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/f/ Never Dies

Open file (159.86 KB 1600x1200 1411051038798.jpg)
/f/ meta thread flashmaster 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:04:51 No.1
Welcome to /f/! Please post any concerns or requests you have in this thread, and I will do my best to satisfy. Enjoy your stay and remember: I still do it for free™ Board rules: https://anon.cafe/f/rules.html IRC channel: irc.anonops.com:6697 #/f/ugees
Edited last time by flashmaster on 05/13/2020 (Wed) 20:09:05.
Replace the fscking banner. >POST #2 GET
>>2 Bah, forgot about that. Done. Thankfully the management interface looks and handles nearly identically to the one on Julay, so there will be no confusion on my end.
>>3 Looks like you copied the CSS as well?
>>3 You also changed the casing of '/f/ Never Dies.'
>>5 Yep, it's an exact copy of the old one. >>6 I wasn't paying attention to that.
Testing an alternate trip to see what it comes out as
>>12 Eh I like that a little more, I guess. If this doesn't turn out any nicer I'm going with that one.
It's nice to find the re/f/uge. It's like anons are gypsies of the internet now. IRC is awful btw, it always leads to stagnation and dead channels. The imageboard medium has much better staying power in terms of interesting content, even if it's solely because it's web browser accessible.
>>14 IRC might be awful, but the regulars here are damn resilient. We'd probably keep in touch even if the entire internet went down. I plan on keeping us on IBs for as long as I can, though. The visibility helps draw in the occasional anon like yourself to provide diversity (the good kind) of content.
>>14 I've been on some IRC channels for over a decade now. Just have your IRC client start at login.
>>1 Here we go again, oh dear. Perhaps for five or six months, Or even a year. >>8 The CSS has some minor issues. >>14 >IRC is awful btw Words never spoken by a respectable man. I am however open to Usenet and Mailing Lists. >>15 >We'd probably keep in touch even if the entire internet went down. Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway. I decided to namefag once more after all.
>>17 Hopefully we'll at least make it to a year on here. The global rules are a little more strict than what we're used to, so that might help a little. A couple minor bugs are to expected with the CSS now that we're on a new site. I haven't noticed any though, except on the management interface. What are you seeing?
Open file (2.44 KB 238x99 01.png)
Open file (208.59 KB 2141x945 02.png)
Open file (1.39 KB 96x66 03.png)
Open file (5.61 KB 453x89 04.png)
>>18 >so that might help a little. Whenever a board dies, it seems to be because the admin gave up. Could happen anytime, though this place has been around since at least shortly after 8ch went down. I used to have anon.cafe bookmarked, but I don't remember what board I was visiting. Maybe it'll work out, we'll see. >What are you seeing? Op highlights are black on blue. Subject is dark blue on blue. The Report/Delete/Moderation Form at the bottom is illegible.
>>19 I'll see what I can do about the mixed up colors. My CSS is a little rusty, but I should be able to fix that. As for the captcha, I think I'll wait for Lance on that one.
>>20 Change the color for these: .labelSubject .quoteLink.you:after, .quoteLink.op:after
>>21 The board randomly posts after you hit Ctrl-V (Julay had the same issue). Anyway, I assume those classes are in the custom CSS file, so if you just replace the color in that file with something else for those classes, it will take care of everything except the captcha form.
>>22 Alright, I set the new CSS and fixed the colors.
>>23 Looks good.
>>19 >>20 Hey there, had some details like yours but i fixed them, maybe i can help. >Report/Delete/Moderation Form at the bottom is illegible You mean they cannot be selected? Weird, in other places it could be. I moved it with: .reportFieldset, #settingsFieldset { text-align: left; position: relative; display: inline-block; vertical-align: top; margin: 1rem; padding: 1rem; min-height: 250px; background-color: #000; border-width: 1px; border-style: none solid solid none; border-color: #000; } .reportFieldset legend, #settingsFieldset legend { display: block; width: calc(100% + 2rem); margin: -1rem -1rem 1rem; padding: 0.25rem 0.75rem; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px solid #000; transform: translateY(1rem); } .reportFieldset :not(.actionButtons) > button, #settingsFieldset :not(.actionButtons) > button { position: absolute; bottom: 1rem; left: 90%; transform: translateX(-50%); } >Op highlights You mean the "(OP)" thingy? .quoteLink.you:after, .quoteLink.op:after { font-size: 85%; color: #000; text-decoration: none; } Cheers.
I fixed the form boxes. They don't look very pretty, but at least they should be legible now.
>>33 >You mean they cannot be selected? No, the text color was just too similar to the background color with the board's CSS to be legible. I assume it all worked fine though. >You mean the "(OP)" thingy? Yes. Flashmaster took care of most of it the other day, but thanks for the help. >>37 Looks fine to me.
Are there any flashes on julay that didn't get archived?
>>52 I have saved them all to my computer, and I'll be backing them up once I have them all sorted. I won't be uploading them very regularly though, due to my shitty internet (uploading 20MB takes upwards of half an hour).
>>54 Wow. Sounds like your internet is nearly as bad as mine. >Be Spectrum "customer" >Be one of Spectrum's 'TWC Legacy' customers >Have speeds of around 150 kbps up/down. >Pay $35 for it. >Hate life and/or self Anyway, good to see some familiar faces around.
>>57 Your upload speed is much faster than mine, but the download is much worse. Hooray for aDSL.
>>52 Do you mean anything else other than the flashes that currently exist on the board? >>54 I can do what currently exists on the board if you want?
>>57 That's pretty crazy. I always assumed that if you could get Spectrum at all, you'd be able to get their 100mbs/1gbs plans, since the cable was already run through the neighborhood. I'm paying about $350 a month for two satellite connections and cellular service, since each satellite connection has a 150GB monthly limit. I used to have a connection as bad as yours though. I had a download server in the closet to take care of everything over night. Maybe you could setup similar if you haven't already.
>>70 Thank you, every hand that helps is appreciated. Especially since at least half of us have 90s-tier internet.
>>58 Evidently the ride isn't over. Some of the people fleeing 8kun went to other boards that have been taken down. Seems to be yet another concerted effort by leftists to deplatform anyone to the right of a homosexual Lenin. Anon.cafe might be next. An article here about it: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2020/05/8chan-moe-attempts-to-salvage-free-speech-as-imageboard-censorship-intensifies/108508/
>>73 All downloads complete. The format is [thread title]-[thread ID]. This site's software seemingly bothers to check the MIME type for once so renaming the final extension to .swf does not work. https://anonfile.com/teL8M3v6o9/Post-for-post-122_zip, sha256: 901bbee003a080575277e8a91eb6ad7e5f2985b92230399e3f4a1e25e07ca65e https://anonfile.com/h6LbMfv1o3/welcome-to-the-bunker-4_zip, sha256: 4593e9c5ada2aaf07a407ee80db87390527834097cdf73d95eb2892bc726dba7 https://anonfile.com/d2RbM9v8o0/meta-thread-1_zip, sha256: 0cdf1c5bf67e28c249faeae0f986c96d8d734dbdab8d618bf95d9f44b90f2165 https://anonfile.com/ddM9Mdv8ob/Game-dev-TiTS-Bitching-Thread-2-Electric-Boogaloo-64_zip, sha256: 0bde2513e0cfe2771ee116c2044b1dce4d839b12703ee40f687463ced8b92ddb https://anonfile.com/n6Q0M0vcoe/classics-34_zip, sha256: c2bea97e35915063ac1c9fc34f878ffb1b7ddd027bfd920e5fd0a246d226f5da
>>73 >every hand that helps is appreciated. I managed to save some swf files for /toy/, but i have no idea what they're about tbh. https://prolikewoah.com/toy/res/51.html
>>92 /toy/ BO here, the board's just for toys and collectibles so anything relating to that is fine. I reposted the thread to /lego/ (see >>93 ) instead because I felt they would be more appreciated over there.
>>96 thanks for the explanation BO. a) i just put them back the way i found them, b) i couldn't open the files anyway. cheers.
I'm taking down the board on Julay at noon EST.
>>169 Good, that site is imploding in on itself anyway
The /f/ board and my account on Julay are both deleted. >>170 My thinking exactly. While it's not likely that this boards presence on Julay would come back to bite us in the ass, it's better to remain as far-removed from their meta drama as possible.
>>170 >>172 Are they still arguing about the shutdown and supposed rebirth, or has something yet more happened?
>>173 >or has something yet more happened? There are two additional "sub plots" so far. [0] >/v/ BO can't handle it and steps down >Hanging flesh, a gvol, appoints /japan/ and I think /2hu/ BO as new BO of /v/ in the meantime >BO explicitly allows loli, something there was already a thread for >Hanging flesh spergs out because he thinks loli is global banned and /delicious/ is still behind a torwall, when neither of these things are true >Goes on a massive global banning spree and deletes many posts and threads, likely including the loli games thread >Robi shows up, clarifies Hanging Flesh is retarded and loli a-okay, and the site is down for maintenance while Robi tries to restore the threads in spite of lynxchan's shit software [1] The domain host sends the site to /dev/null however the onion still works.
>>175 >The domain host sends the site to /dev/null I figured that would happen soon enough; that Tranny Federation has been reporting any board that refuses to join them, and Julay was very vocal in their refusal. It'll probably happen here too. Julay was a bizarre place. I have no idea what /cow/ was supposed to be about, but in between meta threads, the board was filled with threads about the sexual proclivities of like Youtubers and E-Celebs.
>>176 The second domain also still exists for now. >It'll probably happen here too. Anything is possible however primarily the lowish board limit, lack of Mark's presence and lower profile (no IRC channel) reduce that of happening >I have no idea what /cow/ was supposed to be about, I thought the entire point of the board was to be a source of drama just because watching the world burn it fun to some groups.
Open file (141.56 KB 750x750 S6A1og0.jpg)
>>172 And a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest
Ah, just noticed this. If there's still stuff wrong in CSS I'd be happy to poke at it again
>>22 Unfortunately I never have found a fix for that because it's so sporadic/random. It doesn't always do it when pasting. Hard to guess what's triggering it.
That reminds me, I meant to go back to working on that game engine thingy from a year or two ago.
The link to the rules page should be https://anon.cafe/f/rules.html ; your link leads to the admin page and prompts a sign in.
>>189 Fixed.
Admin, why do you hate /monster/? /Monster/ is just a bunch of hypervanillafags.
>>1102 >where were you when /f/'s active thread count suddenly zoomed by 100%?
>>1103 Nothing. I wasn't even here.
Open file (755.07 KB 900x544 1293253588014.png)
>>1102 I don't really hate all of /monster/, it's just certain parts of it that I take major issue with, the prominent overtone of pair-bonding predation being foremost among them. While the idea of a true waifu for laifu is certainly appealing, the likelihood that (assuming a "standard" DoTR scenario) I would end up with someone I hate for all eternity due to simple bad luck is nothing short of terrifying. Also, I'd hesitate to call anything on /monster/ vanilla. In fact, I'd say it's fundamentally non-vanilla (not that this is always a problem, I just don't think it deserves the label). There are a number of other, smaller things about /monster/ that rub me the wrong way, but I'd really rather not sit here and knitpick about a bunch of things that don't really matter. I do go there every now and again for the occasional bits of content that I can enjoy, but as a whole I just don't like it that much.
Is /f/ gonna get an emulator like 22chan's /f/?
>>1147 Maybe someday™
>>1115 /monster/ calls itself vanilla only until you're too deep in, then they tear off the sign and reveal you were on /femdom/ the entire time.

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