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Open file (97.16 KB 500x500 giphy.gif)
Anonymous 03/03/2022 (Thu) 11:59:31 No.2150
is this the place to ask about animations? I m trying to specify balance and weight in animation as precise as possible or at least sufficient enough of a scene to be considered plausible... basically just positioning lines in space..?
>>2150 I'm not too sure if Flashmaster et al, are doing animations, but I can give you the most basic tip: Learn the 12 Principles of Animation as defined by Frank & Ollie. It will takes years of focused effort to master correctly, but I'm sure it will be a rewarding journey should you choose to take the adventure that awaits you. >basically just positioning lines in space..? Well, yes. The same way that Leonardo just 'positioned molecules on canvas' for The Mona Lisa. :^) https://www.frankanollie.com/AnimationTips.html https://theanimatedprofessor.com/the-principles-of-animation/
>>2151 aw man so much appreciated. tho i already read these and i just think it doesnt have what i need... would there be someway to calculate or specify the exact positions and orientations of the limbs? i imagined it s not gonna be short but definitely will provide me more clarity i only know some vector math and it seems to work to specify the active force effecting the ndy but then i need to know the force makes the body work in tandem like left arm with right leg and vice versa and i just dont know where to look for them, despite physical simulation does exist around here... >leonardo sure lol except monalisa isnt an animation so we re completely on a different page...
>>2151 and uh the 12 rule of animation dont speak about balance and how body moves in turns/tandem and weighting naturally for human, which i imagine feels more like muybridge so,. idk, its not enough.
>>2152 >>2153 Vector math won’t help you here, just as it wouldn’t help you in making a single static drawing that had the feeling of motion. Look at things in motion, study them, and experiment with reproducing them on paper. >sure lol except monalisa isnt an animation so we re completely on a different page... I agree. You and the anon above are definitely on, uh, different pages.
>>2154 yeah im not gonna take this from you because we all know you ll just say i got no feelings and should give up because your sorry ass of a cunt just have no fucking life to put on even an simple logic based conversation, you should follow MY thread and speak in a way i fuking need or kill yourself like the lazy beggars faggot whose life wasted on meth-emathic and not mathemathic and whatever dreams you have, just give it up and die you sorry little cunt, no wonder your mum left you because you just dont wanna count and prefer to put on some stupid artsy garbage of a brain
>>2154 >different page, to reel me up yeah faggot go on, show us how much of a feeling you got as an "artist" oh wait you got none lol worthless little princess snowflake who cant even count lol how useful your advice is gonna be again? speaking stupid in an imageboard thats how smart you are
>>2154 also vector math helped me get pass school diploma but you are stupid so thats useless
>>2155 >>2156 >whose life wasted on meth-emathic and not mathemathic kek, are you posting through text to speech? I love it. I was advising you to learn animation as animators learn it, not give up, but if you want to dance the vector electric then by all means do. If you succeed then come back and let us know how your vector quest went, Anon.
>>2158 yea im not super smart so i need another input on how to build a logical equation to help me define the limbs orientation and position relative to the character's balance and weight and i took animation diploma but they did not speak much depth to this and mostly animate garbage so i need more input than some, fine art feels, which is basically part of the name of my school
>>2158 as for giving up,feelings are not qunatifiable and for anyone who avoid logical things when it can be logical just looks shady af for me and is completely unreliable source so you need to speak in the way i get and not otherwise.
>>2152 >>2153 OK, I guess I understand your view Anon. So, maybe you can try looking into the Saint11 pixelart tutorials thread on >>>/agdg/ then? He has a ton of good general animation information in them. Muybridge was a real innovator, and I expect he would have been a good disciple of the likes of say, Leonardo or Galileo. You could do far worse than to study him. If sims are your thing, then you have the potential of a much broader world than simple flash animation can afford. Why not look into something like robotics Anon? >>2158 >"dance the vector electric OK, I'm stealing that shit. :^) >>2160 Don't give up Anon. At the least keep making posts here!
>>2161 yeah i seen those tutorials. pretty rad. Not what im looking for though. Muybridge is alright but it seems rigid that i have to keep ttracing his photos when my scenes will be dynamic of sorts and that there s not enough material to reference from. >robotics maybe. seems overkill. And i cant seem to figure out the basics. Well this is more of animation than completely simulated, just some general guideline that is....
>>2162 >Muybridge is alright but it seems rigid that i have to keep ttracing his photos when my scenes will be dynamic of sorts and that there s not enough material to reference from. The main idea, I think, is to emulate his approach. Not to copy directly his references. There are literally millions of hours of motion-reference video available today Anon (unlike during Muybridge's day when he was actually inventing this approach). So, just pick a few hundred hours of research material and get started! You might just start by doing raw roto work, and then figure out your own motifs after perfecting that tedious approach.
>>2165 if its just roto i have getby easily but it does not apply well to any new design or even slight different. the point is i m not sure what am i learning by rotoing, so, what do you then, in your own words: learn from those few hundred hour of rotoing, other than some reflex muscle spasm that, may or may not work to your favor in different project?
>>2169 >...what do you [] learn from those few hundred hour of rotoing, You develop an artistic eye for proper, lifelike, biomechanics & kinematics. Again, there are no shortcuts that I'm aware of. This is a long & tedious process to perfect. The best artists most likely began their journey with this in early childhood. I personally would suggest you begin by doing roto of animals first, since it's more 'forgiving' to the eye if it's off a bit. Then move on to humans after a few months/years , and you'll begin figure out the angles & rotations on your own. Good luck Anon.
>>2174 i think you are taking this too easy of a "shortcut" especially since you cant even define simple numerics that exist in the balancing and weighting the pose naturally against gravity. Maybe you should try and read up on some physics bfore attending this thread. Goodbye.
>>2175 Anon, have you ever been diagnosed with autism or any other developmental disorder? If not, you may want to consider seeking a professional opinion on your difficulties.
>>2176 I don't know. It seems you have hard time focusing on the topic at hand. That seems like a multiple personality disorder or some sort of psychological trauma. You incapacity to form coherent thoughts and lack of focus also is a sign of ADHD, and your stubbornness is forcing your opinion seems like a kind of early onset of bipolar disorder. Please treat yourself first before attending this thread. I will be reporting you for your convenience.
>>2178 LOL. Surely this is a GPT bot? Have I been le ebin troled? :^)
>>2180 beepboob. i am your conscience.
Stop making new threads about this. I deleted the others (see rule 2) and left this one up since it's the only one that contains any actual discussion. Feel free to post as much about animation as you want here, but keep it contained to this thread.
>>2185 k domt cry
Open file (42.69 KB 512x512 MeasCub.gif)
how do u do flash to animate like this? https://youtu.be/8Hn4z1RYlrU i suppose it is procedural so the limb motion follows the incremental character position itself? but i am not sure myself is there any tutorials like this?
Open file (210.25 KB 889x707 IMG_20220519_134420.jpg)
how do i fix my art like the helmets back i cant help but feel it is wrong but not sure how to fix it maybe redraw the back also looking for flash-like portable animation software under 10 MB? much appreciated
why is my thread moved here, nobody is gonna read this far holy monkeys this is stupid
>>2242 Good art
Fuck the state of flash animation man. Its against everything that is independently human. Flash has been a format for people to captivate and be unique and lately is for money. Not actually, money but its commercialised. Rant over

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