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Open file (126.71 KB 1080x800 InstaSave)
OBSCURE SHOES /fa/g 03/03/2020 (Tue) 06:21:09 No.136
tight shit only look at these Tommy's
Sailor moons johns
Open file (211.93 KB 1080x1067 InstaSave)
Yall like FILA's that straight up look like skate shoes? Bavesarous.
Open file (111.80 KB 1080x1075 InstaSave)
Open file (133.26 KB 1080x1075 InstaSave)
McDonald's John's? Look at those mf laces.
Open file (203.12 KB 1080x1342 InstaSave)
Open file (157.49 KB 1080x1111 InstaSave)
Open file (145.89 KB 1080x1079 InstaSave)
Open file (149.48 KB 1080x1080 InstaSave)
What about work shoes tho would yall ball out with these at the construction yard?
>>142 Them shoes are nice
>>142 Thinking of going full PPEcore boys
it's all fun and games until SHTF and you're a walking flare
Open file (372.09 KB 500x663 w6ih76ihhfi67.png)
Open file (49.34 KB 800x524 LqiG3.jpg)
>>194 #vorecore
Open file (31.45 KB 853x1280 sick shoes.jpg)
Open file (1.19 MB 963x1164 1624694444297.png)
>>285 Shit just realized this is that kpop thing I thought it was just retarded not gay and retarded

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