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Open file (2.52 MB 4032x1960 sup.jpg)
effay /fa/g 11/30/2019 (Sat) 08:36:54 No.25
edit: WAYWT
Edited last time by anon on 12/23/2019 (Mon) 19:59:15.
Post ur savvy style punk
It’s pretty common, wouldn’t really call it punk, not that it’s bad just meh. Lots of women wear docs and half of those are the different style from the normal black middle height ones (don’t remember the name). Pants are kinda neat though tbh, but it’s not a full pic.
Open file (4.19 MB 4032x2268 top.jpg)
Here's the top
I hope this is a shitpost
I only dress in shitposts
Open file (92.69 KB 393x257 1450832855245.jpg)
Guess this will be the WAYWT Thread. Will probably post mediocre fit within the week.
>black pants
>stained pumas
>black DROPDEAD shirt
does this make me cool
Post fit
Board's dead.
That's fine just don't wear socks with sandals
Oh, can’t post pics form mobile. Guess no fits from me.
what's the issue?
Don’t have PC access for a while and tried posting a picture from mobile. I go to replay, I tap the files button which gives me the choice of going to my phone’s camera or photos to select an image from my phone. If I take a new picture and try to use it or select an existing one and hit done to return to the quick reply overlay the whole website immediately reloads with the reply box still open but no file selected. It happens on other boards on the Web ring and isn’t just an issue with anon cafe. I don’t believe it’s my phone that is the issue because other image boards/chans allow me to post pictures on pc and mobile just fine.
iphone? android seems to work fine. Mentioned at >>>/meta/3371 and apparently it's an issue with lynxchan. I don't have an iphone but maybe I can find some sort of fix if I can borrow one.
Yeah, iPhone. I don’t have access to my computer until summer so it’s a pain for me personally.
If I try three times in a row the page crashes and my browser says “A problem reportedly occurred at “(url of thread I try to post in)”

Idk if that helps.
I wish it did help buddy but I can't get my hands on an apple for the life of me so I can't even try to figure it out
Guess I’ll have to wait till I get home. I assume you’re the BO so you probably don’t want to leave but the 8kun /fa/ only lost two of about 5-6 posters from the shutdown. Not that my fits are anything great but if you’re still around in April I’ll try to double post on both boards.
Honestly m8 being bo has no bearing on my opinion of 8. I created this board because no one else had and I like fashion and cafes are fashionable and "anon.cafe" looks real good so I figured I could make a nice looking /fa/ for anyone who wanted one.
It's kind of you to post on both and by all means I welcome it, though personally I will not be on 8.
Yeah I gotcha, /fa/ is the only board I still use there, I mostly stay on Julay now because my other boards mostly moved there, but /fa/ is the only userbase who seems intent on staying on 8kun. Tried shilling here a few times.
If anyone wants to come that's cool, if anyone decides not to that's fine too. If they know there's a bunker then this board has served its primary purpose.
Were you ever able to post a picture on julay with your phone? That uses lynxchan too so if so maybe there's a fix to be found.
>Were you ever able to post a picture on julay with your phone?
No, same thing happens on every web ring site. I’d switch to Android but I really don’t like the UI, even thought it’s a far less limiting OS than IOS.
>not buying electronics exclusively for their ability to post
Maybe I can post from my kindle I think it has a beta internet browser.
fucking lol you're a trooper dude. very effay.
Bought new pants for a concert as all my pairs with me are developing holes in the bottoms. Here was my fit

\ = /
- U -
## ##
## ##
## ##
O| |O
Didn’t work
now do it again but better
Just use your imagination, fuck do I have to do everything?
>black long sleeve shirt
>normal belt (black)
>black semi skinny jeans
>brown heavily creased/scuffed up Kodiak boots
Now that's a fit
>>69 (Philippines’d)
Just imagine that but all the bulge is black and the black is white and the boots are less hiker style.
Oh so you're dressed up like me that's cool
Post fit this isn’t a blog board.
Open file (259.48 KB 405x720 fit.jpg)
Okay, goodbye.
Post fit this isn't a blog board.
Board won’t let me said it was trash and refused to upload pic.
What you ain't got Mickey wearin them breds on a bootleg Gucci?
No I guess I have too much self respect for that kind of fit
I bet you don't even have a RIP Kobe shirt
I don’t even care for him ironically so nah. Going to the zone in 2 weeks, any cheap stalker fits?
Yeah now that the seasons about to change you should be able to find a nice sketchy trench for pretty cheap if you check the thrift shops a few times in the next couple weeks. Maybe grab some overly dark sunglasses that don't quite match the fit. Scarfs also go great with stalking.
To me, the stalker look should be one that is easy to overlook but upon closer inspection leaves a dirty and uncomfortable feeling in the witness. Stop washing your hair but get grease anyway and comb it back like you are trying to look younger than you are.
>never heard of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
>nog tier fits
Is this 4chan?
>thinks stalker is only a movie and a videogame series
>expects someone to think of the movie or games when posting on a fashion board
>ignores that literal stalkers have a distinctive style
don't be like that it's a bad look
>doesn’t frequent the exact same boards as I do
Pathetic, just what’d I’d expect.
>don't be like that it's a bad look
Just like my fits :^)
We’re shitposting right? Like everything except me not being able to post images is just shitposting. Excuse my ‘tism, please.
Why are spoilers the same colour as the background?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Should I change it?
Your 'tism is fine and needed tbh
Did you change it back?
>>88 Sieg’d and Heil’d
Thanks didn’t even see your spoiler from >>86 till just now.

Band I really like I playing at home in a month and I’m still in Europe. P devastated.
Is it a tour? Will that tour be ongoing when you return? Will the band be playing anywhere somewhat between your place and Europe at that time? Do you have the ability to switch flight plans and stop in a city for a day for a show before you get back?
t. bases travel plans around shows
I was in Luxembourg when I realized they were on tour and flew to Krakow just to see them but wanted to see them again as they’re breaking up after this tour. They had dates for the US until a few days after I get home and when I talked to the singer in Krakow he said they’re adding extra stops two of which are near my home. So I was sure those shows would be after their US shows, but they squeezed them in between and go back to Europe a week after I leave Europe.

Oh well, p devastated as it was kinda my first concert and I really like the band but can’t do anything about it. Going to another concert in Budapest this weekend though.
Well, are the US dates around when you get back in places that you may be able to detour to?
Well either way there'll be more shows. Maybe not by that band but there will be more bands too.
Nah the US is too far out of my way.

Yeah, I guess.
Open file (4.47 MB 4032x2268 britches.jpg)
Just keep your ear to the ground. And if you want any merch then email that band around the end of the tour and ask for misprimts, fuckups, or otherwise discarded shit and that right there is the easiest way to get the rarest merch for cheap as shit. You can also get digital copies of songs/albums for free this way, by just asking
This thread needs more threads
They usually give their music away, their entire discography of 10 years and like 7 albums,on bandcamp is 2£. I got a record and got the band to sign it despite not being a recordfag. But all the merch at the show I went to was just the record and one poster and one advertisement.

Going to Molchat Doma Sunday, they’re much bigger so hopefully that should cure a bit of my upset.

>This thread needs more threads
I’d post my trash, unwashed fits if I could even though there’s two fucking UIDs. Maybe I’ll try shilling on my home /fa/ again since it’s less active now.
Pants, dish towel, or tablecloth?
Sure, just trying to give some pointers that might not be obvious to someone who has been to only one show. Bands are generally pretty nice people, not always of course, and rare band shirts and shit are very effay. Hopefully that next show is some good fun for ya.
Yeah I know that's why I went ahead and posted some.
>just trying to give some pointers that might not be obvious to someone who has been to only one show
Well I went to Queen a ew years ago but not really the same scale. Thanks though.
>Hopefully that next show is some good fun for ya.
Completely forgot actually, it’s tomorrow night so I’ve still got 20 hours.
r u angleish?
Neat pattern, think I need to see it with full fit to get a sense if they’re effay. Digits demand it.
Nah those are size 28 waist. Feller gave em to me after he ransacked his old hippy stepdads closet. "Double knit" I was told they were, they're also bellbottoms. Pockets are classic 70s style. Used to could wear em. Turned into a man since then.
not familiar with the term
They’re the pants you’re wearing in the OP aren’t they?

Angleish is the term used to refer to a group of people who sit on an island and have some of the worst accents of their language sphere despite being the creators of the language. They also drink leaf water and eat fish and potato chips.
Open file (4.26 MB 4032x2268 two (2) britche.jpg)
no dude are you colorblind Here's a comparison
And, no. I'm from the only country in America
And your show starts now make sure you don't miss is
>no dude
Wow assuming my gender?
>coloUr blind
They could be the same just zoomed in.
I’m there now, Coverband wasn't great.
Sorry dude, that’s rough.
So was it a good set?
Nah, they played like 8-10 songs including the encore and the mixing wasn’t great for some songs. They only have 18 songs from to albums (I think they released a new single a few months back or maybe it was an ep) but still they didn’t play very much. Was overall good but not nearly as good as Crywank, who I saw last.
Gay. I don't know much about no anti folk but I think Simon Joyner was supposed to be real influential to it. Think he still plays sets but idk I saw him at a house show. More of a punk myself.
Don’t think I’ve heard of him.
>more of a punk myself
Been trying to get into punk but don’t really have the internet or time while traveling to look for stuff, I did like the soundtrack to Tony Hawk games though. My buddy at home said he’d take me to some punk shows. I don’t really care for genres more so just listen to what I like but I don’t think I listen to much anti-folk, I just really like that band.

>being insecure about your music preferences on a East Timorese Ship-in-a-bottle construction forum
>I’m punk
>uses homophobic slur as a common curse
Yeah check out Outcrowd, Vaginal Jesus, Skrewdriver just to name a few
I'm not homophobic I beat faggots up
>>111 (took my trips)
Heard of skrewdriver before.
>I'm not homophobic I beat faggots up
Slav women have good fits, there’s some are that are too try hard looking scream high maintenance, but the others are like all my aesthetic. tfw ywn be able to have the selection women have in clothes. it’s not fair.
Yeah there's a lot of bimbo slav women too, it seems. Those are the ones that scream high maintenance to me.
It is easy to get lost on what women can wear and forget that there's still items that are pretty much exclusive to men. i.e. suits that look good, vests, hard-work related fits, an open carry pistol, and even tattered clothing.
On another note I was browsing /k/ and those bastards have it right. The virus is real enough to dress for the occasion. I'm about to go to the Ace hardware and pick me up some pics related if they're in stock. The pink on the P100 filters with the 3M 6300 mask is a killer look and I can already tell that matching it with a full fit will complete a full look. AND it's practical. AND it will scare normalfags. Hope they're in stock.
>bimbo slav women
That’s what I meant, the ones wearing fur or faux-fur and trying dress like the kardashians or some shit.
>suits that look good,
t. poorfag/lower class
Women can wear vests.
>hard-work related fits,
Not usually effay, all my work clothes are dirty and look like work clothes.
>an open carry pistol,
Hehe yeah... ywn have American gun laws
>and even tattered clothing.
Meh, lots of women’s pants are torn, can’t say I see much for torn tops. Going shopping here because it’ll be the cheapest country I go to. Expect new fits. :^)

You need eye pro too, I have a Cold War Czech gas mask that’d I’d wear if I brought it. The new Swedish has mask is probably the most effay one though. Brit ones are p good but I don’t have an Anglo shaped head.
Open file (2.76 MB 4032x2268 IMG_20200214_151227.jpg)
Women can wear anything but that doesn't mean they pull it off
>work clothes
You're just not going for it in the right way. Work boots + comfortable pants and whatever for a shirt can look pretty good
Might paint the non rubber parts black but idk I don't want to fuck with the integrity of the mask. But if I can paint it without doing any damage to the mask I might paint the actual disease ball thing in the center where it currently says "3M"
Just realized there’s a new thread on /k/ and saw your posts. Sad.
>work clothes
I’m not a fashion model, my work fits are just for work and don’t look great. Don’t think there’s anything I can do about that other than buy carhartt everything and new boots.
Is pic rep your mask? Grey seems as good as black to me. Post fit so I can help decide.
The zone is p cool, haven’t found any super radioactive spots and probably won’t because they’re pretty much all gone but got neat pics anyways.
Fair enough. Should have said it last time about the suits, but really thrifting for a suit for twelve bucks that almost fits then going to your local tailor supporting your local businesses is a very effay thing to do you should be able to get the jacket hemmed for like twenty bucks I know dropping 35+ on a fit might not sound sweet but a suit that fits is really worth having. Can't post my fit now because it's xfl day
>the zone
bro are you in Chernobyl??
Just remembered I actually do have any grad suit still, have only worn it a few times since, but not the jacket, as that’s too fancy for any place I go.
>bro are you in Chernobyl??
Yeah, I asked for stalker fits like two weeks ago >>80, but here now, only went to little villages today and tomorrow going to Pripyat and the power plant, red forest and hopefully the radar station. Found a bunch of GP5 gas masks in on village in a collapsing building, and since my Geiger counter wasn’t giving any higher readings from them than the air I tried to take one but they all tore when I touched them since they’ve just been laying there for 40 years. I did find a gas mask filter that was still plugged and hid it in my jacket though. Found some neat documents in a post office but didn’t take those. Maybe I will find more artifacts tomorrow, we’re not allowed to take anything and apparently it’s highly illegal but I don’t really care, a lot has been looted already and taking one filter off a shelf with 2 dozen on it with another 3 dozen filters and masks half buried in the ground didn’t make much of a difference to me.
How was it? Did you steal any cool shit? Are you getting any good pics? You could start an /urbex/ in the webring whenever you get back just sayin
and yeah steal as much shit as you can get away with lmao
It was really neat, I didn’t steal anything else, because pretty much everything has been looted or is junk. Lots of cool books in the schools and old film reel and singles which in retrospect I should have taken a few but at the time I didn’t even think of that. Wanted to take a bolt because stalker but where I found them the whole group was there so I couldn’t take it. Though the guide probably wouldn’t have cared, she was really chill. She showed me a far enough away spot to climb the Duga radar which is pretty illegal.
I have a blog which is just general shit but since I’ve been traveling that’s all I’ve really been posting. It’s shit though. Would like to post some pics on /k/ when I get home.
holy fuck I need to fix this css
>>122 Yeah, also ban the off topic posters please, it’s supposed to be /fa/ not /blog/. also the captchas are trash.
>Italy getting plagued.com by corona-chan >planning on going to Rome in a few weeks >Germany has a few cases >will be in Berlin in a week and a half and flying out of Frankfurt when I eventually go home >have a layover in fucking Vancouver because it was 200$ cheaper of a flight despite requiring me to fly back east after the layover and Hongcouver is full of Chinese and has confirmed infected >don’t leave for another 2 months which will be much much worse than now Should I just say fuck it and get a gas mask in Eastern Europe and wear that 24/7? I’ll get looks and my social life will die while traveling >implying :^( but at least I won’t fucking die.
>>123 yeah but I'm the only one who's posted clothes in months so until people start posting fits that leaves everyone to ban >>124 Get the mask. Spend the next two months finding what to wear with it. edot: fucked up quoting when selected from index
Edited last time by anon on 02/23/2020 (Sun) 19:18:18.
Open file (5.18 MB 2210x1667 wow.png)
>>125 >I'm the only one who's posted clothes in months >posts a shoe and fabric once each in three months >so until people start posting fits that leaves everyone to ban Isn’t just us two? That was kinda the joke, unless there are several people here and I’ve all considered them as one person. >>126 Like this. I’m not sure if it’s a new friend or just you (again assuming there’s only two people here) shitposting. If it is a genuine post: throw out all the clothes you own please, and grow your beard out more, Stubble and long hair only look good if you have a chad face, if you do then disregard.
>>31 >>126 Oh wait, it’s not a shit post. Wew sorry my guy. Was a cunt in the last post, but the sweater is just a no in general imo, even if it weren’t torn on the edges the fur on the inside and the pattern printed on it just screams neckbeard to me. Maybe it’s just from those type of people I went to school with wearing that, but I can’t really say that sweater would look decent in any fit. Upon second inspection the shirt seems alright, I’m personally not one for graphic shirts but they’re an be done well easily. It seems you have good sense of pants, though, and from the little bit of chin and nose you have seems your face could be chad enough. But that sweater is a no. But you’re BO so you know >listening to cunts opinions online.
>>128 Jackets waterproof. Screams "I do drugs". Good for getting people to approach me and talk idk why. Also matches the you can barely tell in pics tiedye shirt. Hairs a mullet I'm regularly told looks like I was born with. Workers love it. Lunch time on the weekdays garners a good bit of attention and praise. I am beautiful thanks though I'm able to get by on my physical attributes I only dress in shitposts for now Hair doesn't grow on my neck. And I have three pair of pants and only two fit. Haven't shopped in years, need to but it's not like I have any competition on /fa/ :^) Didn't realize you were the same dude who made the /blog/ post And finally if this goes down again a bunker on fatchan will appear in the webring. It's up now but locked and delisted, though it's there. Just a heads up in case something happens to this place. Sorry for this bulletin board post not much time
That's a lie I went shopping and got that Kobe shirt
Open file (4.28 MB 1668x2209 1582580244534.png)
Until there's competition this is the best dressed person on the webring
Open file (3.43 MB 4032x2268 IMG_20200227_233629.jpg)
Open file (3.52 MB 4032x2268 IMG_20200227_233621.jpg)
Open file (4.96 MB 1575x2339 1582877035058.png)
Open file (3.89 MB 1985x1856 1583531345265.png)
Still haven't taken the time to paint the mask
Open file (4.16 MB 1992x1850 1584153712429.png)
Open file (4.01 MB 1570x2347 1585246735779.png)
Folks seem to like the look so I'm going cartoon character and basically wearing the same thing day to day. Want to get stainless steel biohazard pins to replace the two matching pins on the collar. Maybe it would be better on the lapel but regardless the existing pins would be removed.
Open file (5.48 MB 1312x2809 1587364380633.png)
>>158 I don't think that coat is a good idea at all.
>>166 aw c'mon it's got a good fit to it, looks good in the wind, and it's pretty light without the liner
>>167 Looks way too larpy dude, save it for next year after the corona economic collapse apocalypse or something.
yeah it's larpy but the niggers in the ghetto don't give a fuck they think it's cool as shit blow it out your ass >save it for when it's irrelevant I bet you wear a rain coat on a sunny day
>>165 Shirt and glasses are shit-tier, just absolute garbage, I really can’t emphasize just how bad they are. Hat could be okay but with the sort and glasses is awful. Jacket and pants are good together but the shoes don’t go with milsurp imo. 2/10 burn the shirt and send the glasses back to middle school.
>>170 lol bro you don't like the Hustler's Chronic Krispies? Post fit.
>>171 >you don’t like middle school tier Crossover d00d w33d lmao comedy shirts?
post fit
Open file (2.36 MB 1304x2260 1591131818176.png)
>>186 I like the pants and shoes combination
>>187 Thank you
Open file (146.34 KB 1024x1024 IMG_20200621_043705_740.jpg)
>>190 What's the point of that?
Open file (1.23 MB 1101x1667 1596148875280.png)
>>190 I like the concept, but dislike brand indicators, still better than seeing a persons face. There should be a law that demands obscuring your face with a mask or veil when going into public. People are ugly things, both on the inside and outside, its best not to see them at all. Islam is kinda going in the right direction with this, but for homosexual reasons, they only want women faces obscured and the execution is poor too, they mostly use same garbage bag deign while an expressive mask would be much more interesting to look at.
>>197 That's an interesting opinion
>>197 >Islam is kinda going in the right direction with this, but for homosexual reasons It's pretty cucked to let other men see your wife, let's be real
Open file (45.70 KB 1000x770 bicycle cover.jpg)
>>199 Its cucked to let other men see your wife, but what about your camel, donkey or goat? I think there is a great untapped market in islamic world for covers like in pic related. Just needs some minor improvements, like one hole for the eyes and one more for easy access to the rear.
>>200 >one more for easy access to the rear. That's where the feet come out
Open file (4.96 MB 4032x2268 1.jpg)
Open file (3.26 MB 4032x2268 2.jpg)
Open file (4.19 MB 4032x2268 3.jpg)
Cameras not picking it up for shit but these britches are a deep, dark red. Grabbed em at the thrift store for six bucks, really soft fabric too
Open file (422.96 KB 1124x633 1605637855678.jpg)
Much better
Open file (2.46 MB 1106x2398 1628153907714.png)
Open file (2.25 MB 1417x1871 1628574764043.png)
>>293 i dont even like madonna
Open file (6.21 MB 1280x1324 1629705819884.mp4)
Open file (6.21 MB 1280x2002 1629705797869.mp4)
Open file (1.10 MB 1080x811 1631771983617.png)
>>68 We can use emojis here? Hell yeah! 👀 🙂
Open file (2.16 MB 576x1280 fit.MP4)
Open file (1.82 MB 1880x1410 1639683435589.png)
i lik rusa
>>308 Was this hosted on the Israel Fashion Week?
>>328 lel
Open file (2.05 MB 1833x1447 1655034211620.png)
Open file (1.93 MB 1410x1880 1666456272833.png)
i am absolutely dripping Waffle House
Open file (2.39 MB 1567x1692 1680927291562.png)
Open file (4.93 MB 1410x1880 1681048703325.png)
Open file (3.97 MB 1773x1975 effay.png)
>>114 >it will scare normalfags Please. THIS is how you scare normalfags. I bet your little baby filters don't even contain asbestos.
>>469 you win
Anyone have any experience with tie dying? I plan on doing a trial run of crumple-dyed shirts in the near future. I've only done tie dying once, and that was in school when I was like thirteen.
>>507 Yeah only when I was a teenager. I just remember buckets and big rubber bands.
Tie-dyefag here. Does anyone know of good, affordable slim-fit t-shirts with sleeves that don't puff out? I used to buy H&M's muscle-fit shirts, but it looks like they're discontinued for some dumb reason. My tie-dying experiment was successful, but I'd like some shirts that fit better for next time. Something with a bit of spandex or whatever should still be fine.
Open file (385.13 KB 750x1125 ClipboardImage.png)
>>513 something like this?
>>514 Yeah, that's definitely the puffy look I'm talking about. The ones I've got aren't that bad, but I'd still like to know if there's anything better out there. I've had good luck with Hugh & Crye, but they don't have any plain white shirts available without pockets and are sold out of all their tees anyway. I don't do much shopping anymore (I usually just bulk up on things I want before they're discontinued), but it seems like it's been getting harder to find more form-fitting clothes now that a more '90s-inspired fit is back in style.
Open file (265.92 KB 549x632 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (369.24 KB 700x933 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (337.25 KB 800x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>515 Maybe Haynes? I don't think I have any tighter-sleeve tshirts otherwise I'd just read the tag and tell you. Try looking for undershirts, I think they'd need to be more form fitting in the first place. Picrel is from Loft at $18 which is a ripoff and second pic I grabbed from "anotherchill" and it's $15. Maybe you'd have luck looking at women's tahirts, because who the fuck could even tell it's a woman's tshirt, at least if the collar isn't huge and it isn't short/doesn't ride up your belly like a whore. Actually that's gay as fuck but I'm not erasing it. I looked up "fitness white tshirt" and pic3 popped up pretty quick from 32degrees for $20. Try that search and see what you find. Musclebros like to show it off so they'll have tight sleeve white tshirts for sure.
>>516 >I looked up "fitness white tshirt" and pic3 popped up pretty quick from 32degrees for $20. Try that search and see what you find. That one looked perfect until I saw that it was more polyester than anything. I had a longer response written out that I lost when my browser crashed, but my searching hasn't been very successful. Most of what I'm seeing is either mostly made of synthetic material, has tacky logos or graphics on it, or doesn't even look like it would fit right. I saw something from Uniqlo that looked like it would work but then noticed that it was discontinued. I looked up the page for the out-of-stock H&M shirts I mentioned before, and I don't even know if those would work. I think I'm just going to have to go with Hanes. Thanks for the help. Maybe the shirts will shrink more from wearing them enough. My goal with all this is to add some more variety to my summer wardrobe. I go with the same look almost every day like a cartoon character right now.
>>518 It wouldn't hurt to go to an alterations shop wearing one of the shirts and asking how much to bring the sleeves in. If it's not too bad you'd follow up with "well what about ten of em?" If that isn't bad do some simple math on the cheapest shirts you can get in bulk and figure out if that price plus the bulk alterations would be within your goal price range. It is very fashionable to support local businesses in this day and age, after all. Past that I got nothin. If I happen to think of something I'll post it, bit don't hold your breath.
>>519 I don't even think there are any businesses where I live that do alterations, but maybe I'll have to look. I appreciate the help. I did find a site that has custom-fit shirts, but I'll probably have to measure myself again if I go that route. I used to have button-up shirts made, but that was so long ago I don't think I even have the measurements anymore A bigger problem is that I'd have to wait several weeks to get them, and then summer would be almost over anyway. I suppose I could just get the shirts and try again next year. I put this whole project off for too long and then was interrupted by crappy weather. I actually got the tie-dye kit last year. Right now my eventual goal is to go for subdued earthy color schemes like these and also one with different shades of blue. If I got really ambitious I'd try and see if I could make something evoking WWII camo patterns, but that sounds pretty advanced given where I'm at right now.
>>520 Good luck and post results
>>521 Thanks, I'll see if I can get pictures uploaded if I can get some more shirts done. But right now I'm thinking about going the custom shirt route, and that could necessitate just putting it off until next summer. At this point, I think buying off-the-rack t-shirts would be too much of a compromise. I also need to look into what colors to use for my next try. I'll probably just do a blue one first. I'll probably copy this color scheme but use it in a crumple pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMja3_QQcwQ If that turns out well, then I can move on from there.
Got me some gator boots
Open file (3.80 MB 1410x1880 1692890013128.png)
>>529 But I forgot my sense
>>529 >>530 I couldn't pull of cowboy boots, but I find the reptile hide part intriguing. I've considered looking into snakeskin before, but I don't know how I'd work it into my wardrobe. I like the way these jackets look, for example, but they're also not exactly subtle.
Open file (560.05 KB 580x579 ClipboardImage.png)
>>533 >couldn't pull off cowboy boots I don't wear tight pants so the only visible part is the lowers. If I wore tighter pants that would look best worn inside the shaft they wouldn't because I wouldn't wear em. Saw a guy earlier today with his pants in the shaft, the boots were the same color as his pants so you had to look to notice but still not my kinda thing. >reptile skin in wardrobe Lol those pics are a lot for sure. I had a pair of Gola sneakers in pic related style that were mostly snakeskin but it was dark brown instead of the more bright colors you typically expect with snakeskin. You'd have to be paying attention to even realize they were snakeskin. I've still got the pair but they're far beyond being wearable. Those were easy for me to wear with about anything. I'm not sure I've got the nads to do a suit jacket or pants or anything, though. Maybe if I was trying to go out on a nice night on the town but I don't know about spending that much money on something I'll only wear on rare occasion, at least personally that's how I look at it. But if I found a big ass snake and killed it okay I would skin it and try to fashion it into something I could wear but I'm not about to spend a few grand on a jacket.
>>530 >square toe Best choice anon.

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