Rules of /f/

1 : All content must be ShockWave Flash related except in the Meta thread and discussion cyclical.
2 : Do not flood the board. Large batch postings of SWF files are acceptable.
3 : Global rules apply
4 : Fedposting is strictly prohibited, and is bannable on the first offence. This board interprets fedposting as any post which makes a credible call to violence, to any person, or property, public or private. The line of credibility and the scope of what constitutes violence is up to the discretion of /f/ moderation.
5 : Any and all suspicious links will be deleted, and repeat offendors may be banned. The interpretation of what consititutes a suspicious link will be determined by /f/ moderation. If you post a link, please clearly state what the link is pointing to.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply