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Welcome to /fa/


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General thread

General thread.

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edit: WAYWT

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Military Thread

I've heard you like fascion.

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How do I achieve /fa/ hobostyle?

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Supermodel Marisa Miller Got Fat

Remember her from Victoria's Secret and SI Swimsuit?

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How to dress a guy with a female figure?

Hi 8san! Im new here. Im a 18 y.o. boy from Russiaand I have a little problem. Well,my size is 87/70/104(in cm) with a height of 187(6,2) and cant find a proper clothes in this sizes. Is there something I can order abroad for this sizes with normal price?(Im poor(@_@)) Unisex or male (mb female if it looks ok) Sry for the mistakes. Thank you in advance! ^_^ Here`s my telegram for.. something i quess? @Forqrotten

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What do you think of this Jean Jacket that I'm making? I have the custom patch of the pyramid and i still have to make the name of Yahweh in paleo Hebrew at the top. Or is it too outgoing, too adolescent, should i keep the jacket plain?

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Without knowing the meaning of the letters tell me if this is aesthetically pleasing? Just panted the letters and sewed them onto the jacket, do you think i should make the letters closer together? I spaced them out because they have a space between the zipper. The end and the beginning of the letters get cut off somewhat, Does it look bad or does it look fine?

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Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a garment designed to confuse digital surveillance algorithms into thinking you don’t exist >Normally, surveillance algorithms work by recognising a characteristic in an image, drawing a ‘bounding box’ around it, and assigning a label to that object. To interrupt this, the t-shirt uses colourful, pixelated patterns to confuse the technology into thinking you don’t exist. In other words, the clusters of pixels are placed to confuse the AI’s classification and labelling system, making it harder for it to map out your facial features. >“For the physical attacks, the real challenge is to remain undetected during the whole video duration,” says Battista Biggio, assistant professor at the University of Cagliari, and creator of the first adversarial example, which was successful in fooling spam email detection. “When detection is running in every frame, remaining consistently undetected is much harder.” >The researchers recorded a person walking while wearing a checkerboard pattern and tracked the corners of each of the board’s squares in order to accurately map out how it wrinkles when the person moves. Using this technique improved the ability to evade detection from 27 per cent to 63 per cent against YOLOv2, and from 11 per cent to 52 per cent against Faster R-CNN. >However, Lin says it’s unlikely that we’ll see these T-shirts in the real world. “We still have difficulties in making it work in the real world because there’s that strong assumption that we know everything about the detection algorithm,” she explains. “It’s not perfect, so there may be problems here or there.” >In fact, the researchers don’t actually want to help people evade surveillance technology at all. Instead, Lin says that the team’s ultimate goal is to find holes in neural networks so that surveillance firms can fix them, rather than to assist people in avoiding detection. “In the future, hopefully we can fix these problems, so the deep learning systems can’t be tricked.” tl;dr Make pixelated, bright colored, headache inducing shirts to avoid face detection. The people who are working on this aren't going to do it for you. They want to be able to detect you no matter what.

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How do i dress like a crust punk only minimal and subtle?

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Go ahead, critique my writing. I dare you.

Yes, indeed there are as many settings as there are shapes. Pavé and channel are what work best for a single row of diamonds, on a base that does not take up that much space. All eventualities, the base alloy needs the strength to hold the diamonds. This is a design; for a necklace; that uses white gold, consisting of gold, platinum and silver. Perhaps, these three elements could be melted together easily and used for jewelry? Indeed, not. It is a complicated process, of yet, unnamed and little known, however results can be achieved which fully satisfy the jeweler's need. Mind you, some benefit from this comes in the form of a higher heat hardening effect. The wire is drawn and wrapped in these 3 shapes: first drawing. The rings are arranged into a chain. Two larger round ones, followed by one oval and one smaller. Second drawing. Tin, and only tin, is used in place of solder. It is called, eutectic bonding. The touching surfaces of the jump rings are dipped with molten tin. And go into the oven at high temperatures for long hours. Gold and tin are eutectic, melting at lower temperatures, allowing diffusion, thus closing the rings. The necklace envisioned in this design, should be kept as small as possible. To each his own.

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what is this

only wrong answers

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/TCG/ - Teencore General

Post and discuss teencore fashion. Reminisce on your high school days. Any subculture accepted.

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Made in USA shoes

I want a pair of casual shoes that are made in the USA and under $200. Do these look good? I am fashion blind.

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can I have fighting/military strength while being thinspo

I want to take the malespo pill BUT:I still want to be able to lift heavy, use guns or swords if neccesary,fight big opponents,etc can it be done? Wouldnt lifting the same as a big guy all the while being thin be double awesome? >I wil do the 10K kettlebell swings challenge. i'll be using a heavy load,it burns kilos of fat and since it's high-reps it doenst really increase muscle mass.

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The state of /fa/

Is this the only fashion board left that - >isn't cuckchan >isn't a normalnigger circlejerk >isn't a bastion for attention seeking whores/trannies

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tight shit only look at these Tommy's

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Seems this board is dead, the amount of Asperger kids, have killed the essence of boards... Heres my collection

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Rate my outfit


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Infinity Cup poll

Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( ) We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in

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i lik hotdog

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a message is mandatory

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Halloween costumes

Take pictures of the trick or treaters and post them. General Halloween costume thread

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/icup/ Tourney

Hey, snazzy looking fellas, We are bringing back the INFINITY CUP 2020 and we wouls absolutely love to see you guys out on the field in your finest kits! Come join us and make a team! We'll be waiting for you. Also, unrelated, but let me say, your board is some serious aesthetically pleasing little thing!

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What core is this /fa/?

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these haven't come out yet so these reps probably won't be 1:1 but they look fucking dope thinking about getting them away. 125 bones. Good look?

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New yeezy's have an old school trick that comes along with them. They're fucking crocks. Will you buy these for the upsell value of $300 for gimmick snake eggs and actual sage?

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Dont dress to impress.Just be the best unlike the rest

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I lik hat

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My fucking shoes

On a scale of 100, how gay are those?

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rep js

wheres the best place to find a replica pair of the Travis Scott 6