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Halloween costumes /fa/g 10/31/2019 (Thu) 22:51:06 No.14
Take pictures of the trick or treaters and post them. General Halloween costume thread
That almost looks like a Holocaust picture
Doesn't look shopped to me
Any /fa/ggots from 8chan made it here?
Left a post pointing in this direction
I found >>19's post when I checked kun's tor site.
Thanks, we were just discuss where to go if the site was fucked and what do you know. I just miss the Euro/fa/gs and Brazil. It was comfy but empty.
Sure thing. I saw that discussion and thought it'd be best to say something so that hopefully anons could retain contact and regroup.
If you didn’t know (think there’s only two of us here) /fa/ on 8kun is up and has at least 3 posters.
Open file (337.01 KB 680x1034 couple-halloween-outfit.jpg)
Open file (83.18 KB 1256x456 MD1b1VzhXf0.jpg)

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