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Open file (592.57 KB 740x1448 Untitled.png)
/fa/g 04/03/2023 (Mon) 01:58:37 No.442
Without knowing the meaning of the letters tell me if this is aesthetically pleasing? Just panted the letters and sewed them onto the jacket, do you think i should make the letters closer together? I spaced them out because they have a space between the zipper. The end and the beginning of the letters get cut off somewhat, Does it look bad or does it look fine?
>>442 Is that the Tetragrammaton in Paleo-Hebrew? I think I would space them closer together, but it's hard for me to say.
Open file (384.87 KB 727x706 Untitled4.png)
Open file (386.26 KB 735x705 Untitle3d.png)
>>443 >Is that the Tetragrammaton in Paleo-Hebrew? Yes. >I think I would space them closer together, but it's hard for me to say. If i didn't space them out they would still have a space between the zipper, so they can't be too close together, or it would be "YH  WH", the patches are already very close to the zipper. Pic 1 related is how i measured the distance between both patches of the letters. The Patch on the right (while facing the front of the sweater) seems to be spaced further apart but it's actually pretty close, but the last letter is longer. I feel like i'm it's really ambiguous between too far part and or good enough. Pic2 is how it would look with the letters closer, the space in between would be noticeable, i think.
>>444 I think the second one looks better, but then again it might just not look weird to me because I know nothing about reading desert runes. If it was in English, it might come across as strange. I wish I could be more helpful.
I'd suggest moving the two patches closer together, zipper be damned. The space between YH and WH is too great. If you're able I'd suggest taking a picture wearing it but not holding your phone, standing how you would naturally would help get a better read on how it looks position and spacing wise. Normally wouldn't care but since you're specifically asking about how that one part looks I think that would be a good idea, even for you to use as reference when considering how it looks. You aren't walking around with your arm up at face level.
Open file (47.40 KB 507x670 Untitleed.jpg)
>>449 based
>>449 I like this one a lot better, yeah. I might suggest it slightly closer in the middle, but it's at the point where you could easily call such a critique prescription. I mean that it's really close to just right so me telling you to fix it would be me having a stick up my ass about it. I had an artfag friend that went to school for design but she was really into fonts and listening to her and trying to apply the shit she told me about, like kerning, is majorly my base of criticism. For a hoodie with a chest patch, bro it looks good. I only mean that if you were a perfectionist maybe not but if you're a normal person then that's more than fine that's just right buddy.
>>454 Thank you.

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