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Open file (353.52 KB 720x439 bleurk (1).jpg)
Go ahead, critique my writing. I dare you. /fa/g 02/11/2023 (Sat) 01:22:41 No.417
Yes, indeed there are as many settings as there are shapes. Pavé and channel are what work best for a single row of diamonds, on a base that does not take up that much space. All eventualities, the base alloy needs the strength to hold the diamonds. This is a design; for a necklace; that uses white gold, consisting of gold, platinum and silver. Perhaps, these three elements could be melted together easily and used for jewelry? Indeed, not. It is a complicated process, of yet, unnamed and little known, however results can be achieved which fully satisfy the jeweler's need. Mind you, some benefit from this comes in the form of a higher heat hardening effect. The wire is drawn and wrapped in these 3 shapes: first drawing. The rings are arranged into a chain. Two larger round ones, followed by one oval and one smaller. Second drawing. Tin, and only tin, is used in place of solder. It is called, eutectic bonding. The touching surfaces of the jump rings are dipped with molten tin. And go into the oven at high temperatures for long hours. Gold and tin are eutectic, melting at lower temperatures, allowing diffusion, thus closing the rings. The necklace envisioned in this design, should be kept as small as possible. To each his own.
Open file (357.77 KB 720x434 bleh (2).jpg)
Second drawing
>>417 >>418 You'd better have better luck with >>>/loomis/
>>418 I like this. Are you intending on buying gold shot, silver shot, etc. to do this yourself? it would be interesting to see a finished product, or at least a physical concept rendition made out of cheaper materials.

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