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Anonymous 03/19/2022 (Sat) 23:57:51 No.2202
so i'm probably not gonna get much of a reply on a dead board like this but i figured i might as well shoot my shot, even if i don't know much there some way to get this shit working and loading images on something like jpexs or some shit?
Open file (17.85 KB 940x900 mune(fix).png)
It needs a .php file to work property. You'd need to either find whatever website this originally came from, see if archive.org saved it and then maybe modify it to work on a local webserver if necessary, or reverse engineer what the swf wants from scratch. I also took a quick look through JPEXS and I think all it does is add cum stains to a picture? You could easily extract the assets and then put them on the picture yourself if you wanted to.

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