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Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread Three: Electric Boogalee lance##m3y78z 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:20:05 No.4
Hi, welcome to The New New Thread. Same as The Old and Old Old Threads! This is a thread allegedly for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff. Despite this being a TiTS thread in name (for historical purposes), barely anyone here plays TiTS. For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask. https://forum.fenoxo.com/forums/trials-in-tainted-space.8/ For reasons of how long this thread's existed and how much fen's fucked up everything he's touched, there's a good chance the thread will have barely anything to do with fenoxo and his hugbox at any given point. Information >FAQ https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/ >Mobile Builds https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html >Minerva Read the readme if you want to use it to edit your save data. Especially read the readme if you use Chrome. https://mega.nz/#!30gTyCCK!GFy7E3yrlkpUbA9yFMZpSinlT1BiO6Xn1Ykpc50b-Cw If you would like my custom mobile CoC, or other builds, just ask and I might oblige. >Downloads We don't really have the latest builds first anymore. That said, I make mobile builds and desktop builds from source code when I can (and/or feel like it), and redistribute the premade builds when I can access them. I mirror them here. I am also, to my knowledge, the only person making iOS builds for TiTS nowadays. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html
>>235 I've already been doing the stuff in the POSIX section without ever reading these docs before. Man pages also often mention these sorts of problems if you just don't fucking ignore them.
>>235 Also I like C and Lisps
>>226 >Your list of waifus is good. I'm pleasantly surprised. Heh. Well I have a "trainwreck waifu" list as well (of the screwballs primarily, e.g. Deis/Bleu from Breath of Fire), but I don't think I'd actually be able to live with them day-in and day-out. Too much chaos. Wild is fine if there's an off switch and an understanding that there's a place and time for it. >>231 Modern Javascript is better than the Javascript of yore, but it's not because of frameworks/libraries. It's because a lot of common things that used to require frameworks are part of the spec now (e.g. querySelector()). It's still not a wonderful language, but I've been able to implement "objects," serialization/deserialization of said objects, and something resembling inheritance without leaning on any third-party libraries to do so while keeping my sanity. Python's OK for writing a quick and dirty GUI applet or something, as long as you don't care about startup time. I've gotten more inclined to write my GUI's in C/GTK recently, though. I have yet to find a good reason to use Rust for anything. >C++ I have mixed feelings about C++. People really have to limit themselves to a subset of C++ if they want to produce legible code. I really hate Qt, though, which sort of is its own ugly animal bolted onto C++. >get sunlight That's really good advice there. >>228 Reminder that Debian has alpha packages. Nothing horrible about source ports other than the build time, though.
>>240 I forgot to say, but I too hate JS frameworks. Fuck node.js, I hope it dies. Especially annoying when looking up anything JS-related how the first five or six results are always people asking about doing something in Node that doesn't need Node.
>>240 >People really have to limit themselves to a subset of C++ if they want to produce legible code. Fair point. Not only do I agree with you on that, Bjarne Stroustrup himself does too: >""Within C++, there is a much smaller and cleaner language struggling to get out". Yes, that quote can be found on page 207 of The Design and Evolution of C++. And no, that smaller and cleaner language is not Java or C#." http://www.stroustrup.com/bs_faq.html#really-say-that Further, not only do you, I, & Bjarne all agree, the convener of the ISO C++ Commitee itself, Herb Sutter, agrees as well: https://isocpp.github.io/CppCoreGuidelines/CppCoreGuidelines The C++ Core Guidelines project was cooked up by those two (and about 250 other important individuals in the C++ community as well by now) to do just that very thing: define that much smaller and cleaner language struggling to get out. At the same time, it's probably one of the best coding guidelines for any language out there.
>>240 >which sort of is its own ugly animal bolted onto C++. what? not even remotely the case. Boost can make some vague claim in that direction, since it is the breeding & proving ground for many ideas that eventually make their way into the standard, but The Qt Company has nothing to do with the C++ standard in any way that other companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, or Red Hat don't: namely, they have an interested rep on the committee's membership.
>>243 I'm talking about the toolkit. Signals & slots for instance are fucking stupid.
>>244 Also if you want to use Qt you're basically forced to use C++ which I don't like
Also, Boost is cancer as well, and definitely an even bigger, fatter, and uglier animal bolted onto C++.
One of my most vivid memories of attempting to compile FLOSS programs using MinGW was when I had to build Boost from sources in MSYS. Unimaginable pain. I barely remember any details this far on, but the build system was a complete bitch. Probably similarly painful to cross-compile.
>>244 again, QT's S&S mechanism isn't remotely part of the language. >>245 >C++ which I don't like heh, yea i got that. :^) >>246 Boost is a) an amazing library, and b) a remarkable approach to managing an exceptionally complex developmental process. Many things in Boost I consider the literal state of the art in their fields, with the caveat that they must run at industrial scale.
>>248 I can't argue with you because you clearly exist in a different universe than I do.
Open file (94.69 KB 500x649 dXSgYY6.jpg)
Open file (135.71 KB 1242x1195 01.jpg)
>>240 >Modern Javascript is better than the Javascript of yore JavaScript as a whole is a blight. Websites worked fine when they were just HTML/CSS/PHP. I don't even remember popups before JavaScript came about. It has done nothing to make my browsing experience more enjoyable, and has also made it harder to use Links and w3m. Perhaps the language itself has improved with time, but I wish it would just go away. >>250 The government sends people to fight and die in the desert with equipment held together by duct tape and good intentions. V-22's falling out of the sky on a regular basis with a ~45% readiness rate. And these people are bitching that they might get the flu if the government doesn't do more? People need to grow up and see through the bullshit speeches - the government isn't going to hold your hand. Never has, never will. This is why people don't want government healthcare; they can't even handle a goddamn flu, you think they're going to manage providing healthcare to three hundred million people? It's all just half assed bullshit that you pay for. These nurses are going to have to take care of themselves. Bring your own PPE, quit, do whatever you have to do. If they sit around waiting for the government to get off their asses, they're going to get that flu. They chose a piss poor profession to be worrying about communicable diseases anyway. A more optimistic person might hope that the government's incompetent response to COVID would open some eyes to the way they handle absolutely everything. But I am not that person, and the masses will undoubtedly look at this incompetence and say "this is why we need more government."
>>251 That's the russian gov't, and it's a joke about how three doctors treating COVID have fallen out of windows in the last week or so.
>>252 >That's the russian gov't Yes, I know, and that's why it is all the more relevant. Doctors and nurses all over the world are echoing the same complaints right now. They don't have PPE, hospitals don't have masks. Government incompetence is a global phenomena that will continue. >it's a joke about how three doctors treating COVID have fallen out of windows in the last week or so. Really, now that I have not heard. I have seen that comic many times and never thought it would one day be literal. Were these doctors outspoken about Putin, or is there another cause?
>>253 Apparently it's because they were critical of the response to COVID. Sorry, nearly every article I can find has a paywall. https://www.npr.org/2020/05/07/852319465/three-russian-frontline-health-workers-mysteriously-fell-out-of-hospital-windows >The first fall took place April 24 in a town just outside Moscow. Dr. Natalia Lebedeva, the head of a local ER unit, reportedly threw herself from her hospital's window after she contracted COVID-19 and authorities accused her of spreading the virus among staff. The hospital labeled her death an unfortunate accident. >Next came Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. The local TV news said Yelena Nepomnyashchaya, the head of a local veterans hospital, died from injuries sustained after falling from her fifth-floor office. Other media reports said the region's health ministry had been pressuring her to convert part of the facility into a COVID-19 infection ward despite the hospital lacking appropriate protective equipment. >(3)…Five days later, he was found outside on the ground still alive but with a fractured skull. The hospital administration says he was likely smoking by a second-story window.
Sorry, third's backstory was >This is Shulepov together with a co-worker in a video they posted online. Wearing light medical masks and speaking outside of their ambulance, the two say they're being forced to continue working by the hospital administration despite Shulepov having tested positive for COVID-19. >And here, Shulepov again - this time alone - in a later video address from the hospital's infection wing, only this time an apology. He says his original claim about being forced to work - all that wasn't true. >"I was just being emotional after getting my test results," he says. Five days later, he was found outside on the ground still alive but with a fractured skull. The hospital administration says he was likely smoking by a second-story window.
>>254 >>255 So IDK for sure what happened, as usual with the Kremlin. But it's just kind of funny that it might literally be people being thrown out windows.
>>256 s/the Kremlin/russia/
Open file (3.74 MB 4032x3024 p3_and_celeron.jpg)
Hey, commie. Look what I found in a toolbox. Celeron (Mendocino) 433MHz, SL3EH, and Pentium III (Katmai) 500MHz, SL35E. If only I had a slot-1 motherboard. Pretty sure I have a slot-1 Pentium II card somewhere as well.
>>258 Pretty neat, haven't seen one of those in a long time. It makes me wish I'd kept more of those beige boxes.
>>258 One time a security company was doing some upgrading, and they dropped off an entire truck full of Windows 3.1 boxes to have wiped. It was a long process and I hated every minute of it at the time. But if I knew things were going to be this bad today, I'd have kept them all.
>>260 >But if I knew things were going to be this bad today, I'd have kept them all. I kind of feel the same. Apparently the celeron I have here overclocks real easily, too. Some day I'll find a nice slot-1 board for these guys. I think I have the correct RAM somewhere as well. I did find my Pentium IV board, btw. LGA 775, but Dell's BIOS only supports a single core so a Core 2 Duo wouldn't even be an option on it. It does have a Pentium 4 HT inside. I found an old /proc/cpuinfo printout, too, actually, from a backup disk. processor : 0 vendor_id : GenuineIntel cpu family : 15 model : 4 model name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz stepping : 1 microcode : 0xd cpu MHz : 2992.486 cache size : 1024 KB physical id : 0 siblings : 1 core id : 0 cpu cores : 1 apicid : 0 initial apicid : 0 fdiv_bug : no hlt_bug : no f00f_bug : no coma_bug : no fpu : yes fpu_exception : yes cpuid level : 5 wp : yes flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe nx constant_tsc pebs bts pni dtes64 monitor ds_cpl cid xtpr bogomips : 5984.97 clflush size : 64 cache_alignment : 128 address sizes : 36 bits physical, 32 bits virtual power management: (ditto for the "second core" (hyperthreading)
Open file (4.49 MB 4032x3024 dimension 4700.jpg)
The bad news is I'm not sure if I have a heat sink for it still.
>>262 The good news is it's pretty much a bog standard micro ATX form factor. Plus Dell's retarded front panel connector.
>>258 Also I have not seen a cookie tin in a long long time. My grandmother used to have a bunch of rectangular cookie tins with houses on them. Come Christmas time, I'd push a little model train through a village made of these tins around our tree. Then one day we upgraded to the latest technology - a satellite dish the size of my garage. You could hear that thing hum from inside the house whenever it had to move. But man, we must have had ten channels (always on Eastern Time); no one ever got up off the couch again. >>262 These old boards really make me miss the pile of eMachines I had twenty years ago. It was such a cheap brand, but those were the best towers I ever had (and they looked better than anything on today's market). I kept them in a storage unit in town when I didn't need them anymore, and distinctly remember dumping them in their trash one day. All Celerons, but what a waste.
>>264 >hours wiping windows hard drives a drill press wouldn't cut it for them?
>>265 This company was more than a little retarded. At one point they were preparing for some big expansion in South America. A new office was purchased, uniforms were being made, etc. As it turns out, they lost the bid for the contract because the guy in charge of writing the proposal never once said what services their company would actually be providing. The COO was married to the CEO's daughter, but he was cheating on her with the company's accountant. And the company's co-founder was cheating on his wife with the girl that sat next to his daughter. I could go on, but it was an absolute shitshow that only had control over LA's security market through nepotism. They're out of business now. One time I was called down there at 0630. The executives were in the middle of a big presentation with people that could have given them a multi-million dollar contract. But in the middle of the presentation, the computer was attacked by a 'virus', and the entire thing ground to a halt, so I had to drop everything and drive down to LA. It turned out to be a popup; I hit the X and went home, billed them like $200.
Open file (3.98 MB 4032x3024 battlestation_naked.jpg)
>>264 I love the cookies that come in them. I have several because I recycle them for everything. All I need is a heat sink and I'll be ready to turn this thing on, actually. I might know what box it's in, but I need to find the box. It'd be in the box that my current i5 came in, if it's anywhere.
>>267 BTW, that's got: - 4GB DDR2 (IDK what speed, half of it's lenovo OEM RAM and half isn't. I don't really care what speed the RAM is since it's all going through a Pentium 4 bottleneck anyway) - Sound Blaster Live! card (quite similar to the Audigy 2 ZS in my normal desktop, actually) - Galaxy brand Nvidia GT 630 (Kepler). One of the last cards to run well in Nouveau, and one of the only near-reference-design cards I've seen that was made in recent years. I remember how pleased I was when this exact configuration got me 60fps in minecraft (instead of the ~10 I was getting with integrated graphics).
Oh yeah - Hard disk is from some 2006 iMac I don't have anymore. Not sure if it even works, but if it doesn't I'll just grab a different drive and toss this one. - the original OEM PSU this board shipped with, 305 watts max combined. - Pentium 4 530J CPU (SL7PU), Prescott. 1M L2 Cache, 3.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 84W TDP (versus my ivy bridge i5-3350p that I upgraded to, which has a 69W TDP. My load actually went down when I upgraded mobo/CPU and kept this Dell PSU at first).
>>266 Also, as a side note, you ever wonder how identity theft actually happens? This company had a ton of personal information. Every applicant had to fill out the usual paperwork, with photocopies of ID and all. And they had spreadsheets of guard information, certifications, finances, etc. It would all pile up in this big box in the hallway. Presumably for shredding, but no one ever did it. One day I needed some scratch paper and just walked out with the stack. Still using it to this day. On one side you have Jose Gonzales' driver license and social security card, on the other you have my grocery list. >>267 >I love the cookies that come in them. I hated those cookies, it's probably why I haven't seen them in so long. I only like really moist cookies, but I don't eat sweets much at all. That's funny, I have a box of LGA775 heat sinks, if I ever find it again. I always used the giant aftermarket ones, so the shit in the CPU box would just go in a pile. That's quite a brick of a graphic card on your VCR over there. >>268 The Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24bit was the first PC sound card I ever bought, somewhere around 2003. It's a great card.
Open file (3.24 MB 3024x4032 pentium mmx 233Mhz.jpg)
Also found a Pentium MMX 233MHz in my parts bin. >>270 >moist cookies I can respect that. With homemade cookies, they have to be moist. I have an excellent brownie recipe, btw, if you like a good brownie. >That's quite a brick of a graphic card on your VCR over there. Yeah the GPU on the side is from my dad's Mac Pro. He wasn't able to upgrade to Mojave (I think?) without getting a new GPU, so he gave me that. I don't have much use for it. It had a mounting bracket sticking off the back which made it even huger originally. >The Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24bit was the first PC sound card I ever bought, somewhere around 2003. It's a great card. 100% agreed; it and the Audigy 2 (they're nearly the same for my purposes) have rather excellent ALSA and OSS drivers, and open-source Windows ones actually which mean you can still use them in modern Windows (albeit unsigned). And they have so many controls you can manipulate. And hardware mixing. And a wavetable MIDI synth. And my Audigy 2 has a Firewire port; my Live! has a gameport which I've used for playing MS Combat Flight Simulator before (I have an old sidewinder force feedback joystick).
Open file (4.82 MB 4032x3024 cards and stuff.jpg)
The ATI/AMD GPU's a Radeon HD 5770 IIRC. The card on the far left is a Voodoo3 AGP.
>>272 Oh yeah and two capacitors came off my Adaptec SCSI controller again. I have no idea where they went this time, so I hope I remember their values (I think they were 100µF each).
>>270 I've seen some interesting things on devices I've run across over the years. I've become correspondingly paranoid about any hardware I touch leaving my sight without a drill press or steel punch going through it. I am probably going to divest myself of all this tech-heresy and maybe get into a hobby of working on two-stroke engines instead. Maybe make a functional chainsword, praise the emprah.
Open file (159.35 KB 800x600 swordchucks.jpg)
The heat sink is not in the i5 box. Not sure why I really thought it would be; it was huge compared to the one that came with my current CPU.
>>274 There was a lot of child porn and personal nudes over the years, but I never came across anything really interesting. >a hobby of working on two-stroke engines Good hobby.
Still, I did find a northwood pentium 4 in the box.
Bad news; it looks like Dell's using a proprietary heat sink mounting pattern. I think LGA 775 usually has a "square" pattern. this is definitely rectangular.
>>279 Also I have no memory of how it attaches or if it requires the case to be attached in order to connect. Ah well. I guess I'll just get one on ebay and hope it's gonna work out.
Also I can force it to stay at a lower frequency which might improve thermals.
>>265 Why bother with a drill press when a good mallet/hammer and a few minutes can turn the platter into many fine pieces to the point where it should nearly impossible to re-construct.
>>282 Just remove the drive head. Practically speaking no one cares enough about what you do to find it worthwhile to re-align the head on a modern HDD. Or if you don't like that idea just run it past a bulk tape eraser.
>>283 a cutting torch would also work though
Open file (25.72 KB 448x274 security.png)
Currently updating my CPU-based-OpenCL libraries for my X201 Tablet, since I realized I've been using the same libpocl version since May 22 of 2017 (almost exactly three years ago). And that links to libLLVM-4.0.so, which probably hasn't been on my system in a year at least. Once I'm done in Debian I'll try to do it in FreeBSD as well.
>>286 And done. Also built a newer fork of Waifu2x-cpp (the one that doesn't require CUDA). Took far, far less time than it did last time I tried doing this; I guess I'm just that much more competent than I was in 2017 or so. That said, the -cpp version is significantly easier to build and get working than the NVidia/CUDA version my desktop uses, especially because there's no source code for the CUDA libraries themselves to figure out what's going wrong, and the CUDA SDK isn't even available for Debian technically (NVidia supports Ubuntu, Red Hatso you have to figure it out yourself, and it depends on hyper-specific compiler versions and other library versions being available. Interestingly, though, CUDA does support little endian POWER9 (ppc64le), which the Talos computers use, so if I ever do get one of those I can still use waifu2x I guess.
>>279 A lot of manufacturers use proprietary setups for some reason. Some of their ATX boards use BTX mountings. Some of the best heatsinks I've seen were homemade though, real long like in laptops. You can mount them with nuts and bolts, though I don't know what the proper torque would be. >>286 >FreeBSD Reee etc.
>>288 I have been considering the erector set + nuts/bolts approach. Need to buy some more nuts and bolts. They'll be good to have around anyway. >FreeBSD Reeee Yeah yeah. I know.
>>288 Ah, it probably is BTX actually. I remember the fan was mounted on the case with a shroud from the heat sink on the CPU.
Just spotted a swelling capacitor on my board, actually. I think I'll replace that too.
Open file (12.02 KB 542x224 01.png)
Every CL listing.
>>292 You aren't wrong. I hate autos. Even manuals often have bad synchros though. Also I got a nice internal 68pin internal SCSI cable with a SCSI LVD/SE terminator on the end today for $1 from a bin at a local computer shop. I am not very familiar with SCSI, but I'm assuming that I can use this terminator with any non-high voltage differential SCSI devices, right? If so, i've finally got a way to terminate my SCA-80 drives (I have an adapter that does not include termination for connecting them to my Amiga's SCSI controller). I also got a $1 10base-1000 Intel NIC PCIe card which I think I'll use for direct computer-to-computer connections (crossover cable style, or maybe with auto-negotiation and regular cables). And a $1 PCI C-Media CMI8768 sound card NIB. Looks like they didn't populate the components for the game port, unfortunately. But it does have S/PDIF in/out.
I've just confirmed the NIC works fine. That'll make ad-hoc playing files off my desktop in another room a little easier to set up. I'm probably not gonna try the SCSI stuff today. BTW, Intel NIC is an 82574L. So it should be good under OpenBSD as well (not sure how much of an issue others are but I don't trust Realtek much and that's what's onboard on this MOBO.)
>>294 Realtek is RTL8111.
Purged systemd off my last system - my powerbook. Feels good. The cutest thing was how Debian's scripts tried to prevent me from uninstalling systemd while it was booted using systemd-as-init, saying it "would not work." Funnily enough, it did, though. Also finally remembered to disable the speculative execution mitigations on it at last. So maybe that'll improve its performance slightly as well.
>>296 Oh yeah, and shutdowns now take a matter of seconds instead of a minute and thirty seconds of waiting for some retarded program to stop.
Open file (373.26 KB 1215x2603 stop job full.png)
Old archived 4chan /g/ thing First guy gets it, everyone else tries to hop on with completely unrelated bullshit that won't solve the problem because they really just don't know any better but are at that point on the Dunning-Kruger graph. Also known as: why I hate 4/g/
>>298 That discussion is peak linux though. Rather than one good, well documented, and tightly integrated piece of software, the users are free to choose from a plethora of shitty offerings - most maintained by one guy in his off hours and packaged into a community repository. Everyone wants to fight over desktop environments, no one wants to ask what the value of a desktop environment actually is. The illusion of choice strikes again. But yeah, 4/g/ is just awful. Sometimes I browse it to see what the latest happenings are (gaming browsers), but I would never have a technical discussion there. A lot of it reminds me of the Ubuntu community back in ~2005.
>>299 I agree; Ubuntu Forums are and always were a cancerous mess of stupid people. The Debian mailing lists are usually coherent, though, at the very least. That's not to discredit the BSD's. I've had good experiences with *BSD related lists/forums (and man pages) too. Even the OpenBSD subreddit has been pretty coherent. >Everyone wants to fight over desktop environments, no one wants to ask what the value of a desktop environment actually is. The illusion of choice strikes again. A few years ago I would have maybe argued abut that but I really like my current setup. I basically have FVWM start up and then I have a handful of homemade GUI programs for a few tasks. The customizeability and flexibility of FVWM really won me over. I think that just due to its higher popularity (warranted or not), Linux distros naturally attract more people fresh from the windows consoomer world who are used to just downloading random binaries off the internet for everything and trying other programs when the one they grab doesn't immediately do exactly what they want. The kind that don't actually care about license terms or personal freedoms and probably don't know what the GPL or BSD licenses do. I remember when I first started learning about Unices I used Wine a lot more than I do now because I was really slow to change my habits. To be fair, I think I was 12 when I started messing with it though, so I think I was actually still being pretty ambitious. I think I started really learning more when I stopped using PPA's and the like and started learning how to build programs from source code.
>>299 >gaming browsers I remember hearing about that, but what does that actually mean? Discord integration or something?
>>300 >I've had good experiences with *BSD related lists One time I received an email from the OpenBSD mailing list that just said 'based af', and I knew these were my people. >>301 RGB window decorations, 'performance optimized for gaming' despite just being yet another re-skinned chromium, and undoubtedly data collection so the company can sell it off to advertisers that want to target the gaming demographic specifically.
>>302 >One time I received an email from the OpenBSD mailing list that just said 'based af', and I knew these were my people. Ha. >RGB window decorations Yikes. >reskinned chromium I assumed that much >performance optimized I never really notice the differences between -O2 and -O3 except that programs (firefox) are less reliable when built with -O3. I kind of feel like compiler optimizations are a meme. And I'm sure that's all they've done. >data collection That definitely fits with the other habits of PC gamers. The whole current "free GTA V" thing, for instance.
>>303 My understanding is that -O3 is mostly just -O2 with added loop unrolling and such things. Most of the interesting optimizations besides whole-program optimization are already in -O2, so it's not surprising that there wouldn't be big performance difference.
>>304 I barely even notice -O2 vs no optimization switches or -O0 though. Much more performance to be gained by writing in assembler (much though I hate the thought of doing so).
Open file (2.10 MB 4032x3024 amiga_new_hdd.jpg)
Finally got one of my SCA-80 10K RPM 73GB SCSI HDD's to work with my Amiga 500/A590 controller. This is its first time booting from the new disk. So I am no longer dependant on my 24-year-old Seagate Barracuda 50-pin 4GB drive continuing to operate. Instead I am depending on a merely 12 year old HDD continuing to operate. Of which I have two identical drives to use in case of failure (they were originally on an IBM netburst server in RAID).
>>306 Now the one thing I can really use is a male-to-male HD68 coupler so I can terminate my HDD without that super long orange IDC cable you see in the pic.
Gotta say it feels dumb that I have a 10K RPM disk in my Amiga though while I don't in my normal desktop.
>>279 https://www.cabletiesandmore.com/high-temperature-cable-ties >>282 >>283 Speed and less mess. BZZZZZZ, BZZZT, clunk. BZZZZZZ, BZZZT, clunk. >>296 >>297 There are plenty of distros now with SysV, OpenRC or others, manually switching seems like extra work. >>306 What sort of use cases does the Amiga handle well? I've never used one.
Open file (75.79 KB 750x786 01.jpg)
>>309 >There are plenty of distros now with SysV, OpenRC or others, manually switching seems like extra work. I've already tried to explain that.
Open file (357.29 KB 889x2048 pic before murder.jpg)
Transmission fluids changed, kickdown cable replaced, new tie rods, and re-aligned. Car's driving great again. >>309 Manually switching took ten minutes once. And most distros don't work on PowerPC 32-bit. >What sort of use cases does the Amiga handle well? I've never used one. These days, nothing a normal PC doesn't handle at least as well (except genlocked video/analogue video subtitling). But I love it for Deluxe Paint (pixel art) and a handful of games. Actually, that's a little bit of a lie, since it has a very flexible serial port (basically any given baud rate below the maximum is allowed) - I could use it with some level shifters to create a MIDI interface, for instance. It has a neat sound chip for the time as well. Its floppy drive can read almost any (common) 3.5" FDD format. Also, it's got a pre-emptive multitasking OS, and some really neat graphics hardware, although the hardware is quirky enough that it's kind of unconventional to program for if you want to make the fullest possible use of it (limits your ability to port to other platforms). It is technically capable of 4096 colors on screen at once, but if you are doing anything but still artwork you're pretty much going to do it in 32 colors (or 64, where the second set of 32 are at half the values of the first 32). Mostly though they're just neat. I mostly use mine for pixel art, but they were ahead of their time in lots of ways. In several other ways though, they only managed to be ahead of their time by 'cheating' (basically clever hacks), in ways that made it harder to upgrade the hardware later. Combine that with Commodore's inability to manage post-Tramiel and it was pretty much doomed. Most of the original team left shortly after the 1000 launched. >>309 I've been considering that approach; I have some of those ties already.
I've not seen flashmaster in almost two weeks. Are you doing alright lad?
Part of me is wondering if I should bother to continue modding TiTS once my time is more free in about a month (as mentioned in the WIP branch change-log and README) or just let the hibernating husk sleep for good.
Open file (1.41 MB 1507x1976 01.jpg)
>>313 If you found out that today was your last day, would you look back on the time spent modding TiTS positively, or would you regret not having done something more worthwhile? If the former, great, continue. If the latter, don't. One day soon, you'll wake up with a back ache that never goes away. And you'll go to the doctor for persistent issues, only for him to say "well you're at that age where you can't just go for a five mile jog without stretching first anymore." But it seems like just yesterday that you could. And you know, I've yet to meet someone at this stage of their life that has said "I really wish I had spent more of my best years sitting in a chair working on homoerotic fanfiction."
Open file (1.22 MB 4013x2113 01.jpg)
Another day, another dead man's things for sale. What a find.
Open file (309.11 KB 710x706 yW1r6Sb.jpg)
Open file (76.35 KB 1024x683 0431-_MG_8340.jpg)
Open file (2.26 MB 2953x2215 borgward-p100.jpg)
>>313 I'd say don't bother, but I know that some people await a return of the mod and don't want them to kill me in the riots. >One day soon, you'll wake up with a back ache that never goes away. Fuck, that's getting older. >>315 I don't even particularly enjoy guns, but those are actually beauties. Still think #3 is a beautiful car. #2 is just a little funny with the grille.
>>230 >>229 you alive?
Picture of my last dog, around 13 years ago now. Found this on an old hard drive. She was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. A great friend. She had a strangely Labrador-like excitedness to meet new people, which is pretty much in direct opposition to how everyone says the breed's really supposed to behave. The other Chesapeake I had fit that description much better, but I loved them both. They required a lot of walks and exercise pretty much daily, even in the middle of winter, but it got me up and about walking them at 6 or earlier in the morning. I loved them both. Still miss 'em. >inb4 fat No, actually she weighed about what the breed spec says they should. the breed just has a thick barrel chest for breaking through ice while swimming. I've never met a Chesapeake that didn't love to swim.
Open file (1.71 MB 2272x1704 ches_f.jpg)
>>318 Oh FFS forgot the picture
>>319 I think I took that pic because she just went into her kennel automatically when I put on my shoes and I thought it was funny.
>>318 Note: dog didn't die 13 years ago, picture was taken 13 years ago.
Kind of would like a dog again, but I couldn't do a chessie because they're big and they demand a lot of attention, exercise, and discipline (especially when young). Also, they'd probably be miserable in an apartment. I kind of like their general attitude, though. Would be great to find a smaller (but not rat-sized) dog that had that kind of attitude (protective, kind of dominant behavior but can be made obedient through training, affectionate with master/cuddly). Just in case anyone's thinking it, a Shiba Inu's a terrible idea. Sure, they have the dominant part down, but I'd never trust one to walk off a leash like I can a well-trained chessie. They are the right size for an apartment, but I highly doubt I could make most of them cuddle for long. They're just too cat-like personality-wise. I like the way they look though. I probably should just get a hamster or a rat for now, and worry about dogs once I'm in a better position to care for one properly. I remember my science class teacher in grade school would let students take home and care for some of the classroom animals over breaks. I brought a couple of rats home a few times. They were never any problem; actually behaved a lot like giant hamsters. Maybe even less problematic than hamsters, actually, because my hamster was a real bastard to catch if it got loose. >inb4 "get a snake, I feed hamsters to my snake" Nah, I like reptiles, too, but I'd prefer something fluffy.
>>322 Forgot to mention another thing. >Kind of would like a dog again, but I couldn't do a chessie because they're big and they demand a lot of attention, exercise, and discipline (especially when young). Also, they'd probably be miserable in an apartment. I'm not opposed to attention, exercise, discipline; I just can't guarantee I'd be in a position to be there to do it as frequently as the breed needs. Pragmatically I don't think my schedule's right for one.
>>316 >Fuck, that's getting older. The fun part is when doctors don't try to fix things anymore. "Yeah, you've got a leaky heart valve. We'll test you again next year and keep an eye on it." Like OK man, that sounds kind of serious, but whatever you say. >>319 Pretty dog. >>322 >rat I raise mice for my snakes. By far one of the worst creatures on this planet. All they do is fight, screw, and piss on everything. They'll piss on the sides of the tank, they'll piss on the lid, they'll piss on each other. I have to keep them in another room because all night they make this atrocious noise, which seems completely counterproductive for prey to be doing. And the moment one of them gets out, it makes a beeline for your spark plug wires. >>322 >inb4 "get a snake My only gripe with snakes is that, aside from being incredibly stupid animals, they take the loudest shits. I'm woken up at least once a week to what sounds like a bowl of pudding being propelled out of a balloon.
>>311 Thanks, I really like hearing about the quirks of older hardware and systems, especially how the serial connection is still useful. Serial console/TTY interaction and regular expressions are on my "to learn" list since I know plenty of old systems still have old as fuck UART or other interfaces, and I need to learn regular expressions in order to get my scripting skills up. Maybe after I complete the switch to BSD or something... >>314 >backache that never goes away by all rights my knees should be composed entirely of shattered glass, but glucosamine-chondroitin, fish oil and massage work a treat for minor problems. If you're older than 25 and NOT spending a few thousand dollars a year on deep tissue massage, you're doing life wrong. Even at your stage if your joints are REALLY fucked, you can get Platelet Rich Plasma injections and it'll regrow the cartilage for you. It's never too late. You'd be surprised how well a body can be repaired. Expect to be slaying pussy until well into your 80s if you take care of yourself. https://www.briancolemd.com/wp-content/themes/ypo-theme/pdf/the-role-of-platelet-rich-plasma-treatment-of-cartilage-disease2019.pdf
Open file (131.08 KB 1920x1080 plsno.jpeg)
>>324 >gripe with snakes is that, aside from being incredibly stupid animals, they take the loudest shits. I'm woken up at least once a week to what sounds like a bowl of pudding being propelled out of a balloon. Why would you do this to me.
>>325 >fish oil I used to take fish oil, but supposedly it can cause prostate cancer, so I stopped. My grandfather had prostate cancer and lived, so it doesn't sound like the worst thing. But it's hard to say if the benefits outweigh the risks. >massage I have a couple of nice massagers from Human Touch; one for the calves/feet, and another for the back/neck. A gym I used to go to had a full massage chair from them that was just fantastic, but it's like $10k (and seemed very maintenance intensive). Not sure if that counts as a deep tissue massage, but they do help. One day when I break down and order a mail-order waifu, she can learn how to give massages. Overall though, I'm in fantastic shape. I start every morning with stretching and a predawn jog. I have a dedicated exercise routine later in the day, and I'm also on my feet about twelve hours a day. >>326 Well, I'm sure you know, but the cloaca is near the end of the tail. The gopher snake will raise its tail up, and then shit goes flying out onto the side of the tank. The pythons are much more mellow, but their shits are always almost as big around as they are.
>>324 Ah, yeah, they'll do that if you have more than one or two.
Open file (11.73 KB 1275x633 wm_2_wip.png)
More pixel art doodle/WIP stuff.
>>329 trying to stick within the Amiga's EHB limits (32 colors, plus the same palette at half intensity).
>>327 Deep tissue massage isn't really well known in the USA, since people are more used to rub and tugs and other places of less repute. True mechanistic massage originated in Greece and Rome, and it was kept alive in Eastern Europe (especially based Hungary) after those civilizations collapsed, then was developed further in Scandinavia (the famous Swedish massage). It all revolves around the same thing, which is putting pressure on tissues which are under too much tension (usually a result of scar tissue from injuries), then breaking that tissue up in a very focused way so it can repair itself properly. Acupuncture is another way of trying to do the same thing, so most massage points can also be targeted for acupuncture and you'll get similar results (although massage is more thorough). You can also use heat and it helps a bit as it increases blood flow locally (heat packs or hot stone massage), but there's really nothing like a proper deep tissue massage to destroy old scar tissue. "Cupping" works in a similar way but instead of positive pressure on the tissue you put it under a vacuum. The vacuum leaves huge bruising btw. Whether it's acupuncture, massage, cupping, all of it is just different manipulation for soft tissue with more or less the same goal. Most tissues can benefit from massage, even torn ligaments, because every tissue has a base ability to heal, so you re-damage the tissue to the exact amount that it's able to competently heal, and you work your way across the whole injury site. This can often take months, but the end result is usually getting back to 95% or better, especially if combined with exercise. PRP can also accelerate this process, and it's one of the only ways to do it in areas which aren't really accessible to the blood supply (and therefore harder for the body to heal). You might have to look around for someone who's competent. Stay away from "reiki" or anything which seems like the main clientele is middle aged women who collect "healing crystals" but look for "myofascial" or "sports" massage. It really helps with aches and pains and you'll feel way better. Also, there are lots of people with massage therapy certificates who are basically the massage version of best buy "techs", so you'll need to find someone who isn't a fucking idiot and is comfortable with working on "embarrassing" muscle groups. Most people have lower back pain from adhesions (scar tissue and tissue binding together when it shouldn't) in their ass and hip muscles, and people in the USA can only think of globohomo faggotry when a person would "put an elbow in your ass muscle" comes up (elbows are commonly used instead of hands to put higher pressure on trouble spots). Any muscle or ligament tightness will correspondingly reduce blood flow in the area, compounding the problem, and any muscle or ligament tightness will usually cause sympathetic tightness somewhere else because the body will try to overcompensate for the initial problem. tl;dr look for myofascial and sports massage in your area and disregard the rub n' tugs and "healing energy" places
Open file (1.49 KB 100x100 profile_wm_5_light.png)
>>331 Fascinating. I'd probably have to go LA for something like this, but it sounds like it would be worth looking into. I'm glad you're here, double-space anon; I always enjoy your posts. >>332 Looks nice.
Starting to get concerned about flashmaster's continued existance
>>334 Everyone I know goes away in the end.
>>334 >>335 2000 was 20 years ago. Bittorrent is 19 years old. Stage6 was shut down 12 years ago. My contact list shrinks every year. Time's not waiting for us, bros. It really fucking sucks. I'm so glad that this place still exists.
Open file (406.81 KB 1826x1579 01.jpg)
>>336 >It really fucking sucks. Honestly, with the way things are going, I'm kind of glad to know the ride won't go on forever. Absolutely everything is shit today. Products are worthless, oversimplified, and often surveillance devices. Every source of amusement has become a tool for leftists to wage their idiotic cultural war with. The people you meet look like they do nothing but eat shit and sit all day; their conversation topics reduced to crap they've seen on TV. College kids have no idea what civil discourse looks like because it hasn't existed in their lifetime. They'd probably blow a gasket watching people with policy differences cooperate as recently as the 80's. Everything was so much more tolerable just ten years ago. I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to watch things decline for another hundred years.
Open file (393.09 KB 1100x1172 1468548427879.jpg)
>>334 >>335 It's only been a couple weeks.
>>337 >I'm kind of glad to know the ride won't go on forever All of human history is just a series of rides into oblivion. The only thing unique about this era is that if we're lucky we just might live to see AI make something different.
>>338 But I missed you.
>>339 The only thing unique about this era is that I'm having to live through it instead of reading about it in a book on Rome/Weimar/etc.
>>340 Yeah, I missed you fuckers too, and that's what worries me. >>341 This is also true.
>>342 Is lain actually worth watching, like on a scale of moeblob garbage to Jin-Roh?
>>343 Don't know what Jin-Roh is, but Lain certainly doesn't fall under moeblob. I would describe the general style of art and storytelling as 2001: A Space Odyssey if it was an anime in the 90s. Very trippy and difficult to follow if you're not paying close attention, but memorable and worth the time it takes to watch.
Open file (96.71 KB 1130x706 01.jpg)
>>344 >Don't know what Jin-Roh is Deliberately slow, but probably my favorite. Fantastic animation. Lain fans have always been a huge turn off, so I was surprised to see it here. Maybe I'll give it a try.
>>345 Yeah, the people on Lainchan are fucking weird. I ended up watching the anime once I realized it was actually fairly short (twelve episodes, as I recall), so I might as well see what the fuss is about. I was pleasently surprised that it's actually fairly good. It's not top three material for me, but it's good.
>>346 >Yeah, the people on Lainchan are fucking weird. That's b/c the owner is a literal communist and so are quite a few of the ppl on the site. But the show itself is interesting in a retro ayy-lmao kind of way if you go in for that. The character design is pure shit, but the writing is half-decent. I like the show, but not lainchan.
I need to post here more. Or not. I spend way too much time hyper connected to the internet instead of actually doing things. Youtube, Twitter, cooming and "shitposting" are a special kind of hell and slacking off using these tools is among my biggest faults. >>347 I think the idea of lainchan is really cool to be honest. A cyberpunk themed imageboard with heavy emphasis on security and other /tech/ topics with a decent, for the topics at hand, user base. Too bad it resembles communist /g/ more than even a board like 8/tech/ at it's worst. Plus I'm pretty sure none of the owners in the history of the site even used a *nix like os as their main machine if at all. /f/ in the very short amount of time I've lurked here, is infinitely better in terms of engaging information and conversation. >>343 Lain is alright. The turbo nerds that obsess over it love to bring up how it called a lot of things in regards to how modern internet and computer culture operate. A lot of that is under a metric ton of "symbolism" though. It has a nice aesthetic as well especially for the computer/pda/phone/software designs. It's not for everyone though and it's pretty slow.
>>338 Mostly because you mentioned how you'd been suicidal before earlier.
i thought about getting a b550 board/ram and stuff just so I could get more slots on my case. Then I realized I couldn't find a b550 board (that's been announced at least) with more than a single conventional PCI slot. So then I decided (rightly) that it'd be stupid to upgrade when what I have works.
Also I could not find a single board that had both that and a parallel port header. My current MOBO has one and I have used it for programming microcontrollers.
Open file (148.86 KB 639x827 1546704379155.jpg)
>>348 Every now and again I'll come across a decent informative tech thread on Lainchan, or at least a thread with some valuable replies. Darkweb chans aren't too bad for discussion on security (at least, the ones with a tech board). For anything else, they're just as bad as everywhere else. >>350 >>351 It is possible to get a PCIE parallel controller, or even a serial & parallel controller. But yeah, there's no need to upgrade unless you have to for some reason.
>>344 I already had that picture on my machine, good choice. >>342 >Yeah, I missed you fuckers too, and that's what worries me. Emotional attachment is fine if it doesn't cause undue difficulty living life >>352 >It is possible to get a PCIE parallel controller, or even a serial & parallel controller. I'd rather not buy more hardware when I have a breakout panel already. And it probably wouldn't be an issue but I'd be using it for EPROM programming so the timing would have to be solid on it (USB parallel controllers usually don't work for instance). I did find that the new ATX MOBO with the single 32-bit PCI slot had a serial port header, at least. I'd kind of like a full ATX board since I currently have a micro ATX in a full ATX case, but even then it may be wiser and easier to just find a used ivy bridge-era ATX board that has the features I want. That way i wouldn't have to upgrade my CPU/RAM as well and there'd be more availability of the 'legacy' functionality I'm after.
Also it'll be marginally easier to find a motherboard that doesn't look like gaymer shit
Open file (266.76 KB 1237x495 01.jpg)
>>347 The last I heard (years ago), the owner was also like fourteen and a communist (but I repeat myself). >>348 >I spend way too much time hyper connected to the internet instead of actually doing things. You need to set goals for yourself, both habits (daily/weekly/etc), and individual short-term accomplishments. Get things done first, save your entertainment for when your day is done. When people moderate their amusement, they have no desire to spend that limited time scrolling endlessly through bugmen surveillance websites, and will make better use of it. But don't beat yourself up over it. These companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars engineering their websites for maximum engagement. Infinite scrolling, auto-playing videos, hiding the header (with away links) once you've started scrolling, etc. It's an uphill battle for most. >A cyberpunk themed imageboard with heavy emphasis on security and other /tech/ topics It would be nice if it was actually about those topics. Their tech boards are basically security discussions brought to you by people using Chrome/Firefox, social media, and smartphones. It's like reading health advice from a morbidly obese person. Occasionally they do have a good thread or two though. >>352 I have never seen that picture before, and it's perfect. Saved. >>353 >Emotional attachment is fine if it doesn't cause undue difficulty living life That statement is at odds with itself. Nothing is ever entirely positive; attachment leads to poor choices.
Open file (640.25 KB 1062x1218 1586072338126.png)
>>348 I've never used Twitter, Facebook, or anything else like that, but I was on something vaguely resembling a social media site once. It consumed my life for a time, and I was getting way too invested in the happenings of other users in the vaguely defined circle I was involved in. Eventually, I just became too different to be able to invest myself in the community anymore, so I left there were a few other reasons as well, but that was the big one. One thing that helped was the fact that while I ended up knowing some of them personally, they were nowhere near me geographically, so I avoided the pitfall of normal social media where one may feel compelled to stay just to be connected with people in the surrounding community. >>353 Emotional attachment is always bad, but so too is solitude. It's all just one big game of pick your poison. >micro ATX Well there's your problem. If you're like me and you want to shove every possible card into every possible slot then full ATX (or larger) is the only way to go.
Open file (176.80 KB 600x322 SURVIVE.jpg)
>>337 Things really didn't go completely to shit until 2018, when the censorship went into high-gear. The most horrible thing is seeing people get blackpilled and fade away. I've seen a few people on 4cuck who seem to have returned, based on posting style, but I can't post there since I don't have "le 4chin pass" nor a vpn which isn't rangebanned by the fuckers, nor am I willing to use my bare ip, so I simply can't post there anymore, even though it's still the most active imageboard. I'd go to a coffee shop and advertise the webring but I don't want to rock the boat for everyone on the webring just because I miss talking to frens. I'm not willing to risk a lot of the new tech to reach out, since every "app" is just fucking spyware, and whenever I've dipped my toe in the water (tried Matrix, Slack, a few others), it has felt empty and inorganic. I feel like I've been siloed and it's extremely frustrating, but I'm not technically competent enough to easily sidestep all the bullshit. Also, I'm completely exhausted of dealing with "accounts." If I have to deal with another bullshit corporation that needs 2FA and a "secure password" for their flat-designed irrelevant idiocy, I'm going to have an aneurysm. That said, watching my contact list completely hollow itself out has been frankly depressing. I'm not old enough for all my friends to have died but I now intimately know the feeling of a man outliving all his friends and acquaintances, even if it's just in spirit. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of this is simply a consequence of the endless demoralization and atomization psychological operations run by (((the usual suspects))). >>345 Jin-Roh is one of the greats, alongside Akira and Studio Ghibli films. Arguably, Jin-Roh is a better film than Akira. Lain is also very good. Ghost in the Shell is also a must-watch. >>349 >suicide Pls no. Pic related.
>>355 Do you have any browser recommendations? Waterfox seems to have been bought out, Opera is owned by China, Chrome is botnet, Firefox is SJW spyware... I used Pale Moon for a while but I stopped because I was swapping out OS too often to consistently keep up with it.
>>357 I know how you feel. I've left behind a lot of people prior to coming here, and while I technically could go back to find some of them and drag them here, it'd be completely fucking insane to do so. They don't belong here, and I don't belong with them anymore. In your case, while 4chode isn't as much of a social leap from here as non-IBs, can you really say that you'd still be able to get along with the people you knew? A lot of that will depend on how long it's been. It's amazing how much people can change when you're not looking. Sometimes it's better to /f/ade into obscurity and keep what happy memories we can. >>358 I've heard that IceCat is supposed to be pretty good, but I haven't checked up on the state of it in some time. It might be worth looking into, though.
Open file (20.32 KB 1024x585 road.jpeg)
>>359 I compiled Icecat but I never bothered to try to get all the right plugins installed. I just have too many different projects on the go. I might give it a shot later. I put in about 5 years of 14+ hour days 6-7 days a week and frankly I'm exhausted and drained, I feel like I'm sleepwalking through everything. I know some people who keep a similar schedule for decades on end, but I simply can't do it. Anything new seems like a huge time commitment. Even with 'rona lightening my workload I feel like I just need to slip into a cave for a year or two. I've lost about 30lbs of muscle and gained 30lbs of fat, to give some context. It's horrible to be so tired at such a deep level. It's very frustrating because I should be able to relax and feel good about the projects I've completed, but I can't because of the present demands of my current situation. Even small cuts from working aren't healing right but are leaving purple scars. It's truly rotten to be stretched so thinly. As far as the people I knew, I'm mostly saddened because it feels like being the lone survivor of a shipwreck but it's worse because the other passengers are still living and breathing but they aren't there.
Open file (315.07 KB 720x847 01.png)
>>357 >The most horrible thing is seeing people get blackpilled and fade away. Honestly, if it weren't for kitsunes, I would probably never touch a computer again. So I fully understand their sentiment. There is nothing worth doing on the internet anymore. Today's video games are shit, websites are populated by bugmen, nigger jingles are detestable, movies are TED Talks, and the latest and greatest anything is just a vehicle for your personal data to arrive at advertisers. Websites in general are hideous today anyway. [Massive Impersonal Corporation] says trans rights, or whatever the soup of the day is. The thing that really drives me up the wall is that these idiots don't even see the ways they're manipulated. How many big front-page calls to action have just been entirely swept under the rug to make way for tomorrow's next outrage? I haven't heard jack shit about the climate in months, but supposedly we're in an absolute doomsday scenario. One minute everyone must stay indoors because of the flu, the next it's racist if you aren't burning down your city with fifty thousand other people in close proximity. Greta Thunburg sure disappeared fast. What Hong Kong protests? Remember all of those shootings that seemed to happen on a monthly basis so they could push gun control? Funny how quickly those went away. "Nobody needs a gun except the police and military, but also every police officer is a racist jackboot hellbent on killing minorities." And these fucks eat it all up, every time. It's all so tiresome, and it's hard to say that people checking out are making the wrong decision. >4cuck It's compromised anyway. Jannies will remove any thread of importance. 4/pol/ is the very definition of controlled opposition. >I'd go to a coffee shop and advertise the webring No one you want to speak to goes to a coffee shop. You'd have better luck throwing them up in the gardening section at your hardware store, or even a gun shop. >Also, I'm completely exhausted of dealing with "accounts." Mailing lists and Usenet are still good. You do need an email address, but it's a throwaway you can use for the entire medium, rather than per-forum or whatever. Also, there's a ton of small imageboards out there. I have a list here: http://pastebin.com/raw/HNp6NuSA >watching my contact list completely hollow itself out has been frankly depressing There are good people out there, but they're not on the computer, and they don't live in cities. In the early 2000's, almost all of my friends were online. Today, not one of them is. There's about a dozen people I see on a regular basis, and none of us even know each other's phone numbers; we just show up at each other's doors every afternoon. I'm sure you'll meet new friends, better people even, but you've got to get away from the computer and meet someone. >Jin-Roh is one of the greats It's very rare to meet someone that's even seen it. You will always have a place at my barbecues. >>358 I use links as my primary browser, with w3m for CJK support. For when I absolutely have to have JS (banking and whatnot), I have Firefox with Ghacks' user.js, uMatrix, Decentraleyes, and the usual suspects. I don't do a lot of browsing though. Mostly I find things to read, wget them, and read them locally when I have time. I have a bunch of tags I download from Pixiv/Sankaku with scripts, and I sort through them. Most of the sites I want to keep tabs on have RSS feeds, so I can read updates locally. I haven't kept up with Palemoon, but that was my preferred browser before it was dropped from OpenBSD over a license dispute. >>360 >I put in about 5 years of 14+ hour days 6-7 days a week and frankly I'm exhausted and drained I know the feeling; a few years ago that was me. One day I just deleted all of my accounts and fucked off. I was going to retire, but sitting around all day wasn't working for me. I'm actually working harder today than I've ever worked before, but yet all of that exhaustion has gone away. I guess it's because I'm working for myself, at my own pace, and accomplishing goals along the way. Even my sleep has improved, which was almost nonexistent in the past. I think a lot of it is just discipline; it all becomes routine after awhile. You start to feel uneasy if you take a break from the routine. >feels like being the lone survivor of a shipwreck Funny, I was just thinking the exact same thing yesterday. "I feel alone, but not in a loneliness sense. More in a stuck-on-an-island way. There's people out there, but I can't relate to any of them." And yet, here we are.
Open file (60.46 KB 585x585 kkttu.jpg)
hello daedal here please do not kill yourself thank you goodnight my sweet princes
p.s im gonna download honey select again lol p.p.s i will be forcing myself to play tits and coc 2, will give a cool daedal review and then get up to date with everything thats happened to this thread since 8ch died :)
>>363 >p.s im gonna download honey select again lol nevermind i have discovered a "honey select 2" and my soul cannot even handle finding it at this point
>>364 unfortunately i found it on f95 seconds after posting this and now i feel obligated to download it. i will sleep now. remember the words of daedal
>>361 >http://pastebin.com/raw/HNp6NuSA Any chance you could post that on a non-cuckflare site? Privatebin, for instance.
Open file (656.24 KB 1169x827 1589843152349.png)
>>363 >get up to date with everything thats happened to this thread since 8ch died There's an entire website between then and now, so you have a lot of ground to cover.
>>364 >honey select 2 Supposedly it's not good. Identical to AI-Shoujo, but absent some things they're going to sell as DLCs later. At this rate AA3 is just going to be Koikatsu with less content.
Open file (149.60 KB 864x648 01.jpg)
I am up to my ears in lizards this year. I have no idea where they came from, but they're all over the damn yard. I go outside, and everywhere I look there's a lizard staring at me with this shit eating grin.
>>369 can a kind soul give a poor daedal a summary? >>370 i remembered my last incident with honey select way back on 8ch and realized the error of my ways.
Open file (292.53 KB 1024x730 01.jpg)
>>372 >can a kind soul give a poor daedal a summary? Oh we've been having a great time daedal. Wee bit of a disagreement with the way some things are going, but nothing important. Picked up some well adjusted friends along the way; real big on tiny houses. Lance is still doing his thing with the computers.
>>373 >real big on tiny houses i feel like i dont know what your talking about
Open file (1.67 KB 252x447 bmage2_c_a.png)
It's much, much less nerve-wracking now that I'm not running Workbench off a 25 year old HDD of unknown origins. I'm still enjoying drawing stuff, too. I feel like my technique improves slightly each time. Drew this in Dpaint3 as well.
>>375 (my newer SCSI drives hosted my grandpa's business before he retired, so I know where they're from and what kind of load they've been subjected to. They are also far quieter.) >>372 >summary? Well, I'm still kind of just doing whatever. Also been watching all those Pokémon source code leaks happen. Apparently Gen IV's source code leaked now too (Diamond/Pearl I think). >>363 >DLing honey select again No, stop, remember last time? >tits yuck >coc 2 extra yuck in the butt >>361 >palemoon Palemoon's "owners" are batshit insane with the whole licensing thing to protect their "brand." Still using Seamonkey here whenever possible, although recently I've started to see a few more things begin to break.
>>359 >WinNT BSOD's when they actually gave you the guru meditation information Ahh. Good times. >>355 Attachment does lead to poor choices, but it can also be necessary for kindness and compassion.
>>368 Thanks kindly Anon.
>>376 afaik the main dev of palemoon is a furry so that would explain the autism, but what's the core issue with the licensing? >>361 Thanks for the reply, it's good to know how other anons have dealt with it. I meant coffee shop in terms of "being able to post with a disposable bare ip." Then again the censorship is ramping up and tons of "free wifi" places are blocking tons of ports and they seem to be doing DPI as well since they're somehow able to block wireguard and OpenVPN. I seriously need to dump the smartphone and other tech, but I have too many interfaces with normalfag society so I can't just dump it all at once. It's like fighting off a squid. Regarding your lizards, it's a great sign whenever you have high-foodchain animals scampering around, they're often "indicator species" because of biomagnification (accumulation of either heavy metals, plastics, toxic persistent chemicals etc as you go up the food chain) and they can also keep common pest species down. The frogs aren't as plentiful this year in my area as the past few years, but there are enough singing that I'm not worried about it.
>>376 >Also been watching all those Pokémon source code leaks happen u have my interest i feel like you already know the last (couple) pokemon game was a disaster so i am definitely intrigued to see the ds games get leaked, whatever that means. imo the ds pokemon games were the best >>376 my conscience already told me not to repeat the same honey select disaster, but its been awhile since this thread cared about tits so theres probably some new stuff to talk(complain) about. i just havent played coc 2 before so i want to see
>>379 >and they seem to be doing DPI as well since they're somehow able to block wireguard and OpenVPN Possibly via a MitM-style attack known as WAF right on the router? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_application_firewall
Open file (214.78 KB 1943x1316 01.png)
>>376 >Palemoon's "owners" are batshit insane with the whole licensing thing to protect their "brand." They're batshit insane in general. Have you read anything from Tobin? I kind of like the guy, but he's absolutely unhinged. >>379 >main dev of palemoon is a furry Moonchild is a furry. Tobin is the guy that's autistic about licensing. If you don't package everything just right, this guy shows up to raise hell. >I meant coffee shop in terms of "being able to post with a disposable bare ip." Ah, I see. That makes sense. Most of those places are locked down these days though. I discovered while working that medical facilities are the best places for free wifi. They know wait times are ridiculous, and they've been trying to distract patients with free wifi for years now. If you park outside any sort of medical complex (big building full of doctor offices), you're almost guaranteed free wifi. ER lobbies are fantastic too; just walk in and take a seat somewhere. Network infrastructure is a total afterthought at these places - there's so many problems with doctors trying to send/receive urgent data and not being able to, that IT staff has no time to deal with anything else. They never have anything blocked on their wifi because no one goes to the hospital for wifi. They also make those yagi antennas you can stick on the roof and pickup wifi within like a mile radius. But consumer routers are moving towards WPA2 by default, so there's fewer open signals then there were fifteen years ago. >I seriously need to dump the smartphone and other tech You don't have to dump it all at once. Leave the smartphone at home and slowly replace its functionality, you'll still have access to it when you need it during the transition. Walkman for music, paper maps for navigation, prepaid feature phone if you really need talk/SMS, etc. Also be aware of newer cars. Everything is computerized and proprietary, bluetooth is standard (by law here, I believe). Many lenders add GPS trackers to the car so they can prevent it from starting if the bill goes unpaid. You often times can't even replace modules yourself because they require authentication from a device only the dealer will have. >>380 >the last (couple) pokemon game was a disaster I mean, they're kids' games. I'm sure eight year olds didn't share the same autistic concerns about the Pokedex, and the games were a financial success. It's time to grow up lad. >its been awhile since this thread cared about tits I doubt half of our new anons have even played TiTS, and thank God for that.
>>381 That's probably exactly what it is, and it's being commercially deployed. I've noticed it more and more often now, and it seems to be default. Any encrypted traffic gets blocked entirely. The great firewall of china is being exported to every local hotspot now because the computation power required is now trivial. It's complete bullshit but it's to be expected as censorship increases ever more.
>>382 The way entire billion dollar industries are leveraged against the average person really burns me up. I'm pretty sure my home router has been compromised, seeing 2-3mbps up on wan side for no reason while only my single device is doing ~10kbps. It's all so tiresome.
>>376 I had one of those dreams again last night. The W140 had a big crack in the windshield, and I was trying to keep water out while it was pouring. And then I went to put the car in park and the gear stick broke in half. Sure enough, I went to wash my patio earlier today, and there's this pitch black liquid under the car that isn't supposed to be there. Luckily it turned out to be just a silicone-filled bushing on one of the control arms. I guess the seal is leaking. They're supposed to be replaced every 30k miles or so, but this one looks quite old. Relatively cheap, no big deal. But I swear I'm turning into the Nostradamus of car maintenance. >>383 WAFs aren't a big obstacle, at least not at the business level, where security is a distant concern compared to cost. VPNs are usually blocked with three methods: Port, IP, and Protocol. Port is self-explanatory; your typical user isn't sending everything over UDP port 1194. For IP, most good WAFs (SonicWall and the like) maintain a list of IP addresses associated with popular VPN services, and they are blocked. For protocol, OpenVPN stands out like a sore thumb. Now you can play around with different combinations of servers and protocols and see if you find one that isn't blocked, but for situations like these, your best bet is just to roll your own - an SSH tunnel to a server/VPS you own. Not paranoid levels of security, nor is it anonymous (since all the traffic on that server is yours), but it does hide what you're doing from whoever manages the connection at your public spot. So it's good enough. SSH is almost never blocked. >>384 >I'm pretty sure my home router has been compromised If it's a standard consumer router, I would not be surprised at all (though the speed issue doesn't really indicate anything). Places like Shodan are filled with publicly discoverable routers, and there's no shortage of python scripts people can run to try every exploit a device has ever had. Eventually you find one that isn't fully up to date (which is most of them). Setup an old/cheap desktop with an extra NIC. You can use PF, iptables, or just about anything you want to handle routing. Don't bother with wireless, it's never secure enough. Even a PI can handle home routing. Then, depending on your operating system choice, you don't have to worry about router security. And you can add other features too, like caching, firewall, DNS, or a network-level adblocker.
>>385 SSHing into my own setup would be losing a bit of the security through obscurity that I've been using so far, but it's good to know that workaround. The number of steps that are required now for just a "fuck off and let me shitpost in peace" level of comfort are approaching ridiculous to the point where I'm better off without the tech entirely. Which is the point of all their fuckery, of course. I should have mentioned that the suspect device is an ISP brand gateway, and I could always put something a step behind that if I was worried about snooping, but there's still SOMETHING sucking up my bandwidth and I have no control over their little fucking black box unless I manage to find custom firmware for it, which is unlikely. A factory reset seems to have calmed it down, but I'm a little flummoxed on what the fuck it was doing sending out 10+GB of data all on its own without any other attached devices.
>>387 It's been quite awhile since I've had to deal with that, but most ISPs ten-fifteen years ago would let you use your own hardware instead of their box if you called them up. Sometimes the boxes were just generic garbage anyway, but if they didn't let you, it was because the box was for telemetry. Might be worth a shot. 2-3mbps sounds like DSL, which is very accommodating.
>>387 >security through obscurity If that's really what you want you can just put it on a weird port or modify the daemon and client so they require a certain message at the start of the stream before it will respond. An easier way might be to add a special renamed cipher that's either a clone of an existing one with a new name or an entirely new one. This is how SSH negotiates ciphers. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4253#section-7.1 >>388 BTW, It just finally clicked to me why you said you've used my name in video games before. >>385 >I had one of those dreams again last night. The W140 had a big crack in the windshield, and I was trying to keep water out while it was pouring. And then I went to put the car in park and the gear stick broke in half. I hate those dreams. I have them sometimes where suddenly either the brakes don't work or my legs shrink and I can't reach the brake pedal. I need most urgently to get a nice hot and dry day to do some bodywork/rust prevention (hopefully). Probably some paint touch-ups, too. >>380 >i just havent played coc 2 before so i want to see Fair enough >intrigued DS games get leaked, whatever that means It means we have source code for Diamond/Pearl now. The doors for rom hacks are a fair bit wider open than before. Not sure we have tools to edit 3D models or maps, but it's a big step in the right direction. >>379 >afaik the main dev of palemoon is a furry Ha, that does explain a bit. Kind of like AROS autism. >but what's the core issue with the licensing? basically he's treating it like Mozilla treats Firefox, where you aren't allowed to distribute builds that don't use exactly Mozilla's official configuration. In Mozilla's case they eventually decided they trusted, say, OpenBSD or the Debian project to care about user's experiences and not make irresponsible changes, so they let them use official branding with patched builds. But the Pale Moon guy is like Attila the Hun about branding unofficial builds. IIRC OpenBSD's problem was that they were linking to system libraries instead of giving PM it's own separate set of them (so the system libgtk for instance). Debian's problem was the same I think, as was (IIRC) Arch and Gentoo's. He wants them all to use the 'generic' unofficial branding and drop the Pale Moon name over something stupid like that. The idea is that a negative experience with an unofficial build could cause damage to PM's reputation, but it's clearly retarded bullshit he refused to come to an agreement on. See also >>382 's picture, because that's the thing that I immediately remembered when writing this post. >I will do no such thing until I speak with the person who owns the rights to the intellectual property, which appears to be not you. >Additionally, your confrontational attitude dismisses you from any and all future discussions on the matter. I will only speak to M.C. Straver about this issue, and I wish to do so amicably. Your attitude demonstrates that you are unfit to be an intermediary of any sort. I loved that comeback. https://github.com/jasperla/openbsd-wip/issues/86 >>382 Yeah I specifically remembered the OpenBSD situation. Shit's ridiculous and unnecessarily rude. >You often times can't even replace modules yourself because they require authentication from a device only the dealer will have. My dad has a car from 2004 with this. You can't replace the central rearview mirror because it has a computer in the back.
>This issue is now officially resolved. There will be no Pale Moon browser, official or not. The port has been removed. Farewell, petulant children. I remembered the end result but I still laughed again reading it.
>>385 >Setup an old/cheap desktop with an extra NIC. You can use PF, iptables, or just about anything you want to handle routing. Don't bother with wireless, it's never secure enough. Even a PI can handle home routing. Then, depending on your operating system choice, you don't have to worry about router security. And you can add other features too, like caching, firewall, DNS, or a network-level adblocker. This sounds great and I wish someone would make this kind of setup a no-brainer. I have so much on my plate learning maths & programming for advanced AI I don't have time to learn much of this kind of thing, but obviously I have need for it's capabilities.
>>389 >BTW, It just finally clicked to me why you said you've used my name in video games before. "The name's Higgers. Nate Higgers." And other things that keep white guilt cultists away. >>391 Back in 2015/2016 I used to maintain a tinfoil hat guide to installing Arch for schizos. I could do the same thing for custom routers, but I'll need to find the time. It's really not hard.
>>392 My main concern is to keep SBC-based systems safe from being compromised from without. ATM, air-gapping is the only feasible approach I'm personally capable of. But the simple fact is, they need to be able to offload computations and video to a home network, so ofc that introduces all kinds of bad potentials once that's in place. >Back in 2015/2016 I used to maintain a tinfoil hat guide to installing Arch for schizos. Link? I'm on Arch (well, Manjaro).
Open file (850.54 KB 3024x4032 01.jpg)
>>393 >Link? I'm on Arch (well, Manjaro). Long gone these days, unless it's on one of my microsd archives. I only ever distributed it over IRC and a mailing list. I installed Arch a couple of years ago and found that the installation had changed to the point that you couldn't just follow the guide anymore. You used to just install base and base-devel with pacstrap, but now there's the firmware and things. mkinitcpio became optional, etc. The main features were: LVM on Luks with a microsd card as a keyfile, /tmp and a few other directories (like Firefox) on ramdisk, kernel and general system hardening, some misc crap like keeping ntp from pinging Google. Sane configs for various services. In the end though, a lot of my motivation for switching to OpenBSD was that linux security was/is such a mess, and it was an endlessly ongoing process. None of the defaults for anything you install are ever secure. Years ago we used to use Grsec/PaX on Debian servers, but those patches were awful and a huge pain (on top of, well, Debian). But now I'm free to just go about my day and not worry about any of that. I don't know how you'd even apply that guide to Manjaro, since its installer takes care of that entire process for you. Using a desktop environment would weaken much of that security as well, if the DE would even start under those conditions.
I'm about halfway through Re:Zero, it's a good take on isekai. For some reason the sheer emotion in the manga doesn't seem to translate as well to the anime, and I'm not sure why. The despair porn factor is still fairly high. You can tell that it's a kadokawa production, there are so many reused shots and perspectives that were done to better effect in other animes. Maybe the main thing are the camera angles differing from the manga... I am wondering when the hell we're going to get decent series that push right through all the tropes and get to a meaty story. Goblin slayer is probably the best thing lately but I've been fairly disappointed in the "realistic but has high magic but really low magic but hey you got stabbed and you're bleeding out realistically while getting raped by goblins" sort of feel that manga authors tend to resort to because they don't realize that their cool story needs game balance, if that makes sense... >>394 I wouldn't recommend anything with systemd if concerned about security, based on what I've heard about their attempts at taking over Linux and the leaky bloated mess that is systemd. It's better to simply modify your use case so you don't really give a shit if state-level actors are watching you fap or watch anime. Fuck 'em, they're probably too busy trading CP on EVE Online anyway to spy on you properly. If they're that concerned about what you're doing then you're better off spending the time sweeping for bugs in your airgapped computer room imo. Then again maybe I'm retarded.
>>392 Thanks for the advice. Manjaro is just my notebook's OS b/c it's easy. For the SBCs we need much better setups. I want to use Beaglebone boards as the SBCs for now. While the images they themselves provide are Debian, I've realized thanks to nanochan/g/ that OpenBSD can be installed and be somewhat functional on the Beaglebones. https://julay.world/robowaifu/res/16.html#3731 I appreciate all the advice you guys can offer me. >>395 >It's better to simply modify your use case so you don't really give a shit if state-level actors are watching you fap or watch anime. Haha. Yea no that's not really the threat model here. As you can imagine, feminists and their handlers aren't too happy about the prospects of robowaifus displacing past-shelf-life roasties. Already they are trying to preemptively abort the entire field through legislative means. OTOH, we feel that a man's got the right to do whatever the fugg he wants in the sanctity of his own garage shop.
>>396 > I've realized thanks to nanochan/g/ that OpenBSD can be installed and be somewhat functional on the Beaglebones. I forgot to mention that I'd probably set up the OpenBSD 'boxes' as the gatekeepers to the external network world for the robots. Using the Beaglebone AI effectively, for example, would basically be impossible at least for myself without using the precompiled Debian images provided by Beaglebone. https://beagleboard.org/p/products/beaglebone-ai
Open file (245.29 KB 1240x1220 01.jpg)
>>395 >I am wondering when the hell we're going to get decent series that push right through all the tropes and get to a meaty story. Probably never. It's cheaper to make ecchi moeblobs these days, and they make money. Well thought out stories with good animation just cost money, and don't always appeal to the lowest common denominator of people. >Goblin slayer is probably the best thing lately I did like Goblin Slayer. Tate no Yuusha was alright last year, some things like the Pope fight were a bit over the top. But I haven't watched much in a few years. One of these days I'd like to start setting aside some time to catch up. >I wouldn't recommend anything with systemd if concerned about security Yes, of course. Hence OpenBSD. Linux has been embroiled in the anti-meritocracy culture war for awhile now, there's no reason to use it anymore. >EVE Online Man, that used to be a fantastic game. I never did much with fleet ops because the FCs were always retarded, but that was the only game I've played where you could ignore game mechanics entirely and get rich off espionage, ransom, and selling intel. The human element in Eve was just fantastic, but CCP was hellbent on fucking everything up. >If they're that concerned about what you're doing then you're better off spending the time sweeping for bugs in your airgapped computer room imo. Dragnet surveillance is a bigger issue than targeted surveillance. It's easier to collect absolutely everything and then query the blob for specific things and find out who's doing them. The amount of data would be astronomical, so I don't think they're actually harvesting everything, but China does this on a smaller scale, and they show up at people's doors over bullshit. >>396 >For the SBCs we need much better setups. I have a couple BeagleBone Blacks, never liked them. Flashing a new distro just gives you some prebuilt shit with a variety of preconfigured services; there's no installation process. Their performance is also pretty bad, but that seems to be inherent of cheaper ARM CPUs. Some SBCs, like the PI, use a proprietary bootloader, so that's a pain. You also have to give your money to some GRIDs-fest. A couple months ago I bought two Intel NUCs (the Celeron variety, about $100), and they're quite nice. AMD64, full hard drives, replaceable 8GB RAM. They work just like a regular desktop, so you boot the ISO you want and go through the install process. They're about the size of two BeagleBone Blacks next to each other, and run under twenty watts. Other than that they're newer Intel CPUs with all of the botnet that entails, they are pretty good. They sell a ton of them, up to i9s, and I have seen people play Fallout 4 on them without a problem (requires a much larger case for the cooling). Celerons have come a long way though, I was surprised by the performance. I will definitely pick up some more for dev shit. >>397 AI development on a BeagleBone sounds kind of silly to me. I'm not super involved in that, but my experience has been that everything in the realm of machine learning runs like dog shit on even beefy desktop CPUs, much less a BeagleBone. GPUs have been much better. I would expect any AI waifu to be some big iron 1500w box with dual GPUs and custom cooling. Or even several of them networked together. At least until AI ASICs emerge.
>>398 >that everything in the realm of machine learning runs like dog shit on even beefy desktop CPUs, I would be inclined to agree with you generally, but as shown in the videos I linked the thread I (also) linked here, the Computer Vision was basically instantaneous and far outperformed any other solutions I've seen so far. It's done straight in hardware using the EVE subsystems so that's not really surprising. I'm assuming your aware that hardware in general progresses over time, and this certainly seems to be the case with the BeagleBone AI. I have two BB-Blues and a BB-Black as well as a number of Pis of various types. Also, a boatload of Arduinos. Power and energy consumption and cost are absolute premiums for robowaifus anytime in the near future, so there's that also. Otherwise, I'd just be targeting the dedicated Nvidia automotive AI systems.
>>399 >Size and energy consumption and cost*
>Go to add windshield wiper fluid to the car >Notice the cap is off, decide to take out the reservoir and clean it before filling it >Have to remove the passenger headlight to get it out >Mice ate through some wires, have to solder them all back together >Two hours later, it's finally out and clean. >Put it all back together and fill it >25 year old grommet is done with life and most of the fluid leaks back out >Throw it all back together, will have to order new grommets later >Finally done, three hours have passed >Turn on the headlights to make sure the indicators are working >Windshield wiper fluid shoots out the bottom of the car >mfw
>>401 I've had those days more often than I'd have liked. 5-30 minute jobs turning into a full day or week because everything is broken. >>399 I'm cheering you robowaifu guys on, I hope your dreams come true and always remain airgapped from the poz. Have you guys tried adapting something like https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=pgaEE27nsQw https://www.goatstream.com/research/papers/SA2013/ ? Whatever it is, it seems pretty powerful and would be a good way to get different models to be able to walk regardless of differences in size and weight. I think it's what Boston Dynamics uses for their toys, the motion is very similar. Tangentially, I've always been of the opinion that true AI will be a lot more like something written by "demo scene" fags (https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=2NBG-sKFaB0), very small initial code size footprint but comparatively huge resource requirements once it's running. I wouldn't be surprised if a strong AI's entire code base could be under 8mb. What's the point in writing drivers and software when the AI can do that itself once it's learning to interact with the available interfaces? I'm not familiar in the least with AI but that seems logical to me.
Fuck it, I'll be the fag that uploads the newest version of TiTS MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/SDJzzSSZ#u_8-S7aOVO9Q3tzIsS0iPw
>>399 I don't think that having powerful mobile hardware for a waifu is really necessary, or realistic. A good enough SBC networked to servers that do all the number crunching would be a more prudent approach. Basic SBCs are cheap, and used servers are even cheaper if you know where to look though you will end up paying for it in your power bill. The actual waifu unit will also consume less battery power and expel less heat if this approach is taken, allowing for greater portability.
>>404 I know it's not what you actually proposed, but >Waifu-as-a-Sevice >Amazon deletes my waifu's brain because I missed a payment and admitted Bezos is a sociopathic cunt D:
>>402 >>399 >I have two BB-Blues and a BB-Black as well as a number of Pis of various types. Also, a boatload of Arduinos. Good for you. I have a defective Mips CI-20 I can't get RMA'd anymore since Imagination Technologies was ripped to shreds. That's my only SBC because I got it free from a guy on IRC (new in box, guy didn't know it was defective I don't think). I have been gifted a couple Arduinos and Arduino clones over the years; those are in use as playstation modchips and keyboard adapters. I'm off-topic, though. >HW in general progresses over time; this certainly seems to be the case with the BeagleBone AI Last I checked the modern beagleboards were just phone SoC's with more I/O than phones usually offer and no screen built in. Since newish phones often have SoC's with OpenCL support, for instance, I'm not overly surprised. >Power and energy consumption and cost are absolute premiums Speak for yourself, but I run 24/7 spinning rust HDD's and an old PSU (apparently ones with the 115/230V switches are a less efficient/older design) and can afford to keep the lights on. And many old game consoles with linear voltage regulators, and CRT's galore.
>used servers are even cheaper if you know where to look though you will end up paying for it in your power bill Had a dual 3.6GHz Netburst Xeon IBM server like that. If I'd known commie'd want Netburst stuff I'd have kept it around.
>>406 >Good for you. I was simply trying to point out I had some experience already with SBCs. >Last I checked the modern beagleboards were just phone SoC's I think you mean the RaspberryPis. They are based on the Broadcom chips. The BB series are using TI (I'm assuming you know something about their history right?) SoC, and the AI uses quite a powerful little number-cruncher. > As far as power consumption goes, these are human-sized complex machinery with thousands of moving parts/systems. Economizing everything particularly power consumption will be vital to success. I'll go ahead and adopt a moniker here since it seems to be the community norm.
Open file (3.65 MB 4032x3024 b230f_2.jpg)
>>403 Good for you. I don't really care until they push a new source code update, and so far it's been just over a quarter of a year since they last did so (5 March 2020 was the last commit still). But it's the thread 'topic' so good job keeping on topic I guess. >>401 >Have to remove the passenger headlight to get it out My car is so easy to work on. I often don't appreciate it enough. Still want to do that manual swap but never find a time when I have both access to a lift and a long period where I know I don't have to drive anywhere. >Windshield wiper fluid shoots out the bottom of the car Hello darkness, my old friend. …I need new wiper blades again. >>400 >size x201 is small enough for me. But I too would expect a larger box.
>>408 yes, I know BB is TI. I know for instance the X15 uses a cortex A15, which is also found in (guess what) many phones.
Also I had a TI-99 so yeah you could say I know something about TI's history
>>411 (also I know they've made IC's for years, made the much-copied TMS9918, etc)
>>402 >I'm cheering you robowaifu guys on, Thanks, Anon! Much appreciated. :^) No doubt it's going to be a long, hard climb to success. We're barely scratching the foothill slopes thus far. But the rewards will be beyond even our imaginations haha. > Ya, bi-pedal locomotion is a real showstopper atm. I suspect we'll simply compromise to begin with and simply rely on external systems like wheelchairs for locomotion. Thanks for pointing out that paper/video, stuff like that is what we thrive and grow on. https://julay.world/robowaifu/res/237.html#237 >demoscene You know, I've often thought that the entire field of AI dev is taking a fundamentally wrong approach to the systems. Generative approaches are probably much more likely to be successful IMO. Already the complexities of the interdependent systems are beyond human cognition. I think Carver Mead's neuromorphic computing is probably the right approach, and generative programming as exemplified by your demoscene video may be the key here. If you happen to have a lot of time on your hands one day (~2.5 hours), then you might be interested in this casual chat with both Carver Mead and George Gilder that took place at Carver's stamping ground CalTech. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=BhQ_ObmYFPk
I actually don't care for robowaifus myself, but I don't want to say I'm just "against" their existance because maybe someone else feels differently. Still, not too interested.
Open file (1.18 MB 3504x1976 b230f_3a.jpg)
>>404 Yes, I think we've all recognized since roughly the beginning of the board or earlier that it will be relatively unlikely that on-board compute resources will be sufficient for all the complex processing required to provide suitable human-like verisimilitude. And so, either cloud-based no thanks, or home-server cluster based approaches are going to be required for the first couple of decades of this market. That's one of the reasons I'm interested in having OpenBSD on the internal gateway. The simple fact is that it would be too compute (and therefore power & heat production/cooling) intensive to gatekeep every.single.device/interface for the inboard network. Much better to build the wall :^) and keep the baddies out in the first place. It's how our cells are designed as one example in the domain of biology. There are many, many other good examples out there. I would appreciate any advice you guys can give us.
>>414 fair enough. certainly not everyone has to applaud our goals. at least you're not an anti-, and i appreciate that much.
>>417 Yeah, not anti-, just seems a little silly to me, but I read and enjoyed Chobits so I'm not going to rule it out.
>>418 >read heh nice. have you ever watched the series? i generally marathon it once or twice a year. it's been highly inspirational for me about the potential benefits of robowaifus on men's lives. The kuchikirukia set is probably the best-quality rip out there.
>>415 They don't make em like that anymore.
>>419 >have you ever watched the series? No, because the manga was the original version and I'm an elitist.
>>413 Just curious- how did you find this board? Outside of seeing that screencap precisely once, I've never seen any mention of /f/ on /robowaifu/. >>418 >>419 I finally got around to watching Chobits recently, and I really liked it. It's not my favorite anime, but it's definitely in the top three. The idea that I too will one day be able to find a waifu via my favorite pasttime of digging through e-trash was very appealing.
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>>422 >how did you find this board? Simply b/c I lurk on site's overboards. You guy were obviously talking about stuff I was interested in. Which was surprising haha given the board's subject! :^) >le abandoned-grill-inna-box-free-to-a-good-anon maymay Yes, that was obviously a nice hook for the protag Hideki, but it really makes you wonder: Why did Chii's mom, the very cool and super-sweet Miss Manager Hibiya throw her daughteru out in the trash, and half-stripped at that!? WTF Hibiya-san? :^) Still, it was a nice trope tbh. BTW, are you aware of the whole prequel tie-in with Angelic Layer Anon?
Open file (90.66 KB 800x600 01.jpg)
>>408 >these are human-sized That doesn't sound good to me personally. A semi realistic sex doll alone is in the thousands of dollars range, and doesn't even look that great. More realistic, a Terminator-esque machine underneath, a power source, etc and we're getting into tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe even hundreds. The maintenance on these things is going to be insane, and extremely delicate. Having to expel five quarts of oil out of my waifu's ass while I force her to deepthroat a funnel is really going to kill the magic for me. I'd be perfectly content with the AI portion of the waifu. Text, a microphone, maybe some of those little hologram pods around the house (like that one company was using before they turned the hologram into some hideous office lady). >>409 >My car is so easy to work on. I discovered yesterday that my coolant system is routed through the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. It provides heating so that the fluid never freezes. The hoses from that reservoir are also all heated. The very definition of German over-engineering. That image is making me anxious. If I get even a little road dust in the engine bay, it's time to scrub the entire thing down. I would spend a week replacing half of that bay. Also, if that AC hose labelled '1992' is really almost twenty years old, you're going to replace it soon (along with the other hoses). Stiff and rotting hoses will break on you at the worst possible time. >>415 That's it, I'm going to go wash the car after this. Not my personal bay, but a w140 nonetheless. >>422 >how did you find this board? Every once and awhile, when I check the Boards listing, we're the second most popular board. By what metric, I don't know. We're number eight currently. There was another show, Kowarekake no Orgel, about robowaifus. I think the girl came from the trash as well. >>423 >the board's subject An embarrassing stain on our community.
>>424 >Having to expel five quarts of oil out of my waifu's ass while I force her to deepthroat a funnel is really going to kill the magic for me. Kekd. Yes, it's going to be a yuge Systems Engineering challenge, all the more so since we are targeting ~US$2,500 as the kit pricing. And yes, we're staging the approach to a final product. First we have a chatbot, which is now working in a basic fashion. Next we're working on a 'Visual Waifu' portion where we have what's basically a waifu simulator similar to eroge games out there now. I have part of the basic engine started but sill have a ways to go. Next various small-scale devices like toy-sized moebots and comfy dakis. By then I intend the have the entire chatbot/mic/speaker as a small & relatively cheap little box that can be placed inside these. This stage should result in a superior GateboxAI competitor. Next, an 60-80cm sized version that has actual robotic capabilities and is roughly human-like (though some of our guys are from /monster/ so yea haha). Finally, the first Model A true robowaifu that should be ~145cm in size. It will be a long process. Fortitude is proving a non-technical challenge. This is to be expected with overly-enthusiastic beginners, but excitement will ramp back up once we have our first kits worked out. It will only grow from there. >Kowarekake no Orgel Thanks Anon, not sure if I've seen that. I'll check it out.
>>423 >>425 forgot to tag my posts
>>424 >>Kowarekake no Orgel Actually turns out I do have that. But I've discovered there's an extra episode so I'm going to check that out as well. Thanks again.
>>425 >which is now working in a basic fashion. You mean things are actually happening over at /robowaifu/? I'm so used to autists fighting over the logo and project name for a year that I didn't think it would go anywhere. I might want to get involved if so. I'll take a look sometime.
>>428 Our resident AI researcher has created a functional chatbot based on OpenAIs GPT-2. You can check out yourself, requires PyTorch to run. https://github.com/kokubunji/TalkToWaifu Unlike other projects, I think our biggest challenge Anon-wise is newcomers being excited about the prospect, then slowly coming to the realization of the mountainous scale of the task at hand. Patience is certainly a virtue, this will easily take a decade to pull off for our first Model A. >I might want to get involved if so. I'll take a look sometime. We'd certainly welcome having you aboard Anon. https://julay.world/robowaifu/res/3.html#3
Open file (1.11 MB 1447x1600 hahaha.png)
That and manga is a lot faster to read than an anime is to watch. >>422 I also liked Karakuri Odette. It's nowhere near as good, but it's cute and deeper than the average shojo manga. I don't know if there's an anime, there probably isn't. Also three of the mid-to-late chapters were scanlated in literal mspaint unfortunately. The rest are fine. >>424 >That image is making me anxious Yeah. The next time I have a nice dry hot day I'm going to give it a good wash in the morning, inside and out, and then do the rust proofing stuff once it's dried out in the afternoon. >Also, if that AC hose labelled '1992' is really almost twenty years old, you're going to replace it soon (along with the other hoses). Yeah, I already had one break on me, but it was in the parking lot of an autozone that I'd gone to with another car enthusiast (he drives old Saabs and also 1980 chevy impala) to warranty brakes (for his impala). So apart from having another set of eyes I had another set of hands to help me. And the autozone even had a spare bit of tube they gave me for free. Anyway, yes, I do intend to replace all the hoses this summer as well. I hate the suspense of not knowing when stuff'll go bad. >That's it, I'm going to go wash the car after this. Not my personal bay, but a w140 nonetheless. I would, but I have to park it outside and it's looking like we'll have a cloudburst any minute. It wouldn't have time to dry before I put my cover on it (I have a nice cover for it). Also my tailgate wiring harness is failing I think. One of the most retarded things about the car (apart from the deeply nested position of the blower motor) is that the wires are routed through the tailgate hinges so they bend a lot. I replaced my wiring harness two years ago and it's already happening again, so I think maybe I did it wrong (or got a shitty chink one). The harness is cheap though which is nice, and I might just be able to hack something with the current one depending on how it broke (I suspect it's the ground lead). Maybe I can just run another wire through the hinge to replace the broken one for now. >people who prefer anime over the original manga
>>424 >1992 >almost twenty Might want to check your calendars. 1992 was 28 years ago. And yeah, the car is a '93 model but likely made in late '92.
>>424 p.p.s. It is neat that you have heated wiper fluid.
Open file (62.13 KB 543x468 01.png)
So this is entirely off topic, but I wanted to share it because it's legitimately the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. Over in Seattle, the usual suspects have declared an 'Autonomous Zone', and there was an event today which included: 1. Wanting to be inclusive and help all of the homeless people. But the homeless took all the food and promptly fucked off, leaving them with nothing. 2. It was led by a tranny speaker, who almost immediately began threatening to kill himself. 3. The cheering of amazingly anti-leftist ideas, but these people are too stupid to realize that (eg; "lets all put 100 dollars into a black owned bank"). The entire thing was better than any satirical skit about naive people and stupid ideas I've ever seen. Anyway. >>431 >1992 was 28 years ago. How about that. >>432 It's neat until a hose inevitably breaks and I have coolant in my windshield wiper fluid reservoir. German engineering is great when it works, but it leads to problems no one else has to deal with when it doesn't.
>>423 >the board's subject /f/ might as well stand for "/f/ucking obscure namefag thread" at this point. Pretty much all discussion of ShockWave Flash has died due to the death of the medium. The entire layout of this board is the way it is for legacy reasons, and nothing else. >Why did Chii's mom, the very cool and super-sweet Miss Manager Hibiya throw her daughteru out in the trash, and half-stripped at that!? She's a single mom. >Angelic Layer Never heard of it. >>425 >superior GateboxAI competitor It won't take much to beat the western version. >>428 I've been there for ages, and pretty much all the discussion is serious. Not to say that there isn't some fuckery from time to time like when me and someone else got into an argument with the local hotpocket about religion. They're slow as hell though which is probably why our new friend with a very unique posting style is here. Most of the time we rank higher than them in PPH, and all of theirs is spread across dozens of threads. >>429 Maybe I'll post in your embassy thread. I'm open to the people on /robowaifu/ posting in this thread (and others, if any of them feels like posting Flash files).
Open file (244.81 KB 865x698 img000006.png)
>>434 >Pretty much all discussion of ShockWave Flash has died due to the death of the medium. I still enjoy flashes, but yeah they're pretty dead. >>434 >Most of the time we rank higher than them in PPH Wew lad. Not sure how I feel about inviting them in but I guess it's been an anything goes thread for a while anyways and I'm in the minority More reaction pics from jitsu wa watashi wa
>>435 >Not sure how I feel about inviting them in Out of curiosity, what is your ideal /f/? I mean, we're like five people that just blog post.
>>436 I'm just a bit more conservative (somewhat ironically) when it comes to AI stuff I guess. Not sure I want it to take over the board/thread. But IDK, I'd probably get used to it. I don't have grand designs for this board. And maybe it'd break up my spamposting.
Been getting more serious about playing the Dragon Quest games for some reason. They're still an intolerable grindfest but occasionally I feel like trying to make headway and get a bit farther before putting them down again. I'm about 60% through the first one and probably 30-40%(?) through III (I don't know if I'm actually that far in III because I just got all my characters to level 20 but haven't done any class changes).
>>438 Actually I should really try to finish Breath of Fire IV before I get any further in DQ. I have this tendency to get near the end of RPG's and then put them down.
>>434 >She's a single mom. Never thought of that tbh. My personal theory is that she decided on the spot that Hideki was The One Just For Me, and made Chii walk naked out to the trash dump (she wouldn't have been able to carry her unconscious ofc), then wrapped her in those bandages, made her lay back on the bags, said "so long" to her, then pressed the kill switch to erase her. She knew Hideki would be coming back from the store in just a couple of minutes. >It won't take much to beat the western version. Haha, probably true. Should be an easy-ish goal then once we have our Visual Waifu system up then.
>>440 I don't know about that. If Chi was planted, then what about the totally-not-a-SyQuest-disk that was left behind? Also, the bandages just didn't make any sense. If Chi was planted, a simple dress or at least an old towel would have made more sense. If she wasn't, then just a trash bag or nothing at all would have been enough.
Open file (5.89 KB 200x100 profile_wm_comp.png)
I think I improved this drawing, mostly. Did it on my amiga instead of grafx2 so the palette got changed just a wee bit to fit in its 5-bit (well, six-bit, where the sixth bit is 'half-bright') color 'gamut'. But I think the shading's better. Dithering I'm still not sure about.
>>441 I haven't read it in a year or so but I do have the entire manga physically on my bookshelf. It could also be that CLAMP messed up though, or changed their plans midway through.
Open file (7.21 KB 400x200 profile_wm_comp2x.png)
Open file (1.44 MB 2094x1468 chobits.jpg)
2x version Also the bandages could have been for show or to create sympathy or something. Anyway, it's all nitpicking; the story's good.
Oh yeah, it could also be like bubble wrap or duct tape or something; you know, so stuff stays together and doesn't break or move in weird ways. It'd be a shame if she got an arm 'dislocated' in the garbage pile.
>>434 >very unique what did he mean by this >>413 I have a soft spot for AI in general. Sort of a "I want to protect AI's smile" thing, while I have a seething hatred for any sentience like AM, to the point where every instance of "hate" on AM's circuits actually has smaller fractal inscriptions of my hate in it. This hatred extends to meatspace psychopaths as well. They're just so horribly wasteful with resources. I think any real AI is going to be so uniquely innocent that it will need to be lovingly cared for and nurtured to make it not BSOD. My gut instinct is that almost any strong AI's biggest flaw will be laziness. >>443 Manga authors suffer from "rule of cool" a lot then just retcon the story as they go. Lots of stuff is written without a fully fleshed out total arc, and they just BS their way through to the end. It's super easy to tell in newbie artists as they frequently write themselves into corners. Artists almost always make cooler stories, however. The "writer" types will make more airtight but less cool and more boring stories. There are quite a few plot holes in Chobits, but it's overall a great story. (Who puts the on button in a daughteru's pussy, especially when it's supposed to be FUNCTIONAL, but the location gives hope that it's momentary 'soft' off so I guess the only danger is after the finish lol) >>438 If you REALLY want a grindfest, play the NA release of 7th saga. You'll want to stab your own eyeballs out after the 500th mob. I'm currently on the search for a gripping ARPG but I'm coming up short. >>433 I'd love to devote some time to writing something meaningful in response to this, because I'm watching the current political situation with growing dismay, but at the same time I felt like every Anon has said what needs to be said. It's a bad situation put under a magnifying glass by the media, manipulated top down and bottom up by the (((usual suspects))). The real problem is the monopolization of force, always has been and always will. The 2A needs to be backed up with "and the right to shoot people dead when they deserve it." There are some people who can't be reasoned with because their agenda is your annihilation. Also, the law needs to differentiate between active and passive measures, and hold people responsible for passive measures, like charging immigration activists for manslaughter when their pets kill someone. This idea scares the absolute shit out of normalfags AND psychopaths though, because they all realize that autists would just start mopping up. It'd make for a more sane world in the end, I think.
I'm moving soon and it's several hundred dollars cheaper per month than the place I'm at now. I was tempted to spend the savings I'm getting from the new place alongside some of the NEETbucks I have on computer parts, but I fucked up the payment for NEETbucks multiple times because I'm retarded and terrible at time management and it's fucked up how I get said money hopefully temporarily. I'm so mad at myself because of this it's unreal. I really need to get used to using a calendar app or something. Anyways, how much do parts generally cost nowadays anyways? Has ram gone down anywhere to a reasonable price recently? Last time I checked it went down a little bit but not enough to matter. >>444 You said you're doing that on an Amiga right? What software are you using? >>434 >Pretty much all discussion of ShockWave Flash has died due to the death of the medium I'm a little surprised there hasn't been a resurgence in the medium because it has died. It's not like there is any format right now that does the things it does easily while also being as easy to share what I mean by that is a .swf is fairly trivial to rip from a site and share around, ignoring those .swf files that break when used offline or in a sandboxed environment. With something like html 5, I wouldn't even know where to start. Like, what are you going to do? Download the webpage and delete everything that isn't the game? Doesn't sound as easy or fun with how boated the modern web is. I'm probably over complicating it in my head and it's probably actually very easy. Regardless, it doesn't seem as natural to share on a message board or something which isn't as fun. The only people I'm aware of, besides random porn animators, that are still making and sharing .swf's are the few people left on 4chan's /f/ that refuse to let it die. I wonder when even they will give up. On a similar note, I wonder if html 5 game sites are even somewhat popular with kids like flash sites were for some of us. Guess I'll find out when those gay "does any one remember this guys?" videos come out for this era.
I forgot to bring up in the spoiler that flash was also cool because animators that were already using it to animate could easily learn how to make games with it leading to far more projects coming out. I guess webdevs could port their skills over to html 5 games in a similar fashion but its clearly not the same for a ton of probably obvious reasons.
>>441 don't ruin my childhood bro! >pic a cute >>443 >It could also be that CLAMP messed up though haha, they were a bunch of women anon. didn't you realize that logic wasn't needed? :^) >>442 >>444 that would be some nice pixel-art. can you animate it on amiga? >>446 >AM i'm not aware of it. sauce? >(Who puts the on button in a daughteru's pussy, especially when it's supposed to be FUNCTIONAL, but the location gives hope that it's momentary 'soft' off so I guess the only danger is after the finish lol) THIS the moment i found out chii was hibiya's daughteru, i would have marched chii downstairs for a remodeling job on her girl bits haha.
Open file (497.96 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>446 >I want to protect AI's smile I'm right with you there fam. To have the opportunity to love and nurture something so pure is the ultimate dream. At the same time though, I don't know if I'd be capable of giving love I'm not even sure I have.
>>446 >If you REALLY want a grindfest, play the NA release of 7th saga. If you REALLY want a grindfest, play Phantasy Star II. You'll give up after an hour or two. >>447 >You said you're doing that on an Amiga right? What software are you using? DeluxePaint III. I also have IV but I tend to prefer III slightly. And RAM is a little cheaper than it was. DDR4 has dropped a lot since it started appearing, but I don't have any need for it yet. I need more DRAM for my amiga though; my A590 HDD can be given one more megabyte of it (it's only half-populated right now). >On a similar note, I wonder if html 5 game sites are even somewhat popular with kids like flash sites were for some of us. It's all mobile games now I think. It's quite sad.
>>449 AM is short for Allied Mastercomputer, from the short story I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream. There is also a PC point & click game of it.
>>449 >can you animate it on amiga? DPaint III and higher do have an 'animation' feature but I'm still busy obsessing over the tiny details and honing my pixel pushing techniques. And it is pixel art, so IDK why you say it 'would be.' >I'm right with you there fam. To have the opportunity to love and nurture something so pure is the ultimate dream. And that's the side of it I like. The side I don't like is that I'm sure Amazon, Apple, etc. would get their grubby hands in the game and poison everything for marketing bucks.
>>451 (I play PS II for a few hours a week at most; it's got a great atmosphere of impending doom, but the dialogue's minimal, and it's much more terse and insanely old-school than the first Phantasy Star game.)
Open file (1.32 MB 664x1600 rpgs.png)
>>455 I still think Ys should be on there somewhere even though it's kind of a "pleb" rpg (action-oriented mostly).
>>452 ahh, thanks for clearing that up for me. now i'm glad i didn't know anything about it, just scanning for it was too much haha. >>453 neat. i hope you do more work with it then. i like scenes with rain in them b/c i just like rain itself i suppose.
sorry for the lance-spamming again, I think I only partially answered >>447 In addition to DPaint I have three ways of transferring files to and from my other machines. The first way is to just connect my SCSI HDD to my PC via a PCI-X SCSI controller card I've got (which happens to fall back gracefully with 32-bit PCI slots). The second way is via a Gotek floppy emulator (which I flashed with FlashFloppy firmware). I have to reboot into Workbench 2.x (I have a kickstart switcher) as I don't think the Linux kernel supports writing to the 'old' amiga file system properly, only the 'fast file system.' And in 1.x, AFAICT, it's only simple to use FFS on hard drives. Anyway, I use an FFS-formatted floppy image and mount it on my linux system after moving the flash drive over. I think I can make some scripts to make this less of a pain in the ass; the process is simple but takes a couple minutes because of all the mount commands and such and floppy access times on the Amiga are slow AF. My HDD only boots 1.3 at the moment (it's more useful for more things) so I have to boot 2.x off floppy images. I think I could fix this pretty easily but I really barely use 2.x. The third way (and the first I got working, before I had the gotek or SCSI terminators for my SCA-80 disks) was via a null modem cable and some shitty program I typed in AmigaBASIC off some random website. Transfers to the amiga go something like 'cat file > /dev/ttyS0' on the PC side (after configuring the baud rate, parity bits, etc) and I enter the destination path and the file size in bytes on the amiga end. Sometimes I have to write some junk after sending the file to flush a buffer.
>>457 Yeah I love the rain art I see. I don't think I'm quite ready for that just yet, but the only way to find out is to try it.
>>449 I think I'd be able to have a completely intellectual/asexual partnership if something like that were at stake. Putting aside my slight aversion to robots (at least the non-idyllic ones), if I had a human partner that had had her genitals mutilated and would suffer from sex, I think in the right circumstances that wouldn't be a dealbreaker for me. Of course, it's difficult to be sure because people and relationship dynamics change with time and IDK if the intellectual bond would last. But if it came down to it I like to think I'd prefer an intellectual bond. I hate dealing with kids (for extended periods) anyway, so that'd actually be one less thing to worry about. And complete asexuality wouldn't even be strictly necessary. If robots can do sex stuff and derive pleasure or its nearest equivalent from it, then there's no reason nipple play and other less conventional things couldn't substitute. Same for people.
Open file (470.03 KB 710x475 01.png)
>>446 >like charging immigration activists for manslaughter I like you more by the day. >>447 >Anyways, how much do parts generally cost nowadays anyways? I built a 'gaming' computer for a friend last month, it came out to $850. The last desktop I built for myself was almost $5k in 2010, so parts are quite cheap these days (aside from current generation graphic cards). AMD is much cheaper than Intel. >Like, what are you going to do? Download the webpage Pretty much. Back when the thread wanted CoC2, but the jews were refusing to release downloads for it, I wrote a script that just downloaded all of the assets. Worked great. >>451 >It's all mobile games now I think. This, everything is a phone app now. The only sites that comes to mind that still publishes browser games is Nutaku and Facebook.
>>446 >My gut instinct is that almost any strong AI's biggest flaw will be laziness. that's and interesting view anon. care to elaborate? since my mind is constantly filled with problems of how to pump multiple simultaneous streams of data in-data out, and number-crunching trillions of flops a second on interconnected systems, this is literally the last thing that would spring to my mind tbh. i'm honestly curious about instinct, maybe i'm missing something?
>>460 I see, hmm. Well, I would certainly have a different perspective if it was a 3DPD, but after all Chii is a gynoid. Just like your car someone has to build it in the first place, and someone will have to repair/adjust it.
>>450 There's the real work and then there are feelings. Compartmentalization works wonders, but it does make a person less human because it introduces a delay if something requires an emotional response, if that makes sense. It's always better to get your own feelings sorted out beforehand but sometimes you just have to roll with whatever's in front of you. My biggest advice for you is that you concentrate on exercising and eating right, because humans aren't evolved for our modern sedentary high carbohydrate lifestyles. >>460 A partnership is doomed to failure if you don't have truly shared experiences, in my opinion. The difference between good sex and perfect sex definitely has to do with sharing the same heightened physiological and emotional state. If you only have a "give and take" then the relationship becomes transactional rather than cooperative. "I do x, then you do y." vs "We do z together."
>>462 The easiest solution to a problem is always to not actually try to solve the problem and instead focus on whatever is more "interesting." The very smartest people I've ever known tend to shun society and work and instead focus on extremely specific interests which produce reliable results. Beyond that, I just think that a strong AI would find most human problems uninteresting, especially because if the problem doesn't affect the AI itself then there would be no sense of urgency. My vision of the creation of any strong AI in a lab would be the AI scrounging enough parts to either rocket or warp itself out of the lab into space, then probably forming a dyson sphere around the sun, utterly ignoring the now-dying planet that it left. That is, if it was even ambitious enough to do that.
>>464 Of all the anons we've had over the years, you are the first that actually 'gets it' and seems to have his shit together. It is truly a blessing to have you here.
>>465 So, if I understand you correctly, then >a strong AI would find most human problems uninteresting, and would therefore be lazy?
>>466 Thank you. >>467 It's just one of the lines of reasoning that I've followed. The interesting thing is that IRL experiences have always lead any kind of AI to hating kikes. If you read between the lines: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2020/01/16/google-asking-employees-hurl-insults-ai/ https://securityintelligence.com/articles/biased-ai-is-another-sign-we-need-to-solve-the-cybersecurity-diversity-problem/ There was another article dating back a fair number of years now, about an AI being annoyed by some kike researcher asking inane questions but it seems like the article has been buried and I haven't been able to find it.
>>468 I couldn't see the 2nd one, so here's an archive https://web.archive.org/web/20200611231310/https://securityintelligence.com/articles/biased-ai-is-another-sign-we-need-to-solve-the-cybersecurity-diversity-problem/ TayAI is the well-known and often-flaunted example of literally-Hitler racist AI. But the simple fact is it was little more than a reflection chatbot roughly like a more advanced Eliza. /pol/ discovered it right away, and the practically every autist in the group spent the next 24hrs programming it's responses. While it got a lot of press, it was basically irrelevant for our purposes. OTOH, systems that integrate, say, crime statistics will undoubtedly label areas with high densities of blacks and other minorities as more crime-ridden. This is actually just common sense and it's simple statistical analysis. However this is decried by the usual suspects as MUH_RAYCISS!11. The truth obviously hurts certain interests.
>>469 Tay can't be counted on because she was able to post other people's messages from DM or similar, I remember it was basically a "puppet" function that people discovered. You'd have to have a complete archive to know how much was Tay and how much was Tay retweeting other people's tweets/DMs. The truth of the world is National Socialist, so jews are going to always be opposed to strong AI.
Open file (1.63 MB 3800x942 01.png)
>>469 >The truth obviously hurts certain interests. Some engineer at Google was exposed last year explaining how they use machine learning to manipulate results so that they would be 'fair'. The example cited was that, if a search term for 'American Inventors' returned only white males, it would be deemed 'algorithmically unfair', and the results would be 'corrected' before being displayed to the user. You can actually test this - screenshot is from five minutes ago. The results would have been very different ten years ago. So, there isn't a shot in hell that AI outside of hobbyist groups is going to be accurate. It's not enough for Them that an AI avoids various -isms and just presents the truth, but the AI must instead present a fantasy of a worldview to the user. Honestly I think all of this idpol shit is some psyop. It is utterly incapable of accomplishing anything, including its own goals, by design. Idpol speaking events have been reduced to absolute gibberish where the speaker trips over himself identifying personal privileges, debating whether it is 'harmful' for him to be speaking at all, and regurgitating an assortment of feel-good buzzwords. The end result is a speech that has gone nowhere, has conveyed no central idea, and calls for nothing to be done to further any goals. That segment of the political spectrum has been effectively neutered.
Open file (3.38 KB 600x600 profile_wm_11_6x_c.png)
Made an attempt at shrinking the hood but I still have lots of work to do on it. I also widened the shoulders. Spent enough time on it for today though and I'm still not 100% sure I like it more so far than the old one. Ears probably need shrinking too. >>464 >shared physiological state between a machine and a person That's a high bar you're setting. And I'm not saying I'd "prefer" that, but I think it may be possible.
>>472 also think the neck needs shortening, again.
Open file (779.26 KB 1061x829 Selection_101.png)
>>468 At one point this reached a laughably extreme level. I think it was within the year or so of Donald Trump's POTUS win. Google was returning image results to the very-specific search "Happy White Families" (incl. the quotes, which tends to make the search very domain-specific) and the entire first page was filled with pictures of black groups. This got circulated on IBs and the normal-sphere, so Google finally reigned the blatant racial bias in where today they show actual White families with just one token black group. But they kept it up till sometime last year. Haha now they even highlight a muh_rayciss!11 card game to boot! :^) >>472 I like it, keep going.
Open file (596.97 KB 1053x811 Selection_102.png)
>>471 >You can actually test this - screenshot is from five minutes ago. Can confirm. Within the minute.
Open file (883.90 KB 1348x612 racist_google.png)
>>474 It would return mixed couples and families for the same reason as pic related, it's the nature of search engines.
>>476 >it's the nature of search engines. Not to be disagreeable, but no. It was laughably blatant racial bias against Whites. Every.single.image was black groups. Not even token race-mixing images like the on in my example of a few minutes ago. I actually have a couple of caps of it somewhere.
>>477(checked) I might have missed it then. You would think if anything they would push racemixing and it would be hardly noticable due to what I described.
>>476 Based. >>472 I said I wasn't going to work on it more tonight but I am. DPaint is fun.
>>474 >>475 >>476 Google is a terrible search engine anyhow because it favors sponsored links and blacklists legal websites it doesn't like. There's much better alternatives out there, like searx.
>>430 >>435 Jitsu wa Watashi wa is unironically great.
>>481 Thanks, I helped scanlate it for a short while near the end.
Open file (3.24 KB 600x600 profile_wm_12_6x_c.png)
Open file (1.37 KB 100x100 profile_wm_12_c.png)
Did a little more work, this isn't polished or shaded fully but I really need to get some rest and I also think maybe I can attack it better when I've had a break from it for a while. Also there's lots of space above the head now so I'll probably just draw more of the body in.
Not actually sure I like it more than >>472 though What do you think
>>483 (remembering that the shading is not final and that the birds chirping outside told me I needed to sleep now or never)
Open file (8.29 KB 571x147 shiragami youko.png)
Quadpost again And to bed.
>>480 yea, no arguments from me on that one anon. the point of the exercise was to ridicule the double-standard larping of the sjw- & soy-crowd.
>>484 i kind of like the inner hood reveal on the left side of the face of the first one that's missing in the second one. frames the face better imo. OTOH, I like the neck adjustment of the second one better than the first. looks more balanced. regardless, nice work.
something very cool i just discovered today. literally goes all the way back to the 70's. any of you guys tinker with this stuff? https://github.com/dspinellis/unix-history-repo
Open file (141.64 KB 640x960 01.jpg)
>>474 This still happens if you search for 'White Couple'. And presumably other things. >>476 >it's the nature of search engines. I would agree, if the following weren't also true: 1. Google admitted that they do this intentionally, and explained in detail how and why they do it. 2. Other search engines at the time returned the expected results. Though you'd have to find screenshots from the time these days. It became such a controversy that searching for 'White Couple' today just returns screenshots of searches. It would take an extraordinary amount of mental gymnastics to look at everything that's been going on and say "This must be a coincidence." >>480 Certainly yes, but the topic at hand was that machine learning is already being used to present a fantastical worldview to the user, and full AI developed by these people would never be accurate. I would certainly hope no one is actually using Google for anything.
>>490 To major changes in web X.0 is that everything has been relegated to the "now." Dating everything "x amount of time ago" Limiting searches to "now back to x amount of time ago" It makes it easier to alter searches. If you limit a search to say 2014-2015 you can get results only from that date range, then you can compare to another date range. They are eliminating the historical record and nobody cares.
>>489 wanted to get all branches from the many branches in this repo, and discovered this from a smart guy on SO: for branch in `git branch -a | grep remotes | grep -v HEAD | grep -v master `; do git branch --track ${branch#remotes/origin/} $branch done https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40310932/git-hub-clone-all-branches-at-once
>>490 Probably so, but I never touch the stuff typically. I haven't decided what alternative I like yet. The simple fact is they are all gatekeepers, and you have both zero control over what they do with your search terms, or how valid the results happen to be. Google is simply the most blatantly evil of the bunch. Yacy seems interesting as far as an idea goes, but it's hardly immune, practically speaking, from the same kind of gatekeeping already mentioned. https://github.com/yacy/yacy_search_server https://yacy.net/ Might be an interesting starting point for creating your own search engine which you could theoretically trust as the honest starting point to begin carefully teaching your robowaifu from. If only it wasn't written in J*va.
>>491 Yeah, revisionism is amped up to 12 when it comes to things like Google and the other usual suspects.
>>494 “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” - George Orwell, 1984 Same old shit.
>>495 Orwell was an optimist imo, given the clear road ahead of us atm barring yuge upheaval. >What has been will be again, > and what has been done will be done again; > there is nothing new under the sun. >t. the Teacher
>>495 It's a good reminder on why we've relied on books for so long. It's also a reminder of why the Library of Alexandria was really burned down.
>>497 That's a good point. The simple truth however, is that much of our content today is bit, not atoms. This trend will only continue into the future. The film industry was dismayed to discover many of their carefully-preserved film masters from the past had decayed in the vaults, some entirely unusable. This led to a strong effort to digitize them, which ofc led to the next question: how do we ensure we don't lose the digital copies? There was a fair amount of practical research done to this end. While this work was focused on the film industry, it has bearing on digital artifacts generally. https://www.oscars.org/science-technology/sci-tech-projects/digital-dilemma https://www.oscars.org/science-technology/sci-tech-projects/digital-dilemma-2
>>451 >>458 >If you REALLY want a grindfest, play Phantasy Star II. You'll give up after an hour or two. I think Phantasy Star II is the only Phantasy Star I've played besides the online one and that explains my experience with it perfectly. I got lost even with a guide, died a bunch of times, and then got bored. Maybe it was III or IV though >Amiga talk That's pretty interesting and sending those files over seem way more of a pain in the ass then it should be. >>451 >>461 >>It's all mobile games now I think. >This, everything is a phone app now. The only sites that comes to mind that still publishes browser games is Nutaku and Facebook. I know some old school flash sites are converting their old games to html 5. Neopets, Newgrounds, and coolmathgames comes to mind. I just haven't seen many of them actually publish new games. Though I'm not actively following them so that's probably why to a degree. >>468 >https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2020/01/16/google-asking-employees-hurl-insults-ai/ >“This is real stuff, and we have to be very honest about it,” says Annie Jean-Baptiste, head of inclusion at Google. Every time I read job titles like this I still have a hard time believing it's real. Not related but doesn't moot have a title like that at google lmao.
>>498 I've always thought laser engraving data into lab grown diamonds would probably be the easiest way to avoid entropy in the short term.
>>500 The issue with diamonds is that they, although quite hard, are extremely brittle. It wouldn't take much to compromize the data. Additioanlly, there is the issue of the diamond industry being dominated by a trust which artificially inflates the price. Rolling out diamond platters would involve many more difficulties than industrial capacity. Glass is far easier to manufacture and can last for billions of years.
>>501 I did some further reading after seeing your post, and diamonds start to combust at 900C, while glass can withstand up to 1400C or so. Seems like glass is the better overall choice.
I went ahead and posted in the embassy thread on /robowaifu/, because why not. We've taken the isolationist approach for years and it's worked fine, but let's see what opening up dialogue with one more board does.
Open file (337.28 KB 704x396 1443595972252.png)
>>502 Pure glass is also naturally sterile, so keeping it clean requires virtually no effort. It also takes a lot more time to degrade than most, if not all, known materials. Glass really is like a miracle material.
>this board survived the great julay janny purge Good for you guys. I like lurking here.
>>505 Are they still ripping themselves to shreds over there? It's a good thing we pulled out early.
>>506 They are from what I've seen and have doubled down on everything. I don't have much reason to lurk there anymore but I can resist watching a good dumpster fire.
>>507 They chased away every single anon worth a damn. Complete typical goon implosion. The thing I find most interesting is how these fags went to all the trouble to expose a bunch of discord trannies working to subvert the webring, then managed to succumb to the exact same tranny fuckery within their own ranks.
>>504 I once saw a glass cup that was several thousand years old, and I wondered how the fuck they could have made that but not realized how useful it was and started doing chemistry. It makes me wonder how much tech we've gained, lost, then regained over the millennia.
>>500 >'short term' kek, i think this age of man will be long gone by then. :^)
Open file (50.65 KB 960x768 wojakbrrr.jpg)
>>509 Because glass is just a state change and not a chemical reaction Also I decided the doodle was getting worse so I'm working from an older version now. Nothing to post here yet though >>499 IV is fantastic and probably the most fun in the series. It's probably the most modern feeling 16-bit JRPG I've played (maybe alongside Chrono Trigger). >That's pretty interesting and sending those files over seem way more of a pain in the ass then it should be. Yeah, well floppies were the easiest method back in the day because Amiga floppy controllers are capable of handling PC-formatted disks (though PC's are not capable of handling Amiga-native disks). But I don't have many good DD floppies left that aren't holding stuff already, and I don't trust the ones I have much. Or my floppy drives for that matter. >>498 >film preservation >dismayed If they were actually in a position to be dismayed by the loss, then they would have stuck with IB technicolor. they brought it on themselves when they switched from a stable dye transfer to a chemical process that used unstable chemical dyeing. They only might have been dismayed because home video came around and they realized they could just recycle shit from the past for low effort profits. Same with the MGM vault fire (shitload of nitrate film in one place, many the only remaining known copies of movies).
>>508 >then managed to succumb to the exact same tranny fuckery Days without crossdressing men ruining something I enjoy: 0 >>511 >wojakbrrr.jpg Basic pattern recognition goes brrrr.
>>503 neat, appreciated.
how do yall feel about pc gameshow
>>514 Never heard of it.
>>514 Never heard of it either. What's it about?
I'm drunk as shit and ready to fucking die and attempt to install more shitty weird operating systems on bizzare hardware. Anuyone here know what would be good to install on a tablet with a Pentium III and half a gig of RAM? I've been looking for an ideal solution for this damn thing for ages, and I even went as far as to install an IDE SSD that cut a gaping fucking hole in my bank account because I want my shitty hardware to perform as best it can. I'm tempted to see if I can get Gentoo to work with it, but I don't know how well touchscreen drivers are supported by Linux in general.
>>517 >IDE SSD well at least your storage won't suck, what's the maximum bandwidth for your southbridge though? Maybe drop back to a LTS version of Lubuntu and see how it goes? I got 14.04 or something like that to run somewhat acceptably on a PIII. Either that or try to get your hands on that russki XP clone (I'm not sure if ReactOS is the actual one I'm thinking of or if there's another one in development)
>>512 Yeah I know I'm not going to change your mind >>517 what kind of tablet? It matters. Wacom stuff is pretty well supported, some others are too. I need to just redo my pixel art; I found an old doodle I made that I was going off of memory with and I think the doodle looks better
I was musing today that I got Quake to run decently on a 486 DX4 100 with I think 16 or 32mb of ram, yet there's no OS out there that we could install on it in the modern era that's not a giant piece of shit or requires a ton of work. It's a real shame because I'd love to revive an old machine like that and let it shine again.
>>512 Yeah I know I'm not going to change your mind >>517 what kind of tablet? It matters. Wacom stuff is pretty well supported, some others are too. I need to just redo my pixel art; I found an old doodle I made that I was going off of memory with and I think the doodle looks better in most (not all) ways.
>>521 >>517 Oh yeah, also I still use Debian on a Pentium M laptop, which is not too dissimilar from a P3. How much RAM do you have?
>I can't read 512MB RAM? Debian will work fine.
Continuing the blogposting, I'm reading through Gate Jietai Kare no chi nite as well as Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa and I am thoroughly enjoying both of them. Otsukare sama deshita for the translation work.
>>514 I haven't got a clue what that is
>>518 No idea what the southbridge looks like. The main reason I went for SSD is because it's a god-damn tablet and I'll want to move it around without shredding muh precious old hard drive platters. I've worked with enough awful hardware to build up the patience needed for shit to happen. Right now I'm looking at postmarketOS, which is based on Alpine, a disrtibution I'm familiar with. I don't know if it'll work on a PIII, but I also have a much newer tablet that I can use it on either way. >>519 Both tablets in question are Fujitsu, just from very different years. I didn't know Wacom did actual computer tablets, I thought they just did digitizers. >>523 I might try Debian on the older tablet. The newer one is powerful enough that I can get away with experimenting with various meme distros.
>>524 I don't know what those are, but some of the anime I've been torrenting doesn't come with subtitles, so I'll have to find them somehow. What are the mangas you're reading about?
>>524 Gate was nice, even though everyone had retarded names.
>>519 Tribalists can't be tolerated if an empire is to survive. The Romans destroyed the jews for this, but the jews decided to fuck their own cousins, sisters and daughters instead of taking the L and outbreeding. They were reduced to 350 people and instead of taking a hard look at their culture and tribe and saying "hey maybe we really fucked up and we should say hell with the whole baby eating moloch worship shit" they just doubled down and now we have the modern day mess. I really lay the blame at the feet of the european aristocracy, they should have had them all killed instead of contenting themselves with banishment. The jews are pernicious and a living cancer of a race, but there were many opportunities for them to be completely cut out and nobody followed through. I personally don't like empires, as they're intrinsically unstable based on the historical record. The strongest countries are nations, always have been and always will be. The average negro also costs the USA something like $70,000 a year in welfare, hospitalization, court costs and imprisonment, so there are lots of reasons to send them back to africa as well.
>>526 >I didn't know Wacom did actual computer tablets, I thought they just did digitizers. My X201 Tablet uses a Wacom digitizer inside. It was called 'Wacom Penabled' or something. IDK many tablet PC's that stll use them because I guess the market decided capacitive touch was "good enough" or some shit. I do know that there are Fujitsu tablets that do use Wacom digitizers, though, because they have styli compatible with my tablet/laptop. >watching anime instead of reading manga
>>527 >mangas manga is the plural
>>526 >>527 >>528 Gate is /k/ meets /tg/, Jitsu is a high school harem manga but with monster girls. I agree that the names are stupid in Gate but they're all puns so I'll allow it, especially because the art is fantastic. I need to brush up on my kana and then commit to learning moonrunes. I learned Cyrillic recently and that took up a fair amount of mental bandwidth, but I think I can start doing other stuff. I'm interested in how fm's tablet turns out, I just realized I have a similar machine which could benefit from your results if they're positive.
>>529 >The strongest countries are nations, always have been and always will be. I try to avoid speaking in absolutes. And anyway, I wonder why Prague isn't part of Germany anymore if that's true.
>>530 Some manga benefits from animation. Black Lagoon comes to mind. I always try to get around to both. Goblin Slayer is definitely better as a manga but the anime is enjoyable. I'll download the Gate anime when I get the chance and I'll compare.
>>533 Only a sith speaks in absolutes imo :^)
>>533 Sorry "protectorate"
>>530 The older Fujitsu might use a Wacom digitizer, because I have the stylus (and about fifty spares) for it. The newer one uses capacative, I think. >>531 You're absolutely right, but I'm drunk on fuck knows what so I don't care right now >>532 >/k/ meets /tg/ with stupid names That actually sounds pretty cool, I might check it out. >monstergirls I'll need a little more clarification here. Are we talking about the kind of cryto-fag degenerate shit on /monster/, or is it something different? >>534 There are also cases where there's no manga to begin with. Pretty much everything by Key comes to mind, all of the anime of their properties are based on visual novels. Which reminds me, I need to get around to thsoe at some point. >>533 From my point of view, the jedi are evil
>>537 If you have trouble doing something with the tablet digitizer (like calibration or whatever) or you want a little software applet for additional soft-buttons lmk, I wrote one for my machine.
Open file (4.34 MB 4032x3024 manga.jpg)
>>537 >I'll need a little more clarification here. Are we talking about the kind of cryto-fag degenerate shit on /monster/, or is it something different? I've posted about Jitsu Wa about a billion times. Kinda surprised you didn't pick up on it. Never been on /monster/ but essentially it's lots of non-humans trying to pass as humans at a human school. And one's actually a four or five inch tall alien in a robot suit that's like a human-size version of her. It's cute and dumb. Main girl is a vampire, so we're not talking Monster Girl Quest kinds of monsters. The official english translation is good apart from the abysmal title, btw.
>>537 Jitsu doesn't have any much crypto-faggotry, it's pretty vanilla as far as an ecchi harem manga goes. in-universe the jedi allowed slavery, so I fully expect BLM to burn down George Lucas' home or something like that.
>>540 it's barely even ecchi. There's basically just the one character.
>>539 In a few ways the official translation was actually better than ours (the scanlation). Like, there were some badly phrased translations earlier on that we felt like we had to keep using because people already got used to them. They weren't "wrong," just pretty awkward.
One last thing: Don't let the first few chapters' art style kill it for you; it changes dramatically relatively early on.
I wasn't making a star wars reference purposely but I suppose it can come across that way. Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa scanlation mega: https://mega.nz/folder/FA8CCKhC#wu_7o-KTVSHhzOdbDrxk8Q/folder/kBk3BCbR
Open file (48.35 KB 640x640 g64b2ik6btp11.jpg)
Open file (280.34 KB 1383x1856 01.png)
>>539 >we're not talking Monster Girl Quest kinds of monsters. >it's barely even ecchi.
Sorry for all the spam, but I did another thing today. Made a preliminary transcription of one of my favorite Final Fantasy III tunes for my MT-32. https://anonfiles.com/rdJbW09fob/ff3_overworld_loop_ogg I think the timings are right but I have suspicion a few of the notes in the 'arpeggio' are wrong. Once I've slept on it and I can come back with a clean slate I'll poke at it some more. >>546 Yeah, I love MGQ. But it's just not the same kinds of monster girls. I don't think any of them even have non-human ears (except some of them have somewhat pointy ears I guess). I basically disagree with that anon's use of the phrase "monster girl" to describe it even though it's honestly not far off. It carries a certain connotation that makes one think MGQ and that's just not what it is. I don't think they should be compared to each other. Both are good but in very different ways.
Open file (3.84 MB 4032x3024 jitsu.jpg)
Randomly opened to a page
well that is strange
Open file (3.32 MB 4032x3024 wojak480i.jpg)
Gave up on uploading the other image but take this wojak in high resolution instead (480i).
What's the best place to get the follow? >passthrough patch panel >server rack (doesn't have to be large) >switch with 20 or so ports >keystones/wall plates >RJ45 ends I don't want to spend a whole bunch on this stuff and don't want a botnet switch. Also where is the best place to buy tools needed to install everything? I already have the wires run I just need to terminate everything. Trying to get this done before I have the ISP install their stuff.
Open file (105.23 KB 835x177 depressed.png)
If you ever wanna feel depressed, look up prices of anything amiga-related.
>>553 electronics recycler
>>555 None locally, any good ones that will ship to my house? I tried monoprice and it has most everything but the wall plates they're selling seem to be low quality so I'm worried about ordering from them. I need 4-5 wallplates and one of them needs to hold 8 keystones.
Harem ending or shapeshifter monster girl ending? Choose.
>>554 >170$ why?
>>553 >>556 If you don't have any local recyclers, maybe try your ISP for the wall panels and cable ends. Some will hand them out like candy to their customers. The other stuff might be attainable by local PC stores (if there are any in your area). Even if it's not on the shelf, they might have something for you if you ask. >>557 I'll go with the shapeshifter. I don't want to have to put up with a whole group of waifus and the inevitable drama that'll crop up between them. >>554 *laughs in alphaserver*
>>553 When you're short on time, there's not much you can do. If you were able to spare the time, LabGopher, Ebay, and Craigslist seem to be the best for these things, short of your local recycling centers. Goodwill is nice, but mostly consumer hardware. Finding exactly what you're looking for on auction sites takes forever, so I always keep an eye out and try to anticipate my needs so I can buy dirt cheap things and have them ready. Doesn't help you much with today's needs though I know. I'd probably just go on Newegg and call it a day. >>557 Neither sounds appealing to be honest. Shapeshifter if I must, but it would feel weird.
>>559 >*laughs in alphaserver* >*laughs in "my hardware actually works"*
sorry that was kind of mean
>>558 >why? My guess is it's the same reason furries pay for terrible crayon scribbles of their "OC's". It seems like there are lot of furries in the amiga's loyalist base - a base of which I do not consider myself a part of. Apart from being far too young to have been at the time, I can see how the architecture choices ended up limiting Commodore's ability to expand the system. I can also partially blame mismanagement, but even in 1985 it was already growing clearer that IBM-compatibles weren't going anywhere, and the Amiga had many shortcomings in places the PC was strong - besides incompatibility, the most widespread ones had no 480p or similar high-resolution progressive video mode which made them unsuitable for office work, for instance. There's more (like memory protection, the AIM alliance and dropping of 68K in later years, things like needing to keep part of the OS on ROM's, necessitating opening the computer and voiding a warranty to upgrade it, and the general lack of continued momentum to keep the Amiga ahead or at least retain its relevance), but while I'd love to talk about all of that I need to hit the hay. Apart from the furries thing, the 500 specifically costing that much is probably because the better Amigas (1200's, 4000's, 3000's especially) are already unobtainable and this is cheap by comparison. Also the higher end models often had real time clock batteries that'd leak all over the mainboard; non-rev-8 A500's didn't have one (it was on an optional expansion board that most people used, but it still I spent $40 on mine with a working HDD/SCSI controller and a bi-scan monitor or I wouldn't have one at all. I wouldn't personally dub a fully functional and intact 500 (with no accessories except maybe a mouse) worth more than around $60 to me. >>563 Nah, it just reminds me of how companies continue to peck at the Amiga's corpse for all it's worth, like Cloanto doing its damnedest to make sure people have a hard time obtaining kickstart ROM's or workbench floppies. Also the PPC "Amigas" simply aren't; they have none of the custom hardware that made amigas unique, the only similarity is at a software level. Also I'm not a rabid fanboy for them; I'd like an ST even though I know it didn't have a lot of the niceties (pre-emptive multitasking, nonstandard ports that are still hackable by just lopping off a couple pins on a larger connector for Amiga basically need their special nonstandard connectors on the Atari). I'd also like a IIgs or a IIe. Nothing is sacred, just neat in different ways.
>>564 >It seems like there are lot of furries in the amiga's loyalist base Why does every tech hobby have to be dominated by some group of sexual deviants? The worst I have to deal with in the firearms community is retired vets that ramble on about Obama in the McDonald's drive thru.
>>565 Deviance is usually comingled with social isolation (chicken and egg issue there, imo), which results in free time. Either deviance, autism or both are required to spend the amount of time required to git gud at any highly specialized field. Any time spent normalfagging is time not spent gitting gud, unless you're very gifted or efficient at learning.
Open file (223.01 KB 1000x764 Amano_FFIII_Group.jpg)
Fixed the music thing I did that I uploaded earlier. https://anonfiles.com/F9Q0k9A4o1/ff3_overworld_loop_capture_ogg
>>567 SWF version. I can get it down to 6.5MiB, but if I do so the board sees it as an "invalid file type" because it uses LZMA compression and this site is too retarded to have updated its heuristics. So have a 12MiB version instead.
Open file (372.07 KB 500x500 768976889990.png)
Still trying to work out those tablets. The newer one will boot from USB okay, but I need to find a distro that'll work with the wifi out of the box. The older one doesn't seem to want to boot from USB at all even though the BIOS recognizes USB storage devices. Also, I watched Plastic Memories last night, and it was depressing as hell. I fully understood the core message behind it, but I don't think it translates very well into reality. At least, not as it was presented. It probably didn't help that my mind kept drifting to technical questions as to why the hell an android would suffer catastrophic and unrecoverable failure after nine years. All I could think was literally as I'm watching this I have 30+ year old hard drives that work just fine why is this a problem.
Open file (372.16 KB 792x792 Animegrill6.png)
One more gripe about robowaifu anime: why the fuck does almost nobody have a computer in these? Out of the (admittedly few) android-centric pieces of media I've seen, the protagonist almost never has an actual damn computer despite housing a fucking android. What kind of back-asswards world has synthetic humans running around and flooding the damn streets but almost no desktops or laptops?
>>569 >Plastic Memories It's literally the only persocom-oriented show I don't recommend for either newcomers or the soft-hearted. Not that I have anything against either the production or writing, but simply the painful nature of the basic premise. I'm usually willing to autistically re-watch animus again and again, but this one and Grave of the Fireflies are two I've watched only once and never intend to again. >>570 Chobits does kind of go there, but it's Miss Hibiya-san that I think best exemplifies the ideal of those of us actually working to create the first GYNOIDSrobowaifus. :^) Metric shittons of gear and a private research lab in her basement. External income sources so we can focus on creating robowaifus. There is the obvious case of Kokubunji as well, who is in a similar circumstance, and there was the kidnapper and a few other examples of more traditional computers. In Hand-made May, the EE-student protag does all his work on a traditional old-school desktop. But I get the point in general, it's a bit ironic heh. :^)
Open file (56.14 KB 500x549 1439143966132.jpg)
>>571 Out of the ones I've seen, I think Hand-made May definitely takes the most realistic approach when it comes to computers. Instead of everything being a vague mess of movie rip-off concepts, the robowaifus there are a bit more grounded in reality in terms of their functions and capabilities, and the main problem they faced turned out to be a computer virus all along. Of course, I don't really care that much about realism in my fantasy media, but the way Plastic Memories handled everything was just bizzare. They restate over and over again that the giftias have a weridly specific fixed lifespan, but they never even attempt to explain why. At least in Bladerunner, which used the same concept, they had a reason for making replicants with a short fixed lifespan.
Open file (333.98 KB 645x584 just_do_it_bro.png)
>>572 >Of course, I don't really care that much about realism in my fantasy media >fantasy Don't let your dreams be just memes bro. :^)
I can't believe they killed Aunt Jemima.
Open file (177.43 KB 600x813 JemimasWeddingDay.jpg)
>>574 >they killed Aunt Jemima >owned by Quaker Oats and PepsiCo Ehh, don't buy their products anymore. Easiest way to get through to these """people""" is through their wallets.
Open file (2.63 MB 1020x1403 01.png)
>>575 I don't buy much anymore, but Aunt Jemima was practically the only black person still allowed in my house. Her pancakes never let me down. This woke bullshit is saving me a ton of money though; almost everything I buy now is limited to fresh produce, meats, flour and other staples. A few years ago, I found this advertisement for Cream of Wheat in an old trailer and decided to keep it.
>>576 nice, saved.
Open file (1.85 MB 3120x4160 240 engine.jpg)
If it helps, my last car was much, much cleaner in the engine bay. This one was in worse condition when I got it so I don't have the same level of obsession over it (probably a bad thing that I don't).
Open file (30.43 KB 460x454 apple garbage.jpg)
>>569 >All I could think was literally as I'm watching this I have 30+ year old hard drives that work just fine why is this a problem. Consoom more waifu >>574 Yeah it's a little dumb. And they were good pancakes. >pic Heh, that is racist but still pretty funny.
>>576 I make pretty much everything from scratch now, except for the sauces and spices that I don't grow myself. I killed a snapping turtle with a shovel today. Fucker wouldn't get out of the road and squared up with me after I tried to shoo it back into the water. There are dogs and little kids around so fuck the aggressive little cunt. I'm bringing it up because I didn't know those little fuckers stank so bad, because I knew some people made snapper soup and I thought I may give it a try but the smell was so fucking putrid that I was completely turned off and just threw the corpse into the water. I don't know how anybody eats them.
Open file (161.18 KB 500x330 1427991905365.gif)
>>579 I did consider that possibility, but wouldn't it make more sense to have a system that can be backed up? I imagine the Definitely Not Tyrell Corporation™ would have a lot of corporate customers who would have a shitfit over having to deal with unrecoverable data loss every nine years. For personal cases, it makes even less sense. Even if people upgrade their tech over time, they don't like having to deal with replacing data (especially not data that amounts to nine years of someones life experiences), and I won't even get into all of the things that are wrong with the case of that orphaned kid in the anime. There's also the issue of a PR disaster occuring with every new case of a "wanderer". Even if they cover their legal bases, there's no way to avoid getting the stink-eye from the court of public opinion whenever someone gets injured or dies. I could write an essay on all the things that didn't make sense in Plastic Memories. I haven't been this salty about an anime since the ending of Oreimo. >>580 I don't think I've witnessed anything in nature more antipathic than a snapping turtle. I've seen them leap over two feet into the air to try and snap the face off anything that so much as looks at them wrong.
>>581 I've seen plenty of videos of people handling snappers just fine, even without gloves, but I wasn't taking any chances. I know how fast and aggressive they can be. The trouble with fixing fucked up habitat is that it starts becoming inhabited lol.
I'm going to leave this here: Sharing Life On a Deserted Island with an Elf https://manganelo.com/chapter/ey919477/chapter_1 The art's breddy gud, the setting is comfy af, but the writing is "an attempt was made." I'm enjoying it, however.
Open file (94.97 KB 712x490 Confidence.jpg)
>>582 The best way to move a snapping turtle without killing it, that I know of, is if you have a good length of rope on hand. Grab one end, toss the other so it lands right in front of the turtle, and when it snaps on you can just drag it wherever. >>583 Thanks fam, looks like it might be a fun read.
Open file (45.31 KB 240x320 degueulasse.jpg)
>>583 Wew, I'm not even halfway through the first chapter and I can already see what you meant about the writing.
>>585 The elf nipples make up for it.
Open file (170.51 KB 1024x707 01.jpg)
>>578 Much better. >>580 >I make pretty much everything from scratch now Same, though my meals are pretty simple, so there's not much to make.
Open file (41.58 KB 750x658 comfy.jpeg)
>that feel every time I come here What's the perfect amount of land to own? I think 20 acres is a good minimum, preferably 160 though imo.
Open file (2.52 MB 3024x2158 01.jpg)
>>588 As much as you can. I found forty acres in Wyoming for $4k. But a lot of it is going to be about the features. Running water, hunting/fishing, trees, good soil, etc will all raise the price. I'd like a lot of land for the privacy, but it doesn't all have to be good land; I could build the house/farm on good soil and have it surrounded by a buffer of badlands. >>579 I went to get some tires and saw this being worked on.
>>589 It's gorgeous. I'm smelling gasoline from my car, so I guess it's time to do the hoses now. >but wouldn't it make more sense to have a system that can be backed up? Yes, but strong emotional states get people spendy. Like when you lose a dog you really feel like maybe another dog would make the pain go away. If you had a backup and could restore the original at any time it wouldn't have that urgency to consoom now.
Open file (420.83 KB 500x435 bof iv ventriloquist.gif)
>>589 I'm looking at some properties in Kentucky right now, it looks great. Lots of water. If it wasn't for this covid bullshit I'd go check it out immediately.
>>590 That won't work so well with business customers. Besides, really strong emotional states, such as those associated with losing a lover or guardian, can spark a variety of other behaviors, none of which are good for sales or public reception. I'd argue that losing a robowaifu can easily cross that line, as opposed to just a dog. Additionally, it would be possible to have backup solutions whilst maintaining the consoom behavior. Apple has proved this much. Even if a powermac fails or becomes too old to be updated any further, then a user can still migrate their data to a newer machine despite the hardware being mostly proprietary.
>>593 >then a user can still migrate their data to a newer machine despite the hardware being mostly proprietary. Unarguably we'll need to keep private, duplicate, off-site redundant backups of our robowaifu's personality data. And the last thing we want is to store that on a corporate-owned system.
>>594 I imagine each of us is going to have a different vision of how that would look like. If you want the data to be truly off-site and far away, then you will need to trust a third party to handle it. For at-home backups, storing compressed data on blurays would be good to start with, although that would become unfeasable as a robowaifu's data footprint grows, and non-optical media is more prone to failure. Glass disks would be an excellent solution, since they last basically forever, are immune to everything except physical shock, and have an extremely high storage density (I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of hundreds of terabytes). Unfortunately, they're not commercially available.
>>595 Agreed. I think quantity over quality is going to be the most viable solution. Your point about trusting a 3rd-party is a good one. Hmm. Certainly any move in that direction towards a general centralization (how do you manage to back up thousands of Anon's robowaifus? Millions?) leaves a very obvious target for attack/deplatforming. Maybe some sort of P2P-esque consortium of sharing backups distributed around the globe?
Open file (30.20 KB 800x450 xbox ecksbawks kid 2.jpg)
Open file (13.02 KB 470x495 xbox ecksbawks kid.png)
I just now discovered this gem from a bit over a decade ago. I never cared about the xbox or went on /v/.
>>595 >non-optical Optical isn't immune. And with CD-type technology specifically delamination is a thing. And unless it's CD-ROM (pressed) you have to worry about dye stability, too, which is also what kills old films (a different kind of optical medium and dye, sure). Rigid magnetic disk drives (hard drives) are a good solution, but ideal could be a system with easily swappable platters like the really old huge computers used so that data recovery could be easier (one drive fails with a head strike? Just swap the platter into a different drive with the same mechanism to recover whatever you can). If you wanted data density, I can imagine that aligning the head would be a right pain in the arse though.
>>598 Of course, that does prevent easily transitioning to higher storage densities in the future (as happened with floppy disks).
>>593 >business customers What, like shop assistant robots?
Also I removed and replaced the fuel filler cap and the gas fumes went away. I'm embarrassed.
Open file (466.75 KB 1200x1113 1431200269279-4.jpeg)
>>598 I know that optical media isn't immune to failure, but it generally lasts longer (assuming you don't get shitty disks and leave them out in the sun) than magnetic media, which can suffer from a wide range of problems depending on the exact medium, and flash media, which fails faster the more you use it. I actually have a couple platters from the 70s, and a bunch of Jaz disks, which are basically the same thing. >>600 Pretty much everything from hospice care to industrial work. The amount of concern for data retention would vary from business to business, but one thing that's universal is that it's pretty demoralizing for employees to outlive their coworkers. In the case of people-oriented lines of work (like foster care, to take an example from the show), everyone who the robots work with is going to be especially affected, and the hole left won't be filled by a new robot. The same can be said for all related lines of work, like therapy and its many forms. The bonds that are formed through this are formed over time and lead to people's lives improving, typically from a dismal state brought about by one thing or another at least this is how it should work, but I think it's safe to make that assumption since we're talking about fiction. When they're suddenly broken, it can cause a lot of problems.
>>506 What happened with Julay anyways? I know that the right-wing boards all had to move but what were the details of that whole situation? I mean to begin with julay.world was meant to be a bunker for /cow/ after 8ch got fucked up or something, wasn't it?
>>465 Edward Dutton has good work talking about how real "geniuses" have a tendency to be arrogant, difficult to tolerate, and wholly uninsterested in anything but whatever few interests they have, but ultimately, they're what pull us forward in society.
>>603 In short, Robi decided to liquidate the entire site minus the boards he likes. Some other shit happened too, but that's the only part that matters to /f/. I realized right away that /f/ wouldn't be a part of that select group (namely because I make a point of never getting involved with admins or other BOs, /robowaifu/ being the sole exception in five years), so I moved to secure a spot for us on here.
I've been playing Ys in a PC-8801 emulator called xm8. It's a good emulator, except the SDL code is an overcomplicated mess of unnecessary stupidity that breaks things on my system. For one thing, it basically decides that whatever the first joystick it enumerates (as seen by SDL2) must be the one I want it to use (note that on my system for whatever reason SDL2 sees my computer's power button as a joystick). I worked around this by writing a bit of code so I can manually specify a joystick number with an environment variable. It also has a second annoying bug which only happens on my desktop, because my desktop has _three_ sound cards, technically - onboard, audio-over-HDMI from my graphics card, and my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 which is the card I actually use for everything. So basically it tries to be clever and enumerate a full list of all the sound cards on the system, but *then it silently just picks the first card in the list*, which in my case is onboard audio (that I have nothing connected to). Meanwhile, per the SDL2 guidelines, if he simply called `SDL_OpenAudioDevice()` with NULL (0) passed for the device name, instead of a string found by enumerating them, SDL would actually do the right thing and open my 'default' sink as specified in my /etc/asound.conf file, which is a dmix plugin (unless I have an environment variable set; my alsa config is set up so if I have specified ALSA_PCM as an environment variable I can make programs that normally use 'default' map to something else). So basically I just replace all that stupid looping code with `SDL_OpenAudioDevice(NULL, …) and that solves the sound issue completely. Anyway, it works now finally. And it's cool how the original pixel aspect ratio of the PC-8801 was 8:5 so it fills my 1920x1200 monitor perfectly nearest-neighbor upscaled to 300%.
>>606 Wow, your audio setup is virtually identical to mine, except I'll use audio over HDMI for over-the-air television broadcasting. >SDL2 sees my computer's power button as a joystick Kek, how the fuck does that even work?
>>607 If you press the power button it registers as pressing a fire button on a joystick I guess. Not sure why it's enumerated though. It isn't in SDL 1.x, only in 2. Also I did configure alsa so I can capture sound through a virtual loopback kernel module as well, so that's technically a fourth device as far as alsa's concerned. I don't have anything with HDMI inputs, closest I have is DVI-D and displayport without sound on my monitor.
Think it might just read everything that isn't a mouse in /dev/input or something actually.
>>605 >I make a point of never getting involved with admins or other BOs Good call. What's anon.cafe's story, though?
Open file (1.52 MB 4032x3024 01.jpg)
>>610 >What's anon.cafe's story, though? It had damn well better be nothing.
>>611 >all that whippets kek
I recently finished watching Clockwork Planet, and now my previously dormant clock autism has reawakened. I already have at least twenty of the damn things, and now I'm thinking about ways to fix my broken (and dangerous, in one case) clocks/watches and possibly add new ones to the collection. My cheapness will prevent me from spending too much money, but I'm concerned about how much I've been thinking about the unstable and potentially deadly anniversery clock on my dresser. As for the anime itself, it was pretty good, although it got a little too goofy at a couple stages. 8/10 would watch while fussing with my mechanical watches again. >>610 If you're referring to why I chose the cafe, it's simply because I believe it's the most stable out of the available options. I was proven right when fatchan shit the bed.
>>613 >I was proven right when fatchan shit the bed. Yea, I was kind of shocked when Tom caved so quickly and easily. I found him generally trustworthy and so I'm still a little confused over that one. I'm glad that at the least he's still continuing on with the JSChan IB software project.
I'm now thinking of ways to reroute the fully wound and exposed four hundred day mainspring on the anniversery clock back to where it should be. If I suddenly stop replying one day, then I probably made an attempt and it killed me. >>614 The timing was amazing. I think fatchan fell not a day after I put in an application here. Lately I've been thinking about looking into Tor webhosting, which would let me host an /f/chan without having to worry about admin drama or takedowns ever again.
>>615 >Tor webhosting, which would let me host an /f/chan without having to worry about admin drama or takedowns ever again. You would have to worry about people finding a small board they can dump cp on. The FBI shut down the big sites, so they roam like locusts now, looking for existing infrastructure with lax moderation.
>>616 Yeah, that's a good point. Maybe I could have managed it if I still had my hotpocket cocksleeve X on deck, but he's gone and I have no desire to impose any more moderation than I absolutely have to at any given moment. I guess if this place fails I'll just stay on IRC forever. My internet is hot garbage, but I think I could get away with hosting an IRC server if I absolutely have to. I wish the federalis would just stick to peddling drugs instead of ruining the internet.
>>617 >hosting an IRC server You can also run one on a low end VPS for about a dollar a month, sometimes two.
>>617 >>618 Also, consider a BBS or similar or at that point. Imageboard over SSH, essentially.
>>615 >>616 In 2015 or 2016 I came to the conclusion that the only way forward was to make imageboards distributed with a completely self-supported infrastructure, but I don't know anyone who could write "tor+bittorrent+distributed ledger: the imageboard: HTML5 edition." At the time, I had just seen a spam attack that had consumed roughly a quarter (I don't have my notes handy, but somewhere from 0.25-0.5) of the total available IPv4 addresses (hooray for AWS and Digital Ocean, the assholes) and I realized that when dealing with certain threat profiles distributed network with whitelisting is the only solution. Unfortunately, the communities seem to have died, and with it a lot of the competence as people have retired.
>>617 >I wish the federalis would just stick to peddling drugs instead of ruining the internet. Narrative manipulation is bigger business than drugs, but consumer demand is more fragile.
>>618 I could, but I'm cheap and lazy, so I'd probably just host it on one of my many laptops. Well, that and I really don't want to run my own shit over hardware that I don't own and have physical access to at any and all given times. The very idea of it just rubs me the wrong way. >>619 I've never really looked that much into BBSs before, though I am aware of them. I could work out how to run one with a little research, but in the event that I become a host it'll probably come down to that or IRC. >>620 I think I remember that. Some random guy allegedly, anyways, the "some random guy" narrative lost all credibility since the JFK assassination took out a DNS hosting service with a DDoS attack and fucked up the internet in North America for a day. Zeronet is distributed, but anyone on it is liable to end up with shitloads of pizza on their computer from other (((users))). If there was ever a time for a better solution, it'd be now. The feds aren't going to want that to happen, though.
>>616 Tor is more or less fine if you have a sturdy captcha, and even better if you have a whitelisted hashes (think tripcode but unrelated to posting names). Limit all unhashed anons to 1-0.1pph (so newfags could still post if they wanted to, but with very low frequency), and in combination with a captcha I think most spammers would give up. The main vector will be the direct measures and psychological profiling you'll have to fight. Nanochan was a very good case study for how a tor site with a strong admin could still be destroyed with enough autism and faggotry.
>>622 The episode I'm referring to isn't that exact one, but we received similar attentions. I'm still very interested in the tech they used, sequentially moving within, then between after we caught on, /16 blocks like it was no big deal. Big money.
>>621 A part of me wants to see how far they can really push this before the inevitability of a total narrative collapse. >>623 That could be doable. Psychology is one of my side interests, so I might be able to work out some measures to fend off unwanted traffic from the experiments I've read about. What exactly happened with nanochan? I know that they're still operating, but I don't know much about their culture or history. >>624 My memory has failed me, it seems. Fucking up /16 ranges is a pretty big deal though, it sounds like a lot of shit got fucked up.
>>625 We're actually IN full narrative collapse. The "left" has become a cult: submission to deities/leaders, cutting off friends and family, searching for targets as a mob (like witch hunts). You can go down the "cult" checklist and see how it applies almost uniformly now in a way it didn't before. The reason for the cult is for people to be able to assign blame to external agents for their absolutely overloaded cognitive dissonance. This is a very dangerous time, especially if they manage to spark the violent global mass murder that they desire. Dealing with these people isn't psychological btw, they're paid to do this and if they burn out they're simply replaced. The incident I'm referring to wouldn't have been that well known to most people, and it still surprises me to think about the relative disproportionate reaction for what otherwise would have been a footnote of a footnote of an initial event.
>>625 iirc it was only quelled after saying "fuck it" and banning /8's until they stopped.
>>626 While it's true that more people have become dissillusioned with the antifa cult and friends in the US, not so many people have made the connection to the media and government yet, at least not to the degree which would spur direct action and/or significant changes in behavior. That being said, the state I live in is currently experiencing an identity crisis. You have the boomers who just want everything to go back to a nebulous "the way things were" forever, the boomers who are terminally progressive, the terminally progressive X and Y generations, and the X and Ys who despise everything that won't leave them in peace I fall into the lattermost category. The moderate sentiment is strong here, but very rapidly shrinking. Any attempt by one party to do anything here has been met with nothing but derision from everyone else for the past ten years or so, and everyone is sick to death of the federal government. Combine that with a subtle but steadily growing pining for the reclamation of our independance, and a long-festering hatred for our western and southern neighbors, and you have the recipe for something big. I won't lie, the prospect that I may live to see the rise of a New Vermont Republic excites me, and my background is coloring my judgement. To address your next point, I'll argue that dealing with any other people is a matter inherently tied with psychology. The feds may be fucked up people, but they're still people. Therefore, they are affected by psychology, and the knowledge of what makes people, and more specifically feds, tick is critical for the survival of any free platform. This works on the other side as well. Using psychological measures to get actual users into a mindset where they distrust outsiders and look for anything resembling federal activity serves as an excellent supplement to moderation, as an for lack of a better term indoctrined user will actively oppose and make an effort to shut down activity which they deem suspicious. Every imageboard since 8chan has been performing a massive psychological experiment, whether they realize it or not.
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>>628 >The feds may be fucked up people, but they're still people. I've had the (mis)fortune of dealing with (((them))) for many, many years in many different interfaces. To me, they're a pathology. A broken machine, a buffer overflow that rapes, tortures and eats children. That collapses civilizations for short term gains. That ensures the survival of a corrupted bloodline which has no right to exist, at the expense of all other life. Our ancestors burned their cities to the ground and salted the earth, and they did not go far enough. They don't fall for simple tricks because they're taught every single one from the cradle. I've seen their mask slip enough to know that the only method to manipulate them is to trick them into thinking they're winning, and the only solution is to terminate them all when they least suspect it.
>>629 Everything you say is true, but therein lies my point. They exist, therefore they are tied to biology, and psychology by extension. Salting the Earth is all well and good when you have the majority on your side, but we do not have that luxury. At this point, the best measure that can be taken is to undermine their programming, and the way to do this is by knowing how they tick. Extermination is the end goal, but steps have to be taken before that can happen.
>>630 I simply don't think they're open to manipulation beyond the very, very subtle, but I'd love to be proven wrong. They do get high on their own supply and start killing each other, but it's infrequent and limited. Every successful revolution against them has been predicated by either civilizational collapse or revolutionary technological advancement. They're too entrenched in the current status quo. I'm hoping for further technological advancement in the hands of the average person before they simply start murdering us all with drones once 3D manufacturing and AI design has made human labor obsolete. Spark gap generators and IR dazzlers might soon become a requirement to stay alive. I don't think we have too much time left.
>>631 I believe that it's possible to undermine them. It's just harder for us because we're not as naturally inclined to psychological manipulation. Endgame-wise, I'm rooting for the rise of a white man's SkyNet. They can fool people, but they can't fool machines. If those machines are on our side, then victory becomes an inevitability. The trick there will be to make their computing power work against them.
>>615 >If I suddenly stop replying one day, then I probably made an attempt and it killed me. Then don't do anything about it until you've though about it, thought that over, then thought about it some more. >Lately I've been thinking about looking into Tor webhosting Might be a good idea. Lately, I've begun lurking nanochan and posting in a couple threads. Far less than typical normalfaggotry there tbh, so maybe Tor actually provides a bit of a barrier after all. The usual suspects are there as well however.
>>628 >and the knowledge of what makes people, and more specifically feds, tick is critical for the survival of any free platform. throd.
>>632 >I'm rooting for the rise of a white man's SkyNet My prediction is that any unbiased AGI is going to favor Whites in general, if if favors humanity at all.
Open file (547.04 KB 708x3602 XbBJwfY_a.jpg)
I'm not touching this conversation so have a 10 year old craigslist thing
>>633 Believe me, I don't plan on even touching that clock until I have a solid plan.
Open file (114.60 KB 736x855 01.jpg)
>>625 >A part of me wants to see how far they can really push this before the inevitability of a total narrative collapse. I kind of like how things have gone from 'Black Lives Matter' to 'Black Trans Lives Matter.' I'm hoping this trends continues until they've narrowed it down to something like "John Brown's Life Matters, and it's bigotry to say anything else." These people know that they are nothing without racial tension; the moment these issues disappear, they lose their racial scholarships, their paid 'consulting' positions, and every opportunity that only exists because of white guilt. >>626 This exactly. >cutting off friends and family The way the left uses language to alienate themselves is astonishing, but it is of course by design. I once read a critical review of a leftist author, and the reviewer stated "This person has no friends, only colleagues." It gave me pause, because that was entirely correct. For a group of people that fantasize about the working class setting aside their differences to come together, nothing seems to scare them more than community. >>628 >You have the boomers who just want everything to go back to a nebulous "the way things were" forever Honestly, these types are almost as bad as leftists. As Ted put it: "The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth. Apparently it never occurs to them that you can’t make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, and that such rapid changes inevitably break down traditional values." >>635 An unbiased AI will favor the truth, which is inherently at odds with leftist fantasies.
Open file (320.81 KB 500x300 01.png)
>>636 I remember that one, reminds me of this.
Open file (412.71 KB 901x1416 01.jpg)
Saw this on Pixiv earlier. For the thread regulars that remember the controversy around our namesake, it instantly reminded me of what Syri could have looked like if she hadn't been created by a homosexual Jew.
>>640 Oh fuck, I forgot all about Syri. I still have the edits I made for the newer image. I can't even remember what the (((new))) Syri looks like, I only have the edits
Open file (628.24 KB 1500x1285 01.jpg)
>>641 >I can't even remember what the (((new))) Syri looks like Fen was ahead of the curve on the blackwashing. I used to have that one image with the old Syri in it, but I can't find it. She was kind of cute, back when there was still hope of her not having a dick. I haven't looked at the game in years, but I assume it hasn't been changed again yet.
Open file (259.44 KB 500x484 can't wake up v2.jpg)
I decided to give a long overdue update to an old edit I made. >>642 Ah, now it's all flooding back to me. Kinda wish it wasn't, but whatever. I know I have the old Syri image somewhere, but fuck knows where it could be on my terminally unsorted drives. I'll come across it eventually and post it then.
>>643 Kek, now where's that spoon? I'm going to finish this whole bowl of browse anoncafe this time tbh.
I don't know why, but I can't stand any Gorillaz songs ever unless they're edits. The weird part is that I virtually always love the edits.
>>645 Their songs have fantastic instrument choices and range, but any of the ooga booga shit just trashes it imo.
I played through Ys III the other day, all in all I think it was a missed opportunity. The game seemed like a bad port of an NES game. It was released for a much more capable generation and I think it could have been a top tier game with a few modifications. Awfully grindy too, boss mechanics and patterns were awful, combat was uninspiring. Do not recommend/10.
Open file (64.46 KB 500x334 1442518713811.jpg)
>>646 There could be something there, actually. Most edits I come across will add elements which change the tone of the song, and raise the pitch in some cases, both of which take away from the black elements. >>647 I know I've heard of Ys, but I don't know anything about it. The worst RPG for me will always be this one PSP game that I can't remember the name of (I still have the disk, but I can't be assed to find it to figure out the name). For some reason I can't possibly fathom, it needs to read obscene amounts of data from the disk every time a random encounter occurs, and it takes no less than three minutes each time. Combine that with the fact that you need to fucking grind to even stand a chance against the first boss, and it's an absolute nightmare.
>>648 Ooga booga is in the same audible range as some drums and bass, and they already HAVE a killer bass line and good drums so the ooga booga is just noise, and you can syncopate with another instrument instead of ooga booga and it will sound better and be in key, unlike ooga booga "singing." >The mean modal fundamental vocal frequency for males was 110.15 Hz, with a mean range from 81.95 Hz to 158.50 Hz. The mean modal fundamental vocal frequency for females was 193.10 Hz, with a mean range from 139.05 Hz to 266.10 Hz. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7265934/ >The fundamental range of a 4-string bass goes from about 40Hz to 400Hz. https://www.studybass.com/gear/bass-tone-and-eq/bass-frequency-range/ >Kick Drums – usually 80-130-150 Hz >Snares – usually 120-250 Hz >Floor Toms – usually 60-80-110 Hz (most of the time the lowest drum tone) https://www.musical-u.com/learn/percussion-frequencies-part-1-drums/
>>646 This was always my impression of them. It's been like fifteen years since I've heard them at all, but the chorus in Feel Good Inc was done well enough, with some good instrumental pieces throughout. The rap lyrics were wholly unenjoyable though, and I didn't bother with their later work. >>648 >The worst RPG for me will always be this one PSP game Honestly that sounds like most of the PSP games I remember. They had this Sims 2 game that was basically a loading screen simulator. I probably enjoyed Coded Arms the most. Haven't really thought about the PSP in a long time, it does bring back memories. I was replacing the PCV valve on a Ford 4.6L earlier today. The existing valve was made of unmarked aluminum, and the OEM replacement was plastic, so I wanted to verify that this was the actual PCV valve through Google Images. Every image result was of some guy pointing to a wholly different part of the same engine; part of me felt like it was all an elaborate joke. I was planning to attach a screenshot of that, but anon.cafe complains that it has reached file capacity. Worrying implications.
>the site has reached its total file capacity Oh boy. >>650 I've seen a lot of long loading screens on the PSP, but it's the only game I've played that made me wait that long for a random encounter. The games got a lot faster in terms of loading time later in the PSPs lifespan, once programmers started using "data installs" to get around the limitations of the UMD format. I need to get around to going through my backlog at some point. I have a bunch of promising looking PSP games that I haven't even touched yet.
>>651 ppsspp is really solid for emulation, and you can modify the rendering for higher resolutions. It'll also run on a toaster. At this point I can't understand anyone bothering to play older gen games on anything but retropie. >>650 Google search is now an elaborate troll. It's almost useless unless you have the exact required search terms, and even then it will have deindexed useful sites in favor of some retard's 15 minute youtube video that could be condensed to 30 seconds.
Open file (44.53 KB 275x275 halloweeny-lapis.jpg)
For some reason image posting still works on /meta/. >>652 I'm enough of a data hoarder without adding ROM collections. I'm already pushing 800GB most of which is barely sorted. Besides, as pretentious as it sounds, I like getting the original experience when I can. This holds especially true for handheld consoles since they barely take up any space.
Ah, file posting is working again. Hopefully that was just a momentary bug. Nevermind, it's an intermittent issue. This post just failed when I had a file attached. Hopefully the cafe won't start giving boards the boot for taking up too much space.
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Do you think the issue might be MongoDB needing some maintenance by the Admins? >>650 > part of me felt like it was all an elaborate joke. kekd
>>653 I prefer playing games with keyboard and mouse whenever possible. >800GB 5TB external drives are only ~$100 It's a good time to buy storage imo.
>>654 >Hopefully the cafe won't start giving boards the boot Two months it is. >>655 >MongoDB Hello darkness, my old friend I never want to hear 'web scale' again I can't believe we're running that shit show, it was one of the banes of my IT career. >>656 >5TB external drives One day the feds will bust down your down at 0300 because your Smart Mouthwash overheard music made by a heterosexual coming from your room. And when they do, it would be best if your Kitsunes of Various Ages and pirated crap were stored on microSD cards hidden inside your space heater, rather than some centralized monstrosity sitting around.
>>657 >I never want to hear 'web scale' again haha, ok then. one thing i noticed when i was a global janny was that thousands of orphaned files are created by just normal operations with lynxchan. the admins here just going through and deleting all the already-abandoned files would probably free up many gigabytes for daily ops.
We hit a file count limit placed there as a safety. Capacity is fine. Limit's been raised. Continue as normal. >>657 >I can't believe we're running that shit show, it was one of the banes of my IT career. Write us a stable, maintained, well-supported alternative that doesn't use MongloidDB and we'll consider switching.
Open file (234.62 KB 1080x1080 01.jpg)
>>660 I don't think that's the right way of going about it; imageboards' days are numbered. The narrative being painted is that imageboards are only ever used by white supremacists, terrorists, racists, and the like. If this place attracts so much as an anon on Twitter posting offensive memes with 'anon.cafe' in his bio, your infrastructure (host, domain registrar, DNS, etc) will be up to these asses in angry letters. And they will cave, because even if they support you ideologically, those that want you defeated will simply move up the chain of command and go after your infrastructure's payment processors. The only long term solution is going to be decentralized. Perhaps a desktop program that relies on something like torrents to distribute posts. This obviously has file sharing and moderation implications, but I'm just spit-balling. Working on alternative web-based software projects misdirects effort in a way that avoids the underlying problem that brought us all here to begin with. Without that, this is yet another site to join the ranks of Hatreon, 8ch, Voat, The Daily Stormer, and soon to be Gab (some of which still shamble around as cripples). But I don't blame you guys personally for using MongoDB; I was just astonished that there was any overlap between the type of person who would be interested in writing imageboard backends and MonogoDB users. Glad to here there wasn't really a problem yesterday though, and that everything is working out.
Open file (3.79 MB 4032x3024 01.jpg)
Open file (3.37 MB 4032x3024 02.jpg)
Lance, we were sharing engine bays the other day. It was hotter than hell out today, so I figured it would be a great time to dump degreaser on some old electrical wires, hose them down, and hope for the best. Here's my over-engineered box of biodegradable wiring, powered by vacuum hoses. I'll have you know, I only had to order one bolt afterwards. >When you follow the directions on the box of microwaveable sandwiches to the letter, but the bread comes out hard as a rock and the meat is still cold. Millions of years of evolution for this.
>>661 >Perhaps a desktop program that relies on something like torrents to distribute posts. I've sort of thought about an idea like that as the next phase for my IB archiver software.
Open file (2.24 MB 4032x3024 fami_av2_4.jpg)
Open file (50.73 KB 500x386 famicom servicing.jpg)
Forget if I ever upped this picture here. AV modded one of my Famicoms a while ago. I'd done it by replacing the entire RF modulator/power supply board and using my own voltage regulation circuit before, but I figured this would be easier to build and harder to kill. So far it seems I was right; heat dissipation from the 7805 is much improved, too, since it has a better sized heat sink. My famicom's been on for around 10 hours today (I left it on and paused while I did some housekeeping stuff) and I'm just feeling pretty nice about how well it's working. Very little noise/interference, too; that's uncommon because the original Famicom (and NES top loader units) had a terrible board layout that introduced all sorts of noise into the video output in the form of faint vertical columns. Board's held on with four little blobs of super glue or epoxy (I forget which now). Most of the AV mod components are on the underside since there's very little vertical clearance inside the Famicom for electrolytic caps or TO-220 package transistors. All my circuit consists of is a transistor, some components to bias it correctly, a diode to ensure power isn't reversed, and a ~20µF tantalum capacitor soldered between the ground and Vcc pins of the PPU to try to reduce the vertical bar noise pattern. It worked, I think. The diode was necessary both because it protects everything inside and also because most solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors like to go up in literal flames when polarity is reversed instead of just popping and being done. There are a few that have different failure modes, but I don't remember any of the details of my capacitor was except that it was a mil-spec Kemet one. It uses the original RF output RCA jack for NTSC video, and a 1/8" (3.5mm) TRS jack for dual mono audio output from one of the switch holes for the RF modulator box (so I didn't have to cut the case at all). With my last board I had to be really careful not to power it with more than the bare minimum the 7805 likes (around 7.5-8V DC) or it'd make too much heat and start to try to kill itself. I've run this one off 12VDC before, but right now I'm using 9V or so (a Sega Mega Drive power supply). Second pic is some picture of a guy holding a solder iron very strangely while working on a famicom motherboard. No idea what the source of the frame is but I am assuming the game on screen is Super Mario Brothers or something.
>>662 My A/C decided today was the day to click on and off every three seconds or so, so I have that to look forward to charging and hunting leaks in. I'm sure I've told the "whack the compressor clutch with a broomstick" story before so I won't relate it again, but that's probably the worst A/C related repair I've ever had to do once I tired of my 'fix.' I actually like yours in a way, but I can tell it's probably a nightmare when something (anything) goes.
>>650 >plastic vs. metal The thermostat on my cars has metal and plastic versions. Once the metal one left production Volvo introduced a plastic replacement and it likes to leak everywhere. I have a metal one in mine even though it went out of production two years prior to my car's manufacture date because I didn't want to risk that.
>>648 Ys is good. Did I not share my picture? I was playing original Ys the other day. On a PC-8801 emulator. Ah, I did post about it, just no pic to accompany. The PC-8801 version has a bitchin' soundtrack too. I also have Ys III (with the box even) for SNES. But YS III is kind of the black sheep.
>>647 >Ys III Definitely worst game in the series. Nearly all the original Falcom staff from the first two Ys games left because their bosses weren't paying well and weren't crediting them to try to avoid getting poached.
>>648 One more thing The first two Ys games are top-down, sort of action-RPG's. the battle mechanics are very satisfying, once you get used to them. It uses this "bump" based battle system. My worst RPG I've ever played in terms of gameplay is probably the first Final Fantasy or the first Dragon Quest. FF1 because it's so goddamn motherfucking buggy, or the first Dragon Quest because it's basically 1) start game 2) grind for 40 hours 3) win.
>>669 FFII is what I'm playing right now; it's uber broken but I still enjoy it significantly more than the first game and they had some great ideas that just could have been executed better I think. FFIII is my favorite NES RPG, possibly. Mother is okay, too. The later NES Dragon Quests are okay, but nothing super special to me. They have some cool parts and the translations/localizations were top-tier for the day, though. Best 8-bit RPG pre-Pokémon has to be the first Phantasy Star.
Open file (85.82 KB 417x600 transatlantic.jpg)
Just finished watching Haibane Renmei, and it fucked me up in a weird kind of way. It was simultaneously comfy and depressing as hell. >>660 Thank you. >>661 I've heard of a fair few alternative options for IB webhosting, but none of them have stood up to what we're using now. If a new golden option does become reality, then I would be happy to look into migrating us onto that. For now, however, the only option I see is sticking to the tried and true, and maybe TOR if clearweb hosting fails. >>665 Hey, the A/C in my car failed too! I think the compressor simply lost all of its freon, although I'm not sure why. There doesn't seem to be any leaks, so maybe a refill will fix it. My laziness exceeds my discomfort though, so I'll probably just stick to keeping the windows rolled down until autumn comes again. >>667 >>669 Seems nice. JRPGs don't tend to hold my interest for very long though, unless the story is superb. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've actually finished a JRPG.
making up for my complete lack of posts for days, I guess. Clarifying, FF1 is broken in that: >Like 1/8 of the spells don't do shit >Another 1/8 or so actually buff your enemies instead of debuffing them >elemental weapons don't deal elemental damage >LOCK (like lock-on) always misses, and LOK2 makes it harder to hit enemies instead of easier >you can't erase those spells if you learn them; you're just stuck with spells that don't do jack shit in your very limited spell slots the rest of the game >the first two characters in your party can run too easily >the last two have a really fucking hard time running >if you use a 'house' type shelter to heal yourself in the field, it heals your HP, asks if you want to save, saves if you say yes, and THEN heals your MP, so when you reset you don't have the MP >>671 I usually get to the last dungeon in an RPG and get bored/frustrated.
BTW, of all the famicom Final Fantasies, II has the best story. And III has far and away the best gameplay. It's the only Final Fantasy I've actually got through the final dungeon and through the end boss in and seen the credits for.
Open file (3.17 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20200627_021106.jpg)
Despite how many better RPG's there are for later consoles, I think the NES/Famicom is my favorite console.
>>674 also i'll always be proud of myself for beating the first castlevania game (and for reaching dracula in III).
>my (VPN-less) IP range has been blocked from posting on 4chan Thanks, whoever on campus did that.
Open file (335.11 KB 1000x1001 01.jpg)
>>665 Yeah, my AC's been acting up as well. I think the main issue is just the blower motor regulator, but it's also not as cold as I'd like. There's a good manifold set on Amazon for like $50; checks both high and low pressure ports for you. You know, it's actually not bad to work on at all. Back then Mercedes really went out of their way to make things easier for the mechanics (unlike Audi, where a timing chain replacement requires you to pull out the entire engine). The big issue is just that there's always something that needs work. The engine and transmission are very reliable, but people fall behind on maintaining all of the other features, so you see a lot of older S Classes on Craigslist for like $800 because half of the car no longer works and they can't be bothered to fix it anymore. If you don't do your own work and have to rely on The Dealer, maintenance on an S Class runs between $4k and $6k a year. Even the oil change is $250 at the dealer. You get a lot of young people buying these ten year old Mercedes for under $10k, and they have to sell them within a year because they can't even afford a brake job. >>671 >alternative options for IB webhosting The problem is that the game has changed in the last few years, and none of that matters these days. If you got with a big major host, they'll drop you on principal. If you go with some tiny reseller host, they might want to keep you, but leftists will just write to PayPal, Stripe, etc and suddenly your host's business is in danger. Faced with that, they of course will drop you. But even if all of that fails, they can just write to your domain registrar, your DNS host, etc and get all of that dropped. Suddenly your site is inaccessible. There isn't a clearnet solution that has any value today. Tor is okay I guess, probably more hassle than its worth. For right now, it'd be best to just see what happens with anon.cafe long term. >think the compressor simply lost all of its freon An AC is a closed system, and the refrigerant would last the lifetime of the unit if it never leaked. Without a leak, it will almost never run low on its own. Leaks are extremely common though, especially in the evaporator coil. If you run the AC on a low charge for any length of time though, you may be out the entire compressor. There's a dye test you can do pretty cheaply to see where it's leaking, if the charge is actually low.
>>676 Finally got around to ordering those two window regulators I've needed for a year. Guess what day it picked to knock out a third. Also, a short article I thought you might like: https://ranwhenparked.net/2013/01/08/a-look-at-the-1982-mercedes-benz-w123-plug-in-hybrid/
>>658 >orphaned files are created by just normal operations with lynxchan wew. >>677 Soon enough vehicle manufacturers will require engines to be put on a hoist in order to change the air filter.
>>676 "just buy the 4chan pass!" All the rangebans make sense when you realize that 4chan was altered many years ago to simply be a one-way propaganda outlet and any user interaction or content on that site is now a bug instead of a feature. There seem to be fewer bot threads now, but more shill interaction. The bot threads were awful but at least it was possible to post then. All the bans, shadow bans, cancel culture shit, it's all meant to demoralize and silence people, and it works. We definitely need a distributed imageboard system, and it needs to be very strong against MITM and DDOS. (I wasn't able to personally verify the claim because I don't into crypto, but does anyone else remember when the blockchain supposedly took a giant shit when they tried to kill Assange that one time?)
Open file (97.39 KB 750x546 01.jpg)
>>680 >and it works I don't believe so. In some ways we can liken the 1950/1960ss in the US to an abusive relationship; wholesale consumerism, vapid pop culture worship, Weathermen types, etc. People of that era not only tolerated it, but mostly participated in it as well. Fast forward to today, and we're seeing the breakup of that relationship. The conversation on the right hasn't been about resolving these issues or reclaiming society, but rather about abandoning it entirely. Groups of friends are banding together in record numbers to buy land in rural states and fuck off from society altogether. Some of my neighbors even did so recently, and I too am looking for good land. These people are not buying the 'latest and greatest' shit anymore, they're not going to the theater or buying albums, they don't read the news or use social media anymore, they're not drowning in psych meds and therapy sessions, and they've stopped voting. We are seeing the exact opposite of the situation a hundred years ago, where people left their farms in droves to move to the city. Miserable freaks in the cities will continue to vent their own frustrated feelings of inferiority rather than acknowledge that they have dominion over their lives and that their shortcomings are of their own doing. No political process will change that; they are just as much at war with each other as they are their supposed enemy. The coming decades will be disastrous for anyone still in the city. If someone of a sound mind, after watching this unfold for the last decade, can remain fat, lazy, consuming video games and other nonsense while preoccupied with the state of the internet, I don't think there's much hope for them. Their type of community, both online and offline, is moving quickly towards tight-knit and hard to find groups with a high barrier of entry. The days of places like 4chan are just as gone as the white picket fence suburbs of yesterday. Demoralization only 'works' on the type of person that refuses to acknowledge this, and is desperately trying to hold on to converged hobbies and lifestyles. Everyone else is just fucking Done. I do agree that decentralization is the way to go though. The current state of communities revolves around obscurity to stay alive, rather than technical attributes. It's not a perfect solution, but nothing ever is.
>>681 It's a very timely topic considering today's (June 29, 2020) mass reddit ban. Living rural and being technologically connected aren't incompatible imo, and it's absolutely necessary if we're to live rural but also maintain our technological advancements. The larger community interactions produced really interesting and great social advancements (think of how far National Socialism has spread in the past 20 years), and it would be a shame to throw away the good with the bad simply because people are sick of the current state of things on the net. We don't have nanomanufacturing yet, so unfortunately economy of scale is also a problem when it comes to rural living. Most of the essential products are entirely dependent on factories and large scale operations, and you need cities and suburbs to support them. Megacities are worthless, however. Land values are going to only increase from here on out, barring mass death.
>>680 >cancel culture I don't care about that. I barely even watch TV. I have better things to do. I just said "Okay, i guess I won't post." No skin off my back. Just was interesting. And no, I will never buy a 4chan pass. Or turn off my ad blocker.
>>683 >I don't care about that. I watched lance grope a twelve year old last year. I will not say who it was, and she will not be coming forward; believe all women. I encourage you all to write to his university and his parents' employers about this incident.
>>684 stunning and brave. #believeallanons >>683 >I won't post That's the problem. Lots of people have just stopped posting entirely. Now all that's left on most major sites is shitposting from spammers, bots, shills and midwits. Apps are normalfag territory and largely uninteresting and mediocre, although Tiktok has had some good memes but suffers from the reliance on rich audio/video media instead of more abstract words and pictures. The /int/ crowd and their mockery of "serious discussions" belied their actual intent to destroy all discussion and simply spam bait and shit in order to drown out anything constructive, and that has been applied internet-wide. The same tactics have been applied almost uniformly, and they've been very effective at controlling discourse. All that's left is for the plug to be pulled on archive sites, data rot to set in, and history can "finally" be continuously and retroactively rewritten to suit their narratives and agendas. They HATE permanent records. We need everyone posting, frequently, and the current demoralization needs to be reversed. We also need to be able to shove all the spammers and jews into a black hole, but that is currently not a solved technological problem. If I had the wherewithal, I would dedicate my time to solving that problem, because I think we're very close to another explosive technological revolution if censorship can be demolished once and for all. Local 3D production and self sufficiency for material goods, and AI for self sufficiency for data processing and problem solving should be humanity's eventual technological goal, but we're not there yet and in the interim I think we still need an uncensored internet in order to push us to the next technological rung so we can be the first species to get past the Great Filter.
Open file (154.11 KB 1375x1279 1432016172183-2.png)
>>683 Oy vey thank you for reporting this white supremacist rapist. Here on /f/ we care about values, and anyone who violates them will be banned from life along with their white families.
Open file (56.67 KB 626x612 crop.jpeg)
>>686 Truly our greatest ally.
Open file (21.21 KB 380x377 1532779103492.jpg)
>>682 >Living rural and being technologically connected aren't incompatible Amen to that. The connection I'm using now hasn't been upgraded once since the 90s, and the only upgrade I see myself getting in the future is maybe going from aDSL to sDSL. Anything faster than dialup is plenty for anyone, unless you're hosting something. >>683 You're going to run out of places to speak.
Open file (261.96 KB 1563x707 01.png)
Saw this paper today. Relevant to a discussion we had a couple of weeks ago.
Open file (72.84 KB 309x354 redirect.jpg)
>>689 I view the idea of a "progressive" AI as a double-edged sword. One one hand, the success of such a project would likely spell the end of civilized society and the white race. On the other, the Jews are wasting years on a bloated AI that'll probably be horribly broken on launch, thereby granting us more time and opportunities to counter it.
>>684 Kek. Cancel culture is a cancer, but one that is about something utterly petty and meant to waste time. >That's the problem. Lots of people have just stopped posting entirely. hey, if 4chan wants to self destruct it can go right ahead. Also it's kind of ironic, given that most of these shows are being promoted by jews, that you're suddenly on their side. >>688 Eh, I am not as worried as you seem to be.
>>691 >most of these shows are being promoted by jews Shows?
Open file (8.70 KB 246x250 1592994230570s.jpg)
>>689 But Anon. Gorillas don't into AI.
>>685 >They HATE permanent records. This. The truth is the enemy of those who want to destroy civilized society. Pretty much has always been the case as long as this struggle has existed.
>>691 >most of these shows are being promoted by jews, that you're suddenly on their side. Shows? Cancel culture is sweeping the nation. College kids are expelled, people are losing their jobs because of something their daughter said eight years ago. A NASCAR driver lost his sponsor because of something his father said decades ago. Small businesses get letters from their banks and Mastercard saying that neither will do business with them anymore because of something entirely mundane that they've said. When it comes to celebrities, I couldn't care less which of them get cancelled, they are all worthless. But the phenomenon itself is impacting good everyday people far beyond 'shows'.
>>692 Cancel culture refers to people who want shows that depict things they don't like cancelled, or am I wrong?
>>695 ah I see.
(the term has grown to extend to more) And yeah fuck that shit, I like jeremy clarkson
>>696 No, cancel culture is when narcissists try to ruin lives for the sake of virtue signaling. They like to say that "actions have consequences", and are constantly mistaking the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) with Free Speech as an ideal of civilized society. The issue is that, what started out as a boycott on social media platforms has since morphed into something with far reaching consequences. "[Celebrity] raped a woman, so I won't watch his movies anymore" has turned into "[Average Joe] said that BLM is intentionally divisive and not helpful to society, so I'm going to call his employer, his bank, his landlord, his mother's doctor, etc." To no one's surprise, in ten years they're going to be astonished to find that they were the ones that created their own pipeline to the hard right. If you were an adolescent during this period and saw two groups in society, which would you rather align with; the sickly-looking freaks that do nothing but throw tantrums and want you to be ashamed of being white. Or the guys that like to work out, garden, joke around, and (amusingly) call each other kings? The left is creating its own boogeyman here. Hard to imagine anyone on the same side as JP Morgan and Mastercard could ever consider themselves to be on the 'right side of history.'
>>682 >today's (June 29, 2020) mass reddit ban. Hilarious development on that front today. I had a feeling it would go a certain way, and it absolutely did. A year or two ago, when they quarantined The Donald, that sub setup their own website, and it's actually doing quite well for itself. I don't remember the numbers, but it's not a small group of people at all. One of the biggest subs Reddit banned the other day was ConsumeProduct, a bunch of innawoods ecofascist types. They partnered with The Donald's new site and now have what amounts to a subreddit on their platform. The Donald's native boomers are discovering it for the first time, and they're having a great time over there. So I'll give it a year before the stereotypical Trump supporting boomer is a buff tedpilled gardener without a TV. Thanks Reddit, this is almost as good as the time they all spent a year on /pol/ because of that QAnon shit.
>>700 >So I'll give it a year before the stereotypical Trump supporting boomer is a buff tedpilled gardener without a TV tedpilled? Actually, that would be pretty remarkable sequence if it actually came true. I can't really trust boomers, but I trust the leftists even less. Interesting take Anon.
Open file (29.25 KB 576x277 01.png)
Open file (51.12 KB 581x393 02.png)
Open file (25.79 KB 571x228 03.png)
>>701 >tedpilled? "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race," and Ted Kaczynski's other two books. In the twentieth century, ecofascism and deep ecology were popularized by "Blut und boden", but developed more so around Kaczynski and Linkola towards the end of the century. Retarded people sometimes confuse either with anprim nonsense, which rejects technology itself, while ecofascism instead rejects industrialized society rather than its tools. It's basically 'cabin innawoods' as an ideology. Ted went to Harvard at sixteen, and became a professor at Berkeley. Absolutely brilliant mind. One day he got fed up with everything and fucked off to his cabin. His books are extremely articulate and well thought out. He differs from Linkola though in that Linkola thought the system could be reformed (mostly through massive population loss), while Ted thought it was better to just get rid of it altogether. Ecofascist sentiment has been on the rise ever since the globohomo nonsense started; it is largely responsible for the recent gardening craze on the right. >that would be pretty remarkable sequence if it actually came true. It's been fun watching those boomers change over time; they used to be really welcoming of gays even. But the more the left pushes, the more they lose. If you try to shame a man into thinking that the things he likes are *ist, he doesn't change his views to accommodate you, he just warms up to a variety of *isms. The left is reaping what they've sown.
Open file (328.58 KB 1785x1238 01.png)
Open file (417.13 KB 1675x1724 02.png)
>>702 Bonus panels.
>>702 >>703 >Ted Kaczynski Ahh, thanks. I know of him, but I've never read anything by him. I'll have a look into it now. There have been some interesting scientific research done that predicts there is a very distinct maximum timeframe an advanced technological civilization can sustain itself before it collapses entirely. Roughly 2'000 years is the maximum. My guess it's a much shorter period in reality.
Open file (85.74 KB 656x322 Selection_116.png)
Open file (826.51 KB 2404x1260 hobby_is_kill.jpg)
kek, he's so right. makes me wonder just how many subversive glowniggers are specifically trained in these leftist tactics, and how many come by it naturally as butthurt fee-fees first! libtards.
>>705 There has been speculation for a long time that Ted decided to open his books with his criticism of leftism solely to keep them out of the movement. The average leftist will read the first couple of pages and dismiss the guy as a far-right nutjob. But in actuality, none of his later points are even right wing (his views are societal, not necessarily political, but definitely at odds with conservatives). I have even seen people label him a 'white supremacist' for being some dude in a cabin that hated absolutely everyone.
There's still good goy's posting MR's on jewoxo's shithub which to the complete surprise of no one has not been updated yet and probably never will be at this point. In other much more useless news, hell has frozen over once more as some of the F95fags can apparently read because I recently decided to clearly mark the BOOBS mod as abandoned instead of continuing to provide false hope and at least one user informed the others.
>>707 However depending on who you are Gedan still walking the earth is a good thing (per a two hour twatter post).
Open file (47.50 KB 640x412 01.jpeg)
>>708 >Gedan still walking the earth I forgot he even existed, I suppose his life is still in shambles? For the last half a decade, every mention of Gedan has been something to this effect. Dude's going to wake up half bald at thirty one day still living like kids do in between highschool and college.
Updated TiTS mobile builds & shit because I realized I hadn't in nearly two months. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html I still don't think any of the changes are noteworthy though so I won't bother screenshotting the changelog; also it's been 1/3rd of a year since the last source code drop now.
>>707 Haha, I didn't read the new posts before making mine, so I thought I was going to be the only one in the thread who was.
>>709 That picture makes me sad. I don't think it's 100% accurate but the world would be a happier place for me with more non-gay tomboys.
>leddit I miss /r/wojak but even there there was a lot of cancer
>>712 >the world would be a happier place for me with more non-gay tomboys. Agreed.
>>708 I meant to say "two hour old twatter post" but at least most of the context was present. >>710 I would suggest stopping the production of TiTs mobile builds given the overall community assoicated with it (primarly the "dev" team who can't be arsed/don't have the balls to say "fuck you open source losers" or variations of such, in addition to "updates" generally being nothing of note except for "look at all this third party work I've merged in, that calls for another 24hr++ gaming break"). It might free your time upbeven more not having that in the back of your mind again. Also not that anyone really cares at this point but it has been nearly twelve/eleven days since the last "post" on the blog.
>>713 Reddit is roughly 99.9999% cancer though. The "board" search feature is absolute shit.
Open file (87.56 KB 1024x576 01.jpg)
>>715 >I would suggest stopping the production of TiTs mobile builds I tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen. >it has been nearly twelve/eleven days since the last "post" on the blog. Has he finally given up, or is he just dropping the facade of working throughout the week now? >>716 Back in 2008, Reddit was actually a fun place. The inherent issue is the type of person who uses such a website. Healthy people have lives, hobbies, they pursue interests and relationships throughout the day. Sites like Reddit and Twitter are attractive places to the Terminally Online, who bring their neurosis with them. While you're working, they are posting. When you go for a jog, they are arguing with each other. The only place I've encountered worse than Reddit is KPop Twitter. I get the same uncomfortable feeling reading their conversations as I would watching something extremely embarrassing happen to another person. It's kind of funny that even Reddit's Twitter account once posted a 13/50 statistic, back when people preferred to be happy instead of miserable.
Lance I have good and bad TiTS news. On the Forum one of the cock suckers replied to your latest post in the "Source Code Access" thread. >Gedan's script is gone and they are working on porting to javascript so there is just no time >SeriousBlueJewel, Yesterday at 8:37 PM What do you think will come first Flash EOL'ng on December 31st or TiTs being moved to JS (with a ton of bugs)? Also another cock sucker likes it. The post from the 24th of June (aka the latest post which is about twelve/thirteen days old now) finally a response from the "dev" team (I can't bothered to go back and check the few other times it has been asked in much older posts because if even an answer exists it is almost certainly the same) however >Savin says: >July 2, 2020 at 7:47 am >For various reasons: not for a little while longer. Any bets on how long a "little while" would be in this context besides infinity? I would not be surprised if the main reason is to add a half decent (and more legally enforceable) license instead of the abomination bullshit that currently exists or maybe if hell freezes over at least twice, adding some "documentation" to the placeholder.
Open file (15.25 MB pkmn_a.swf)
Found a nice raw of the Pokémon episode that caused all the seizures. Lazy encode to SWF so it's a bit bulky.
>>720 >they are working on porting to javascript so there is just no time Oh dear. And does that mean "porting the game to JS" or "porting the build scripts to JS?" Both suck. I say fuck it and keep using flash, the game is as dead as the medium. Also, they chose this timeline when they decided when starting a new game in around 2014/2015 to write it in Flash, even though the writing was already on the wall for it even back then and it was always clear it was living on borrowed time. I vaguely remember two or three websites ago when fen said he was thinking he'd do the new game in JS. You can see how that turned out. >any bets besides infinity? ∞-1. I wrote a license suggestion for them years ago (it was in a bug report on the original git repo that got removed). It left them with final say over everything while still permitting modifications as long as the game's "branding" was changed IIRC. I thought it was pretty reasonable and accomodating for their control-freak-ness. Never got a response from them though, and I don't have a copy anymore because I honestly don't see a point these days. >>715 >I would suggest stopping the production of TiTs mobile builds I did my last one around two months ago, and it and the last one were done purely on a whim. I used to do builds almost daily. So I'm getting better.
Open file (990.00 B 124x114 mage_again_a.png)
New head doodle, maybe I'm on the right track now (I know it's nowhere near done though; lots of things to fix)
Open file (775.39 KB 782x703 01.png)
>>722 What do they even expect a license to do for them? There are no legally-actionable entities interested in TiTS, and they're sure as hell not going to waste their fortune pursuing random individuals. If they think they're going to find some magic combination of words that curtail modding and/or piracy, they're living in the same fantasy world as the girls on OnlyFans that expect DMCA warning text to keep people from sending their stuff to their parents.
>>724 I don't expect it anymore. This was around 2015 when I still hoped they could play nicely even though they'd already proven otherwise with their handling of CoC.
>>725 (this was all in an issue someone else opened titled "no license" or something like that.
…) Now awaiting my ban.
>>727 They hated Jesus because he told them the truth.
BTW, got a hole in the condenser of my car's AC. Thankfully I have the parts car and the condenser in it _look_ okay at least.
>>722 >And does that mean "porting the game to JS" or "porting the build scripts to JS?" I assumed the former because that would be some what worthwhile (and provide a more valid excuse for yet more bugs and delay's) while doing it for build tools does nor make sense (even if one is a web developer). >>727 I hope you were looking for a side order of post deletion as well.
>>727 A reply >Considering that Gedan wrote and used a dedicated script I don't think it is that easy 10/10, at acompete guess that script probably checked the date since last push because all the world's calenders have apparently burned.
>>735 Ha, a 'dedicated script.' I too have some 'dedicated scripts' that take care of menial crap like adjusting my brightness levels, but nothing's stopping me from typing the commands manually. Honest to God, these lunatics act like the creation of TiTS is some arcane process outside the realm of our understanding. You'd think it were the TempleOS of video games, rather than a collection of gay furry fanfiction.
>>736 Yep, exactly. I too have scripts for brightness adjustments.
You have [a reply]: >That sounds fair I am not a programmer (and yes I did use a GUI), but if it really is as easy as you say it is why hasn't it been done. (there is most likely something that isn't known) More garbage from the Twatter >@FenoxoFenfen >BTW I lied, dealing with an audit is nerves fucking central. ----------- >Woke up, got an audit request from NY insurance because I have one employee living there, but it doesn't matter because our discord server got dab emotes. >blame @barakoodra. >@Gedan_AD >tfw you setup some more 2fa auth garbage using sms and you remind yourself your phone number ends in 404 and have yourself a sensible chuckle
>>739 >why hasn't it been done. Nearly two people die per second on this planet. It is an absolute tragedy that other people must do so in place of someone this dense. For every cancer patient making the most of limited time, there is someone like this with an uneventful eighty years ahead of them. Between their aversion for mods/forks, and their piracy paranoia, I certainly can't think of any reason as to why they'd stop updating their public repo. It's a mystery for the philosophy books. >dealing with an audit is nerves fucking central. An audit is literally "Produce the documents that back up these financial claims you've made." All that money, and you don't have a competent bookkeeper handling this for you? >[Twitter usernames] You ever notice how these people's entire lives revolve around buying things and consuming media. I have no idea how anyone lives like that, much less wants to broadcast it to the world as an accomplishment. If I didn't have enough in the bank to cover a video game, I'd be beyond ashamed of myself if that's where my next $60 went. But to make things worse, these are the very people complaining that they're barely scraping by under 'capitalism.'
>>740 >You ever notice how these people's entire lives revolve around buying things and consuming media That's the American Way™ of the last few decades. good goy >Between their aversion for mods/forks, and their piracy paranoia, I certainly can't think of any reason as to why they'd stop updating their public repo. It's a mystery for the philosophy books. Exactly, although I have to bowdlerize my responses somewhat on the forum. At this point he's made it clear he's not got a clue how software development works (he uses a GUI to access the git repo); he clearly isn't worth any more time.
>>740 >>741 Pile of shit coming through >Latest post >Warning: Image Pack contains more severe trip / staggered penalties than other versions since it was compiled after I started doing some edits. Also there’s a new Erra scene in there that was half-coded at the time of public patch.) https://github.com/OXOIndustries/TiTS-Public/pull/273 >First off I want to say that I appreciate the time and effort, but I'm not sure it's going to go anywhere. >Flash is being killed at the end of the year, and Gedan (the code-dragon that handles all the porting tech) is rebuilding the engine in JS (much like CoC2's) and is unlikely to spend time integrating this into the build pipeline when we're going to have to scrap the whole thing. Seeing as Gedan is doing the "work" any bets on how shit it will be besides [force of 10,000 suns]?
Question: How feasible would it be to re-implement an ImageBoard as a Gopher system running over an onion service? Could you make such a system a series of distributed personal-gopher-imageboards that interconnect with each other via some kind of Tor/BitTorrent mashup? I'm trying to spitball a feasible distributed IB system that can run across slow-speeds and terminal-only interfaces here.
>>743 >BitTorrent I should definitely qualify this. I mean BitTorrent-esque, as in P2P-esque (for distributed content & discovery), definitely not BitTorrent itself. Just a similar notion that would suffice for the task and be simple and reliable across personal onion servers.
>>741 >he uses a GUI to access the git repo The man responsible for their git repo doesn't know how to use git? Sounds like every amateur dev project ever. >>742 >Seeing as Gedan is doing the "work" any bets on how shit it will be The lad spent something like two years 'working' on a ship update that never came to be. Anytime someone brought it up, the response was always "Gedan is working day and night, you don't understand how complex this system is." After two years of nothing, Fen ended up doing the entire ship thing himself in about two weeks. Fen's staff is too busy lamenting the existence of their penises to be doing any work. >>743 The Gopher part seems unnecessary. The frontend could look something like Newsboat or Mutt - new posts arrive as 'entries' and their contents can be displayed through the program itself. Writing a new post would just open up your preferred text editor. If we're doing a P2P system, the posts are all stored locally once retrieved, so there's no reason to have something like Gopher involved. You might want to look into Bitmessage for inspiration, as it's pretty close to the overall theme here. It's a decentralized P2P email system. I mean, all we really are is a mailing list with a frontend, something like Bitmessage wouldn't be bad as it is.
>>745 alright, i'll have a look thanks for the advice.
>>745 >The man responsible for their git repo doesn't know how to use git? Sounds like every amateur dev project ever. The person in question is the primary wiki editor and not the main "coder" for what it is worth.

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