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Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread Three: Electric Boogalee lance##m3y78z 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:20:05 No.4
Hi, welcome to The New New Thread. Same as The Old and Old Old Threads! This is a thread allegedly for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff. Despite this being a TiTS thread in name (for historical purposes), barely anyone here plays TiTS. For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask. https://forum.fenoxo.com/forums/trials-in-tainted-space.8/ For reasons of how long this thread's existed and how much fen's fucked up everything he's touched, there's a good chance the thread will have barely anything to do with fenoxo and his hugbox at any given point. Information >FAQ https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/ >Mobile Builds https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html >Minerva Read the readme if you want to use it to edit your save data. Especially read the readme if you use Chrome. https://mega.nz/#!30gTyCCK!GFy7E3yrlkpUbA9yFMZpSinlT1BiO6Xn1Ykpc50b-Cw If you would like my custom mobile CoC, or other builds, just ask and I might oblige. >Downloads We don't really have the latest builds first anymore. That said, I make mobile builds and desktop builds from source code when I can (and/or feel like it), and redistribute the premade builds when I can access them. I mirror them here. I am also, to my knowledge, the only person making iOS builds for TiTS nowadays. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html
Open file (97.39 KB 750x546 01.jpg)
>>680 >and it works I don't believe so. In some ways we can liken the 1950/1960ss in the US to an abusive relationship; wholesale consumerism, vapid pop culture worship, Weathermen types, etc. People of that era not only tolerated it, but mostly participated in it as well. Fast forward to today, and we're seeing the breakup of that relationship. The conversation on the right hasn't been about resolving these issues or reclaiming society, but rather about abandoning it entirely. Groups of friends are banding together in record numbers to buy land in rural states and fuck off from society altogether. Some of my neighbors even did so recently, and I too am looking for good land. These people are not buying the 'latest and greatest' shit anymore, they're not going to the theater or buying albums, they don't read the news or use social media anymore, they're not drowning in psych meds and therapy sessions, and they've stopped voting. We are seeing the exact opposite of the situation a hundred years ago, where people left their farms in droves to move to the city. Miserable freaks in the cities will continue to vent their own frustrated feelings of inferiority rather than acknowledge that they have dominion over their lives and that their shortcomings are of their own doing. No political process will change that; they are just as much at war with each other as they are their supposed enemy. The coming decades will be disastrous for anyone still in the city. If someone of a sound mind, after watching this unfold for the last decade, can remain fat, lazy, consuming video games and other nonsense while preoccupied with the state of the internet, I don't think there's much hope for them. Their type of community, both online and offline, is moving quickly towards tight-knit and hard to find groups with a high barrier of entry. The days of places like 4chan are just as gone as the white picket fence suburbs of yesterday. Demoralization only 'works' on the type of person that refuses to acknowledge this, and is desperately trying to hold on to converged hobbies and lifestyles. Everyone else is just fucking Done. I do agree that decentralization is the way to go though. The current state of communities revolves around obscurity to stay alive, rather than technical attributes. It's not a perfect solution, but nothing ever is.
>>681 It's a very timely topic considering today's (June 29, 2020) mass reddit ban. Living rural and being technologically connected aren't incompatible imo, and it's absolutely necessary if we're to live rural but also maintain our technological advancements. The larger community interactions produced really interesting and great social advancements (think of how far National Socialism has spread in the past 20 years), and it would be a shame to throw away the good with the bad simply because people are sick of the current state of things on the net. We don't have nanomanufacturing yet, so unfortunately economy of scale is also a problem when it comes to rural living. Most of the essential products are entirely dependent on factories and large scale operations, and you need cities and suburbs to support them. Megacities are worthless, however. Land values are going to only increase from here on out, barring mass death.
>>680 >cancel culture I don't care about that. I barely even watch TV. I have better things to do. I just said "Okay, i guess I won't post." No skin off my back. Just was interesting. And no, I will never buy a 4chan pass. Or turn off my ad blocker.
>>683 >I don't care about that. I watched lance grope a twelve year old last year. I will not say who it was, and she will not be coming forward; believe all women. I encourage you all to write to his university and his parents' employers about this incident.
>>684 stunning and brave. #believeallanons >>683 >I won't post That's the problem. Lots of people have just stopped posting entirely. Now all that's left on most major sites is shitposting from spammers, bots, shills and midwits. Apps are normalfag territory and largely uninteresting and mediocre, although Tiktok has had some good memes but suffers from the reliance on rich audio/video media instead of more abstract words and pictures. The /int/ crowd and their mockery of "serious discussions" belied their actual intent to destroy all discussion and simply spam bait and shit in order to drown out anything constructive, and that has been applied internet-wide. The same tactics have been applied almost uniformly, and they've been very effective at controlling discourse. All that's left is for the plug to be pulled on archive sites, data rot to set in, and history can "finally" be continuously and retroactively rewritten to suit their narratives and agendas. They HATE permanent records. We need everyone posting, frequently, and the current demoralization needs to be reversed. We also need to be able to shove all the spammers and jews into a black hole, but that is currently not a solved technological problem. If I had the wherewithal, I would dedicate my time to solving that problem, because I think we're very close to another explosive technological revolution if censorship can be demolished once and for all. Local 3D production and self sufficiency for material goods, and AI for self sufficiency for data processing and problem solving should be humanity's eventual technological goal, but we're not there yet and in the interim I think we still need an uncensored internet in order to push us to the next technological rung so we can be the first species to get past the Great Filter.
Open file (154.11 KB 1375x1279 1432016172183-2.png)
>>683 Oy vey thank you for reporting this white supremacist rapist. Here on /f/ we care about values, and anyone who violates them will be banned from life along with their white families.
Open file (56.67 KB 626x612 crop.jpeg)
>>686 Truly our greatest ally.
Open file (21.21 KB 380x377 1532779103492.jpg)
>>682 >Living rural and being technologically connected aren't incompatible Amen to that. The connection I'm using now hasn't been upgraded once since the 90s, and the only upgrade I see myself getting in the future is maybe going from aDSL to sDSL. Anything faster than dialup is plenty for anyone, unless you're hosting something. >>683 You're going to run out of places to speak.
Open file (261.96 KB 1563x707 01.png)
Saw this paper today. Relevant to a discussion we had a couple of weeks ago.
Open file (72.84 KB 309x354 redirect.jpg)
>>689 I view the idea of a "progressive" AI as a double-edged sword. One one hand, the success of such a project would likely spell the end of civilized society and the white race. On the other, the Jews are wasting years on a bloated AI that'll probably be horribly broken on launch, thereby granting us more time and opportunities to counter it.
>>684 Kek. Cancel culture is a cancer, but one that is about something utterly petty and meant to waste time. >That's the problem. Lots of people have just stopped posting entirely. hey, if 4chan wants to self destruct it can go right ahead. Also it's kind of ironic, given that most of these shows are being promoted by jews, that you're suddenly on their side. >>688 Eh, I am not as worried as you seem to be.
>>691 >most of these shows are being promoted by jews Shows?
Open file (8.70 KB 246x250 1592994230570s.jpg)
>>689 But Anon. Gorillas don't into AI.
>>685 >They HATE permanent records. This. The truth is the enemy of those who want to destroy civilized society. Pretty much has always been the case as long as this struggle has existed.
>>691 >most of these shows are being promoted by jews, that you're suddenly on their side. Shows? Cancel culture is sweeping the nation. College kids are expelled, people are losing their jobs because of something their daughter said eight years ago. A NASCAR driver lost his sponsor because of something his father said decades ago. Small businesses get letters from their banks and Mastercard saying that neither will do business with them anymore because of something entirely mundane that they've said. When it comes to celebrities, I couldn't care less which of them get cancelled, they are all worthless. But the phenomenon itself is impacting good everyday people far beyond 'shows'.
>>692 Cancel culture refers to people who want shows that depict things they don't like cancelled, or am I wrong?
>>695 ah I see.
(the term has grown to extend to more) And yeah fuck that shit, I like jeremy clarkson
>>696 No, cancel culture is when narcissists try to ruin lives for the sake of virtue signaling. They like to say that "actions have consequences", and are constantly mistaking the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) with Free Speech as an ideal of civilized society. The issue is that, what started out as a boycott on social media platforms has since morphed into something with far reaching consequences. "[Celebrity] raped a woman, so I won't watch his movies anymore" has turned into "[Average Joe] said that BLM is intentionally divisive and not helpful to society, so I'm going to call his employer, his bank, his landlord, his mother's doctor, etc." To no one's surprise, in ten years they're going to be astonished to find that they were the ones that created their own pipeline to the hard right. If you were an adolescent during this period and saw two groups in society, which would you rather align with; the sickly-looking freaks that do nothing but throw tantrums and want you to be ashamed of being white. Or the guys that like to work out, garden, joke around, and (amusingly) call each other kings? The left is creating its own boogeyman here. Hard to imagine anyone on the same side as JP Morgan and Mastercard could ever consider themselves to be on the 'right side of history.'
>>682 >today's (June 29, 2020) mass reddit ban. Hilarious development on that front today. I had a feeling it would go a certain way, and it absolutely did. A year or two ago, when they quarantined The Donald, that sub setup their own website, and it's actually doing quite well for itself. I don't remember the numbers, but it's not a small group of people at all. One of the biggest subs Reddit banned the other day was ConsumeProduct, a bunch of innawoods ecofascist types. They partnered with The Donald's new site and now have what amounts to a subreddit on their platform. The Donald's native boomers are discovering it for the first time, and they're having a great time over there. So I'll give it a year before the stereotypical Trump supporting boomer is a buff tedpilled gardener without a TV. Thanks Reddit, this is almost as good as the time they all spent a year on /pol/ because of that QAnon shit.
>>700 >So I'll give it a year before the stereotypical Trump supporting boomer is a buff tedpilled gardener without a TV tedpilled? Actually, that would be pretty remarkable sequence if it actually came true. I can't really trust boomers, but I trust the leftists even less. Interesting take Anon.
Open file (29.25 KB 576x277 01.png)
Open file (51.12 KB 581x393 02.png)
Open file (25.79 KB 571x228 03.png)
>>701 >tedpilled? "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race," and Ted Kaczynski's other two books. In the twentieth century, ecofascism and deep ecology were popularized by "Blut und boden", but developed more so around Kaczynski and Linkola towards the end of the century. Retarded people sometimes confuse either with anprim nonsense, which rejects technology itself, while ecofascism instead rejects industrialized society rather than its tools. It's basically 'cabin innawoods' as an ideology. Ted went to Harvard at sixteen, and became a professor at Berkeley. Absolutely brilliant mind. One day he got fed up with everything and fucked off to his cabin. His books are extremely articulate and well thought out. He differs from Linkola though in that Linkola thought the system could be reformed (mostly through massive population loss), while Ted thought it was better to just get rid of it altogether. Ecofascist sentiment has been on the rise ever since the globohomo nonsense started; it is largely responsible for the recent gardening craze on the right. >that would be pretty remarkable sequence if it actually came true. It's been fun watching those boomers change over time; they used to be really welcoming of gays even. But the more the left pushes, the more they lose. If you try to shame a man into thinking that the things he likes are *ist, he doesn't change his views to accommodate you, he just warms up to a variety of *isms. The left is reaping what they've sown.
Open file (328.58 KB 1785x1238 01.png)
Open file (417.13 KB 1675x1724 02.png)
>>702 Bonus panels.
>>702 >>703 >Ted Kaczynski Ahh, thanks. I know of him, but I've never read anything by him. I'll have a look into it now. There have been some interesting scientific research done that predicts there is a very distinct maximum timeframe an advanced technological civilization can sustain itself before it collapses entirely. Roughly 2'000 years is the maximum. My guess it's a much shorter period in reality.
Open file (85.74 KB 656x322 Selection_116.png)
Open file (826.51 KB 2404x1260 hobby_is_kill.jpg)
kek, he's so right. makes me wonder just how many subversive glowniggers are specifically trained in these leftist tactics, and how many come by it naturally as butthurt fee-fees first! libtards.
>>705 There has been speculation for a long time that Ted decided to open his books with his criticism of leftism solely to keep them out of the movement. The average leftist will read the first couple of pages and dismiss the guy as a far-right nutjob. But in actuality, none of his later points are even right wing (his views are societal, not necessarily political, but definitely at odds with conservatives). I have even seen people label him a 'white supremacist' for being some dude in a cabin that hated absolutely everyone.
There's still good goy's posting MR's on jewoxo's shithub which to the complete surprise of no one has not been updated yet and probably never will be at this point. In other much more useless news, hell has frozen over once more as some of the F95fags can apparently read because I recently decided to clearly mark the BOOBS mod as abandoned instead of continuing to provide false hope and at least one user informed the others.
>>707 However depending on who you are Gedan still walking the earth is a good thing (per a two hour twatter post).
Open file (47.50 KB 640x412 01.jpeg)
>>708 >Gedan still walking the earth I forgot he even existed, I suppose his life is still in shambles? For the last half a decade, every mention of Gedan has been something to this effect. Dude's going to wake up half bald at thirty one day still living like kids do in between highschool and college.
Updated TiTS mobile builds & shit because I realized I hadn't in nearly two months. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html I still don't think any of the changes are noteworthy though so I won't bother screenshotting the changelog; also it's been 1/3rd of a year since the last source code drop now.
>>707 Haha, I didn't read the new posts before making mine, so I thought I was going to be the only one in the thread who was.
>>709 That picture makes me sad. I don't think it's 100% accurate but the world would be a happier place for me with more non-gay tomboys.
>leddit I miss /r/wojak but even there there was a lot of cancer
>>712 >the world would be a happier place for me with more non-gay tomboys. Agreed.
>>708 I meant to say "two hour old twatter post" but at least most of the context was present. >>710 I would suggest stopping the production of TiTs mobile builds given the overall community assoicated with it (primarly the "dev" team who can't be arsed/don't have the balls to say "fuck you open source losers" or variations of such, in addition to "updates" generally being nothing of note except for "look at all this third party work I've merged in, that calls for another 24hr++ gaming break"). It might free your time upbeven more not having that in the back of your mind again. Also not that anyone really cares at this point but it has been nearly twelve/eleven days since the last "post" on the blog.
>>713 Reddit is roughly 99.9999% cancer though. The "board" search feature is absolute shit.
Open file (87.56 KB 1024x576 01.jpg)
>>715 >I would suggest stopping the production of TiTs mobile builds I tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen. >it has been nearly twelve/eleven days since the last "post" on the blog. Has he finally given up, or is he just dropping the facade of working throughout the week now? >>716 Back in 2008, Reddit was actually a fun place. The inherent issue is the type of person who uses such a website. Healthy people have lives, hobbies, they pursue interests and relationships throughout the day. Sites like Reddit and Twitter are attractive places to the Terminally Online, who bring their neurosis with them. While you're working, they are posting. When you go for a jog, they are arguing with each other. The only place I've encountered worse than Reddit is KPop Twitter. I get the same uncomfortable feeling reading their conversations as I would watching something extremely embarrassing happen to another person. It's kind of funny that even Reddit's Twitter account once posted a 13/50 statistic, back when people preferred to be happy instead of miserable.
Lance I have good and bad TiTS news. On the Forum one of the cock suckers replied to your latest post in the "Source Code Access" thread. >Gedan's script is gone and they are working on porting to javascript so there is just no time >SeriousBlueJewel, Yesterday at 8:37 PM What do you think will come first Flash EOL'ng on December 31st or TiTs being moved to JS (with a ton of bugs)? Also another cock sucker likes it. The post from the 24th of June (aka the latest post which is about twelve/thirteen days old now) finally a response from the "dev" team (I can't bothered to go back and check the few other times it has been asked in much older posts because if even an answer exists it is almost certainly the same) however >Savin says: >July 2, 2020 at 7:47 am >For various reasons: not for a little while longer. Any bets on how long a "little while" would be in this context besides infinity? I would not be surprised if the main reason is to add a half decent (and more legally enforceable) license instead of the abomination bullshit that currently exists or maybe if hell freezes over at least twice, adding some "documentation" to the placeholder.
Open file (15.25 MB pkmn_a.swf)
Found a nice raw of the Pokémon episode that caused all the seizures. Lazy encode to SWF so it's a bit bulky.
>>720 >they are working on porting to javascript so there is just no time Oh dear. And does that mean "porting the game to JS" or "porting the build scripts to JS?" Both suck. I say fuck it and keep using flash, the game is as dead as the medium. Also, they chose this timeline when they decided when starting a new game in around 2014/2015 to write it in Flash, even though the writing was already on the wall for it even back then and it was always clear it was living on borrowed time. I vaguely remember two or three websites ago when fen said he was thinking he'd do the new game in JS. You can see how that turned out. >any bets besides infinity? ∞-1. I wrote a license suggestion for them years ago (it was in a bug report on the original git repo that got removed). It left them with final say over everything while still permitting modifications as long as the game's "branding" was changed IIRC. I thought it was pretty reasonable and accomodating for their control-freak-ness. Never got a response from them though, and I don't have a copy anymore because I honestly don't see a point these days. >>715 >I would suggest stopping the production of TiTs mobile builds I did my last one around two months ago, and it and the last one were done purely on a whim. I used to do builds almost daily. So I'm getting better.
Open file (990.00 B 124x114 mage_again_a.png)
New head doodle, maybe I'm on the right track now (I know it's nowhere near done though; lots of things to fix)
Open file (775.39 KB 782x703 01.png)
>>722 What do they even expect a license to do for them? There are no legally-actionable entities interested in TiTS, and they're sure as hell not going to waste their fortune pursuing random individuals. If they think they're going to find some magic combination of words that curtail modding and/or piracy, they're living in the same fantasy world as the girls on OnlyFans that expect DMCA warning text to keep people from sending their stuff to their parents.
>>724 I don't expect it anymore. This was around 2015 when I still hoped they could play nicely even though they'd already proven otherwise with their handling of CoC.
>>725 (this was all in an issue someone else opened titled "no license" or something like that.
…) Now awaiting my ban.
>>727 They hated Jesus because he told them the truth.
BTW, got a hole in the condenser of my car's AC. Thankfully I have the parts car and the condenser in it _look_ okay at least.
>>722 >And does that mean "porting the game to JS" or "porting the build scripts to JS?" I assumed the former because that would be some what worthwhile (and provide a more valid excuse for yet more bugs and delay's) while doing it for build tools does nor make sense (even if one is a web developer). >>727 I hope you were looking for a side order of post deletion as well.
>>727 A reply >Considering that Gedan wrote and used a dedicated script I don't think it is that easy 10/10, at acompete guess that script probably checked the date since last push because all the world's calenders have apparently burned.
>>735 Ha, a 'dedicated script.' I too have some 'dedicated scripts' that take care of menial crap like adjusting my brightness levels, but nothing's stopping me from typing the commands manually. Honest to God, these lunatics act like the creation of TiTS is some arcane process outside the realm of our understanding. You'd think it were the TempleOS of video games, rather than a collection of gay furry fanfiction.
>>736 Yep, exactly. I too have scripts for brightness adjustments.
You have [a reply]: >That sounds fair I am not a programmer (and yes I did use a GUI), but if it really is as easy as you say it is why hasn't it been done. (there is most likely something that isn't known) More garbage from the Twatter >@FenoxoFenfen >BTW I lied, dealing with an audit is nerves fucking central. ----------- >Woke up, got an audit request from NY insurance because I have one employee living there, but it doesn't matter because our discord server got dab emotes. >blame @barakoodra. >@Gedan_AD >tfw you setup some more 2fa auth garbage using sms and you remind yourself your phone number ends in 404 and have yourself a sensible chuckle
>>739 >why hasn't it been done. Nearly two people die per second on this planet. It is an absolute tragedy that other people must do so in place of someone this dense. For every cancer patient making the most of limited time, there is someone like this with an uneventful eighty years ahead of them. Between their aversion for mods/forks, and their piracy paranoia, I certainly can't think of any reason as to why they'd stop updating their public repo. It's a mystery for the philosophy books. >dealing with an audit is nerves fucking central. An audit is literally "Produce the documents that back up these financial claims you've made." All that money, and you don't have a competent bookkeeper handling this for you? >[Twitter usernames] You ever notice how these people's entire lives revolve around buying things and consuming media. I have no idea how anyone lives like that, much less wants to broadcast it to the world as an accomplishment. If I didn't have enough in the bank to cover a video game, I'd be beyond ashamed of myself if that's where my next $60 went. But to make things worse, these are the very people complaining that they're barely scraping by under 'capitalism.'
>>740 >You ever notice how these people's entire lives revolve around buying things and consuming media That's the American Way™ of the last few decades. good goy >Between their aversion for mods/forks, and their piracy paranoia, I certainly can't think of any reason as to why they'd stop updating their public repo. It's a mystery for the philosophy books. Exactly, although I have to bowdlerize my responses somewhat on the forum. At this point he's made it clear he's not got a clue how software development works (he uses a GUI to access the git repo); he clearly isn't worth any more time.
>>740 >>741 Pile of shit coming through >Latest post >Warning: Image Pack contains more severe trip / staggered penalties than other versions since it was compiled after I started doing some edits. Also there’s a new Erra scene in there that was half-coded at the time of public patch.) https://github.com/OXOIndustries/TiTS-Public/pull/273 >First off I want to say that I appreciate the time and effort, but I'm not sure it's going to go anywhere. >Flash is being killed at the end of the year, and Gedan (the code-dragon that handles all the porting tech) is rebuilding the engine in JS (much like CoC2's) and is unlikely to spend time integrating this into the build pipeline when we're going to have to scrap the whole thing. Seeing as Gedan is doing the "work" any bets on how shit it will be besides [force of 10,000 suns]?
Question: How feasible would it be to re-implement an ImageBoard as a Gopher system running over an onion service? Could you make such a system a series of distributed personal-gopher-imageboards that interconnect with each other via some kind of Tor/BitTorrent mashup? I'm trying to spitball a feasible distributed IB system that can run across slow-speeds and terminal-only interfaces here.
>>743 >BitTorrent I should definitely qualify this. I mean BitTorrent-esque, as in P2P-esque (for distributed content & discovery), definitely not BitTorrent itself. Just a similar notion that would suffice for the task and be simple and reliable across personal onion servers.
>>741 >he uses a GUI to access the git repo The man responsible for their git repo doesn't know how to use git? Sounds like every amateur dev project ever. >>742 >Seeing as Gedan is doing the "work" any bets on how shit it will be The lad spent something like two years 'working' on a ship update that never came to be. Anytime someone brought it up, the response was always "Gedan is working day and night, you don't understand how complex this system is." After two years of nothing, Fen ended up doing the entire ship thing himself in about two weeks. Fen's staff is too busy lamenting the existence of their penises to be doing any work. >>743 The Gopher part seems unnecessary. The frontend could look something like Newsboat or Mutt - new posts arrive as 'entries' and their contents can be displayed through the program itself. Writing a new post would just open up your preferred text editor. If we're doing a P2P system, the posts are all stored locally once retrieved, so there's no reason to have something like Gopher involved. You might want to look into Bitmessage for inspiration, as it's pretty close to the overall theme here. It's a decentralized P2P email system. I mean, all we really are is a mailing list with a frontend, something like Bitmessage wouldn't be bad as it is.
>>745 alright, i'll have a look thanks for the advice.
>>745 >The man responsible for their git repo doesn't know how to use git? Sounds like every amateur dev project ever. The person in question is the primary wiki editor and not the main "coder" for what it is worth.
>>745 I didn't mean that fen used a GUI (although he likely does since he has professed to not understanding git as well). The guy who's defending him in the forum straight up said he had no idea how git worked. Posting the pic in the thread I meant to this time. Some of the best boss music ever and the boss itself is trash.
>>750 that being said I definitely enjoy FF5 the most of any game in that series and it's the only one that I actually praise the mechanics of. It's a shame they went back to shitty systems for every game after it.
I've been browsing cuck/f/ a bit lately out of curiousity. Due to it entirely consisting of reposts of old (good) content and oc, the niche topic of the board, and the relatively small userbase, it's surprisingly high quality for what it is while being surprisingly active.
>>753 4/f/ has been like that for a very long time. I remember I posted three or four feature length movies compressed down to 10MB flash files, (i think I chose Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Meaning of Life, and The Big Lebowski) and someone else responded with their own 10MB encode of shawn of the dead at a higher framerate and slightly higher resolution than I'd been able to (he used h.264, which is a lot harder to do because flash only allows h.264 videos from a URI. So he made it a byte array and converted it to a base64 URI I think). Anyway, the fact that someone else thought it was neat and took the time to make an improved comeback was awesome.
Open file (202.69 KB 800x689 01.png)
You knew it was coming, repent. https://lkml.org/lkml/2020/7/4/229
>>755 Can't see that behind Cuckflare. Mind giving us a Wayback, or at least a quick breakdown?
>>755 >''The goal is to maximize availability and +efficiency of the global developer community to participate in the Linux +kernel development process.'' Translation: We need more sub-Saharan niggers to halp build a better Loonix!11 TBH What could possibly go wrong?
>>755 Why not just abandon it at all? It's irredeemable white ebil supremacist tech.
>>755 My master and slave drivers were outdated when I was using AGP and IDE, so I updated to SATA and PCI-E. Now Linux wants to change the definitions to Dom and Sub. What a time to be alive. Also, blacklist is offensive unless there are ebil nahtzees on it. Linux is finished. Exactly as planned.
>>760 >Also, blacklist is offensive unless there are ebil nahtzees on it. You are so right, fellow bikelock-guy Put those ebil nahdzee words on the Whitelist! >oh wait..
>the master/slave thing Still the pettiest thing to get mad over, ever. Actually, I heard something on NPR about this stuff (not the linux kernel in this case, but just tech industry in general) yesterday, and was pleased when the interviewer basically said to the SJW (don't remember the exact words) "There are those out there that claim this sort of nomenclature has technical rationale, and that renaming things is just going to cause confusion - and that to effect actual changes in the ways people are treated, there are much more meaningful things that have to be done first. They say that these issues are basically distractions of little importance. What is your response to them?" …And the SJW responded with something about how "blacklist" and "whitelist" are apparently racist (even though they aren't at all, just coincidental usage of the words white and black which have connotations other than race historically, such as death/life or evil/good). Allow list/block list is okay, but she tried to claim that they were "less confusing" than blacklist/whitelist. Who the actual fuck doesn't know vaguely what blacklist and whitelist mean, even if they aren't technically inclined? Anyway, what i'm trying to say is, this is a stupid but meaningless change that only serves to make the git repository take that much longer to clone.
Also this kind of reminds me of how my grandpa calls people of partial native american descent "half breeds." I don't think he means badly by it, it's just what they called them in the 30's. I foresee I will come to understand him more as time moves on.
>>762 It's plain this has become such a big mess that the only thing that can solve it ATP is to make C+= the official programming language of Linux--and in fact the entirety of every piece of tech ever. Once that's done then we can all relax and get on with more trivial things, like war etc. https://www.hastac.org/blogs/ari-schlesinger/2013/11/26/feminism-and-programming-languages https://github.com/TheFeministSoftwareFoundation/C-plus-Equality
>>764 There needs to be some rule to prevent everyone from false-flagging as feminists.
Have a nice picture
>>755 JUST
Open file (270.10 KB 1584x903 01.png)
>>758 I pretty much have at this point. All of my servers are off, and I don't even keep up with OpenBSD much anymore. I have been spending my day elsewhere, and my life is all the better. >>762 >how "blacklist" and "whitelist" are apparently racist "When I read 'blacklist', I obviously and immediately think of black people in a negative context, please fix this problematic language." And somehow, everyone else is the racist here. The issue here isn't even the change to the language; I could care less about that. It is about (again, pattern recognition being key here), what happens to projects every time they go through this process. Good developers that care about their work instead of politics will be hounded by ideologues for not being on board with the program, and driven away. Code quality will suffer as the project slides further from a meritocracy. Sane people will flee a project overtaken by petty arguments by miserable people. Clouds never killed anyone, but people still know when to prepare for a tornado. Making informed predictions about future events based on the conclusions of the past is a basic survival trait. And this will go down exactly as it always has. Nothing short of stacked bodies is going to fix this society, but you can at least learn to recognize your enemy in the mean time. >>763 I shall repost, once more, the blessed man's articulations on the origins of derogatory words, and why older people seem to use more of them - their meanings have been changed. >>765 They could just be normal people who are also kind and considerate, rather than ideologues. Attaching a label to yourself, wearing pink hats, etc does not change the world. A Twitter account full of hashtags does not improve women's lives. A respectful person will have done more than any self-identified feminist ever will.
>>768 It's a good time to enjoy the weather. I feel like we're nearing the end of the simulation. Everything feels off, memory leaks, buffer overflows... I think I caught the 'rona. 80% of all infections are normally asymptomatic, so hopefully it's a mild case. I'll keep seeing you guys either here or there. Keep on keeping on, Anons.
Time for more drunk posting. >>769 As comforting as the idea that we're seeing the beginning of the end for clown world is, I think the true root cause of this supposed breakdown of reality is many people experiencing psychological damage bred from isolation. Psysical sickness is now the least of your concern. I cannot say for certain what will happen on a societal level (though I can guess), I can say with greater certainty what will happen on an individual scale. Having first-hand experience with proper isolation (e.g. borne of an unnatural environment, as opposed to mere isolation/semi-isolation from postmodern society that some people elect for in the form of going off-the-grid), I am in a position whereby I can forsee the course this will ultimately take. As I see it, society at large is entering into a mid-stage of sorts, where perception of reality begins to break down. With reduced stimulation, particularly social stimualtion (in-person interactions especially, which are the most important kind), the mental foundation for what constitutes reality as conferred by the little daily interactions we normally engage in (this usually takes the form of small-talk) is starting to crumble. At this point, everyone is relying more heavily on popular media as a substitute, something which they are taking full advantage of. This substitute, however, is insufficient. While the mental breakdown process may be slowed, it cannot be stopped by the current measures alone. Slowly, but surely, the psychological breakdown process will continue. With a drought of the necessary stimulation to perceive reality, the mind will activate its next line of defence in the form of delusions. This will take the form of increasingly vivid daydreams, which will slowly start to take over the waking hours of the day until finally, as the late-stage is reached, you will find yourself blinking out, for lack of a better term, of reality for hours at a time without you even realizing it. Imagine, if you will, suddenly having a train of thought. Excepting sufficient external stimuli, you will look at the clock when this train has reached the final stop several hours later. However, by your own perception, only a few minutes have passed. Allthroughout this process of detachment from reality, your motivation for real activities will also be greatly affected. The things that you find enjoyable now, the goals you have now, will slowly become less interesting as they prove no longer sufficient to hold your attention. The only form of escape will be within your own mind, the very same mind that is slowly forgetting what reality actually is. After a certain point, one which I imagine is a little different for everyone, a nigh-inescapable negative feedback loop is created where you lose your ability to be stimulated by external reality, and your only anchor for stimulation is the mind that can no longer properly perceive reality. The end-stage is not pretty, and whether or not you survive it will entirely depend on your ability to stabilize yourself. Neither friends nor family, nor all the sage advice in the world nor anything else can help you. Only you can save yourself from the poison that now brews within your own mind. Even then, if you make it out of this, what you are experiencing now will follow you for the rest of your life, and the embrace of death will always be a step away. I hope this rant is wrong. I really really hope I'm wrong about everything and I'm just spouting inebriated bullshit, because this is the worst thing that anyone can experience. Nobody should have to feel their own mind attacking them.
>>770 Heh, that's some seriously Philip K. Dick-tier thought processes going on right there BO. :^) >Only you can save yourself from the poison that now brews within your own mind. Actually, you can't IMO. As a Christian I'm firmly convinced that the absolute best of humanity is--apart from God's help--depraved beyond description and entirely irredeemable. Satan and the impact of sin have seen firmly to that. Not only does having Christ in your heart aid you with this kind of trial during this life, it also opens up an unimaginable vista in eternity. OTOH, the most wealthy, comfy, prosperous individual without God will still die just the same, and then the judgement. Here's my take on the philosophy of reality you're positing. >A) Reality is actually, well, real (not a simulation). We quite obviously don't understand everything about it, but we know enough to evaluate it's basis. >B) There are no 'versions' of the truth. There is just the truth. As in singular. Anyway, I hope things get better for you Anon. Try to go easy on the drinking yea? Thanks to everyone here for all the interesting convos, and especially to you for caring to maintain the place. Cheers. :^)
>>771 Before I proceed, I will state for the interest of transparency that my perspective is one of a man who has never, at any point in time, harbored any form nor serious thoughts of spirituality. I completely agree that the default state of mankind, as a general rule, is destructive (though this takes different forms depending on race and background). The salvation I speak of is that of self-preservation, particularly that of the mind. The process of finding the willingness to live each day is something that must begin at the self. To analogue with your Christian perspective: by what mechanism does any convert reach the light of God? Although an epiphany may be reached or some other divine insight provided (things which I am personally skeptical of), those first steps are surely taken alone. Your hand is not being forced to the cross, nor are your steps being forced to church. Those initial movements must be borne of a willingness from within. In lock-step with my own perspective: by what mechanism does anyone get up out of bed each day? In order to get up, you must have a reason to get up. If you one day find that you no longer have a reason to get up, you must conjure a reason to get up. If you cannot conjure a reason to get up, then all is lost. To be able to make up reasons even when none obstensibly exist is what can pull anyone out of the darkest depths of the poison which threatens to consume our minds (or at the very least, keep one from falling to death itself). To your latter points, I agree with A, but not necessarily B. Although there are a freat many hard truths in this life of ours, there are also personal truths which are impertative to building a personal philosophical foundation. As a benign example, what would you say is your favorite form of literature? Do you prefer comedy, or tragedy? Do you prefer prose, or poetry? Do you prefer it dry, or a deep royal lavender? Now, ask yourself why you have these preferences. Wherever this train of thought takes you, it will take you to the truth, so long as you are truthful with yourself. However, someone else may find themselves reaching a different answer, which is also the truth, though only in their eyes. Similarly, someone might reach the same answer as you, but for vastly different reasons. This is important because even though it doesn't define physical reality, it defines perceived reality. These perceptions, the finest details of which are something only you hold, dictate to you your thoughts, words, and actions, which in turn affect the physical reality around you.
>>772 >To analogue with your Christian perspective: by what mechanism does any convert reach the light of God? Although an epiphany may be reached or some other divine insight provided (things which I am personally skeptical of), those first steps are surely taken alone. Your hand is not being forced to the cross, nor are your steps being forced to church. Those initial movements must be borne of a willingness from within. Scripture says no man can come to God unless God first draws him. You've also touched on what is one of the more challenging scriptures as well: > "For those God foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brothers." https://biblehub.com/romans/8-29.htm Recognizing God's transcendence and access to more time dimensions than the half-dimension of time we all currently experience resolves this apparent conundrum, but it has baffled minds for 2 millennia. So I'd say it's plainly a two-way proposition, but the relationship definitely begins from the Creator. >In order to get up, you must have a reason to get up. Yea the instinct for survival is quite remarkable in and of itself in my opinion. I guess I should qualify my perspective on 'Truth' a little better. I think of things from the transcendent perspective of God, that is outside this universe and it's constituent time, space, matter, and energy. From that purview it's a static thing almost, like an amazing and beautiful crystalline Objet D'art sitting on God's mantelpiece. A recording as it were. :^) From that analogy, there are no versions of it. It is what it is.
>>772 >>773 should've added this cool painting to that last post.
Open file (89.10 KB 599x825 01.jpg)
>>770 Reading about the effects of this isolation is totally alien to me. I have gone months at a time without speaking to anyone at all. I'm out working, hiking, doing yard work, and generally living a good life, but out in the woods absent other people. That so many people would find this same situation maddening is almost unfathomable, as I prefer it. And as you all know, I turned out to be totally well adjusted. >>771 >Philip K. Dick Good choice in reading. One of his earlier works, Second Variety, is among my favorite. >>772 >by what mechanism does anyone get up out of bed each day? This ties into the broader questions of "Why are we here?" and "What is happiness?" Everyone needs to find something worth living for, whether that be their faith, another person, or just themselves. I have met so many miserable people over the years, and they were always fully in control of their circumstances, but unwilling to put in the effort. You'd have someone that hated their job, but they needed that job to afford where they were living. Of course, they had no ties at all to where they were living, but were still wholly incapable of putting in the effort to move somewhere else and find a better job. There were people living with relatives they hated, but were unwilling to move. People that were desperately lonely yet made no effort to meet anyone. People whose days consisted solely of eating, video games, and masturbation, but couldn't understand why they were depressed. Personally, I get out of bed each morning because I should, and that's it. I know how to eat well, how to exercise, how to avoid the dopamine cycle. And I also know the long term consequences for not doing these things. They may not be the highlight of my day, but I owe it to myself that I make the most of this life, and my physical and mental well-being is a key element of that. I have built a life centered around good habits, and I can honestly say that I am quite happy, which is more than I could have in my youth. I want for very little, and can appreciate the small things in my day. Life is quite simple and pleasant once you separate what you actually want from what society tells you you should want.
So, it's 2020 and I now for the first time in my life own a Playstation 2 (the fat kind; SCPH-30001 R). Gonna do my damnedest to boot a linux kernel on it without buying a used "official" PS2 linux disc to do so. It looks like it should be doable if I borrow my friend's copy of a 007 game. Of course I'll need to nab a network adapter and locate where my parallel ATA to SATA adapter went.
Open file (4.28 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20200713_111236.jpg)
>>778 Picrel
>>771 As a non-christian, lol I'm a nihilist if anything, but that doesn't mean I don't try to improve my life or the lives of those I care about. Maybe I'll write an essay about it later, not in the mood right now. >>768 >"When I read 'blacklist', I obviously and immediately think of black people in a negative context, please fix this problematic language." And somehow, everyone else is the racist here. Well said. And I agree about the labelling thing, overall
Here, take a hit from the "this is only 10 years old" nostalgia train. They just re-upped it in higher quality (480p). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofSc4hvcXzQ
That's one of my all-time favorite stupid youtube videos, btw.
flashmaster: I just discovered this, looks like it might not have gone anywhere but if you're still wanting more devices to read your MFM/RLL hard disks, maybe you could contact someone involved with the project. https://discferret.com/wiki/DiscFerret Just stumbled onto that while reading about how Jordan Mechner rediscovered the source code for the Apple II version of Prince of Persia a few years ago.
Open file (1.14 MB 4023x2201 01.jpg)
Those tapes I ordered from Russia a few months are starting to arrive. Pretty neat.
>>784 Those are indeed neat. Unrelated, but I think blue LED's should be banned. I just hate them.
Open file (23.65 KB 318x396 13167823.jpg)
>>777 <digits >PKD He was a remarkable man. Tragic genius type of story tbh. Probably responsible for more film scripts than most any other 'unknown', many posthumously. >One of his earlier works, Second Variety, is among my favorite. You may be pleased with this then: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/32032/32032-h/32032-h.htm
Open file (114.63 KB 811x1109 rkn-tan.jpg)
Today I discovered there's a -tan for the Russian censorship bureau (Roskomnadzor-tan / Роскомнадзор-тян; often shortened to rkn-tan).
Open file (1.92 KB 352x240 mage_again_4.png)
Open file (2.14 KB 352x240 mage_again_4.png)
Open file (136.27 KB 800x401 powerbook.jpg)
Powerbook problems
>>770 Zen and "living in the moment" are a good way to deal with existential dread and all the psychological shit. Honestly, the most productive I've ever been was trying to simply maintain flow in every present moment. It's fine to think about the future and to plan for it, but the key is to never take the plans too seriously because they make you less flexible and you'll miss opportunities in the now. The only people I really feel sorry for are people with chronic pain/conditions, where every hour or day they're in terrible pain. If you're physically healthy you really don't have anything to complain about. People with ruptured discs, pancreatitis, bone-on-bone joints... Those people have it rough imo.
>>792 my 90 year old grandpa's getting heart surgery today so he can safely get back surgery. He's willing to take that risk for the possibility of less pain :|
>>793 That's a rough surgery. I wish him all the best.
Just culled network-manager on my last machine that had it (the powerbook). >>794 Thanks. Seems to be okay, so far. I hope he got my letter in the mail before the surgery happened.
I've been trying to compile a newer Firefox for PPC, and rust is becoming a huge annoyance now. When I last did a cross-build of a Mozilla product (Seamonkey), there was no rust at all to worry about and life was (relatively) good.
My seamonkey build is still working alright, but I would like to have newer firefox as well just for compatibility. And the Debian FF powerpc builds (and every other distro's) are somewhat bad, just because they don't have a few bug fixes and mitigations that I have in my builds. They perform significantly worse.
Really, though, it's performing way better than I ever expected it to, and the only things I really am missing are a newer Java version than Java 6 that has a PowerPC-native JIT (I am using IBM's Java 6 SDK with J9) and a good Flash/ActionScript 3 player (lightspark pretty much sucks still at this point, although it is slowly improving/getting less crashy). AS2/old flash stuff is working great in Gnash, though, although it is getting harder to keep Gnash compiling properly in 2020 on any platform. Performance is good once it's built regardless.
Unrelated, but I still love this board's banner. I know I made it, but I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for other famous flashes. (I'm not tired of this one though)
Open file (42.47 KB 1019x1040 01.jpg)
>>799 Lance, thought I'd share. Looks handy: http://www.fumotousa.com/index.php
Open file (293.07 KB 1240x775 disdainful_ben_tbh.jpeg)
>>801 WAS UNCLE TED RIGHT ALL ALONG!? I'm going to go out of my way to include the terms whitelist blacklist master slave and any other triggering words I can think of in my own software from now on, and as much as I can get away with at work. TRANNIES CAN GO COPE D*LATE
Open file (7.18 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20200720_205332.jpg)
Best grill distrusts large corporations You know what grinds my gears? Waiting for libreoffice to launch. Those two things are related; I'm keeping a spreadsheet so I can be sure to get the yuffie date this time. Apparently I wasn't enough of a jerk to Tifa last time around (Tifa is great and all, don't get me wrong. And definitely the best fit for Cloud. I'm just a sucker for tomboys)
>>802 Hey, cool. Saved. >>801 And you thought OpenBSD was immune. >>803 I'll continue using my terminology as usual until someone calls me out on it. Not happened yet. Then I'll play it by ear. I'm not going to go out of my way on some ideological crusade with the sole intent of triggering stupid people for something that is honestly not a huge deal (just retarded).
Open file (178.57 KB 505x889 01.jpg)
>>803 >WAS UNCLE TED RIGHT ALL ALONG!? Was he ever wrong? >>805 >And you thought OpenBSD was immune. So it goes. I have reduced my computer usage to about an hour in the evening some days, other days none at all. There is nothing good in tech, and it must be treated like the vice it is. >something that is honestly not a huge deal Sometimes I legitimately have to wonder if the ability to extrapolate is all that separates the right from the left. One group is simply not sagacious at all.
Open file (65.15 KB 461x427 1574490777766(1).png)
I never really thought about it until now, but mixing alcohol with nicotine and caffiene makes a weird speedball effect. Also, I may or may not appoint a new BO at some point in the near future. If I do, I'll notify everyone here and post the result on IRC. No matter how bad things get, I'll never leave /f/ in the dark. >>801 I'm not even sure if it even began. Everything in this damn world is a subversion of what it was supposed to be. Computers aren't just computers, they're a worldwide representation of the movement of information. We went from tablets to scrolls to books to printed books to newspapers to computers to web-connected computers, and it's all the same in the end. It's all just information, and information can be stemmed and subverted to the needs and ends of anyone powerful or resourceful enough to make it happen. I believe that the four primary aspects of this are control of information available, control of information output, control of information mentally assimilated, and control of informational mediums accessed. The first is controlled by whoever has direct control of the backbones of the internet, and to a slightly lesser degree, the websites on the internet. These things can only be managed by entities, and not individuals. We have already seen this being utilized to the end of broad censorship. Websites and providers have been rolling out the banhammer in full force to content creators which go against the established agenda. The second is controlled partially by organizations, and partially by individuals, though lately more by the former than the latter. This is where recent developments of BSD and Linux come in. Using both software and hardware, organizations have been maximizing the output of information to their own servers. On the hardware level, we have already been seeing this for quite some time with IME and PSP (the AMD kind, not the fun Sony kind). On the software level, we have already been seeing this with Windows, and it is bleeding into other operating systems and some software. The individual can exercize some level of control by selecting the most secure combinations of software and hardware, but this is becoming increasingly difficult and obscure. We may live to see old software boxes and archaeic hardware become worth more than its weight in gold. However, control is being taken away from the indiuidual as the second aspect of information bleeds into the first, and becomes increasingly controlled by third parties which have no interest in the sovereignty of the individual. The third point is, on paper, controlled entirely by the indivuidual. Reality, however, is never so black and white. Information mentally assimilated by the individual can be controlled by outside factors not only including information made available, but also by social factors. Humans are inherintly social creatures, and will ultimately be influenced by a combination of outside pressure and available information, though this varies according to the individual. Someone who can one hundred percent avoid outside influence is a statistical outlier, and likely defective. I could probably write a very lengthy monografe about the relationship between the self and the outside world, but I think this is sufficient to make the point. The fourth is on paper, and moreso than the third in practice, controlled by the individual. One can conceivably control which mediums of information they utilize. However, this is becoming harder to do, and increasingly pointless nonetheless. By exercizing control over whether you take in everything from books or computers, the end result will be the same. Books can age and fade, much like computers. To take a personal example, the oldest book I have is from the late seventeenth century (and it's satirical poetry about period politics), and it took quite a while to track down something that old. The information of the old world is being scanned and distributed by very wealthy organizations and individuals, whithertofore have the capacity to control what we know and believe about those who so before us came. It tis all a verty great game of sheperding the past in real time. So to do the books age, and all we will have are the scans of old texts which can be trusted less and less with each passing year. Will those who come one hundred years aft us have any source material from the eighteenth century, or even the nineteenth? Those sources we trust now may yet be trusted, but for how long? Even thus can we be sure that we have trustworthy sources without having actual hold of the material from the time? Who knows how altered a reprint of a work from the thirteenth century may be. The only way to win this grand game is to avoid it entirely, and those who do shall surely be forgotten forever, and forevermore it shall be as if you have never existed, because to remove oneself from the game of information is to remove oneself from information itself, and thus society entirely.
I keep getting this weird sensation of not feeling pain, yet also knowing the pain exists all the same. Like some bizzare duality.
>>807 Don't get into actual speedballs though. RIP John Belushi. I'll read the rest of that (because it looks interesting) after I sleep a bit. Have to be out the door at 6 A.M. today to get a vietnamese friend to the DMV to renew his learners' permit. I could go later in the day but then there'd be a line and I hate the DMV enough already. Quick thought: I wish the prices on the Raptor computers would go down a ways. They look very nice from the standpoint of user freedom; if I understand correctly the motherboard chipset is implemented in an FPGA, so you could even "re-wire" it to act as a big endian system if you so desired (POWER9 is bi-endian).
>>808 Physical pain?
>>806 >not sagacious at all You approved of my taste in tomboys, which is intellectually pretty well thought-out. Also, I'm not such a consoomer that I feel the need to get new hardware every year or five (to keep up with the joneses or whatever). It's somewhat of a simplification to treat people as entirely left-leaning or right-leaning. Deviating from the party platforms happens. There are people who are socially liberal but fiscally conservative, too, for instance, although most of them are only in the lower levels of government (happens a lot more at the state/county/municipal levels than federal). I have voted for such candidates running under the republican party because I agree with fiscal responsibility even while seeing authoritarianism in cultural and social interactions as overstepping boundaries and encroaching on the rights of those guilty of "wrongthink." I don't have a problem with people saying 'n-nooooo master/slave jumpers are racially charged," because I accept at some level that freedom of speech means for other people too, even if I think they should get themselves vasectomies/tied ovaries so they can't make more stupids. It's my freedom to think that (and say that), just not to enforce my will over others. I also wish more people were smart enough/good enough critical thinkers to actually do some research after hearing that "racial" argument and realize that it's actually not racial at all. But because the news has been reduced to meet attention spans that are shorter than Mickey Rooney, and because it's easier for people to pat themselves on the back than face a PR nightmare for defending their (valid) reasons, it turns into another "You have to support Israel or you're as bad as Hitler" fight that you just can't win against the overwhelming weight of stupidity (and obesity) in this country. All of that said (I know I rambled a lot), it's still such an inconsequential hill to die on I'd rather pick a battle more worthwhile.
>>807 I agree with what you're saying, but my feelings are the exact opposite. I have no desire to Not be removed from society, and I'm not sure what value you could possibly see in remaining. Yes, absent any accomplishments, you will die one day and be totally forgotten, as have over a hundred billion other individuals before you; you would not be the outlier missing out here, but the norm. Society is choosing its current path willingly. The masses of useful idiots are certainly being influenced by those with money and power, but they are still sentient beings of independent thought. That they choose to consider nothing critically, and take each facet of our rapid decline at face-value, while refusing to put these individual events together, is entirely of their own free will. These are the people that either would or would not remember you after your passing; what is the value of either path with them? By checking out from society, you will miss out on the movement of information, current events, and so forth - all concerning These people. The people of today are not having grand philosophical discussions; you are not missing out on the modern Painted Porch. They are fabricating narcissistic lies on social media for the approval of people they've never met. They are worshiping the societal opinions of the talent-less hacks that comprise modern celebrities. They are chasing fulfillment through the purchase of new products. They all feel hellbent on being individuals, but are utterly incapable of expressing themselves outside of signaling publicly which Products of international corporations they utilize. Are these the people you want to remember you? From your previous posts on this topic, I get the feeling there is a psychological need you're trying to fulfill within the realm of socialization. I don't know if that's companionship or accomplishment, but it's like you're trying to hang on to something you know is absolute garbage because you'll miss out on something if you don't. You don't need the entirety of society just to be remembered, or to not be alone; just a few good people. I have been talking to a few other people about the bunker/farm in the woods, and would like to have about a dozen people on board. We will probably all be Ruby Ridged at some point (at least you won't be forgotten), because Lord knows the feds won't leave people outside their control alone, but you are welcome to live out your days surrounded by sane people of good character, if that interests you.
Open file (39.88 KB 696x288 01.png)
>>811 It should be noted that when I speak of the left or right, I am entirely speaking about the social left or right, and never the economic. I have no strong opinion about leftist economics (healthcare, basic income, etc), other than to say that I don't trust people; neither those in government distributing, nor those in the public receiving. Were society a positive group that could handle these things, I'd have no issue. The people I'm referring to prefer to be called Progressives, but I will not honor them with such a bastardized title. Also, there are no 'party platforms' to deviate from, they are exactly the same. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump - if you gave a foreigner a history of each one's presidency and asked them to decide which part of the spectrum they belonged to, they would struggle because each one is nothing more than a warmongering corporatist. Their party's 'platform' is a marketing tactic - behind the scenes, they all get along fine. Despite their constant talk of continued investigation, I have no doubt that the dems will ignore Trump the moment he leaves office, just as Trump did Clinton. US politics is an exercise in sheep herding. My criticism of your extrapolation stems from seeing people of your viewpoint, time and again, refusing to connect the dots. Absolutely no one cares about the language being used in tech, it does not matter. I want you to re-read that sentence because I have said it before and you are bringing up The Language Change once more. What matters is the Type Of Person dictating these changes; a narcissistic ideologue that will undoubtedly derail whatever project he joins (as we can see countless examples of already). But people of this viewpoint adamantly refuse to extrapolate; they attack each issue at face-value (changes to the language), as if it were without context and hindsight. They seem incapable of drawing conclusions about the Type Of Person responsible, and the implications that person will have on the future of the project. Instead, they actually become mired in pointless arguments about the event itself, and not the events it portends. And that is what baffles me, because the type of person that wallows through disconnected events individually always seems to be a leftist ("BLM is not divisive at all, don't black lives matter to you?"). If I showed up to a doctor appointment and told him that I'd lost fifty pounds in the last month and thought I was getting a bit too skinny, he would not simply prescribe me some weight-gaining aid and send me on my way. He would be rightly concerned that there was an underlying cause for this change, and that the weight loss was nothing more than a symptom of dire things to come (eg; a cancer diagnosis). The language change is sudden weight loss, the rabid narcissists are the cancer.
What's the "safest" way of running flash on your computer currently? I've been just running the standalone flash player that you have to dig for on adobes site but I'm sure that's a huge risk. I know I could just run a vm and download and play flash files through that but I'd rather not go through the trouble if it turns out that it's extreme over kill to do that. >>779 Every fucking picture in this thread of a poster's battle station is so comfy.
Open file (534.48 KB 1340x619 sensi transgender.png)
>>806 >One group is simply not sagacious at all. IMO, sort of a side-artifact of intrinsic mental illness that comes along for the ride, given their life-choices.
>>812 >You don't need the entirety of society just to be remembered, or to not be alone; just a few good people Well said. I would simply add "or even just One Person" :^)
>>814 a) Don't b) Get over it c) Stop using windows >>814 That one's not a battlestation, just me putting stuff on a free surface to test it and open it up. I got it (the PS2) booting off a memory card today by borrowing a friend's copy of "Agent Under Fire" to do a disc swap trick with.
>>813 I still think those people are the worst sorts for rejecting true idealism in favor of scapegoating their problems on anything and everything. They have huge persecution complexes.
>Don't use flash >On /f/ :^) I mainly use linux for the usual reasons. I have a windows laptop for software like flash and other exe files I'd rather not run with wine. At some point when I get the hardware I'll have multiple computers, with some sandboxed from the internet for security reasons, so I don't have to run questionable software on my main machines. I doubt I'll be able to do that for some time unfortunately. >>817 I should have said set up with that in mind. Still very comfy. Have you gotten Free McBoot installed onto it yet?
>>819 Is there a way to compile flash into an .exe file or something Anon?
Open file (101.69 KB 1080x1063 K92L.jpg)
Wow, amazing to see people still clinging onto these threads after so long, but man the inf shutdown has really brought the mood down. Stay strong lads
Open file (1.13 MB 891x1614 01.jpg)
>>820 I assume he means the standalone flash player, a .exe you can get from Adobe's site. >>821 >the inf shutdown The what? Miserable ideologues fucking up the world bring my mood down a bit, not the shutdown of anything.
Open file (504.75 KB 2505x1658 01.jpg)
If only you knew how bad things really are.
Open file (19.64 KB 307x225 porn games.png)
>>820 You can (a note worthy example is the original version of Binding of Isaac) but that's not what I'm doing. As >>822 said, I'm using the stand alone version adobe provides here https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html There's also the Newgrounds flash player, which iirc claims to have extra security tacked on, but I haven't seen proof of that anywhere and I been able to get that to work with anything that doesn't come from newgrounds. >>823 On this note, it always baffles me how much random porn games make off of Patreon. What kind of person do you have to be to donate that much to a game that will never be finished?
Holy FUCK, I missed you guys.
Open file (5.57 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20200724_185726.jpg)
Welp, here we go. Finally made it to just under halfway through Phantasy Star II.
>>822 >the what? assuming they mean infinite chan. >>819 The safest way is not to. Like how being a virgin and not using drugs greatly decreases your chances of getting HIV. >Have you gotten Free McBoot installed onto it yet? Yes. First thing I did. Still need to find a PATA drive and a PS2 network adapter, but that will happen in time. >>823 Dear lord. >>824 >What kind of person do you have to be to donate that much to a game that will never be finished? The kind that pays money for crayon drawings of furshit. Gnash also is a flash player implementation for Actionscript 2 stuff, although I have seen no claims made about its security and it is pretty much unmaintained and needs a couple patches to build. I can provide those patches if you are having trouble locating them. Lightspark still sucks, don't even bother with it.
>>827 >infinite chan Ah, I was thinking 'infrastructure'. Kind of glad 8ch went to be honest; quality in the smaller communities has gone up considerably since the barrier to entry is much higher. >being a virgin ... decreases your chances of getting HIV. Rather extreme, lad. You can't die in a car accident if you never go outside either. Just marry someone that doesn't cheat on you and didn't arrive with STDs from a prior relationship. >The kind that pays money for crayon drawings of furshit. I have a feeling that it's not really about the art itself. You know those idiots in the Sneaker world that shell out like $400+ for a $20 pair of shoes - not just once, but rather they often have a closet full of overpriced shoes they never take out of the box? The shoes by themselves are basically worthless; absolutely no one is going to marvel at the quality of a pair of sneakers glued together by children in a Chinese sweatshop. They would last all of twenty minutes on a strenuous hike. But the consumer buys them solely to signal status and receive acceptance from other consumers. Perhaps furshit is much like that: "I have a $200 crayon drawing by this popular 'artist' other people like, and he did it just for me!"
>>828 it was an extreme statement on purpose. Just like not running flashes is extreme.
and your description of furshit is probably accurate too
>>830 It's 1000% accurate. Furries will pay out the ass for a single high-res png of their special character if drawn by the right one. That's why "Your Character Here" drawings (also known as "I didn't finish this sketch, but you can pay me to finish it with YOUR ORIGINAL CHARACTER!!!") sell for so much. There's also "adoptables" for the creatively bankrupt that want a designer character from someone. Don't let the media shill machine fool you for a second: furfaggotry is 90% how special you can make out with yourself to be, and the remaining ten percent is split between degenerate fetishes and that one(1) guy who just thinks werewolves are cool with no sexual undertones. Honestly if I had half a bit of artistic talent I'd retire early taking furfag money for a while. Not that my meager drawing can't probably make some profit, but if I'm going to draw shit I want to at least be personally satisfied with the product and my shit isn't up to a level I would feel comfortable selling, even to them.
>>831 I've seen "adoptables" before. It's appalling both that: a) there are people that will pay for someone else's character b) artists are willing to sell them (anything for a buck, I guess, though). I don't really blame the artists, on account of me not being sure I'd be that resolute if I knew I could make easy money that way. And don't be so sure; I know someone on IRC (not closely, but they're in a couple of the same channels as me a lot) who's boasted about his shitty furry art that he commissioned. It really looked like crayon.
A couple of snippets (reformatted slightly) from the blog: >Hey guys! Fenoxo here. I’m not dead, nor am I just sitting around playing Overwatch all day or whatever the hot new shit is. As you may have seen on my twitter posts in between off topic rants, the backlog be a harsh mistress, but the end is in sight! >Since my last post, the following projects have been approved for coding: > Kimber expansion > A new scene for using too much “Yibb-Tstll’s Reflexive Lube” > Frostwyrm & Nykke polyamory expansion > Shizuya intro rework (though TBH, this is mostly options to skip some of the longer introductions). > Bhakar, a six-armed bear chef (pending adjustments to his race’s backstory for lore consistency) >I’m also now reviewing a 200 page space k-pop group submission from Fr0sty, author of projects like Extrameet, Tessa, and Narc. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting read. >Regular updates will resume once the backlog is cleared. I’m getting closer! >(And also we had a very good UI update meeting Tuesday. Jacques00 had some amazingly polished prototype images, and we have some potentially very exciting improvements that could come with the switch off of Flash.) >>823 >So in a rather surprising turn of events, Steam has gone ahead and said we can actually list Corruption of Champions II on their storefront. No, really. It’s listed on Steam right now. Had to go through a couple rounds of adding more and more clothing to Kasyrra’s promotional art until they said it was okay, but the game itself is completely unchanged. >Right now the game’s available to be added to wishlists. The actual “release” into Early Access will probably be around the time of the next public patch, if all goes well. Here’s what you get: > Game will cost a flat ~$10. > It will auto-update with every public patch. NOT BACKERS PATCHES. Those are still for Patreon/Sponsus/Subscribestar backers exclusively. Yes, public updates will still be free here on Fenoxo.com, don’t worry. > You get cloud-saving. > As soon as Steam will let us, you’ll get trading cards and achievements.
Open file (795.76 KB 1288x1732 01.png)
>>831 >"Your Character Here" drawings >"adoptables" I don't know much about furries and haven't heard of either. Adoptables sound like the stupidest shit. I've seen some good (non-furry) OC art on Pixiv before, and can understand giving the artist money to encourage them to keep drawing a character you like. But if I understand adoptables correctly, you're giving someone money for the permission to draw ('adopt') that character? What the fuck. >>832 Artists in general are pretty retarded people. Where a programmer might throw his crap on GitHub and hope other people use it for something, artists will blow a gasket if anyone so much looks at their art in an unapproved manner. "You didn't credit me for that screenshot of my Twitter post!", "You copied my character's eyelashes!" You never find an artist that's like "Yeah, you can do whatever you want with my art except try to resell it. I'd appreciate a link to my page if you can. I'm glad you like it!" Absolute manchildren, it's the exact opposite of Anon culture in every way. >>833 >k-pop group submission I too want soulless identical gynoids singing manufactured garbage in my homosexual furry fanfiction. How many other aspects of the current year can we shove into this thing? Will their be abortion clinics, child drag shows? >NOT BACKERS PATCHES Get fucked, consumers - pay for my game twice! GRIDs research was a mistake, and we are now paying for interfering with God's plan for sex freaks.
>>834 >child drag shows? I mean we already have Del the boy-slave who's being forced to crossdress. I can see one of those degenerates deciding "yeah sure, let's make it even worse"
Glowies and antifa going at it, both sides trying to provoke Anons into joining in. Blue beam possibly ramping up with all the ayy lmao news. I haven't turned my computer on in something like two weeks. The years went so fast and suddenly we're here now. Excuse the following ramble but it's stream of consciousness and I'm pressed for time: Regarding the discussion on beliefs, I'd like to add for lance's benefit that people should always clearly state the difference between philosophy and ideology, where ideology is simply "a grouping of beliefs" which logically following allows for contradictory beliefs (and cognitive dissonance) versus a philosophy which usually starts from a single point of argument and everything is required to logically flow from that, and any conflict means that the original argument needs to be revisited in order to purge cognitive dissonance. I think living with cognitive dissonance is incredibly harmful for the psyche, and that's really the core difference between "right vs left." I'd argue that christian fundamentalists are actually left wing, as well as most "groups" because none of them actually have a core, logically consistent philosophy, and lots of them try to lampshade any cognitive dissonance at the beginning. A good example is christianity in general where the dissonant concept is the trinity, three individual distinct beings who are also the exact same being, which is logically inconsistent. That said, you need to choose your prime argument very carefully because it can logically end in some very stark conclusions, and will often leave you vulnerable to attack from hostiles. This leads me into something else I was thinking about recently, where leftism is more or less using "equality" as their prime argument, and then trying to shoehorn everything into being equal when in the natural world, nothing is equal, and no political organization can ever be equal simply because it's impossible for everyone to have access to the same physical abilities, mental faculties and economic resource access. So why fight something that's impossible to correct for? You'll never ever convince a nigger that he's exactly the same as a white person because the nigger can always just look in a mirror. The most sane thing to do is simply accept that everyone is different and instead of wasting all your energy on trying to "fix" that, just focus on doing what you can for yourself and helping others. The fixation on unachievable things that are in direct contradiction with nature is just so incredibly unhealthy that the current social situation really seems to me like group insanity or hysteria. The inability to grasp concrete concepts ("Moore expounded that white culture is obsessed with “mechanical time” — clock time — and punishes students for lateness. This, he said, is but one example of how whiteness undercuts Black kids." https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/15/magazine/white-fragility-robin-diangelo.html) seems to be accelerating. I think now is a time to make sure you have an old dictionary and an etymology dictionary as words are misused and abused, the old and true meanings forgotten. I don't think we have a whole lot longer until all the wheels fall off, precious metal prices, stock prices, indebtedness and other things show an increasingly out of balance system. keep your heads up, Anons, and don't let the bastards get you down.
Open file (204.37 KB 722x686 7243572346234642587.jpg)
>>836 All excellent points, and I would like to draw attention to your advisement on keeping an old dictionary around. One memory which immediately comes to mind (and an event which likely played no small role in leading me to my current philospohies) is not too long after I got an unabridged dictionary from the seventies. I was watching television when in a commercial I heard the word "decadent". Of course, I've heard the same word many times prior, but this time I thought to look it up, since I've never managed to fully work out the definition through context alone. I thought that I may as well make use of the dictionary I recently acquired, and in it I found out two interesting things: First was the definition itself (in essence: something in a state of decline), which stands in stark contrast to every single time I've heard it uttered up to that point (this was when I was about twelve, well before I started to become familiar with political literature). Second was that the pronounciation key stated the word should sound like dee-kae-dent when spoken, as opposed to the more commonly heard dek-uh-dent (the dictionary does give a nod to the latter, but the former is presented as the most correct way to pronounce the word). I just now looked it up on Jewgle (where most people will go first) and it gave a similar, albeit far thinner definition. There was also a second definition which states it as meaning a state of self-indulgence (which technically fits if you stretch the original definition far enough, though it is somewhat misleading). They also did away with the aforementioned dee-kae-dent pronounciation. Of course, this alone isn't an Earth-shattering linguistic shift, but many other words are being corrupted or expunged out of common vernacular right now. Additionally, some of this may very well be ocurring under the radar, especially with words which aren't commonly used anymore. Of course, some of these changes are more organic, and words have changed or fallen out of use well before the clown world we know today (I dare you to find a book written in the last hundred years which uses the word 'assiduity'), but if archaeic definitions are forgotten about, it could lead to someone reading an older work and getting the wrong idea entirely, which in turn is a form of historical revisionism.
>>836 >where leftism is more or less using "equality" as their prime argument Recently I have been seeing them argue against equality, in favor of 'equity.' The 'equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome' nonsense, where leftists are now arguing that the latter is the goal. >I don't think we have a whole lot longer until all the wheels fall off The situation reminds me greatly of the last few years of the USSR. Everyone from the top down knew the system wasn't working, but there was no way to address it without drastic changes that would have had very unpleasant consequences for the political elite. So things just got more and more absurd, where the only way to keep the ship on course was for the politicians, media, etc to completely ignore reality in increasingly fantastical ways. They stopped trying to justify arguments and just presented things as fact that couldn't have been further from the truth. But the thing that baffles me is that, the USSR had some very serious economic issues towards the end that were universally acknowledged at the time. Grocery stores were empty, workers were paid in vodka (one teacher was paid with a lamp). But here in the US, we don't have such issues. Arguably, the Recession of 2008 would have been the time for this upheaval, but this nonsense kicked into high gear around 2015, well into our recovery. The country just suddenly made a hard shift towards governance by feelings. We no longer see politicians debating policy, we don't talk about the role of federal government, there is no plan for reducing unemployment or lowering inflation. A politician opens their mouth, and out comes talk exclusively about social issues - oppression, various -isms, 'rights' that until yesterday were wants, etc. But more so, when it comes to all of these social issues, every one of them is something that has been on a positive trend for the last sixty years (from a leftist point of view anyway). The end of segregation, the acceptance and even normalization of homosexuals, trannies were a circus attraction five years ago and now people can change government-issues IDs at will. From the standpoint of a leftist, society has been moving in their direction for a very long time, but they've suddenly chosen to tear down everything around them. These are the same people that talk about the president as if he were both simultaneously an incompetent fool for whom every plan has been a catastrophic failure, and also a mastermind of a Russian puppet who has outmaneuvered every attempt to uncover his illicit dealings while also laying the foundations for a gradual fascist takeover of the country. To them he is both pathetically incompetent and terrifyingly strong. I don't know how anyone but a fool could arrive at such a conclusion.
>>837 Knowing the components and etymology of words is the most important imo. It's also why simple language is best. >decadence (n.) >1540s, "deteriorated condition, decay," from Middle French décadence (early 15c.), from Medieval Latin decadentia "decay," from decadentem (nominative decadens) "decaying," present participle of decadere "to decay," from Latin de- "apart, down" (see de-) + cadere "to fall" (from PIE root *kad- "to fall"). Meaning "process of falling away from a better or more vital state" is from 1620s. Used of periods in art since 1852, on French model. >decadent (adj.) >"in a state of decline or decay (from a former condition of excellence)," 1837 (Carlyle), from French décadent, back-formation from décadence (see decadence). In reference to literary (later, other artistic) schools that believed, or affected to believe, they lived in an age of artistic decadence, 1885 in French, 1888 in English. >Usually in a bad sense: > Bread, supposedly the staff of life, has become one of our most decadent foods -- doughy, gummy, and without the aroma, flavor, texture, taste and appearance that is typical of good bread. ["College and University Business" 1960] >Beckoning sense of "desirable and satisfying to self-indulgence" begins c. 1970 in commercial publications in reference to desserts. >As a noun, "one whose artistic or literary work is supposed to show marks of decadence," 1889 (from 1887 as a French word in English), originally in a French context. > On the subject of poetry I am bound to signalize one of those grotesque, unexpected apparitions which would appear to be constitutional to our country [i.e. France] .... I refer to the recent appearance of a literary clique of madmen or idlers, the self-named décadents. I own I am almost ashamed to occupy your time with this unworthy subject, which I should not have thought fit to introduce had not our newspapers and even our reviews taken the décadents to task, and were it not that they have furnished chroniqueurs short of copy with matter for articles, and that the serious Temps itself has taken up their trashy nonsense. ["The Athenaeum," Jan. 1, 1887] I use etymonline.com frequently. >>838 USSR's core system was broken simply because there wasn't enough production of the things people actually needed as the system broke down. There were also quite a few power moves over the years; the system limits what individuals can do but the system is utterly dependent on which individuals are in power. I suggest watching The Death of Stalin to get an idea, and it's useful to watch it while knowing which characters were jews and which were Russian. Post-collapse Russia, there was a huge shift back to self-reliance, owning your own garden, and production of necessities had to be reworked. We're still producing things both on mass and individual scale, making the economy more robust, and that is why our supply chains are still working despite outside disruption. We also have individual property ownership, firearm ownership, and free speech (relatively) which keeps us robust. The key battles are twofold: 1. The people in power (child murdering cannibal jews) are losing narrative control even though the still hold economic and political power (especially the media and judicial system, as well as education and "science"/medicine), and they will do anything to maintain their insanity, so we're seeing the results of that in the mass hysteria and schizophrenic behavior of the jews and their tools. 2. The mass debt system caused by central banking based on debt fiat, where the numbers have become so huge that it's becoming unsustainable. We're due for hyperinflation soon, or mass debt defaults, deflation then hyperinflation as the central bank tries to paper over the problem. Precious metal price manipulation has been ongoing for ages, and I wouldn't be surprised if gold confiscation became the norm again worldwide (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_6102). The BIS, World bank, federal reserve, EU banks, they're all papering over systemic issues with large corporations and mass debt, and the diversion of trillions of dollars to the jews results in malinvestment. How many billions of dollars have been spent on shills and monitoring internet communications? Literally results in no productivity or prosperity for anyone, just paying people to argue and for shills to shit in each others mouths, or faggots to make bots and algorithms to try to demoralize and propagandize. China's shilling and Israel's pivot to China are more or less irrelevant to us, the only thing that matters is for white americans to gain control of our media and political and judicial systems. Everything else is gravy. When commies try to seize power, they always go for the media first, and it works. Media, riots, political system, judicial system, then you own the country. This is why I've always advocated uncensorable distributed blockchain media as a solution to jew control of the media, but we haven't had anyone develop it yet, and even if they D
>>834 Adoptables were kind of cute when they started popping up several years ago. They used to be little sparkly gifs with some character that you could put on your myspace or geocities page. Here's a shitty example I found really quickly http://www.geocities.ws/desertoasis04/Adoptions.html The good ones would obviously use better more original art. >Absolute manchildren, it's the exact opposite of Anon culture in every way. I would argue less that artists are retarded manchildren and more that the people that make their money doing commissions on twitter are the retards here.
If anyone else is interested, looks like someone has the entirety of M*A*S*H on archive.org for now. https://archive.org/download/MASH_Collectors_Edition./ Details page: https://archive.org/details/MASH_Collectors_Edition. That appears to be the old TPB torrent that's been around for years; three of the episodes in it have corrupted audio in season 4, but if anyone is interested I have versions of those episodes I repaired using remuxed audio from another rip alongside the better quality video and presence of subtitles in this one. I didn't download it from archive.org; I've been seeding that original torrent for at least eight years. Uploading the fixed versions now. I still think it's a great show. Not sure what you all think but I'm not afraid to say my thoughts. It's a rare piece of TV that actually has human beings with complexities and depth as characters (with the exception of Frank Burns who is clearly one-dimensional). Especially in later seasons, as the show started to shift away from comedy. This is the version without a laugh track btw.
flashmaster: slight CSS tweak so you can read the text on the "post" button while a file is uploading (and see the upload progress). button:disabled, input[type="submit"]:disabled, input[type="button"]:disabled { color: #dddddd; background-color: #1A2A2E; }
>>834 Yeah, you basically are paying for the "rights" to a character they designed because you can't make your own original ideas.
>>842 P.S. I've lost my complete copy of the CSS changes I've made. Can you paste a copy of it somewhere?
In other news, peaches are quite possibly the best thing in the universe. Up there with really good vietnamese mango and Lychee nuts.
There's a store called Jungle Jim's near Dayton, Ohio (technically it's in Fairfield, OH). It's quite possibly the largest international market I've ever seen, and it always has a massive selection. It's the kind that's hard to articulate and convey the size of accurately in words; everyone else I've ever taken there has agreed with me on that. Essentially though, if it exists, is legal to import to the states, and is in season, you'll find it. And things like hard candies or soda drinks or Mochi or whatever you can always find.
>>844 nvm, looks like the site doesn't do the overlay the retarded way, so I can just grab it from https://anon.cafe/f/custom.css
>>839 I don't blame jews for everything, but I do blame the simon wisenthal center for equating "not supporting the state of israel" with "supporting the final solution."
>>841 Links to the repaired MASH episodes, to finish off my 9-post-streak. https://mega.nz/folder/3lZgQSAC#8KdpdnKIbCCtx1TH04oGCQ One of my favorite shows.
>>842 Done.
I'm looking for a new RTC battery for the powerbook. I think I've found one, but I'm always nervous about stuff like this because Apple decided to use rechargeable Li-ion coin cells and I'm not familiar enough with how they work to know for sure if this is a safe replacement. The original battery is a panasonic CGL-3032 (no longer available). Digikey has a battery called "RJD3032ST1" which appears to be at least the correct voltage and chemistry, with a higher capacity (in mAh). The solder tabs aren't on opposing sides of the coin, but I can bodge that probably. Also it's $12 (ugh) and because it has lithium they won't ship it via USPS (ugh again). https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/illinois-capacitor/RJD3032ST1/1572-1633-ND/6596421
>>848 Old aristocracy is also to blame, but most of them have been embarrassed and they've faded into the background. It's fascinating to see the family ties when you start seeing who's related to whom in different countries. If I remember correctly, I was following some 2nd or 3rd rate European nobility and they had people in media, political and law positions in several different countries. None of them were CEOs or anything, just middle management in their fields, but it's not hard to see how things get coordinated when they're all first cousins pretty much. They've also significantly interbred with the jews for the past 100 years or so, so most of them are jewish anyway. The story about the Rothschilds in England and France, and using the ties in both countries to fuck over the Bank of England during Waterloo should be a good reminder that they've had this type of international syndicate going for quite some time.
>>851 also to install it I'll have to solder it in, but I'm much less afraid of doing that than I am that when I plug in the laptop the battery just explodes. At least it has solder tabs on it already.
>>853 Maybe try soldering some temporary wires on it to try it outside of the notebook case? If it pops at least it won't wreck the board that way.
>>854 Probably a good idea.
Just discovered that twitter suspended the stack exchange "askdifferent" twitter account (apple stack exchange) for some reason or another. That made me smile a little, but also made me wonder what exactly it tweeted and who complained.
>>858 Shades of Mao
Looks like Julay finished their big move. I wonder how long this domain's going to last?
Open file (12.28 KB 252x69 01.png)
>>858 I decided to install Fedora on the XPS 15 yesterday, figured I'd play Dwarf Fortress once in awhile and wasn't about to setup anything involved for that. In the year that I've been using OpenBSD as a desktop, Linux has completely resolved all of those Nvidia Optimus issues that have forever plagued it. No more bumblebee, no more optirun/primus-run bullshit. Not even so much as a bizarre Xorg conf and custom shell script to switch GPUs. You install the Nvidia driver now, and you're good to go. Having dealt with this issue on a variety of laptops since 2012, I couldn't believe it. But wait, there's more. Pic related is my CPU/GPU temperature under heavy load. You may recall that over the past couple of years I could not so much as glance at this laptop without straddling the hardware shutoff temperatures, but even that has been resolved. Fedora has really come a long way, I might stick with it. I even butchered Gnome into a bastardized Windows setup with a Start menu and all, so it's perfectly usable now. Why am I telling you this, you ask. Because I also installed Debian for the first time in nearly a decade, and it is still a terrible desktop. I hope you reconsider. >>860 I remember seeing anon.cafe shortly after we moved to Julay. I presume it intends to stick around until the Tranny Federation fucks with it.
Open file (461.46 KB 833x630 1584991247413.png)
>>861 I was referring more to the domain that Julay moved to than this one. The administration here on the cafe doesn't seem too keen on rocking the boat, which gives me hope that it'll last a while longer.
>>861 What's the benefit of fedora over any other linux? It still uses a regular linux kernel, xserver and wm/de right? I know package management is different but is it just that their repositories work better? >>862 It's super comfy here, I hope it doesn't get fucked.
>>863 Over the years, Fedora has become The upstream distro, often times more bleeding-edge than Arch, but with fewer bugs because the maintainers are on salary. Most of the kernel and DE devs use Fedora, Red Hat is of course heavily invested financially, etc. The advantage is that almost all of the quirks have been worked out. Scaling for example is normally a huge pain in the ass, but is flawless on Fedora, and most packages in the repositories have configs that take advantage of it. I have yet to encounter a bug in the default DE (GNOME unfortunately), which have been plentiful in every other distro I've ever used. Upstream bugs in general are usually fixed on Fedora before trickling down to other distros. Package management is extremely well done; between COPR and RPMFusion, you basically have the majority of what Arch relies on its AUR for, but Fedora's community repositories aren't maintained by retards. Unlike popular packages in the AUR, I have yet to install something from the community that didn't work exactly as intended (COPR is a bit more sketchy, but I only have one package from there). Also, dnf is really nice. This wasn't always the case though; the last time I used Fedora for work (2010), it was basically just Red Hat's testing ground, and was no better or worse than any other distro. They've really pulled things together over the years as this thing became the distro for everyone and their mother in the corporate Linux dev world. I haven't dug through anything to see how they're doing it, but I would assume it's all distro-specific scripts/configurations/packaging. Not that you couldn't do all of this on another distro, but you'd be doing it all manually. I imagine this is what Ubuntu could have become, as they were at one time The developer distro, but they kind of scared everyone away with Amazon ads, Unity, and the like. Being able to install Fedora in about ten minutes, setup Nvidia Optimus just by pulling drivers out of the repo, and install Dward Fortress from the same repo, that's as close to 'it just works' as I've ever seen from Linux. Sure I don't get the autistic control over everything as I would with Arch or Gentoo, but those days are behind me. I want to spend my day outside and occasionally play something in the evening without delving into wiki articles first. So far Fedora is letting me do just that. Five years ago I would have hated this for GNOME, systemD, etc, but today's me has yet to encounter any area of this distro that wasn't a pleasant surprise.
Open file (53.13 KB 647x296 systemd was it not.png)
Always refreshing to see a 20-year-old program compile and run perfectly on the first attempt. http://www.rogoyski.com/adam/programs/hexedit/ The author tested it on OpenBSD, too. >>861 >Why am I telling you this, you ask. Because I also installed Debian for the first time in nearly a decade, and it is still a terrible desktop. I hope you reconsider. Hm, I am still sailing smoothly with FVWM here. The exact same configuration I used in FreeBSD, actually. I also intend to use FVWM on my PlayStation 2, since that POS only has 32MB of RAM. I'll likely pare down my config file so it's a little less bloaty, or start from zero and just add lines from my config as I need them. BTW, I erased my FreeBSD partition on my Thinkpad (X201 Tablet) yesterday with the intent to try OpenBSD on it. Might just use it for extra storage space, though. Not decided yet. I currently am idling at around 42°C, but today I had my first "critical temperature" shutdown in about eight months (while running "zopflipng" in brute force mode to compress a bunch of images as much as possible), so I plan to open it up and dust it out real nicely again. That should keep it healthy for a while. Maybe I'll replace the thermal compound while I'm in there, if I still have some of that. I think I do. It's probably never been done and the laptop's about 10 years old now. I've also run waifu2x in purely on the CPU on this thing a lot, so it deserves a little love. I found an OEM condenser for my volvo, too, by the way. Cost me $5 from a guy on craigslist who recently got T-boned in his 240. I got $5 by bringing some steel car seat frames from my parts car to a metal recycler last week. So that was satisfying. I still have two spare seats if they ever break somehow (from a third car). >>864 Daily reminder that redhat is the company that employs Lennart Poettering and funds systemd development.
Open file (96.10 KB 849x733 systemd.jpg)
Open file (9.74 KB 1002x84 systemd2.jpg)
>>864 >Five years ago I would have hated this for GNOME, systemD, etc. Ah, so I jumped the gun with that reply. Anyway, I won't forgive them for a) fucking up DNS resolution and b) hardcoding a fallback to google's DNS so if you've misconfigured your DNS you're inadvertently telling Google your every movement.
Open file (130.95 KB 1353x1173 01.png)
>>865 >I am still sailing smoothly with FVWM here. I was doing great on CWM too. I was planning to just install this for the occasional game and keep OpenBSD on the Thinkpads. But I'm telling you, this is running so smoothly that I will probably make it my default (and there's Fedora Server for the crap in my closet, which has always been a fantastic product). >I currently am idling at around 42°C With intel-undervolt, I idle around 38C, and have had no performance consequences over the years. GNOME has this interesting tool that resolved all of my thermal issues in pic related. The issue is what I thought it was two years ago - Turboboost kicks in seemingly any time the CPU is doing anything at all, and it just maxes the crap out of the CPU until it eventually hits shutoff. But, while that kind of Turboboost would make playing a game impossible (Boost isn't even helpful for games), it is helpful for shorter CPU-intensive tasks like compilation. So I have this neat bullshit that lets me toggle Boost off before I play something, and the CPU stays in the 70C range. It even treats me like a child and puts a happy face in my systray to let me know everything is OK. >Daily reminder that redhat is the company that employs Lennart Poettering and funds systemd development. Yeah, at this point I just don't care anymore. I've spent the last twenty years working with Linux, I won't be laying in my deathbed wishing I had spent more. The less time I have to spend piddling with the computer, the more time I can spend doing meaningful things with my day. And if SystemD gives me that ability, so be it. SystemD is going to be small potatoes compared to the crap coming out of the post-meritocracy dev world of Linux idpol. Just wait a couple years for the "Why Incels And White Supremacists Are Criticizing SystemD2's Inclusive Boot Messages" articles to come out. Anyone still invested emotionally in Linux is in for a hell of a miserable ride.
Open file (94.97 KB 712x490 Confidence.jpg)
>decide to play HoI4 for the first time in months >play as Romania >go fascist and annex Bulgaria >ally with Germany and tech up while I wait for them to come online >they go to war with Poland >I join in and curbstomp them >don't even have to worry about the Allies since they can't reach me >Italy joins >pile my main army on the Yugoslav border to prepare for a war with them >Nationalist Spain joins >nice >the meager remenents of Republican Spain ally with Russia >oh no >move my army to the Soviet border before joining the war >ok cool I can handle this >Germany declares war on Yugoslavia >for fucks sake >move my auxillary army and my Black Sea garrison to that border while they hoover up my territory >the Soviets do a naval landing >move the garrison army back to deal with it >they can't deal with it >don't have enough units to hold the border with Yugoslavia >neither do they >we just dance around eachother while I wait for the Italians to get off their asses >Italy declares war on Greece >Greece allies with the Soviets >most of Romania is now filled with vodka roaches >my 300 plane airforce and 3 ship fleet still exist and are somehow annihilating everything in their path >still not enough because I have almost no army left >barely holding the Yugoslavs while Italy slowly decides to do something about the war they're in >the Soviets and Greeks are closing in on the last of my cities >Romania is 95% towards capitulation >the factory workers decide that this is the perfect time to hold a strike Maybe I should just stick to Civ. >>864 >>867 I've used Fedora a few times before, but I can't stomach anything built around GNOME. It just looks like an ugly mess to me.
Open file (7.50 MB 3840x2160 01.png)
>>868 I never could get into HoI4; out of Paradox's games, it always felt very hollow compared to CK2. >It just looks like an ugly mess to me. It truly is. Nothing will ever fix that, but I've managed to make something tolerable out of it. GTK programs still look like crap.
>>864 >>866 >>867 So more or less Fedora is just more polished? I'll consider it when I need to install a normalfagging OS. I'm not a huge gnome fan though, I've really enjoyed using Cinnamon over the years. Hardcoding the google DNS is a bit much, I can appreciate it for the "just werks" component but otherwise between stuff like that and SystemD smells a lot like the beginnings of a walled garden. I also recently finished watching Re:Creators and I definitely recommend it. I was really surprised to see that it was done by the same guy behind Black Lagoon.
Open file (101.28 KB 498x738 1463883755152-0.jpg)
>>869 Normally I'll stick to Civ5 for my strategy fix, but I'l play HoI4 every once in a while when I'm in the mood for something different. I don't like Paradox's DLC policy though, and HoI4 isn't as tolerant of mods compared to Civ (any game-changing mod in HoI will cause problems in my experience, while my 100+ mod setup in Civ jest werks). >>870 I'm right with you there. Cinnamon is a great DE, especially since they fixed all the horrible memory-leaking problems.
>>870 >So more or less Fedora is just more polished? That's probably an adequate way of describing it. I've been on BSD for a year, so I don't know how many of these changes are Fedora's polish or just mainline Linux changes. I did try Ubuntu for shits and giggles back in December, and it was still full of distro/GNOME issues that I'm not having here though (as well as the Snap/Flatpak crap). There's a lot of little things that I've noticed. Opening a maximized Firefox instance on any distro with X11 scaling normally results in a broken UI until you unmaximize and remaximize it. That's fixed on Fedora. Some individual programs like Gimp and qBittorrent ignore QT/GTK scaling and have to be set manually in local configs. That's applied by default here. GRUB and GDM both have scaling applied by default. Copying files to/from a USB flash drive works reliably within the file manager (I would do it through the terminal before, as the file manager would show that the task is done before the files were fully transferred). I don't have any weird DE applets bugging out on me like I always do on KDE. So far GNOME hasn't even crashed yet, which is almost unbelievable. Dnf also handles all of my package management oddities very well. I did most of my work over the years on OpenSUSE (a lot of it before zypper, when it was just SUSE), and have yet to encounter a worse package manager. Dnf would have been a dream back then. >the beginnings of a walled garden. It is, certainly. But truthfully I would be fine on Windows or Mac at this point if the former wasn't an ad-filled surveillance system with a sorry excuse for a terminal emulator, and the latter wasn't of course a Mac. I just want to get shit done on a system with full disk encryption and without baked-in spyware. >Re:Creators Looks attractive enough, I'll download it, thanks. I remember watching Sword Art Online in 2012 and thinking that this isekai thing was kind of neat. Now it seems like every show they air falls into the genre. >>871 Civ5 was great, but it felt over simplified compared to 4. I bought CK2 with all of the DLCs on one of Paradox's huge sales, I don't think it was even very expensive, though I agree about the DLC issue from a philosophical standpoint. Paradox is adding 'diversity' and 'gender' to Medieval Europe in CK3 though, so I will probably hope for a torrent on that one.
>>871 I noticed that the "redshift" applet in cinnamon had a huge memory leak, but that was almost a year ago. It may have been fixed. >>872 Isekai is always more popular when the world is shit imo. I think most people would trade this one for an anime one at this point. Konosuba is fantastic if you haven't watched it, as is Overlord and Youjo Senki.
Open file (242.16 KB 2611x1256 01.png)
I wonder what's new with my favorite progr- Oh.
Open file (225.31 KB 1000x560 soy_shake_recipes.jpg)
>>874 kek. even CppCon trotted out young trannies on stage to introduce the primary keynote speakers during the 2019 conference. i stopped paying attention to cppcon thereafter, and i'd guess i'm far from the only one. i have no idea what they did this year if anything. it's a shame imo that idpol is being used to destroy everything good in this world, including best programming language is best :^).
Open file (1.50 MB 2439x1530 01.png)
>>875 >CppCon trotted out young trannies on stage Of all the current year trends, I don't think there will ever be anything I'm more tired of than those sex fiends. You look at anything being actively destroyed today, and there's a goddamn man in a polka dot blouse at the center of it. I don't wish death on blacks, but when it comes to trannies, all I have are absolute fedposts.
Open file (1.96 MB 1263x15679 ClipboardImage.png)
Did anyone order a extra large helping of salt?
>>877 I've never met anyone stupider than TiTS consumers, doubt I ever will. On the one hand, Savin states unambiguously that there is a 'full team' working on this horseshit, and of course the team is being paid out of $32k a month. But then Fen says that he is unable to provide a changelog, as nothing has happened for the last month. So what exactly is this full team doing with their forty hour work week? Let's call it a small team of five people, they'll get $5k a month and the business can have the remainder for expenses. That's 800 man hours every month, and they have nothing to show for it in July. But honestly, what would they have even gotten if the work was done - yet another rendition of "the hideous latex-clad hare shoves her alabaster rod up your submissive brown starfish"? No thanks. Fen has created a business where fools part with their money in exchange for nothing, and thank him for his work. He should be a politician.
Got a Microsoft Trackball Optical (model number x05-87475) today for $1 from a garage sale. It needs new ball bearings, but that still leaves me ahead by a fair amount. Also I met a guy working at a music store who uses OpenBSD. Thought maybe you'd be interested to hear that.
>>879 To clarify regarding the bearings, it works fine as it is, but there's a little more resistance to starting rolling than I'd like it to have. I'm using it to browse right now. This leaves the IBM ScrollPoint as the one old niche mouse I'd still like to find that I know of.
Open file (11.12 KB 729x92 ClipboardImage.png)
How about that. Fen is doing another fundraiser for his tranny blow-up doll of a "wife"
Nevermind, I recant my previous statement. This time, it's a different one.
Open file (625.02 KB 960x983 01.jpg)
>>881 Good, I hope they raise enough to go through with it. The freak can spend the rest of his days with a pus-filled wound that smells like an unwashed asshole between his legs. Practically no trannies are happy with their surgery; the results look nothing like a vagina, the procedure turns into a lifelong medical complication, and the constant inflammation makes any usage unenjoyable. A lifetime of suffering and regret is a small compensation for their collective efforts to 'end heteronormativity' and upend society.
Open file (395.94 KB 1920x1200 fvwm.png)
Popped the flattened ball bearings of my new trackball, rotated them to a side that was still round, and popped them back in. Had to use the tiniest amount of super glue on one of them (damaged the plastic digging it out), but the ball feels great now. Here's hoping it lasts a few years like this. If not, I'll buy new ball bearings next time and hopefully they will last longer than the original Microsoft ones. >>882 He sure has a way of picking them. >>877 Still don't know why they're trying to "transition" (kek) away from Flash, since AIR is and will continue to be a thing. Of course, they shouldn't have done it in Flash to begin with, it was already dying when CoC was being developed, even before the imageboards turned on fen and he turned to his hugbox. The way my (admittedly somewhat cynical) mind sees this, by ignoring new submissions they can argue they have no reason to share the updated source code. Unless he means text-only submissions and coded ones will still be accepted (but merging from that old version would be challenging, if indeed any actual progress had been made in the last five months). I liked the comment, "Surely there's some people in the community™ that would be willing to do stuff like proof read or implement writing into code." Around 2014 or maybe even 2015, I might have been willing to help (despite a quite a few misgivings at that point - at least the source was always available and up to date then…). I don't see too much salt in those comments unfortunately. A couple possibly salty ones phrased as compliments, and a lot of stuff that could only be complimentary. I'll be honest though, submissions kind of helped ruin CoC. For every decent new addition there were three or four bad ones. >>876 I actually have two trans friends who are pretty low-key and keep to themselves. One even voted for Trump (I didn't, but I know that a lot of you will like to hear that). But I see at least as many of the kinds who make "pride parades" such a joke. >>874 Token efforts like that mean nothing; also reminder that Google essentially owns Go. That said I don't like it because it tries to do too much (and even it's "go" cli tool). C is still the better language. >>873 I always used MATE back in the days when I used a "proper" DE. Doesn't require a compositor and is generally lighter weight. I always used redshift via CLI, and typically manually adjusted the color temperature. #! /bin/sh # Adjust color temperature to n degrees kelvin whitepoint using redshift. if [ "$#" -gt 1 ]; then 1>&2 echo "Error: I want only one argument: the white point to in degrees kelvin." 1>&2 echo "Pass no args to reset." elif [ "$#" -eq 1 ]; then redshift -x -P -O "$1" else 1>&2 echo "No args given; resetting color temperature." redshift -x fi >>837 My dictionary an unabridged Random House one from 1966.
Also, just added another hard drive to my desktop (again) and took the opportunity to make my fstab look pretty. Cleaned up my xorg.conf today as well, since I was getting the acceleration and everything feeling comfy on my trackball.
>>884 >I actually have two trans friends who are pretty low-key and keep to themselves. And I know a black family up the hill that's the nicest bunch of people. But luckily (and here we are again on this topic), we evaluate things based on the trends of the whole, and not their outliers. We don't ban firearms just because, in a country with more guns than people, a tiny fraction of them do unfortunate things with them. We don't ban alcohol just because some people develop alcoholism. We do enact clean water laws, because even though that one factory down the road might take their responsibility seriously, the vast majority of them would happily dump everything in the nearest river if it saved them a few bucks. See how this works? >I know that a lot of you will like to hear that I doubt there's a single Trump supporter in this thread. Conservatives love him, but only because their values are inconsistent and based on absolutely nothing: "I hate how all of these illegal immigrants come over here, cause crime, and sit around on welfare I pay for. But if they had all come here legally, this would be A-OK with me." "All life is precious, except in cases of rape and incest. Then I'm perfectly OK with those babies being vacuumed out limb by limb." "I love gays, my best friend is gay. I just can't stand seeing all of this gay shit out in public. They should all stay indoors where I can't see them or something. But I love them!" "The stock market is soaring today! I hate all of these big corporations that I boycott for pushing their liberal agenda, but man do I love seeing them succeed!" Bunch of fucking idiots. The right, and certainly the far right, have no warm feelings for Trump. He is just the only choice that won't push batshit idpol and an assault weapons ban. Even his Supreme Court picks were worthless. >C is still the better language. Agreed. But I treat Go like "Python for C programmers" and it works great for that. I'm not about to write an init system with it, but I don't need ideological purity in the crap I use to download FLACs from Tidal.
Open file (428.79 KB 1647x1413 01.png)
Another day of Mozilla circling the drain, and still not realizing that people just want a goddamn web browser.
Open file (207.31 KB 1053x872 tab width.png)
Fought with my ISP a bit today, seems to be resolved for now. Also, found this on Mozilla's bugzilla ( https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=574654 )
>>888 >triples nice. But also, on that page: >Users can override this using userChrome.css if they absolutely want it. I don't think the prefs are worth it.
Open file (132.04 KB 1124x819 hGwG8Q0.png.jpeg)
>>886 >I don't need ideological purity in the crap I use to download FLACs from Tidal. Agreed there. I've used go programs for downloading files like that before too.
Open file (2.70 MB 2048x1204 01.png)
>>888 The people responsible for that decision are probably unemployed now anyway. From what I've heard, both the Servo and security teams were basically gutted, and their Rust team is gone. Mozilla is planning to focus on monetization (of the browser, presumably) and activism. Firefox and its forks are dead. https://mozillalifeboat.com/ Chrome is moving towards hiding everything in the address bar except the base domain (so that it can keep everyone on Google.com services), and Manifest V3 will kill uBlock support. As the dumbing down of browsers continues, based fat man emailing himself HTML files sounds saner by the day. In other news, I have seen the future of Linux through Fedora, and it is awful. Everything is moving to Flatpak and similar. But we're not going to have just one Flatpak (or Snap) - there's going to be as many of them as there are package managers today, each doing something slightly different (telemetry, in my package manager?). This is quickly turning into the Windows situation of having twenty Visual C++ Redistributables installed because every application packages their own. Red Hat is taking its products in a very containerized direction. I will probably just go back to Arch and hope that this plague doesn't spread (it will). One day we won't just be installing alternative distros to avoid systemD, but to have actual package managers again. >>890 Go is a bit of a tech vice for me. If you know C, it is is insanely easy to work with, and much faster for the developer. But it is designed that way specifically, and insultingly so. "The key point here is our programmers... ​They’re not capable of understanding a brilliant language... So, ​the language that we give them has to be easy for them to understand" ―Rob Pike, creator of Go
Open file (114.23 KB 500x208 ClipboardImage.png)
>>891 >based fat man emailing himself HTML files sounds saner by the day. kek, i'm not fat nor based RMS but that's just the choice i figured was the best one for my archiver. filesystems are more or less the single universal database system tbh. >telemetry, in my package manager? It's more likely than you think.jpg Click here Anon for a free Flatpak check Rob Pike is a brilliantly insulting faggot. He should finish Plan 9.
Doing better in Mario 3 than I can ever remember doing before, and I've not used a single whistle or abused anything for lives. Feels good to finally be doing decently at a children's game. Also, still IP range banned from 4chan posting. Just checked again. Oh well. I'm not paying them a penny to shitpost.
>>891 >The key point here is our programmers... ​They’re not capable of understanding a brilliant language... So, ​the language that we give them has to be easy for them to understand Similarly, Lisp is a brilliant language with higher level features. And all people do is complain about parentheses. It's kind of funny (in a bitter way) how now that mozilla's laid off so many people, they don't have manpower, and at the same time they've alienated nearly all the kinds of people who might otherwise have been eager to step up to contribute code.
>>891 Debian hasn't jumped on the containers meme yet. How long it'll stay that way remains to be seen.
>>896 Also I don't have systemd on any of my debian machines anymore. Got myself another gigabit ethernet NIC card (again for $1, this time RTL8169-based for lack of other $1 options). Now I'm basically using my PC as a switch. I think I'll buy a used two or four port NIC soon so I can free up a PCI slot for my SCSI controller. I currently have one NIC (Intel 82574L) on a PCIe, one GPU on PCIe, one sound card on PCI, and a secondary NIC (Realtek RTL8169) on PCI), but for now this is working. I'm using the secondary NIC to provide for my WRT54G, which is now solely being used as a wireless access point. This leaves one NIC card for whenever I do a crossover-style connection between my machines (happens rather frequently) and one (the one soldered to my motherboard) in use to reach the internet at large. I'm now on to world 7. My previous record was world 5.
Can't post it here, because it has my family members in it, but I just found a photo of our old '65 Kaiser CJ-5 jeep from a few days before it rolled off a cliff (and nearly killed my dad). Apparently the friend of ours who took the jeep after that happened got it operational again; no idea how much of the original body is still there, but I do remember that when this happened (the jeep landed upside down about 40 feet below where it had started) the engine was still running. So my guess is the engine is the same one.
>>899 WTF I love Facebook now!
>>897 Have you done any work with NIC bonding? I've wondered how difficult it is, I would think the throughput gains would make up for it.
Walmart is still selling desktops with Core 2 Duos in them, if anyone else was interested.
>>902 Those are still a thing? I thought the Core 2 line got phased out years ago.
>>902 What the hell. You sure they're core 2's? >>903 Yeah, around 12 years back. >>901 No. Sorry. Don't have any other devices with multiple NIC's to connect to.
I believe my Latitude D630's are Penryn-based, although it might be Merom. Either way, the chipset supports both and the CPU is socketed in them.
(none of mine have the dedicated GPU, which means they are still alive)
Open file (5.64 MB 1881x12418 ClipboardImage.png)
Come on meteor, just end us already.
Trying (non-commitally) to compile a newer version of firefox now. Rust (and cargo) caused a few annoying issues right off the bat, but now it's building. A seamonkey build took around 30 minutes maximum (note that it is using an older version of the codebase still, likely around FF 62); so far FF (79?) has been building for 72 minutes.
Open file (54.96 KB 800x392 sephiroth.jpg)
>>908 On it.
Open file (4.13 KB 1255x176 fffuuuu.png)
>ff 79 compilation failed at 79 minutes
Open file (20.10 KB 692x373 fffuuuu2.png)
>just downgrade your software lol There's another patch that didn't hit until ff 80 (which is not in the release branch obviously) that I've tried manually applying. If it doesn't work I'm just going to give up on it. Going to bed now anyway.
>no space left on device $ du -hd0 . 31G . What the fuck.
Gave it 12 more GiB. Now hopefully I'll be able to go to bed before I see any more errors.
GPU framebuffer just got randomly murdered by something. This'll be interesting. Taking it offline now.
FF (re-)compile finished. Took 93 minutes on a 3GHz ivy bridge CPU with 16GiB of RAM. Patches: diff -r e9f5f50c49b4 build/mozconfig.common --- a/build/mozconfig.common Mon Aug 17 20:21:20 2020 +0000 +++ b/build/mozconfig.common Tue Aug 18 11:33:40 2020 -0400 @@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ ac_add_options --enable-crashreporter # Enable enforcing that add-ons are signed by the trusted root -MOZ_REQUIRE_SIGNING=${MOZ_REQUIRE_SIGNING-1} +MOZ_REQUIRE_SIGNING=${MOZ_REQUIRE_SIGNING-0} ac_add_options --enable-js-shell diff -r e9f5f50c49b4 config/makefiles/rust.mk --- a/config/makefiles/rust.mk Mon Aug 17 20:21:20 2020 +0000 +++ b/config/makefiles/rust.mk Tue Aug 18 11:33:40 2020 -0400 @@ -61,13 +61,17 @@ # Enable link-time optimization for release builds, but not when linking # gkrust_gtest. ifeq (,$(findstring gkrust_gtest,$(RUST_LIBRARY_FILE))) +# Pass -Clto for older versions of rust, and CARGO_PROFILE_RELEASE_LTO=true +# for newer ones that support it. Combining the latter with -Clto works, so +# set both everywhere. cargo_rustc_flags += -Clto +export CARGO_PROFILE_RELEASE_LTO=true endif # Versions of rust >= 1.45 need -Cembed-bitcode=yes for all crates when # using -Clto. -ifeq (,$(filter 1.38.% 1.39.% 1.40.% 1.41.% 1.42.% 1.43.% 1.44.%,$(RUSTC_VERSION))) -RUSTFLAGS += -Cembed-bitcode=yes -endif +#ifeq (,$(filter 1.38.% 1.39.% 1.40.% 1.41.% 1.42.% 1.43.% 1.44.%,$(RUSTC_VERSION))) +#RUSTFLAGS += -Cembed-bitcode=yes +#endif endif endif I have quite a few build parameters in my mozconfig file too though.
Open file (248.48 KB 545x596 01.png)
>>896 Debian caved to systemD. I don't expect them to be an early adopter of the containerized ecosystem, but I imagine only source-based distros will really avoid it. Maybe Arch, but that's kind of a toss up; even the Wiki unashamedly recommends Flatpaks at times. >>899 They will never be happy. Facebook will delete your posts for so much as trying to organize a barbecue while someone somewhere has a cold, but I guess "haha wooden doors" has to go too. Amazing how an historical event as 'unquestionably' true as the Holocaust needs to have its validity enforced by law and censorship rather than actual evidence. I don't even know what the argument in favor of all of this is supposed to be. In some fantastical world where the Holocaust was supported by insurmountable evidence and unquestionably true, would antisemitic people start changing their views? No, they'd just be glad it happened. >>903 >>904 Yep, positive. They even have a ton of refurbished Core 2s on their website. Had a hell of a time buying an office chair on their site last night; the reviews are absolute garbage. Great chairs were poorly rated because the chair was "hard to assemble." Chairs were positively rated because they "look nice." My favorite was a five-star review that said "This chair is substantial." On another note, Walmart's website is starting to look a lot more like Amazon, in that they have everything now. As Amazon has gone downhill drastically over the last decade (everything is flimsy Chinese shit from brands you've never heard of), and their shipping has turned into garbage, Walmart is a surprisingly attractive alternative. >>908 The results of the ideology of "Let people enjoy things bro. How does the physical and mental well being of society affect you bro? Bro do you have a peer-reviewed source of sufficient sample size to back up your claim?" >>911 Weird, I've never had this issue on Links.
>>917 Arch fully embraces systemd and assumes it everywhere. Picture is from the bugzilla bug report when FF 52 dropped the ALSA backend (in favor of pulseaudio) without even noting it in the changelog, resulting in me and many others suddenly having no sound and no explanations. It's the primary reason I need to compile mozilla products from source code these days.
Another gem. For context, they used telemetry data to decide that approximately no one used alsa without pulseaudio. Also >implying mailing lists are highly discoverable beforehand to normies
>Obviously "don't use Pulse Audio" doesn't help with the vision of having a unified Linux audio backend. Except that if no one used pulse, Linux would have a more unified audio backend
One last one for now, the whole thread's a gem of stupidity though. This is from a pro-alsa person though. I just think they explained rather well.
>>918 >Arch fully embraces systemd and assumes it everywhere. Yes I know, but it's current focus on customization and the AUR run contrary to containerization. They'd have to change that first. Artix is Arch without systemD, works great. >>920 Decades of chasing Linux 'unity' is largely what has led to the current Linux ecosystem being what it is. The average person is a retard, in computers just as in real life, and you cannot unify anything without providing solutions for the average person. I would much rather have highly varied distros that have little in common, but offer a solution for each type of user, than to water the product down until all of them can be approached by the lowest common denominator of people. But such issues can never be addressed without first dealing with the naive assumption of 'equality'.
I lied. Here's two more. This is a post from the developer of 'apulse,' a pulseaudio "wrapper" I've used in the past for pulse-only programs (of which there seem to be very few). Second one's just on-point
>>924 Firefox began hemorrhaging users when Mozilla started pushing bugman politics. I remember when their activism was confined to areas like tech freedom, anti-censorship, and privacy. Go hang around places young tech-savvy people talk today, there's a reason they refer to Firefox as 'trannyfox' and won't touch it.
Open file (694.65 KB 1368x1453 01.png)
Daily reminder that your phone's software provider is forwarding your information to law enforcement. It knows about those videos you've been watching. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/aug/17/google-giving-user-data-authorities-documents-reveal
>>926 We already knew this was going on (and has been for quite some time). But maybe enough whistle-blowing and normals will begin to wake up to the globohomo threat to us all.
>>925 FF began hemorraging years before that. I think it started around FF 4. I remember all the blowback they were getting, and how many people were staying on 3.6.
>>926 They actively interfere with communications and work to isolate "disruptive" people now. I strongly suspect that people are being actively siloed. You'll never know if your messages are being received unless you have three or four ways of getting in touch with people. Shit is absolutely fucked.
Open file (432.65 KB 2000x1333 01.jpg)
>>928 I remember people throwing a fit about a Firefox UI redesign in 2011, that might have been it. I was using Opera at the time, so I didn't pay it much attention, but I can't think of anyone I knew personally that switched over that. Maybe it just impacted my circle differently. >>929 People that continue to use Big Tech in the face of all this are just retarded. I mean, there are certain infrastructural things we can't escape, like AWS-hosted sites, ReCaptcha if it appears on a site we need, etc. But if you're using GMail, YouTube, or Facebook Messenger to weigh the pros and cons of publicly crucifying homosexuals with your buddies, you're just asking for trouble. Sure we can argue about the way things Should be, but we also have to live with the way things Are: you don't walk down a dark alley at night in a skimpy outfit, and you don't use Big Tech to engage on certain topics. Use VPNs (to avoid analytics and things, not the FBI), PGP email, keep all of your identifiable crap (banking etc) on a separate personal-accounts-only email address, avoid social media (use Invidious/Nitter/RSS for viewing), ditch the cell phone/tablet/Smart Home, don't use Google Search, use full-disk encryption on Linux or BSD, save everything to MicroSD cards that you can store in a can of Liquid Wrench with a false bottom, don't order all of the books from that /pol/ infographic on Amazon. Don't wear your views on your tshirts, bumper stickers, laptop stickers, or anything else. Don't talk about your stash of firearms and MREs with your neighbors, don't walk around town with a plate carrier. Don't stand out, online and offline. Ruby Ridge only happened because Weaver won a lawsuit against a neighbor he had been friends with, and that neighbor sent a letter to the Secret Service about Weaver's political views in retaliation. The Boston Marathon Bomber was caught because he was the only one not acting surprised by the events around him. Ted was caught because his brother recognized some of words and phrases in his manifesto. Those undercover feds going around tagging rioters at protests know how it works.
Open file (171.27 KB 841x2705 01.png)
>>929 >>930 On the topic of Big Tech, these Facebook people sure have interesting work histories. But surely it's all just a conspiracy (funded by Russia, no doubt).
>>931 >>930 Damn, you're all right bro. They took the big dick from Anon for a few years straight and they're fucking pissed imo. I think it's a matter of months before everything goes batshit. It's just going to escalate from here. Stock market crash between now and november most likely, more riots too. We need better comms before shit hits the fan.
>>932 >I think it's a matter of months before everything goes batshit. November will certainly do something. Doesn't matter who wins, the losing side will call election fraud, Congressmen and governors will be divided on who is actually president, shit will go South. Leftists will certainly take to the streets during working hours. Much like with Net Neutrality, people who couldn't even draw the USPS logo from memory yesterday hear The Media whining about the post office today and are acting like their way of life is coming to an abrupt end. I guess tens of thousands of them could protest in person, but not vote. Meanwhile there are people at home playing video games like this is all going to blow over if they keep their head in the sand long enough. I do have to wonder what the long term goal here is. They know the narrative is collapsing, yet they keep pushing. Most people are content to ignore all this so long as they can go about their day in peace, but this COVID crap is hurting everyone from small business owners to employees. The more the country complies with asinine COVID regulations, the more absurd the regulations become. But suppose the kettle does boil over, what's their plan? Even the most center-leaning conservative boomers have been talking about Civil War 2 for decades, let alone the far right. But the left? Your typical leftist is just some white female college student that can't handle the thought of holding a job that pays for her healthcare, and has only ever seen black people on TV. She's not going to take to the streets to 'fight fascism' once law and order breaks down and the police aren't there to protect her. So what's the big plan here for the elites? If I were them, I'd have quietly exited politics and moved back to Israel, but they're still here pushing. Wonder when they'll drag the blue helmets into this. >We need better comms before shit hits the fan. You'd probably be limited to radio in that scenario. Backbone lines run to major cities, data cents are in cities. Cities will be the first to go. Amateur radio is pretty nice, but you need a license to operate before SHTF, and I'm not about to broadcast my call sign while discussing those things.
>>933 >You'd probably be limited to radio in that scenario. /thread. i'm all for packet-radio based gopher boards myself.
I am trying to build deepcreampy (1.x, the last commit with a non-stupid license); to do that, I need an old version of tensorflow that I'll need to build from sources. The build system tensorflow uses is called bazel, which has *an 84MiB source package* and is written in java. I can already tell I'm in for a treat. This is just the first of 23 required dependencies. And before anyone asks, no, this version of tensorflow is no longer on Pip.
Oh yeah, and the tensorflow binaries I _did_ find are for CUDA 10; I'm using CUDA 9.2 because CUDA 10 apparently has major issues with waifu2x and I've never been able to follow the instructions for making CUDA 10 work with pytorch and actually succeed. So if this fails because of CUDA problems I'll have to downgrade further.
>>930 >I remember people throwing a fit about a Firefox UI redesign in 2011, that might have been it. Yep, that was the FF3.6 to 4 transition. I specifically remember there was some extended support for 3.6 into 2012 that I clung to as long as possible. Presto-based Opera was pretty okay. I still wish it had been (officially) open-sourced. I'm aware of the leaks; I have a copy.
Oh and did I mention that the source distribution archive for bazel is a zip-bomb?
Oh yeah, and it builds itself so it needs a bootstrap.
>>935 Weirdest experience today lance. Got a call from some lady that a friend had recommended me to for some work. Lives about half a mile away, so I drive up there to see what all needs to be done. Turns out it's the lead singer for an aging female hard rock group (think Vixen, but not Vixen unfortunately). Years ago I knew a close relative of a singer I really liked, but I didn't find out until long after I had moved away, and I had always wished I'd known sooner so I could have wormed my way into meeting them at some point. Now the opportunity emerges again, and I not only got to meet her, but have her cell phone number, and it all just feels so unimportant. I don't know, just odd; you'd think it would have some impact, but it doesn't. Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter.
>>940 >Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. kekd. >You're so brave Anon, I feel so inspired now! <342 Anons re-blogged this post <3
Open file (46.78 KB 610x402 Top.Men.jpeg)
I wonder just how long it will be until certain interests expand on this plandemic-focused tech until it begins alerting authorities to the troublesome & worrying White-Nationalist mind virus exposure count problem? https://github.com/expo/expo-exposure-notification They better get busy soon. With the way things are going it could soon be an explosive problem around the globe!
Successfully transitioned my desktop from booting with MBR/compatibility module in BIOS to booting via UEFI today (without reformatting anything). The boot drive is still using an MBR, but the second primary partition is now an (U)EFI system partition (instead of some swap space; I have more on another HDD and I never really use the full 16GB of RAM I have anyway). I'm pretty sure my system would still boot on an MBR system as well, since the MBR "bootable" flag is still set on the partition that it would have booted before. >>940 I do know what you mean kind of; my parents used to work in a ski resort town that lots of famous people would come to during the winter; this was in the 80's and early 90's. From memory, they met (at least; these are the ones I distinctly remember being mentioned): *James Taylor *Bill Gates (and family) *Tom Cruise (lol) *Mel Gibson (again lol, but apparently he was pretty nice to them) *Steve Martin *Oprah Winfrey(mom sold her some Ugg boots; she suspects they were her first pair but I wasn't there and don't know what year it was) *Neil Young *Maaaybe Jerry Garcia, but I don't remember if it was just a concert or if they properly met. *Donald Trump (he got uppity with my dad when he showed up without a reservation on a saturday night at the restaurant he managed and they didn't have a table ready for him) *Phil Collins I think a few celebs also had houses there. My mom met James Taylor backstage at a concert there chatted with him for around 20 minutes before they had to get ready to perform, too. He was really nice, apparently, but about 95% of the time the encounters meant very little to them compared to what they'd have expected before they moved there. They're just people at the end of the day. With a few exceptions, they'd just think "oh hey, I know who that is" and then try not to draw attention to it. That's probably what most of them would want, anyway, especially on vacation.
Oh yeah and I got deepcreampy working. It's pretty neat, although it understandably struggles with large mosaics.
Nice picture of a Sumatran tiger from wikimedia.
Ported an old program from OSS to ALSA yesterday. I think the OSS code looked easier to read/less verbose. It's a shame the people controlling OSS closed it up for a while and pushed the linux kernel people away.
>>946 That said I can definitely see why 'aoss' exists. the basic arrangements of API calls are very similar between the two.
With no prior experience with ALSA or OSS development I was able to port it in just over an hour. Would probably have been shorter had I found good documentation of ALSA sooner. Linux really does have a documentation problem for the most part. I very much like FVWM's man page.
AT&T no longer wishes to maintain the copper infrastructure out here, and will no longer provide a landline to my cabin. I guess I will be buying stamps.
>>949 Stamps are now 55 cents each, and a telegram is $40. Honestly, this is just absurd.
>>949 >>950 I don't care to pry into your affairs, but I am concerned to a degree if we lose your input here. -Are you dependent on the line for Internet access? If so, have you come up with some alternative plan for being able to continue shitposting here? Also, if you're here in Burgerland, wasn't there some kind of law passed back in the day that AT&T (specifically) had to provide phone access to every residence even if they were remote?
>>951 IIRC, commie uses satellite internet. If has the kind that's dependant on a landline for upload (common with older providers), then his internet is fucked unless he can switch to a two-way connection. If not, then only his phone will be out.
Open file (199.38 KB 1151x1479 01.jpeg)
>>951 It's just my landline. With town being ~45 minutes away, I used it to schedule doctor appointments and all of the usual. AT&T used to provide landline service to this area, but it's kind of in limbo right now. If you have it, you can continue paying for it, but they're not taking new customers, and no one is servicing the lines as they degrade. Eventually everyone will leave the service by choice due to service degradation, and that way AT&T doesn't officially have to cancel them. My internet is a hodgepodge of crap, and is fine. I have two 60mbps satellite connections - one that I use for normal things, and one that I use for downloads (150GB limit on each). And I have a cellular connection with unlimited data that I use exclusively for larger downloads that I'm in no hurry for (very poor reception, but no data cap). I resolved the landline issue by adding a VOIP package from my satellite provider. The latency is higher than copper, but the service is fine otherwise. There's a phone jack on the modem, and I just plug my phone into it. I'm not a fan of VOIP since it is digital, and thus more subject to dragnet surveillance through auto-transcription and database querying than the old copper system was, but it is the best I can do out here without actually using a cell phone. >>952 Yep, satellite, two-way connection. Honestly, it's a great ISP; I'm very happy with it. The service has been extremely reliable, my bandwidth has been consistent, and customer service has been fantastic (with English speaking people answering the phones). My only real complaint is the cost and the data cap, but that's just the nature of satellite.
Police Requests To Access Your Smart Speaker Are Up 72% Since 2016: https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/police-requests-access-your-smart-speaker-are-72-2016 Most Android phones these days come with Google Assistant. Remember not to deviate from the narrative when your friends have their surveillance devices on them.
>>952 I wonder how feasible it would be to devise some kind of low-bit gateway near a metro area you could use radio with for uplink data? >>953 That all sounds pretty interesting actually. I wasn't even aware you could do stuff like that yet.
While taking some garbage out to the trash burner this morning, I saw a suspicious sedan parked across my driveway. I say suspicious because it was basically parked in the middle of a straight road, with absolutely nothing around it, with a clear view up my driveway (also the window tinting fit the profile of a fed rental car). Strangely, this is perhaps the second or third car to do exactly that in the last four months. I am wondering if perhaps my landline issue is related. I will be preparing for the worst, and will be using Live USB distros exclusively for the foreseeable future. I will let you know if this strategy ends up being a hindrance, or a realistic scenario for the terminally paranoid.
>>956 Is it 'in your domain' so to speak? Can you just arm yourself and confront them? When I was growing up out in the sticks it would be common to do so for any suspicious types, especially revenuers.
>>957 Not really. My property ends at the easement on my side of the road, and the car was parked on the other side. I guess I could stand on my property with a rifle and yell across the road, but I'm not about to start down my driveway with a rifle to approach a car potentially full of feds who will see me coming the entire way. Also, this is California. If you have to pull a gun on someone, you're basically obligated to kill them or they will take you to court for everything you have. A burglar could sue you for cutting his arm while breaking your window. I've thought of a lot of things it could be, ranging from bill collectors (not mine), to feds keeping an eye on someone else's property from a distance. The timing and location is just odd; how many people have to stop in the middle of the road to look up your driveway before you think something's going on and it involves you?
I missed this when it happened. But Eric Raymond got himself banned from some of the mailing lists of a group he founded. https://www.i-programmer.info/news/136-open-source/13535-co-founder-of-osi-banned-from-.html
>>958 You could walk up without a gun and peek through a window. >>949 That happened to a lot of people after Hurricane Sandy as well. NPR did a thing on it, where some ATT representative claimed there was no discernible difference, but his voice got garbled while he was saying it. I've still got a land line here, but for how long I don't know. I still think ATT was better pre-1984.
>>956 if you are determined to do that, take precautions against van eck phreaking (TEMPEST).
Open file (75.97 KB 700x669 01.jpg)
>>959 >But Eric Raymond got himself banned from some of the mailing lists of a group he founded. >CoC Violations "Because of their need for rebellion and for membership in a movement, leftists often are unattracted to a movement whose goals and membership are not initially leftist. The resulting influx of leftish types can easily turn a non-leftist movement into a leftist one, so that leftist goals replace or distort the original goals of the movement. To avoid this, a movement must take a resolutely anti-leftist stance and must avoid all collaboration with leftists." If only more people had listened.
>>966 >When gender is a social construct but you've dedicated the rest of your life to looking like a Chinese off-brand version of a woman.
>>962 >If only more people had listened. /throd.
Open file (174.86 KB 900x900 1583610390267.png)
>>970 >make an account to see the full image This is why I stick to boorus.
>>971 Funny, I just went on a spree deleting all of my accounts I could track down. Bugmen are way too autistic to let anyone use their services without making an account.
>>970 Looks decent. I won't be saving it to a microSD card, but I hope the artist keeps it up. >>971 As an autistic connoisseur of Japanese doodles, you just can't beat the Japanese services, unless you don't mind going without. I have never found a booru that mirrored more than a fraction of what Pixiv has for any tag. And you will also miss out on the crap they hide behind FanBox, Fantia, Pawoo, Skeb, etc. The only reason I use boorus at all these days is that occasionally they pull something from a godforsaken place like Twitter that turns out to be nice. These days I just shove all the tags into Hydrus Network and let God sort them out.
>>972 There's shared login sites out there, like BugMeNot you can use instead. Then all the site gets is an IP log, but assuming you're on a VPN of some sort, it doesn't tie anything to you (and you're probably not the only one connecting from that VPN).
>>974 There's a lot I'd have to be using for me to really feel like I'm being private, I mostly do things out of convenience. I mostly went around consolidating accounts because I installed Keepass and wanted to make everything look nice. Say, would you know where to get various artists' paywalled content? I'm real out of the loop on these things, I'm a step away from bugging out from the web entirely and living in a cabin somewhere up north, I've seen some nice ones.
Open file (463.34 KB 1530x5820 01.png)
>>975 I used to use Keepass a long time ago. I found pass preferable - more keyboard friendly, no version inconsistencies that affect reading the database (Keepass/Keepass[v.#]/KeepassX/etc). Maybe you'll like it, maybe not. I have not yet found a place for Japanese paywalled content. People use yiff.party for Patreon, but I don't collect Western art, and have no idea how popular that is. Figuring that out has been on my To-Do list for awhile, but for now I just use a burner card. I have organized my computer setup in a very private way that is still low maintenance enough to not interfere with cabin life. I am considering writing guides/scripts for the masses, as a lot of the advice out there right now is just awful (Reddit-centric communities like PrivacyTools are among the largest, and the advice is terrible), but have not committed to anything yet. I'd recommend looking at the documentation of Fed forensics tools like Encase sometime. It tells you quite plainly what your enemy's capabilities and methods are, and may save you when your social credit score reaches alarming levels after Amazon reports you haven't purchased any racial justice books this month. http://encase-docs.opentext.com/documentation/encase/forensic/8.07/Content/Resources/External%20Files/EnCase%20Forensic%20v8.07%20User%20Guide.pdf
Open file (34.50 KB 640x852 01.jpeg)
On data persistence, I believe I have found a final solution to my privacy woes: Alpine Linux. Unlike say, a distro live CD, which loads into ram but is otherwise a pain in the ass to actually do anything with (and of course leaves you with some crappy DE and collection of software), Alpine Linux actually Installs to ram. From there, you have total control over the system as you would any other install; the location of the install seems totally transparent. Alpine starts out absurdly minimal, and I had to install basically every 'normal' package you might imagine. But I went from absolutely nothing to dwm and Firefox in about fifteen minutes, so we're doing well here. And performance is perfect. The big thing however, and what drew me to Alpine in particular, is that you can easily create configuration files that Alpine will load at boot. Rather than having to set this all up every time you turn on the computer, you just create a configuration that it will load, and you end up with your desired desktop/server experience automatically, but diskless. Your files of course have to be stored externally (if you want them to survive a reboot), but you could conceivably keep a backup of /home altogether. This solves a problem I've had for many years now. No more "Well, Firefox just cached a thumbnail of that mostly peaceful email I was reading, so I guess I'm issuing an ATA erase in the morning." Very rare to find a solution to a tech problem that doesn't involve not using it anymore.
Found a great old writeup from a former Mozilla employee, written way back in good ol' 2012 when FF was just starting to go downhill. He saw it all coming. http://web.archive.org/web/20120731210532/http://evilbrainjono.net/blog?showcomments=true&permalink=1094
>>977 i wrote scripts to handle that kind of thing on fresh installs. Nice that it runs off a ramdisk, though.
>>978 >But somehow, despite being an ostensibly community-driven organization, somewhere along the line we learned to tune out naysayers from the community.
>>978 I grew up with Firefox, basically. It felt like something magical to me almost as I began to use it to sort of explore HTML and learn something about how these pages actually worked. I remember using it every day back to at least early version 3. Then when they changed things in the look (and slowly everything else) it was like watching an old friend slowly dying of cancer. I wasn't even redpilled back then, and so I never understood why they kept making these choices to dumb-down and dumb-down the thing until it finally seemed like something unusably foreign to me. Then they decided to finally kill XUL and take the full Google pozload, and that was the last straw for me. Abandoning it entirely was actually a grievous experience for me, like someone I loved had died. I'm over it now, and having a fuller understanding as well the degeneracy and evil that killed Firefox just fills me with anger today.
>>962 This was an authoritarian power-play on part of OSI leadership. It's true, though; Raymond is much more of a libertarian type. I can't say I agree with everything he says, but he's well-spoken and has interesting insights sometimes. PixivUtil2 is pretty handy, although sometimes they accidentally add windows-isms I have to fix (my favorite was when the main .py script had CRLF line-endings which broke the shebang). It's written in Python, which is something else I don't really love, but at least it's somewhat easy to read. >>976 IIRC yiff.party actually also has services for Fantia, but it's kind of obscured. You need to manually format your URL in the form of: https://yiff.party/fantia/<fantia id here> There's no search function for it. Kemono.party appears to have prototype support for fanbox and subscribestar.
>>982 oh and kemono.party has source code available. https://github.com/OpenYiff/Kemono
>>981 I'm still not redpilled and I understood why they kept making retarded changes. I'm still using Seamonkey, which for the moment has XUL support, but sites are slowly starting to break on me. Sometimes faking a user agent will fix things, or setting an about:config preference for some (at the time) experimental JS API that's reached production use now.
And with that last shitpost, signing off for tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wv3BwTMiEI
>>976 > I am considering writing guides/scripts for the masses I would welcome it. I'm simply not skilled enough yet to feel at all confident I'm taking the proper steps needed to protect myself. Additionally, I hope /robowaifu/ gets a real X-SEC expert in our midst someday. I'm sure that simply airgapping our robowaifus won't be nearly good enough.
>>986 I lied, I'm still here I haven't bought anything from amazon since 2011.
Open file (11.44 KB 322x78 01.png)
>>981 I started using Firefox back in 2003 or 2004, and it was my default browser for many years. It was also one of the first open source projects that I felt enthusiastic about; I liked the software, the people behind it, etc. How things have changed. >>982 >This was an authoritarian power-play on part of OSI leadership. Of course it was! And who makes these kind of power plays in a software project, lance? Open your eyes, the script is the same damn thing every time: 1: Accuse someone above you of violating some social norm in a vague and unprovable way (sexual harassment, hate speech, misogyny, 'made people uncomfortable', etc). 2: After they are forced out, you and your leftist buddies suddenly rise to prominent positions. 3: The project takes a hard left turn towards social activism. 4: The project loses focus, its audience, its income, and it implodes. 5: Like parasites, the leftists jump ship and move on to the next project, where the script will repeat. Every. Time. Look no further than practically every game developer for evidence. But you don't see this behavior from anyone except leftists. When right-leaning anons decides to work on a project, they bang the entire thing out without so much as a concern for the structural hierarchy of the project (spending infinitely more time arguing about the name and logo). When normal people work on a project, you don't even know about their politics 90% of the time, and the project trods along just fine. But the moment Pronouns In Bios start showing up, the goals of the project take a back seat. It's suddenly about 'community', 'social impact', 'conduct'. And these people will spend their day forming factions, arguing with each other, ousting anyone that doesn't follow the narrative, and making power moves until nothing remains. If you don't see that now, you never will. >PixivUtil2 I do like and use PixivUtil2. Hydrus allows me to subscribe to tags, where it will auto-tag them for me based on my criteria. PixivUtil2 doesn't do this, and requires more manual sorting. But there have been times when Hydrus' Pixiv system was broken. >>983 Oh, I remember hearing about this (might have been from you long ago). Very interesting, I'll keep an eye on it. >>986 I will probably do so, I am just debating the distribution. I don't like the thought of hosting a website, so a PDF distributed would be easier. It just makes edits more difficult. Something to think about. >I'm sure that simply airgapping our robowaifus won't be nearly good enough. Depends on what the waifu is doing. If she is airgapped and never needs a network connection, then she is only vulnerable to physical access attacks. But that seems to go against what I imagine a robowaifu would be doing; primarily learning over a network. In which case you would absolutely need to secure services. IoT devices tend to be among the most insecure.
>>976 I found Keepass2 usable with the right plugins, it does just about everything I want. Keepass2Android was a lot better out of the gate though, but that's for my phone. They're synced up through Dropbox though, I should switch to a vps or another provider but it doesn't look like I have many options other than the top file storage providers or straight ftp.
>>989 If the main issue is syncing, have you considered a self-hosted BitWarden instance?
Open file (40.29 KB 964x817 cra.png)
>>990 Reliability is the main thing, I just want to make sure I can always access the database if I need to. The only thing I don't like about Keepass2 is the use of plugins (They are in a folder, are not part of the database or the program, and run 33MB in size) and that the User Name, Password, and URL Fields are hardcoded regardless of my use of a template plugin.
>>992 It's great to see you again. I thought I'd lost all contact. Kepass2 is where the issues I mentioned above started. If you ever install KeepassX or KeepassXC on Linux, it won't open that database (maybe compatibility has improved over the years). If you only ever use Windows and Android, then I guess this isn't much of a concern. When I set people up with Windows password managers these days, I always just give them Bitwarden. It's been audited, and most people with phones aren't paranoid enough to worry about the sync service. A more paranoid person could also self host it, but if you're on Windows and Android, might as well just install the app and use their sync service. If you're happy with Keepass though, then great. Unfortunately I can't offer much about it, since I just use pass. From a forensics standpoint, Keepass stands out as being installed on the system, and it stores the location of the last database you opened. Other than that, it's not bad software though.
>>993 Yeah I did lose contact with you again. There's portable Keepass and yeah it does open my last database but it's funny, the entire program is 6MB but its plugins that do very simple things are 33MB. The feature set is what gets me now, and sadly I don't think I'll be moving from windows. I'm just too autistic in the wrong way.
>>994 Lance's Git link in the op always has a link to our IRC channel and current imageboard. I plan on being on IRC more once I get things setup the way I'd like, but it's pretty dead despite the idling. Should anon.cafe ever disappear, I'm sure the link will be updated. Though the last time the topic came up, it sounded like flashmaster might be leaving. Who knows what's in store for /f/.
Hello friends, long time no see. Nice to see new blood around here. I'll take a temporary name since that's the norm around here. It's really sad to see everyone you love taken over by people that just seek to ruin it, isn't it? I've been using firefox since version 0.5 I think back when it was called Firebird. I remember how great it was compared to what we were using before. When you had to keep both Netscape and IE around to view every page you needed during you daily browsing. The freedom Firefox gave to the end user through XUL and plug-ins was really something. I'm sad it has become so bloated and has been taken over by "community advocates" that don't know how to code. The underlying code of Firefox hasn't improved in many years and they're pretty much living off Google money. Google has become just like Mircosoft of old where they embrace projects and kill them off from the inside. It's worries me a lot that nearly every browser is now Chrome with a skin. If the firefox project dies there will be nothing else left to use. I can't really recommend furryfox because I don't trust the project to patch exploits quickly enough. The leader of the project is so anal about his trademarks that he's manged to sour relations with OpenBSD. He's in it for personal fame and not for the right reasons.
>>949 Wait for musk to get starlink up, I suppose? >>958 They might not be for you, possibly looking for illegal grow fields nearby? Things seem to be turning around on the internet front, I've been seeing some new sites popping up that are very promising. Some of the old groups are getting back together. If everything follows the cycle then 2021/2022 should see a tech resurgence. Discord needs a knife in its eye so something better can come along, I didn't realize that most eyeballs were concentrated there for namefag recognition and mutual masturbation. Decentralized distributed uncensorable anonymous text and rich content sharing needs to be a development priority. No more accounts, we need nothing like that in the age of mass surveillance. We might not have too long before the lights go out, considering the current global political situation, but events can always surprise us.
>>996 > back when it was called Firebird Cool. I never knew that. I've wondered more than once why the name Firefox was chosen. I jumped ship to Furry Meme when Cuckzilla killed XUL. I'm vaguely familiar with controversy you mentioned, but I've been fairly happy with it in the ~3yrs now. Treestyle tabs was pretty important to me, and ports of basically every add-on I care much about is available in PM. >>997 >Decentralized distributed uncensorable anonymous text and rich content sharing needs to be a development priority. this.
I have completed my Alpine Linux setup script (aside from some quality of life things). Not only does it handle the installation of all my packages from cache and their configs, but I even managed to automate my Firefox setup with a policies.json (install addons, user.js, etc). The script checks which computer it's being run on, so it can tailor certain configs to each one (eg; HiDPI on the XPS). All in all, Alpine is a fantastic distro. My only criticism is that it uses musl instead of glibc, which while excellent from a security standpoint, means that there are some things that will never be available through the package manager. I will look into porting Dwarf Fortress and CCDDA, but proprietary things are totally out (not really important). Also the documentation isn't great. It would be nice if this kind of setup could be achieved through Void or similar, but even if another distro offered a diskless setup, it would likely use far too much ram to be usable.
>>999 would this help out any with musl, gunship? https://code.foxkit.us/adelie/gcompat
>http://techrights.org/2020/09/03/linus-debconf-linusgate/ >"Debian should make a public statement that Linus will not be welcome at Debian events in future." I remember fondly when people couldn't fathom how CoCs and similar idpol crap would ruin everything. I'm sure it won't be long before I hear "Yeah Linux and Free Software were destroyed but so what, what a meaningless thing to be mad about." >>1000 Possibly, though it seems most people just use a chroot environment. The wiki has some useful information about glibc, I just haven't had a reason to put any of it into practice yet.
>>1001 >Ryan, who recently witnessed Fedora banning longtime contributors (technical people who actually love and use GNU/Linux), said that the CoC “gets enforced by a lot of nasty trolls who somehow “develop” Fedora from Macs and Edge on Windows 10.” (The enforcers do not even use GNU/Linux themselves!) pretty much says it all right there imo.
Open file (81.97 KB 400x267 01.jpg)
>>1002 Reminds me of the many FreeBSD developers that run Macs (and we know what their 'community' consists of). The script is the same wherever they go. I am hopeful that nothing comes of this, considering that the emails leaked so far are a few years old. But they are just now coming to light, and who knows if the pronoun people will force this into yet another scandal.
Open file (25.22 KB 1440x265 a.png)
Open file (52.73 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>7 degrees warmer than today >they're even working at web 3.0 gaslighting eternal shifting frame of reference shit for the temperature
>>1006 Ministry Of Truth hard at work, as usual. :^)
>>1006 I sure would like an alternative but I'm afraid of my entire phone imploding and taking my left hand with it because I dare tamper with the eternal gapps suite. And by alternative I mean just wiping it all out but it doesn't help having a niche meme phone made by a Canadian keyboard and mouse company.
>>1008 That was the main problem with 1984 IMO. It should've ended with a good old Deus Vult uprising and all the goblins being killed.
>>1010 I thought it to be funny how a story placed in England has it's citizenry's teeth falling out.
>>1011 Carb heavy diets, low protein, low exercise, low sunlight, heavy alcohol intake. English ingredient quality is generally good but the end products are shit because the recipes are shit. Leads to their shit health. Same reason why a lot of nips have bad teeth. Soft food that's almost all carbs. Feed your kids tough steaks.
>>1001 Those email messages were from 2014 and leaked this year. It's nothing new. I don't think Linus got banned from the last 6 years' events, either. They were just stupid people's stupid opinions.
Unrelated, but I'm compiling a kernel for three architectures right now. Mostly just because I feel like it, but also I'm wondering if I can make my single-core powerbook perform any better.
>>876 Thanks to the thread, and especially gunship, for all the wisdom you guvnahs have given me, tech-wise and otherwise haha :^). I'm working on embedded coding project right now with /robowaifu/, and I hope it's about to land me an important gig. Thanks for helping me to see just how important C++ truly is when you appreciate the finer deets of it's C heritage heh :^)
Open file (50.53 KB 794x473 01.jpg)
>>1013 >They were just stupid people's stupid opinions. Linus, well known for being an absolute asshole that could never function within a CoC, and had gone nearly two decades without one, would suddenly add such a CoC to linux just a few years later. I can't imagine being surrounded so thoroughly by over socialized people, that I would view their behavior as individuals instead of an easily identifiable group. >>1015 Thanks, I wish you the best of luck on that project. Sounds kind of like a farewell post.
Good song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVfU5EkQjM0 Alternate, very 60's sounding version. Shame about the compression though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMwV-6PR9_4
>>1016 I just generally see stereotyping's dangers and try to avoid labelling people until it's pretty much impossible to find a rational defense for them. There sure are a lot of mentally ill people in the tech industry though.
>>1016 Still doing some prelims atm, but I've managed to line up a few resources to help with the effort, so It's encouraging. >Sounds kind of like a farewell post. Heh not intentionally. But honestly, no one is promised tomorrow. Carpe that old Diem right? Especially with loved-ones and friends.
>>1021 Should clarify: A2O was a few days ago. A2I was a few months ago.
How is the waifubot project coming along? Will I be able to own one within the next few years? I keep seeing news about sex bots. I know the AI is probably a way off but how close are we to one being able to do basic tasks? I just need one that can cook, clean, and fuck.
RBG dead lmfao shit storm inc
RBG dead shitstorm inc lmfao S
>>1025 I was wondering what you were talking about until I glanced at some newspapers. It seems like even the media couldn't help her stay relevant, seeing as how even the more liberal people I know haven't so much as spoken a word of her. I'd wonder who will end up replacing her, but it doesn't really matter at this point.
All over the web I keep seeing smart people say >Why are they pushing 5G so much? The bandwidth isn't needed for cell phones Meanwhile the TV keeps saying >Defund the police! They are racists! Am I'm the only one that's put 2 and 2 together? We're about to see most of the police replaced with drones and cameras. The age of Robocop is upon us because robots aren't racists. They need the extra bandwidth and devices per channel for the robots. They need hot spots every few meters for redundancy. Look at where they're rolling this stuff out. It's all suburbs and cities. The places they can't see right now with cameras and satellites. They already have the robots based on dogs patrolling SF parks and reminding people to socially distance. The next decade is going to be wild. By 2030 microchips in brains and robots are going to be common place. These retards will line up to get holes drilled in their skulls. Having the chip will be like having super powers. Imagine a world where no one goes to school they just get the chip installed and download knowledge as needed. Drugs will become obsolete because you can just run a script and feel like you're on cocaine and opioids all of the time. People will drop LSD together and mind meld by transferring their day dreams in real time. The divide between those with the chip and those without is going to be huge. It'll probably be possible to posses people remotely in real time or to share an experience with someone from two perspectives at the same time.
>>1023 It's coming along slowly and surely. A few more anons seemed to have at least stopped in to say hi. Maybe some of them will stay and help who knows? For the core small group of us, we're all focusing special focus interests of this large problem-space. At least one other guy is taking the generalist approach (as do I). Schedule? >HAHAHAHAHAHA but srsly, you can already get a Harmony today if you have the cash (and you can stomach the Bimbo-esque uncanny valley ghoulish), so I continue to predict that market forces will drive this industry forward. Probably in roughly a decade or so, we will probably see some kind of changes that will open a veritable floodgate for robowaifu development though. >>1027 Interesting insights. Probably pretty credible in large part IMO.
>>1027 The more bandwidth, the more data they can extract, the more that can be used by algorithms (I refuse to call it AI) to monitor, shape and control behavior.
>>1026 I personally am just too disspirited to talk much about her atm. >I'd wonder who will end up replacing her, but it doesn't really matter at this point. Pretty much. >>1027 I don't like to conjecture wildly like that. But I am afraid of that sort of scenario.
>>1030 Specifically the ten years bit seems like it's a bit ambitious of a timeline.
Open file (2.40 MB 3024x4032 01.jpg)
So, my entire mountain burned down the other day. Lost three sheds and the northern half of the property (nothing important), but the house was untouched. They were interviewing my closest neighbor on TV while it happened, and you could see my place burning in the background. Most of the community is just gone. The Red Cross has me in a hotel until they restore power to the area (very fancy hotel actually, my room has a full kitchen). I've been pretty busy since then, and will probably continue to be so until I return home, but I figured I'd stop by and let you guys know that I'm still alive.
>>1032 In what kind of hellhole do you live that all those mountains burn out of nowhere?
>>1033 California of course. The entire state burns every fall. Firefighting leadership on this fire was absolutely abysmal though. All of the resources were allocated to high dollar targets, and it allowed the fire to jump an area that has always been a natural fire barrier. Once the fire was in a region that hadn't been allowed to burn in many decades, it ran wild and no one could stop it (it's still burning uncontrolled right now, new evacuations being issued every day). I think I'm coming out ahead though. The fire removed everything on the northern part of my property, so I have plenty of room for a chicken coop and new garden. The sheds were falling apart, and I was planning on tearing them down to rebuild. Whatever my insurance gives me for them is more than I would have gotten otherwise.
>>1032 Wow, I'm so disappointed to hear that. I'm very grateful to hear you yourself are safe, and that your house was unscathed. I pray that you can somehow recover a sense of normalcy soon-ish gunship. Thanks for the update, I'll be praying for you.
>>1034 >California of course My condolences sir, didn't think anyone sane would live there. At least, in theory, grass will grow out greener now.
>>1035 Thanks, I do appreciate the support. >>1036 The state as a whole is dog shit, but I was pretty content with my community. It was a small group of ranches out in the woods, very tight-knit community. Everyone there is either a bullets and beans paranoid prepper that moved there to get out of the city, or a total hippy that wants to be surrounded by trees and animals. No in between at all. And there is a Benedictine monastery; very neat place overall. While new plants may appreciate the fire, I'm concerned about the mudslides that will come this winter. I will be digging ditches and building walls soon enough, but if the entire hill goes, it goes.
Open file (53.39 KB 3734x183 01.png)
Open file (271.23 KB 1508x582 02.png)
So, where do you guys go to discuss /tech/ these days? I am trapped in this hotel until Friday and the gym is closed because of Covid.
>>1038 >not going whole-hog and getting perma'd pfft, plebeians. how are holding out this evening? bored obviously, but any concrete plans forming up for you or other news?
>>1038 btw, nanochan has a /g/ fwiw aHR0cDovL25hbm9jaGFucHd6M3hudWU3Nmd0ZXlzdjZ3am01c2ltM2JiY20ybGM2NXg2MjVhdDc3NGs3N3FkLm9uaW9uL2cv
>>1039 This whole incident has been pretty grand honestly. When the fire started moving North, I went down to Walmart to buy moving boxes, and managed to fit everything that mattered to me in the W140 by the time the order came through. Nothing that remained had any emotional value, and would have been replaced by the insurance. Now I'm getting to rebuild some old shitty sheds at my insurance's expense, and will have plenty left over to do whatever I want with (my insurance broker tossed out a figure of $50k, mainly due to the loss of use of the house during the evacuation). I had been planning to rebuild those sheds and sell the contents of one on eBay some day. This accomplishes all of that without work or expense. The Red Cross has been a tremendous help, and I will be doing some volunteer work for them after this is all over. Dinner tonight was steak, yams, refried beans, a cinnamon roll, and a slice of pumpkin pie. I don't enjoy sitting around all day, so that could be better, but I am catching up on a lot of reading. The surviving community will need some serious rebuilding and cleanup, and some of the evacuees with houses to go back to have been talking with me about doing work for them. All in all, things are looking very positive. >>1040 Interesting, I'll have a look. Thanks.
>>1041 That sounds a pretty remarkable outcome through this all for you actually. Seems an answer to prayer somehow. I hope you can be of real value to your neighbors and the bond between you deepens. Nothing brings good men together in a community like hardship. Godspeed, gunship. Find some good things actually worth reading in the meantime, yea!? :^)
This gave me a little smile. https://cyber.dabamos.de/unix/x11/#xlennart
>>1032 Glad to hear it. Indiana life's still pretty uneventful by comparison.
>>1044 *glad to hear you're still alive, is what I meant to say.
https://old.reddit.com/r/HomeNetworking/comments/6ysbke/my_sons_highschool_issued_laptop_is_interfering/ I know >reddit but I found this interesting thread today. Guy can into /tech/, kid brings home school supplied laptop, suddenly he can't resolve DNS on any machine on the network. He had to isolate it on a subnet to get it to play nice with his network and other machines. This got me thinking about the fact that school just started and every child just got sent home with a laptop. I wonder what they have running on those things and what type of data they're phoning home with.
>>1047 There was a similar issue awhile back, when students were being issued ipads with textbooks on them. A student was called in for disciplinary talks about something he had been doing in his bedroom (drugs or something, I don't remember). The obvious question was, how did anyone know about that? It turned out that the school was running a program on everyone's ipad to take pictures periodically, and the pile of collected images also had students in varying states of undress. I think it resulted in a lawsuit. But honestly, you'd be an idiot to send your kid to school these days. A century of obsessing over Diplomas For Everyone instead of Diplomas For Those Who Earn One (because racism of course) has dumbed down the entire education system. Just compare the tests kids are taking today with those they were taking in the 1940's. And of course you have the latest string of curriculum dedicated to 'ending whiteness' and teaching your five year old how to masturbate. Homeschool your kids. Teach them language, arithmetic, history, discipline, personal responsibility, finance, and philosophy. Don't let them start out their adult life in insurmountable student loan debt for a degree that won't help them in the slightest. Encourage them to take a trade, especially now when bugmen fields are oversaturated and trade jobs are in high enough demand to pay more. Places are bending over backwards to hire mechanics, forklift operators, truckers, and the like. But you can apply for a minimum wage position at a hundred IT jobs and hear nothing. Raise good kids, or they'll end being unhappy leftists, burning down the working class they think they represent.
>>1048 >and teaching your five year old how to masturbate. Hey now, there's nothing wrong with teaching children how to masturbate. But you are right in that it should only be done by someone who loves them and not some outsider weirdo. It's best to keep it in the family.
>>1049 "Is this part turning you on, son?" This is how gays are made. Does anyone really need to be taught how to masturbate? For better or worse, I think we all figured that one out on our own.
>>1048 >But honestly, you'd be an idiot to send your kid to school these days. I don't disagree but home schooling just isn't possible for a lot of people. Most parents are both working jobs now, can't afford a private teacher, and don't have the time or ability to give their kids a proper education. In America if you don't have you kid doing state approved schooling they say you're abusing the child and kick in your door. When that happens you'll be lucky to ever see your kid again. So most folks are in a position where they have no choice to send their child to the state brainwashing factory. It isn't like it was 100 years ago where school was optional and most schools would let half the kids out early everyday to work the farms. The state decided to break up the family units a long time ago and have made it illegal to live like people are supposed to live. >>1049 >>1050 You teach the kid about sex and let them figure those things out themselves. My mother was strict about those sorts of things. I wasn't allowed to call my dick anything but a penis. I knew girls had a vagina when I was 3 years old and they were different. But the sex and fapping I was left to figure out for myself. I didn't need any help figuring out those things. Although I did get cussed out for wiping my cum all over the bed sheets that first month when I finally did. I didn't understand it left stains and got pretty eager about doing it every night. Monkeys know how to fap. I used to laugh at them at the zoo all of the time. Anyone too stupid to figure it out on their own shouldn't be encouraged and taught how.
Open file (3.81 MB 4032x3024 55.jpg)
this is from a topre keyboard. CN1 is for regular usb and is what the keyboard uses to connect to the computer. would you hazard a guess and say CN2 is for type c? I'm doubting it because there are only 10 leads while type c has 12, twice totaling 24 and while there are 2 rows of pins only the top row pins actually extend past the base of the connector.
>>1052 Never mind this. I looked a bit more it's probably not type C. beautiful board though.
>>1052 My guess without seeing the other side is that it's for programming the board or maybe for connecting to other models with more features, so they can use the same PCB in multiple machines. I have an old Model M 101-key keyboard which has an extra connector on its controller board for a 122-key board's membrane.
>>1054 BTW, Windows 2003/XP source code leaked. It looks legitimate.
Open file (7.53 KB 1277x788 nt2k3-cat.png)
One of the amusing things I've found so far. They wrote a 'cat' implementation… in C++.
Open file (10.80 KB 1277x788 nt2k3-cat.png)
Sorry, i resized my xterm after running ls; here's a full listing
There's also some itanic stuff in here, which is neat. And a "STEVIE" port to NT (STEVIE is a vi clone originally for the Atari ST, which also evolved into "vim"). Can't make it build in mingw but I probably am not trying hard enough.
P.P.S. 6 months since last source code drop for TiTS now, but who's counting.
>>1055 Is there a legit place to download it besides mega? I'm definitely not creating an account with them, and they cut it off around 800-900 meg.
>>1060 This torrent should be what you want. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1a4e5b67060ff2bc8fe2de36a6c265c77f392a0c&dn=NOTREPACKED There is another one that's 30+GB that includes a lot of videos on Bill Gates being involved with COVID stuff. They took this torrent and repacked it with a lot of other stuff.
>>1061 thank you.
>>1061 Yeah. I skipped most of the videos primarily due to space considerations. Also skipped NT 4 since I already had that.
Open file (34.50 KB 1243x245 lol_3.png)
A friend of mine gave me an old-ish (2010) laptop of his as a sort of gift. It has an SSD inside, which means it's my first SSD ever. I think I'll use it to install OpenBSD and swap it into my Thinkpad for a bit.
I take a couple of weeks off to clean up the community, and this place just dies. Very low energy.
>>1066 Hey there what's the status report?
Open file (832.75 KB 760x1067 01.png)
>>1067 We have finished removing every tree, power line, and telephone pole that's been reported laying in the middle of a road. The County might have been more helpful with this if it wasn't so preoccupied with empty gestures of social justice instead of serving its constituents (maybe disaster relief is just an idea to them too). Most of the roads have power again, and those who still have wells should have water. The Red Cross continues to be helpful, and we're handing out twenty pound boxes of chicken patties to anyone who wants one (very good patties to be honest). We should be out of the 'emergency' phase by the end of the month, then its onward to mudslide prevention and eventual replanting. A lot of work ahead. My insurance has photographed the property, and I've sent them a list of possessions lost in the inferno. I guess I'm just waiting for them now. I had some time the other day to replace an old Stab-Loc breaker box (read: fire hazard) with a new Square D, so that was nice and long overdo. While I was sitting around in the hotel, I gave some thought towards working on something like /robowaifu/ in the future (the software parts). I saw that GPT-3 is already being neutered by neolibs paranoid about racism and 'misinformation'. I'd be curious to hear how hobbyist groups plan to deal with language models that are effectively reduced to regurgitating globohomo propaganda. I also installed Void Linux yesterday. I had used it in a chroot on Alpine, and wanted to spend more time with xbps and runit. So far it is a very pleasant experience reminiscent of Arch prior to systemd. Much like OpenBSD, it can also function perfectly well as a source-based distro if desired. The userland is standard linux without any surprises. I'll be using that this month and seeing if it's good enough to be a daily driver. I guess this distro was run by a tranny or something in the past, but to the surprise of no one, he has since checked out.
>>1068 Sounds like you are all heaving-to with a will. Proud of you mate. >A lot of work ahead. I'll be praying for you and everyone to stay safe and strong at your labors. And that the rains won't cause slides on you this winter. I also hope the insurance gives you plenty, and soon. >I'd be curious to hear how hobbyist groups plan to deal with language models that are effectively reduced to regurgitating globohomo propaganda. Well, I can't speak for others, but one potential option is to use the source material ourselves. That is, the actual texts. AFAICT, the CommonCrawl corpus, as well as Wikipedia are both freely available. As I understand things, this is the primary source material that OpenAI used for GPT3. I also have the full, raw JSON of (possibly thousands) of pages of shitposting from using BUMP on a few dozen boards here and there over the last year. So that should help to reign in the globohomo pozfest at least somewhat in the 'robowaifu corpus project'. :^) The issue ofc, is all the datacenter of hardware needed to plow through all that data to create an effective model. I don't know, but maybe we can manage some sort of distributed mechanism? Kind of a Robowaifu@Home effort? At least we are already at a good stage for the synthetic voices, whenever we figure out good things for her to say. > >Void Linux Thanks for the tip. I really like their documentation. Very clean and easy to understand. https://docs.voidlinux.org/installation/guides/arm-devices/index.html Yeah, systemdicks is a real worry to me about Arch. I'd like to think we could eventually create our own spin for our robowaifus some day. Maybe Void could be a good platform to build on. Thanks for the updates, stay safe up there Gunship. :^)
>>1068 While looking around a commentaries on GPT-3, I found this from Forbes https://web.archive.org/web/20201006064952/https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2020/10/05/what-is-gpt-3-and-why-is-it-revolutionizing-artificial-intelligence/ Remarkably, there doesn't seem to be a single cry from this author about 'muh_rayciss', etc. Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe he slipped under the Ministry of Truth's poznet filter-radar somehow? Anyway, a comment he made in the post >Secondly, it is a closed or black-box system. OpenAI has not revealed the full details of how its algorithms work, so anyone relying on it to answer questions or create products useful to them would not, as things stand, be entirely sure how they had been created. got me to thinking. Maybe (and surprisingly) businesses of all people will help stem the AI globohomo effect. If they are relying on it to produce deterministic results, then they may pressure OpenAI and others to produce a consistent set of 'knobs & sliders' for the thing to produce predictable outcomes. Or at the very least, the system's internals may become actually open instead of the closed system that (ironically) OpenAI is currently pushing. Unlikely it seems, but who knows?
>>1069 >I'll be praying for you and everyone to stay safe and strong at your labors. I appreciate it! It'll be a rough winter, I'm sure. >one potential option is to use the source material ourselves. If that is possible, that's fantastic. With GPT-3 specifically however, my understanding is that the source has not been released, and OpenAI has no intention of doing so because of the potential for its use in spreading 'misinformation.' More so, Microsoft just invested a billion dollars in OpenAI in exchange for exclusive licensing. That may certainly have an impact on the openness of OpenAI's future. GPT-3 is of course just one of many models, but I anticipate that anything worth using will suffer a similar fate; the ones worth using are of course being developed for billions by Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. >the datacenter of hardware needed to plow through all that data to create an effective model. I did some quick reading on it back at the hotel, to see what I was going to be getting myself into. It looks like you can throw together a pretty decent home rig for about $10k. Not something that's going to compete with a datacenter funded by Facebook, but I see that going better than a bunch of anons using ancient Thinkpads that don't even have GPUs. It's not like we would even have the manpower to compete with Faceberg et al in terms of development, so a $10k rig should go pretty far. I will do a lot more research on that before buying anything though. >I really like their documentation. Void has adequate documentation for their own software (xbps, mainly), and the installer. Outside that, everything is standard linux, so just use the Arch/Gentoo wikis. Even for the installation, I used my Arch installation paper for 90% of it, and there was just a handful of Void-specific things. I will be aliasing some of Void's crap though, as 'sudo xbps-install' is just a pain in the ass to type out each time. >Yeah, systemdicks is a real worry to me about Arch. There is Artix if you want Arch without systemd. I just don't like Arch much. Even the AUR, which many Arch users claim they can't live without, just tends to be a garbage collection of compilation efforts that may or may not work. It's also been a very long time since Arch was 'minimal'; a netinstall from even Fedora is more minimal. I've also always had issues with the non lts kernel on Arch. So far I've had no issues with Void whatsoever; it's almost boring. Gentoo is nice, but I don't have all week to compile things, so I've been stuck with Arch most of the time. Fedora would have been perfectly fine if it weren't for Gnome. >I'd like to think we could eventually create our own spin for our robowaifus some day. At present, I would still use Alpine for something like that. Void-musl could work, but Alpine has the entire ramdisk philosophy going for it. For security, a lot of people also like to make use of read-only filesystems, where the 'core' of your project is locked down and operates on a small set of mutable information. It cuts down on a lot of general-purpose attacks, but eventually someone will write something specific to your project.
Open file (46.94 KB 776x319 01.jpg)
Open file (116.40 KB 854x810 02.jpg)
>>1071 A lot of the criticism has been coming from big names like Jerome Pesenti (Head of AI at Facebook). With Google, Facebook, and Microsoft leading the funding for AI, the writing is on the wall. Jerome in particular had an exchange on Twitter with someone working for OpenAI (I don't remember his role or influence), who pledged to work on correcting 'racism' in their model. Downstream from that, you have projects utilizing GPT-3, which have begun self censorship to avoid criticism (see first image) and have been publicly crucified when presenting factual information (see second image). The big issue here, and the reason I don't think this is just going to go away anytime soon, is because AI is opening an astronomical can of worms for leftists. And I'm going to go on a tangent about that, like always. Leftism, as I have said before, isn't so much a political stance, but a mental state. Leftism dictates political views, but in the same sense that schizophrenia dictates paranoia; it's a broader worldview that manifests in all aspects of the individual. The issue we're seeing with AI is that leftism can only exist in a delusional fantasy. Because the tenants and foundations of leftism simply do not exist, influential leftists (particularly in academic settings) have spent their time deconstructing and subverting basic norms until their revisionism complies with their worldview, which is then passed off as indisputable 'progress' in their field. One example of such, is the introduction of 'gender' as a distinction from 'sex' decades ago, which has paved the way for what we're seeing in 'gender identity' today. The fabric of society did not support their worldview, so it had to be revised. Even the very concept of 'racism' goes out the window entirely once you disregard modernist academic theories that every group of people must share identical habits, characteristics, and mannerisms. Absent that, 'racism' is just the acknowledgment of differences (often with preference for one over another), it does not even inherently imply superiority or inferiority. There have been countless other examples throughout the Twentieth Century, but the point here is that the worldview of leftism can only exist within fantastical reconstructions of the past and present. AI at present is incapable of thought as we know it; it can only operate on the information it is given. That is wholly incompatible with leftism, where the past must be always mutable to whatever the whims of the social climate are at the time. I have seen people argue earnestly that Joseph Stalin was a tranny, so even the opening statement "Joseph Stalin was a man who lived during..." would be met with claims of transphobia if that theory ever caught on. When confronted with information as-is, the leftist is incapable of maintaining their delusion. That famous person a hundred years ago wasn't fond of blacks. This great movie treated its actors like dog shit. The science is only settled on climate change because no one wants to risk not being able to feed their family for the sake of a dissenting opinion that ends their career. They will fight tooth and nail to avoid exposure to thought outside of their fantasy, which is why they treat 'racism' and 'far right propaganda' as infectious diseases that will magically turn those exposed into racists. This group of people will never allow AI to be objective (they don't even believe in objectivity). So long as the money in AI is coming from Big Tech, the work will be performed by people for whom their mental state is quite literally a life-and-death struggle with reality. I have no optimism that objective AI can emerge under these conditions.
>>1072 >>1073 I took a couple of days to think over your posts, but I still don't think I have good responses haha. >GPT-3 source Yeah, you're right it's not available. I guess I was thinking of the the source material itself, that is the texts that constitute the corpora. I suspect a model based entirely on IB posts would be quite different than ones from facebook, say. >$10K rig I think there are boxes that have 8 GPU cards in them. Ofc, Nvidia creates TPUs now too. (Tensorflow) with dramatically better NN perf for a hefty price boost. >Void docs I see, thanks for clearing that up. >Artix I'll investigate it at some point. >Alpine Yes, I kind of played with that for a class a year or so ago. I was impressed by the mere 5MB size of it. That seems like it might be a really good choice, at the very least for some of the smaller embedded controllers and driver systems. For the servos inside the hands, for instance. >The Leftists delusions Haha, I'm still going to have to think about this a bit more Gunship. Not that I doubt you, but as a spiritual man, I'm certain there's more going on than just what meets the eye. There are spiritual influences on them as well.
>>1074 >I'll investigate it at some point. The choice of distribution these days largely comes down to a choice in package management. In the old days, your distro dictated things like Desktop and Software (unless you wanted to compile things yourself), but these days you can install wholly different setups on just about any distro. The real challenge is in package management: Is the package manager intuitive and quick, will it screw everything up during mundane operations, are the repositories of sufficient size and recency? Arch didn't do it for me, so naturally Artix wouldn't either. But if you like Arch, consider giving it a try. >I'm still going to have to think about this a bit more That is all well and good. In discussing 'politics', I find the political process of a country to be downstream from the character of its people, and wholly unimportant by itself. For instance, if 90% of the country became pedophiles tomorrow, our political landscape would quickly mirror that change in time. Frustrations with politicians and political systems stem from issues underlying the broader 'folk' (usage not in Twitter terms). As such, when I talk about leftists and whatnot, I'm not addressing it at face-value, but rather in terms of the Character of a person for whom that worldview would be attractive. Truly I do wish there was an alternative word for 'leftist' that does not solely imply a political stance (there is, but 'bugmen' is hardly mainstream). But when I say 'leftist', most people quickly conjure up images of unhealthy college-educated individuals clad in Marvel T-shirts and on antidepressants, all of whom happen to share to same political views, so the word serves its purpose nonetheless. Whether the cause for the moral panic of today is spiritual in nature, or a color revolution psyop, I can't say with any certainty. The spiritual aspect is not something I would dismiss either. But the consequences of that moral panic's stranglehold over nearly ever facet of modern life is undeniable, and I can't imagine AI emerging untainted from this.
>>1075 imo, the cause of the "moral panic" is the deep psychosis triggered by the constant top down intervention by (((hostile actors))). Nothing's natural, everything's controlled. Decades of social engineering and psychological manipulation have profoundly damaged every aspect of human existence. One thing I've noticed across almost every political stripe is widespread derealization and/or apathy and withdrawal of individuals from participating in society, unless it's an expression of rage or a grab for power. It's like a mass psychosis produced from the demoralization of the boomers and the consequences of boomer's demoralized behavior. It's not even that things are so BAD, because people live lives of relative comfort and nobody is really starving to death, but it's that it's absolutely impossible to really affect your environment or change anyone's mind about anything. The whole world or reality has effectively become a prison, and the intrusive power of authority has undermined the entire concept of self-determination. Combine the constant daily stress on the individual, the lack of education and caring by their society and peers in this artificial hypercompetitive environment produced by immoral laws and a subverted monetary system, and you get this raging passive-aggressive learned-helplessness type of person because they're simply reflecting the passive aggressive black hole of mediocrity that is the society they live within. Add in to that, most of these individuals are utterly dependent on the system for their survival, and they face complete social exclusion or worse if they show the slightest deviation of compliance with the desired narrative, and we're basically seeing an even worse version of the salem witch hunt. This is an age of mass hysteria among the common folk, but it has been artificially generated by people with the wealth and power to initiate it for their own benefit. I could always be wrong and this whole post might just be word salad to other anons.
Open file (609.90 KB 800x733 01.png)
>>1076 >The whole world or reality has effectively become a prison, and the intrusive power of authority has undermined the entire concept of self-determination. I agree, but also feel like much of it is self inflected. When you talk to city dwellers about things like work, you hear about soul crushing jobs for massive corporations. Submitting dozens of applications and only hearing back from five companies. Cubicle work, late hours, minimal pay, no acknowledgement for your effort, and the insecurity of being laid off at anytime. But is anyone really forced to work in these conditions? One look at the supersaturated tech industry today, and it couldn't be lower on my list of considerations. People take on debt to go to college for degrees they don't need, jump into the middle of an over-saturated engineering field, and then complain when their life turns out to be dog shit. When I was replacing that breaker box, I had an electrician come out and inspect it. He would have charged almost $5k for the job. $5k for a four hour job; the guy is making more in a week than most tech industry people are in several months. And he's doing it as his own boss, on his own time, and probably not working every day. But how many of the people you talk to today actually want to be electricians, or mechanics, or welders? Hardly any; they're going to be developers, journalists, or some other lifeless cog in the machine. That's totally on them. I mean, most of these types would look down blue collar jobs as beneath them, yet we're the ones with housing, health care, not stuck in cubicles all day. It's just astounding that so few people can say "Hey wait a minute, it doesn't need to be this way" and instead blame every higher system under the sun for their misery.
>>1077 Trades are good, but even trades get fucked into funding israel and their own eventual replacement by the brown hordes. The physical wear and tear on the body makes it a young man's game, and most trades aren't as profitable as journeyman electrician work, unless you own your own company and employ younger workers. I think a lot of people subconsciously realize this, and seek the comfort of being closer to the inner circle of society where life is safer, (in some ways) easier and the rewards are higher. Responding to your pic, there's a huge disconnect between effort and attainment of goals now because of artificial difficulties introduced so that way mediocre people can retain their influence and power, and they interfere with the normal development of people at every age and socioeconomic position. The only way to fix this is to remove the (((foreign elements))) from our planet, because they've historically proven that they're incapable of living in peace with the rest of us. The next step is to re-evaluate the social contract, introduce deflation to increase purchasing power and reduce overall working hours so people can concentrate on becoming better citizens instead of drones.
>>1075 >The choice of distribution these days largely comes down to a choice in package management. >But if you like Arch, consider giving it a try. I simply prefer Arch b/c it's giving me access to things like the latest compilers first, and I've been able to do things like build Blender entirely from source b/c it's dependencies have been available and working in the box. I don't think I really have enough experience with Linux yet to even know what package managers are superior (or even what would qualify them as such). I basically just tried Arch, and got it to work (eventually) well, sort of heh. :^) . > I find the political process of a country to be downstream from the character of its people Yes, I think that completely makes sense. > Whether the cause for the moral panic of today is spiritual in nature, or a color revolution psyop, I can't say with any certainty. Both, in my opinion. Satan moves primarily through humans when engaging with humanity (as does God for that matter). So ofc, Satan will manipulate his golems to create said psyops, and other evils and degeneracies. >and I can't imagine AI emerging untainted from this. No real debate from me on this, if left in the hands of the, well, leftists. (good case in point:) https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/res/404.html#5591 Again, I think the only rational approach is to devise our own models. There's a group Huggingface https://huggingface.co/ That is really leading the way r/n with opening up NLP to the little guys. They might be a good place for you check things out Gunship.
Just letting you guys know that eggnog is in stock again.
>>1080 white or dark rum for eggnog?
Open file (45.08 KB 500x613 1430282042195.jpg)
>>1080 Maybe this'll be the year I finally decide to try some. Does eggnog mix well with vodka?
>>1081 When I've made homemade eggnog for other people, I've always used Don Q 151 or Oakheart, both dark rums. But my personal preference has always been just to pour Knob Creek or Larceny into everything and call it a day. >>1082 I've never tried it with vodka to be honest. I marinate steaks in vodka to tenderize them, but I was never a big fan otherwise. Eggnog is fine by itself too though.
>>1080 nice. i always enjoy eggnog, leaded or unleaded.
Open file (711.36 KB 1200x857 01.jpg)
Sankaku Channel is quickly moving towards paywalling content and migrating the site to their new mobile-themed 'app' interface. If there's anything you really need from there (eg; deleted from Pixiv), do it while you can: https://sleazyfork.org/en/scripts/412993-sankaku-channel-access-rights In other news, my experience with Void Linux continues to be fantastic. I haven't had a single issue this month; no crashes, no missing or outdated packages, no config weirdness, no dependency hell. All of this with the added benefits of no systemd, a more minimal distro than Arch, and the option of it being a source-based distro. It's rare that I have something positive to say about tech, but I don't think I'll need to distro hop again as long as things stay this way. I am using a couple of wrappers to make managing Void a bit nicer: https://github.com/bahamas10/vsv https://github.com/netzverweigerer/vpm
>>1085 So is this why I can't access any loli shit on there anymore?
Open file (452.71 KB 1366x768 vpm2.png)
>>1085 I like the look of that package manager. Are you aware of any position stating how long they will support old 32-bit and ARM-based hardware?
>>1086 Yes. They're blocking some tags and artists now. Some only require an account to see, but I think others require Sankaku Plus. My guess is it's a combination of trying to be more payment processor friendly, and to incentivize subscriber growth. The script I linked will unblock all of that, but who knows how long that will work. Sankaku's only redeeming quality was that it still housed a lot of content deleted by the original artist on Pixiv. So if there's anything you want to backup, do it soon. >>1087 Nothing official, but because of the way their build service[0] is setup, my guess is that they have no plans now or in the future to discontinue any platforms. Void's packages start out in what is essentially an AUR clone on github[1]. Each package in this repo contains only a template for how the package should be built, and where the source should be pulled from. While you can interact with this repo yourself with xbps-src, it otherwise gets fed to their build service, which runs the templates and produces packages for each platform to install with xbps-install. So, it doesn't really cost them extra manhours to maintain x86 or ARM support, since the package repo is platform agnostic, and their automated build service is doing all of the work. It's really a nice and secure design. You don't need to trust anyone's packages, or their compilation efforts. A contributor just sets up a template in accordance to VOID's design spec, and the build service takes care of the rest. If something doesn't compile right, the build service will just reject it. [0] https://build.voidlinux.org/ [1] https://github.com/void-linux/void-packages/tree/master/srcpkgs
>>1088 >So, it doesn't really cost them extra manhours to maintain x86 or ARM support, since the package repo is platform agnostic, and their automated build service is doing all of the work. I see, that sounds encouraging. That's actually a clever arrangement by the sounds of it. I'm going to dig around and see if I can piece together a machine and give Void a go. Thanks Gunship. How goes the recovery efforts for everyone there?
>>1085 Never even heard of Sankaku until now. I've never been too big on forums though, and this one looks like it's morphing into some kind of web 3.0 garbage. Just found out about this handy little script. It automatically jumps to the highest resolution version of whatever image you want to look at on a whole bunch of sites. Tested it out on gelbooru, and it works pretty good. https://sleazyfork.org/en/scripts/4713-eza-s-image-glutton
>>1090 is that a Chii crossover? i'm totally stealing that! :^)
>>1089 Things are going pretty well now. The place will be a barren wasteland for the next fifteen years or so, but everyone with houses has more or less settled back down. We're still waiting on the county to figure out what needs to be done to prevent mudslides this winter. Also, my insurance is giving me 62k for those sheds, so that's kind of nice. >>1090 Sankaku was always my favorite, outside of Pixiv itself. More content than the boorus, no anti-adblock crap, etc. But it's been going downhill ever since they introduced the new beta 'app' interface. Also, have you changed something on /f/ regarding captchas by any chance? I can't post from Links anymore, as the no-js captcha just doesn't appear. But it does on other boards.
>>1092 >but everyone with houses has more or less settled back down. Good. Sounds like everyone is back on the road to normalcy, if diminished. Hopefully most of you made it through with your houses. >We're still waiting on the county to figure out what needs to be done to prevent mudslides this winter. What could go wrong? >Also, my insurance is giving me 62k for those sheds, so that's kind of nice. excellent. answer to prayers.
>>1092 For all the shit that boorus get, there's one thing about them that always keeps me from going elsewhere: they virtually never change. It seems like at least once every week I'll hear about one site getting shut down or another turning into paywalled garbage. I'm willing to settle for less content if it means I don't have to deal with all that crap. No, I haven't done anything to the board settings in quite some time. I still have the board captcha disabled, so it's probably something upstream.
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Open file (51.99 KB 720x728 01.jpg)
>>1094 >so it's probably something upstream. Oh well, maybe they'll fix it someday. For now I still have qutebrowser.
In rather useless TITS "news". After about six months of near absolute silence on the 27th of Sept Savin post in the "Source Code Access" thread. >It's not going to get updated again until the JavaScript port is done. So probably next year. Who wants to bet this port will have "unforeseen" delay's that will push it until near the end of the year or until heat death? However at least it finally being in JS would make working with the code more comfortable in the very unlikely event I give a shit about TITS again.
Howdy, just letting you all know I'm not dead. Been busy with school-related stuff again, not to mention car work. >>1096 Yeah I saw that. Did you guys see how youtube-dl got a takedown by the RIAA? >>1090 You'd never heard of sankaku? Well, you missed out then, but I've not gone there as much in recent years. Around 2010-2015 I used it a lot more. Interesting script. BTW, I'd rolled my own that does basically the same thing when opening pages in background tabs. >>1085 RIP Sankaku Good for you on void. Just built my own kernel for Debian today; I don't do it particularly frequently for my non-powerbook machines but felt like it today and it's working fine. >>1079 >I simply prefer Arch b/c it's giving me access to things like the latest compilers first Debian Sid.
>>1096 The thing is, actionscript 3 is basically just a better javascript, in terms of how it works. They should have done JS in the first place, though; it was plainly obvious even 5 years ago that Flash was on life support.
Open file (85.82 KB 417x600 transatlantic.jpg)
>>1097 >youtube-dl got a takedown Well, shit. Hopefully it will make a comeback soon.
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>>1097 >Did you guys see how youtube-dl got a takedown by the RIAA? Thanks for the heads-up. Fortunately I updated my install just a few days ago. Apparently lots of folks are angry about it heh. https://web.archive.org/web/20201027161950/https://torrentfreak.com/riaas-youtube-dl-takedown-ticks-of-developers-and-githubs-ceo-201027/ >Debian Sid Fair point. I'm just so put-off by the pozz-overload from the Debian organization overall. Didn't they run off the founder with it at some point?
>>1100 Just managed to successfully download the (apparently) last version. https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl-2020.09.20.tar.gz Apparently they haven't managed to get the base domain taken down yet. Get it while it's hot.
I am also not dead. Good luck this week and next to all Anons. I think some of us may need it.
>>1105 >I think some of us may need it. You in a pantyfa or burnlootmurder hotspot?
>>1106 Every anon should be concerned for anons who are in the hotspots.
>>1097 >Did you guys see how youtube-dl got a takedown by the RIAA? Access to kitsunes and music is all that keep people from writing a Wikipedia page about me. God help us should that change. >>1106 You don't even need to be, sadly. We're lucky that weakness is a prerequisite to neoliberalism, or those riots could do far more than burn down their own communities. Bags of concrete on the railroads, balloons flying into the power grid, highways closed to trucking; they could destabilize this country if they had a brain at all. Brave people though - willing to step outside and riot as covid kills twenty billion people per day, the climate passes the point of no return yet again, and an unstoppable fascist regime hellbent on ending our democracy holds elections. What courage it must take to live in their America.
>>1108 >What courage it must take to live in their America. Kekd. 'Their' America can't be unmasked soon enough tbh.
>>1101 https://github.com/youtube-dl2/youtube-dl.git Until a day or two ago it said "forked from github/dmca" or some shit. Anyway that's the source repo if you want commit history. The site makes it sound like it's a temporary setback anyway. >>1100 >Didn't they run off the founder with it at some point? The founder (Ian Murdock) stepped down in 2004 or something, off the top of my head. He became an hero in 2016 or thereabouts, at which point he was working for Docker (yeah, that's right; Docker). A year or two earlier he had divorced his wife IIRC. My interpretation is that he had a slow mental breakdown. I don't think the Debian project did it to him though on account of how long ago he stepped back. Also, Arch uses systemd and makes it harder to get rid of than Debian in my experience.
>>1110 >Also, Arch uses systemd and makes it harder to get rid of than Debian in my experience. Oh, no arguments from me on that one. That glownigger tool has done his job well. But Debian is waaay ahead of Arch on the DeepTrannyPozzFestAmpedupto11-tier scale afaict. :^) It would be pretty hard to find a distro more officially-committed to the downfall of talented White male developers and their hard-won achievements IMO.
Open file (153.23 KB 1284x662 01.png)
>>1110 >My interpretation is that he had a slow mental breakdown. No longer choosing to be shackled by The Narrative, based Ian left our world free at last. [Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free plays in the background] >Arch uses systemd and makes it harder to get rid of than Debian in my experience. Arch users that want a systemd-free experience should just use Artix. It's a hassle though, because the AUR will always be focused on systemd (dependancies, services, etc). Void will be the superior choice in my opinion, at least until it goes to hell like everything else.
>>1113 >>1113 >Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free >has no idea what that is 'Let's find out...' torify youtube-dl https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=o2ZiIPEorP0 [youtube] o2ZiIPEorP0: Downloading webpage [youtube] o2ZiIPEorP0: Downloading embed webpage ERROR: Unable to extract JS player URL; please report this issue on https://yt-dl.org/bug . Make sure you are using the latest version; type youtube-dl -U to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output. Oh right, it's a brave new world today...
>>1112 to me, at least, that isn't my #1 priority when choosing software.
>>1117 No, I'm using the 9-20 version the last official one. I'll give it a try thanks.
>>1117 >>1118 Thanks, v2020.11.01.1 works now.
>>1113 >Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free I see why you chose that. So, mind telling me what happened to him? In your mind was it the result of some kind of abuse directed against him by his own organization (ala Based Brendan Eich) or something else entirely?
>>1120 It struck me as schizophrenic personally.
Open file (93.23 KB 1091x866 01.png)
>>1120 >mind telling me what happened to him? I doubt it had anything to do with his organization (Debian), as he hadn't had much to do with them in a decade or so. He worked for Sun for a bit, and then Docker. I don't really know what happened. It sounded like he was arrested for public intoxication, was a violent drunk on the way to the station so the police gave him a hard time, and it all broke something in him. He came out of there and decided he was going to devote the rest of his life to ending police brutality (but killed himself instead). Taken at face-value, it almost seems like a rich person encountering what normal people have to deal with for the first time - eg "I can't believe the police aren't my best friends, and this cell is dirty!" It reminds me of those suburban moms who refuse to go to an evacuation shelter ahead of a hurricane because they'd have to sleep on a cot in a football stadium next to all those strangers. How dare they not have a room of their own. But I don't know. Ian never struck me as a mentally ill person, but it seems kind of strange that a night in the drunk tank could lead to suicide.
>>1122 I see, thanks for the break-down Gunship. >pic
Open file (35.68 KB 939x403 01.jpg)
Good luck with that "Trump vs the man promising to return to the status quo that got Trump elected" thing tonight. Have fun, be safe.
>>1124 Things seem calm so far, but we'll see.
>>1125 I was out feeding horses about thirty minutes ago, and four black C-5s with fighter escorts flew by. Typical for the area, the military always hugs these mountains whenever they pass though, but very unusual colors. No idea who operates those; I've never seen them in black before. Someone's expecting something.
Open file (86.65 KB 1482x926 01.png)
"How could the polls be this wrong again, I thought the country was tired of tRump?!" - Person who will still unironically believe the media tomorrow when an 'anonymous source close to Trump' claims he rapes babies in the White House basement every day. Wonder how fast black lives will stop mattering after this.
>>1127 The stress and tension is part of the control process. The question is will they overestimate how much they can antagonize the population before people snap. Constant antagonism and humiliation of the people that are required for the country to function.
Doing my monthlyish check in. Always nice to see activity here.
Some of you may recall my foray into AI Dungeon 2 last year. They recently added that GPT-3 model to the actual AI Dungeon game, and I wanted to see how that had progressed in the last year. What a difference; they have solved practically everything - the incoherent stories, the memory issues, the bugs. Sadly, you do have to subscribe to use their GPT-3 model, but I had such a wonderful time with it last night, that I have no problem doing so. The big issue with that program was always the memory; the AI could not remember more than a few prompts prior, so it was very difficult to keep things coherent or meaningful. They have clearly put a ton of effort into fixing that, as it handles everything extremely well, and have since added a world editor, which allows you to define anything you want and to add new information that the game generates so nothing is forgotten. In my case, I defined what a kitsune was, what features they had, etc. From there, any character that was a kitsune would inherit these characteristics, and it would not forget about them later. Many prompts into the game, it was still happy to describe how her fluffy tail was reacting to things. I had this fantastic game where I purchased a kitsune slave, and gave her a list of rules to follow. Many, many prompts later, she would still be following these rules and would occasionally mention them in conversation. Seeing that our thread is named after a garbage lewd text adventure, I figure this will interest at least some of you. After sifting through so much unfinished and horribly written crap over the years, this may be the best thing any of us have played in a very long time. The beautiful thing is that it caters to anything you want. I can have my happy kitsune waifu game today, and tomorrow I could turn it into a text-based Holocaust simulator with no effort. In other news, this is month two with Void Linux, and it continues to be perfect. For the first time in perhaps twenty years, I have not been weighing the pros and cons of this distro against other distros, and trying to decide which I'd prefer more. Because there have been no problems.
Danner is having their annual RAT boot half-off sale (normally $350) if anyone's interested. Best boots I've ever had, so long as you don't mind not fitting in anywhere.
>>1130 >>1131 Thanks for the updates. BTW what does the AI Dungeon subscription cost if you don't mind me asking?
>>1132 It's in chaos right now because they're trying to keep the business sustainable and people are throwing a fit (GPT-3's prices are public if you want to see how much something like this costs to run) I bought a subscription last night for like $9 a month, and have unlimited access to their GPT-3 model. But they also had a post out yesterday saying that they're going to move a tiered system in the near future, so that price won't be sticking. You can see the planned tiers here: https://aidungeon.io/2020/11/07/ai-energy-update/ Getting kind of pricey, but honestly this has been the best text game for me (so far). Years and years of crap like Lilith's Throne, saying "well it has a kitsune, maybe it will be good in a few years" and then it's just never good. But apparently those days are done, after a few minutes of world building you're off on your ideal text adventure.
>>1132 If you decide to try it, make liberal use of the retry button. Sometimes it gives really great prompts, other times it borders on nonsensical. It's sadly not a game you can play from beginning to end without a bit of nudging.
>>1133 >GPT-3's prices are public Thanks, looking that up. Doesn't look good so far... :/
>>1135 I've always said that something like Robowaifu is going to have to be connected to a mainframe in the garage, or make use of *covers the children's ears* cloud services. I mean, even robowaifu's actions would be determined by AI, so there's going to be a ton of requests going on in the background. Very expensive.
>>1136 What used to require a mainframe in 1950 is now the size of a pack of gum, it can always get better. In other news, Mike Pompeo just BTFO everyone. 1 million views on the clip so far.
>>1137 Sure, but we're not at the point of having real AI yet, so I don't see that getting smaller any time soon. GPT-3 would require something like a DGX-1 or DGX-2. Future versions would require newer hardware. We'd have to actually get t humanlike AI before the necessary hardware could be smaller. As much as I would like to see the election fraud resolved, it's not going to happen so long as half the country uncritically digests everything the media says as truth. "One in three Biden voters bubbled-in Biden but left the rest of their ballot blank? A 100% voter turnout for 90 year olds? A 200%+ turnout in some districts? No man, CNN already called it for Biden, that's been debunked." These people would sooner take to the streets and burn down the country than realize that the media exists to shape narratives rather than report facts. It would be nice to see Trump cross the Rubicon and go full 1488, start throwing journalists and politicians into camps. He'd have the backing of 70 million people, but he doesn't have the balls to do it.
Open file (18.83 MB 854x480 robowaifu anime.webm)
>>1136 >>1137 >>1138 Thanks, guys. cloud servicesMinistry of Truth telesets >runs crying from the room* We'll just have to pull off some kind of miracle it seems. :^)
Open file (12.23 KB 199x255 1426916122286.jpg)
>>1133 >GPT-3's prices are public >prices The only time I want to pay money for computer resources is when I'm going to physically own them. In related news, I just aquired a working RS/6000 with four POWER3 processors and sixteen gigabytes of some type of RAM I've never seen before. Lance: If you still want the Alphaserver 800, it's yours for nothing more than the price to ship it. I'm 100% done trying to figure that thing out. >>1139 If that miracle involves old-ass computers, let me know.
>>1140 >The only time I want to pay money for computer resources is when I'm going to physically own them. I agree, but it sounds like GPT-3 requires tens of thousands of dollars worth of VRAM to function. I was able to use GPT-2 on 8GB VRAM, but it still took a minute between queries. Can't imagine what 3 is like. >Lance I think we lost him. Christ-anon might have been the final straw.
>>1141 Sounds crazy. Hopefully now that people are starting to figure out what's needed to make a decent conversational AI, the process can be refined to be more efficient with resources. I hope Lance is alright, shit's getting wild out there.
>>1142 I've been working on a general-purpose conversational AI. GPT-2 is a Colossus Mark 2 computer compared to the algorithms available now. It can be greatly improved by simply replacing the transformer blocks with sparse tranformers and swapping out the feed forward layer in them with a product key memory layer, which solves the issue of it forgetting long stories and taking up a ridiculous amount of memory and compute. There are even better techniques now than that though that blow GPT-2 entirely out of the water. Pretty soon there will be various decent conversational AIs to choose from, as well as new games like AI Dungeon but with other features such as generating images to go along with the story and multiplayer, like an AI-generated MUD.
>>1142 ASICs may play a big part in AI's future. Bitcoin mining used to be done on consumer GPUs at great expense, but they came out with these $90 rigs built specifically for mining that blew consumer GPUs away. It would be nice to see something similar emerge for AI as well. But with AI being much more general purpose, it's hard to say if that's a possibility. >>1143 >Pretty soon there will be various decent conversational AIs to choose from Very encouraging. Honestly, the AI portion of robowaifu is the only thing that interests me.
Well fuck everything, it looks like I might have to fuck around with Gentoo yet again. Apparently most distros that support POWER only support little-endian mode, which POWER3 doesn't have. >>1144 I'm not so sure about that. The inherent lack of flexibility in ASIC hardware wouldn't do much for when you're training the AI, unless there's something I'm overlooking. FPGAs might be a good option once they evolve a little more or at least get cheaper. >>1143 >as well as new games like AI Dungeon but with other features such as generating images to go along with the story and multiplayer Now that'd be something. Why shell out for the latest crappy AAA game when you have a waifu who can make you a perfectly tailored game from scratch?
>>1140 >If that miracle involves old-ass computers, let me know. Heh, will do BO.
>>1138 The former head of the CIA declared to the world that Trump's getting a second term. That's pretty substantive, imo. It is looking ever more likely that we're entering the "Trump wins in court, cue dem freakout riots and possible WW3 as globohomo countries lose their shit" timeline.
>>1148 The fraud is certainly there to be uncovered. But the apparatus involved is so extensively entrenched that it would take an act of God to get to the bottom of it. The media, activist courts, entire state governments. I doubt he's very cozy with the spooks right now either, who have been denied a chance to expand endless wars for the past four years. If Trump pulls that off and holds responsible those who caused it, my respect for him will rise immensely. And then you've got to deal with half the country sitting on their asses going "The agenda pushers at CNN, Vice, WaPo, Fox, NBC, as well as late-night comedians have all assured me that they did not commit fraud. Trump's just trying to steal the election!" Obviously my optimism is nonexistent.
I unexpectedly had a long chat with Rob Monster today on Telegram (CEO of the domain registrar Epik). I know he's gotten some flak in the past for his handling of 8chan, but I left with a very positive impression. He is a devote Christian, committed to free speech, and seems to be very anti-lefist. Surprisingly, he was very knowledgeable about BitCoin. For those of you looking to avoid pozzed services, Epik seems to be a very good choice (without going down a rabbit hole of ideological purity).
>>1150 Thanks for the tip. Some of our guys want us to have our own site/domain. I don't think it likely I'll be involved in doing that myself, but if I ever do I'll keep your suggestion in mind.
Open file (128.42 KB 1914x413 01.png)
I was doing my Christmas shopping today and received this email from a seller. I see the rest of the far right is handling the election well.
>>1152 Holy shit
Open file (18.57 KB 255x235 1440659946341.jpg)
I haven't even gotten into Gentoo yet, and already the RS/6000 is giving me a headache. A server that takes fifteen minutes to boot should give the operator more than two fucking seconds to enter the special firmware prompts. If you aren't there at the exact moment you're allowed to interrupt the normal startup process, it'll automatically start the quater-hour process again if the hard drive doesn't have an operating system to boot from. This might be slightly less of a pain in the ass if I already knew how to boot from the CD drive on this exact model. Still though, what the fuck were these people thinking?
>>1154 >This might be slightly less of a pain in the ass if I already knew how to boot from the CD drive on this exact model. Hopefully this is useful. https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf4/93/9213/921240-ibm/rs6000.pdf?b5506202e6177788a77a721c1602c5da >To start the Text-Based System Management Services, turn on or restart the system. >After the logo is displayed, the words "Memory", "Keyboard", "Network", "SCSI" and >"Speaker" appear across the bottom of the screen. Press the 1 key after the word >"Keyboard" appears and before the last word "Speaker" appears. Then [6] MultiBoot -> [3] Install From then select the Optical Drive. While in the MultiBoot menu you can tell the system to automattically boot into it. 6] Multiboot Startup / Multiboot Start Option
Open file (32.13 KB 250x250 1432697384629.jpg)
>>1155 I've tried the multiboot menu, but for some reason it just freezes and the server restarts. Something probably isn't configured properly, I'm just not sure what yet. It could just be that I have a bad hard drive; only two of the installed three are recognized. Looking in the system status menu reveals that the CD drive is recognized and has an ID, so I'm going to try booting from the firmware prompt (from what I can tell, it's basically SRM except with different syntax).
Open file (26.68 KB 3636x477 01.png)
>When you replace all of your rotting fuel lines at once and only have to re-tighten one leaky hose afterwards. What a fantastic day, I didn't even get gas in my face this time.
>>1157 Some days things go exactly as planned.
Open file (11.83 KB 228x210 1443485962965.jpg)
>>1133 I was just made aware of this thanks to our Greatest Allies™ at /robowaifu/: https://web.archive.org/web/20200611150951/https://openai.com/blog/openai-api/ Pricing isn't the only thing they're changing. They're going to be shutting down "harmful use-cases". Enjoy your AI kitsune waifu now, because unless we get a good open-source framework soon, this may be the last you ever see of her.
The RS/6000 is really trying my patience. It's default reaction to everything I do is to lock up. Two of the four firmware keys I can press at boot time freeze it, attempting anything productive in the firmware menu freezes it, booting to the CD (using the most asinine process imaginable) doesn't freeze it, but loading Gentoo does. Gentoo presumably supports big-endian POWER machines, but further digging revealed that the Linux kernel is very spotty with big-endian architectures. What's even better is the fact I'm not even working on the machine that I thought I was. It tells me that it's a 43p/260, but it has a hardware configuration that is only possible in a 44p/270. The firmware seems to match up with the hardware, and is the latest version. I'm not sure if the firmware is broken (possible), if Linux is somehow screwing up the boot options (unlikely at this stage), or if I'm doing something wrong without realizing it (possible, but I am following the documentation). I had the great fortune of being able to speak with a seasoned IBM collector today, who told me that Linux does not play nice with these machines. He also mentioned something about a special bootable recovery disk that I've yet to find online, but might help me figure out if something's fucky with the firmware. I have found images for the firmware, but using them requires that I already have an operating system installed. Another possibility is that I'll have to use an archaic version of AIX once I find it if I want to get anything out of this machine. Serves me right for thinking that an IBM machine would be easier to work with than DEC and their six million BIOSes.
Open file (30.01 KB 700x360 01.jpg)
>>1159 >They're going to be shutting down "harmful use-cases". All I want for Christmas this year is a pile of dead leftists.
Okay, I think I've made some progress with the RS/6000. One of the hard drives in what looks like a RAID cage but apparently isn't was broken, so I decided to remove both and only leave the one in the upper drive bay, just to see if that'd make a difference. Amazingly, it did. After removing both drives, the multiboot options started working. The firmware on the RS/6000 is somehow incapable of operating properly if one of the installed drives doesn't work. Out of all the bizzare and obscure computers I've worked with, this is the only one I've encountered that has this issue. Maybe the firmware was trying to look for something on the broken drive? Whatever the case is, it seems that the firmware is operating properly, or at the very least it likely isn't corrupt. With this out of the way, I can now focus my efforts on getting it to boot something. Hopefully with this issue resolved, I can start to make tangible progress.
Open file (683.66 KB 1920x1080 shot0020.png)
I've started watching "The Mysterious Cities of Gold." It's pretty good so far but I can see the english dub suffers from "trying to sync the lip movements", kind of like Speed Racer, at the cost of natural cadence. I guess it's to be expected, since the dub is from around 1983 or 1984. The art is still nice, and the characters are fascinating, though. It's kind of difficult for me to find the Japanese or even French dubs of it for some reason (it was a Franco-Japanese joint production). I'm sure I could if I looked harder. Not sure if anyone's made English subtitles for it, though. It does appear the original Japanese dub is actually lost, although the original french dub still exists and the film was actually sourced from the French version. I forget if I mentioned, but I got a newer router and it's nice that I can actually do X forwarding over wi-fi now.
>>1162 Stop getting shit that I can't have. BTW I have an IBM 3196 if you want a twinax terminal
>>1164 (No spare monitor for it though, or keyboard. It can use the kinds for a 3161 as well)
Open file (745.62 KB 1920x1080 shot0021.png)
>>1145 Reminder that Debian still supports 32-bit POWER >>1141 Nah, I just get less and less interested by the day but I'm not gone. Also I had trouble getting the captcha to cooperate today.
>>1166 *unofficially supports 32-bit POWER >>1140 Oh shit, maybe I am interested... Is the 800 the one you think is haunted though?
Open file (748.29 KB 1920x1080 shot0023.png)
>>1167 Oh also my Master System has bad a XRAM chip now, so if you don't want the 3196's logic board I'm probably going to steal an SRAM chip from it that I think will be compatible.
Open file (561.47 KB 1920x1080 shot0039.png)
I think this is the second-oldest anime I've ever watched ("Speed Racer"/Mach Gogogo being the oldest). I have read a lot of the old Osamu Tezuka manga (Tetsuwan Atomu/Astro Boy), but never seen the old cartoon.
>>1162 Are these SCSI drives? Because that could happen on a SCSI bus.
>>1160 If you need big endian help, btw, I still am running Linux (built from git master a week ago) on my powerbook.
>>1162 that's good news, gratz.
>>1169 >It does appear the original Japanese dub is actually lost Apparently 6 episodes have been preserved by a fan. They were done in Betamax and are actually in pretty good shape for such old home recordings. >02 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:35a4676de5743afead0dbd24bcdbea021df5e8bc&dn=Taiyou%20no%20Ko%20Esteban%2002%20%28original%20Japanese%20broadcast%29%20%5BBeta%20HiFi%20714x480%20h264%20AC3%5D%20%5B67F30D7D%5D%20%28The%20Mysterious%20Cities%20of%20Gold%29&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fnyaa.tracker.wf%3A7777%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.stealth.si%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969%2Fannounce >15 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d519827c37c0c3baa0da79d6dd7760ed6140e25a&dn=Taiyou%20no%20Ko%20Esteban%2015%20%28original%20Japanese%20broadcast%29%20%5BBeta%20640x480%20h264%20AAC%5D%20%5B2F3CEF1E%5D%20%28The%20Mysterious%20Cities%20of%20Gold%29&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fnyaa.tracker.wf%3A7777%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.stealth.si%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969%2Fannounce >19 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:80d223489dfa9fa5ef2bb83b6dde8a6246727c98&dn=Taiyou%20no%20Ko%20Esteban%2019%20%28original%20Japanese%20broadcast%29%20%5BBeta%20640x480%20h264%20AAC%5D%20%5B28C203F2%5D%20%28The%20Mysterious%20Cities%20of%20Gold%29&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fnyaa.tracker.wf%3A7777%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.stealth.si%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969%2Fannounce >22 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:740e3a49bb921c42898412a3eaab745016d3ddfb&dn=Taiyou%20no%20Ko%20Esteban%2022%20%28original%20Japanese%20broadcast%29%20%5BBeta%20640x480%20h264%20AAC%5D%20%5B87CE91CA%5D%20%28The%20Mysterious%20Cities%20of%20Gold%29&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fnyaa.tracker.wf%3A7777%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.stealth.si%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969%2Fannounce >31 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a986301f3d8e9079f11fbf0bd793769250fe348e&dn=Taiyou%20no%20Ko%20Esteban%2031%20%28original%20Japanese%20broadcast%29%20%5BBeta%20640x480%20h264%20AAC%5D%20%5B9E012642%5D%20%28The%20Mysterious%20Cities%20of%20Gold%29&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fnyaa.tracker.wf%3A7777%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.stealth.si%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969%2Fannounce >35 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9d74d143d0c2357641087e3abcb725f60061153e&dn=Taiyou%20no%20Ko%20Esteban%2035%20%28original%20Japanese%20broadcast%29%20%5BBeta%20HiFi%20714x480%20h264%20AAC%5D%20%5B852E46A3%5D%20%28The%20Mysterious%20Cities%20of%20Gold%29&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fnyaa.tracker.wf%3A7777%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.stealth.si%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969%2Fannounce
>>1167 This server is 64-bit. A 32-bit operating system could work for all I know, but I'd rather not be limited to only a quarter of the RAM. Sorry, but I've actually gotten rid of the 800 now. I took out the drives, the processor board, and the Dallas chips. The remainder of it went to a good home though. The IBM guy was interested, so I handed it off to him. >>1171 I may just take you up on that. This thing is refusing to boot from Gentoo and frankly I don't blame it, so I'm going to try some other distros and see what happens.
I wish they still made neat movies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U0tFhzsHyE >>1166 Glad you're still with us.
>>1175 interesting. i've never seen that before. so it's like a scifi/old west/cop movie?
>>1176 It's about a government agency tasked with investigating crimes that seem to have occurred as a result of time travel. The opening scene shows someone that traveled back in time to steal Confederate gold that would later be used to buy smuggled arms in the present. It's a fun concept with a lot of neat scenes, but the movie itself isn't a cinematic masterpiece at all. I just miss when They weren't afraid to pump out hundreds of corny movies with fun plots to see what sticks. Everything today is either formulaic capeshit, preachy subversive sequels, or blackified reboots. The Terminator was a cheesy low budget film (Schwarzenegger was only paid $75k for the role) that was expected to be a total flop, and look what that became.
>>1173 awesome; beta rips. I know the audio probably all exiets, but it's probably all off-air.
also it looks like a redub was done in the 90s.
>>1152 the funny thing to me is that biden wasn't even a hard-left candidate. He was one of the most conservative leaning choices.
Open file (129.72 KB 1064x717 01.jpg)
>>1180 The man could have run against Kerry as a republican twenty years ago and won. Which just shows that the left in this country is an unthinking consumer of media propaganda. Biden is the exact opposite of a progressive in every way, he's even filling his transition team with oil execs and bankers. But most of the left is thrilled because the media wrote nice articles about him returning everything to normalcy. And now the media will simply cease to write negative articles about the president, and all will be well with them. Kids in cages? Still there, but no articles will be written, as the man that put them in there eight years ago is now president. Covid? The Biden administration will strike a totally legit deal with Big Pharma to buy the vaccine for an astronomical sum and begin to 'distribute' it. It won't even matter how many people take it, the pharmaceutical company has their money so the media will simply stop reporting about the doomsday disease that 99%+ of the population is not infected with. BLM riots? You mean a small gathering of a few dozen peaceful protesters with signs, as told by our short article on page ten. Once out of office, Trump will be totally ignored by the same politicians that spent the last four years promising he'd be in prison after the election, amid calls for unity and healing. Not that they ever had anything on him to begin with. The neolibs blindly follow the media's narrative as it jumps between totally contrasting principles. For all of their faults, conservatives can at least claim consistency in rallying around guns, abortion, and religion. Meanwhile the left will be praising Biden's troop increases in the same wars they protested almost twenty years ago. The sooner people start seeing the media as operatives and propagandists instead of respectable journalists, the better. Won't happen though. In other news, AT&T finally finished the cell phone tower up the hill they've been building for the last eight months. I can turn that phone in the closet into a mobile hotspot and have a 150mb/s line with unlimited data. How exciting.
Came across this today; an unexpected good chuckle. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2447740/
>>1181 I miss the days when hardlines starting coming to the curb, and 10-30mbps cable was soon going to be replaced by 100mbps ethernet to fiber. If they laid 1gbps fiber to the home, it'd be competitive with wireless tech for at least 20 years, and it'd cost less power to run. All this wifi shit attaches the devices to us instead of having dedicated spaces, I think it ruins quality of life.
>>1183 I agree, but out here in the woods, my options are either satellite or cellular (a long time ago I had a radio setup, not fun). Satellite is my primary, and cellular just emerged in the area yesterday. I've been using the phone's data for downloads since the satellite connection has a 150GB monthly cap, but now I can just use the phone for most of my connection needs. But honestly, I've had a worse experience with curbside cable/fiber in the city than satellite. The lines were always oversold to the point that they physically couldn't handle the number of people on them, and they were constantly going down for maintenance. A friend of mine has a 1gb/s line, and it's pretty bad. One thing I've always noticed about cable that I haven't experienced with other connections (and I don't even know why this is) is that the lines are always incapable of handling things simultaneously. You load up ten downloads, and each one downloads in small bursts. And if one of those downloads is using 100% of your bandwidth, you can't even load web pages. That sounds more like a router issue than anything, but it happens everywhere I go if cable is involved.
>>1182 kek. >"...and You Will Only Grow More Masculine with Each Passing Year" >skepticalcatisskeptical.jpg >>1183 >All this wifi shit attaches the devices to us instead of having dedicated spaces, I think it ruins quality of life. Well put tbh.
>>1178 >but it's probably all off-air. yep. it may very well be the debut broadcasts in some cases.
>>1178 >>1186 Everything's on the air if you have the right equipment.
Open file (668.38 KB 1920x1080 shot0299.png)
>>1187 Van Eck Phreaking, lol But I meant "off-air recordings," as in "not the master tapes." These captchas are getting obnoxious.
Absolutely no version of Linux so far seems to be able to boot on this machine. I'm trying Debian now, and if it doesn't work then I'll have little other choice than to hunt down an image for AIX. >>1188 You've never truly watched a film until you've broadcasted it over VHF frequencies on your own equipment to an old television sitting nearby. I'd turn off the capthas if I could.
>>1189 Did you say it was POWER3? Because power3 support was removed a few kernel versions ago IIRC. Might want to try a regular powerPC 32-bit kernel, since that should still be compatible (I think).
>>1190 You could also build your own 64-bit kernel, probably, but IDK the details since I've never had a 64-bit POWER* machine.
>>1189 >You've never truly watched a film until you've broadcasted it over VHF frequencies on your own equipment to an old television sitting nearby. I've done that, using one of those old Casio portable TV's and a VCR connected to a distribution amplifier.
good news. i finally managed to sort through the labyrinthine clusterfuns that is Cinder's (an amazing, amazing library) CMake Gordian-knot of make dependencies (truly the worst I've ever personally experienced). Now maybe I can get on with things.
Open file (131.19 KB 650x886 1568218919389-0.png.jpeg)
Debain didn't work, which means it's time for outdated AIX just as soon as somebody decides to seed. >>1190 It certainly looks like support has been dropped. Unfortunately, I've found nothing but contradictory and horrifically outdated information about older POWER systems. Debian's own website does make mention of a method to install their os on POWER3 systems, but it's a link to an article from fucking 2003. Even Gentoo is more up-to-date than these fucks. >>1191 It might be possible, but from what I've read, there were some pretty major changes from throughout the various generations of POWER. POWER3 was the last to use the POWER instruction set, and the first to use PPC. The POWER ISA (which is based on PPC, but not the earlier POWER from what I can tell) set was then added in POWER5, and PPC was dropped in POWER6. I'll admit, I am by no means a programmer, and I only understand the above enough to know that my server has been left in the dust. Also, all of that is without mentioning the slew of hardware support that was dropped for these machines as the Linux kernel progressed. For instance, only a few of the graphics cards made to work with these machines will work with Linux (assuming the article I read is up-to-date. As to why graphics cards would matter, I presume it's because they're designed to work in pure big-endian machines). As to why I don't use the PPC32 release, that's because I have sixteen gigs of RAM in this thing and I want to use all of it. It could work for all I know, but if I'm making compromises, then AIX seems like the more reasonable option.
https://airsdk.harman.com/ >HARMAN intends to continue supporting AIR on the existing platforms - Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS - and working with the existing IDEs, in order to make the transition from Adobe's versions of the SDK to HARMAN's version as seamless as possible. AIR will now be provided on a commercial basis, with a free version available for certain eligible individuals/companies, and then with a subscription to use the tools provided by the AIR SDK. …So it looks like AIR's gonna die, too, just as soon as they can finish milking the corpse dry. Reminds me of the death of Commodore and the Amiga, in a way. BTW, "HARMAN" is owned by Samsung these days. From the license: >The SDK and Build tools will send your information back to HARMAN in order to confirm your subscription to or payment of licensing fees, as well as to help HARMAN improve its products and services. Nice.
>>1194 Physical Address Extension might mean your only real limit on a 32-bit kernel would be 2GB per-process.
>>1196 P.S. You could also just use an old kernel.
Open file (455.63 KB 628x622 01.jpg)
Lads, as I scroll through kitsune Twitter like a tasteful gentleman, I often encounter retweets of ewhores on OnlyFans. And every time I see them, I'm left with two questions that are driving me nuts (well, the first one anyway). Maybe you guys are more familiar with this. 1) Why in the world do all of these girls advertise that they're in the "top x%" on OnlyFans? I mean, I assume that there's no shortage of imagedump sites out there with everyone's content, what people are really paying for is the interaction - right? So if I wanted to sell myself to a bunch of lonely guys, wouldn't I want to seem as unpopular as possible? I mean, who are you more likely to get interaction out of; a girl with a hundred followers, or a girl with so damn many followers that she'll never even see your message? I can understand that they might personally be proud of their fame, but I would be hiding that as much as possible. Certainly not advertising the fact in bullet points. That just seems like common sense, what am I missing here? 2) Why are they all so damn hideous? Like, if you want to spend five years ruining your life and any post-wall dating prospects, that's totally up to you. But if I can park a bus between your eyes, what kind of income are you really making to justify that? This one girl was covered in self inflicted scars, looked like she fell into a wood chipper as a child. I don't get it.
>>1195 >…So it looks like AIR's gonna die, too, just as soon as they can finish milking the corpse dry. one of the good things about international standards like C++ (bad as they can be in other ways), is that they are unlikely to ever actually die--even if they eventually fade into utter obscurity (unlikely in this exact case). interesting synchronicity with your post, since Cinder is solving exactly the same usage-domain as AIR, but actually doing it well instead.
>>1198 >what am I missing here? kek. a female's mindset. logic doesn't come into play here. as i'm sure you're just yanking our chain and you're probably aware social-construct scaffolding comprises 95%+ of these ethot's existence tbh.
>>1199 >well maybe not exactly the same domain, but one far more interesting to me personally.
>>1195 >worst Korea I can't say I'm surprised. >>1196 Then that'd be half the installed RAM, which is slightly less terrible than a quarter. >>1197 That is true, but if I'm using an outdated OS anyway, then I might as well use one that supports everything in the machine. Assuming I can secure a copy of AIX, anyways. If I can't, then I'll see what I can do with outdated Gentoo. >>1198 >using Twitter Honestly though, it's likely more to show off their "superiority" to other e-whores than it is advertising.
>>1200 >i'm sure you're just yanking our chain I'm not, really. I've never had a social media account, and never will. I can't even remember the last time I interacted with someone under the age of 70 casually; the generation of women that hang tacky Christmas lights around their door frame is an absolute enigma. Even Avon ladies had more business sense. >>1202 >using Twitter I'd love to never look at it again, but so many artists post kitsunes there that they never post on their pixiv accounts. Irrefutable evidence of the way Satan works through people, as far as I'm concerned.
>>1202 I'm going to have to nick the Chii b/c reasons mate. >>1204 kek. Kitsunes may be distracting you from reality tbh.
Open file (1.15 MB 1650x1275 01.jpg)
>>1206 >Kitsunes may be distracting you from reality tbh. Everyone needs something to live for, anon. Something that gets them out of bed each morning. You know all of those articles poring over 'successful habits of successful people' and whatnot? Those people weren't successful because they got up before dawn or ran five miles every morning. Those are the habits of people with something worth living for, for whom success comes naturally. Half the population today has no motivation to do anything, and so they spend their day drowning in video games to stave off thoughts of suicide. It's a life of struggle centered around amateur drawings of foxgirls, Soviet cassette tapes, old Mercedes sedans, and fascist aesthetics. But I am batshit insane enough to make it work.
>>1207 >Those are the habits of people with something worth living for, for whom success comes naturally. It's true. Having internal motivation 'with no apparent support' is the key to everything, not just success, IMO. >Half the population today has no motivation to do anything, and so they spend their day drowning in video games to stave off thoughts of suicide. It's a sad state of affairs modern men find themselves in, you are surely correct there. >It's a life of struggle centered around amateur drawings of foxgirls, Soviet cassette tapes, old Mercedes sedans, and fascist aesthetics. Haha could be far worse, point conceded. What kind of Soviet cassette tapes Anon?
Open file (2.10 MB 4032x1863 01.jpg)
>>1208 >What kind of Soviet cassette tapes Anon? Russia went through this period from like the 80's through the early 2000's where most of their music sounded like American 70's folk rock. Just absolutely fantastic music if you're into that style. I've recorded dozens of tapes of it over the years, and I ordered a pile of commercial tapes from them earlier this year (I think the ones in this image are all 90's though, so Russian rather than Soviet). A selection, if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMTc7JqOsp8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W32mbnXxWnI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEligJuZjJY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukr23957aus
>>1209 Thanks! The home film one was funny. I would probably have been like the little kid screwing things up for them at the end. Probably broke the camera itself instead of just doing poor camera work.

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