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Open file (296.86 KB 1064x1064 1672345198203925.jpg)
Supermodel Marisa Miller Got Fat /fa/g 01/03/2023 (Tue) 17:33:03 No.385
Remember her from Victoria's Secret and SI Swimsuit?
Stop eating so much you dumb whore
“I’ll always maintain my figure. I’m a supermodel don’t ya know.”
Now that she doesn't have to sell her body, she can have a healthy weight and enjoy her life. Hot.
>>389 There's a lot of truth to this. She looks like she could pump babbys out pretty efficiently now.
>>389 I don't know if her weight's healthy, but I wouldn't mind trying to knock her up.
what a friggin disaster
>>389 >Now that she doesn't have to sell her body Implying anyone would want to buy it now. >she can have a healthy weight and enjoy her life. Being a fatass is never """healthy""" and also invariably leads to misery. >Hot. Tits or GTFO.
Open file (45.54 KB 359x918 aAbAo3d_700b.jpg)
Open file (281.59 KB 1024x1536 1024px-Marisamiller.jpg)
>>394 No. She's not fat. She was clearly underweight when she was a model. You can't maintain the weight she had with a healthy diet.
damn somone developed a case of the munchies
>>395 She does look better in the first pic.
“I still look like a super model, right?”
>>398 Better, doll.
>>398 She's MILFmode.
"Just one piece wouldn't hurt."
come on marisa wtf
>>404 post not found let that girl eat
she doesn't have to make up for every meal she missed tho
jealous bitches have been waiting 15 years for this news
Filling out nicely
>>422 lel
so sad she got fat

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