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Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread Three: Electric Boogalee lance##m3y78z 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:20:05 No.4
Hi, welcome to The New New Thread. Same as The Old and Old Old Threads! This is a thread allegedly for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff. Despite this being a TiTS thread in name (for historical purposes), barely anyone here plays TiTS. For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask. https://forum.fenoxo.com/forums/trials-in-tainted-space.8/ For reasons of how long this thread's existed and how much fen's fucked up everything he's touched, there's a good chance the thread will have barely anything to do with fenoxo and his hugbox at any given point. Information >FAQ https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/ >Mobile Builds https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html >Minerva Read the readme if you want to use it to edit your save data. Especially read the readme if you use Chrome. https://mega.nz/#!30gTyCCK!GFy7E3yrlkpUbA9yFMZpSinlT1BiO6Xn1Ykpc50b-Cw If you would like my custom mobile CoC, or other builds, just ask and I might oblige. >Downloads We don't really have the latest builds first anymore. That said, I make mobile builds and desktop builds from source code when I can (and/or feel like it), and redistribute the premade builds when I can access them. I mirror them here. I am also, to my knowledge, the only person making iOS builds for TiTS nowadays. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html
Open file (80.24 KB 480x471 1wecYrU.jpg)
>>1587 The alteratives are, in order: TOR (currently out-of-order), IRC (functioning), and XMPP (once I learn it and set up a server). If this site goes down, /f/ will be able to regroup, but we will be on the back-foot. >>1588 >POTUS The only news I've heard is the MSM saying that he's going to do a speech about border walls, which makes no sense. Aside from that? Absolutely nothing. It's pretty spooky.
>>1589 >XMPP Do you have a recommended client?
>>1589 >It's pretty spooky. Well, you can't expect them publicly to just accidentally the sitting President 23 times to the back of the head yet. What better way to keep him quiet than lock him up in a 'special' military base?
I'm cloning this since it's C++ and I'll take a look too. https://github.com/qxmpp-project/qxmpp
Open file (69.08 KB 550x413 1411746756.jpg)
Nanochan is up on the v2 address. >>1590 Still looking at options, which might take a little while because my backlog of shit to do is fucking massive right now. I probably shouldn't even be spending time posting, but I want to make sure everyone here is informed. All this is getting fucking stressful. >>1591 That's certainly one possibility.
>>1593 >Nanochan is up on the v2 address. Thanks! >All this is getting fucking stressful. Just take time and breath Anon. You're getting your ducks in a row. We'll be fine. :^)
>>1592 Build went smooth as silk. I'll begin digging through the docs & examples and try setting up a small home server with it.
>'a message or file is mandatory'
Open file (189.47 KB 960x640 1455160312831.jpg)
Stormer is back up. Consensus server health is all over the place. Apparently the TOR project is planning on deprecating v2 addresses later this year. Whatever.
Tlaw's Index is back up.
Open file (140.69 KB 1237x495 01.jpg)
>>1570 Wait until you read their article on choosing an email host. >>1576 >Lol why do you call him that? Five years ago I was playing JoNT with /d/, and had a brilliant idea. Rather than have a dozen people subscribe to various Patreons and haphazardly leak games, have one anon setup a Patreon everyone else could donate to. That guy would then subscribe to the handful of games people wanted, and leak them. It would have been a communal effort of sorts. Despite the idea never taking off, the nickname 'commie anon' stuck. To this day, "Rabbi Fennberg" on Google Images still yields some of my finest edits from back then. To think that lance was the reason he originally stopped sharing the source, and years later I would be the reason he added DRM. The gang's all here. >>1581 >I figured there'd be at least a little runaround instead of everybody swinging the banhammer at once. Remember that leftists are terrified of being ostracized. There is an almost pathological need for acceptance. When Amazon shut down their servers, the rest of Parlor's infrastructure went into "what are WE doing to fight fascism?" mode. It's the same reason why fucking soft drink companies feel the need to put our statements on the capitol riot, or why leftists felt pressured to post black squares for BLM last summer. The bugman does not think independently, only in the context of being accepted. >>1586 Tor was originally a DoD project, and the state operates most of the exit nodes. It's not even a secret. >>1587 The War on Terror coming home. But at least Biden is going to return the country to normal, right everyone? At this point I would be inclined to ask a drowning man his political affiliations before rescuing him. >>1588 >what's the word on the POTUS? If you ask the Q people, he's holed up in an underground bunker, laying the pieces out on the board and about to make his final stand against the Deep State. To everyone else, I imagine his administration is trying to keep him out of the spotlight for the rest of the month so he doesn't embarrass them further, and they don't become unemployable by February. >>1589 >once I learn it and set up a server ejabberd is a great server, very easy. With config files written by Ray Charles himself. >>1590 >Do you have a recommended client? Five years ago I was using Profanity. I'd have to see if that's all well and good today, but I had no complaints at the time.
I'm hearing reports of power outages in Texas.
>>1569 >Kaczynski >The man and his writings were brilliant, I can only take it as a compliment. I meant it as one. I disagree on a few points but he is still an intellectual and I respect his dedication and reasoning. >>1568 Saved. >>1599 >With config files written by Ray Charles himself. That got a smile out of me. >I imagine his administration is trying to keep him out of the spotlight for the rest of the month so he doesn't embarrass them further, and they don't become unemployable by February. A bit late for that, but that sounds more plausible to me. I'm sure he's unhappy. >To this day, "Rabbi Fennberg" on Google Images still yields some of my finest edits from back then. Heh, i have some of those saved. Great stuff. >To think that lance was the reason he originally stopped sharing the source To give details, it was because he (or more probably Adjatha, since fen seems to have no idea how the hell git works) was at that time releasing public builds every two weeks or so (later kicked out to closer to a month apart each). At that point, development was a little faster than it has been in the last four years or so, and more people were contributing code and stuff. To encourage this, the git master branch was public facing on github; this meant that by building the git master you could get an even more up-to-date version of the game than even the game's "backers" could. Fen & co. at the time claimed something like "we aren't too worried about 'piracy'" (single quotes added by me) "…because updates are so frequent that we can outrun them." So I took it upon myself to get the game building from source code on my machine; first I did it in flashdevelop in a windows VM, and then I realized I could actually write some scripts and get it building under Linux distros. So I did. From then on, for maybe a year or so, I'd just run a 'git pull' every day or two and run my scripts to generate builds of the game (and Android/iOS apps of it) and then post them on 8ch. Suddenly, without much prior warning, the github repo disappeared. I made one last build, based on a fork by jacques00 that hadn't been memory holed yet, and then around a week later we got an official response that it had been deleted due to "piracy" and someone setting up an automated build system. For the record, all my scripts did was the equivalent of hitting the "build project" button in an IDE. I was manually getting and building the code itself, fixing all the various random bugs that would crop up and submitting pull requests to fix compilation issues. I also made a few feature implementation pull requests, which basically got yoinked by Adjatha, rewritten with different names, and then pushed by Adjatha without crediting me, leaving my PR's open and unanswered. So basically they just decided that my contributions were less important than "'protecting' their eye pee." >and years later I would be the reason he added DRM It was hardly that; just some magic bytes that he could use to identify who downloaded it. We curbstomped that one pretty easily.
>>1601 Eh, nvm, I guess it technically was DRM. Still, it was just some magic bytes tacked on the ends of files by a PHP script on their server. Once we found that out it was pretty easy to fix; especially since they even had it print 'de ad be ef' in a hex editor near the end. Blatant giveaway.
>>1602 Actually, I guess the bigger thing was that they shadow-banned us by just sending the old version of the SWF but with a newer version number injected. I'd forgotten that detail. That was pretty nefarious.
>>1599 >But at least Biden is going to return the country to normal, right everyone? At this point I would be inclined to ask a drowning man his political affiliations before rescuing him. As much as I dislike the current administration, his won't be much better; it'll focus on social issues of little import and ignore all the economic problems of those outside an elite few, just like now.
Also, if any legislation does get introduced that seems like it could actually bring positive change, it'll just be hemmed and hawed out until the democrats can lose control in a couple years, so they can claim to have tried to do something while not actually accomplishing anything.
Apart from a problem with some flickering on grays when brightness is reduced, the Android open source (AOSP) rom I built from the source tree seems to be working well. Not sure what the deal is with the brightness, but I bet it's AMOLED related.
>>1599 >To everyone else, I imagine his administration is trying to keep him out of the spotlight for the rest of the month so he doesn't embarrass them further, and they don't become unemployable by February. Kek, OK I admit that's an angle I hadn't thought of.
Apparently Delta is getting sick and tired of all the evil fascists everywhere, and is now kicking Trump supporters off flight for being, well, Trump supporters.
Open file (611.37 KB 578x676 01.png)
>>1601 >I'm sure he's unhappy. I'd be happy too if everyone I hired stabbed me in the back. But Don has only known how to one thing: build a brand/lifestyle out of something and sell it. He did it with his name, and he did it with MAGA. There was never an ideology behind his politics to rally around. >>1602 I brought it mostly because you and I were the two people that got Fen to do something to stop piracy. You, with him taking down the git. And me, with him trying to stop the guy uploading his game to halfchan. I also remember them doing something with CoC2 when I started packaging their online game from my wget script. But I don't remember what measures they took besides obfuscating the javascript files >>1604 That's a very optimistic viewpoint compared to entering another war, expanding SCOTUS to stack it, and a second Patriot Act. Say what you will about Trump as a person, but his presidency had almost no impact on anyone. Someone who ignored the propaganda for the last four has woken up every morning untouched. Few will be able to say that about what president Harris is about to do. >>1605 They have no reason to introduce positive bills because the Uniparty is in power now and any such bills will just make them look bad. >>1608 This is why being a grayman is important. Unless you get off on being a victim, there is absolutely no reason to publicly display anything about your personal life. Dress nice but not outlandishly, don't wear shit with words or logos. Don't discuss shit of importance with people unless their input is important to you. You don't get points for virtue signaling at the expense of making your life difficult.
>>1609 >I'd be happy too Unhappy even.
>>1609 >Few will be able to say that about what president Harris is about to do. Sadly, this. It will certainly be the end of life on easy street for practically every legal citizen, and by design ofc. This will probably prove an irrecoverable slide in the future as well. >Don't discuss shit of importance with people unless their input is important to you. You don't get points for virtue signaling at the expense of making your life difficult. Good advice, thanks. I'll try to carry it out more conscientiously now.
>>1609 Looks like Parler likely didn't do anything to keep users secure. Someone's apparently done a 70TiB data dump (remarkably quickly, I might add). >Don has only known how to one thing: build a brand/lifestyle out of something and sell it. He did it with his name, and he did it with MAGA. There was never an ideology behind his politics to rally around. I know I've completely agreed with you on a handful of things in the past, but I'm still glad to hear you say that since that's what I've thought all along. >>1609 I remember that story vaguely; I think you said that you just saved what you could, tried running the game, and looked in the JS console for the missing stuff. >expanding SCOTUS to stack it The behavior of the GOP regarding the last five years or so (ever since Scalia's death) has been disgraceful, too. Not that that makes it okay for democrats to play shitty games.
>>1612 Most people think Scalia was murdered so Hillary could stack the court.
>>1612 >Someone's apparently done a 70TiB data dump (remarkably quickly, I might add). Very likely an inside turn-coat job.
>>1612 >The behavior of the GOP As if that was a separate group of people.
Just tried qutebrowser. It crashed twice, and the third time I realized that it's unusable for me because I don't know how vi keybindings work. What kind of diseased headspace is required to decide that ctrl-tab should make an entirely new tab? Guess I'm sticking with Basilisk until I find something less shit.
>>1616 You might try using the Pentadactyl add-on w/ Basilisk on and off until you get more used to it. Then maybe you can try Qute again. Using Vim regularly will help too ofc :^)
Open file (49.70 KB 709x291 01.png)
>>1616 Ah, I forgot that not everyone wants vim bindings. I've been used to it for awhile now. Basilisk isn't a bad choice though. That picture is interesting and would make for a nice AI Dungeon prompt tonight.
Open file (3.26 MB 1185x1383 1610536462473.png)
So, why the sudden rush to emasculate a lame duck President? Are they terrified of him or something?
>>1619 The same reason they are going scorched earth with conservative sites; revenge. 2016 wasn't supposed to happen, and they will make sure it never does again. The right as a whole will become 'domestic terrorists' so they can suppress the anti neoliberal opposition.
>>1620 Seems to make sense. I'm curious personally, since I'm squarely in the anti-neoliberal opposition camp, to see just how far they are willing to take their 'oppression' of Righty. Heh, why isn't that a slangword?
>>1621 >how far they are willing to take their 'oppression' of Righty. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956
>>1622 >Solzhenitsyn Good Point. I'll need to read him soon.
>>1620 I think it's more to try cementing him as numero uno bad guy. They don't want those who were children during his term to start asking questions in adulthood; "How was this man, who was so evil, had everyone in media and government against him, never impeached?" The outcome of 2016 is better than had they won, it greatly accelerated things in their favor. One would hope that the cold-blooded murder of Capitol tourist Ashli Babbitt would elicit public outrage on a level equal to or greater than that for career criminal George Floyd, but it won't. The harsh punishments for the Capitol tourists and the propaganda machine will do its best to quash any public outrage. I have less than zero interest in politics. Fuck, I really miss the old internet.
Open file (96.18 KB 2847x1412 doubt.jpg)
>>1613 >"most people" Sure, maybe on /pol/.
>>1618 I want emacs bindings >>1619 Because they want to be on "the right side of history" and also because they were personally endangered.
>>1624 >Fuck, I really miss the old internet. You and me both.
>>1624 >cementing him as numero uno bad guy That would be a wasted effort, considering that he's gone in a week. It's more about demonizing the right as a whole, and Trump is just the scapegoat for that. He could be public enemy number one for the next week, and then what, we enter a utopia brought on by the Biden administration and the left can happily retire? The left cannot function without rallying against problems of their own creation. The right is content with God, family, and community, but the left has spent the last century demonizing all of that, so they have no central focus of their own. To have a successful leftist movement, you must invent problems that can only be fixed with societal change. Alinsky's book has been the de-facto playbook for the left for almost fifty years now, and this is no different. They need Trump to appear to be a bigger problem than he actually is to justify their actions against the right. They could have nuked the conservative side of the internet at any time, but they needed the capitol protests first. >never impeached He was already impeached the first time, just never removed from office. >>1626 >the right side of history Absolutely delusional to mistake maliciousness for incompetence. People whose policies are dictated by foreign money and lobbying are under no delusion that they are fighting the good fight; these are talking points for the masses. They know exactly what they're doing, and it's about time you figured it out too.
Open file (356.41 KB 857x642 idontknow.jpg)
>>1617 The main thing keeping me from learning vi stuff is the fact that I have no real reason to. I'm not a serious programmer, and I prefer menu-driven interfaces with/or simple keybindings (or a program-specific command prompt in some cases) when I'm working from a CLI. I have no doubts that vi/emacs style environments are more efficient once you get used to them, but I personally have little to gain from it. >>1624 >spoiler I'm right with you there. >>1626 >personally endangered Yeah, no. If the feds were ever actually in danger, we'd be having a very different conversation right now. They just put on a show to give a (weak) excuse to abuse even more power.
>>1629 >no real reason to A lot of people only learn vi because they ssh into a box and nano isn't installed by default. I personally prefer emacs as an editor, but have been using vim and software with vim bindings lately because it's just everywhere. Every time I install something nice, it turns out to have vim bindings, so I live with it. >They just put on a show to give a (weak) excuse to abuse even more power. Pretty much. Capitol police made six requests for NG support, and had offers from the Pentagon and FBI. All were denied by officials in the Capitol. They had a month to prepare for a very visible protest, and gave it less security than even a regular Trump rally. Painfully obvious to everyone that doesn't get their news from a propaganda machine.
>>1628 >He was already impeached the first time, just never removed from office. Shows how little interest I have for this stuff, haha. TWO SCOOOOOOOOOPSSS!??!??!? TWO IMPEACHMENNNNNNTSSSS???!?! We're on the same page. It's retarded to us, but not to them. It's more evidence for their herstory books; make the right less attractive, hoping to keep its size under control in the future. They need an opponent, only it can't be too powerful. I think we're witnessing them invent the next problem with the latest deplatforming; shrink the right by pushing Trump's true believers underground, hoping to cause some more tourism incidents, use those to continue expanding control.
>>1631 >I think we're witnessing them invent the next problem With the impeachment, absolutely. The next problem will be republican congressmen that didn't vote for impeachment. Those that did just became pariahs to the right, those that didn't will be held accountable for 'supporting fascism.' It further fragments the right as a political opponent.
>>1624 I honestly miss being able to not care about politics, but every single part of life has become politicized, and it's impossible to insulate yourself from it unless you have "fuck you" money and land. Even then, you can still get eminent domain'd so jews can build more rapefugee housing. There's no ability to be left alone anymore.
Open file (177.44 KB 1145x1520 01.jpg)
>>1634 >unless you have "fuck you" money You need to separate wants from needs. Land in California close to shopping centers, airports, etc is expensive as hell. Land in the middle of nowhere Wyoming is like $4k for 40 acres. The cost of living is really dirt cheap, it's just that bugmen are weighed down by unnecessary expenses and blame everyone else for their poverty. Auto loans because they financed a new shitbox, expensive rent because they didn't do their research on housing, fast food and boxed frozen dinners because they never learned how to cook, needless online entertainment, new video games, electronics, and consumer products. Nobody needs any of that, and it's expensive as hell. I am not a rich man, but everyone thinks I am because I buy almost nothing and keep my expenses as low as possible. Cut out the expenses, work, save up, do your research and buy that land. The biggest problem the right has is this idiotic desire to stay plugged in to the society they hate. Either go full bugman or get out, anything in between will just make you miserable.
>>1635 Unfortunately, I'm a retard irl with illiquid assets and obligations. COVID has made things even more difficult.
>>1636 >obligations Are these obligations court-ordered? If not, then I urge you to reconsider how important your current ties are. Are you following said obligations because you earnestly believe they're morally right and fulfilling, or because you feel like you have to? If it's the former, then consider why you feel this way and how important these things really are to you. If it's the latter, then the best thing to do is distance yourself from the situation. Anyone and anything can be ghosted out of your life if you try hard enough. >COVID A weak-ass virus has literally no meaningful impact on your life. It's the government mandated lockdown that's screwing us all over. In fact, if it's ever brought up in IRL conversation, which it will, don't say "COVID", "Corona", or any variation thereof. Instead, say "lockdown". It's innocent enough that no normalniggers will think you're suspicious, and it'll subtly remind them (and yourself) that the conditions we're faced with are entirely the fault of the powers that be. Words matter.
>>1637 >and it'll subtly remind them (and yourself) that the conditions we're faced with are entirely the fault of the powers that be. /thread. There are real, significantly life-threatening diseases out there. This one isn't one of them. It's hardly a threat beyond the very elderly and very young, same as the flu is.
Open file (61.31 KB 890x228 01.jpg)
>>1636 Most people who aren't retards today were at some point. No one leaves highschool knowing how to make the most of life. But those that never figure it out end up being manchildren playing video games in their 30's. You've presumably got plenty of time to figure it out, and are probably ahead of the curve. Hell, when I was seventeen, I was on my own and had no idea how to do anything. I was heating frozen cheese-steaks over the stove on a bent coat hanger. If I can make it, you can too. >>1638 I have spent more time in the last year wondering about a brain tumor than this 'pandemic.' I think I'm just sleep deprived though. Can anyone even point to someone in their lives that has died of this thing? Twenty billion deaths every day and no one even knows someone that died. The best they can point to is a friend that got sick for three weeks and has since made a full recovery. But why aren't we taking it more seriously?
>>1639 >I was heating frozen cheese-steaks over the stove on a bent coat hanger. Lel, I've been there. :^) > The best they can point to is a friend that got sick for three weeks and has since made a full recovery. There's this on elderly man in church who had to sit out from his duties for well, just about 3 weeks now. AFAIK he's going to be fine.
>>1639 Are you implying the 20 million deaths a day don't real Anon!? Police! Someone insulted the 2 billion deaths! Nevar 4get the 20 billion!
Looks like GCC actually had its own port of the 'go' tool, which means I'm back in business with building/running go programs on PowerPC 32-bit (official golang does not support or build on PPC32, but GNU's does). >>1639 >Can anyone even point to someone in their lives that has died of this thing? Yeah, actually; one of my parents' neighbors died. I spent a lot of time talking with them growing up.
BTW, gccgo apparently works on Alpha as well.
Ported old Linux X11 (software rendered) Quake to use SDL for audio instead of OSS DMA. Since OSS DMA takes total control of the card no other audio can play at the same time as it, which is a problem when you haven't got a CD drive with analogue output handy (did anyone even make a CD drive with analogue output for SATA? I have a PATA one but it's not really something I can really use right now). Anyway I'm using it and cdemu (which uses SDL for audio as well) to play software rendered Quake with SFX and red book audio simultaneously.
>>1644 Neat. Nice job.
>>1644 How does OSS DMA compare to SDL in terms of resource usage and sound accuracy?
Open file (271.57 KB 1258x1568 01.jpg)
I made a post about Epik way back when at >>1150 , recommending them after a chat with their CEO. After a recent hit piece on them, some guy emailed them and got the reply in pic related. Pretty decent. In the face of all of this censorship, they definitely seem to be the registrar of choice.
>>1647 Do they offer WHOIS anonymization do you know?
Open file (39.17 KB 586x245 Selection_263.png)
Open file (677.90 KB 1153x843 Selection_264.png)
Open file (74.51 KB 938x790 Selection_265.png)
>>1647 >>1648 OK, I answered my own question. Apparently they maintain a separate legal entity anonymize.com they offer anonymization through. They claim that you still have full ownership of your domain, unlike other services that basically take ownership and give lip service to yours. I'm no lawyer, and I'd be interested to hear anyone else's take on this. > #1 #2 Also, does anyone know anything about id.federatedidentity.com Certainly isn't calm-inducing looking at the list of icons they offer login services alongside. > #3
Open file (291.32 KB 638x678 01.png)
>>1649 It's really no different from any other host, except that Epik sets up entire services for these things because they offer them to other companies as well. Rather than just anonymize your WHOIS and call it a day (Hover, et al), other registrars can use Epik's anonymizer service by registering at anonymize.com. federatedidentity is just another of Epik's services. They don't rely on services that might deplatform them, so they roll their own in-house.
>>1650 >...They don't rely on services that might deplatform them, so they roll their own in-house. I notice that openid-connect is in the constructed URI. Is that somehow the way they connect to the Full-Pozz services listed w/o risking their own system? >also, that pic Top kek
>>1647 [$1 was added to your PayPal account] But seriously though, I'd be hesitant to trust any US-based web service. Even if the people running Epik really are well-meaning, they're ultimately at the mercy of a hostile government. They might not be able to preserve any liberties once PATRIOT Act Two: This Time it's Personal (coming to a dystopian government near you this Jan. 20th) comes down. >>1650 >that pic Is that the actual Qanon? I've never followed any of that crap, so I don't know how his posts are differentiated from the riff-raff.
>>1566 You should know by now I only appear when daedally says my name ;-p
>>1646 Accuracy should be fine, latency is slightly worse. Resource usage doesn't matter since it's not 1995 anymore.
Open file (314.19 KB 800x600 01.png)
Good morning, I hate homosexuals. >>1652 >they're ultimately at the mercy of a hostile government I don't like this kind of argument. Yes, Epik could be compelled to shut down your domain if you were hosting something objectionable. But under the coming administration, you should not in any way be making yourself a target by doing so. I like Epik because some overweight balding man in a blouse isn't going to get my domain taken down with a strongly worded Twitter post. But to be honest, I would much rather the US be able to seize the domain if they really wanted to, because the alternative is that spooks start showing up at my door to seize computers and see what they can charge me with, since they couldn't take down the domain through the normal process. My prediction is that the right is going to isolate in such a way that domains really won't matter anyway. Either we're going to see a revival of OpenNIC-style alternative DNS systems, with free registrars for funky domains only accessible to those using the DNS servers. Or, we're going to go back to the old pre-Tor setup of sharing host files with hardcoded DNS/IP pairs. Someone will probably make a browser extension to update the list automatically. Either way, your favorite site will be on a domain like pol.kitsune soon enough. >Is that the actual Qanon? No, but it's not far off. The current Q prediction is that losing the election was part of the plan all along, because Trump couldn't fight the deep state while also holding office. Trump will be fighting his greatest battle from prison or something.
>>1652 So, while Anon was down for several hours in the past day, I considered how I would ever get in touch with you guys again if that was it for them and their other channels vanished as well. I realized that I was still unaware of a Tor-compatible way to contact you. This forced me to reconcile that I'd probably never hear from any of you again. So, if in the next 24hrs or so (or whenever, if otherwise), this channel to you guys vanishes I just want to give my thanks and let you know I enjoyed meeting everyone and have learned a lot. Thanks mates. Godspeed to us all now.
>>1655 >Or, we're going to go back to the old pre-Tor setup of sharing host files with hardcoded DNS/IP pairs. Never heard of that before. How in the world does that work?
Also, any recommendations on good dynamic dns providers? Or is that even feasible in the face of a state-level opponent?
Open file (1.35 MB 1103x1612 01.jpg)
>>1656 Though anon.cafe may die, /f/ is pretty easy to keep in touch with. We survived the move from 8ch, and from Julay. The only people we lost were those that evidently weren't that invested in the community. Your use case with Tor is a bit unique, but worse case scenario, find a Tor email host and send lance an email asking where we all ended up after shit hits the fan. His email is not hard to find, given the username in the OP links. >>1657 Well, you'd have to understand DNS, but the short of it is that domains are a scam on the level of fiat currency. The only reason you can buy domains is that networks willingly come under the authority of DNS servers whose backends have long established standards, and whose authority will sell you domains. If you were to run your own DNS server, you could point whatever name you want to any IP address you desired. Without that standard, it would only resolve for you, or the people you share that information with, but there is no need to have a .com or .net from a registrar beyond interoperability. If you are a tight knit community that couldn't care less about the broader public, registrars are worthless. So you have two options, and they both more or less work the same way. Either you have a DNS server on your network (likely, if you have any sort of home network), or you hardcode it into /etc/hosts (or the equivalent on Windows, whose location I no longer remember but is surely some convoluted path in system32). Whether it's your own DNS server or a hosts file, the end result is that you can point a domain of your choosing to whatever IP you'd like. And if the server is looking for requests with that domain, it works just fine. I use {x}.ki.tsune for my home network, and all of my servers are configured for the base domain ki.tsune. None of the software cares whether that is a 'real' domain. There are some DNS hosts, like OpenNIC, that simplify this for you. You set your computer to their DNS servers, and suddenly you can resolve a wide range of odd domains that you couldn't before, but you're just switching from one authority to another here, and are subject to their ToS. The right could conceivably do this as well and setup their own alternative DNS, but might get booted all the same. So, hardcoded host files are often the method of choice. You can see how this works under the Examples at the bottom of this page: https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man5/hosts.5.html
>>1659 >find a Tor email host and send lance an email asking where we all ended up after shit hits the fan. OK good thinking. I should already set then. > /etc/hosts OK, I think I sort of understand this. I've edited that file before to block outbound traffic from escaping my machine at least I think I did. Also, I remember a site that had something like .oss as an alternative domain but apparently they never got it worked out how to integrate it with the webring things. Thanks for the example link and explanation. Didn't seem to hard to follow when you said it. :^)
>>1658 The alt DNS world is hot garbage, believe me, I've spent years looking for nice things in it. OpenNIC is about the best you're going to find, and even that is not too great. There's an Austrian furry tranny that runs some very reliable, secure, and logless DNS servers on OpenNIC, and I have been using them for many years. My setup is less about OpenNIC itself and more about using whatever infrastructure this one faggot makes public. I don't make this recommendation lightly, the guy is an absolute nutcase. But his networking is solid. https://meo.ws/
>>1661 I see I have a lot to learn. No surprise there, pretty much familiar territory heh. >/universe/observable_universe/laniakea_supercluster/virgo_supercluster/local_sheet/local_group/milky_way_subgroup/milky_way/orion_arm/gould_belt/local_bubble/local_interstellar_cloud/solar_system/earth/europe/austria/vienna/ Lel, I'm a bit of a cosmology/astronomy enthusiast, so that's humorous to me. >that full-pozz social media list I don't even... Any advice how I might somehow follow your path for networking, but protect myself from this guy? Not second-guessing him beyond what you've said and his objective list, but seems pretty risky to be mixing with someone like that. Seems like they might turn on you any moment.
>My prediction is that the right is going to isolate in such a way that domains really won't matter anyway. Either we're going to see a revival of OpenNIC-style alternative DNS systems, with free registrars for funky domains only accessible to those using the DNS servers. Or, we're going to go back to the old pre-Tor setup of sharing host files with hardcoded DNS/IP pairs. Someone will probably make a browser extension to update the list automatically. Either way, your favorite site will be on a domain like pol.kitsune soon enough. I'd not be surprised. >>1656 IRC. irc.anonops.com irc.anonops.su anonops.ircdrama.us port 6697, ssl channel #/f/ugees
Also pretty sure gunship/commie still has one of my email addresses
>>1663 >IRC OK, thanks. I can probably find a cafe or something somewhere. But I'll probably just try gunship's advice and just email you if you don't mind. >>1664
>>1665 mmk. IDK why you hate IRC though, it's nice.
Open file (388.79 KB ISAIF.pdf)
Open file (2.89 MB SIEGE.pdf)
Have some literature, who knows how hard they'll be to find in the coming days. >>1662 >I don't even... He's a typical tranny. Very online, plays video games all day, probably addicted to pornography and psych meds. >protect myself from this guy I mean, he's pretty well known within the alt-DNS world. Quite the many people use his services, so it's not like he's going to single out you in particular. His infrastructure is logless (we have to take his word for it, as we would with anyone else), so he's not likely to even know what you're doing. I'd sooner trust him than some DNS company with the resources to run automated queries of requests against a database of suspect words/domains. >>1665 Hospitals and medical centers have free wifi, and are your best friend. Much less restrictive than McDonalds and the like.
>>1667 >I'd sooner trust him than some DNS company with the resources to run automated queries of requests against a database of suspect words/domains. OK, that's a fair point. >Hospitals and medical centers have free wifi, and are your best friend. I hadn't actually thought of that yet, thanks. >saved
>>1666 Oh I don't really. Over the past 2 or 3 years since I weaned myself from Wangblows I'm pretty comfortable now w/ a CLI (in fact I use it constantly now, more or less). It's just the kind of anti-anonymity stance that seems prevalent in that world I don't like; >"Tor is abusive! Bad, bad, bad!11" Actually IBs are far more likely to be abused by Tor users IMHO, yet here we are. I don't think I've ever communicated to you guys here w/o it.
Open file (201.42 KB 531x398 01.png)
>>1669 I mean, you could also just get a VPN.
>>1670 I don't really feel qualified to figure out which ones don't glow like a 1'000 suns, or even how to get started figuring that out. This whole are seems so complex it's pretty intimidating.
>>1671 Basic Info: https://www.privacytools.io/providers/vpn/ Technical Comparison: https://www.safetydetectives.com/best-vpns/#detailed-vpn-comparison I trust Mullvad, and have never heard any suspicious news to make me think otherwise. I would not use a VPN to discuss a terrorist plot. But to shitpost on an imageboard, where my personal content is not necessarily suspect but the site as a whole might be, sure.
>>1672 >Mullvad Good taste. Also my VPN of choice. It's a shame that since the pandemic started they restricted the currencies they'll accept by snail mail. Anyone trying to pay them by snail mail, make sure you don't use a color laser printer to print your payment code since that leaves behind identifying dot patterns. https://www.eff.org/issues/printers
>>1672 >>1673 Alright, thanks guys. I'll probably look into it more closely once I move back West again.
>>1671 >I don't really feel qualified to figure out which ones don't glow like a 1'000 suns, or even how to get started figuring that out. It's actually very simple, do they accept anon payments like crypto? >y No problem >n They glow in the dark. (because they can with you not paying anon) Yes. It's really that easy.
>>1675 OK, that makes sense. I'm guessing a place like Torrenfreak might keep some kind of list going? Actually, I'm a little overwhelmed with everything else on my plate atm, but I'll start looking into this before long. It's obviously going to be needed even moreso. Thanks for the advice everyone.
Open file (61.30 KB 1080x611 01.jpg)
>>1676 >Torrenfreak Avoid every mainstream website when it comes to security recommendations (or honestly, anything). You're going to get sponsored recommendations for spooky garbage like PIA, NordVPN, and ProtonMail. If you're aware of how corrupt game journalism is, just apply that thought to every other branch of journalism and avoid it. Your best recommendations are going to come from like plaintext Neocities sites, pastebins, and random spreadsheets.
>>1677 >just apply that thought to every other branch of journalism and avoid it. Good point. I pretty much am avoiding it overall, don't do social media, etc. For some dumb reason I didn't think of them as mainstream but I guess it makes sense they kind of are. Regardless, I already have your recommendations on the matter when I'm ready for it.
>>1655 >Good morning, I hate homosexuals. Well, you're about to get a fresh dose of hatred today when you check the news on Biden appointees.
Open file (96.79 KB 600x400 01.png)
>>1679 No, actually that's fantastic and expected (also, all eleven of Biden's top cabinet picks are jews, who could have seen that coming). Dealing with faggots in my personal life is always unpleasant, with the small consolation of knowing that they're at least deeply miserable people and likely GRIDs infested. But outside of my personal interactions, at the political level, it's wonderful and should be encouraged. We have long since passed the point where meaningful change can be brought about through voting, and certainly lone wolf attacks on the system are utterly powerless to stop it. But the system's momentum can be used against itself. 'Multiculturalism' and homosexuality have never bettered a society. There is no end goal for leftists in the realm of social policy; activism is both the means and the ends for them, because they are only interested in the virtue of it all. There is no 'once we have this many gays, society will look like this', only 'we need more gays because I have accomplished nothing with my life and this cause makes me feel better about myself.' So it will continue, and even more niche 'identities' will be championed. But for too long we have been in this transitory period where everything was acceptable to most people. "Sure, more gays, I don't see why not." The sooner we get to the end however, the sooner it all collapses. And we're starting to see that already. The past two GLAAD surveys have found, for the first time since the surveys began, that acceptance of faggots among 18-35 year olds is on a steep decline; from something like 65% in 2016 to 45% this year. And this is of course the demographic that they were pushing to be the 'most tolerant', one can only imagine what those numbers are like among older people. The largest hit to acceptance is coming from young women, and trannies are at the forefront of that issue. Women are seeing competitive sports as impossible when having to compete with men. They're having to share bathrooms and women's shelters with porn addicted men. They're having to wait for gynecological appointments behind men who want a pap smear for 'validation.' They've been reduced to 'uterus havers' in casual conversation among the woke. Talk of a slippery slope has fallen on deaf ears for a populace that is quick to regurgitate "No, no The News said..." and "But the experts say...". To bring about change, it is important to encourage this social momentum and polarization until social malaise comes to a head. And it is in the ensuing chaos and economic disaster that the weak and stupid will suffer the most. The average STEM graduate that can't even order pizza without social anxiety isn't going to take the reins of a failing populace. They wouldn't even know what to do if their parents died, much less society as a whole. Most people are already dead anyway; shambling around fulfilling basic needs of income and amusement without an independent thought to be had so long as it might go against the prevailing narrative. The sooner we find a catalyst to shove these cadavers out of the way into pre-dug graves, the sooner those remaining can focus on what needs to be done.
>>1680 >GLAAD I had no idea of them. So basically something like the ADL for the Jews. Is there a SPLC & government palm-greasing equivalents as well for them? >They've been reduced to 'uterus havers' in casual conversation among the woke. >uterus havers Top kek. Robowaifu fans and other, more 'legitimate' promoters of home sapiens sapiens ectogenesis will erode that natural powerbase even further if possible. I'm curious how these women feel about birth-surrogacy mothers. I know they actively promote Thot-dom as a 'legitimate' employment field for stronk, independynts. Honestly, while the thought of complete societal collapse fills me with some degree of malaise, I'm slowly beginning to realize this may be the way God means to redeem what can be out of this huge degenerate mess. Certainly at this stage man himself can't IMO. I'm just very sad at seeing the collapse of the entire Western Tradition come to be as a result. Unironically sad tbh.
>>1681 >Is there a SPLC & government palm-greasing equivalents as well for them? The US as a whole is basically that on the world's stage. We show up in the Middle East ostensibly to remove a dictator and find that even their women are wiling to die resisting the 'democracy' we bring to them. 'Western values' have a very different meaning outside the West. >Unironically sad tbh. It's easier if you realize that it's already been dead for a very long time and is just shambling around aimlessly at this point. Suppose for a moment that you personally saved the West through whatever means you'd prefer. What did you inherit? Obesity, hedonism, emasculated men, promiscuous women, emotionally stunted manchildren that have spent their lives in front of a screen, consumers who couldn't meaningfully contribute to society if they tried. Keeping things alive today is about as enjoyable as watching grandma vegetate in a nursing home. Nobody wakes up eager to see what new projects the community is working on, what problems have been resolved. No one is looking at their streets thinking "remember back when these were full of potholes?" They wake up each morning and see things that are slightly worse than yesterday, except some celebrity is announcing that they're actually a woman on Twitter. Western Tradition doesn't just disappear though. It's no coincidence that thousands of years after Rome, on a totally separate continent, another Senate sits on another Capitol Hill. Arguably discipline would have a resurgence among a population that doesn't vomit at the thought of waking up before 1100.
I just had a harrowing thought. This whole "move out of the city" meme the right is pushing could be the work of bad actors. No, really, think about it. What is the main argument being used for pushing this? Of course, it is the collapse of regular life in the cities. Now, what makes rural life so desireable in this day and age? Their detachment from the problems in the cities. However, all of these people moving into previously culturally self-contained rural areas are only bringing their problems with them. Their crime, their "woke" culture, and, ultimately, their problems. Nobody changes purely by moving from point A to paint B, and these poisoned city dwellers are accomplishing nothing more than moving their respective bases of virtue-signalling, stirring previously homogenous pots, and raising property taxes. Yeah, let's talk about property taxes. In most towns, these are calculated from average income (there are other factors of course, but this is the most important). Many of the people moving out of the cities are significantly wealthier than the people who lived out in the sticks their whole lives (and, as is often the case, for some generations beforehand). This, in turn, raises the average income for town residents, which sends property taxes skyrocketing. What does this do? Well, now your average John is finding himself paying upwards of $500 dollars more than the past year. In some areas, like most of the fucking towns in the state I live in, it can be even more. For lower-middle-class and working-class people (the primary demographic for rural areas), even this much can be the difference between fiscal stability and uncertainty. This is especially true in the current economic wasteland that is the USA, where it's now more difficult for many people to stay afloat. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that these city people will bring their city goods, with city prices, and (in some cases) crush the local competition for the simple fact that they have a larger savings buffer. But wait, it gets worse! More enterprising rural locals with a lot of land will seek to subdivide it and sell the respective lots. This, in turn, will encourage more wealthy people to develop and move there (because only the wealthy will be able to afford it), which will raise the property taxes even more. Now the locals will find themselves looking back fondly on the days where their yearly taxes were only raised by ~$500. Even those who can stay afloat will find themselves having to cut more corners than ever just to be allowed to live in their own homes. The rural middle and working classes are being hollowed out as wek speak. Some of them might get angry enough to make sure that the last thing these transplants hear is the plucky strings of a banjo, but the end-result is the same. All of that isn't even getting into the insuing culture war. What happens when you mix upper-middle-class and rich city culture with homogenous rural culture? Well, we're only just now starting to find out the details, but I'll give you all a spoiler alert: there will be a net decrease in trust throughout the community. When every community in the US finds itself more divided than ever, only the usual suspects will come out on top.
Open file (1.05 MB 1080x607 01.png)
>>1683 I agree with the general sentiment, but don't think it's the work of bad actors; at least not state actors. A lot of the movement is just due to sheer necessity. CA for example is hurting tremendously from emigration. You walk into Pizza Hut and there's an honest to God plaque on the front desk that says "due to the rising cost of doing business in California, there will be a 15% surcharge." Naive leftists thought corporations would just roll over for their batshit economic policies, because their ideology exists in coddled academia and is absolutely worthless off paper. But of course, they're not, and many are outright leaving the state altogether, and those that remain are passing the expense on to the customer, like we fucking told them they would. Even fast food places are leaving. Rising costs are forcing so many people to flee the state that we're actually going to be losing a congressional seat. In this case, it's not so much disillusioned people on the right fleeing, it's just literally everyone. I agree that a lot of it is a disaster waiting to happen, but in a good way as far as accelerationism is concerned. The absolute far right can still fuck off to the woods perfectly well, because all of these city people are moving to small towns and not Nowhere. That property in the middle of Nowhere, Wyoming, twenty miles from the nearest road, isn't going up in price, because no one is moving there. Milquetoast conservatives aren't extreme enough for Nowhere, so they're just moving to small towns, where the problems will form. You and I can still happily go full Atomwaffen in the woods somewhere for the foreseeable future. But getting to that first point, these 'problems' are a blessing. So long as we continue to wallow in this gradual decline where things are shit but people can still find ways to ignore it, nothing is going to get done. Every day will just be a bit worse than the last, and the idiots on the right will hope the next rigged election offers a candidate to help them. But if we can instead get this over with and bring things to the conclusion they're heading for, we can quickly get on with that catharsis, and things can start picking up again. Rural conflicts should be encouraged, naive leftists that leave liberal hellholes and then vote for the policies that led to them are a good thing. The faster things get worse, the sooner they can get better. Otherwise we're still going to be sitting here in twenty years with nothing to show, other than pronouns on our drivers' licenses.
>>1683 Rural economies have been distorted pretty much everywhere because of this. Bill Gates bought 240,000 acres of farmland. Kanye West bought a shit ton of land in Wyoming. Cityfags, chinks and kikes are going all in. It's easy, they print bullshit money and buy land on the cheap. The only solution is going to be to kill these fucks, but nobody wants to be first to do it.
>>1685 >but nobody wants to be first to do it. What would they accomplish? We've seen so many lone wolf attacks that, even when well done, do absolutely nothing to change the system as a whole. Breivik, Tarrant, Manson: nothing changed. You would need to either wake up a ton of people to join you, or inspire them to follow you. And neither is realistic.
A NEW RULE HAS BEEN ADDED. I ADVISE EVERYONE TO CHECK THE RULES PAGE AND POST ALL QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS HERE OR IN THE META THREAD. https://anon.cafe/f/rules.html "Fedposting is strictly prohibited, and is bannable on the first offence. This board interprets fedposting as any post which makes a credible call to violence, to any person, or property, public or private. The line of credibility and the scope of what constitutes violence is up to the discretion of /f/ moderation." >>1685 The last line of your post constitutes a violation of this rule. I will impose no moderation upon you for now, as your post was made before the rule. Trying to stir up violence is pointless and counterproductive. If you just want to talk about what the usual suspects are doing or the state of society, then by all means go ahead. >>1684 Even if the state isn't entirely behind this, there's a clear connection to be made between their goals and the current game of real-estate musical chairs. Also, I would argue that the middle of nowhere isn't quite as safe as you might think. I have personally witnessed many cases of people buying up previously abandoned lots well over half an hour out of any town with a store. Undeveloped lots may be safe for a while yet, as those require costly development, and (in most cases) even more costly steps must be taken to ensure that the developments line up with local regulations. I've never really been much for accelerationism, honestly. On one hand, I can plainly see that society is currently on a sharp decline, and that we don't have much hope of anything getting better until we've reached such a point that there's no option left but to rebuild. On the other hand, I see no merit in accelerating the process. There will be great suffering no matter what, and speeding everything up will accomplish little more than causing more confusion and potentially escalating the postential for violence. Furthermore, I believe that people, by and large, are capable of change. However, they require time to change, not just an epiphany. Trump, for all his faults, managed to slow down the plans of the elite, and many more people are awakening to the ills of the world as a result.
I added another rule touching on suspicious links. I had this rule back on 8chan and Julay, but forgot to add it here. Nothing will change as a result of its inclusion, since I've been enforcing it from the beginning. I just want to make sure everyone is aware and on the same page. "Any and all suspicious links will be deleted, and repeat offendors may be banned. The interpretation of what consititutes a suspicious link will be determined by /f/ moderation. If you post a link, please clearly state what the link is pointing to."
Open file (101.37 KB 642x1024 01.jpg)
>>1687 >Fedposting is strictly prohibited I can't believe it, this is just like the holocaust. >there's a clear connection to be made between their goals and the current game of real-estate musical chairs. Agreed, but usually the state wants to lower property values. A common tactic in Europe is to import a ton of niggers to a region so the property value plummets, and then the state (and China) get to swoop in and buy the place out for pennies. >Undeveloped lots may be safe for a while yet Yes, that's where I'm headed. Maybe it won't be so nice in sixty years, but it'll do for my lifetime. >On the other hand, I see no merit in accelerating the process. The way I see it, there's two outcomes. In the first, nothing is accelerated and we continue this decline for many many years. People are born and live complete lives under this miserable system because the process takes forever. Eventually, the decline weakens the state to such a point that it is vulnerable to external influence, as in Rome, Weimar, Russia, and the USSR. This could take a hundred years. In the second, things are accelerated, problems manifest more quickly, social polarization rapidly continues. Balkanization is a very possible outcome of this, where more levelheaded states (imagine Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota) isolate themselves. Either through nonenforcement or through an outright secession attempt. Civil War is certainly another, but much further down the road from where we're at now. It's impossible to say what catastrophe will occur at the climax, but whatever it may be will separate the wheat from the chaff. The weak will either perish or submit to those that overcame. >Trump, for all his faults, managed to slow down the plans of the elite He sure did, but to what end? Four years of a slower decline, still no progress. We can't just decline forever, that's no way to live. And either way, the left will ensure that 2016 never happens again, as they did in November.
>>1687 >Furthermore, I believe that people, by and large, are capable of change. However, they require time to change, not just an epiphany. This. Both my instincts and my hope lead me to feel this. While I'm not married yet so I don't have my own family to be concerned about, yet I still have ties of concern for my family I grew up with, and a few friends. I don't want to see them perish in the inevitable conflagration that seems imminent over the entire West at this point. >I liked that pic enough to go dig up the artist. have another. >>1689 >that graph So, I'm wondering if the Founding Fathers made any legal provision for ousting an obvious illegitimate winner during a Presidential election? Mind you, I know the law today in the US means absolutely nothing under the rule of Bolshevik usurperslittle today, but I'm just curious, if you know. >where more levelheaded states I know some people who seem to put a lot of merit to a Texas succession. What do you think?
>>1689 >usually the state wants to lower property values Not necessarily. Keep in mind that most of the imported niggers will end up on welfare programs that'll pay them to exist in places where they normally couldn't. In fact, this makes raising property taxes even more desireable to the state, since it keeps their wealth down, thereby giving them more reasons to commit crimes. The way I see it is this: A rich nigger is prone to commiting violent crimes because it is his nature. A poor nigger will commit violent crimes because it is his nature, and because his environment is conductive to it. There are, naturally, exceptions to this rule, but such exceptions exist as statistical outliers. >this could take a hundred years I severely doubt it. The state we now find ourselves in is primarly the work of a very specific group of people. Said people are now extremely old, and will have to pass down their vast fortunes and reigns of control to their successors, of whom we know virtually nothing about. These newcomers, who we will likely see within the next decade, may not be able to handle the situation as well. One specific example which comes to mind is one of the Rothschild daughters (forget her name) who goes gallavanting around dating random niggers on the street. This shows a clear lack of any ability by the elite (or, at the very least, the Rothschilds specifically) to control their spawn. I predict mass chaos in the wake of the death of the old guard. >balkanization I think this would be the best outcome, and an aim of peaceful balkanization would be the only instance where I support the doctrine of accelerationism. >seperate the wheat from the chaff I keep hearing this meme, but I see nothing to support it. The "wheat", for the definition the right ascribes to the word, is going to die on the front lines in the event of violent conflict. Meanwhile, the "chaff", for a definition of aforementioned ascribance, is by and large going to distance themselves from the conflict and focus on figuring out how to survive independantly of the state. >We can't just decline forever, that's no way to live In this, I wholly agree with you. However, I believe that hope for rebuilding will come from smaller communities and individuals rather than any great uprising. >>1690 >ties of concern for my family I'm right there with you. I don't have any family of my own either and at this point, I probably never will, but I'm concerned for my parents and sibilings, and their families. I know that they'll do their best to make it through whatever comes next, but any potential for tragedy is too much. >legal provisions Kind of? I know that there's a provision in the constitution that allows congress to throw out the electoral vote, and hold a second vote where each state gets only one ballot. That path, however, is no longer possible. >Texas succession I think that the Texas meme is way overblown. They're no more extreme than other states, and I'd argue that they're less extreme in many measures. I believe that the states most likely to succeed are those that have strong identities outside of the US. This would include Hawaii, Alaska, the southern-most former Confederate States (yes, this includes Texas. I doubt they'll be the instigator though), Florida (may or may not involve themselves with former CSA states) and Vermont. Other states may instigate their own movements, but I severely doubt they will be split before anyone else.
>>1689 I think "holodomor 2.0 - but everyone this time" is next. Everything is set. Media is a fraud, censorship is rampant, judicial system is captured, and voting does nothing. It'll probably start with gun grabs, then a false flag leading to a war with Iran, with either nukes or a deadlier virus as the coup de grace to kill off the 7 billion "surplus" so the "500 million" of the Georgia Guidestones can "inherit the earth." The historical precedents are clear. It's not getting better from here.
>>1692 >kill off the 7 billion "surplus" so the "500 million" of the Georgia Guidestones can "inherit the earth." I don't rank that as being very likely. Any event cataclysmic enough to cause that much death will be far too unpredictable and uncontrollable to ensure the "500 million" would survive. The top Juden want a massive slave force spanning the entire Earth, and a smaller population would be more difficult to control, as they'd be more spread out and independant as a result. The Georgia Guidestones are just Masonic virtue-signalling. The Masons, whilst more powerful than your average Joe, are ultimately useful idiots who now serve little other purpose than acting as direct puppets of the elite. The only difference between the average Mason and everyone else is that Masons are more well-studied in Hermeticism, and they still use old-fashioned means of connecting with eachother.
Since we're obviously headed for war now, I wonder what it will come to be known as?
>>1693 I think you're underestimating how much the jews hate us. Before the redpill, I spent entire years not even giving them a moment's thought. Even now I'll go days or weeks without thinking about them as long as their machinations don't directly affect my life. Conversely, they're raised to habitually think about us and ritually hate us from the earliest ages. Their entire lives revolve around us, because without us they wouldn't be able to survive. I'd be entirely unsurprised if ultimately they just killed everyone, including themselves, purely out of spite. Look at how graceless they are even in "victory" with Biden. A totally worthless and hateful people. >>1694 World War Gay. It's going to be entirely fake, gay and lame, in pretty much every way. They'll kill more with opioids, get more kids to turn gay or tranny, make whites have fewer kids, entrench and entrench, lock down more, economic warfare, suicides, homelessness, all the while pearl clutchers in the "middle" virtue signal while the nation dies and the suicidal psychopaths gloat that they're bringing us all down with them. More false flags, red flags, fag flags, coffin flags. Meanwhile the media will lie, politics will be entirely fraudulent, education will be brainwashing, and censorship will increase in proportion to how fucked up things are in reality. The ritual humiliations will continue, and everyone will have to suck it up because whites can't be bothered to band together.
Open file (260.18 KB 1000x1500 01.jpg)
>>1690 >Both my instincts and my hope lead me to feel this. This is the naivety that will see you used and killed. The mantra of people being inherently good is the foundation of today's egalitarian leftism. The left cannot fathom that not everyone is good and wonderful, and so anyone opposed to this or that group of people must be evil. Their misplaced trust allows them to believe in socialism; that the authoritarian government they help install will happily provide for them and always have their best interests at heart. That the common folk will happily work for the state and never seek to subvert it for their own interests. It is a misguided worldview for people who have never had any significant interaction with the world at large. People rarely change independently, and that goes for both the left and the right, because most people are genuinely idiots. For every leftist that fell for the ideological ramblings of a sheltered and unmarried college professor, there is a kid on the right who identifies with nazis because of memes he saw on Discord. The people of Weimar Germany didn't run to National Socialism because they all decided to read political theory; they did so because Hitler was a very fine orator. He could have very well been a communist, and the outcome would have been very different. To value people's proclivity for 'change' is to see them turn against you when swayed by the next leftish orator. >legal provision Democracy is a scam that only works when you have strong representatives that fight for the sound direction of the country. Anything less and you battle between tyranny of the masses and tyranny of the few. You cannot protect a democracy against subversion, because all you will ever have to do is convince the majority of something. >Texas Texas is a borderline purple state, it's not going anywhere. The ones most likely to secede are the ones that don't need the rest of the country and are already culturally isolated from it, like Montana. Texas is a heartland state with transplants from all over the country. Retarded MAGA types like to envision Texas as this bastion of conservatism, not realizing that growing cities and unchecked immigration will see it voting blue within a decade. It is basically California of the 70's/80's. >>1691 >These newcomers, who we will likely see within the next decade, may not be able to handle the situation as well. It's possible, but we've arguably been going down the same path with little interruption since the 20's. More people notice it today because it is (thankfully) accelerating beyond what is comfortable to most people. A man born in the 80's would think nothing of desegregation, but we've gone from gay marriage to transvestism in barely five years. It's a trend that's not going to disappear until the System goes with it. >The "chaff", for a definition of aforementioned ascribance, is by and large going to distance themselves from the conflict It depends on the type of conflict. They're not going to be happily sitting at home in their cities when food and supplies are no longer trucked in from the Midwest. Your typical soyboy is going to struggle for necessities that he isn't directly given or can't access with cash. Preppers will be fine, people that participate in the fighting will be fine. And when all is said and done, it will be those that did the fighting that decide the future of whatever remains. Assuming the state collapses for us to get to this point, the fighting will be done by militia groups rather than organized armies. These groups will all have the strength and zealousness to pursue political action after the conflict, and they're not going to let some sheltered college kid with a hairstyle resembling macaroni and cheese rise to power in their place. If it all just comes down to balkanization though, no one's really going to die at all. >rebuilding will come from smaller communities and individuals rather than any great uprising There won't be any great uprising, but you need to get the state out of the way for small groups to form. Turning its momentum against itself is the only realistic goal. >>1695 >World War Gay. You get it.
>>1696 >This is the naivety that will see you used and killed Admittedly, I'm naive in many ways, but I don't think I'm fooling myself that my loved ones are 'inherently good'. It's quite the opposite in fact, and for all humanity, not just my little sphere. We're all fallen and inherently evil b/c our father Adam. Without the sacrifice and rescue operation of the second Adam, we'd all be doomed to the fiery pit, and well-deserved as well. No, my 'naivety' is the solid belief based on my own experience that people can change. Most adults won't ofc, but the ones who do are worth more than all the rest combined. >killed While not a welcome outcome, it's plainly a possibility. Treachery is always a present threat for anyone resisting the status quo. But after all a high price may have to be paid for things of high value. Even Jesus Christ had to lay down his life for his sheep (aka precious treasures of inestimable value).
>>1696 >You cannot protect a democracy against subversion, because all you will ever have to do is convince the majority of something. Or convince a minority of something and then protect them/it from criticism or discussion. I kinda skimmed a lot of the posts but I see mentions of this place going down? Which is sad as I only just found it. Also I can't remember what my old tripcode was.
>>1698 The cafe isn't going down (yet, at least). We were talking about backup measures in case this site does go down.
Open file (75.83 KB 640x800 01.jpg)
>>1698 >Mr+X Please don't do this to me. >but I see mentions of this place going down A likely possibility in the coming months, especially if this place sees so much as a passing glance from a 'journalist.' But for now the cafe just doesn't see enough attention from anyone. I doubt the cafe will go first though, I would begin to worry only when you see another board in the webring go down.
Open file (84.55 KB 628x680 01.jpg)
Sharing this, the /robowaifu/ here might enjoy it: https://15.ai/ (currently down for maintenance). It's another AI project circling the AI Dungeon threads. Rather than text, it generates voice. There's a sample of what it can do at the bottom of https://guide.aidg.club/ . Probably not as fun as AI Dungeon itself, but might be pretty neat for something.
>>1701 Kek. Pass, but I'm sure some others might like it. TBH it's sounds suspiciously close to a synthesis of Tara Strong's voice. She voiced the main character Twilight Sparkle in the cult-inducing show MLP:FiM. A bunch of the ponys just couldn't bear to see the show end and 2 or 3 of them were smart enough and motivated enough to begin using various AI/DL/ML tech to generate voices for most of the characters, based primarily off papers from the TacoTron1/2 projects. We even have a couple of them reach out to us to help them Make Anime Real™. I shudder to think of the possibilities tbh. So anyway back to the point. Makes me wonder if this group isn't using Twilicorn in a flat-out brazen hijacking op to play the raunchy VA?
Open file (318.80 KB 2048x1178 01.jpg)
>>1702 >synthesis of Tara Strong's voice I'm under the impression you can make the voice sound like anything you want (I can't be sure, since it's been down since I first discovered it). The guide on that .club has some information that almost seems too detailed for anything I'd want to spend time on. Unless they decide to integrate it with AI Dungeon itself, it probably has limited appeal outside of people who really want to hear their waifu begging to suck their dick.
>>1703 AFAICT (I'm certainly no expert) the underlying characteristics of the actual voice comes through pretty well (that being a fundamental goal of the project ofc). The better the system, the better this happens. BTW, here are a couple of examples from the pony's work. http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/robowaifu/res/2823.html#8132
Hmm, seems like v3 is down again. Another attack going on atm?
Open file (53.46 KB 481x492 Selection_269.png)
>>1705 It is, apparently.
Christ I haven't been here for months. I need to lurk/catch up here before the internet becomes even shitter and bans cafe. Nice to see that you fags are still here.
Top. Fucking. Kek. https://www.rt.com/usa/513819-gamestop-stock-trading-wall-street/ I never really thought I'd say, this but Reddit is now officially based.
>>1708 If you're not using full disk encryption, a VPN, and have cut ties with Big Tech and most online accounts, now is the time to do it. >>1710 I was really surprised at that. I've heard of the sub before, but assumed it was just memes or something. I got in kind of late on GME, but still made a couple thousand, so I'm content. It looks like it's going to keep going, but I don't really trust Reddit enough to hold onto it, especially since Wall Street is going to pull out all the stops to save their asses.
>>1706 Confirmed. It was (once again) consensus being missed 3 times in a row, and v3 onions going down as a result. The vector this time was slightly different however, with the overload of directory traffic coming from exits. AFAICT, the patch that was crafted 2 weeks ago in response to the last event is still in testing, and should be making it's way soon into v3 clients and services. It seems likely that the same fundamental issue was happening in both cases, basically a live-consensus timeout due to the traffic hit. The functional patch is simply to use a "reasonably live" consensus instead which obviates the issue. >>1711 >now is the time to do it. Thanks for the advice Anon. So, my main concern atm is the fact I have two Android devices in my bedroom. One (the phone) I generally keep powered down and inside a case. The other is a much older version which I use more or less constantly for playing music, audiobooks, etc. Otherwise I don't use social media now, I still have a gmail account which is pretty much my work contact.
>>1711 >especially since Wall Street is going to pull out all the stops to save their asses. Well, not just Wall St. Anon, looks like the whole gang will get in on the action to stop this terrible thing didn't take them too long actually.. > WTF, Reddit? Why so many evil White Nadzees?
>>1696 >The cafe isn't going down Okay, I only knew of the irc which was always empty. It wasn't until I was cleaning out bookmarks that I found Lance's faq with a link to here. >>1700 >Mr+X >Please don't do this to me. Sorry, my first post's trip didn't look right so I tried a different one, but I am sure that one was very wrong (I'm not X *laughs*) so will go back to the first one. I guess it's a sign of the times but this place is very /pol/ so I will probably not post much, not that I did. Anywho, happy to see you're all alive and well.
>>1713 Kek. Looks like Bolshevik-in-Chief will be making a statement soon about dem Evil Nahdzees Trading Places with the rightful owners of all that loot. > >>1714 >very wrong Actually, the salt algorithm on Lynxchan boards is entirely different, not your fault. Blame the Jewish Tranny-wannabe Stephen Lynx who wrote this steaming pile.
Open file (115.55 KB 345x767 WHEN_WILL_MADNESS_END.png)
They can't keep getting away with it!
>>1712 >I have two Android devices in my bedroom It just depends on what you're doing with them. Physically owning a phone isn't a problem (I keep one in a shoebox in the closet and use it as a hotspot). If you carry it with you, it will log your locations and activities. If it's within speaking distance, it can listen to your conversations. If you do things on the phone itself; send emails, browse websites, etc, it monitors everything. If you keep this in mind, you can tailor your usage accordingly. >>1713 My only concern is that this may end the golden era of free trading. As recent as 2009, people were debating whether $4.99 per trade was a good deal, and now just about every brokerage is free. But one thing they can do to prevent this issue from recurring is to raise the trade price on high volume stocks. If the trade fee on GME had steadily risen to $200, no one would be buying it, and this situation wouldn't have developed. >>1714 >but this place is very /pol/ No more or less than ever, we just don't discuss TiTS at all these days, so everyone is free to blogpost. We've also picked up some new anons over the years of that sentiment. Not really a fan of the pointless rage bait that /pol/ has become though, and I would argue that /f/'s political topics resemble /fascist/ more. Unlike /pol/, you can say just about anything, and the worse you'll hear is "No, I disagree." I wish we would spend more time sharing family recipes, but so it goes. >>1716 I love it. First they show everyone that elections are shams. Now people get to see how much of a sham Wall St is, and how it is rigged in favor of the elite. What a week for accelerationism.
Just scored a pair of Sanyo eneloop AA's in a busted logitech wireless keyboard someone gave me.
>>1714 Two people in the IRC channel atm. >very /pol/ so I will probably not post much, not that I did. Anywho, happy to see you're all alive and well. I also think it has gotten more /pol/ recently (especially since a couple new people materialised). Not a huge fan of that, but I still pop in now and then anyway since it's not exclusively that.
>>1713 Link to the real page; I don't think that article actually exists on vice. Nor an author named seth goldberg.
>>1703 >>1702 The funniest one so far has been synthesized Heavy from Team Fortress 2. BTW, had a miniature Quake (1; netquake version) LAN party with two friends last week. It was really fun.
>>1720 I don't know if you glance at the Boards listing much, but anon.cafe is basically /pol/, the imageboard. /f/ is the third (and sometimes second) largest board, eclipsed only by /fascist/. It makes sense that pretty much every new person we get from here will be from there. I have nothing against other perspectives though, and some of my best conversations have been with die hard Marxists (who are basically /pol/ of a different economic mindset). As long as they're not literal neolibs, you're welcome to bring in new people and balance things out a bit. >>1721 It's not real, Goldberg was the giveaway.
>>1685 Yikes. >>1687 Welp, I guess it'll be business as usual for me since I don't do that kind of stuff (though I do love a good dead baby joke). >I've never really been much for accelerationism, honestly. That's good, IMO, although I honestly see where "accelerationists" are coming from. Even ones I mostly disagree with politically. It's sort of the Malcolm X deal; people who feel either that they personally or else society as a whole are in bad situations think a clean break would be for the best, and that their experiences leading to that point have evidenced that just waiting isn't going to work. I don't necessarily agree with that (and certainly not with Malcolm X) but I understand where the feeling comes from and identify somewhat with it. As a (soft-)pacifist at heart, though, that takes priority for me. >Furthermore, I believe that people, by and large, are capable of change. However, they require time to change, not just an epiphany. Yeah, pretty much. Unfortunately they don't always change for the better, though. >>1684 >In this case, it's not so much disillusioned people on the right fleeing, it's just literally everyone. I blame the legislation, but also tech companies in some parts of the state. They have too much power and their employees too much money to throw around, so much so that they muscle out existing communities. >>1673 I remember the FBI used something like that to trace where some old leaked confidential documents (maybe the pentagon papers?) were scanned from, too. Is the payment code such that I could type it out on a typewriter? New chinesium laptop battery came in for my X201 tablet; it actually works this time around. Old gamestop-related post since it's semi-topical right now. >>1677 I actually have that picture saved on my HDD, too. Not that it means much with so many images.
>>1701 >israel I can't stand Israel either. Feels like only people with their heads buried in the sand like it.
>>1680 >'Multiculturalism'… (has) never bettered a society. You played Monster Girl Quest, though, right?
>>1724 >a clean break It's not so much about a clean break, though that is partially the outcome. It's more about acknowledging that an individual cannot take on the State, and the State will never allow a large enough group to form that could oppose it. But if the State is pushing a ruinous agenda by itself, then furthering that to its natural conclusion is a weapon of its own. >but also tech companies In the northern part of the state, absolutely. SoCal doesn't resemble the Bay Area at all though. Honestly, a lot of the issue is just the psychology of the people that live here. Credit cards, financing new cars, expensive apartments, conveniences at monthly costs. If you live like an actual human being though, you're pretty much insulated from most of the rising costs. >Is the payment code such that I could type it out on a typewriter? Yes, it's just a handful of digits. Mullvad doesn't use a username/password system, just the payment code. >>1726 I know you're joking, but surely you realize that people opposed to multiculturalism don't dislike it just because some people look differently than others. Blacks could have blond hair and blue eyes, or be monstergirls, but if they were still a recognizable group of people bringing all of the problems that they cause, they would see the same opposition. You hardly hear any complaints about the Korean immigrants for example. They show up, try to learn the language, hold respectable positions and act decently in public. People love to blame economics for blacks' problems, but we have had starving Koreans and Vietnamese refugees arrive by boat while feeling a war that have made more of a life for themselves than blacks that have been free for generations, living in communities of their own people. The same people that want to tell you that Africa is in shambles because white colonial powers divided the continent without respect for natural cultural or ethnic divisions will tell you that diversity is our greatest strength.
>>1724 >that post Kek. That must have been a Golden Era.
>>1727 Genotype + Environment = Phenotype Libcucks ignore Genotype "wE'rE aLl dA sAmE." Cuckservatives ignore Environment "jUsT bOoTsTrApS lOl" National Socialists understand the equation. As an aside, Gunship, you're a goddamn treasure.
>>1729 >Gunship, you're a goddamn treasure. I'd like to thank my waifu and Soilwork for my tremendous success as a schizophrenic psychopath in the woods.
Open file (70.96 KB 1280x800 gimp-2.10-settings.png)
Open file (65.41 KB 1280x800 gimp3.png)
Built GIMP 3 (2.99.4) from source code today just to see what to expect from the GTK+3 port, and lo and behold it's a downgrade. first image is GIMP 2.10, second image is 2.99.4 (basically a 3.0 release candidate)
>>1731 No way to get the "dark" look back, either, unless your GTK+3 theme supports it. In GTK2 it's essentially a built-in skin variant.
Open file (76.28 KB 1280x800 gimp3-2.png)
Also the only way I managed to make the icons this small was by copying some files from Gimp 2.10; by default they are larger and there's no slider like there was in 2.10 to make them smaller. Also check out that horrid kerning.
Open file (570.88 KB 1080x1342 01.jpg)
>>1731 Everything gets worse with time. That's why I'm still sitting here with OpenBSD, ksh, xterm, cwm, and Links.
Open file (70.23 KB 1280x800 gimp3-customtheme.png)
>>1734 I also use ksh93, xterm, and I use fvwm (which is older than cwm). Anyway, mostly made a CSS theme for it. Now back to 2.10 until it's no longer viable. /* GIMP 3 theme css file, put in (gimp profile)/themes/your_theme_name_here/gimp.css */ * { background-color: #454545; color: #d0d0d0; border-color: #303030; -gtk-icon-style: symbolic; -GimpDockWindow-default-height: 300; -GimpMenuDock-minimal-width: 200; -GimpDockWindow-menu-preview-size: button; -GimpToolPalette-tool-icon-size: small-toolbar; -GimpToolPalette-button-relief: none; -GimpDockbook-tab-icon-size: button; -GimpColorNotebook-tab-icon-size: button; -GimpDeviceEditor-handle-size: 12; -GimpDockable-content-border: 2; -GimpEditor-content-spacing: 2; -GimpEditor-button-spacing: 2; -GimpEditor-button-icon-size: menu; -GimpDataEditor-minimal-height: 96; -GtkDialog-content-area-border: 0; -GtkDialog-button-spacing: 6; -GtkDialog-action-area-border: 12; -GimpUnitComboBox-appears-as-list: 0; } *:disabled { color: #808080; } overshoot.top, overshoot.bottom, overshoot.left, overshoot.right, overshoot, undershoot.top, undershoot.bottom, undershoot.left, undershoot.right { background: none; } menuitem, menuitem > label{ background-color: #484848; border-color: #484848; } menuitem:hover, menuitem:hover > label { background-color: #303030; border-color: #303030; } menu menuitem:hover, menu menuitem:hover > label { background: #303030; border-color: #303030; } button, button > label, button > box label, button > box image, button > image { background-color: #454545; border-color: #454545; } button:hover, button:hover > label, button:hover > box label, button:hover > box image, button:hover > image { background-color: #555555; border-color: #555555; } button:active, button:active > label, button:active > box label, button:active > box image, button:active > image { background-color: #1f1f1f; border-color: #151515; } spinbutton { border-color: #151515; background-color: #1f1f1f; } button:checked *, button:checked { background-color: #1f1f1f; border-color: #0a0a0a; } treeview { background-color: #303030; } treeview *:selected { background-color: #1f1f1f; } combobox * { background-color: #303030; border-color: #151515; } combobox:disabled * { background-color: #454545; border-color: #303030; } separator { background-image: none; } GimpToolDialog { -GtkDialog-action-area-border: 6; } GimpColorNotebook tab { padding: 0 0 0 0; } GimpDock GimpColorNotebook spinbutton, GimpDock GimpColorNotebook spinbutton entry, GimpDock GimpColorScales spinbutton, GimpDock GimpColorScales spinbutton entry { min-height: 0; } GimpColorSelection ColorselCmyk { padding: 2px 2px 2px 2px; } GimpColorHistory button { padding: 3px 3px 3px 3px; } #gimp-color-tag-box button { padding: 4px 6px 4px 6px; } tab GimpFgBgView { padding: 6px 6px 6px 6px; } GimpFgBgEditor:active { border-width: 2px 2px 2px 2px; } GimpDock { font-size: smaller; } GimpDock notebook tab { padding: 0 0 0 0; } GimpDock :not(toolbutton) > button, GimpOverlayDialog button, GimpToolDialog :not(headerbar) button, GimpTextStyleEditor button { padding: 0px 2px 0px 2px; } GimpToolDialog headerbar { min-height: 0; } GimpToolDialog headerbar button { padding: 2px 2px 2px 2px; } GimpDock frame { -GimpFrame-label-bold: 0; -GimpFrame-label-spacing: 2; } GimpDisplayShell grid > button { min-height: 0; min-width: 0; padding: 0 0 0 0; } GimpDisplayShell combobox entry { font-size: smaller; } GimpDisplayShell combobox button { font-size: smaller; } GimpDisplayShell progressbar text { font-size: larger; } GimpDisplayShell progressbar trough, GimpDisplayShell progressbar progress { min-height: 1em; } GimpFileDialog progressbar trough, GimpFileDialog progressbar progress { min-width: 1px; /* hack */ min-height: 1em; } GimpRuler { font-size: smaller; } spinbutton entry progress { background-color: @theme_selected_bg_color; border-width: 0px; border-radius: 3px; } entry.italic { font-style: italic; } .grid { /* why does this not work */ color: rgba (1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0); }
>>1735 >fvwm I've tried so many times to like it, particularly because it's the default for OpenBSD, but I just can't get into it. The workflow seems so opposite of mine (without heavy customization at least).
>>1736 IDK what the defaults are on OpenBSD, but it works nicely for me. Thomas Adam (main dev) is active on the fvwm IRC channel if you have questions the manual doesn't explain well.
Of course, FVWM 1.3 is a little different than FVWM3 (current version) but I think he might still know something.
I've fallen into the POTS/PSTN autism hole. How is there not a decent and simple landline/telephony system for linux? We used to take that functionality for granted in the windows 3.1 and 95 days. As an aside, why not have LTE cards that do data and telephony on a linux system, bypass phonefaggotry entirely? Also, have any of you guys had luck using symlinks or similar to pipe data from a tty to another interface to be usable by wine? Supposedly it's possible but it's always failed for me. It's very strange to me that these extremely basic functionalities have been entirely ignored.
>>1740 >It's very strange to me that these extremely basic functionalities have been entirely ignored. I'd say this is intentional. Quite apart from the Surveillance-State benefits such lack provides for the elites to keep a good eye on the goyim, it's literally in the device and infrastructure provider's business-interests as well via 'lock-in' and other strong-arm tactics. They don't want you having simple comms available Anon. Too hard to subvert, and too easy convert into more sophisticated forms resistant to surveillance.
>>1741 I'm not the sharpest anon, but it seems like something that's almost trivial to do if you have the programming experience. I'm guessing it falls into the realm of "if you're smart enough to want it, why aren't you smart enough to do it yourself?" I guess I'll just be stuck with the retards until I git gud.
>>1742 >POTS/PSTN Ahh, my misunderstanding. I thought your complaint was about a lack of ancient phone service. Hmm. I use the cURL lib as a Swiss army knife for networking, so maybe you can solve it with that?
>>1743 BTW, this image was too humorously iconic for my point not to go ahead and post it here.
>>1743 The transition from old fashioned copper for POTS is a huge mistake imo, all the digital shit is just another point of failure. There's a lot of good in having a parallel system based on entirely different technology. Infrastructure failsafes don't seem to exist anymore.
>>1740 >As an aside, why not have LTE cards that do data and telephony on a linux system, bypass phonefaggotry entirely? Actually, you can do this. I have two Sierra Wireless cards that allow you to make phone calls (one of them actually has a 2.5mm headset jack), and I assume most other makers do this as well. I have yet to test them, but I distinctly remember seeing kernel drivers for some of their cards during a Gentoo installation. If you really wanted to, you could slap a SBC, some batteries, and a baseband modem in a portable case, and have a fully operational pocket-sized computer that can make phone calls. Or you could just use a laptop. The only caveats are that you're using unverifiable hardware (though, frankly, we're all doing this already), using possibly closed firmware (depending on whether someone made a FOSS version for the particular card), and it can track your location when powered (which is wholly unavoidable when using anything wireless, good OPSEC will mitigate this).
>>1745 >The transition from old fashioned copper for POTS is a huge mistake imo While the old analog telephone system had the advantage of simplicity, I can see the the advantage with optical networks as well (assuming a smart implementation). If you were to set up a purely optical network, with every relay encased in grounded faraday cages, the entire network would be theoretically immune to any form of EMI, environmental, incidental, or from an attack. If the relays and switches are also physically and technically secured (or better yet, all of the relays outside of public utility buildings are dumb relays), the system would be that much more resistent to any form of wiretapping (assuming the ones maintaining the infrastucture are trustworthy. If they aren't, your telecommunications won't be safe no matter what the hardware is). The only real advantage with the original PSTN system is that it's cheap and easy to build and service. Granted, this is relevant if you live out where the banjos play, or you're just in a poor nation. As for infrastucture failsafes, the only thing you can really rely on is physical redundancy, and maybe you can compliment that by using mutiple standards if it's prudent to do so (copper, wireless, and optical networking can compliment eachother, but all power lines are the same). Again though, this requires smart implementation, something that the US sorely lacks (I can't imagine most other nations are better off either). It's like a big knotted up ball of old strings: pulling at one may not do anything, but pulling at another could cause half the ball to unravel. Of course, the main reason for this situation is the fact that we're building off of old infrastructure, because it's cheaper, easier, and less disruptive than tearing everything down once a new version of something comes out. I imagine most anyone could build a better system if they had the resources and the unique opportunity to start out from scratch.
>>1746 >If you really wanted to, you could slap a SBC, some batteries, and a baseband modem in a portable case, and have a fully operational pocket-sized computer that can make phone calls. Or you could just use a laptop. >The only caveats are that you're using unverifiable hardware (though, frankly, we're all doing this already), using possibly closed firmware (depending on whether someone made a FOSS version for the particular card), and it can track your location when powered (which is wholly unavoidable when using anything wireless, good OPSEC will mitigate this). This is actually really interesting. Would you think about making a Hackaday (or elsewhere) project to help phone brainlets follow along how, showing us how to do this? I would want to if you did.
>>1746 I've been looking at some mPCI-e boards that seem promising, but the websites where they're sold are very much "lol we're industry, fuck you we won't explain shit" there's not a lot of detail about how data and voice are supported, or what software would be compatible with the boards with a minimum of routing effort. I've seen some LTE cards which require a second card for the SIM, so you're going the game genie route with an mpci-e card plugging into another mpci-e card plugging into the motherboard, all with no guarantees that it'll work with any particular software. If I was positive I could put a voice/data sim in an mPCI-e card, then have data as well as a dialer/sms/voicemail setup, I'd never use a phone again. I don't mind having to route some additional antennae, but it's a lot of money and effort for something that the manufacturers haven't deigned to at least try to explain for end users.
>>1747 >that Tower of Babel shrouded in smoke and cloud Kek. All it needs is fire to become Biblical.
>>1749 I think the market for this would be fairly sizeable. People are getting sick of walled gardens and Apple/Google bullshit. Pinephone and Librem5 are both coming out "some time" and I know I'm sick of waiting.
>>1752 >People are getting sick of walled gardens and Apple/Google bullshit. This. If Flash actually pulled it off well, he could probably sell kits (or even just plans) for a pretty penny. I'm like Gunship now, and keep my phone turned off and wrapped and inside a box. In the words of dearly departed Terry, "FUCKING CIA NIGGERS! EVERYBODY HATES YOU!" :^)
>>1753 Parler and Telegram getting pulled from the App stores should be the final straw for a lot of people. Simcom, Huawei, Welink and Telit seem to have a bunch of LTE modules that support voice, but they really don't go into detail regarding drivers or software support. All the tracking software on phones, active mic all the time etc is getting really fucking annoying. A USB dongle would probably sell well, but I've never liked dongles when there's an M.2 port waiting to be used. Sure the NSA and Mossad will still pwn it if you're using jewed hardware, but at least the fucking apple and google jews will get shut out. Of course, if it gets popular they'll probably try to shut it down. I've always been bothered that tablets and laptop LTE cards didn't support voice calls from the beginning. If there's a big enough market, then open source will follow, and we can move entirely away from the big corp garbage. The end result would be only a few modifications away from a cyberpunk "deck" which some people would appreciate.
Open file (470.03 KB 710x475 01.png)
>>1747 If the hotel weren't enough, you can always spot a picture of North Korea by the lack of electricity and cars. >>1753 >I'm like Gunship now Time to lift and install OpenBSD. >>1754 >Parler and Telegram getting pulled from the App stores should be the final straw for a lot of people. The bugmen are thrilled that Parler is dead. The MAGA types that used it are surely pissed, but what are they going to do about it, make a few more means to humorously point out the left's hypocrisy? Just forget the phones, and the online bullshit.
>>1755 >Time to lift OK, will do. I'll have to start with bodyweight for now though. >and install OpenBSD I have a Beaglebone Black I can use to get started with for now. Hopefully that will be enough to go on with. I'll dig it all out this weekend and get it going. BTW, you should know that at the least, I'm actually running a G*lang program now (https://github.com/evilsocket/opensnitch), so at least it's a babby-step in that direction. Also, can anyone here give me any insights about LBRY? I'm currently trying to find a durable way to archive our things.
>>1756 >a durable way to archive ALL THE THINGS.*
>>1756 >I'll have to start with bodyweight Please do, no one has any respect for someone that doesn't even respect themselves. I personally can lose about 2lb a week during cutting phases, and that seems to be about average, so you should have no problem. If you're actually underweight, that's even better; a perfect time to start bulking. If you need help with either, do let me know and we can sit down and discuss things. >Hopefully that will be enough to go on with. I've always found ARM to be a bit odd, I don't know if I would use that as my baseline experience with a new OS. For the past few months I have been trending towards a sort of tech apathy to be honest. We can argue the merits of this distro, or that window manager, but at the end of the day who gives a shit? I look at lance (no offense) compiling crap, writing code to adjust the look of Gimp, and I just think to myself, I could be outside right now or researching a new investment, why do I want to be sitting here piddling with trivial crap when I could be getting things done instead? In some ways, life with Fedora was kind of nice because I had no desire to do anything on the computer. I'd turn it on, do what I had to do, and then go clean the garage or something. >I'm actually running a G*lang program As much shit as Go gets (from non-programmers on halfchan and the like), it's really a nice language. Nobody wants to sit down and write bullshit in C if they don't have to, but bash scripts will only get you so far. With Go, you don't have to worry about installing 20 different versions of the language, or whether or not some system library is the exact version you need. You hardly ever have to consider the compiler at all. You just write your program and here's a nice a binary.
>>1758 >tech apathy This has become widespread among most anons, in my experience. Tech was supposed to enhance our lives, but it has become a tool of abuse and oppression instead, socially engineered to be a timesink and mind control system. There's definitely a malaise. Ultimately, there's the old gadget vs appliance dichotomy. Gadgets are time wasters, appliances are time savers. You have to figure out what you want from it all.
>>1758 >If you need help with either, do let me know and we can sit down and discuss things. Thanks! I'm starting to develop a beer belly from drinking too much alcohol lately, but otherwise I'm kind of middleground, weight-wise. I have the book Convict Conditioning which I've worked through in the past, but I'll try to be more serious about it now. >I don't know if I would use that as my baseline experience with a new OS. OK, I dug around and found an old i3 desktop case and an older (but quality) SSD. > Yes, I'll try Golang out. I like the fact it directly supports a tasking in the language. In C++ I'm forced to use Apple's libdispatch (which may just be the world's single greatest tasking system). Thanks for all the great advice and help, Gunship. I'll plan to keep you all up to date in my new OpenBSD adventures! :^)
Are you part of the Terrorist Right, Anon? endoftheamericandream.com/in-order-to-have-a-tolerant-society-the-elite-believe-they-must-be-intolerant-of-all-dissenting-views/
Open file (716.18 KB 1280x852 1425711079202.jpg)
>>1749 >>1750 I'm going to try and install one of the cards soon. I'm not planning on going the merchant route and selling anything, but I'd be happy to post a guide once if I get things figured out myself. >>1762 >Michael Snyder I'm getting an Alex Jones lite vibe from this guy. The article itself seemed a bit obtuse. He stopped well short of naming any particular group not even referring to just Jews, he didn't even name any tech companies as being the driving force behind anything, and the article itself contained no information that anyone with two braincells to rub together didn't figure out already. The few other articles I've seen by him don't seem to be much better. The books he authored could be better, but I don't feel like spending the money to find out.
>@gunship Is there a way to use links over torsocks? I am having difficulty figuring it out, kind of seems like links might not be SOCKS-compatible? I am able to use it over w3m OK.
>>1764 > but I'd be happy to post a guide once if I get things figured out myself. Great! Please do.
>>1761 >I'll plan to keep you all up to date in my new OpenBSD adventures! I forgot to mention, if you're running OpenBSD on a desktop/laptop, use -current (snapshots) instead of release (6.8). Package management on OpenBSD is different than you're used to. Packages are frozen at release and only receive security updates between release. Any time you need something newer, you have to build the package from ports (honestly no big deal at all). But packages for -current are continually built, so you don't need to worry about that all. The base system of -current is kept as stable as possible (and I've yet to encouter anything weird with it). With OpenBSD in general though, you always want to be using the base utilities as much as possible. It's not like Arch; it gives you what you need and you use just that. To use -current, just download today's snapshot from their mirror. '$ doas sysupgrade' to update to the latest snapshot from there. >>1762 I love low hanging fruit. Imagine if they said "real nazis aren't sitting around on Discord playing video games all day, go after the people making a conscious separation from the modern world." That'd be something, but no they're just going to interrogate Facebook users. >>1764 >He stopped well short of naming any particular group Just about every group on 'The Right' is going to be controlled opposition. Look at Parler. The CEO was given a ton of money by GOP financers to turn the thing into direct marketing for the republican party. Everyone had to upload a government issued ID (how convenient), certain topics were banned, and the GOP would pick which topics to promote. Gab's CEO recently talked about how declined the same offer from the same people when he started out, and then Parler suddenly emerged. They'll never allow anything formidable on the right to emerge. Between people like Tucker and Jones, and alt social media, it's all just distractions to keep people angry at the spook of the day. >>1765 Not easily, you'd have to setup the routing at the system level. But you really shouldn't be using Tor like that. The Tor browser is setup to shape your traffic in a way that's identical to all of the other Tor browsers. If you're using your personal browser, Brave, or some other crap over a proxy, you stand out like a sore thumb on the Tor network, and it defeats the entire purpose. I would really truly just get a VPN lad, Tor is not doing you any good if you're unfamiliar enough with the internals to ask about running Links over it. If you go with Mullvad, download a config of your chosing. On OpenBSD: $ doas pkg_add wireguard-tools $ wg-quick up /path/to/vpn.conf That's it.
>>1764 I'm exceedingly interested in how it goes, especially what you eventually use as a dialer/voicemail/sms client. Even if it's CLI that's more than acceptable as long as it's well written. Supposedly it's possible to make calls through KDE's kaddressbook, but I haven't checked to see what functionality it actually supports.
>>1767 I'm extremely tempted to make the jump to OpenBSD based on your posting. I tried redhat but I found package management to be much less intuitive than simply using apt in debian-based distros. I'm guessing "doas" is the OpenBSD package manager? Parler's CEO was fired a day or two ago, but there are competing reasons as to why.
>>1769 >I'm guessing "doas" is the OpenBSD package manager? Not that I know much yet, but I think I can answer that in a basic way. doas is the BSD equivalent of sudo in Linux. AFAICT, pkg_add is the means for installing packages in OpenBSD. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doas
>>1769 >I'm extremely tempted to make the jump to OpenBSD based on your posting. It's a lovely OS that I use almost exclusively. But there's many things to keep in mind, as it's not just another distro. 1. Everything is different. Networking, filesystems, the majority of system commands. It takes time to learn, but you'll find that everything OpenBSD does differently is done correctly and far better than Linux. Networking in particular is wonderfully simple. 'doas' is actually OpenBSD's 'sudo' (you can alias this if you have a hard time remembering). Linux binaries will not work on OpenBSD. 2. Unlike basically every Linux distro, you're expected to use what you get out of the box. OpenBSD doesn't cater to the illusion of choice, it gives you what you need. That is basically xterm, ksh, a choice of fvwm or cwm, and xenodm. Obviously, you need to pick a browser, a text editor, and a handful of tools. But the more you deviate from the base, the more likely you are to run into problems. Like, don't sit there with Gnome, zsh, node.js, urxvt, etc and expect not to have any problems. You can try it of course, it's just not what the team puts their effort into. The base is rock solid; you're on your own for everything else. Because of this philosophy, the package selection is small and kept to the essentials (ports is pretty extensive though). It's not a system for people who are excited about tech and trying the latest toy. On the bright side, the installer is the easiest thing in the world. 3. The documentation is fantastic, and everything you need to know is either in the man pages or the FAQ on their website. You can even look up man pages for individual conf files. That said, any other help you need will have to come from their mailing list or IRC channel; you won't find many answers on Google. 4. The default system is very secure, and you'll probably want to disable some of that because it can cause performance issues in desktop uses. Like, even multithreading is disabled by default. The guide below covers most of the limits you'll want to raise. If you're interested, there's a great guide[0]. Although it's three years old, everything there is unchanged (very typical of OpenBSD), and it will give you a great cwm setup. [0] https://www.c0ffee.net/blog/openbsd-on-a-laptop/
>>1771 >a text editor Forget that, it comes with vi and you will use it. I think I install a grand total of like six packages post-install.
Open file (42.62 KB 1028x537 johnny@obsd_001.png)
>>1767 >To use -current, just download today's snapshot from their mirror. '$ doas sysupgrade' to update to the latest snapshot from there. Okey dokey, good to go. > I notice when I check that only two cores show up with this i3, but IIRC it showed up as 4 cores under W*ndblows years ago. I probably have to fix something. >...and it defeats the entire purpose. Fair enough, and I really appreciate the warnings and advice, and I'll get a VPN as well eventually. ATM, I'm really only concerned with sousveillance by my lefty housemate, and hiding my power level from him and our ISP. I'm not doing anything interesting to state-level adversaries afaik.
Found something Debian definitely did right; they're maintaining a fork of an 8-year-old version of udev because upstream has since decided that udev needed to have Mozilla's Javascript interpreter to read configuration files (which they changed the syntax of).
>>1773 >2 cores show up here but showed up as 4 in windows "hyperthreading" maybe. Although I thought i3's didn't usually have that feature.
I bet OpenBSD disables/ignores hyperthreading capabilities due to security issues, sort of like how they don't let 32-bit code run under their 64-bit kernel.
>>1772 Does it come with emacs, too?
>>1758 >I look at lance (no offense) None taken; I know it's a waste of time but it's largely just done under the theory that the more I do of this myself the more experienced I'll become and the more confident I can be in my abilities to solve issues. It's mostly for my own sake rather than because I plan to put it on a resume.
>>1771 >It's not a system for people who are excited about tech and trying the latest toy. I am excited about some very narrow applications of technology and cynical of almsot everything else (certainly everything that people talk about a lot).
P.S. >urxvt I decided to try rxvt on a whim around a year ago; lasted around five minutes. They somehow managed to make it perform worse than xterm while also claiming to have removed a lot of bloat (like the other terminal personalities it can emulate). It was an absolute waste of space.
>>1771 >when I check that only two cores show up Hyperthreading is disabled for security, add 'hw.smt=1' to /etc/sysctl.conf and reboot if you want to enable it. Then run 'dmesg | grep "cpu[0-3]:"' See if CPU 0-3 shows up. If so, you're fine. >sousveillance by my lefty housemate Then I would recommend a VPN doubly so. Tor is for state actors (though that is questionable considering they run the exit nodes). A VPN is ideal for everything short of the state, and far better suited for you. >>1776 Yep. >>1777 No, trips. Emacs used to give me coredumps on OpenBSD, so I've switched to vi. Though I imagine vim is perfectly solid on the OS. >>1780 I tried the whole URXVT + ZSH + Oh-My-ZSH ten or so years ago. What a nightmare.
>>1771 Thanks, that gives me a good starting point.
Update on progress: There are kernel drivers for Sierra Wireless modems and 3G/LTE modems with a Qualcomm chip, but only some USB-driven models, which I don't have (the card I'm planning on using is Sierra with a Qualcomm 3G chip, but it's mPCI-E. I don't rank the possibility of it working as being fairly high. The other card is CardBus with (I think) a 2G modem, which most carriers no longer support). This, of course, is beneficial for anyone going the rigged-up SBC route, as anyone doing this will almost certainly want a USB baseband modem. Unfortunately, it's useless for my immediate purposes. >>1769 >>1770 I think you two should be fucking careful if you don't even know what [doas] does. [doas] literally means "do as". with this command, you can perform another command as any user, not just root (you don't always have to enter "root" if you're doing something as root though; it varies from one OS to the next). It's not specific to the BSDs either, it's also a Linux command. You would enter something like [doas {user} <command> {shit pertaining to command}] sans notation. >>1773 >lefty housemate My condolences. Is he actually competent with computers? Either way, full disk encryption should be your first line of defence. No amount of networking wizardry will save you if anyone can just scan through your hard drive.
Open file (170.81 KB 1916x843 1447876537986.png)
Scratch the above, it seems like the mPCI-E card might be fine with the USB drivers. Apparently a bunch of them just use the USB signals on the mPCI-E bus (I must admit, I didn't even know that was a thing). In related news, I have come across some reports (I've yet to confirm) that Sierra Wireless actually supplies the Linux kernel developers with the firmware source code (It makes sense, business-wise. It costs them nothing to make the code open-source and doing so gives them a massive advantage in the Linux market segment). If true, that would make them the recommended go-to for anyone going about this. It would also mean that everything should (hopefully) just snap together without me having to hack around a bunch of bullshit.
>>1784 Good developments, keep us posted. mPCIe is my goal, I hate usb dongles ruining the form factor. I imagine if it's possible to get this working, then there may be nothing to stop a person from having unlimited "phones" in VMs, which could be a nice way to sandbox specific functionalities on the same SIM. >>1783 In *nix systems, I've always either su'd into root or sudo'd the specific command. doas isn't a native unix command, from what I can ascertain, and it isn't in coreutils or util-linux either. I'm not even sure which package would offer it; I did a quick apt search and it's not in any of the repositories I'm using. I'm guessing it's more of a BSD command. I actually thought it was an acronym like "Digital Object Archive System" or similar. I know that I'll for sure have to RTFM to reorient myself in BSD.
>>1781 OK, that did it. > I'd probably not go this route for a server box, but it seems fine for now since I'm shooting eventually for a desktop I can use daily here. I'll spend more time figuring out networking security and safety as well, thanks for the guidance. >>1783 >My condolences. Kek. I'd say he's somewhat competent, but then I may not be well-qualified to assess that really. :^) Certainly I've come to realize he's a real threat to my welfare after reading Uncle Ted. I'm basically good to go for my daily driver, but your post prompted me to review my backup policies and sure enough I have un-encrypted secondary backup disks. I still don't know wtf I'm doing w/ OpenBSD yet, and can nuke/reinstall it in literally 5 minutes for now, so I'll deal with that issue on it later on when I know more.
Open file (147.31 KB 1400x951 1567811479046-0.jpg)
>>1785 >mPCIe is my goal, I hate usb dongles ruining the form factor. Even better then, the instructions I'm writing will directly apply to you. Also, something I should note at this stage: I can't currently find any GUI utilities for working with baseband hardware, so you're probably going to want to make some space for a small keyboard on the phone. >unlimited "phones" in VMs, which could be a nice way to sandbox specific functionalities on the same SIM. If you're saying what I think you're saying, that almost certainly won't work. No matter how you configure the system, you're only going to have one number per SIM. If you're just trying to sandbox calling, texting, and data into seperate environments, then it could work, but a truly sandboxed environment would be complicated and wasteful on resources, since you'd want to also sandbox the firmware, which (at least in the case of Sierra Wireless cards) is a part of the kernel, so you'd need to have multiple kernels running at the same time either within a VM program (very wasteful on resources) or under a hypervisor (less wasteful, but most SBCs probably won't have hardware support for this, so it'd still be slow). Keep in mind that you're going to be managing this on a phone-sized screen, and every program you have running is going to weigh on whatever battery you put in there. >doas I just checked, and sure enough it's not a command on my current desktop. It must be a thing on one of the distros, but I'm pulling a blank right now. I certainly didn't pick it up from any of the BSDs, I've only ever used them once.
>>1787 > https://man.openbsd.org/doas HISTORY The doas command first appeared in OpenBSD 5.8. AUTHORS Ted Unangst <‍tedu@openbsd.org>
Coarsair's earnings are coming out tomorrow if anyone wants to get in on CRSR. There's a lot of talk about it going up $5-$10 a share, though I have my doubts. I highly doubt it's going to plummet though, so it's a pretty safe investment. I'm up 15% today, with similar performance over the last few months. Get out of the computer science meme while you can, $1200 a day trading ain't bad.
Open file (915.29 KB 757x720 the_poo_rises.png)
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cia-rebranded-dont-worry-were-woke-now Welp, as predicted, it looks like Fucking CIA Niggers will be pooing in a loo literally shitting up an imageboard near you soon.
>>1790 >he doesn't know about sassycat.jpg Glowniggers have been shilling us for decades. https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/cms/page_11629155.html
>>1787 I was thinking of being able to also use the same cards and techniques in a larger form factor with more horsepower if desired. I can't think of another way to get 150+mbps mobile unless you have starlink on top of an RV.
>>1793 Oh shit, everything gunship said is true. I hate it when he's right. :^) >[h4xX0rZ intensively on OBSD man pages]*
Can one of you anons explain to me how an 'exploit' in a video player in the Tails distro can be used to expose a viewer's IP address? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tails_(operating_system) >On 10 June 2020, Vice Motherboard and other publications reported that Facebook in cooperation with the FBI used a 0-day vulnerability in the video player built into Tails to track and identify a sexual abuser on a social network. A spokesperson for Tails said that the exploit was never explained to them. However, it is believed that the vulnerability was removed, although it had not been identified, in a later release of Tails. The vulnerability was not easily exploited; the FBI tried unsuccessfully to identify the abuser, but he noticed and taunted his hunters. Ultimately the FBI and Facebook contracted a cybersecurity firm, at great expense, to produce a custom hacking tool used to make a booby-trapped video sent by the victim to the criminal.[20]
>>1796 https://tails.boum.org/doc/anonymous_internet/unsafe_browser/index.en.html#index2h1 >An attacker could exploit a security vulnerability in another application in Tails to start an invisible Unsafe Browser and reveal your IP address, even if you are not using the Unsafe Browser. >Such an attack is very unlikely but could be performed by a strong attacker, such as a government or a hacking firm.
>@gunship So it looks like sysupgrade found an update today. However, the signature verification failed repeatedly on most of the snapshot files. Any recommendations? I obviously can just keep trying the downloads, but I don't know what else I might properly do here.
>>1798 I see, thanks. I guess I'm still unclear about the mechanism of activation inside the player (which was my primary interest atm) by playing some corrupted video file?
>>1800 Update: It finally worked after maybe 20 attempts at it. I wonder what's going on here? Is it more likely there's an issue with the files themselves, or the network path to the machine is somehow corrupting the data? If that's the case why doesn't everything else on my other machines break when networking/downloading? Glowniggers?
>>1781 I never tried zsh and still don't plan to. Bash and especially ksh are quite well suited for my needs. In Israeli news… Netanyahu just walked out of his own corruption trial. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/netanyahu-corruption-israel-trial/2021/02/08/108453dc-69ee-11eb-a66e-e27046e9e898_story.html >>1783 I have a WAN mini PCIe card from my Thinkpad (X201 tablet) that has linux drivers (with a binary blob). I don't ever use it and don't remember what the model number is, though. Got photoshop CS6 working in wine just to show a friend it could be done. Then I shredded it of course.
>>1801 This stuff is beyond me. Opening the video caused the player to execute some code. That code may have opened an invisible Unsafe Browser, which the developers admit is a possibility. That code may have opened a connection within the player itself if it was capable of streaming. Whatever it did, it forced a bare connection to a government server. I'd be set for life if facebook paid me six figures to catch a single mexican pedo.
>>1804 Thanks, that helps clear things up in my mind a bit. One thing I don't want to do is create bugs that can be exploited like that inside my own code, which is why I was curious about the mechanism. This is a challenging arena afaict.
>>1803 >Then I shredded it of course. leld. I actually installed Wine the other day to see if I could get an old vidya working on it. it worked, but now I'm wondering wtf was I thinking doing something like that on my daily driver. :P
Open file (60.92 KB 511x512 01.jpeg)
I might be out this weekend, so have an early happy Valentine's Day, /f/. Enjoy your weekend. >>1790 This is why you should always walk away from anyone that insists that diversity is a good thing. Not that I'm complaining about the loss of the CIA, but the push for diversity is blatantly and undeniably a push to weaken every institution it touches, from the markets to the military. It would take an irredeemably stupid person to think that creating a divisive workplace of people hired for their identity over their merit would have a positive effect, and they aren't worth your time. >>1800 >>1802 I've yet to have that happen, but would just assume they were doing something with the mirrors at that time, and try again later.
A gentle reminder that your window of opportunity is closing fast. https://metallicman.com/laoban4site/what-the-progressive-liberals-have-in-store-for-conservatives/
>>1807 Alright, thanks I will and you too. The mirrors seem to be working better for me now. I've installed xfce and I'll see if I can turn this box into a /comfy/ desktop soon. I love the fact that the cores basically stay a 0% load until something is actually being done. I've been dreaming of having a workstation like that for years now. Anyone else notice the Anoncafe's onion still isn't back up?
>>1808 Thanks gunship, this is fucking terrifying and awesome at the same time. Their shit is rotten in the bones and will soon crumble, crushing these evildoers into obliteration under the avalanche of their own shame. It's a shame so many will die at their hands before that happens though.
>>1809 >Anyone else notice the Anoncafe's onion still isn't back up? nvm it's back too now.
>>1807 Have a good weekend. >>1808 They're going to poison a lot of people and passively kill them in "accidents." imo, they've learned from the past and they won't outright genocide when they can continually do it in secret completely unopposed.
>>1810 >and awesome Not a word I would use to describe leftist revolutionaries like the Khmer Rouge, which killed over a third of the men in the country, and anyone with an education. Their eventual downfall means little when you are dead and your family was raped and murdered. Everyone likes to pretend that America is different, just because conservatives have guns; forgetting that all of these leftist revolutions successfully disarmed their country's actual military. >>1812 >they've learned from the past I doubt it, Sarajevo and Rwanda happened just recently (well, for me). When it comes to leftist revolutions, the useful idiots that participate in them are never the ones that inherit the results. Naive fools will take to the streets en masse over garbage like healthcare and student loans, but it will be some former spook that takes the reigns of that momentum (and promptly sends the useful idiots to a mass grave, as is tradition). The people in charge today aren't the ones that will be doing the killing tomorrow.
>>1813 It's a difficult line to predict commonalities of human behavior versus the unique contexts of the United States which would strongly affect outcomes. Tiktokers want weed and free air jordans, I don't think they're prepared to rail octagon and go beheading, except for a tiny subset. Look at the most aggressive individuals in the 2020 riots, three jews and an antifa goon. American nigs are well fed and pacified in comparison to Rwandans. Think about it in other ways, during sarejevo and rwanda, how many people had trijicon or $1000 glass sitting on 7mm magnums? AKs and RPGs only reach out so far, and there are fudds sitting on .50 BMG equipment. Not to mention access to off-road and all terrain vehicles, nightvision equipment, and having the IQ points to effectively use all that tech. The only racial conflict which would be a good comparison would be the Rhodesians and they absolutely wrecked the opposition, only losing because of (((international))) pressure. The USA is a major food exporter, we have more than enough oil and other resources, and we only have land borders with Mexico and Canada. What I think is going to happen is that while China believes its cementing its capture of the USA, other countries will be busy subverting that capture. Russia is already quietly opposing China because of their eastern border encroachments. It's going to get more fake and gay imo, as the country gets stripmined further by international interests, but a complete collapse and genocide probably won't happen until all decent resources have been taken, and the genocide will be of the leftover useful idiots who sold out our country without securing a place overseas. On the other hand, maybe China will push for complete genocide of the USA so they can secure our land and resources for the CCP. We'll see.
Mass Civil Disobedience is Spreading https://www.bitchute.com/video/h8hHvqWEXw7s/ This Potato-Anon gets it.
>>1814 >I don't think they're prepared to rail octagon and go beheading They don't need to carry out the executions, only a tiny minority of people involved in these revolutions ever do. On a broader scale, the average leftist will be making lists of neighbors to hand over, participating in mob style crowd control, etc. Leftists happily reported family members to the FBI that went anywhere near the capitol last month, they'll turn in their neighbors to virtue signal all the same. >AKs and RPGs only reach out so far, and there are fudds sitting on .50 BMG equipment. >Not to mention access to off-road and all terrain vehicles, nightvision equipment, They will have all of that and more, as they do every time. Everyone from Soros to Zuckerberg is going to fund this shit, and they've already poured over a billion dollars into BLM. You already saw Uhauls filled with weapons, shields, bricks, etc showing up to the riots last summer. When this thing kicks off, the left will have no shortage of gear or funding. They will have the manpower to send a truck of armed niggers to your countryside community at all hours of the day and night. >The only racial conflict which would be a good comparison would be the Rhodesians It's not even about a racial conflict. These things start and end the same way, every time. It will be some frenzied feel-good color revolution that starts out with goals of healthcare, ending student loan debt, faggot acceptance, etc. It will grow increasingly aggressive under the left's predictable purity tests, and will lack effective leadership. But by the end of things, another Pol Pot/Zedong/Sung will have taken the reins. Once victory is assured, they'll drop the facade and dispose of their useful idiots. Our new Secretary of Defense is a nigger that has already ordered a military stand down while they purge 'extremists' (read: conservatives) from the ranks. Firearm confiscations will be here soon. And for all the talk about resistance, the Russians didn't even resist being hauled off to the gulag; people aren't going to resist turning in guns any more than they did wearing masks. Things are gearing up fast, and the conservatives will be saying "Imagine the outcry if the situation was reversed" all the to way to their mass graves. >>1815 Absolutely pointless. It's no different from all of the people that applauded Trump for bits and pieces of legislation here and there. None of it addresses the underlying issue, none of those people even know what the problem actually is. The average anti-lockdown person thinks the government is stupid and incompetent, they aren't even aware of the calculated danger they're in. The plan continues unopposed while we celebrate 'disobedience.' When shit hits the fan, they'll be headed to the re-education camps thinking "Wow, who'd have thought this could happen here?"
>>1816 So how do we pray about the matter gunship? I'd rather die in open battle with clear enemies than passively go into a pussified grave at the hands of Bolsheviks. I don't really think God is quite through with the West just yet tbh.
>>1817 Can any of us claim to truly know what God's intentions are? There is that famous joke about the drowning man in a flood. He turned away all manner of rescuers, claiming that he was praying to God, and God would save him. When he finally drowned, God said, "I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?" If God's plan for the US is a marxist-led genocide, perhaps he has already given you all the information you need to survive it. In any case, I have meticulously studied foreign affairs longer than most people here have been alive, and I am confident that we are witnessing a textbook example of a far-left revolution. It is well funded, it is encroaching on every facet of life (as it always does), and its ideologues are growing increasingly aggressive. Textbooks from the 1619 Project are already rolling into public schools across the country, which is revisionist nigger-centric and anti-white history. Conservatives and whites will continue to be dehumanized by the left, and the media will ignore growing violence against them while fear mongering about an increasing white supremacist threat. (black on asian crime is skyrocketing right now, but the media isn't going to mention that at all). When a handful of conservatives are lined against the wall in Ohio, people in Arizona will hear nothing about it, and it will grow increasingly common in silence around the country. Just as Sihanouk endorsed the Khmer Rogue, progressive leaders like Obama will endorse the groups responsible without mentioning the violence, and the justice system will only be brought down on the people that defend themselves. It has happened dozens of times in a by-the-numbers fashion, and it will once more here. You saw a bit of that this summer when BLM violence, literally on video, was just a 'conspiracy theory' to every leftist politician. I have decided to just get out. I am beyond fed up with events in this country, and also the people in it. They will watch football, eat McDonalds, and play video games right up to their demise, and then be surprised when hell itself shows up at their front door. They deserve everything that happens to them. I am going to spend the next month researching a country to move to (many have very lax immigration policies in terms of working/living there permanently). I will spend four hours a day learning the language and studying the country, and will continue to prepare for the worst. My investments continue to grow quite well through trading, and I'd like to leave here with as much capital as possible. At the first predictable sign of revolution (well funded and armed 'organic' far left groups clashing with the right), I will hop in my car and drive down to Mexico, where US citizens can stay without a visa for six months (work visas are easy to acquire there if necessary). During that time I will make my final arrangements and be off to whatever country I've picked should the situation back home not improve. I would like to retire to the countryside somewhere and be among people who have never even seen a nigger or tranny. I'm not going to get all autistic about my options; every country has its problems, but potato farmers in Siberia aren't concerned with Putin's crackdown on the media in Moscow. If you choose to stay, I highly recommend that you read up on historical leftist revolutions, and know what you're getting into. In particular, ever-increasing purity tests are a defining factor of the far left. Pol Pot eventually went so far as to execute or throw into work camps everyone with an education, though he himself had studied abroad in Paris, because only the farmers were the true proletariat. North Korea has a three generation rule; you could be the most devout non-white marxist around, but if you have family somewhere that's conservative, off you go. You will be outgunned and outmatched by well funded groups, friends and neighbors will turn against you to save their own families, the justice system will be rigged against you in every way. People act like these revolutions just happen one day, but they don't; they have very obvious and predictable buildups, which we are witnessing here. There are plenty of countries without necrotic economics systems, that aren't in the middle of a color revolution about to go hot. Unless you have a fetish for US soil, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by staying for what's to come. You look at every leftist revolution that's ever happened, and all of the horrors they caused, and the smart people got out first every time. But if you wait to the last second, you'll find the borders more heavily guarded than Trump's wall ever dreamed of being, for your 'protection'. Whenever these leftist revolutions begin, everyone likes to think they're on the right side, that they won't end up in a camp. They'll never understand that the ostensible goals at the start of the revolution are never the end result. Students are always the largest demographic that participates, and the educated are always the first to be executed.
Open file (964.59 KB 1009x1024 Tirpitz.png)
>>1816 >>1818 Based, I'm into trading myself and will pursue options after some months of practicing paper trading, clown stock market however is at an ATH and the fed has said they will keep printing and I know this probably won't last forever because they will crash the market bubble to complete the covid fear plandemic that they're using to paralyze, set fear and empoverish the masses with, the numbers are unbelievable. 900K+ Americans just applied for first time unemployment week after week and the market is still ATH and keeps growing every day 70% of small businesses is also eliminated, destroyed. The market is completely disconnected from the economy it's scary and freaky as hell. If you have a lot of funds in the market I'd advise you to be a bit careful now, if you have enough to live off realize your gains. The months ahead what we're seeing now is the biggest wealth transfer ever in a merger between the new world order and judeocapitalist high finance entities so that they can be the lender and buyers of last resort, they're inflating and buying up everything, the entire debt market, bitcoin, everything, you name it; they're buying it and manipulating it right now. Fed clowns keep printing as people are sitting there with no job and idle hands. And it's only going to be a matter of time before they pull the plug to complete it to create their little dystopian little Jewish feudal society because the way things are going now this market can't last forever the way I see it.
>>1818 >If God's plan for the US is a marxist-led genocide, perhaps he has already given you all the information you need to survive it. Maybe you're right--on both counts. I think the fallen Babylon Whore in the Book of Revelations could hardly find a more apt exemplar today than New York City (and by implication most of the country), so I don't actually expect the US itself to survive. Probably the Chinks will do it would be my first guess. While I'm an American myself my point was about the broader West. Give me some time to chew this stuff over please.
Flash game
>>1821 More game
>>1819 The overall health of the market is irrelevant when you daytrade (so long as accurate predictions can still be made). Should the market collapse tomorrow, I would still be able to trade the following day if some stocks began to go up. But yes, it will crash at some point, and you shouldn't be holding on to stocks long-term right now. If the entire economy goes with it, the stock market will be least of our concerns, and all the more reason I would hope to be living in a different country by then. I have a few rules for trading to minimize my risk. First, I never invest more than 1% of my money into any stock. Second, I don't rely on a margin account, so I keep 50% of my total account in settled funds, meaning only the other half (at most) is ever in play. I setup stop loss orders at 10% for all of my trades. If the market were to collapse across the board, I am only risking 10% of half of my money. Lastly, I setup limit sells at 10% profit, so that I cash out on a breakout long before it inevitably collapses again. Volatility is the enemy of trading; you only have to lose everything once to erase any big gains you might have had in the past. So I use these rules to ensure small but consistent gains with very few risks. Too many people try to get rich overnight on the market, not appreciating how quickly a small consistent gain will grow your account. >>1820 >I don't actually expect the US itself to survive. Correct. And what happens when the US goes; when the market dies and the politicians make their stealthy retreat to Switzerland? What political force will continue to be funded from abroad, as it was in East Asia's turbulent postwar period? What group will get to control shipments of fuel, weapons, etc in the ports? Hopefully I am too busy watering crops on another continent by then to see the answer.
Open file (61.71 KB 1080x982 zqCkxx5.jpg)
NGL, this board turning into /pol/ is starting to annoy me Bur whatever, it's not my place to do anything about it
Replaced my laptop's palmrest and "keyboard bezel" (according to the HW maintenance guide, that's what it's called). Feels like a new machine again.
>>1824 I can be on my way if you'd prefer. I've not forgotten that this was originally your board, but I have no interest in discussing video games and other pointless garbage.
I've been fucking around with my old IBM XTs (one desktop, one luggable), and good fucking god I didn't realize how unrealiable old keyboards can be. The one on the luggable is fine, but I've had three seperate keyboards fail on me when using the XT, all of them having different broken keys. Each one had just one fucking key that I absolutely needed to start the hard drive low-level formatting program broken. I can't just use the luggable one either; at least not without making an adapter, as it uses an RJ11 head to connect to the computer. Also, for some reason it refuses to acknowledge more than one floppy drive at any time, regardless of the jumper settings. >>1824 /pol/ content isn't new for /f/, but like all of our discussions, they invariably make way for something else. >>1826 I'd rather not lose any of you guys. To address your point more directly: While the current state of the western world is doubtlessly taking a sharp turn for the worse, and we all will have to find ways to deal with that, we must also not forget to enjoy what we can in life. I don't blame Lance one bit for wanting to inject some more lighthearted discussion into our board. There are plenty of opportunities to stress over our lives, but so few to refresh ourselves and put that stress on the backburner for just a little while.
>>1824 My apologies Lance. Frankly I'm very concerned about our future, and gunship just seems to have a big store of wisdom. I don't have any idea how old he is, but he's obviously seen a thing or two. I personally don't have anyone in my life right now like that, so I probably got a bit carried away myself. Please forgive me. >>1828 I'll chill on it. Besides, I think I've already absorbed plenty to understand better what's actually going on. In lighter news, I seem to have my dumpy shiny old, beatup new box running OpenBSD working fine. As soon as I finish learning the basics of algebraic processing of text I'm currently digging into, I plan to attempt to set it up as a usable desktop machine. I need to learn to use PF so I can create my own Great Firewall of not-China too, so I can then just dump Linux pretty much completely as far as my own personal stuff goes.
>>1828 >we must also not forget to enjoy what we can in life. Certainly, and I'm quite happy with my life. I discuss some very negative things with a couple of anons here, but my lack of posting on other topics isn't indicative of anything personal. /pol/ content is just the only topic that comes up that I have anything to say on. If we started discussing cooking, gardening, bodybuilding, etc I'd have many pleasant things to discuss. But we have a choice of /pol/ and tech, so I mostly just post on the former (I'm not saying that we Should discuss those other things). >I don't blame Lance one bit for wanting to inject some more lighthearted discussion into our board Absolutely not, everyone is always welcome to post anything. The point I was making however, is that I personally have neither the time nor desire to discuss those things. So, if we wanted to make /f/ less /pol/, and that is a reasonable request, that would effectively end my participation altogether. Extrapolation isn't everyone here's strong suit, but it is not lost on me that we have picked up many new /pol/ish anons almost entirely because of my ramblings. I can pretty much guarantee that my continued participation will only make this place more /pol/ and never less.
David Hill, the guy who was in charge when thinkpads became junk (stepped down two years ago), fellating the current thinkpad designs and missing the point of them except for as a fashion statement (e.g., forgetting that they are supposed to serve a utilitarian purpose)
>>1830 I'm fine with some /pol/ stuff, it's kind of to be expected, and I'm not in charge here anyway (and even if I were I wouldn't force it to go away). Just is a bit bleak after a while without any other stuff getting talked about simultaneously.
>>1830 >>1832 Bleak stuff is happening irl, ofc it will bleed over into online discussion. People shouldn't be freezing to death in Texas so politicians can score political points, and we shouldn't have to worry about China and the jews spying on us because they're 24/7 thinking about how to genocide us, but here we are. >>1831 A standard utilitarian laptop chassis format really needed to be implemented 10+ years ago. We had mATX boards and standardized cases for all sorts of desktop form factors, but portable solutions were all proprietary. Not having a standardized portable form factor is a major fuckup. I'd love to throw in a new mobo into an old thinkpad chassis to get the best of the old and new. It's a goddamn shame.
>>1832 >Just is a bit bleak God help you when it shows up on your doorstep, lance. >>1833 >People shouldn't be freezing to death in Texas so politicians can score political points Every time something like this happens, I just shake my head; people absolutely do not get it. Easy access to food, water, shelter, heating, etc is a convenience, and not a natural component of life. When your society starts to fall apart, so too does your safety net. But these people just happily go about their lives as if this were the 1950s and everything was okay. Anyone that has not made self reliance the cornerstone of their life by now just isn't going to make it. They have no idea what's going on, and are entirely unaware of the danger they're in. And it's going to rapidly get worse.
Open file (149.16 KB 1920x525 01.png)
At first I thought it was kind of neat that the site provided lyrical context.
Got Jak & Daxter (the first game, for PS2) for $9 today. It's pretty fun, and pretty impressive technically speaking to my mind.
Open file (2.26 MB 3008x2000 ci20.jpg)
>All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.
Open file (15.85 KB 403x336 excellentscientaste.jpeg)
>>1837 >That keyboard
Open file (35.64 KB 572x960 01.jpeg)
>>1837 >Playing CoC when AI Dungeon exists Sickening.
Open file (531.41 KB 3840x1888 01.png)
If anyone wants to make some money, they're doing it in the postmarket this time. Absolutely brilliant move.
>>1841 At the least something's going well for a few of us Anon. Appreciate you keeping us in the loop. Like a breath of fresh air knowing they aren't having it all their own way.
The final stage begins. Good luck, Anons.
>>1841 God's blessings on you, Anon.
I thought of you and I just wanted to invite you guys to zzz/a/'s movie night later today just in case you might like anime. >Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVA 1 and 2 >Porco Rosso Friday February 26th 1pm PST - 3pm CST - 4pm EST http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/a/thread/260.html#372
>>1846 >BTW just in case you don't know the first title, it's a very comfy atmospheric piece featuring arguably one of the world's great robowaifus.
Open file (1.35 MB 1080x1080 01.png)
>>1843 A lot of people aren't going to make it. It's kind of sad, you warn them and they just keep on doing what they're doing. Oh well, so it goes. At least I can look forward to seeing the retarded leftists pursuing STEM degrees in this environment getting what they deserve real soon. Kids are about to find out the fun way why third world countries don't have a service economy. >>1846 >Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou I actually downloaded that a year or so ago, and just never had time to watch it. Still don't, unfortunately, but good choice.
>>1841 Maybe they should re-brand it as RatTrap It seems to be more about drawing in unrepentant, greedy Jews than about games now. https://www.rt.com/business/516638-gamestop-short-sellers-losses/ How long until their fellow tribemembers get tired of their shit?
>>1851 All the fake vaccine shot, hollywood syringe stuff was weird as hell. Meanwhile M1 money supply went vertical, and our entire timeline seems very unstable. Narratives aren't lasting more than a few days now, evaporating almost as quickly as they're formed. Remember pangolins?
Open file (491.97 KB 3840x1887 01.png)
>>1849 They're pretty tired of it, Robinhood froze trading during the initial runup, so people couldn't keep buying the stock. It also came about that Robinhood is owned by the same capital group that owns Melvin. Robinhood is for bugmen, so that doesn't matter at all, but of course that's 90% of the WSB people. Pump and dump stocks are great for daytrading though, so I'm perfectly happy with their shenanigans. Buy in when it's on the rise, sell when it hits resistance. Let the retards with their 'diamond hands' bullshit hold the bag when it collapses. You've got people using their college funds to buy into GME at like $300 because fucking memes on the internet said it was going to go up, with no technical analysis at all, and then they lose everything. But I can pretty much guarantee you that, between the tax write off on these losses, and the money they made shorting GME's fall from ~$400, the hedge funds are doing just fine after their initial loss. SNDL is another great one lately. Dump $5k on it every morning during the downtrend, sell it a few hours later when it goes up. TLGT has been less volatile, but more reliable as well. Just keep an eye on the volume.
>>1853 Thanks! That graph is the first time I've understood the basic correlation between volume, price & timing. Seems fairly straightforward now to my (admittedly) inexperienced eye.
Open file (157.08 KB 992x880 01.jpg)
>>1854 It's easier to present that data that way in hindsight, but when you're looking at predictions and money is on the line, you want to be using candlesticks. The classic 'mountain' graph is more familiar, but not a good tool for technical analyses. Volume is a very important factor in stock price. If more people want to buy a stock than sell it, the price is going up. Always keep an eye on the ask/bid spread. Pre/Post market is very volatile (dark shades), but the volume is very low, so corrections usually occur quickly; make money on the corrections. It's good money that snowballs quickly if you're not retarded. Learning how to turn your money into more money is one of the most useful skills you can have. Half of those idiots bitching about healthcare and the 9-5 grind wouldn't have to if they did something useful with those stimulus checks instead of buying a new Xbox or whatever.
Julian Assange has been in solitary confinement for almost two years now.
"There are delays in legal papers reaching him and the laptop issued by UK authorities for the court case is read-only, it has no text editing programs, and the keys are glued down to prevent him from typing." https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/assangeappeal/
>>1855 Thank you. I'm not sure what 'using candlesticks' means exactly apart from the metaphor, but I can imagine that it's more intense looking forward into the unknown. Know that I realize just how corrupt the Wall Street system is, and how criminally nepotistic it is, I hardly know where I would start if I had sufficient money to get going with it. Robin Hood is obviously 'controlled opposition' so that's out.
>>1858 >Now that I realize*
>>1858 Guys like gunship can probably get you into it, but it's easy to lose your ass day trading if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Especially now that they're overtly fuck you over by stopping transactions, selling shares for you and stopping trading if you "win" too much. It's a dirty, rigged game.
>>1858 >I hardly know where I would start... Robin Hood is obviously 'controlled opposition' so that's out. I personally use Schwab and Ameritrade. Schwab is arguably the better brokerage with more available options, fantastic customer support, and a great banking experience (checking). Ameritrade however has a much better trading experience. Nothing game changing, just fewer menus, cleaner information, built-in things like alerts, and a better flow. I use Schwab as my personal bank and use it for more advanced trades (or if Ameritrade doesn't have something I want to do), and I use Ameritrade for the day-to-day trades. If you open an account, always use a cash account, never a margin account. >>1860 You can avoid most of the rigging by not trading 'meme' stocks. I can kind of see where they're going with the market manipulation angle. I mean, it's not true manipulation, but it is tens of thousands of people banding together to influence market prices. There's no reason to be involved in that as a new trader anyway though; most of those people are getting into a stock hoping it goes up like 500%. That's gambling, not investing.
>>1861 Thanks for the good advice gunship. I have an account with Fidelity for my 401k, I'll eventually look into the other two you mentioned at a later date. >but it is tens of thousands of people banding together to influence market prices. Arguably less fundamentally insidious than just a few snakes kikes people 'banding' together to downright insider trade & short to manipulate market prices. Hardly surprising the average non-insider cries foul at the obvious double-standard going on there.
>>1861 There are some good underrated dividend stocks out there, but the Fed added 19 trillion to M1 last week. I'm maneuvering more for durable goods in anticipation of a major fuckup of the global economy.
>>1862 >401k That's really going to suck when the economy goes. Even recently in 2008, some people lost as much as 50% during that recession. I'd sooner sit through inflation in a savings account than risk that until retirement. >>1863 With the way the market's been (especially last month), I just don't leave positions open for more than a day or two if I can help it. I have been considering dividends though, in the context of my impending move to Mexico. On that note, I have settled on the lovely little beachside town of Playa Del Carmen, which has more white people than Los Angeles. I've been using Google Street View to call up the numbers on rentals and little markets there for prices. Rent is like $350 a month, and it looks like my total expenses would be $850 a month. So, dividends could certainly provide some passive income towards that. Daytrading is more time intensive, but would pay that off within the first week of each month easily. I have 5-6 people joining my little expat adventure, and you guys are all welcome if you're interested. Should be a nice group of friends. Covid-19's mask cult was a dress rehearsal for the compliance they'll be expecting when the real lockdowns start under Covid-21. People will happily report friends and family for noncompliance, and undesirables (read; whites, conservatives) will be hauled off to 'quarantine camps', where they'll all perish. No reason to end up in a ditch here when you could be eating fish tacos in the Caribbean.
>>1864 The Yucatan is a lovely climate. I spent some time in Belizean jungle and really enjoyed it. The beaches at your new spot sound stupendous. Good luck to everyone.
>>1864 >>401k That's really going to suck when the economy goes. Yeah, I'll be looking for alternatives before too long is the plan.
Open file (3.53 KB 300x300 amy_00_wip_lg.png)
New pixel art WIP
>>1867 And yeah i know there are a lot of little issues.
Open file (2.39 KB 500x500 amy_final_00_5x.png)
Open file (1.31 KB 100x100 amy_final_00.png)
Open file (2.39 KB 500x500 amy_final_00_5x.png)
Open file (1.31 KB 100x100 amy_final_00.png)
sorry, double posted because the post UI said there was an error.
>>1870 A cute. Nice work Lance.
Open file (1.30 KB 100x100 amy_final_02.png)
Open file (2.36 KB 500x500 amy_final_02_5x.png)
>>1873 >>1870 Not sure which eyelashes I prefer
Can someone here give me the 411 on IPFS please?
Checking in so you know I'm not dead Pic unrelated btw
Open file (271.81 KB 397x537 1440164393006.png)
>>1876 Is it just me and you now?
>>1877 >>1878 Lol, I figured you all literally unplugged and fucked off the Caribbean with Gunship. Can't say as I'd blame you, wish I could too. mpv --loop=inf --no-video MommyBot9000_castle_lullaby.webm
>>1879 Anoncafe has been having a lot of issues with posting lately, trying again with RoboMommy...
>>1879 >>1880 Fix your shit Anoncafe! :^) w/e, you can hear it from the horse's mouth yourself. https://smuglo.li/monster/res/57785.html#86095
Open file (497.96 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1879 I very nearly did fuck off (not to the Caribbean) and abandon everything, but I panicked and turned around at the eleventh hour came to the realization that no matter what happens next, I'll be better off here in familiar territory than who knows where. Years ago, I came to the realization that my life will forever be defined by my own self-inflicted misery, and no change in my corporeal situation will alter this. Only now has this realization begun to cement itself. By the way, Lance, your state is flat and boring.
>>1883 >and no change in my corporeal situation will alter this. I get that. But gunship is right, and your 'corporeal situation' (nice one btw) is being plotted out by a bunch of literally demon-infested bad guys. They mean to put all of us in a ditch somewhere -- and then torch the entire lot, no doubt. I'm not so absorbed in this life that I want to cling to it out of mere habit. If I go down, I fancy I'd like to go down fighting same as the next chap. Reality has a way of making a fool me at times, so we'll see. At least I'm not going into this gigantic shitstorm ahead of us all with my eyes tightly-closed, head in the sand. I just pray that God preserves us through it all. Ultimately He will of course, so there's a real comfort in that knowledge, come what may. this site posting crap has gone on long enough at this point (48+ hrs) that is seems apparent Anoncafe is under attack. I'm curious why no word of it in /meta/ from the Admins yet?
>>1883 I know it is>>1885
>>1883 I know it is >>1885 The site is shit and has always been shit about posting If every time that I had trouble posting it was because the site was "under attack" then it'd have never not been under attack since I first came here.
BTW, been feeling a bit lightheaded today and yesterday. I've been drinking a lot of water, so I'm not sure what the deal is, but I suspect I'm a little anemic. Just ate a ton of breakfast cereal with high iron content as well as some meats, and a whole bunch of vegetables and stuff, so we'll see if that helps at all or if I actually have something else wrong with me. Hope it's not a hemorrhoid or something. That'd suck. Sleeping now.
If I'm feeling any better tomorrow, going to be switching my car back to summer tires and doing some cleaning.
If I'm feeling any better tomorrow, going to be switching my car back to summer tires and doing some cleaning.
>>1879 I spend very little time on the computer these days. The internet as a whole is a slum crowded by the hedonistic and narcissistic, with little avenue for discussion outside the commodification of self and identity. I have been spending most of my time studying antiquity and theology, and it has been a very pleasant month. I will by leaving for the Caribbean around the second week of next month. First and foremost, I plan to rent a place and establish a 'base camp' of sorts. From there though, who knows. Having established and furnished a residence by the beach, I could come and go as I pleased while the US declines. A flight to Mexico can be arranged at the drop of a hat, and certainly I am prescient enough to not have to worry about being stuck here 'after hours,' so to speak. A few months up here, many months down there. Absent any real roots now, I might even go see Asia for awhile. Daytrading continues to be profitable, and political/societal concerns have become a distant memory. As always, all here are welcome to join me. Beach-side housing in Mexico ranges from $130-320 a month, depending on location and size, and your total cost of living is under $500 a month. One of these days, I wish to organize a mailing list or such of reasonably knowledgeable people. One of the worst aspects of the internet currently is how compartmentalized it has become. Increasingly, you go to one place to discuss politics with a bunch of identical shells of people who have framed their entire identity around such, and then you go over to another site to discuss video games with a yet different set of identical shells of people who have made gaming their identity. If the internet were a building, its parking lot would be filled with SUVs covered in 'proud pitbull mama' bumper stickers; a population whose lives can be grouped neatly solely by that which they consume. But I am rambling. >>1888 You would know if it was a hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoids are painless, but if it is bleeding enough to make you anemic, there would be quite a bit of blood. Ulcers, gastritis, etc are more likely to cause anemia through bleeding, but most people would recognize the symptoms of those too. Iron supplements work great, but take awhile. Consider also, low blood sugar. Eat well, get plenty of sleep, and spend time out in the sun. Consider a CBC w/diff at your GP if it doesn't clear up soon. Happy Easter, all.
>>1892 He is Risen!
>>1885 There are two important things to keep in mind as you consider the fate of society. Firstly, you are observing events through a God's-eye perspective. A court case in DC, a troubling event in Boston, idpol insanity in San Francisco. Things appear to move much faster when you consider the state of the entire country at once. But how are things with you, right now? Outside my window it is a beautiful spring afternoon. The scrub jays are squawking, and a nice breeze is finally airing out the house after a very cold winter. The decline of Western civilization is likely not camped out in your back yard. Were this the 19th century, I would probably have never even known about Covid, save for newspaper articles. Politics has never not been a depressing affair, but you live in a unique time where you have the opportunity to consume an entire country's worth of it at any given moment. The writing is on the wall, but the time frame is a very open ended question. From market crashes to tyranny, Preppers have been taking to the woods to avoid such a fate since before you were born, and yet here we still are. In the prehistory of the 1990's, I was living in Los Angeles, not far from a ghetto (where the Negroes congregated). On a near daily basis, you heard stories about the crime down in the ghetto; the murders, robberies, etc. The talk of the neighborhood was always how the ghetto would someday spread to consume us all. Other naive people thought they could 'clean up' the ghetto and lift those people out of poverty. Well, to this day, that ghetto is still there, and the neighborhood I lived in still worries about it. Historically, neither the most pessimistic nor optimistic of predictions ever happens; what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun. Secondly, the degree of conspiracy is certainly questionable. One of the most prominent themes of any aristocracy is not how much how they conspired against the working class, but rather, how little attention they paid to it. Politics is not so much a neatly ordered bunch of capitalists smiling down menacingly on everyone else. It is more so a collection of numerous petty cliques fighting among themselves. It's not even an issue of left vs right, nor party vs party. It's just opportunistic neoliberals pursuing ever greater wealth while the country declines materially and spiritually in the background. The amount of cooperation and coordination to arrange some of these conspiracies would just be staggering, and sadly real life is rarely that interesting. A great example of this can be seen in the media. For decades, people fancied the media to be some syndicate of intelligent operatives, clear-headedly planning out their deceptions in pursuit of some state-sponsored goal. Then Twitter came long. It turns out that journalists and editors are just a petty clique of narcissistic manchildren who went to the same school in New York and interact with the same social circle. All of whom desperately long for in-group status and latch on to whatever grift might take them there. CNN's vendetta against Trump was literally just Jeff Zucker's personal grudge, picked up as a trend by other outlets who noticed the profitability in outrage. Lastly, it is important to recognize that although individuals are largely powerless to change the direction of society around them, they still have total control over their own happiness. If you live by the capital, you will invariably die by the capital. But as I've always said, there is no reason to take on the debt of a new auto loan or a student loan. You do not need to chase consumerism through constantly buying entertainment. You don't need a house filled with piles of crap. You don't need to hop into the tumultuous lifestyle of a tech career and all that it entails. The less you embrace modern society, the more insulated you will be from it, and the less tied down you will be. Live simply, don't spend money, work honestly. You will want for little, envy few, and find fulfillment easily. You won't be saddled with obligations that tie you to one area and all of its social problems. You could live simply in rural Nebraska or Vietnam with few considerations. "For all that is in the world — the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions — is not from the Father, but is from the world."
>>1894 Thanks Gunship for that wonderful wisdom. I confess that I've begun moving into the stage where a primary internal dialogue is fast becoming "How will I sell my life dearly, when they come to inject me with their poison by force?" But you're right -- atm it's a beautiful day outside my window. The Lord's admonition to "Work while it is day..." should be my focus atm. I'm young & healthy & smarter than the average bear. I should be using all that for the greater good while I can, and just trust God that He will carry me through the absolutely demonic trials that are coming. He'll give me the grace to die meaningfully as He sees fit when the time comes, if needs be. For now, I (and the rest of us) should just stay the proper course. God bless you, 'Uncle Gunship', Happy Easter! :^)
>>1895 Honestly, the last couple of months have been fairly optimistic. Not in terms of the direction of the country or society (haha!), but in terms of the state not being able to project the kind of power that could send us to hell in a hand-basket overnight. On Covid, the state has been wholly unable to enforce anything. Even California has been officially reopening. Locked away in your bedroom, you might read doom and gloom articles on the news or frantic social media posts from the terminally online, but outside your window, no one gives a shit about Covid. Your local Walmart is undoubtedly overflowing with people. I see fewer people wearing masks, even in the neoliberal hellhole of CA. The beaches are packed, people are returning to their offices. Easter marks the first holiday where the government's stance on it hasn't been "whatever your plans, cancel them." For all of the conspiracies of Covid sending us into permanent lockdowns, life is pretty normal once you step away from the internet - where one side cries hysterically about 'trust the science, wear the mask!' and the other side is forecasting the End of Times. The vaccines are looking to be at worst, a money grab, but the time frame for them to have become some apocalyptic vehicle for genocide is fastly closing. The sheer number of people that would have to be in on that conspiracy is just unfathomable anyway. Aside from the standard severe reactions in a minority of the population, hundreds of millions of people have not dropped dead. And while we may not fully understand the long term effects for a decade, the historical time frame for these issues to emerge is within the first eight weeks. Whatever 'vaccine passport' might come about is going to be a total sham. The door greeter at Walmart can't even check receipts properly, they're not going to chase you through the store to verify your vaccination status before letting you purchase bananas. Whatever leftish takeover of Congress we might have seen has vanished. The darling children of the left, AOC and Sanders, have caved to neoliberalism and are now tripping over themselves to praise Biden's administration and look past its faults. While Sanders was always a spineless coward, AOC is undeniably an opportunistic grifter. It is politics as always. The retarded MAGA right continues undaunted, however. I remember reading Biden's infrastructure plan the other day; the usual affair of accomplishing little except to make the rich richer. Yet when I checked Breitbart, it was announced under the headline, "Socialism Comes To America." Hilarious. The future of the country is grim. The Pentagon is itching for a war with China because it predicts that by 2035, it would not be winnable (and China needs a unifying force before the CCP comes undone). Corporatism continues to wreak material havoc on the direction of society, while our government looks for new and profitable ways to bring the War On Terror home. I encourage everyone to leave for greener pastures. But if you do nothing else, get off the fucking internet. You're looking at a culture war fought by people that haven't seen the sun in over a year, and are surrounded only by their piss bottles. Half of the normie internet is dominated by people whose only concern in life is their gender; how they define it and how others may define it. The world outside your front door would be decidedly alien to anyone living off news articles and screenshots of social media posts. If I might recommend a book on our present time, particularly to you, Anon, it is The City of God, by Augustine of Hippo. Rome had just been sacked by the Visigoths, the Empire was collapsing economically and politically. While the Republic was founded on masculine ideals of duty, honor, and competition, the Roman Empire had been marked by hedonism, consumption, and greed. As the Empire collapsed, people flocked to the bishop for insight on how to handle it, and what to believe in. The bishop, known today as Saint Augustine, wrote The City of God in answer. In it, Augustine lays out the fruitless search for happiness those that immerse themselves in the moral decline and earthly possessions of the City of Man will find, in contrast to the acceptance and peace of the City of God. We are lucky to have been born at a time when we can see our future in our past. As always, nothing new under the sun.
>>1896 >The City of God, by Augustine of Hippo Alright, I will. I've found a copy of and I'll begin working my way through it. I'll begin working on your other advice as well. It will be difficult, but I'm sure it will be a positive. Thanks again Gunship.
>>1897 >I've found a copy of Here are the sources btw, in case anyone's interested. Includes an amateur audiobook reading of what appears to be the most common English translation. https://librivox.org/the-city-of-god-by-st-augustine-of-hippo/ https://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf102 I already learned that the Visigoths actually spared Romans from slaughter, all who fled to Churches and Christian sanctuaries. Sure isn't the story I've heard before.
More reason to hate red hat from one of the usual suspects (red hat employs him still iirc)
>>1899 P.S. Sorry for taking 1900, I actually was content with 1899 but I thought of something else as usual Anime profile pictures probably aren't helping them make a case. But they were respectful
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Picked a random pic off my PC
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>>1899 Red Hat, who's that?
>>1899 >...you accuse us of controlling people's minds with vaccinations... Keke. Freudian slip? He seems a bit on edge tbh. :)
Open file (64.89 KB 2021x369 01.png)
>>1900 Having had time to read this, it is as always, a case of autists who don't know how to prioritize their efforts. 1: Poettering's stance makes perfect real-world sense; you want a sane default that is reliably backed by heavy infrastructure. Google's DNS server's aren't going anywhere, and this is important in the enterprise world (and this is Red Hat after all, not Arch Linux). Is Google good? No. Would using something like OpenDNS' nameservers go over well with corporate? Absolutely not. 2: The is obviously going to come down to per-distro defaults at installation, and going after systemd for it is just idiotic. Rather than throw a fit with a corporate product run by a known authoritarian, take that energy to a distro's forum, where the community can make meaningful changes to the default DNS server. But of course, no. What a batshit priority anyway. Gen Z can barely type at a non-phone keyboard, much less install Linux. Google's Android, with all of the privacy issues, is becoming the default in embedded devices where linux once reigned. But the concern of the day for these people is who owns the box serving magic numbers to users of an OS numbering less than 2% of consumers? Living in an absolute cave. >Anime profile pictures probably aren't helping them make a case. Having made the sacrifice of looking up which character that avatar belonged to, it is none other than (hilariously) a Google Chrome mascot. Across every website this lad uses, he rails against Google's DNS servers under a Chrome avatar. I'll bet you all the money in the world that Chrome overrides your OS' DNS servers in favor of Google's. The lad is also (of course) nineteen, and writes with the starry-eyed naivety of a high schooler that was lied to by a USMC recruiter at the mall, and is now on the bus to MCRD San Diego. In a lengthy post on his blog, pic related is his reasoning as to why Linux has not been adopted. Could it be that the 'masses' come home to veg out in front of social media and streaming sites, and have no idea what Linux even is, much less how to install and use it? Could it be that the average person has zero interest whatsoever in how their computer works? Might the lack of Linux pre-installations at Best Buy be because there is a financial incentive from very large companies to not do that? No, it's because the Linux community is kind of mean sometimes. Some people have heads only to keep the rain out of their neck. This is unimportant, obviously; this retard wasn't the focus of the original post. I was just checking out that avatar, and was quickly reminded why I don't use the internet much anymore.
>>1904 For you Gunship, in thanks for revealing who 'Uncle Ted' actually is, versus my previous only dim perception based solely on the corporate-controlled media lies. > I've been very slowly working my way through The City of God. It's been a rather painful experience in some ways. :^)
If I want to de-botnetize myself and stop being underweight, where should I start? I already began with changing from Firefox to IceCat with a whole bunch of addons once the Jan. 6 letter happened, and I use libreoffice now, but I'm still on Wangblows and all of the garbage that implies - just bandaids for a fucking gunshot wound. Should I start with getting a laptop with some easy to understand Linux distro or just going balls deep and straight dual booting OpenBSD with zero regard for consequences? Note that I have precisely no fucking clue, but still want to at least try. I know I sound stupid, and I know I sound dumb, but I really want to see if it's possible - to make progress on removing the bugman antennae. My family has an old, unused computer that I ditched for a fresh one a while ago and it's sitting in some old room somewhere right now, should I try that? I've also heard a few things about systemd and all, and I think I should be worried judging from what people have been saying about it, but I just don't think I'm competent enough to go for any of the good distros still remaining, 'cause I haven't even touched Linux yet. All I want is to be just one person who entered the scene during the post-phone age to consider the option of avoiding insectoiditude.
>>1906 I don't know what your level of computer knowledge is or your general situation, but as a general rule I recommend taking the same route I did, and dumping Windows full-stop for an easy Lunix distro. Roughly nine years ago, I had to get a new laptop because the one I was using (it had Vista, which I liked) broke. The new laptop had Windows 8, which I hated. At the time, I had heard of Linux, but knew next to nothing about it, and my general computer knowledge was limited to DOS and some general hardware concepts (I never bothered getting into the nitty-gritty of Windows). I decided to go for Mint, because I heard that it's stable and easy to use, and I had virtually no problems aside from the very mild headache of finding some new programs to replace the few I used in Windows that didn't have a Linux version. Games aside, there are very, very few applications that don't exist on Linux in one form or another. The only ones I can think of are extremely specific to some of the hard sciences (mainly those that involve working with specialized hardware), and even that gap is slowly closing. The gaming situation isn't even bad on Linux anymore either, despite what braindead "gamer" community might tell you. My Steam library has over a hundred games I'll get around to playing them all someday, I swear and virtually all of them work just fine with Linux. If you really want to switch over, then just fucking do it. Install Mint (or whatever easy-mode distro you want, really) and don't look back. Unless you absolutely have to work with some specialized piece of hardware that needs Windows, then it really is as simple as the installation process. Don't worry about anything else, don't worry about the command line, don't worry about the software, you can get to that if and when you absolutely have to. Now I use Windows for one thing and one thing only: Zune software, because I want music in my car and I refuse to use the radio or my phone to get it. For that, I just have Vista on a cheap used laptop that I only bother to look at a few times a year.
>>1907 >Mint as the proper escape route from the MicroStasi Wangblows gulag. This is correct. >upboated +1 >liked >re-blogged They also have a very active IRC channel expressly intended to help victims of the evil man, Bill Gates, come in from the code. The Mint Hexchat install has it listed as a built-in channel.
>>1906 You can deal with removing Systemdicks later, Anon. After all security & privacy is like fruit hanging from a tree -- don't be the low-hanging fruit. For now, just get the fuck off NSA 10. Cold.effin.turkey. Then gradually, you can find your skill level on Linux and stay as shallow or go as deep dive as you want from there. But first things first, get rid of the botnet OS from your life.
>>1908 >"the evil man, Bill Gates" I like the sound of that, it's got a ring to it. All one word ofc -- and roughly speaking, by definition. The Evil Man, Bill Gates Vote for The Evil Man, Bill Gates, as President of the World, all you earthlings
>>1905 Thanks, glad it's been helpful. I would also like to recommend Rubicon by Tom Holland, though not for any grand reason. I first read it fifteen or so years ago, and I remember it filling me with a sense of ambition. I don't quite know why, as it is just a (very well written) narrative history. But I enjoyed it thoroughly, and decided to reread it again last month. Those same productive feelings have returned, and I hope they might benefit others too. >>1906 >where should I start? The computer is the botnet, lad. That's the hardest pill to swallow. I could advise you to spend thousands of hours researching how to administer OpenBSD, set up your own network infrastructure, use PGP, etc, all for the purpose of navigating an increasingly shrinking portion of the internet. But all of that is the wrong answer to the right question. Life passes you by while you stay locked in your bedroom trying to find the 'right' way to interact with big corporate websites and their consumers. Download and install Fedora, it's solid and no-hassle at all (there are other perfectly acceptable distros as well). Use whatever browser you want (other than Chrome). Use the computer to get things done, and then go spend the rest of your day living a fulfilling life. Exercise, read Ted, learn a wide set of employable and personal skills, manage your finances well so you can retire early on passive income, help your community, find meaning in life. Allocate a brief period of online leisure in the evening, and then go to bed. Systemd has no bearing in the real world. You won't spend your final hours in a rest home wishing you had found the right tiling window manager or playing more video games. These are all distractions; an illusion of choice that keeps you miserable and mired in trivialities while unable to grasp the bigger picture. Show me anyone that spends a significant amount of time online, and I will show you a basket-case of depression wallowing in meaninglessness. >stop being underweight If you mean physically, that's pretty easy if you're willing to work at it. It will improve your self confidence and you'll feel immensely better about yourself. I would just need to know where we're starting; rough age, how underweight are we talking, what is your diet like, are you a cripple, etc?
>>1911 >Rubicon by Tom Holland Thank you, I have it now and look forward to reading it Gunship. Interestingly, I was recently learning what 'Rubicon' even meant (in a different context than ours here). Basically, once you 'cross the Rubicon' you have openly committed to your goals, come what may. And for everyone to see. Pretty motivating decision I'd say. :^)
Open file (5.89 MB 480x640 01.gif)
>>1912 >I was recently learning what 'Rubicon' even meant It's about a point of no return, more than anything. The Rubicon marked the boundary between Gaul and Italy. Caesar was serving as governor of Gaul at the time, but back home in the senate, there were tensions between him and Pompey. Pompey moved the senate towards ordering Caesar to disband his legions, and he was explicitly forbidden to cross the Rubicon with his army. To do so would be to declare a civil war. Not wanting to surrender, he did exactly that and set in motion a series of events that would see the majority of important figures in Rome killed (himself included), the end of the Republic, and the start of the Roman Empire under Augustus. But the point being, once he crossed that river, there was no going back; no "oops I didn't really mean to start a war." The most recent comparison would have been the calls for Trump to declare the Insurrection Act, which would have sent radlibs and their politicans into a meltdown of unseen proportions, and would not have calmly died down. It would have been a point of no return where the left would have become absolutely unhinged in their resistance of imaginary 'dictatorship'. But of course, Trump had no ideology, so there was never a snowball's chance in hell of that materializing. Anyway, you get the point.
If anyone recalls that sub I had in December ( >>1413 ), she's dead. 19 years old. She was one of the most ambitious people I've ever met. From sun up to sun down she was focused on her future, with hardly any time for anything else. Because of this, she also ran into that thing I'm always warning people about. Whether it's the complacent going through life with an "I'll have time for this in the future" attitude, or the overly-serious taking the world on their shoulders and not living in the present, the ride may end much sooner than you think, and you'll wish you had done things differently. At nineteen years old she had no time for herself and dedicated everything to a day she'll never see. What an absolute shame. Anyway, I'm just devastated and blogposting, carry on.
>>1914 Doesn't sound very ambitious to me
Open file (39.53 KB 779x536 1461625136412.jpg)
>>1914 As someone I consider to be a friend, you have my sincere condolences. I won't tell you how to mourn; I'm sure you have your own process by now, and it's probably better than the doctrine of apathy I've subscribed to. >you'll wish you had done things differently Meh, I'm well beyond that point now. I've reached the point where I only dedicate a minute fraction of my time and brainpower to personal and real-world issues, because I don't really care about affecting anything anymore. The best/worst part? I don't even seek escape in anime or games or anything of the like anymore, because I just can't bring myself to care about it. Usually I'll read, because then it's easier for my brain to fill in the blanks left by the author, which in turn uses up more of my total brainpower and distracts me more from my life that I hate. Family? Sure, I have my current family, and I do care about them, but I'll never start my own. Everything else aside, I simply don't have the care or patience necessary to manage another person's life. Friends? I wasn't joking when I said that you guys are the only real friends I've ever had. Work? As long as I have enough to survive, with a bit extra for books and other fiscally unintrusive hobbies, then I don't need or want anything major. The world? Frankly, I struggle to care about it at all. Sure, intelectually, I have a good idea of what's good and what's bad for it, but I have no desire to affect it. I hate politics, I can barely stand most people, and uptopian society is impossible for the simple fact that human nature will never allow it. Every society in history has exisited as part of a cycle -some faster than others- where every group of people under a flag, or a god, or whatever, is either rising or falling. It's a consistent, endless cycle of death and violence, and I want no part of it. I have no delusions of a world where this cycle is broken by some "perfect system", I just don't have any desire to be any more part of it than absolutely necessary. It's pointlessness by very definition. The future? I pretty much gave up on that years ago. My only 'plan' is to live until I'm dead, wether it be by nature, my own hand, or someone else's. If I go prematurely, then whatever. At least it's over.
>>1914 I'm just passing by, but I'm sorry to hear of your loss. What a tragedy. What happened to her, if you don't mind my asking?
>>1914 Whoa. I'm so sorry to hear about this Gunship. I'll be praying for you about her. Thanks again for the sober reminder, mate. Will do.
>>1916 I just want to encourage you that you and everyone else here have been a help to me along the way. You've already had an important impact in my life BO.
>>1916 I appreciate it. I hope you also recognize that what you're describing is very severe clinical depression. Life is suffering, so universally that it's basically a fundamental concept of Christianity. But in that suffering there are so many experiences that make life worth living. I know what you're feeling, I've been there myself. Nothing brings any joy, 'experiences' sound like more effort than they could ever be worth. Depression affects your entire outlook on life in such a way, and your perception of the world around you is no longer accurate. It's not something you can just walk off, but it does resolve with effort. If you ever need anything, you seriously have only to ask. And don't go killing yourself please; I'd sooner fly you out for a month of hookers and soma in the Caribbean than spend another month asking myself if there was something more I could have done. >>1917 Thanks. I didn't know yesterday, but I dug up some contact information for one of her friends, and it turns out that she killed herself. Submissiveness is often a symptom of low self-worth, and it brings with it a whole host of other psychological problems (this girl's main fetish was having the shit beaten out of her). I have this psychopathic tendency to surround myself with broken people because they're easiest to get what you want from (if you ever want a subby pet, go find a new e-whore that's struggling to get going and make her feel appreciated in a non-sexual way, and she'll have feeling for you within two weeks). The downside is that sometimes you get attached, and their problems become your problems. I could tell she had issues (anorexia, ADHD, no self confidence, a pathological desire to please), but she was so ambitious that I never really thought she was depressed. Most depressed people have no drive to do anything. I guess there's a little bit of comfort there. It's one thing to have the ride come to an end before it really gets going. Quite another to decide for yourself that you've had enough and want off. It's just a shame that depressed people rarely understand that their perspective is rooted in circumstance, and that circumstance is far easier to change than most people think. >>1918 Thanks, I appreciate it sincerely. Rough day, but this too shall pass in time. I guess.
>>1920 >Quite another to decide for yourself that you've had enough and want off. And quite a third to be a victim of coordinated conspiracy carefully calculated to lead said victims into a deep depression. I'm sure she's [was] just one of many millions living on the edge. Just as these demonic fuckers intend ofc. Our own Flash is probably one such victim. I know it's had a very negative effect on myself. >It's just a shame that depressed people rarely understand that their perspective is rooted in circumstance, and that circumstance is far easier to change than most people think. That's a great bit of wisdom Gunship. I'll try to change my own circumstances soon. >Rough day, but this too shall pass in time. I guess. It's been 3 days now. Joy comes in the morning, brother.
>>1923 I won't pretend to know what happened, but if I were to a wager a guess, it was because she was getting into that e-whore crap. Always wanting more money for her future plans, she chose the path that so many young women today do, and started selling nudes. But she chose /soc/ of all places to sell them on. Being anorexic, she had a figure that ranked well with them, and was pretty swamped with messages. Everyone would be polite and friendly until she mentioned her prices, then suddenly they were calling her a worthless whore and the like. For someone who already lacked any self worth, I can see it taking its toll; absent any other changes to her lifestyle I was aware of. The porn industry in its many forms is absolutely devastating to young women, but what can you do? Women are generally like big children; they don't understand these things anymore than a five year old can comprehend why his parents don't let him eat cake and ice cream three times a day. They think they're having fun and making money, and the next thing you know they're either overdosing on something or killing themselves. The world is full of misery at the hands of a small group of people making money, and this is just one issue among many (something like ~75% of Americans are either overweight or obese). But if you approach these issues with a top-down global perspective, you'll be as miserable and powerless as the leftists crying themselves to sleep every night over climate change woes. Individuals lack the influence to tackle these industries head on, but we do have influence over smaller groups. Work to influence your community, to keep the kids running and the women out of porn. You can't fix the world or save everyone, but you can go to your deathbed one day knowing you changes the lives of the people around you. We live in an interesting time where global connectivity amplifies the scope of our problems. A hundred years ago, someone living in Wyoming could not have cared less if California was a hotbed of transvestism and obesity. >Joy comes in the morning, brother. Funny enough, I was bit in the ass by a very unhappy mastiff this morning, and bled all over the car (luckily the seats are leather). Just a lovely week. But my market strategy has been paying off wonderfully, so I have that going for me.
>>1924 Yes, you're right. I suppose I was venting at my displeasure with the situation for her and you. Again, thanks for the perspective and advice! >Funny enough, I was bit in the ass by a very unhappy mastiff this morning OUCH! Sonuvabitch that must still hurt. WTF? I love animals, but I'm certainly not above killing vicious ones. What did you do?
>>1925 One thing that's always bothered me about grief, included by not limited to this particular case, is that I always feel guilty about moving on; as if I'd be doing their memory a disservice by getting over it. I guess part of that stems from the realization that I'd be a bit disappointed if I died tomorrow and friends and family carried on like nothing had happened. But still, it's silly. The things we feel can't always be rationalized, and sometimes we just have to remember that we are in fact animals, and not everything is within our control. I feel like we don't truly die until we're forgotten; someone like Hitler might as well be alive and well for how often he lives on in memory and topic. But for you and I, being forgotten comes much more quickly, so I guess I feel like grief keeps them alive in memory in some bizarre way. Oh well, this ramble is irrelevant to anything. >What did you do? Nothing at all, actually. I was just standing around at the time. I take care of people's horses in the mornings, just to keep active, and this house rescued an adult mastiff last year. At first he was totally fine. I sometimes jog around their dressage court, and the dog used to lay with me when I was resting. But he became rather unfriendly by the second month, and now growls at me every time I see him. I knew this would happen sooner or later, and today it finally did. Whether or not it becomes a big deal just depends on if it gets infected in the next couple of days. Either it does or it doesn't; I have taken care of it as well as anyone might be expected to.
>>1927 Interesting point about Adolf Hitler; lots of anons act like is still alive and well in the Antarctic today or the far side of the moon :^). As a (rather Asperger's so I realize I'm a few standard deviations off the norm) Christian, it's sort of irrelevant to me about that kind of earthly concern in general. I know I won't be forgotten in the afterlife, either by God, the Angels, or other Believers. That's more than sufficient for me, so it feels almost like a non-issue to me. Relationships are all that really matters in the end, the rest is simply dust (including our literal bodies). But I expect you'll continue to remember this woman for most if not all of the rest of your life. I hope realization helps you move on. > have taken care of it as well as anyone might be expected to. Alright, you'll probably get by with just some basic mastiff dog spit infection which should heal up. Sounds like you know how to disinfect and dress a minor injury like that so you'll be fine I imagine. The owners should be made aware of it so they can restrain the little bastard around others. Adult mastiffs are powerful, they could easily kill a child.
>>1920 >but it does resolve with effort I wonder. It's been a twelve year (so far) roller-coaster that has no end in sight. I hear about people who have allegedly walked it off completely, and it only leaves me with questions: How genuine are they when they talk about it? Unfortunately, I've known my fair share of people who have attention-seeking issues. Granted, they are genuine issues, but it's apples and oranges. How high are they? I have no trust in the psychiatric industry, and I refuse to touch any substance other than nicotine and alcohol (the latter only at night). Sure, there's the chance that something like that might help, but it's not a risk I want to take. This is the big one: How early did it start? I'm no expert by any means, but I know enough that the earlier something starts, the harder it is to move past it. Experience has taught me the same. fuck it. You might remember when I told you that this lockdown business isn't my first tango with isolation. The first time was when I was eleven, and I won't go into the boring details of why it happened, but I spent several months locked in a room alone. I would go to school, sit in the room and interact with noone, then go home and only have the barest level interaction with my parents, if any interaction at all. My memory is a bit blurred around that time, but my thought patterns took a steep downward spiral after the first couple of months. I started to realize just how horrible and broken I am, that I am and will always be a defective person, and I was being locked in that room because nobody could find a way to "fix" me. I couldn't help but think about it, because there was nothing else to do. I couldn't talk with my classmates, and I was afraid to talk with any adults because I was worried they might have put me somewhere worse. At some point I came to thinking that it might be better if I just ended it all. I've had suicidal stints since then, but I've never been closer than those days when I was home alone, staring down a steak knife for what seemed like hours and thinking about how it would be better if I just plunged it between my ribs, or took the one rope in the house and tied a noose and dropped off the attic ledge. I can barely remember how or even why I eventually convinced myself not to go through with it. I think I still had, and probably still have, this little bit of hope that I can somehow have a happy ending. I got out of that room, but a little bit of it stayed with me. It's kinda funny actually, throughout this whole lockdown I've been thinking to myself "this isn't so bad, at least I can go outside and go into my car and drive places" , but even with that perespective I still can't seem to get my life right. How the fuck do I do it? How do I be content? Everywhere I go I see people who have it objectively worse than me, but I also see that they have friends, they have people they talk to on a regular basis, they walk around seeming just fine but even though I know how they do it I can never seem to figure out how I can do it. Sometimes I wish I never learned about psychology, because it feels worse that I know what's wrong with me but I still can't seem to find a way to fix it. Actually, I just want to pass that on to all of you: don't learn any more about human psychology than you absolutely have to, because every new word will break down your faith in others and yourself
I'm gonna regret that post in the morning but fuck it feels kinda liberating to tell someone about this shit. Another thing: I still don't know how the everloving fuck my austistic eleven year old ass manged to hid this shit from my family
>>1929 >>1930 I'm nobody passing by, but I'm sorry to hear you went through that as child. No eleven year old would have been able to solve what you were confronted with, so all in all I think you handled it well, even if it doesn't seem that way. This isn't to say that there's a "successful" way of handling that, only that you did and that you're here now, which sure counts for something. When part of your brain is broken or misbehaving, all kinds of mischief gets between you and your experiences. Your thoughts grow to fit the environment they find themselves in, like stunted trees trying to grow in a building's permanent shade. We are, alas, affected by the mechanisms of our flesh far more fundamentally than many of us would like. Think of your frontal lobe as an executive whose subordinates are telling him all kinds of different things, who can only issue orders indirectly, and who has to make sense of it all for the company owner (your soul) moment-to-moment and you'll begin to understand why it's not just a matter of "fixing" yourself by pure will alone. That said, the drive to learn about, bear up under, and try to rid yourself of these things shows that you're stronger than most, which is an unbelievable asset even if it seems like it only prolongs suffering. >I have no trust in the psychiatric industry, and I refuse to touch any substance other than nicotine and alcohol (the latter only at night). Sure, there's the chance that something like that might help, but it's not a risk I want to take. I once sought help for some of my own difficulties from someone who presented themselves as a professional. They diagnosed me within ten minutes and then gatekept access I had to medication, forcing a regular consultation fee for no proper service whatsoever. It turned out that they had a growing reputation as a charlatan, had had their licenses revoked long ago, and were acting to funnel me to prescription-mills (probably in return for additional kickbacks). This is not to say that doctors don't help, merely that there are lazies and charlatans out there and one must find someone who is both willing and able to correctly understand your trouble and give you what you need. I recognize what you say about learning about psychology, how it disillusions you and drives you to despair when it doesn't seem to give you the tools you think you need. For me, this was because my underlying brain-chemical issues hadn't been addressed and the knowledge became more valuable once I could use it. I now look upon my storehouse of knowledge in the field as a hard-won trove that I myself have battle-tested. Anyway, the medication I had thrust at me did very little, but it did force me to try and figure out what the fuck was going on. What eventually helped me get out of the pit on top of all the other research was three things: >A supplement stack that hinged on NAC (2000mg split dose), magnesium (400mg night), selenium (200mcg morning), and zinc (50mg night). I later added creatine and glyceine, which have helped a lot with "brain fog" too, but those were specific to my particular side-problems. It sounds kooky but it worked for me. >A book called "Addicted to Unhappiness" by Martha H. Pieper and William J. Pieper that helped me realise how my mind had adapted to my experiences, how that was necessary at the time, and what I could expect as I tried to re-shape it. >The realization that what I was experiencing was not a lack of effort or control, but a fundamental fault in my brain chemistry that I could work around but would never be "cured" of. It wasn't my fault, but I also wasn't going to ever be rid of it, so I needed to stop feeling bad about it, find ways to render it irrelevant, and deal with the effects it had had on my mind. It's hard to explain, but the supplements seemed to give my brain the right fuel so that I could gradually build loops (that often fell apart when I backslid) and deal with things bit by bit. It's like part of me had gradually fallen out of contact and I was slowly bringing it back into the... I don't know, the community of me. Like I'd been hypoxic for a long time and someone was gradually letting the oxygen back in. (Side note: Look up hypoxia training for pilots, what it does to you without you knowing it is wild. Great metaphor.) I became able to concentrate on things again, remember things again, deal with others from a place of power. One of the nastiest parts of brain problems is that they impose doubt on you: "Is what I'm experiencing real?" With my brain working better, I became able to understand the cruelties that some people reflexively impose on others, to tell mere wounded or lazy from genuinely evil (and mark my words, there is evil in the world), and to make decisions accordingly. Anyway. What you are experiencing does have an end. It's not an easy or convenient end, but it can be reached, and it is worth it. It doesn't stop the world being a vale of tears, but it does give you back the parts of you that you need to live through it.
>>1929 Pretty morose story Flash, true. OTOH, you're still here with us. A wonderful boss I had used to regularly say, "Where's there's breath, there's hope." Don't quit now bro. I'd suggest you simply short-circuited during that period to a revelation that eventually everyone faces (perhaps only once at death's door). Namely, you, yourself, are an individual, alone. Only God alone, can know your sorrows and your trials, your joys and your accomplishments. No other human can actually share any of that intimately with you. A marriage between a man and woman is just about the closest any of us can hope to get in that regard, but it's plainly evident that doesn't work either. Only God and God alone, can meet you in that place and bring you out 'into the light' so to speak. No other human can, bro. >Actually, I just want to pass that on to all of you: don't learn any more about human psychology than you absolutely have to, because every new word will break down your faith in others and yourself Meh, it's just contrivances by blind men in the dark. No one really understands the human soul, it's simply vastly too complex. Stop letting them dictate to you Flash. I've been praying for you mate.
>>1929 >How genuine are they when they talk about it? If someone tells you that they once suffered crippling depression but are now snug as a bug, they're either lying or grossly self unaware. Depression is a symptom of an underlying mental state, and you have no control over the experiences, emotions, and memories that led to it. What you do have control over is your acceptance of them, and the extent that you let them impact your daily life. The fundamentals that caused your depression will always be a scar on your psychology, and you will have occasional setbacks, but you can still live a fulfilling life that brings you happiness. Imagine a kid being harshly rejected in middle school and resolving to never love again. He didn't deserve that trauma, and it will follow him for life. But he's making the worst of a bad situation, and will needlessly suffer lifelong consequences because of his response to it. >How high are they? Psychiatry is misunderstood. I used to be a hypochondriac, and I got fed up sitting around waiting for doctor appointments, so I began studying internal medicine and pharmacology extensively. That's been a big thing of mine for a very long time, and I can speak about it without any armchair conjecturing. First off, there is no medication that does not have drawbacks. Tylenol is one of the leading causes of liver failure. Advil will absolutely fuck up your stomach. Flonase does wonders for seasonal allergies, but can cause loss of smell, which some claim has been irreversible for them. Psych meds are no different, and doctors are supposed to base their prescribing habits on whether the benefits outweigh the risks. For a manic depressive, the inconvenience of psych meds is perfectly tolerable if the alternative involves them hurting themselves or others during an episode. Someone with social anxiety however should not have to suffer the crippling addiction and potential for dementia of benzodiazepines, where the alternative is something that can be resolved behaviorally. Part of the problem is that most patients don't want to put in any effort towards resolving problems, and doctors know this. They're looking for a quick fix which doctors have become accustomed to providing. It's not necessarily maliciousness, just largely short sightedness. The financial incentives local doctors are presumed to receive for prescribing things is hugely overestimated. These payments are, by law, entirely public. You can see online which pharmaceutical companies have given money to your doctor, and you'll find that 90% of it is a free lunch for attending a seminar on their products, not tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses. Secondly, mental illnesses are almost never 'fixed', and no good psychiatrist will speak in terms of curing someone. The foundation of psychiatry is management. Someone who is too depressed to get out of bed in the morning is never going to take actionable steps to put his life back on track. A schizophrenic that's prone to hopping in his car and ending up thousands of miles from home has no control over his life. Psych meds bring people to a baseline mental state where they can address their situation accurately and begin moving forward. If you are capable of caring for yourself and have the energy to at least attempt taking little steps towards managing this, then I don't think you would benefit from an SSRI or similar. They are a short term crutch to help people get back on their feet, and that's it. >I know enough that the earlier something starts, the harder it is to move past it. I disagree, but can only speak from personal experience on this. As a kid, I was an incredibly shy loner with trust issues that read all day, and masked insecurity and a fear of being emotionally hurt behind a very harsh outward personality. As a fourteen year old, a teacher had nicknamed me 'Mr. Sunshine' and I was known as the kid who sent an eight year old to the hospital with a fractured skull. Yet today I have the physique of a typical 'gym bro', spend most of my free time trying to improve the lives of the people around me and the community we share, and go on dates far more often than I'd prefer to just to help with their self confidence. But I'm sharing this because this total turnaround did not occur after anything grand, and there wasn't a huge struggle to get here. At some point in my early twenties, I acknowledged that my discontent with life was largely based on the way I carried about, and that I was going to have to put in some effort if I didn't want to spend the next 65 years being miserable. I set about making small incremental changes to my lifestyle every week, and increasingly put myself into situations that made me uncomfortable.
>>1929 >How the fuck do I do it? How do I be content? It's a long journey, and it starts with a pen and paper. Sit down and outline every aspect of your life. Your diet, your exercise, your living situation, your relationships, your occupation, your hobbies, how you spend your time, your sleep schedule, etc. For each one, decide what your habits should look like if they are to be healthy (by the standards of society before it began fetishizing weakness). If you weren't depressed, I'd have said to decide what your habits would look like if you were happy. But depressed people aren't of a sound mind, and you'd probably tell me you'd be happy to wake up at 1800 each day and be left alone. So we'll start with healthy habits instead. Once you have an idea of what you should be doing, don't drop everything next Monday to live a totally different lifestyle, but start making incremental changes in your life. Wake up a little earlier each week, eat a bit healthier, spend less time on bad habits and more time on good habits. Set and accomplish little goals every day, even if it's just 'shower every day' or 'wake up before noon.' The accomplishment of goals is a necessary component of confidence, and keeps you focused on how far you've come, and not how far you still have to go. These are the kind of changes that depressed people need to make to begin their recovery; they can not and will not address the emotional component of their suffering so long as their physical state is neglected. Your most important change will be in building healthy and supportive relationships with people that you can be emotionally open with. There are ten billion people on this planet, and you only need about a dozen of them; they're out there. Keep in mind the kind of people that you'll meet in certain places; you'll meet a very different kind of person while volunteering at an animal shelter than you would at a liberal college. If you're constantly surrounded by people you despise, put yourself in different positions. One of the most powerful tools in relationship building is being able to recognize how and why other people suffer. From a hug to encouraging words, being acutely aware of others' fears and insecurities gives you a lot of power over how they see you. If you're a psychopath, you'll use this for sex and material gain with broken people. But ideally you are not me. I didn't pull all of this out of a self help book or some Huffpost article. While everyone's depression is caused by a unique set of circumstances, depression itself is universal. Gather a dozen depressed people in a room and they'll pretty much have the same feelings towards life and happiness. This is the process that has worked for me, and I have helped others with it as well. It is not a unique thing either; ask anyone who's recovered from depression how they did it, and they'll tell you it was a combination of developing a healthy lifestyle and meaningful relationships. I am not so full of myself that I would have spent two hours articulating this if I did not think it would help you as well. Happiness is love, purpose, and fulfillment. Compassion, kindness, and servitude will definitely push you in that direction. Be selfless (within reason, take care of yourself) and be emotionally open. Open your heart and connect with others. Nurture your relationships. Help others. Anonymous good deeds feel wonderful. You know that feeling when you’re in love? Love is happiness. Love others. Receive love. That’s it.
I'm having that dreading/anxious feeling because I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail a class or two this semester, but I think I'll survive somehow. We'll see what happens next. I doubt the school is going to be merciful like it was the first COVID semester. I guess if they decide to dismiss me, that means time off school before I'm allowed to re-apply again, though, and that might be just what I need. On a lighter note, even leddit knows Mozilla's trash https://old.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/mwjh45/where_is_the_no_option/
>>1930 Stay with us, you're a cool person. I'm in a slump right now, too, but it'll work out somehow. Hard to believe sometimes, but try to have faith in that. I've been through some dark/rough patches and there's always a better place around a corner (IMO).
>>1924 >The porn industry in its many forms is absolutely devastating to young women, but what can you do? I do my part by just looking at eastern cartoon girls instead; it causes much less of a human trafficking problem that way, too. My expectations from real women obviously differ when half the stuff in the cartoons is physically impossible (fox ears for instance).
Open file (1.35 MB 320x279 zSlTT6Q.gif)
I had a GIF meme about california, but I can't find it now, so have this instead.
A library in the town over had a copy of Value Line. From April 2020, but since this is still April, I don't know if this year's edition is even in the mail yet. But aside from the twelve month outlook, the rest of the figures are still perfectly accurate, particularly the 3-5 year section. I took pictures of it all (excluding the multi-thousand page reference on each individual stock), so here you go. There's at least one other anon here making money the easy way, so enjoy. I even included the page on my beloved range-bound stock, AT&T. This binder is $600 a year; don't say I never gave you guys anything. https://imgur.com/a/4lJqNHf
>>1914 >>1920 Oh, shit. Sorry to hear that… I have a Vietnamese friend IRL who told me the girl he loved in Vietnam killed herself around a week ago. I listened to him talk about it, and of course tried to tell him not to blame himself, but it's not really something where there's much I can say. She was apparently the naïve sort, and he'd kind of assumed a protective role with her when he was still in Vietnam. He wonders if she was being manipulated or abused, too (basically, if there's something he could have done, had he been there). He felt weird about opening up like that, and said it "wasn't like him," so I basically told him that whatever he does is what defines who he is, and he shouldn't try too hard to disguise himself. I myself think I might be a bit depressed, for a variety of reasons, but so far am good enough at "living in the present" that it never really goes beyond a vague feeling of bracing myself and then moving on after the impact. Sure, it sucks at the time, but remembering that my troubles are all temporary (relatively speaking) helps me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx-bCPUItwI
>>1940 Thanks for sharing. AT&T is a pretty solid choice; pretty much always was.
Open file (2.71 MB 220x220 t03minkevdp61.gif)
Found the california GIF Thought of you when I saw it, commie
>>1943 1. "This is a perfectly fine state." 2. "Wow, some people are MEAN, this calls for assloads of money attempting to alter human nature." 3. "The state has no money and is crumbling, and my taxes are too high. Time to move to that other perfectly fine state." 4. "Wow, some people are MEAN, this calls for assloads of money attempting to alter human nature." Progressivism is just malignant stupidity. The people in this state would happily drag down the living conditions of entire populations if it meant they could make an insignificant impact on the mental state of their pet identity groups. The left is crippled by a mentality centered around "We have to do Something for Them. This is Something, so we have to do This. And if you don't agree with This, you must hate Them."
>>1941 >She was apparently the naïve sort Most women are, lad. The ones who aren't are usually forty year old executives that wish they had gotten married instead. It's no coincidence that the entire advertising industry has spent the last four decades or so gravitating towards women (MLM and all). >if there's something he could have done It's somewhat comforting that in the face a friend's suicide, we all seem to have the same worries. Well, if he ever wants to talk to someone going through the same thing, I can always drop an email address here. I'm very sorry for his loss. There's not much you can say to help him, just be there for him if you can. A hug if that's not weird for you.
>>1942 AT&T is a terrible holding stock (unless you're retiring soon and just want safe dividends). But as a range-bound stock, you can buy and sell it at very predictable points and make money off them regularly without worrying about the stock tanking on you. If you want to make money on the market, put most of your allocation in Spiders and Diamonds. Keep some money in cash and buy dips through their leveraged ETFs for multiplied rebounds (if Diamonds dips and rebounds 2%, DDM rebounds 2x for 4%. Some are even 3x). Periodically sell half of your positions when things are up, giving you more money to buy dips and keeping risk low. Use a portion of your profit as fun money to invest in individual stocks. That's it, you're making good money forever now. Please pay my advisory fee.
>>1946 >Please pay my advisory fee. Lol. I'm no expert Gunship, but it seems to me you could have a rather brisk secondary gig doing just that: getting people to pay you for investment advice.
>>1947 I manage most of my family's and a good number of friends' personal finances and investments. It is definitely good money (largely because my commission is absurd, but no one cares because they're making free money with someone they trust to do things in their interests). I don't usually charge for advice though. If you want an individual value stock to buy, look at AM[0]. It tanked terribly last year, but is under new management now and has been growing steadily to the tune of 89% over the last year. During that ascent, it has also been a fantastic range-bound stock, frequently bouncing between highs and lows as the long term uptrend continues (and with a dividend yield of 15% for much of it). Earnings will be out in five days. Either they do well and the stock will get a nice bump to its trend. Or it will dip a bit and continue to bounce around as a range-bound stock. Either way, it's been a lovely stock for the last year. If there's one thing the right is good at, it's noticing patterns and drawing conclusions from them, even if the conclusions sometimes go off the rails. If your ability to extrapolate is decent, finance is for you. Spend a little less time connecting the rise in transvestism to the collapse of Western civilization, and more time predicting equity prices. Then you can take your millions to Thailand and not give a shit. [0] https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/NYSE-AM/
Open file (213.56 KB 684x690 sort aboutconfig.png)
>>1945 >A hug if that's not weird for you. Maybe a little, but I'd not feel to awkward about just offering one.
Open file (185.79 KB 1280x800 ff88.png)
P.S. I built FF 88 from sources today (since cubeb, the mozilla audio backend, is built with pulseaudio support only by default since FF 52, I had to build it myself to get plain ALSA). The build took just over an hour and a half (97 minutes) on a four core i5-3470 CPU with 16GiB RAM. For comparison, FF 52 took around 45 minutes on a somewhat slower i5 machine from the same generation. Took the opportunity to revert a patch that they made which changes the 'view image' context menu option to 'open image in new tab' (which opens in the foreground, ignoring the `browser.tabs.loadInBackground` setting). Literally no benefit to them doing this, btw, since ctrl+clicking or middle-clicking on the old 'view image' context menu option would open it in a new tab in exactly the same way. All they did was make it impossible to view the image in the current tab without copying the image location and pasting it in the url bar. I also discovered they'd removed the legacy XUL/"XHTML" `about:config` UI sometime between 85 and 88, so I patched that back in, too. Between that and my ever-growing userChrome.css file, it's been getting harder and harder to make Firefox acceptable, and I know I've whined about this a ton before, but I'm just blogging I guess. BTW, next version (89) is revamping the UI once again (codename "proton"), and 90 removes the old UI stuff, so I'm just bracing myself for when they throw that wrench & reduce the usability while also taking up more vertical space once again. I use seamonkey 98% of the time; FF gets used on really horrible/incompatible/heavy-weight sites when I can't reasonably avoid them. Have a weird little song I stumbled across. Not sure how I feel about it (repeatative), but it's sort of catchy at least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvmX053bQZ0
>>1950 Oh yeah, and according to the tracker it looks like 85+ have a bug that stops them building with GCC 10. And they never fixed it. So I had to use Clang for this build.
>>1951 d'oh, tripcode
Open file (262.06 KB 887x967 ibm-standards.jpg)
Oh yeah, they mdae the find bar huge again so now I have to find out how to shrink it down (again) Also, pic.
>>1950 >>1951 I feel your pain. There isn't a browser worth using anymore. I have so many patches just keeping firefox inline in addition to my userchrome.css and autism config. I keep thinking about trying the FurryFox browser again but it doesn't work with a bunch of websites I need to use. Even the latest version of Firefox is totally broken on a lot of websites now. Google pushes out updates to break sites like youtube everyday. Firefox can't even see the replies to comments anymore. Not sure what they've broken to make that possible but it doesn't work even with a stock compile at the moment. Every new version adds more compile time. I'm currently forced to compile multiple browser engines a week to keep my Gentoo/KDE machine up to date. For whatever reason there is an update for Rust coming out every few days now. I think I compiled it three times last week. It just keeps getting more and more bloated. The only reason I'm forced to use it at all is Firefox. Rust keeps being forced upon me. I can't remember what recently got re-written in it but it's part of the base system on Gentoo. I have it masked and use an older version but I know that won't be doable for much longer. I keep flirting with the idea of forking >Linux kernel >gtk v2 >Firefox >some other things recently re-written in Rust But I'm only one man and I know I don't have the will power to maintain it all. I really want to release a new distro that's focused on being a sane desktop system though. Something that would replicate late 90s/early 2000s KDE/Gnome while still being able to run modern software and games. A base system with a small footprint. Precompiled binaries by default with the option to fall back to source. Something that can run on everything from 486s to modern CPUs. bins for all those archs like Funtoo.
>>1950 >>1951 I feel your pain. There isn't a browser worth using anymore. I have so many patches just keeping firefox inline in addition to my userchrome.css and autism config. I keep thinking about trying the FurryFox browser again but it doesn't work with a bunch of websites I need to use. Even the latest version of Firefox is totally broken on a lot of websites now. Google pushes out updates to break sites like youtube everyday. Firefox can't even see the replies to comments anymore. Not sure what they've broken to make that possible but it doesn't work even with a stock compile at the moment. Every new version adds more compile time. I'm currently forced to compile multiple browser engines a week to keep my Gentoo/KDE machine up to date. For whatever reason there is an update for Rust coming out every few days now. I think I compiled it three times last week. It just keeps getting more and more bloated. The only reason I'm forced to use it at all is Firefox. Rust keeps being forced upon me. I can't remember what recently got re-written in it but it's part of the base system on Gentoo. I have it masked and use an older version but I know that won't be doable for much longer. I keep flirting with the idea of forking >Linux kernel >gtk v2 >Firefox >some other things recently re-written in Rust But I'm only one man and I know I don't have the will power to maintain it all. I really want to release a new distro that's focused on being a sane desktop system though. Something that would replicate late 90s/early 2000s KDE/Gnome while still being able to run modern software and games. A base system with a small footprint. Precompiled binaries by default with the option to fall back to source. Something that can run on everything from 486s to modern CPUs. bins for all those archs like Funtoo.>>1951
>>1954 >>1955 wtf is even going on with the shitty lynxchan software powering this imageboard? It gave me 3 seconds to fill in captcha. Told me I failed. I refresh the page and somehow the post went through twice but managed to eat the image for one of the posts somehow. Stephen Lynx is truly a nigger.
>>1929 >I can barely remember how or even why I eventually convinced myself not to go through with it. I think I still had, and probably still have, this little bit of hope that I can somehow have a happy ending. First off: You aren't alone and we're probably of the last generation that really knows what this is like. None of these kids know what loneliness is like anymore with the modern ability to find a community of like minded people online. They can't even fathom what it was like back in those days when you could truly be alone and disconnected. I went though that as well. Like you the teachers couldn't "fix me" and the parents were nowhere to be found. As sad as this is going to sound the only thing that kept me here was the thought of hell. I didn't even believe in religion back then. Hadn't read any of the books and considered them to be for the weak minded. But suicide just wasn't an option. The thought that I would come back in a worse situation or be forced to spend eternity in some bad place was a gamble I wasn't willing to take. I'm here suffering for a reason. I probably signed up for it. I don't know what this place is but I do know we're all here suffering together for a greater purpose. Maybe we're just here to build character. Maybe we're being punished for something we did. Maybe it's just the most popular reality TV show in the universe. Whatever the reason we're all here together because we all came here willingly. What keeps me going is the thought that if I let nature take its course and do the best I can here that I'll eventually be returned to wherever I came from. I think we all end up going to Gensokyo once we're finished growing here as souls. Maybe it isn't exactly the world ZUN created but something similar to it. A carefree place where everyone is in their true form. Be is that of a little girl, a furry, a masculine God-like being, or whatever else you envision yourself as. Perhaps we're all just youkai that got bored and decided to incarnate as humans for awhile. I think that's why so many people on Earth don't feel comfortable in their mortal bodies. Trannys might really be in the wrong bodies. But they're in them by choice and gave up halfway through the experiment. Instead of sticking it out and learning they give up halfway through and become an abomination that will never be able to escape the cycle of reincarnation if they keep repeating the mistake. I like to imagine that after I die I'll go to some place where there isn't evil. Or where evil isn't in control at least. Maybe the most meek among us here on Earth are actually the strongest beings on the other side. Maybe they asked to be placed into a meek mortal shell so they can better understand those they protect. At any rate suicide never seemed like a viable answer to any of my problems. No matter how bad things get I couldn't die by my own hand. Whenever I've tried to beat this on a technicality something happens to spoil my plans. For a long time I was attempting to die by riding motorcycles at high speed on public roads. I just ended up becoming a better rider. Every time I got close to being in a fatal crash I would manage to keep the bike under control. I can't kill myself no matter how much I try. The one time I tried to blow my head off with a gun it misfired. I pointed it in another direction and pulled the trigger. Gun went off and has never misfired again. We go through struggles because it makes us better people in the long run.
Open file (571.20 KB 3840x2160 01.png)
>>1950 The virgin FOSS compiler vs the chad I-don't-give-a-shit-anymore. Actual screenshot of my desktop from this morning, how things have changed! When I have finished my coffee, there will be no issues to troubleshoot, no reason to spend hours tinkering away at trivial things while isolated in this chair. It's a beautiful Spring day out! >>1957 >None of these kids know what loneliness is like anymore It's the exact opposite, kids are lonelier than ever. They have people to talk to, but their relationships are entirely impersonal, void of any meaning. They don't know what it's like to have a shoulder to cry on, to hold hands with someone. Their relationships are shallow and saturated in constant irony and in-group signaling. Dating (when it occurs) has become less the meeting and connecting of two people, and more the marketing of oneself as a dating product to be distributed by computer algorithms on Tinder and the like. I can't imagine being a kid these days. The kids in rural Nebraska are growing up fine, but in Los Angeles? I am reminded of criticism I read awhile back on a paper written by some young Silicone Valley yuppie: "This man has no friends, only colleagues."
>>1958 Yeah, yeah, I know. >Even the latest version of Firefox is totally broken on a lot of websites now. I must not use those sites, then. I bet you've changed some settings that Google doesn't want you to change. Regardless, it'd be wise to stop using google services and expecting anything but chromium/chrome to work properly. Google doesn't care.
>>1955 The one nice thing I'll say about rust is that it actually does work on big-endian PowerPC 32-bit, which is more than I can say for nodeJS and similar.
>>1948 >I manage most of my family's and a good number of friends' personal finances and investments. Ah, makes sense. >If your ability to extrapolate is decent, finance is for you. You tempt me. I engaged in intentional poverty mostly b/c I absolutely loathe the effect money tends to have on practically everyone. I can think of very few exceptions to it's corrupting influence, and the two men I can think of both consider themselves strictly engaged in a higher calling for God, and lots of money is simply a tool to use to that end. Personally however, over the past six 3-4 months, I'm seeing it as a possible escape mechanism from the Western lands entirely for myself (as you suggest). Seems like that might be the superior choice rather than the bad ending alternatives clearly looming for us all at this stage, Gunship. >>1955 >Rust keeps being forced upon me They plan to eventually remove every.single. escape hatch. >The gay bathhouse of a programming language coming to an OS near you, Anon. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/03/linus-torvalds-weighs-in-on-rust-language-in-the-linux-kernel/ https://www.zdnet.com/article/linus-torvalds-on-where-rust-will-fit-into-linux/
>>1962 >I absolutely loathe the effect money tends to have on practically everyone. For every person content with a shot of whiskey, there are many more heading for alcoholism. Despite money, I continue to sleep on the floor at night, a habit begun as an impoverished teenager cooking hotpockets on a coat hanger in an unfurnished apartment. April's spending sans utilities and groceries comes to... $40. Money will not change you as a person. You are either susceptible to voluptuary or you are not. >the bad ending alternatives clearly looming for us all at this stage Compared to the last few months, things are terrific right now; don't fret. The economy has rebounded spectacularly. Small business confidence is at 90% and rising. The people that I trust are expecting the markets to continue moving as they have been through the rest of 2021 (Take advantage of this or be stuck in a collapsing middle class). Politics right now is utterly boring, and not a damn thing of significance is going on. There is even cause for celebration; traditional media is absolutely collapsing financially and is scared shitless. Which is why you're seeing such a dramatic uptick in wokeness, the war on 'misinformation,' and a new 'racially motivated' shooting being reported daily; anything for clicks. Newspaper subscriptions are at their lowest level in a hundred years - when tracking began. Local news media is on the verge of bankruptcy. CNN, Fox, and MSNBC are down almost 40% in viewership this year. Online journalism is in shambles. There is also good reason to suspect that the culture war is shifting. The vast majority the country does not buy into 'equity' as a social movement. Even California could not get its voters to pass social justice amendments in the last election. Wokeness has cannibalized the film industry, the sports industry (NBA ratings are through the floor), and many corporations' bottom lines. On the political front it has been a disaster, with the very minorities wokeness panders to flocking to the right to escape it. I would give it another year or two before making a firm statement about it, but the tide made be changing; you wouldn't know it by listening to the media though (especially the conservative media). The media is keenly aware that the pro-black zeitgeist failed to take off, with public opinion changing for the worst last summer amid blacks doing what blacks do best. And so it is suddenly shifting towards Asians. Today Reddit's most popular post was titled "A 61 year old Asian man was put into a medically induced coma after a black man brutally stomped on him." Can you believe that? No tripping over themselves to label it a 'man of dark complexion.' No, a black man, blamed for something, on Reddit. How the times change. Personally, I wouldn't even mind propping up Asians for the next few years. You don't need to take my word for it that blacks running the show would be disastrous - just see every black country in existence. But Asians, one of the most culturally conservative and least individualistic groups of people? The only group of Americans that hate niggers more than I do? Yes, beloved news media industry, maybe we could stand for a bit more of their representation.
>>1963 >You are either susceptible to voluptuary or you are not. Seems pretty common to me, seems to go with the territory (of prosperity) for practically everyone I know of. I'll add you to the list of exceptions, heh. Personally, I've been striving to 'lighten my load' and now literally have all my worldly possessions down to just a bedroom-full + my old motorcycle in the drive, in the rental house I split with a housemate. I'm regularly finding additional things to toss out of my life weekly. I live very frugally food-wise and elsewise atm. I sleep on a (admittedly high-quality) cot every day, I haven't purchased clothing or many other things besides food & sundries in over a year. I plan to pull up stakes this year and leave this region for good. >Yes, beloved news media industry Keked.
>>1965 Yes, the government programs you from birth to consume as much as possible and to save as little as possible. of course the normies are susceptible
Open file (186.43 KB 500x635 01.png)
AI Dungeon has finally begun censorship, as we all knew they would some day do. The light has gone from my eyes, and I can suffer to go no further. So long kitsune waifu, you were too young for this world. Plague be upon Latitude.
Open file (2.06 MB 1280x720 NEVA_GIVU_UPPU.mp4)
>>1967 F >;_;7 Stay strong, Gunship.
>>1966 Yes, I think you're right. But I'd guess it's the corporations who pull the government's strings are the main driving force behind that moral corruption.
Open file (1.92 MB 1465x1931 01.jpg)
>>1968 Man, it's totally dead. They put out a blog post that just made it all worse. /aidg/ is starting a new AI project, and I decided to hop on that. So maybe it will go somewhere. What a fucking week. My favorite quote was: >If content on a user’s account is consistently or frequently flagged, you can be banned but we will likely >reach out< in advance based on context and circumstances. I can see it now. "Good evening, sir. I'm emailing you to discuss that story you were writing last night. The one with the young kitsune girl..." These people are insane. Who'd have thought being a bag of meat on a rock orbiting the sun would be so stressful?
>>1971 > /aidg/ is starting a new AI project I see, thanks for the heads up. I'll try to make time to stay abreast. >Who'd have thought being a bag of meat on a rock orbiting the sun would be so stressful? I don't consider this in any way lightly, Gunship. It's a sober reminder relating to men and their robowaifus in the future. And also why it's absolutely vital that they be free and unencumbered of the globohomo as is physically possible. And it's a race as well.
Open file (916.57 KB 1020x960 pure_Cohencidence_A.png)
Open file (1.11 MB 1028x1040 pure_Cohencidence_B.png)
Pure Cohencidence I'm sure, but still. Seems a spot of odd timing, to say the least old chaps?
So, it's quite outrageous what the Injustice Department just did to Mayor Rudy Giuliani. It's obvious to everyone at this stage that in their hubris, the Bolshevik usurpers consider themselves entirely beyond and above US Constitutional laws. When will they start up the FEMA gulags death camps 'reeducation centers' do you suppose?
There's a lot of well thought-out posts to digest here, so I'm going to reply in summary. >>1974 >the Bolshevik usurpers consider themselves entirely beyond and above US Constitutional laws They literally are. Don't forget: Rudy Guiliani is a lawyer. He saw what happened and outright stated, in no uncertain terms, that what happened was patently illegal. He also explained in detail how it was illegal, and that the police who searched his home should be punished for their blatant disregard of the law. In doing so, he spoke from a position of rational authority, as he is a lawyer (among other things) certified by the BAR association. The constitution has failed, and the law now only exists to be enforced and interpreted by the sole discretion of the elite. If there's a timeline worse than this, I can't imagine it, and I have a very vivid and morbid imagination. >>1932 >>1934 >>1935 I actually do take daily supplements: namely vitamin D (2000iu currently, but this dose has been slowly increasing over the years), Magnesium (400mg) and a multivitamin that I've tried to wean myself off of a couple times, but felt like shit whenever I tried. I'm not 100% sure what specifically in it is helping me, but clearly something in there is keeping my anxiety just barely short of self-destructive levels. I also take medications for my chronic year-round allergies, but I'm not sure of any secondary effects they may have. My main problem is actually taking steps to open myself to help in the real world. I've been hiding everything for so long that it's become my way of life. That, and the fact that I don't have anyone outside of my family that I'm familar and/or confortable with, and everyone in my family is either also mentally ill (I know that they're good people at heart, but I can't expect them to be helpful for varying reasons) or too distant. I have actually self-analized my behavior sometimes for multiple hours per day and looked at what a healthier set of choices would look like as well. I take daily showers, I set an alarm for myself, I usually eat three meals per day, job-searching is still a chore (and the vaccine requirement thing popping up has done nothing but cause anxiety), but I still take time out of my day to think about my financial situation and how to stabilize it. One thing I genuinely don't know is what the feeling of being in love is like. I've been approached a few times before by women (and it would probably happen more if I didn't avoid normal social contact) but I have absolutely no interest in being with anyone else, because my vision of what love looks like is an impossible ideal. I realize that it's impossible ideal, and that I would probably be better off for discarding it, but I can't, because that same impossibility is the only thing that has gotten me out of bed for over a decade. It's the same reason I'm still a virgin: I know that I could just get laid if I applied myself to the task, but I just don't see the point in it. >>1936 Hey, you're doing better than me. I flunked everything during the first online-only semester. The fact that you've held on for this long means that you can adapt to this and possibly make it work out. >>1957 You've more or less summarized the philosophy that keeps me going from day to day, except for the afterlife part. While I earnestly would like to believe that there is something better waiting after this, I've never found the necessary spiritual strength to believe it, though I have thought about it a lot. >>1958 I speak from a position of experience when I say that there's a big difference between meaningless social interaction, and no interaction whatsoever. All the kids (in the "developed" world, at least) growing up now can distract themselves from their woes by going online. Most of them will never know what it's like to be truly isolated, with nothing to do but explore the rabbit-hole of their own minds. >>1967 I saw it coming from a mile away, and yet I'm still dissapointed that they fell this far. It wouldn't even be so bad if they just released the source for v3, but asking for nice things is just too much.
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>>1978 cholecalciferol is not the d you will get liver failure if you continue
>>1957 >As sad as this is going to sound the only thing that kept me here was the thought of hell. I didn't even believe in religion back then. Hadn't read any of the books and considered them to be for the weak minded. But suicide just wasn't an option. The thought that I would come back in a worse situation or be forced to spend eternity in some bad place was a gamble I wasn't willing to take. I'm here suffering for a reason. I probably signed up for it. >I don't know what this place is but I do know we're all here suffering together for a greater purpose. Maybe we're just here to build character. Maybe we're being punished for something we did. Maybe it's just the most popular reality TV show in the universe. Whatever the reason we're all here together because we all came here willingly. >What keeps me going is the thought that if I let nature take its course and do the best I can here that I'll eventually be returned to wherever I came from. I think we all end up going to Gensokyo once we're finished growing here as souls. Maybe it isn't exactly the world ZUN created but something similar to it. A carefree place where everyone is in their true form. Be is that of a little girl, a furry, a masculine God-like being, or whatever else you envision yourself as. Perhaps we're all just youkai that got bored and decided to incarnate as humans for awhile. I think that's why so many people on Earth don't feel comfortable in their mortal bodies. Trannys might really be in the wrong bodies. But they're in them by choice and gave up halfway through the experiment. Instead of sticking it out and learning they give up halfway through and become an abomination that will never be able to escape the cycle of reincarnation if they keep repeating the mistake. I'm just someone who stumbled across this board, but that actually fits pretty in well with some of the writings I've read. Earth is said to be essentially a harsh training school that we'll eventually grow out of over the course of many lifetimes. If you commit suicide or die in a negative emotional frame of mind, you're only setting yourself back further and possibly creating an emotional pit of hellish torment to work your way out of if you live your life hurting others. Supposedly the higher realms (at least what are considered the higher astral realms) are realms of imagination and increasingly effortless creativity and manifestation. As beings of pure consciousness, we don't really have "true" physical selves but are free to take on any appearance we choose (if any at all). What we think of as evil doesn't exist over there, as selfish and malicious people by their very nature are basically trapping themselves in the lower planes until they decide to clean up their acts. Do you have any real exposure to these ideas, or are you just guessing? It seems like you've hit pretty close to the mark to what some out-of-body travelers and occultists have reported.
>>1978 >If there's a timeline worse than this, I can't imagine it Political retaliation is neither new nor unexpected. Indeed the level of corruption is still less than, say, Putin's Russia; yet the Russian people carry on with their lives unmolested. Don't be so passionate about electoral politics, for they are not passionate about you. >My main problem is actually taking steps to open myself to help in the real world. A healthy acknowledgement of my mortality has helped significantly. Most anxieties are trivial in the grand scheme of things. The people you open up to can only hurt you if you let them. From your postings over the last five years; I am willing to bet that many of your worries are things that you need not be concerned with at all. I do recommend reading the Meditations.
>>1978 >you're doing better than me I flunked all but one of my first online only semester classes, and I passed that one because it was group project based and I didn't want to let my teammates down.
>>1981 >I do recommend reading the Meditations. Not him, but I'll add it to my own list Gunship.
Open file (173.61 KB 707x1000 01.jpg)
>>1971 Update: It works again, mostly. Output quality still suffers a bit, but it isn't nonsensical anymore. The filter has been tuned enough that you can play out a full nsfw story without hitting the filter unless you're writing straight-up toddlercon. Maybe Latitude is sitting there reading everyone's nsfw stories. But at this point I don't care, I hope they enjoy them. Kitsunes are back, life is well again.
>>1986 That's good news Gunship, but it seems there are some reservations in your 'voice'. Has the >>1971 > /aidg/ is starting a new AI project, and I decided to hop on that. So maybe it will go somewhere. project gone anywhere so far? (btw, if it's reasonable to, mind providing a link to the project's thread)
Open file (802.77 KB 1300x1130 01.png)
>>1987 >it seems there are some reservations in your 'voice' I'm not optimistic about AI Dungeon. OpenAI has their own filter, which blocks all sexual content, violence, and profanity. They also have a recent hiring position open for someone to monitor the AI for 'misuse' in realtime. My personal theory is that Latitude knows that this filter would ruin their entire business model, and has worked out some sort of deal with OpenAI to develop their own filter, eliminating the worst content, while still allowing the rest. From the AI Dungeon data leak, something like half of all stories are pure smut; it's kind of hilarious. But here's the kicker. The CTO at Latitude responsible for this thing used to have a senior position at a company called VidAngel: "VidAngel is an American streaming video company that allows the user to skip what may be considered distasteful content based on user preferences regarding profanity, nudity, sexual situations, and graphic violence." One line on their blog reads, "Our commitment to filtering is stronger than ever." The company was sued into bankruptcy. So... The AI was actually fantastic yesterday though. Output quality has been on a decline since 2020, but it was perfectly respectable last night. I have no expectations and am taking it day-by-day. >Has the project gone anywhere so far? I actually resigned from the project. It is run by a socially awkward Turkish kid with crippling anxiety that thinks PayPal and SubscribeStar are going to work with a business that actively promotes 'uncensored' lolis (which, to any non-weeb is indistinguishable from actual CP). The leadership in general is just a mess of disorganized Terminally Online types. A bunch of us on the business-end of things sat the lead down and told him that either he confined his role to development or we were done. He refused, so we all left. /aidg/ is pretty fed up with them, so they're mostly just on Reddit these days. But they're just using GPT-Neo with a frontend wrapper, all of which you can setup locally in five minutes with KoboldAI-Client right now.
>>1988 >The company was sued into bankruptcy. So... The kikes' plan doesn't want goys 'skipping past' their degeneracy. Bad for their addiction business. They destroyed VidAngel over "Abuses of artistic integrity & vision'' or some similar bullshit reason, no doubt. >I have no expectations and am taking it day-by-day. That's good. >GPT-Neo Yup, our guys are aware of that one. We're trying to get some reasonable-ish perf on just a couple of SBCs. Head-in-the-clouds type stuff I'm sure, but the world has always been changed by dreamers, not the status-quo types. Machiavelli was right about that one, at least. The plain and simple fact of the matter is that the world needs to band together and create non-globohomo AI systems. There are a couple of distributed-computation projects in the works on this topic, ala Folding@Home-style work-units, etc. Well, I hope you and you're Kitsune Waifus have a happy life together Anon. Thanks for keeping us updated on how that project is going. :^) >also, that graph 1'000yo lolis, kek
I did another song arrangement on my MT-32. This time it's the opening theme from Phantasy Star III. https://files.catbox.moe/p54sb1.ogg It's not quite done being polished (I need to fix the volume levels of a few tracks, maybe change one instrument too). Experimented a bit with sysex message crafting this time around to avoid dropping notes.
https://www.theregister.com/2021/05/22/apple_ceo_tim_cook_faces/ I hate both companies in this case but I guess I should be happy the judge is at least a little critical of one of the asshole CEO's.
Also, I got an 802.11n (draft) dual-band cardbus (PCMCIA, 32-bit) card new-old-stock for my Powerbook G4. It cost around $12. It's atheros ar5416 based. More specifically, it is a D-Link DWA-645, rev. B. My wireless speeds (just testing with iperf) approximately quadrupled, going from around 20mbps to around 80mbps (in a highly wirelessly congested area). My thinkpad still delivers better performance (around 130mbps) with its ar9280 (based on the AR5BHB92 card design, mini-PCIe) but I am not sure how much of that is from the superior/newer chip and how much is bus limitations or other hardware issues (maybe I/O constraints; also this is a single-core system). Both are 2x2:2, but I guess antenna quality/size could also be a factor. Pretty sure there's no atheros driver for PowerPC OS X, but I haven't even got it on here so that doesn't matter. I bought it after researching to find out which cards had this chip, since it specifically works plug-and-play in Linux distros with ath9k, no firmware blobs needed. It can work under OpenBSD as well, I think, with the 'athn' driver. I bought this with the plan of trying OpenBSD on here eventually. I also bought it so I could swap it into my other older machines (Dell Latitudes, mostly) with cardbus slots to improve their wireless performance without having to open them up and give them newer cards internally. A new internal card isn't even a (viable) option in the powerbook, anyway, since while the original 802.11g BCM4306 card does use a standard PCI bus electrically, it's also got a non-standard pinout, because Apple. And I don't know if anyone has made an adapter or otherwise documented the pinout. By the way, I'm not entirely sure a single *dual-band* cardbus card for 802.11n even exists with drivers for OS X 10.4/10.5. It would suck to care about that shitty ancient OS with its shitty ancient toolchains.
edit: fucked up, this is a 2.4ghz only card. The 5416 can in fact work fine with 5ghz radios, but this card uses a separate chip for the actual radio-ing, the AR2122, which is 2ghz band only. I needed one with an AR5122 chip. Guh. Still, better than nothing. I'll check more thoroughly for one that is actually dual-band later.
An AR5133 would also work, of course. I don't see evidence of many AR5122 devices actually existing.
Fuck, I'll have to import from Japan to get one at a reasonable price I think. And that means shipping from Japan. Oh well, this is fine. My fault for not checking more thoroughly.
Post 5 or whatever There is one card on ebay right now that looks to be correct, but it appears it was branded for Fluke test equipment so it's priced at $300. Apart from that, very few devices using the AR5133/AR5122 even have FCC ID's. Most of them appear to not have been marketed here. In Japan, NEC and Buffalo both sold cardbus cards with the right chips in them.
>>1992 Good luck with it, Lance.
Open file (59.94 KB 1610x792 rxuo34jiqd561.jpeg)
What did FRED mean by this?
Open file (3.36 MB 3024x3857 01.jpg)
>>1998 Whenever I hear about these concerns, I am reminded of this book from 1993 (by Peter Lynch, no less). From economic collapse, to 'global warming,' to social upheaval, an entire generation has already grown old and died amid endless worrying of things that have simply not come to pass (despite their dire predictions). And today a new generation takes up the mantle of worry, positing that things are somehow different now, despite an absence of actual change. Live well, worry about only that which is within your control, and spend your limited time wisely.
>>1999 I agree, but would append that I think that when possible you should attempt to reduce the amount of suffering to others your actions can contribute to. That basically just amounts to "recycle your bottles if there's a recycle bin nearby." Broke my powerbook's charger. While awaiting a new one in the mail today I decided to do six years of upgrades to my Pentium M laptop's Debian installation. Now it's working pretty nicely again. Even cross-compiled a new version of Seamonkey for it (since my normal builds I make are 64-bit and the Pentium M is IA32).
>>2000 Hey, 2000. Nice. Also, been job searching the last few weeks. Think I'll take a break from university and try to get my foot in the door somewhere. Ideally C programming but honestly I'd take nearly anything that I can stomach.
>>2000 >but would append that I think that when possible you should attempt to reduce the amount of suffering to others your actions can contribute to. That is well within the philosophy of worrying about only that which is within your control. Yourself, your family, your friends, and your community are all within your circle of influence, and you have the ability to make a difference in all of them. The larger issues that the current generation is fixated with: climate change, concentration camps in China, immigration, birth rates, demographics, issues of human nature like racism and sexism, etc are all totally beyond the control of anyone complaining on Twitter. The old quote on this is: “I am, at the Fed level, libertarian; at the state level, Republican; at the local level, Democrat; and at the family and friends level, a socialist. If that saying doesn’t convince you of the fatuousness of left vs. right labels, nothing will.”
>>2002 I already knew party labels were dumb and overly broad, yeah.
Another day, another decade-old Mozilla bug that really should have been fixed a decade ago. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=789871 Calibrated my screens today. Laptop is noticeably nicer now in programs with color management going, and I'm currently working on adding it into some other graphics-related programs that don't have it now. The big outlier will be Grafx2, which I don't think I want to try to tackle color management in given its ancient codebase. Hope you guys aren't all dead.
Open file (410.72 KB 1920x1080 1469051294835-0.jpg)
>>2006 I'm still here. Not a whole lot going on my end.
>>2006 I am alive and well. I still check-in now and again, but I go weeks at a time without turning on the computer at all. I suppose I can blogpost for a bit; it's been a while. I had somewhat of a revelation a couple of months back. It occurred to me that the internet is no longer just a sampling of everyday people, but rather it has become a social underclass of, for lack of a better word, losers. If the internet were a person it would be a loud black woman showing up at Walmart in the middle of the day still wearing her pajamas. In this frame of thought, the various 'qualities' of internet users start to make much more sense. Of course internet users are going to have strong feelings of entitlement and anti-capitalist sentiments - they are on their phones in the comfort of their parents' house at 1130 on a Wednesday! Of course they are going to obsess over the gays and turn sexual preference into a personality - find me anyone on the internet who isn't a porn addict. It should come as no surprise that people sitting around on a workday might fetishize weakness and spawn movements like 'fat acceptance,' or expect free healthcare. Seemingly the entire internet is depressed, horribly insecure, and oversocialized. These are not the qualities of everyday people, but of this bizarre underclass of losers that is eager to reject healthy habits and lifestyles, yet can't imagine why they and everyone they interact with is a behavioral mess. When I talk to people in real life, they are not on a moralistic vaccine (or anti-vaccine) crusade. They are not curled up in a little ball, terrified that climate change is going to turn Alaska into Iraq. They are capable of uttering sentences that aren't dripping in hollow empathy towards various groups or in-group signals ("Yall," said the urban Portlander). Their opinions have nuance, and aren't just the regurgitation of someone else's talking points. I guess to some extent this is my fault. Were I to walk into a bar, I shouldn't be surprised to find alcoholics, anymore than I should be surprised to find miserable societal rejects on the internet. It is just kind of staggering that the entire platform should be comprised of them. At any rate, I just have nothing in common with the internet anymore; why would I ever want to read the opinions of a 20 year-old whose idea of fun involves watching another person play video games while spamming pictures of faces and frogs into a chat cesspool? Truly he is not the next Seneca, and I can live without his analysis of politics in the Middle East. So anyway, that's what's going on with me. Life is splendid, and I will check back again. Here's a quick recipe I found some time ago that has gone over surprisingly well with everyone: https://www.thecookierookie.com/tilapia/
>>2006 Gold Leader /robowaifu/ reportan' in. the commies haven't gotten me yet! We've actually been making some steady progress as a group. >>2008 > If the internet were a person it would be a loud black woman showing up at Walmart in the middle of the day still wearing her pajamas. Kek. I'm stealing that shit. Don't know how yet, but I plan on it.
Open file (210.44 KB 2664x1310 problem.png)
Open file (28.03 KB 1040x194 problem2.png)
Apologies for disturbing you, but I was wondering if one of you could help me with something. I recently attempted to mod TiTS using this likely out of date guide: https://forum.fenoxo.com/threads/adventures-in-modding.10145/ I remember it working fine in 2017 when that thread was first made, but now while trying it again I get various problems, shown here. I'm afraid that while I'm quite familiar with CoC and TiTS' source codes on a surface level the actual ins and outs of flash compiling completely elude me. I also occasionally get this "columns may not be nested" error when trying to build, but not always. I'd appreciate if the answers, if any, could be explained to me in the you-are-a-drooling-retard how-do-I-shot-web way I'm sure you are all accustomed to having to stoop to. The final public release of the flash SC was a year or so ago - surely somebody has noticed by now that it doesn't compile properly or easily? Or perhaps it's a mistake on my end. This might seem like a strange request but I remember Lance being very helpful when I had similar questions four (!!!) years ago, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
>>2008 I'm in a sort of similar situation where I'm floating away from here. But coming back occasionally. Found a true survivor today, an 80's camry in Indiana that hasn't rusted out. > I had somewhat of a revelation a couple of months back. It occurred to me that the internet is no longer just a sampling of everyday people, but rather it has become a social underclass of, for lack of a better word, losers. I've thought that for a long time; outside of stuff like facebook that is. It's sad. > Seemingly the entire internet is depressed, horribly insecure, and oversocialized. These are not the qualities of everyday people, but of this bizarre underclass of losers that is eager to reject healthy habits and lifestyles, yet can't imagine why they and everyone they interact with is a behavioral mess. Misanthropy. And yeah there's a huge difference between online personalities and IRL convos, usually. I try my hardest to stay civil with people who disagree with me, as long as they aren't completely idiotic (you are not an idiot by the way). I think that's probably why we've been able to get along. >Their opinions have nuance, and aren't just the regurgitation of someone else's talking points. This is the kind of person I have no respect for, although I still try to simply highlight why they're stupid (by dropping a fact) and move on with my day without actually calling them stupid. >I guess to some extent this is my fault. Were I to walk into a bar, I shouldn't be surprised to find alcoholics A little? But I think it's also society's fault for being so eager to act like sheep or sockpuppets when it suits them and there are (usually) few consequences. >why would I ever want to read the opinions of a 20 year-old whose idea of fun involves watching another person play video games while spamming pictures of faces and frogs into a chat cesspool? I ask myself that every day. I've said it before, but emoji are retard glyphs. And I simply do not understand people who watch others playing games. I mean, maybe if they're doing demonstrations on how to do rocket jumping in Quake or something. But most aren't watching that; they're watching people who just make a living recording themselves playing a game, or who make a 2d anime waifu avatar because (I honestly have absolutely no idea what the appeal is here so I'm not going to even try). I might try the tilapia thing. >>2012 1) I don't think anyone here really cares much about the game anyore 2) Yeah I do know something about how to compile it… but while I'll stand by my work, my work is a set of shell scripts for Unix machines, which you do not appear to be running. 3) Java heap space error can be avoided by changing the maximum heap size when invoking the compiler. Edit adt.bat (i think) to add for instance -Xmx4096M. For image pack builds you need even more than that. 4) Are you not using the git repository? 5) Are you sure your sources haven't been edited? Because it builds on my machine. Note that I am using an older Flex SDK version (18.0.0) on mine. 6) I would need to see the actual context of the sources to even be able to guess. Do not expect a fast reply.
>>2013 On a personal level, things have been going very well. After completing my capstone but prior to graduation I was able to land a three month QA internship and then three months later the same employer offered me a six month part contract doing CyberSecurity/IT until the year ends which has been very enjoyable. Also looking after two kittens. It seems as if they are attempting to use the GUI version of Flashdevlop. >Edit adt.bat (i think) to add for instance -Xmx4096M. Can confirm after reviewing my generation shell script (lines 279 or 290 of generateFile.sh, repo: https://gitgud.io/Blank/BOOBS/). >>2012 I would suggest attempting to use Lance's build environment, which should hopefully work with Windows in an ideal world. I found it very easy to work with and modify as a Unix/Linux user in the before times when my interest in TITS was not at -9,000. >surely somebody has noticed by now that it doesn't compile properly or easily? Are you implying that any noticeable amount of fanboi's for Jewoxo's work have the clue slightest about development? If memory serves, in one of the blog posts Savin mentioned that the public source may be updated once the JS port is completed (which I personally interpret as never ever or not until after the heat death of the universe).
>>2014 >gitgud.io >You need to sign in or sign up before continuing. >'get the sapphire newsletter' checked by default on sign up page >https://gitgud.io/users/sign_in still lists freenode as the support IRC channel, and also puts discord higher on list Nah. I'll pass.
P.S. My build environment https://gitlab.com/dragontamer8740/tits-build-env And it works in windows under Cygwin, but if I remember correctly only if you edit the xml generation script to use windows-style paths (starting with drive letter, followed by path with escaped backslashes to the files) since Windows Java doesn't like Cygwin-style paths.
>>2016 Oh and you can get windows paths by runningcygpath -w /full/path/to/convert/to/windows/style/path
Untested, but probably works to post-process the XML files generated by configure.sh (run this from inside the 'obj' directory):cp TiTSFDConfig.xml TiTSFDConfig.xml.backup; grep '<path-element>' TiTSFDConfig.xml | sed 's/ *//g;s!<.\?path-element>!!g'|while read line; do echo "$line"; winepath -w "$line" 2>/dev/null; done | sed 's!^!<path-element>!;s!$!</path-element>!;s!\\!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\!g'| (cp TiTSFDConfig.xml tmpxml.xml; while read linea; do read lineb; sed 's!'"$linea"'!'"$lineb"'!' tmpxml.xml > tmpxml2.xml; mv tmpxml2.xml tmpxml.xml; done); if [ -e "tmpxml.xml" ]; then mv tmpxml.xml TiTSFDConfig.xml; fi I could have made this simpler with sed -i, but that's not posix and this is.
Sorry I left 'winepath' in there; I did a minimal test in wine because it has a tool similar to cygpath. Fixed:cp TiTSFDConfig.xml TiTSFDConfig.xml.backup; grep '<path-element>' TiTSFDConfig.xml | sed 's/ *//g;s!<.\?path-element>!!g'|while read line; do echo "$line"; cygpath -w "$line"; done | sed 's!^!<path-element>!;s!$!</path-element>!;s!\\!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\!g'| (cp TiTSFDConfig.xml tmpxml.xml; while read linea; do read lineb; sed 's!'"$linea"'!'"$lineb"'!' tmpxml.xml > tmpxml2.xml; mv tmpxml2.xml tmpxml.xml; done); if [ -e "tmpxml.xml" ]; then mv tmpxml.xml TiTSFDConfig.xml; fi
After installing cygwin you'll need to add Windows Java to your cygwin path; should be something like PATH="$PATH"':/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Java/whatever/bin'. And If you have done that it should all work from there.
>>2015 That is because the post render does not know how to handle ) after links. Corrected: https://gitgud.io/Blank/BOOBS/
Happy plane day, everyone! >>2013 >This is the kind of person I have no respect for One of my biggest issues with any sort of serious conversation online is that everything has devolved into a combination of gotchas and binary outlooks. Don't like forced diversity in everything because of the type of people responsible for it? You must hate black people. Believe that killing an unborn child is not morally equatable to having a wisdom tooth removed? Well you just hate letting women make choices. Not attracted to fat people? You're just an 'incel.' No one wants to talk about the issue at hand, they'd rather look past what the other person is saying to tear down a strawman of their own creation. My favorite is how everything has become a 'basic human right' overnight. Yes lad, the right to have a doctor chop off your dick is definitely up there beside the right to freedom from slavery and torture. But luckily there is that wonderful world away from the internet, where people aren't obsessed with sex and 'gender,' and aren't absolutely batshit insane. >And I simply do not understand people who watch others playing games. I understand it in the same sense that I understand crap like OnlyFans - parasocial relationships. When you have no friends beyond the shallow interaction of online chat rooms, being a part of a streamer's fan group helps fill the void and provides a sense of community. Still, I have nothing but disdain for such a pathetic person. I'm unconvinced that streamer drama videos on YouTube aren't a form of psychological torture banned by the Geneva Convention, and I dread to ever meet the man that arrives home only to say to himself, "It's time to watch that three hour video about how So-And-So was problematic on last week's stream." Please just hit me with a bat instead. >>2014 >On a personal level, things have been going very well. Glad to hear it! >>2015 >gitgud.io Fun fact, since GitGud is a separate (but linked) entity from Sapphire, you used to (might still be able to) disconnect GitGud from Sapphire in the account options, and it would permanently cripple the GitGud account. If you tried to log into it, you'd reach a blank white page, with no way to log out besides deleting the site's cookies. A long time ago, I used that trick to disable the public accounts of some undesireably projects. :)
Popping in to see if you guys are still alive. Used to lurk here for TiTs builds back on 8ch. Sorry for being a fair weather lurker. Hope you guys are doing alright.
It has been years since I last had a properly working email client that could authenticate everywhere. Finally got it working properly today (embarrassing). Feels good. Oh yeah my overdrive died though. So I'll be trying to tackle that soon. I have a transmission from another car but will need a lot of time and some equipment to get it moved over.
>>2024 also hi
>>2026 The trans on that camry you mentioned? stick or auto?
>>2027 its called a tranny retard
Open file (364.88 KB 1750x780 main_img.png)
Lol, so those panasonic laptops I mentioned eyeing ages ago? Looks like Panasonic is doing some evangelion promotion for them now. I'm slightly amused but also dying inside because of an overdose cynical commercialism everywhere I look. At least the keyboard and aspect ratio are still not ruined yet. https://ec-plus.panasonic.jp/store/page/pc/sp/letsnote_evangelion/
>>2027 It's a volvo. Uses the same shitty slushbox transmission as a tacoma though. I have a manual donor, but I need a different drive shaft for it if I want to use it. And I have an auto donor as well.
>>2024 Good seeing you again. TiTS delenda est! >>2029 >an overdose cynical commercialism everywhere I look. Should we be alarmed to discover the sick at a hospital? Then why should commercialism on the internet be any different? Surround yourself with the world you want to live in, but don't expect it to come to you. On another note, I liked Evangelion, but can't imagine leaving the house carrying a laptop with Asuka plastered on the back. Almost as bad as a video game tattoo.
>>2031 Hey a Volvo? Coolest of shitboxes. Manual conversion would be sweet, but getting it back on the road is probably the smart choice.
Open file (267.63 KB 1221x661 TiTS offbeatr.png)
Hello, /f/ossils. I am writing a comprehensive history of Corruption of Champions's development. It began as a relatively small document I was hoping to write to replace the omission-heavy 'History of /cocg/' article that's often touted as the definitive story of CoC. I only planned on covering 2012 to 2016, from /cocg/'s inception to the moment CoC was 'completed' and buried by its writers. In the process, I realized I could only do my work justice by covering the story in its entirety, starting from Unnamed Text Game's origins in 2010 and going right up the present day, covering how CoC's various shitstorms and demons (no pun intended) have gone on to affect the development of CoCII, too. I have spent the last several days with my nose in the Wayback Machine to pick up what pieces I can of the earlier years and am sitting on nearly 85,000 words of documentation. I was wondering if any of you had any memories you'd like to share; little-known bits of drama or other controversies that you've kept in your heads over the years that you'd like to be on the final record. This includes any remarks on the games' writers or developers, Trials in Tainted Space's worst atrocities (I don't plan on researching that game's development in nearly as much detail as CoC/CoCII, so speak now or forever hold your peace!), Slablands, etcetera. Any rare images, stories, anecdotes and so on—please share them if you'd be willing.
Open file (73.18 KB 795x419 1506893235607.png)
Open file (159.89 KB 704x609 1518214604796.png)
Open file (244.72 KB 1718x1561 UhszKYJ.png)
Open file (916.28 KB 3000x900 1518389374335.png)
>>2034 CoC's development was before my time (I was working with FC Dev on 'Free Cities'), but if you ever want to write about TiTS or (early) CoCII, I had the unfortunate luck of being heavily involved in that here. For a time, I was 'commie anon' on 4chan's /dgg/, responsible for the Rabbi Fennberg fun, and also co-admin of the /d/ Discord before it went full-homosexual. For CoCII, Fen moved away from downloadable builds to prevent a repeat of our fun, and I ended up writing a web scraper to download their online version. But the game was absolutely awful and I abandoned all involvement within a matter of months. >Trials in Tainted Space's worst atrocities Since I'm guessing this section will be mostly a footnote to the CoC stuff, I'll just summarize the biggest happenings. 1. I had been dumping backer builds of TiTS on /dgg/, along with my edited changelogs, for some time. Fen eventually got tired of it and added a tracking code to the TiTS build, discovering which account was leaking the builds, and shadow-banning me. Lance here discovered the tracking code, as well as how to remove it, and we were back in business for several more years. From about 2016 - 2020, almost every leaked backer build you could find on the internet had come for this board. 2. For reasons still unknown to us, Fen decided to change Syri's artwork, and the spunky white teen suddenly morphed into Aunt Jemima. This led to a lot of drama, and our creation of 'White Syri Edition' builds, restoring the original art. Fen eventually added more art, which we thoroughly Caucasian'd, and one anon even removed her dick (might have been flashmaster). 3. There's this tranny on Fen's staff, Gedan, whose life is an absolute trainwreck (but I repeat myself). The only time his name even came up was to inform the community of his latest struggle with living. Anyway, he had been responsible for the fabled 'ship update' for like two years, and Fen was constantly letting everyone know that progress was slow but steady. "It's a huge game-changing update, it's not going to materialize overnight!" Well, after about two years, Fen said Gedan no longer had time to work on it, and he was going to do it himself. The work was done, start to finish, in a week. Hmmm. 4. Fen would constantly go weeks at a time without working, blaming some illness or another. It became a running gag that Fen, dating a tranny, probably had GRIDs. My favorite was the time he took a second week off work because an ear infection he had the previous week had supposedly spread to his other ear. This does not happen. Ear infections either start in both ears (or symptoms in the second ear begin soon after), or the infection stays in one ear. An ear infection cannot cross the head without going through the brain - causing potentially fatal meningitis and requiring much more intensive care than a week off work. It was also amusing how often his illnesses coincided with furry conventions in his area, or game releases. 5. Lance wrote a tool that auto-built the backer version of the game from the files on their GitHub repo. This caused Fen to stop updating the public github repo altogether. 6. Lance used to build all of the mobile versions for us, and he drew this adorable app icon for TiTS that has probably been seen by anyone who ran pirated TiTS on their phone. Much of all this has been lost time, but I dug up a handful of screenshots I made way back when.
>>2034 Though it's probably nothing that needs to be in any official history of TiTS, thinking of all this reminded me of some of the fun we had over the years. 1. We had been frequently plagued by absolute retards from F95 for years. Within minutes of Fen releasing his builds, these watermelon sellers would arrive en masse to demand that we get it for them, in broken English. This led to the creation of special 'F95 Editions' for them, including: - The Richard Stallman Edition, which replaced all character busts with images of Richard Stallman. - The Pedophile Edition, which changed the browser's tab-text to make it look like the file was sending searches for CP to Pornhub. 2. There was this terminally online loser named Emerald in their community. Like, I have never met a more worthless person in my life, and doubt that I ever will. On the one hand, she would talk about how she only brushed her teeth every few weeks, and how she positively lived in online 'fandoms' and would suffer crippling anxiety just from being away from her computer. But on the other, she was absolutely hated by everyone here because all she ever did was take out her frustrations with life on other people in the community. Nothing could be said by anyone on the forum or Discord without this miserable sack of shit looking for an excuse to chew them out. I ended up throwing up a Discord account and posting this absolutely scathing monologue about Emerald's daddy issues, and her need to discuss her menstrual periods with everyone. She broke down and left the community for like six months over it. It was petty as hell (what of our work here wasn't), but just lovely all the same.
>>2035 I would be honored if you would tell me as much as you know or are willing to share about CoCII's missteps, down to the last nitty, seemingly unimportant detail. I don't plan on using all of the information I'll collect, but the task of bridging the gap between CoC1 and the sequel is a daunting one. I hear all sorts of stories that I can't verify because I know next to nothing about CoCII at the moment since I'm still working my way up to it. Inserted OCs capable of killing gods, wholesome superhero daughters added out of spite purely to mock people asking for incest content, inside joke characters written to make fun of CoC1 players who didn't like forced polyamory, the main villain being rewritten from an evil demon to a morally grey 'mommy!!~' figure who actually disagrees with much of the demons' worst acts purely because of player $urvey$ showing that she was a beloved character in the community, and so on. Do you know much else about Gedan? A source told me that he's now one of the most important members of the FenCo administration along with Savin and Adjatha (whatever you might have on them is welcome too, by the way), but I know next to nothing about him at the moment.
Open file (170.66 KB 700x664 01.jpg)
>>2037 >CoCII's missteps, down to the last nitty, seemingly unimportant detail. I'll write out everything I can remember tomorrow, but I don't know how much of it will be useful, since I don't think I ever actually played the damn thing. >inside joke characters written to make fun of CoC1 players who didn't like forced polyamory This was one of the big issues with Fen's band of degenerates in general towards the end. Early CoC had its share of issues regarding content submissions, but the vast majority of the content was still aimed at pleasing the players. Fen's community has banned or ostracized everyone that isn't a hyper-progressive, dick-sucking, dog-fucking, Fen fanboy, and the result is that most of the writing became in-jokes and appeals to other staff members rather than fun for the community. Writers were writing more for 'good boy' points from Fen, rather than to move the story along in any meaningful way. Savin was the lead writer for early CoCII. You'll recall him from earlier smash hits like "I changed my mind: Syri's dick isn't going away in SyriQuest after all" and "I hate when people mod CoC because then The Poors can't tell where my masterpiece ends and some plebeian's fanfiction begins" (horribly ironic considering his literary talents make Young Adult novels look like Homer's Odyssey). Anyway, his primary fetishes are anal and cuckoldry; lovely, I know. Helia's cuck content in CoC1 drew considerable controversy, doubly so in later years, after CoCMod expanded the cucking further. It was always a running joke during TiTS' development that Savin was incapable of writing characters that weren't hellbent on cheating on you. And thus began CoCII with a main character whose religion demanded polyamory. The kindest thing I can say about Savin is that I know nothing of his political views after five years, because he never felt the need to create an entire personality out of smug social media posts. >Do you know much else about Gedan? He was Constantly Gone during TiTS' development. Supposedly a dev working on this or that, but also his car was breaking down, he was between residences, etc. Disappeared from the community entirely for many months, and did not re-materialize until early in CoCII's development. He was one of the lead devs working on CoCII (now a javascript game), while Savin was Project Lead and apparently the lead writer. Other than that, Gedan was just one of those Chinese off-brand versions of women. >Adjatha The worst 'artist' to ever appear before my poor eyeballs. Jesus Tapdancing Christ I hope the lad gets sewn into a sack with venomous snakes one day. You know how most games are played by several different people? And these people all have different likes and dislikes? Long hair or short hair, tall or short, busty or flat, etc? Well, Adjatha never got that concept. His art (exceptionally generous wording here) is entirely the same, and appeals to one type of person. Adjatha starts his abominations with an animal, we'll call it a rat, and he begins by making it morbidly obese, as if it were buying hair weaves at Walmart. Now, whatever size thighs and tits he's given this rat, it's time to double them. Then the rat receives its absolutely-mandatory latex suit. Next, the rat gets a massive crotch bulge, because women are just icky or something. Lastly, for whatever bizarre reason, he runs the rat's head through some sort of compression algorithm, so that its scrunched up and distorted face resembles a JPG from the 90's that had been copied and pasted a million times through the ages.
>>2038 I take back the last step of Adjatha's art process; it was Cheshire that couldn't draw faces to save his life. Adjatha just couldn't draw attractive things.
>>2038 >The kindest thing I can say about Savin is that I know nothing of his political views after five years, because he never felt the need to create an entire personality out of smug social media posts We are kindred spirits. That's the one thing I've come to be pleasantly surprised by about him so far as well—no using his grand stage to preach to the masses about politics (though literature is another story), unlike Fen's sorry alleged tendency to keep stopping work due to depression caused by arguing about politics on Twitter. More stories and information relating to Fenoxo and Savin's forays into trendy progressivism and things like Syri's dedicking and other spites or odd acts of revenge against the community that happened throughout TiTS/CoCII would be much appreciated. I'm fairly certain that my (now novel-length and I've only covered two and a half years, what the fuck am I doing?) work is going to end with a chapter on FenCo's constant attempts to bury CoC because they hate its community and consider much of the game's content too controversial to see the light of day.
>>2035 I know that I made some edits. I think there were a few others, but these are all I have left in my edit folder. As I recall, the edits I made consisted of: A - Thinning nuSyri out, which I did by lowering the horizontal resolution of the image B - Changing the skin color a bit, which was just me using the bucket tool and doing a whole lot of autistic pixel hunting C - De-roastifying the vagina, which I did by just erasing the old one and drawing in a new one D - Further thinning her out by smoothing out or erasing the fat rolls in the original image. E - Giving her a womb tatoo which marks her as /f/'s property. >>2038 I can't speak for any outside forums, but the most popular nickname for Savin here was "Anal Savin".
>>2041 >but the most popular nickname for Savin here was "Anal Savin". Funnily enough, that used to be a positive moniker for him. Before Savin came along in the summer of 2012, lots of people were complaining about the dearth of anal content in CoC because Fenoxo had a deep aversion to it and only wrote vaginal scenes. How times change.
>>2040 >Savin I remember exactly one vaguely-political post from Savin, in which he argued against firearm restrictions. Actual marxists tend to be just as in favor of firearms as conservatives, so the stance isn't too revealing of his political views. But it made me think that perhaps he keeps his views to himself because he's not the mindless progressive his community expects. Fen's Twitter account used to be very centrist, actually. The vast majority of his content was focused on his game and the surrounding community, and his occasional political posts tended to be longer with respectably nuanced (even if disagreeable) positions you would expect of actual human beings. It was around the time that he started his "ExhibitionNoxo" Twitter account (dedicated entirely to pictures of his dick) that he adopted the usual "Nuance is for Nazis" mindset, and his Twitter account quickly filled with infantile progressivism. Now everything he likes is a 'basic human right' and everything he doesn't like is caused by some -ism. >keep stopping work due to depression caused by arguing about politics on Twitter Somewhat amusing to hear that's what things have come to. When I last paid attention to any of this, his dereliction of duty was at least limited to supposed medical causes. These people are utterly miserable - unable to even make it through the day so long as someone, somewhere is a victim of something. Yet they look at you like some sort of squid creature when you suggest that they can still live a good life despite world problems, rather than continue their frustrated and entirely impotent social media activism. >More stories and information relating to Fenoxo and Savin's forays into trendy progressivism 1. Sometime in 2018 or 2019, there was a character in TiTS that you could dominate if you defeated. I don't know the specifics because I never played TiTS beyond early Syri. But, while the player being raped and forcibly changed upon defeat was totally kosher to this community, being on the giving end of such made them feel 'uncomfortable.' Fen toned down the character considerably, under the excuse of 'correcting poor writing.' 2. Fen's sorry excuse for parenting was well followed over the years. As chronicled in CoC's history, leaked chat logs from way back when showed Fen sexting some community member while still married to his wife. He later left her for a tranny, but there was still the matter of his kid. Throughout TiTS' development, Fen would periodically take time off to watch his kid, as a 'favor to his ex.' Time spent with his kid was never about the kid themself, or Fen's role in their life; it was always seen as just a grudging obligation to his ex-wife. As eager to skip work as Fen was, I don't recall a single instance of that being due to his kid's birthdays or school events. To think how different my perception of Fen would be if, instead of mysterious and fake illnesses, Fen had simply said he needed time off work because his kid was more important. 3. Sort of off-topic, but you're probably well aware that Cyberpunk 2077 was universally seen as the second coming of Christ by a category of people that I despise - Fen included. Anyone who had given CDPR a passing glance since The Witcher could see that they were no longer the same studio, and there was no reason to expect anything from this new game. But not Fen. Like most bugmen, Fen had fallen for the hype and was prepared to lock himself in his room for a week while he vegetated in front of this garbage. To this day, I've had more fun watching a week's worth of palpable disappointment from that detestable group than they had playing the game. 4. My personal opinion regarding Syri's sudden change in melanin was that it was done both for the sake of diversity. Her skin tone had been described as white in-game up til then, likely using the only synonym for 'white' Savin seems to be aware of; alabaster. Her skin tone after the change was very much in a different tax bracket. But alas, it is Monday. More to come after the markets close.
Coincidentally enough I just came across vg/post/15368028 where an anon suggests that, based on Savin's remarks in Fenchat during a conversation about politics, he was indeed a conservative; at least in 2012. He once claimed that he was a "crazy religious fundamentalist paladin type" in his teens, though, so maybe it wore off.
Open file (37.95 KB 718x303 MynTCxZ.png)
Open file (182.83 KB 1009x893 02.png)
One more thing. I found a screenshot I took of TiTS' offbeatr page. The reasoning should be self-explanatory, as none of those promises carried over into actual development. >>2040 As I think on it, I realize that I don't remember much of interest regarding CoCII. The entire run up was uneventful to me, culminating in me deciding that the game was terrible and unworthy of the time spent uploading it (I was on a 1mb/s connection at the time, and it took about 45 minutes to upload all of this crap). But I'll share what I remember. Savin was put in charge of TiTS, and Fen made a big deal about keeping the two games/teams separate. Fen would be working exclusively on TiTS, while Savin and his band of transsexuals (Gedan, and one I can't remember) would be working on CoCII. To access CoCII's dev builds, you had to subscribe to Savin's personal Patreon. There is/was a public git repo with some work for CoCII. Nothing substantial, but it is of interest because 90% of it was written in TypeScript. I don't know if this was just a dev's brief attempt to write the game in his favorite language, or if the game ended up actually being written in TS. The published result either way would be obfuscated JavaScript, but I found it an interesting note at the time. We all knew that Savin, with his substantial disdain for modding, would never publish CoCII in a way that was accessible. And this proved to be the case. Originally the game was to have an Online version and a Downloaded version; there was even a Download link at the top of the page. Downloadable copies of CoCII were not made available throughout the entire time I followed the game (I presume they are now). The only way to play CoC early in development was Online - thus heavily restricting piracy. It was a nice thought, but the game also preloaded all of its assets at the start of the game. So I wrote a quick web scraper to save everything it was loading, and preserve the directory layout. This created an offline downloadable game with full assets, though the actual source code was still obfuscated (you could interact with some of it, but it was a pain in the ass and not worth the hassle). Now that I think of it, the 'F95 Pedophile Edition' was most likely a CoCII build rather than TiTS, since the game ran in a browser window. I spent a few months uploading those CoCII builds here, which were probably the only downloadable copies around, since no one else was going to write a web scraper for such garbage. Eventually they started adding assets that were not being preloaded at the start, and since I did not play the game, I had the unenviable task of trying to explain to porn addicts how they can use their browser to identify which asset is missing and let me know so that I could download it manually and repackage the build. It got to be such a hassle that I just stopped doing it. I tried the game once for about five minutes. There was a kitsune in it, so my interest was naturally piqued. I skimmed through the introductory content, found the kitsune, began to read the godawful literature attached to it. And then I never re-opened the game. I might be able to answer specific questions, but this is really all that comes to mind about early CoCII for me. You might try searching for archives of our board on julay.world, back when it was all going on. Fen and some of his staff had even posted there at various times. I remember we had this one guy pop in full of "y'all"s, "yikes", and other buggy buzzwords trying to give us a hard time while also avoiding 'problematic' language in his posts. It turned out to be one of their writers - 'B' or 'Hugs' if I remember correctly. Absolute faggot, whoever it was. >wholesome superhero daughters added out of spite purely to mock people asking for incest content Savin would not let anyone write content for Helspawn, even going so far as to hound modders about their work. It was a frequently desired fetish, and Savin was constantly on guard for it. >>2044 Savin is also not a furry. It wouldn't surprise me much if he were more conservative than the rest of the team, but I have no idea what that would look like in practice, considering the political makeup of the others. "Well, maybe women should be able to kill their unborn children. But only on Tuesdays!" Somewhere out there, there's a 'They Live' Savin meme I made, documenting all the buzzwords from Savin's various controversies. If I ever see it again, I'll probably remember more of them. I'm not fond of the man, but Fen's behavior over the years makes Savin look like an upstanding gentleman - such as the controversy of Fen getting the community to pay for his transsexual boyfriend's tit job.
>>2045 As I understand, CoCII is now inundated with kitsunes due to the work of one person, The Observer, also known as Tobs. He refers to them as his "floofs" and I believe there's some convoluted plotline where you have a "floof" daughter who is nothing but heckin' wholesomeness and fights crime or something. The enemies of the kitsunes are furry foxes (how daring. wink-wink, audience) who serve CoC1's fox god, who has also been imported to the second game. Do you know much about The Observer?
Open file (351.72 KB 1000x1000 Kinu-DCL-Young-Full.png)
>CoCII is inundated with kitsunes That's honestly hilarious. I might even have to play it one day just to see if there's anything in there I might like now. >>2046 >Do you know much about The Observer I've spoken to him a few times, years ago. I have no idea what he's like today, but at the time his writing was good and he was a voice of reason in that community of miscreants. It's actually encouraging to hear that he's had an outsized role in the development/writing of CoCII. I do remember him trending towards 'wholesome' crap, but after dealing with Fen for that long, it was nice to see anything other than player-takes-dick-in-his-ass being written. I don't know him personally, but he was the only writer on that community I liked. I remember writing out some thoughts on him here at one point - likely in the archives at 8ch or Julay. Skimming through the wiki page, I see that DCL did a lot of art for CoCII; certainly encouraging to see anything other than Jacques or Adjatha. This one kitsune is adorable, and a total breath of fresh air after years of obese rabbits in latex suits. I have no idea how this game is distributed these days. But if I can run it on Linux, I'll probably take a look to see how it's doing some time.
>>2047 >I have no idea how this game is distributed these days It's on Steam, sometimes I'll see it while scrolling through the store there.
Open file (215.78 KB 689x1000 01.jpg)
>>2048 Great. It was worth $10 just to not have to register for F95 or set the damn thing up in Wine. >>2047 Follow up: I tried it for half an hour. Compared to the first few months, this was a significant change. Cait's promiscuity didn't appear to come up at all in the beginning scenario (I saw a button concerning her faith but didn't press it. Otherwise, the subject was never broached). Because the intro writing was decent, I have to give Savin credit for progressing through the years. Furthermore, it was light years ahead of anything I read in TiTS. I skimmed the thing in order to get to the kitsune (the gem puzzle was a worthless addition to the game, compounded by the fact that you have to solve it three times). That is when things began to unravel. So, the kitsune. The Observer is not great at writing smut. It's as though a blind man is attempting to describe a painting. There is thrusting, squeezing, and so on, but for the majority of people, sex is not primarily a physical affair; sex is, by and large, a psychological and emotional experience (Are you aroused at washing your dick in the shower?). And if you can substitute a warm melon for the woman in your story and still have it read the same way, you've only portrayed a similar experience to masturbating. Some of the writing was just... no. Take for example, "You let go of her ass just long enough to give your fox-wife's ears a fondle. Yes, it really is in her. What's she going to do about it?" Yeah... On a side note, what is the point of having a kitsune if they are just going to behave like regular humans? Is it even proper kitsune smut if she isn't saying things like "I want to have your pups!" or "A-are you really okay with a fox?" The 'fluffy tail' bit gets old fast, and again we are only focusing on the physical aspect of the kitsune. The user interface is clumsy. Despite the new JavaScript UI, only a small portion of it is actionable. You would anticipate that when you click on your character's symbol, your appearance or inventory will be displayed, however you must instead click on Journal, followed by Appearance. Messy. While some of the artwork was acceptable, most of it did not appeal to me. It made me nostalgic for the old sprite art of CoC1, where I could fill in the features in my head, and where slim hips were not entirely verboten. Overall, I suppose I can't complain at $10, but it'll be a long time before I play it again. Much improved over TiTS, but still not my cup of tea. I've also been extremely spoilt over the last year by AI Dungeon and NovelAI, which provide me with AI-generated kitsune characters that cater to my every whim. In one of my early attempts at bastardizing AI storytelling for smut, I was pursuing this tsundere-ish kitsune, and she snarled at me with "Are you into fucking dogs?!" I couldn't believe that the AI was capable of understanding context well enough to come up with an insult like that. AI-kitsunes have been my go-to ever since.
Just dropping in to let you know I'm still working on the history of CoC (130,000 words now) and that I'm still deeply interested in hearing about little-known drama relating to TiTS/CoCII's development and writers that you guys might have stored away. I just wasn't sure what to say—I came here to dig up dirt from a community I assumed would be more anti-FenCo than any other and ended up making Savin ten dollars. I am not sure how to deal with that.
Open file (145.89 KB 1125x1103 01.jpg)
>>2054 There was a time when I'd made being anti-FenCo into a personal crusade of sorts. But today it would be like asking my concerns of the Soviet Union - it's silly and I couldn't care less. It was fun to reminisce about the old days, and I hope some of the others can share their memories with you as well. But I feel more pity than anger towards anyone still involved in that community after all these years.
It's been a while since I've blogposted, and I don't know how many of you are still here, but for those of you who are (and, more to the point, have actually been following my rambling) I've had some major personal developments. Foremost is that I finally made peace with the source of my depression after thirteen long years. I've already talked about how I spiraled into depression when I was in that room, but how I survived was by forming a belief that one day, somewhere down the line, I would see the light at the end of the tunnel. I formed two lasting beliefs during this period: first, the belief in eternity (though it wasn't in a religious context at the time) and that I could acieve it, and the second is the belief in true love. The second belief is especially important because in my pre-teen to teenage years, for unrelated reasons (in short: I was horny and had internet access), I fell into a pit of degeneracy. I won't get into the details, but I always stopped short of certain lines that repulsed me for reasons I couldn't immediately identify. After a while, I started to recede, and discard the degenerate tendencies I accumulated one by one, leading me to where I was a few years ago. I recently realized that those invisible lines were drawn by myself in that forsaken room. If I didn't suffer then, I wouldn't have the mental toolkit necessary to fish myself out of the degenerate hole I dug, I wouldn't have come to realize what the world is really like, and I would probably be just another useful idiot serving the globo agenda. Nearly thirteen years ago, I left that room, but a part of it always stayed with me, and that part of me has been my guiding light all along. I still fall short on many fronts, but now I earnestly believe that I can survive in this world. If I could go back and talk to my eleven-year-old self, I would only say one thing: That there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's beautiful.
Open file (3.52 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20211113_114940.jpg)
Open file (5.29 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20211113_185844.jpg)
>>2056 I still drop in now and again. I just got a working Tek 468 oscilloscope for $25, and a non-working 486DX Compaq portable III clone (like, a clone of the compaq) for $30. Motherboard doesn't show signs of life, but looks really clean. Going to try reseating everything as soon as I have time (and maybe find a PLCC puller). Even if I don't get it working, I have verified that it's a good PSU and also the hard disk still works. Any number of other components could still be good. And I got a gas plasma display and clicky Alps switch keyboard out of this, So I can't be too mad. I also got a totally untested but good looking physically Thinkpad 310 for $10. My friend also went with me, and got a working 8086 Olivetti (AT&T 6300). No hard disk or anything though, and he has no floppies, and he knows next to nothing about old PC's (didn't realize when he bought it he'd need an HDD or boot FDD to actually do anything with it). I told him about the Gotek drives, but omitted that I got an ISA IDE controller with my luggable. >>2056 Glad you're figuring things out. Despite my grumping and such, I do still manage to feel like I'll work things out (things will work out in the end). It's good to keep a positive attitude.
>>2057 actually, IDK; that might not be enough for an 8086 clone. I know that for instance there's a separate type of IDE for XT class machines that's 8-bit. So much about these computers that I've never gotten around to messing with. Hopefully I'll be able to make this board work (and hopefully dump the BIOS before it's too late, if it's not already). BTW pulling out all the RAM and cards and powering it doesn't make the speaker beep, so it's not even getting that far.
Open file (36.08 KB 1550x375 babysitting cream.png)
Hello again. That archivist guy here. I now have the entirety of 2010 and 2011 chronicled and 'finished' and will soon begin the task of mashing together some 180,000 words of /vg/ archiving from 2012 and early 2013 together with Fenoxo's blogs from that time. The reason I'm blogging this obviously incredibly important update to you all is because it's rapidly becoming apparent to me that I won't be able to stop with just chronicling CoC between 2010 and 2016, sprinkling in pieces of TiTS's development where relevant and then devoting a few chapters to CoCII and how it differs from CoC. What was once a nagging thought has reached a buzzing fever pitch and has become impossible to ignore - if I am putting in this much work to record CoC's history, why on earth would I not do the same with TiTS? Development of the two overlapped for several years, and I am growing increasingly convinced for several reasons (too convoluted to explain in this fat post) that one must understand CoC's history to understand TiTS's. With that said: >>2035 I rescind my earlier claim that TiTS is going to be sidelined in my project. It will be no footnote. I do plan on researching the game's development in as much detail as CoC (and, eventually, CoCII.) Any more information (however seemingly unimportant), noteworthy events, landmark moments from any time in the game's development, etc., that you could lay out for me would be incredibly appreciated. Much of my frustration comes from having to essentially pore over the same information three times: first to collect it all, second to see what's important and how it interconnects, and lastly as I'm putting it all together for the final cut. Having someone knowledgable to lay out the major beats in advance would be a big help: which authors are worth paying attention to because of their later relevance, for example. I realize this amounts to "Hey, remember TiTS? Tell me about it! What do you mean you want specifics?" but I thought I'd push my luck here as much as I can. I've asked around in a few other places but it seems as though the majority of TiTS players elsewhere only came in well after the game was up and running circa 2018 or so, and the only remaining CoC players seem to be post-Steam-release tourists who just want to spam mass-produced Discord emojis of their favorite waifus from CoC2 dabbing.
Open file (340.13 KB 1280x868 01.jpg)
Happy Thanksgiving, all! I'm still around to a certain extent; I still check in from time to time. As it appears to be that time of year, I am once again 'dating' someone with a troubling age difference. I've come to the realization that I clearly have a 'type,' as this girl is nearly identical to the last one in every manner but hair color, and that I also appear to be this group's 'type' as well. Though it is difficult to imagine a lasting relationship ever forming from these types, I can only hope that this one is not concealing any suicidal tendencies that may surface in the spring. >>2056 I've been following your troubles with a keen interest, despite the fact that it's obviously a highly personal affair with many things left unsaid, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't all a conundrum to me. However, I am overjoyed to hear that progress has been made! I'm sure most people have an idea of true love when they're younger; I certainly did at one point. However, as I grew older, I realized that my definition of love was little more than thinly veiled lust, and that true love looked quite different. In my head, there are persons with whom I imagine all of the nuzzling, cuddling, hand-holding, and other physically irresistible components of love. However, there are people in my life that I truly love, whose health keeps me up at night, and for whom I am willing to put up with a variety of hardships. The people I really love present me with far greater difficulties than I anticipated true love to be, and my love for them is far more ‘boring’ than any fantasy. When I was a young man, I believed that love and sex were inextricably linked, but I no longer feel that is the case, and love looks quite differently to me today. I don’t know what true love quite looked like for you, but I'm guessing the majority of people make a similar finding as they mature. I agree wholeheartedly with your conclusion. While we cannot choose our circumstances, we do have complete power over how we respond to them. Regardless of its countless tragedies, life can be beautiful for those who choose to hold that view. How fortunate we are to have been born human at all, rather than, perhaps, as salmon!
>>2060 The original ideal of love I formed was an emotional ideal, but not necessarily a sexual one (I knew what sex was when I was eleven, but I had yet to actually form any sexuality). In short, my belief was one where two people would share all interests, thoughts, emotions, secrets, and withold nothing. They would give their all into supporting eachother, preserve their union at all costs, and follow eachother to the ends of the universe and back. A continuous upward spiral of two hearts and minds. My views have evolved over time, but this foundation has remained mostly the same. I have adopted a sexual component, but over the past few years I've subconsciously bumped down its priority and now, ultimately, consider it to be secondary and disposable. Not to say that I reject my sexuality (it is an inalienable aspect of being human), but it takes a back-seat to everything else. It's funny in a way: I evolved out of a mindset I held as a child only to realize years later that I had the right idea to begin with. Is this ideal attainable? Probably not, but perfection rarely is, and I have no intention of sacrificing the idea of perfection for the sake of an imperfect world.
>>2061 >where two people would share all interests, thoughts, emotions, secrets, and withold nothing I should recommend a puppy or a young child before a woman! Should I be so honored as to find a perfect woman, our relationship will assuredly be imperfect through my own failings! The fruit of love is compassion, yet the soil commands tears and sweat! >>2059 My time with TiTS began in 2015, but I must confess that my only interest (which was to be quickly abandoned) was Syri; I have not even played the game beyond that in all this time. The writing comes from fundamentally incurious people whose creativity cannot transcend "what if this girl had a penis too?" Gladly would I answer what I could, but I paid no attention to the writers, and am more unfamiliar with the story than someone who picked it up for the first time last week!
Open file (5.49 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20211126_233506.jpg)
Installing OpenBSD for the first time. Didn't take long for me to decide I like it. (system is a Thinkpad 310 with a Pentium and 32mb RAM)
>>2063 this thing was $10 at a HAMfest; had to rip it down to the motherboard to get to the RTC battery (removing motherboard from the frame). Apart from that, and needing a valid boot sector on the HDD before it will let me boot a CD-ROM, this computer's been doing well so far. Optical drive works (laser hasn't burned out), which is handy.
Open file (5.61 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20211126_232247.jpg)
>>2064 forgot pic. It even supports Cardbus cards, so it has 802.11n now.
>>2065 Performance is a little lacking under X, especially since they removed the accelerated driver in 2019. Still, it's working for playing stuff with the OPL chip.
>>2056 Thanks that's very encouraging Anon. >>2057 Pretty clean looking gear there. Nice. >>2060 Happy Belated Thanksgiving /f/ ! As an amateur astronomer in addition to my other (now more active) interests, I was enthralled tonight going out at about 3AM and seeing a wondrous universe thanks to truly exceptionally good seeing this morning. The heavens truly declare the glory of God! :^)
Open file (3.71 MB 4160x3120 01.jpg)
>>2063 I continue to use OpenBSD exclusively; it's a wonderful system. I have no idea what's been going on in the world of Linux, aside from crossdressing, and I could not care less. Semper idem.
>>2064 >HAMfest Are you actually into amateur radio? If you have a license, it would be kind of fun to try to reach someone that far away.
Lance, what kind of voodoo bullshit is Debian running off of? I'm installing it on a server in my personal network that uses static addressing, but when I told the installer what interface to use, it immediately sent out a DHCP request, and apparently got a response. I won't find out if it actually works until it's done installing (the encryption is taking a while), but it's weird that I wasn't even prompted to use static addressing. >>2068 >I have no idea what's been going on in the world of Linux, aside from crossdressing, and I could not care less. Neither could I, but I still use it. Ultimatelly, all of the drama seems to be centered in the IRC circlejerks, and it hasn't affected me one bit.
Open file (396.80 KB 600x808 14_e.jpg)
Whatever black magic networking Debian did apparently worked, it connected to the nonexistent DHCP server on my bridge computer and was assigned an appropriate address, netmask, gateway, and DNS. In other computer related news, I'm going to be giving away the Alphaserver to a good home. I just can't justify putting any more effort into a massive anemic computer that I ultimately will get very little use or enjoyment from even if I could get everything working properly. It's a shame to let it go, but I have to be realistic with my own expectations. I'm sure down the line I'll find another fun old server that works a bit better.
>>2066 The man page was removed for OpenBSD 6.6, it exists for 6.5, but the driver appears to still exist in some other operating systems. Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and maybe a few others seem to have it. If you're not dead set on using OpenBSD, there are other options to get the driver.
>>2071 Debian /etc/network/interfaces Does it look similar to this: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto enp0s3 iface enp0s3 inet static address netmask gateway dns-nameservers
>>2073 Nope, it says: allow-hotplug eno1 iface eno1 inet dhcp Again, I don't have DHCP on this network. I do have it on the other side of the bridge, but the two networks use completely different address ranges on two different subnets ( on the internal vs on the external. I don't have that many devices, but this way makes it easier for me to tell everything apart).
Open file (45.32 KB 422x400 01.png)
Took the w140 in for a smog check today. I had replaced the ignition control module just yesterday, but I wasn't quite sure if that would fix an issue I was having, so I didn't clear the codes in the computer and still had my check engine light on. It turns out that state regulations won't allow a car with a check engine light to pass smog tests, even if their emissions are well within the limits. So I paid $60 just for it to fail, and have to squeeze in another test somewhere before Wednesday. But here's the thing. The guy gets into your car, starts it up, and drives it into his garage. Long before he even puts his foot on the gas, he can see the bright red engine light. He knows damn well that he can't pass this vehicle. Would it not be proper customer service to say, "Are you sure you want to go through with this test? I can't pass it with this engine light on." This fucking 300lb kike with a 12 year-old's facial hair doesn't say a word about it; perfectly content to run the doomed test and collect $60 from me. I confronted him about it, and he was an absolute coward. Insinuated that I might be an undercover agent of the state! That I should know the ins and outs of these silly tests! And as I'm leaving, I swear to god. This nigger wearing women's sweatpants comes flying through the lot in an exhaust-modded Altima, and almost hits me. I wrote the owner of this place the most scathing letter in my life. Wouldn't piss on these people if they were on fire. Anyway, it was a day.
>>2075 Damn, that's fucking scummy. I can't honestly say that I relate though, since I run pretty much everything I can't do myself through a reputable place. It's a bit more expensive that way, but I think it's worth not having to worry about leaving my precious chariot to risk. I just go in, open up a book while I wait, and they'll come up to me if they see anything bad. Which reminds me: I need to get my power steering line replaced (it's not leaking yet, but it's just starting to perspire). Lately, the thought of having to get another car has been looming over my head as well. I'm still on my first (Civic '11, if you don't recall) after seven years, and she's slowly starting to show her age. She's not the best for this state, especially during the winter, but I just can't ever see myself abandoning a car that's seen me through so much, even though I know I'll have to someday. She's a little under 180,000 miles, so I know I can still probably squeeze another three to five years out of her if I play my cards right, but sooner or later something's going to fail that I just can't afford to replace. I really wish I could just have an immortal car. I know lots of people like to replace their cars every now and again or have multiple cars, but I only want one that'll carry me for life. If I'm extrordinarily lucky, I'd like to make it big on the crypto market instead of just dying inside while the prices keep dipping so I can afford the eventual transmission and engine problems, and the frame, you know, because I live in a cursed state that rots everything within its borders.
>>2072 Already tried NetBSD. It has some IDE controller driver issue that renders the system unusable. Modern Linux on a 32MB RAM system? Lol, don't make me laugh. The kernel alone won't even fit on a floppy anymore. FreeBSD? Meh. Maybe. I sort of have my doubts. >>2071 Oooh. I'd like that alphaserver, if you didn't find a home already. If you did, though, that's fine. Hope it has a good new owner. >>2070 > Lance, what kind of voodoo bullshit is Debian running off of? I'm installing it on a server in my personal network that uses static addressing, but when I told the installer what interface to use, it immediately sent out a DHCP request, and apparently got a response. I don't know, but I manually invoke wpa_supplicant and dhclient on my laptop. Did you use an "advanced" install? Or the GUI one? I only do netinstalls usually. >>2069 >are you actually into amateur radio? Yeah, but I'm not actually licensed. :\ I have picked up books to try to get myself prepared for licensing some time in the future though. And I do have a basic understanding of the principles of it all. Not gotten back to fixing up the 486 board yet, but I will do that over the holidays. >>2059 Interesting, but having lived through its development I can say honestly that it wasn't really too noteworthy. The only thing that it might be useful for is if you wanted to avoid a certain character by using an older version of the game. >>2068 Oh, is that an honest to goodness teletype? I've wanted one of those for a long time. I do have a monochrome IBM RS232 video terminal, which I do use. But it's not quite as fun.
>>2075 That's a story from hell. What an asshole. An "agent of the state" shouldn't be able to fine someone for saying "hey, just so you know, I can't pass this car with the engine light on." I'd be interested in seeing where the law stipulates that. The only time my Volvo's check engine light has ever come on was when the crank position sensor failed. And Indiana doesn't do smog tests.
Open file (4.64 MB 4032x3024 amazon1.jpg)
Oh yeah, one more thing. I've been given an opportunity to pick this up. I'm really thinking about it.
I didn't really think it was possible anymore, but I think I've somehow managed to become more nihilistic lately, but also less depressed about it. Instead of being upset by the horrible way of the world and stressing out about the continued collapse of the society I live in, and the effects that have trickled down to my personal life, my emotions are slowly decoupling from it completely. Jews, shitskins, and trannies are still wreaking havoc on society. The elite are still lighting the world on fire for the sake of their horrifying NWO agenda and pushing experimental drugs on the populace (and I'm still avoiding it, despite the constant pressure). Normalfags are still normalfags. True love still can never exist in this world. I still hate all of this, but now it's less of an emotional hate, and more of a calculating hate. It's like saying that the sky is blue, or that 1+1=2. Of course the world is horrible, it always was and probably will always be. Why should I waste emotional energy towards simple, logical facts? It's already set in stone. It's numbing, but also comforting in a strange way. Everything in the world today will soon wither, fade, and be forgotten forevermore. I've already known this for a very, very long time, but now it's truly starting to cement itself in my mind. Don't get me wrong, I do not seek death nor destruction, I'm just finding it harder to care about a world that never cared about me. Even when I'm talking about things I normally am passionate about, I find it just a bit harder to actually find emotions to attach to them. I still like and hate all the things that I do, but the emotions behind these things are slowly turning into logical facts. Am I fucked in the head? Yes, but I've known that for my whole life. It's written into my very DNA. As much as I romantisize the idea of finding true love (and I don't imagine I'll ever stop, I've spent most of my life to now slowly building up that one philosophical ideal as my personal religion), I couldn't help but pity any hypothetical girl unfortunate enough to take on that role. She'd have to spend so much time breaking through all the mental defences I've built up for the sole purpose of withstanding clownworld. Who knows, though? Maybe it'd all just crumble instantly from an angle that I never could have truly mentally accounted for. I'm rambling like an old man again. Basically, clownworld sucks, I'm losing the ability to feel, and I would love nothing more than to have a waifu and cuddle her forever. I think I'm starting to comprehend the metaphysics behind commie's kitsune fetish. Having a sweet girl with a nice fluffy tail that you can bury your face in must be truly divine. On one hand, you have the romanticist ideal of a sweet girl who loves you. On another, you have the fact that the girl is immortal; In addition to the physical aspect of eternal beauty, you have the metaphysical aspect of an undying love from a timeless being. On another hand still, you have the actual softness of her more animall parts, the tail and ears, which all men know are quite soft, and must be even moreso on a being who can actively take care of them. In extension of this, you also have the sexual aspect, that is, honest and raw lovemaking. If all of that isn't enough, which it is, one must also take into consideration the amount of power a being like a kitsune must weild. All of their natural and supernatural abilities makes one a superb partner, as she'd actively and acutely strengthen the bloodline of a potential husband. All of that power also comes with a purpose, and the fulfillment of a meaningful purpose is the cornerstone of personal fulfillment of most men. Who wouldn't want a kitsune as a wife? Or maybe I'm just rambling even more and overanalysing everything. Certainly possible, since I also spent a couple hours thinking about the metaphysics and duality behind headpatting a loli, and even the difference between headpatting with the left and right hand, so whatever. Maybe my emotions are bleeding away from things in this world because I'm subconsciously reallocating them to the subject of what lies beyond. >>2077 I passed on the alphaserver to a guy I know. He's not very proficient with obscure hardware (he even told me that he'll probably just install NT on it to avoid the endless headaches I've suffered), but he won't treat the machine lightly either. The debian installation was done from a netinstall image, and the server is (currently) using my desktop as a gateway while I figure out how to get one of my spare wifi cards to work on it (none of them like to play nice with Linux). Theoretically, I could just keep it running as-is, but I would like the server to mantain its connection without having to rely on my desktop (which, unfortunately, is prone to crashing and data corruption from the horrifyingly unreliable RAID0 array I have installed on it. I think I'll sacrifice some performance to have something a bit less buggy on the next reinstall).
>>2076 Everyone should aim for two (or more) cars. There comes a time where even the most well-maintained vehicle requires multi-day maintenance (a new head gasket, for example), and you'll need a backup. Reliability is my only real concern when buying a car. And on the topic of immortals cars, you're well aware that I favor older Mercedes. But also the various panther platforms (Crown Vic, Town Car, Grand Marquis). I have a 95 S500 and an 01 Town Car. Both are practically indestructible. But I get compliments and questions on the S500 everywhere I go, while no one says a word about the Town Car. I saw a list of cars that had gone a million miles some time ago. About two thirds of them were older Mercedes. Lance will enjoy knowing that several were Volvos. The Civic is not a bad car at all, but I am hesitant with newer Asian cars in general. While older Camrys would last forever, everything coming out of Asia this century will reliably last about 120k miles and them turn to tatters. I guess that's not too much of an issue out your way, with all the rust. >>2077 >Yeah, but I'm not actually licensed. Radio licensing is easy. When I tested, I expected to fail, remember the test's contents, and pass a retest, so I hardly studied. But I passed. Most of it is regulatory; what bands fall where. They don't even test Morse on the tech anymore. Nor do they send out physical licenses these days. The ARRL handbook is six volumes, and way more than anyone needs to prepare for the test. But it covers everything you need to know. >>2078 That was exactly my thoughts. Were I an undercover agent, I would be checking that the inspection is conducted thoroughly and by the books. "You know you're going to lose $60 on this, right?" isn't the state's concern. I wrote a scathing letter to the guy's boss, criticizing everything from his weight to his unbecoming behavior, and he called to apologize profusely. Actually offered to pick up my, take it for a smog, and return it, all for free. But alas, the test had already been performed elsewhere. Evidently he is just having a hard time finding employees with work ethic; I can't say I'm surprised in this society.
>>2080 The fear of societal change and collapse ultimately stems from the fear of death. We hardly spare the time to read about regime changes in Asia, or the cultural changes happening right now in Afghanistan. But when it's in our own backyard, we agonize over every detail and possible consequence. Welfare, trannies, fast food, gaming, 'anti-racism', etc - all of it weakens society. And society here will one day collapse. But are these concerns born of a deep-seated social responsibility? No, just our anxieties over how these changes may personally impact us. My grandfather lived a long life, which he spent in front of political news garbage, frustrated at the way things all over the country were going. He had a good family, outstanding health (considering the way he lived), and few financial concerns. But he was miserable from morning to evening over events he had no control over. Society was here and unpleasant before he was born. It remains here and unpleasant without him. From World War 3 to Communists, not one of the things his generation worried about actually happened. Not one thing that did happen was remotely as bad as his worries made it out to be. Had he taken up fishing instead of TV watching, absolutely nothing would have changed in the world, but he would have lived a much more pleasant life. But also, it occurred to me at some point that my context of society was needlessly narrow. I could hop on a plane at any time, and find myself in a country and culture that has never even seen a woke person. Why should I be so bent out of shape about what happens in this particular country, any more than I am about what happens in Sierra Leone? We again come back to the point that it is not society itself that we worry about it, but its personal impact. And while we can't change the circumstances we live in, we are capable of reacting to them. When I was a young lad, Heinlein's Starship Troopers (no resemblance to the film) had an outsize effect on my worldview, and I'd encourage everyone to read it. Duty, personal responsibility, resilience in the face of adversity, and self sacrifice are the cornerstone of that societal essay, thinly disguised as a science fiction rag. The people who recognize the failings of modern society have no place trying to fit into civilian life, any more than a 40 year old belongs in an elementary school. Those that attempt to will always be miserable, and never understand why they seem to be different from everyone else. ----- For what it's worth, I'm vaccinated. I had Covid awhile back, and my only symptom was that I was tired for a week; but I am in fantastic health. The vaccine made me feel like I had the flu for a couple of days, and that was worse than Covid itself. But you know what? If the vaccine really does turn out to be some genocidal weapon, I don't want to be alone with the kind of people that would be left alive afterwards. I've been doing some work for a guy lately. Usually he calls me, but I had to call him the other. He answered the phone with, and I swear to God, "Trump for president?" Give me the fucking vaccine please.
Open file (4.70 MB 3023x4033 01.jpg)
>>2080 >I think I'm starting to comprehend the metaphysics behind commie's kitsune fetish. Ha. Well, I appreciate the analysis, but I've spent a good deal of time examining my kitsune fetish on my own, and it's really much more simple. First and foremost, I just like foxes. Wolves too. The kitsunes in my head aren't immortal, nor are they gods; just girls with fox ears, tails, and pointed canines. Aside from some animalistic mannerisms, I don't even give much consideration to the tail or ears. In most respects she's just a regular girl with more emotional intelligence than anyone her age could reasonably be expected to have. I could have just as well been attracted to bugs or cats, but fox girls are what does it for me. I think most of it is the hair. I like long hair, and have an almost pathological aversion to short hair. Kitsunes and similar girls almost always get long hair because no artist wants to try to draw the spot on their head where human ears should be. And so I like almost every kitsune I see. Secondly, there's an aspect of emotional security. Of wanting someone that, in my fantasy, no one else wants and won't be taken away from me. Which is bizarre to me, as my relationships have all been pretty fine and I have the self-confidence not to worry about losing girls. So, while I have no idea why this component exists for me at all, the kitunses in my head belong to the type of world where people give you odd looks on the street and say things like, "What the hell man, you're dating one of those dogs?" Some people like feet; I like unwanted garbage. I've been fortunate that the untimely demise of AI Dungeon led to several better AI writing tools that I can satisfy my need for cute foxes with. We're not quite at the point of AI waifus yet, but it's pretty good. You haven't lived until some horny AI kitsune is spouting off things like, "A-are you sure you're okay with fox pussy?"
Open file (42.21 KB 600x600 1467849403169.jpg)
>>2081 >everything coming out of Asia this century will reliably last about 120k miles and them turn to tatters Ye of little faith, my Civic is rapidly approaching 175k. You are probably right in saying that the rust will be the killing blow, though. My front bumper is already being held on by little more than broken dreams, but the frame itself is proving to be solid thus far. >>2082 >fear of death That's been draining out of me for over a decade, so it makes sense. The spectre of death has hung over me so long that I'm used to it (I don't recall if I ever mentioned this, but I have an abnormal 'version' of a fatal genetic mutation. In it's normal form, it kills by age five. The doctors who found it whilst I was in the womb never bothered following up on it because everything seemed normal at the time, and I never bothered following up myself, so it's just kind of there). The main difference now is that the steady unraveling of my depression is leaving an emotional vacuum that doesn't really want to be filled. >For what it's worth, I'm vaccinated I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but I think I've lost the ability. I won't try to tell you what's best for yourself, but my intuition has been telling me from day one to not get it. Also, I won't get into the schizophrenic minutae, but I've had some personal signs that pointed in the same direction, and not all of them can be written off as me just overanalyzing things. Though I realize the choice to abstain will close a lot of doors for me now, I just can't bring myself to even entertain the thought of getting the vax. It may be a strange hill to choose to die on, but this is just one of those issues where I won't ever forgive myself if I don't stick to my guns. >>2083 >I just like foxes I can relate. For me, cats and foxes (and for a large portion of my childhood with no context, snakes), have always been my favorites from the beginning. In the context of waifus, the same largely holds true now, though my tastes have expanded greatly from this foundation. >hair I'll have to disagree on that. I think that shorter hair can look quite good on a girl if done right (which is ironic when you consider that I have hair that wouldn't look out of place in the 70s... or the 1800s. Funnily enough, I recall a very old photograph of a guy in my family who probably died nearly a century ago who looked nearly identical to me, hair included. Maybe one day I'll get myself a nice suit and tie (I'd have to find the picture again, but I think it was a stock tie) to match and have a photo taken of myself in the same fashion). >emotional security I can greatly relate. If my views on true love are a foundation, exclusivity is the bedrock it sits upon. Regarding the specific scenarios you imagine, I do deviate, but not much. I also often imagine scenarios of a similar vein, but the roles switch around according to my whims in the moment. However, one is always the lesser, who is raised up by the greater. Generally, there is a heavy overtone of emotional healing, for obvious reasons. >AI Frankly, the state of computer technology has left a sour taste for me. I've been regressing more to the basics, and have hardly been engaing in the sort of projects I enjoyed five years ago. Now I only use computers for things I'll either actually enjoy (mostly music and reading stories/manga online), or for productivity and profit. Even the server I'm setting up only exists for one reason, and that's to make money. Once I have everything set up the way I want it, it'll just sit there and act as a crypto node/miner until it burns out. I refuse to touch AI unless it's at the very least offline-capable (i.e. I can just have it run on one of my computers). If you think there's a decent option, then I might try it out on my desktop, once I've solved the cooling issue and intermittent crashing problems. I already went to the trouble of fishing some higher-capacity RAM from recycling, so I might as well put it to work.
Open file (88.11 KB 1080x1476 01.jpg)
Got an email from Dell this morning. Many companies have canned emails saying 'Your Order Has Been Delayed.' No big deal; happens all the time. But it was amusing to see that Dell has a canned response ready to go for 'Your Order Has Been Delayed Again.' >>2084 >The main difference now is that the steady unraveling of my depression is leaving an emotional vacuum that doesn't really want to be filled. The same way a recovering smoker reaches for a pack of cigarettes he no longer carries in his pocket. People are creatures of habit, and they long for familiarity. Get busy, exercise a lot, start something new. As you (hopefully) leave depression behind and start experiencing a more fulfilling life, you'll be forming new habits automatically; might as well make them good ones. Soon enough you'll have adapted to filling that vacuum with something new you won't want to let go of. >I just can't bring myself to even entertain the thought of getting the vax I have no strong feelings about the vaccine at all. Half the internet have formed a cult around being vaccinated, and the other half have created entire personalities around not getting vaccinated. But in the real world, away from these nightmare boxes, no one really gives a shit what other people are doing with their day. I was not going to get an experimental vaccine a year ago. But a year has passed, and people aren't dropping like flies from it. Maybe it'll cause cancer some day, but I know enough about pharmacology to have an idea of what can and can't happen years after a drug has left your body. I still don't particularly care one way or the other, but I work in a lot of places that require either vaccination or frequent testing, and it was getting tiresome. Don't act like you're saving the world if you get vaccinated, and don't pretend to be some sort of freedom fighter for not getting it; that's all I ask. But when people start comparing a 19 year old at Red Lobster asking to see vaccinations cards to some sort of communist border guard, I can't help but laugh. You have my support in whatever decision you make on this stupid thing. >though my tastes have expanded greatly from this foundation The only thing that ever changed for me was the attractiveness of various age groups (praise the lord). I vividly remember laying awake at night around 17 or so, thinking that I was going to end up in prison one day for fucking some high school kid. I liked girls my age, and 25 year olds might have been geriatrics as far as I was concerned. My interests never evolved beyond very slim girls with long straight hair, but even 45 year olds can have their appeal for me now. >Now I only use computers for things I'll either actually enjoy Splendid! I must say, some of you guys have me worried. So many things change in my life in even the span of a few months. Yet I come here after a month away, and find people still piddling with their boxes as if I'd been gone for an hour. That fine line between "things I'd like to do when I'm older" and "things I wish I had done when I was younger" is less a door to be crossed and more a windshield to be violently propelled through. >If you think there's a decent option, then I might try it out on my desktop You can run the stuff on your desktop, but it's not quite the same; partly because you need a pretty beefy GPU if you don't want to wait five minutes between responses. You can look up Kobold AI if you want to try it locally. I worked briefly with the devs of both major projects in this niche after AI Dungeon went to hell. You have NovelAI and HoloAI; both of which are anon projects, and both make use of client-side encryption. If you're worried about privacy, it's very safe - no big corporations selling or storing anything. Honestly, they're kind of run by retards. I have some stories about that. Holo lets you test it without an account, if you'd like to give it a shot. Though I've found Holo less autistic than Novel, and harder to wrangle towards the results I'm looking for.
>>2085 >a more fulfilling life I won't stop trying to find my own path to fulfillment, but I can't honestly say that I think I'll reach it anytime soon given that I'm now fully entrenched in my dispassionate hatred of this world. This path that I'm taking is primarily internally focused. That being said, I have been dabbling a little bit in the visual arts. I'm not exactly diving into it headfirst, but the complete lack of competition could point to it becoming an up-and-coming habit of mine. Additionally, I have been trying a little harder to maintain healthy eating habits (I'm not fat, and I hate fat people, it's more that I'm not getting enough essential nutrients in me). I'm still far from an ideal diet, but I cook and eat eggs every morning now, so it's a positive step. >Don't act like you're saving the world if you get vaccinated, and don't pretend to be some sort of freedom fighter for not getting it; that's all I ask I won't lie, I have briefly been caught up in that line of thinking, but I've since ceased to care. Ultimately, I'm making this decision for my own sake. Even if it harms my future prospects, this is the path I'm choosing because I think it's right for me. This is just another decision conjured from the logical pathways and philosophies that make up 'me'. My abstention from the vax is a part of my identity, because everything I think and do is part of my identity, but that's all it is. I won't judge anyone else for their decision, because I wholly realize that my worldview is bizzare, and based wholly upon my own experiences and mental hardware. >tastes In my case, my tastes have expanded and contracted around extraneous physical traits (i.e. not-quite-human girls). I've always treated age in a very abstract manner, and the only real physical constant in my taste is my preference for thinner girls. >So many things change in my life in even the span of a few months I'm almost the exact opposite. My life as it happens around me has changed very little over the past several years, but my internal views have evolved so much that 'philosophy' is now a constant background process happening in my mind. Much like the process of breathing, my brain is ceaselessly analyzing itself, and has been for over a decade. Every now and again a discrepency will pop up to the forefront of my mind seemingly out of nowhere, or some new concept is either conjured or interoduced to me, and I'll have to deal with it directly, but for the most part it's all relegated to being a semi-conscious constant of my life. In this, I am reminded of a psychological concept called the "expert mind", which is when someone has spent so much time thinking about something consciously that their brain has formed specialized pathways which allow them to run through everything in that same vein with extremely high efficiency. >pretty beefy GPU if you don't want to wait five minutes between responses One of my few long-standing redeeming features is that I am very patient. Five minutes is nothing to me. If anything, I like that more, since it gives me the excuse to think out my responses thoroughly. I might look up those AIs tomorrow.
Open file (390.51 KB 1356x1194 01.png)
>>2086 The overwhelming impression I get from your posts is that you have nothing in life to challenge you and, possibly as a result, far too much free time. That is not criticism; I know people whose heads are running at redline as they attempt to manage inventory at Walmart, and you should be lucky to have capacity for more. And I enjoy your posts. However, time and time again, the message is that nothing is truly going anywhere, like a mouse in its wheel, and that there is an infinite amount of time to sit and reflect. To turn those same stones over once again while ignoring the rest of the forest. Have you ever met a man who discovered happiness as a result of in-depth examination of people and behavior? Freud followed that road, and as a result, he developed an irascible hatred for people. He lived a sad and unhappy life until he was finally taken by cancer. He was right about a lot of things, and what good did it do him? I'm aware that I'm painting a broad brushstroke across the life of someone I've never met. There may be (and I hope there is) a great deal more nuance in this than I see. You are not obligated to respond directly to my inquiry, as the facts of your personal life are none of anyone's business, least of all mine. However, you've been stuck in a rut for an extended period of time, and despite realizing that there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel, nothing more than gradual adjustments appear to be taking place. It is time to turn that ship around, son. You are not going to walk out of that rut by continuing to do the same thing you’ve been doing day in and day out. Which is apparently sitting there thinking.
I got the WiFi to work on the server. Turns out that I was a dumbass and forgot to make an entry for wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces. Everything works fine now, and I can run the server without having its connection rely on my buggy desktop. >>2087 My days of actively figuring out how to analyze people are pretty much over. All of that psychological stuff spends most of its time in the back-channels of my brain now, and I won't bother putting much conscious thought into it unless I feel like I need to (like here, I'm talking about it so I need to bring it back to the forefront). However, I can't unthink any of it. The framework is solid in my mind, and will probably never go away. I manage it by leaving it in the background and directing my conscious thoughts elsewhere. I now see little point in focusing on depressing things that I can't change. Considering your notes on me moving slowly, you're mostly correct, but there is more nuance involved. I won't get into all of it, but every now and again I do change things around quickly. I don't always succeed, but my life doesn't always march to a glacial pace. As an example, my decision to drop my managerial job at the convenience store and go to college happened very suddenly, but the thought was churning through my head for ages. I didn't plan the move itself ahead of time, all of those thoughts just one day sparked into a rapid series of actions. I did very well too, until the lockdowns hit and I stumbled and fell from that path. I churned again, then later leapt into actions that culminated in me getting a CDL-B. I stumbled from that path as well, partially due to my own poor decisions, partially due to the stress of uncertainty getting to me, and there were some other things that wore on me that I won't get into. I still got the license, though I'm not using it right now. Now, I'm back in the churning stage. This, once again, will ultimately culminate in me enagaing in another rapid-fire series of potentially life-changing decisions. Who knows? Maybe this next time I'll come out on top. Or I'll stumble again then retry another day. I'm not averse to taking action, it just takes a while to build myself up to that point. There's even more nuance than I've let on there, but I don't really feel like getting into it. The point and essense is that I will take steps to change my life, as I have (or at least attempted to) in the past. I don't know when, I'm not even sure how (though based on the direction of my thoughts, it'll probably involve a direct attempt to move out of this state and stike out on my own), and I don't know if it'll work out, but it will happen, as certainly as the Sun will rise tomorrow.
>>2088 This all sounds good to me. Unstructured, but I like it. I often imagined you staring at the wall, lost in thought and unwilling to explore life outside of a handful of narrow interests that you seemed increasingly dissatisfied by. I trust that things are fairly well squared away now.
Open file (197.50 KB 528x845 67799252_p10.png)
>>2089 >unstructured There's a long, funny, and kinda depressing story around that (you already know part of it). When I was a kid, my autism shined brighter than the fucking Sun, and I refused to accept a world that didn't adhere to strict scheduling and planning. The elementary school I went to actually, and I say this with no exaggeration, adopted a stricter scheduling system because I was enrolled there (my mother was behind a lot of that, to this day I have no clue what strings she pulled to basically uproot everything in that school to accomodate me and my brothers, especially when you consider that this is a Mason-controlled town (I have some very interesting stories revolving around that) and that my family has zero connections with them). But then things changed, and I drastically lowered my expectations of the world. Now, I'm more of a "plan to improvise" kind of guy. >I often imagined you staring at the wall Kek, I only do that very rarely. My thinking often coincides with me engaging in other activites. Driving is the big one, since I'm so in-tune with my car that I can safely drive around on mental autopilot while I daydream or whatever. Reading is the other big one, except there I'll shift back and forth between reading and following a train of thought started by reading something that sparked a mental connection (unless whatever I'm reading is engaing enough to take my full attention). If an activity I'm doing isn't mentally engaging, my brain will force it to be mentally engaging because I'm terminally addicted to mental stimulation. That's not even something caused by my own decisions or background, it's literally been a part of me for my entire life. Also, I do have interests that I still genuinely enjoy, but haven't mentioned here because they simply never came up, and I didn't feel like inserting them out of nowhere. Computers were the big one for a while though, and yeah, I've been backing off of that. On a lighter note, holy fucking shit KoboldAI better be worth all the bullshit that goes into its installation process.
Open file (79.00 KB 1080x1010 01orwhatever.jpg)
>>2090 I have had nearly $25 of a $50 bottle of rye whiskey tonight, so I'll save my pseudo philosophical ramblings for another night and just pray to god that my spellcheck squiggles hold up. I've always liked you, flash. You have a subdued, yet intelligent personality that caught my eye from the first few days I arrived at /f/. I am hard on myself because I expect perfection and endless self improvement from myself, and that leads me to be hard on otherwise ordinary people who could be doing better. Don't think too negatively of it; I have my flaws as well, and all the 0302 bullshit in the world can't fix them. Anyway, Kobold. It's not that great. It lacks the formatting and special bullshit of Holo/NAI. If you want to have fun, use Novel. The learning curve is insane, and you probably won't like what it produces for you. They actually added Holo's "try before you register" function about 10 minutes ago. If you want to describe a story you'd like to experience, I will spend no less than 15 minutes writing one for you. It won't be the next Stephen King, but it will use all of NAI's proper conventions (there are many), and allow you to see what it can do. Just describe two characters, a setting, and a goal. Don't make it hard for the AI. "My lonely little sister comes to me for advice and we end up fucking." is perfectly good. You're probably worried about these services. I can understand; you know nothing about them. Without giving too much away, I am intimately familiar with both teams; could literally tell you the first and last name of NAI's lead dev. They're not the smartest people, but they're good anons that aren't out to screw you over. You can trust them with an account tied to some ProtonMail address.
Open file (804.80 KB 1920x1080 CLANNAD.full.1432643.jpg)
>>2091 I've finished a little over half a bottle of surprisingly strong wine and am now finishing off with a double-shot of whiskey, myself. Thank you, commie. Honestly, I wasn't too sure you about you when I first came here, but I've come to think of you as a third brother. You're one of a vanishingly small few people who've made an active effort to actually try and understand me. That means a lot to me, because every time I open myself even a little to someone else, it's like I'm speaking some kind of alien language. That's not to say that I think I'm all that smart, my thought processes are just so bizarre that any attempts at deeper communication with most people end up as a stumbling mess of misunderstandings. I say this not with pride, but with confusion and a little embarassment: I can't tell you how many boomers have suddenly decided that they like me for the reasons you've described, even though they know nothing about me (plenty hate me too, but a lot have still deciced that they like me out of nowhere). A fair few of them call me an "old soul", when I'm really just a tired man who was abused into silence. Little edit here, I have enough alcohol in me to say this now: it was fucking abuse. In what hellish fucking world is it okay to lock away a fucking child in absolute solitude for several months? That very same thing has driven hardened grown-ass men to suicide in less time. Think about that for a second. I've objectively survived something something as a child that has killed grown men. If I was even the tiniest bit different, if I was just slightly less autistic, if I had even slightly different personal inclinations, I would be dead. Pushing up daisies. The end. No matter how much I try to forgive and move on, a part of me will always despise them for it. It's a cold hate, and a spectre that will follow me forever. Sure, it helped me later in life in the most indirect and asinine way possible, but that doesn't even begin to fucking excuse it. If I had the power to change one thing in this forsaken world, I would put a permanent end to this practice. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. I've seen you and others preach the beauty of solitude in nature, and I actually agree with you, but I must also say that you have absolutely no conception of what true, confined solitude looks like. It's something that can never truly be understood by anyone that hasn't experienced it firsthand. Seriously, try to imagine it yourself: imagine being completely and utterly confined, and forbidden from doing absolutely anything other than sitting, and thinking. Imagine doing that for months on end. In the end, I got better in spite of my time in solitude, not because of it. Anyone who says otherwise with all of the context at hand is my eternal, metaphysical enemy. I hate that I feel this way, but I can't help but feel it anyways. All I can do it accept it as a part of my life, and carry on in spite of it. >post too long My autism can no longer be contained within single posts.
>>2091 >>2092 Sorry, I got carried away there. I'm not deleting it though, some things just need to be said. Back to what I was saying before, even my elder brother, who I'm closer with than anyone else (which isn't saying much, but still), has admitted that he can barely understand me most of the time, but he tries his damndest and lends me whatever advice he can, and I love him for it. Even then though, there are many, many things I've concealed from my family. My entire journey through and eventual overcoming of depression that you saw the latter third of almost in real-time? My fall into and eventual rise out of degeneracy? My mindset, views of the world, and self-analyses? They were completely blind to all of it. I've successfully hidden all of it ever since I was eleven. I'm twenty-four now, and the one thing that I can confidently say I'm truly great at is hiding myself (and the story behind that is even older). You and lance know more about me than everyone else on the entire planet. My entire life has been defined by two things: a stuggle to keep living in spite of all of my failings, and a struggle to find a true connection in this life; to find someone who truly, fully understands me, someone who can break through all of my many defences. A virtually impossible task, I know, but it is a part of the bedrock philosophy that keeps me going. It can never be abandoned. Ever. There is no point to life if you don't have a light to keep moving towards. I will promise you one thing right now: Under no circumstances will I give up. No matter what happens, I will find a way to live, until the day that my life is taken from me. It will not be a perfect life, and it may not even be a happy life, but I will survive as myself at all costs. Back to my original point: I like you, commie. I consider you a friend for life, despite our actual distance. I haven't delved much into my spiritual autism here, but a while back I came up with a little something I like to call 'resonance theory'. In short, I believe that people who seem very different can grow to like eachother because their very souls resonate in such a way that they naturally attract and become good friends. Kind of funny, isn't it? You save your ramblings when you get drunk, but I crank the philosophy up to eleven and post an essay's worth of distilled autism when I get drunk. Half a bottle of wine and a double-shot turned into half a bottle of wine and a fifth of whiskey while I was writing through all of this. I'll probably go straight to bed once I finally post this. In regards to Kobold, I was mostly being sarcastic. Frankly, I'd be glad to just have something that simply works on my own computer, even if it's far from perfect. I will trust your word on the other projects, though. What I want more than anything is to experience a story of healing. A story where all of my many, many problems are worked through and fade away in the face of true love. I don't really expect that, but healing is the one thing I want.
Open file (149.98 KB 1200x1188 irs.jpeg)
Ah, so this is what a wine & whiskey combo-hangover feels like. I'm eternally grateful that I'm the kind of person who never gets seriously hung-over (unless I drank some really nasty ultra-processed shit in a can), because I surmise that I could be feeling a lot worse now. Anyways, I got a bit dramatic last night. The darker shit I talked about doesn't actively haunt me anymore, and I can easily ignore it in my daily life.
Open file (640.48 KB 700x980 01.jpg)
>>2093 I consider you a friend for life as well. It's kind of interesting to think that you're twenty-four. Perfectly reasonable today, but that means you would have been either in or barely out of highschool when I met you. I hadn't quite expected that. I don't think you're difficult to understand at all, though I lack most of the details. You just have to realize that most people are not that self-aware. The average person is fully functional, but they have a limited capacity for abstract thinking and are fundamentally incurious about the world. Ask the people around you why they do the things they do; what they're working towards in life. Most people will have no answer. They get up in the morning, they have a routine, they go to bed. Some people will go sixty years without even asking themselves what they'd like to do with their lives. So it should be no surprise that they can't understand your thoughts on true love (or similar), as it's not a concept they're likely to have given much thought. The one thing that helped me the most, and it's more of a mindset than a simple acknowledgment of fact, is the understanding that life is short. You have built up barriers to keep yourself from being hurt. Not only are you unlikely to open up to people, but you probably aren't experiencing life to its fullest because of these walls. But suppose for a moment you were laying on your deathbed right now. You could probably confess your dirtiest fantasies to your own mother with a light heart, knowing that you would cease to be within day or two, and that it could never come back to haunt you. That is the mindset you want to bring to all situations in life. Don't beat yourself up for the failings of your past, and don't worry so much about being hurt; all of that will pass. We take so many things for granted that we don't even realize how incredible it is that we're here at all. You can walk outside right now and feel the sun on your skin; and there will come a point in the next 80 or so years that you will never get to experience that again. Your shortcomings? Some gross shit you jerked off to as a kid? You're not going to have that on your mind for the next million years, just a few dozen. I'm going to get up every morning with a smile, have my bowl of eggs, and then probably make a fool of myself. I don't know if you'll be able to get a full story of healing out of NAI. The thing is, it has a context window of 2048 tokens, and everything outside that is lost forever (unless you summarize it in Memory or turn it into a module). To get the most of AI story-writing, I've found three things that I stick to: 1. Write scenes, not stories. The AI can't handle many locations, characters, or events that well. But if you break it down to a single scene; like you and one other person at a single location, it works great. Change things by starting new chapters. 2. Write in the first person. This is especially important if you have more than two characters. For whatever reason, the AI can handle "me, Lake and Palmer" with no issues at all. But if you write in the third person, with "Emerson, Lake, and Palmer" the AI will instantly lose track of who's doing what. 3. Don't write the way you would for a human reader. It's hard to explain this one, but you'll figure it out on your own. Don't go all Grapes of Wrath on the AI, just write. One of the really neat things about it is that you can train your own modules. So, if you want the AI to really understand a concept (a type of monstergirl, the general setting and lore of an existing franchise, etc) you can feed it books and stories, and it will be familiar with everything its learned. It's a great tool, and I can't imagine going back to anything else. Take our thread's namesake for example. All we ever did was complain about how shitty the writing was, and how Syri never lost her dick. How could I possibly want to read that drivel, when I could do literally anything I wanted to with Syri? AI writing is lovely.
>>2095 I've never been blackout drunk or had a hangover, for whatever reason. Ten years ago I drank almost an entire bottle of whiskey in a night, and I was so unwell the following day that I even had chest pain. But I've never vomited after drinking, been too drunk to talk, or forgotten the things I did. And I've never had a headache the next morning. Weird, I guess.
Just watched episode 4 of Bubblegum Crisis, now I'm sad about robots again. Feels awfully cruel to give something sentience and then treat it as an object.
That said it is a beautiful series and everything I like about older anime. Also makes me sad that there are only eight stories. Also merry christmas.
Oh yeah that's another thing that makes me sad about it. We'll probably never see new animation and coloring done like that again, especially after Miyazaki dies.
Oops, I meant episode 5.
Open file (39.13 KB 500x334 01.jpg)
Merry Christmas, Don't forget that you have to die some day.
Open file (723.37 KB 1024x768 chobits.jpg)
Merry Christmas, /f/. God blessings on you this year. >t. /robowaifu/
Open file (221.17 KB 816x1158 1448500255584.jpg)
Merry Christmas everyone, here's to hoping that we aren't driven mad by man-made horrors beyond our wildest nightmares before the next one. I had a good Christmas, all things considered. The whole family was together for this one, which hasn't happened in years.
>>2102 Don't worry, I don't forget my own mortality. I'm not especially afraid of it either, even if I'd rather avoid it. My xmas was also good, and had more family than we've had for a long time. My cousins are growing up and are at a point where even their youngest one was fun to talk to and could hold a good conversation with me when we walked in the woods.
>>2107 I might have said before, but that's one of the three manga I own in print - and one of two that I own the entire set of.
>>2107 >>2108 Thanks, Lance! Those women from CLAMP surely had lots of help from the men around them hit it out of the park with Chobits. Truly a piece ahead of it's time. HAPPY NEW YEAR /f/ ! >t. /robowaifu/
Open file (993.45 KB 828x809 image0-65-1.png)
>my room whenever I rember /f/ exists tbh
>>2109 You should watch episode 5 of Bubblegum Crisis, if you haven't ("Moonlight Rambler"). I think you'll like it.
>>2111 >digits Thanks, I'll check it out Lance! Cheers.
IDK who else is still floating around, but I got a Tek 468 oscilloscope the other day. Not sure if the ROM's ever got replaced, but it is currently working properly.
>>2113 s/day/month/
>>2096 >>2095 Just passing by, but glad you're doing better.
Open file (61.95 KB 453x639 01.jpeg)
It seems like every time I stop by, posting isn't working. Anyway, I was late to wish everyone a happy New Year, so here it is. Also, have you guys seen routers lately? I swear to God, look up routers on Amazon; everything has the stupidest aesthetic I've ever seen.
>>2116 Yeah, i got a WRT1900AC a year ago to replace my WRT54G (which I still occasionally use as a 'wlan-to-ethernet adapter' for computers that have wireless cards with binary blobs during installations). The aesthetic is ugly, and I have the indicators electrical taped over. Also the non-ethernet LED indicators on it have degraded in two years (it was new in box when I got it) to the point of being difficult to see in daylight. So that was a great design choice, Belkin. But I think all consumer electronics made in the last few years (with the exception of the Panasonic Let's Note and Toughbook) have looked like junk.
Oh yeah: I put OpenBSD on my second X201 (the non-tablet one). It's working nicely. And if you use -current instead of -stable, 40MHz 802.11n even works (on my intel 6000-series AGN card (iwn); not on ath yet). It should be noted it's still not got support for MIMO, though. Still, I was able to stream Bubblegum Crisis wirelessly from my desktop to it. It also doesn't seem to get past MCS-5, but I can deal with that. My expectations set by my wrt54g are such that this is still amazing. And everything else on OpenBSD is just as you said, gunship; it really does feel like people actually use it as a daily desktop (unlike FreeBSD), and everything did "just work." Also, wireless network configuration was an absolute breath of fresh air. The package/ports management seems good, so far. Only annoying thing there was that there was no pre-compiled "athena" (actually Motif widget based) emacs binary package flavor, so I had to do it from the ports tree. But that was a minor setback at best. This one's also only difficult because I purposely made it so, but I also decided to replace the pdksh-derived ksh clone that OpenBSD comes with (MUCH better choice than the csh that FreeBSD uses, by the way) with AT&T ksh93 for my user, and that caused a couple teething problems since it shares startup files with OpenBSD's default ksh. But now it's working great. And I still use OpenBSD ksh for root shells. It's quite usable, I'm just quite used to AT&T ksh and had a couple bits of advanced functionality in my ~/.kshrc (copied from debian) that isn't implemented in pdksh. Not a complaint, because ksh93 is huge and complicated and was proprietary for a long time - and the clone is still quite impressive. I very much appreciated FVWM being the default window manager. I still upgraded to FVWM3, but I feel I could definitely use the one that came with the system comfortably if I chose to take the time to configure it. TL;DR: I like that OpenBSD uses ksh and FVWM, has easy wlan setup, a good installer, relatively low overhead (disabling the relinking processes would further improve this, if I so desired), and fantastic documentation - to the point where I can often just guess what a man page will be called and be correct.
I still plan to keep debian on my other laptop for the time being, but only really because I have it configured to my liking already. I thoroughly expect to be using OpenBSD frequently in the future. If I get the job I'm looking at, I will donate, too. If GPU's weren't so crazy right now, I'd probably be looking at a radeon for my desktop to replace my novidia 750 Ti, but that's on hold until either the bubble bursts or I find it impossible to continue using. When that finally does happen, I might also buy a second, older radeon so I can use OpenBSD with hardware acceleration on my machine without an integrated GPU.
Open file (768.93 KB 2760x1595 01.png)
>>2117 That router looks perfectly fine. I have the 3200ACM, which uses an identical shell. But look up routers on Amazon and see what's become of the market. Everything has some weird sci-fi crab look to it. >>2118 I use -current for my personal laptop, but keep in mind that it can be buggy. Sometimes you'll do a sysupgrade, and the system will just start locking up randomly. Also, always do a sysupgrade before a pkg_add -u. The main advantage of -current is that ports is constantly rebuilt, so you can use pkg_add to get precompiled binaries of things that you would normally have to use ports for. Some random tips: You can speed up Firefox considerably by making ~/.cache a ramdisk. eg, in /etc/fstab: swap /home/me/.cache mfs rw,nodev,nosuid,async,-s=4096m 0 0 ( While you're in there, add "softdep,noatime" to all partitions except swap labels. ) Also set the following to true in about:config on everything newer than an x201: layers.acceleration.force-enable gfx.webrender.enabled I recommend reading Absolute OpenBSD. It's fairly older, but the system hasn't changed much.
>>2120 >sci-fi crab look dear god. That's terrible. I guess it's a symptom of "gamer hardware marketing." If you want something serious looking you're paying a premium now. I force enabled acceleration on my X201 and it seems to work alright. Not significantly better though. the ramdisk idea is a very good one that I should have thought of years ago. I've used them for other things. ah, so noatime isn't in the default setup. Not a problem really, but interesting on account of the overhead. But then again I have the feeling OpenBSD is more 'quality of life' driven than performance driven. And yeah, I'm aware it can be buggy. That's why I'm trying to do updates only when I know I have time to revert if something goes wrong. Also, that TP-Link in your picture looks okay from the thumbnail... except for "works with Alexa," which means I will throw it in the garbage if I can't flash different firmware to it. And I have no idea about its specs either. Those asus ones all just have some really horrid "design language" that their gaming products all use. Laptops included.
>>2120 Oh, wait, the TP-Link has that rectangular slab on top. Ugh.
Open file (94.91 KB 1080x798 01.jpg)
>>2121 >gamer hardware marketing God I hate gamers. What an absolutely worthless group of people. >the ramdisk idea I keep both /tmp and ~/.cache on a ramdisk. You get performance, privacy, and less wear on an SSD that way. >I have the feeling OpenBSD is more 'quality of life' driven than performance driven. I wrote a seriously lengthy OpenBSD installation manual for myself. When all is said and done, the system has almost the same performance as Linux. And I imagine the only reason it doesn't is because I can't use Nvidia on OpenBSD, so the integrated GPU is trying to handle everything at 4k. Don't forget to add hw.smt=1 to /etc/sysctl.conf.
>>2120 >certified for humans What is that certification and what does it have to do with routers? >>2121 >gamer hardware marketing It's the unfortunate state of the tech industry. I have some "gamer hardware", but only because they were the nicest or most cost-effective options. Like the mouse I got years ago, it's a Corsair Scimtar. I got it because it's genuinely the nicest feeling mouse I've ever used, I just turn the gaudy lights off and all is well. One day I'll replace it with a trackball, but the only ones that I like are outlandishly expensive (seriously, look up the prices for nice three-finger trackballs), and I can never find them in recycling.
>>2124 >What is that certification It's Amazon's way of labeling products designed for lazy and stupid bugmen. This is the quote on their description page: "There's a lot of cool things I'd like to have that I don't want to set up." 'Certified For Humans' means it 'just works' with Alexa. >Corsair I don't think I own any gamer hardware. I use an older IntelliMouse and a Das Keyboard. Perfectly happy with both.

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