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/fa/g 03/17/2023 (Fri) 23:42:28 No.429
How do i dress like a crust punk only minimal and subtle?
Open file (36.37 KB 300x457 amebix_live_baron.jpg)
Open file (46.31 KB 473x720 amebix band punk.jpg)
>>429 What comes to mind for me is wearing a lot of black and dark earth tones while going for a rugged look. I've always had a soft spot for the Rob Miller look, although I'd never sport that kind of a hairstyle.
Black and/or dark grey denim. Worn to shit black leather boots. Whenever you have to fix something use dental floss for sewing. Worn leather square patch on denim. Maybe an Amebix patch somewhere. Can't go wrong with some random metal studs, just not a lot.

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