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How to dress a guy with a female figure? /fa/g 09/03/2021 (Fri) 11:28:46 No.299
Hi 8san! Im new here. Im a 18 y.o. boy from Russiaand I have a little problem. Well,my size is 87/70/104(in cm) with a height of 187(6,2) and cant find a proper clothes in this sizes. Is there something I can order abroad for this sizes with normal price?(Im poor(@_@)) Unisex or male (mb female if it looks ok) Sry for the mistakes. Thank you in advance! ^_^ Here`s my telegram for.. something i quess? @Forqrotten
>8san Wrong website >proper clothes What do you mean by proper? Suits? Normal tshirt and pants? >order abroad... normal price Shop domestic for the best prices >all this identity shit lol If you're having too difficult of a time you could try high waisted pants to compensate for not being able to find long, skinny mens shirts. Try to see if you can find a big and tall store, those specialize in odd sizes and may be able to help you.
>>300 >Wrong website Sry, copied without brain >Shop domestic for the best prices Then why do you think im here? >Try to see if you can find a big and tall store Asos, but their sizes are more "medium" (not for model sizes i would say idk)
>>301 good luck you stupid fuckin skinny faggot lmao have you tried searching the average aftican store lol you can prob find some tall skinny clothes there cuz yu kno they tall and can't eat none so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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