explains all the fedposting kek. It's actually important for us to keep such boards alive so they draw all the shills and glowniggers so we can have serious discussions in peace.
>>768 Well, at least you're decisive.
>>785 >some kind of DDOS attack on server after it >how to set up your own website like they did, eventually ask some donations if it's something you could realistically do but need some extra bucks to realize. Image related.
>>796 Remember, smugloli started out as a bunker, and they did much better than any other board after christchurch.
>>2206 Thanks for the infograph

LOL Blackshirt 06/22/2020 (Mon) 23:29:01 ID: 61d266 No.2172 [Reply] [Last]
>Like Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson thought about class in continental terms. His greatest accomplishment as president was the 1803 acquisition of Louisiana, a vast territory that more than doubled the size of the United States. He called the new western domain an “empire for liberty,” by which he meant something other than a free-market economy or a guarantee of social mobility. The Louisiana Territory, as he envisioned it, would encourage agriculture and forestall the growth of manufacturing and urban poverty—that was his formula for liberty. It was not Franklin’s “happy mediocrity” (a compression of classes across an endless stretch of unsettled land), but a nation of farmers large and small. This difference is not nominal: Franklin and Paine used Pennsylvania as their model, while Jefferson saw America’s future—and the contours of its class system—through the prism of Virginia.1 >Eighteenth-century Virginia was both an agrarian and a hierarchical society. By 1770, fewer than 10 percent of white Virginians laid claim to over half the land in the colony; a small upper echelon of large planters each owned slaves in the hundreds. More than half of white men owned no land at all, working as tenants or hired laborers, or contracted as servants. Land, slaves, and tobacco remained the major sources of wealth in Jefferson’s world, but the majority of white men did not own slaves. That is why Mr. Jefferson wafted well above the common farmers who dotted the countryside that extended from his celebrated mountaintop home. By the time of the Revolution, he owned at least 187 slaves, and by the Battle of Yorktown he held title to 13,700 acres in six different counties in Virginia.2 >Pinning down Jefferson’s views on class is complicated by the seductiveness of his prose. His writing could be powerful, even poetic, while reveling in rhetorical obfuscation. He praised “cultivators of the earth” as the most valuable of citizens; they were the “chosen people of God,” and they “preserved a republic in vigor” through their singularly “useful occupation.” And yet Jefferson’s pastoral paragon of virtue did not describe any actual Virginia farmers, and not even he could live up to this high calling. Despite efforts at improving efficiency on his farms, he failed to turn a profit or rescue himself from mounting debts. In a 1796 letter, he sadly admitted that his farms were in a “barbarous state” and that he was “a monstrous farmer.” Things continued downhill from there.3
I don't even understand the relevance of this thread
>In Jefferson’s taxonomy, then, class was less about Franklin’s commercialized language of “sorts,” whereby people and goods were readily equated and valued. Instead, Jeffersonian-style classes were effectively strata that mimicked the different nutritive grades within layers of the soil. To this bookish Virginian, idealizing rural society, classes were to be regarded as natural extrusions of a promising land, flesh-and-blood manifestations of an agrarian topography.

Open file (1.42 MB 2500x3000 fascist with flag.png)
Propagandizing Fascism Blackshirt 06/17/2020 (Wed) 00:59:48 No.1725 [Reply] [Last]
I know we have a thread on propaganda in general, but I think this is at least worth its own thread for visibility reasons alone. How can we spread awareness of fascism, National Socialism and related doctrines either online or through other means while maybe also advertising this board? I've been thinking that it could do us good if we attempted to produce various forms of content such as infographs, flyers, pamplhets and other forms of media — as long as they look appealing to the eye and are well-made and informative. With all of the shit going on recently I've been energized to do something, so I figured that it might be good to start from a small and manageable project as a board for those interested. If anyone has good tutorials for gimp, photoshop and the like on producing infographs or posters or whatever else could be useful to anons, post it ITT. I'm sure if we put our minds to it we could make some neat stuff.
34 posts and 18 images omitted.
>>1947 Huh, I did not know that you could do that. Though I don't use Gimp much except when making gifs. The biggest problem though is that it seems to have rasterized all of my text layers.
>>1948 Gimp rasterizes text layers under some circumstances, try clicking on the text and chances are it'll ask you if you want to restore the text
>>1945 I have photoshop. If you want to post the .psd here, the .pdf trick should work. Just add .pdf to the end of the filename (i.e. change it from [filename].psd to [filename].psd.pdf). At least, I think that's how it works... >>1946 There is a crack of PS on piratebay.
>>2085 I'll try that soon. I separated the files, now I just need to make sure that I actually removed all of the personal info from the file. For some reason it doesn't seem to be removing my info when I click the option to do so in properties..
>>2089 If I recall right, with adobe you have to edit that info within the adobe program the file corresponds to.

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