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Open file (47.30 KB 688x458 dick tat.jpg)
can I have fighting/military strength while being thinspo /fa/g 12/31/2021 (Fri) 23:59:11 No.310
I want to take the malespo pill BUT:I still want to be able to lift heavy, use guns or swords if neccesary,fight big opponents,etc can it be done? Wouldnt lifting the same as a big guy all the while being thin be double awesome? >I wil do the 10K kettlebell swings challenge. i'll be using a heavy load,it burns kilos of fat and since it's high-reps it doenst really increase muscle mass.
good luck with your look but I'd suggest going to /fit/ for advice on this
It's my first time here, sorry but are you larping? >want to be able to [...] se guns or swords if neccesary,fight big opponents I was about to ask if you practice HEMA or something but guns and swords? Fighthing big opponents? Where do fuck do you live mate? Anyway, about your question: I mainly go for muay thai amateurs fights and I'm like 160cm@55kgs right now. I usually fight at 54.5 or 60kgs and I keep most of my strenght at 54.5 but I can't really beat someone that is heavier than me. At BJJ I can't do shit against someone who is like 4kgs heavier at 54.5 but at 60 I can at least survive against someone at 70kgs >lifting the same as a big guy all the while being thin I dont think that you can be lean and lift heavy without juicing but, hey, try it out.

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