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Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread Three: Electric Boogalee lance##m3y78z 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:20:05 No.4
Hi, welcome to The New New Thread. Same as The Old and Old Old Threads! This is a thread allegedly for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff. Despite this being a TiTS thread in name (for historical purposes), barely anyone here plays TiTS. For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask. https://forum.fenoxo.com/forums/trials-in-tainted-space.8/ For reasons of how long this thread's existed and how much fen's fucked up everything he's touched, there's a good chance the thread will have barely anything to do with fenoxo and his hugbox at any given point. Information >FAQ https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/ >Mobile Builds https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html >Minerva Read the readme if you want to use it to edit your save data. Especially read the readme if you use Chrome. https://mega.nz/#!30gTyCCK!GFy7E3yrlkpUbA9yFMZpSinlT1BiO6Xn1Ykpc50b-Cw If you would like my custom mobile CoC, or other builds, just ask and I might oblige. >Downloads We don't really have the latest builds first anymore. That said, I make mobile builds and desktop builds from source code when I can (and/or feel like it), and redistribute the premade builds when I can access them. I mirror them here. I am also, to my knowledge, the only person making iOS builds for TiTS nowadays. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html
>>2006 Gold Leader /robowaifu/ reportan' in. the commies haven't gotten me yet! We've actually been making some steady progress as a group. >>2008 > If the internet were a person it would be a loud black woman showing up at Walmart in the middle of the day still wearing her pajamas. Kek. I'm stealing that shit. Don't know how yet, but I plan on it.
Open file (210.44 KB 2664x1310 problem.png)
Open file (28.03 KB 1040x194 problem2.png)
Apologies for disturbing you, but I was wondering if one of you could help me with something. I recently attempted to mod TiTS using this likely out of date guide: https://forum.fenoxo.com/threads/adventures-in-modding.10145/ I remember it working fine in 2017 when that thread was first made, but now while trying it again I get various problems, shown here. I'm afraid that while I'm quite familiar with CoC and TiTS' source codes on a surface level the actual ins and outs of flash compiling completely elude me. I also occasionally get this "columns may not be nested" error when trying to build, but not always. I'd appreciate if the answers, if any, could be explained to me in the you-are-a-drooling-retard how-do-I-shot-web way I'm sure you are all accustomed to having to stoop to. The final public release of the flash SC was a year or so ago - surely somebody has noticed by now that it doesn't compile properly or easily? Or perhaps it's a mistake on my end. This might seem like a strange request but I remember Lance being very helpful when I had similar questions four (!!!) years ago, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
>>2008 I'm in a sort of similar situation where I'm floating away from here. But coming back occasionally. Found a true survivor today, an 80's camry in Indiana that hasn't rusted out. > I had somewhat of a revelation a couple of months back. It occurred to me that the internet is no longer just a sampling of everyday people, but rather it has become a social underclass of, for lack of a better word, losers. I've thought that for a long time; outside of stuff like facebook that is. It's sad. > Seemingly the entire internet is depressed, horribly insecure, and oversocialized. These are not the qualities of everyday people, but of this bizarre underclass of losers that is eager to reject healthy habits and lifestyles, yet can't imagine why they and everyone they interact with is a behavioral mess. Misanthropy. And yeah there's a huge difference between online personalities and IRL convos, usually. I try my hardest to stay civil with people who disagree with me, as long as they aren't completely idiotic (you are not an idiot by the way). I think that's probably why we've been able to get along. >Their opinions have nuance, and aren't just the regurgitation of someone else's talking points. This is the kind of person I have no respect for, although I still try to simply highlight why they're stupid (by dropping a fact) and move on with my day without actually calling them stupid. >I guess to some extent this is my fault. Were I to walk into a bar, I shouldn't be surprised to find alcoholics A little? But I think it's also society's fault for being so eager to act like sheep or sockpuppets when it suits them and there are (usually) few consequences. >why would I ever want to read the opinions of a 20 year-old whose idea of fun involves watching another person play video games while spamming pictures of faces and frogs into a chat cesspool? I ask myself that every day. I've said it before, but emoji are retard glyphs. And I simply do not understand people who watch others playing games. I mean, maybe if they're doing demonstrations on how to do rocket jumping in Quake or something. But most aren't watching that; they're watching people who just make a living recording themselves playing a game, or who make a 2d anime waifu avatar because (I honestly have absolutely no idea what the appeal is here so I'm not going to even try). I might try the tilapia thing. >>2012 1) I don't think anyone here really cares much about the game anyore 2) Yeah I do know something about how to compile it… but while I'll stand by my work, my work is a set of shell scripts for Unix machines, which you do not appear to be running. 3) Java heap space error can be avoided by changing the maximum heap size when invoking the compiler. Edit adt.bat (i think) to add for instance -Xmx4096M. For image pack builds you need even more than that. 4) Are you not using the git repository? 5) Are you sure your sources haven't been edited? Because it builds on my machine. Note that I am using an older Flex SDK version (18.0.0) on mine. 6) I would need to see the actual context of the sources to even be able to guess. Do not expect a fast reply.
>>2013 On a personal level, things have been going very well. After completing my capstone but prior to graduation I was able to land a three month QA internship and then three months later the same employer offered me a six month part contract doing CyberSecurity/IT until the year ends which has been very enjoyable. Also looking after two kittens. It seems as if they are attempting to use the GUI version of Flashdevlop. >Edit adt.bat (i think) to add for instance -Xmx4096M. Can confirm after reviewing my generation shell script (lines 279 or 290 of generateFile.sh, repo: https://gitgud.io/Blank/BOOBS/). >>2012 I would suggest attempting to use Lance's build environment, which should hopefully work with Windows in an ideal world. I found it very easy to work with and modify as a Unix/Linux user in the before times when my interest in TITS was not at -9,000. >surely somebody has noticed by now that it doesn't compile properly or easily? Are you implying that any noticeable amount of fanboi's for Jewoxo's work have the clue slightest about development? If memory serves, in one of the blog posts Savin mentioned that the public source may be updated once the JS port is completed (which I personally interpret as never ever or not until after the heat death of the universe).
>>2014 >gitgud.io >You need to sign in or sign up before continuing. >'get the sapphire newsletter' checked by default on sign up page >https://gitgud.io/users/sign_in still lists freenode as the support IRC channel, and also puts discord higher on list Nah. I'll pass.
P.S. My build environment https://gitlab.com/dragontamer8740/tits-build-env And it works in windows under Cygwin, but if I remember correctly only if you edit the xml generation script to use windows-style paths (starting with drive letter, followed by path with escaped backslashes to the files) since Windows Java doesn't like Cygwin-style paths.
>>2016 Oh and you can get windows paths by runningcygpath -w /full/path/to/convert/to/windows/style/path
Untested, but probably works to post-process the XML files generated by configure.sh (run this from inside the 'obj' directory):cp TiTSFDConfig.xml TiTSFDConfig.xml.backup; grep '<path-element>' TiTSFDConfig.xml | sed 's/ *//g;s!<.\?path-element>!!g'|while read line; do echo "$line"; winepath -w "$line" 2>/dev/null; done | sed 's!^!<path-element>!;s!$!</path-element>!;s!\\!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\!g'| (cp TiTSFDConfig.xml tmpxml.xml; while read linea; do read lineb; sed 's!'"$linea"'!'"$lineb"'!' tmpxml.xml > tmpxml2.xml; mv tmpxml2.xml tmpxml.xml; done); if [ -e "tmpxml.xml" ]; then mv tmpxml.xml TiTSFDConfig.xml; fi I could have made this simpler with sed -i, but that's not posix and this is.
Sorry I left 'winepath' in there; I did a minimal test in wine because it has a tool similar to cygpath. Fixed:cp TiTSFDConfig.xml TiTSFDConfig.xml.backup; grep '<path-element>' TiTSFDConfig.xml | sed 's/ *//g;s!<.\?path-element>!!g'|while read line; do echo "$line"; cygpath -w "$line"; done | sed 's!^!<path-element>!;s!$!</path-element>!;s!\\!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\!g'| (cp TiTSFDConfig.xml tmpxml.xml; while read linea; do read lineb; sed 's!'"$linea"'!'"$lineb"'!' tmpxml.xml > tmpxml2.xml; mv tmpxml2.xml tmpxml.xml; done); if [ -e "tmpxml.xml" ]; then mv tmpxml.xml TiTSFDConfig.xml; fi
After installing cygwin you'll need to add Windows Java to your cygwin path; should be something like PATH="$PATH"':/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Java/whatever/bin'. And If you have done that it should all work from there.
>>2015 That is because the post render does not know how to handle ) after links. Corrected: https://gitgud.io/Blank/BOOBS/
Happy plane day, everyone! >>2013 >This is the kind of person I have no respect for One of my biggest issues with any sort of serious conversation online is that everything has devolved into a combination of gotchas and binary outlooks. Don't like forced diversity in everything because of the type of people responsible for it? You must hate black people. Believe that killing an unborn child is not morally equatable to having a wisdom tooth removed? Well you just hate letting women make choices. Not attracted to fat people? You're just an 'incel.' No one wants to talk about the issue at hand, they'd rather look past what the other person is saying to tear down a strawman of their own creation. My favorite is how everything has become a 'basic human right' overnight. Yes lad, the right to have a doctor chop off your dick is definitely up there beside the right to freedom from slavery and torture. But luckily there is that wonderful world away from the internet, where people aren't obsessed with sex and 'gender,' and aren't absolutely batshit insane. >And I simply do not understand people who watch others playing games. I understand it in the same sense that I understand crap like OnlyFans - parasocial relationships. When you have no friends beyond the shallow interaction of online chat rooms, being a part of a streamer's fan group helps fill the void and provides a sense of community. Still, I have nothing but disdain for such a pathetic person. I'm unconvinced that streamer drama videos on YouTube aren't a form of psychological torture banned by the Geneva Convention, and I dread to ever meet the man that arrives home only to say to himself, "It's time to watch that three hour video about how So-And-So was problematic on last week's stream." Please just hit me with a bat instead. >>2014 >On a personal level, things have been going very well. Glad to hear it! >>2015 >gitgud.io Fun fact, since GitGud is a separate (but linked) entity from Sapphire, you used to (might still be able to) disconnect GitGud from Sapphire in the account options, and it would permanently cripple the GitGud account. If you tried to log into it, you'd reach a blank white page, with no way to log out besides deleting the site's cookies. A long time ago, I used that trick to disable the public accounts of some undesireably projects. :)
Popping in to see if you guys are still alive. Used to lurk here for TiTs builds back on 8ch. Sorry for being a fair weather lurker. Hope you guys are doing alright.
It has been years since I last had a properly working email client that could authenticate everywhere. Finally got it working properly today (embarrassing). Feels good. Oh yeah my overdrive died though. So I'll be trying to tackle that soon. I have a transmission from another car but will need a lot of time and some equipment to get it moved over.
>>2024 also hi
>>2026 The trans on that camry you mentioned? stick or auto?
>>2027 its called a tranny retard
Open file (364.88 KB 1750x780 main_img.png)
Lol, so those panasonic laptops I mentioned eyeing ages ago? Looks like Panasonic is doing some evangelion promotion for them now. I'm slightly amused but also dying inside because of an overdose cynical commercialism everywhere I look. At least the keyboard and aspect ratio are still not ruined yet. https://ec-plus.panasonic.jp/store/page/pc/sp/letsnote_evangelion/
>>2027 It's a volvo. Uses the same shitty slushbox transmission as a tacoma though. I have a manual donor, but I need a different drive shaft for it if I want to use it. And I have an auto donor as well.
>>2024 Good seeing you again. TiTS delenda est! >>2029 >an overdose cynical commercialism everywhere I look. Should we be alarmed to discover the sick at a hospital? Then why should commercialism on the internet be any different? Surround yourself with the world you want to live in, but don't expect it to come to you. On another note, I liked Evangelion, but can't imagine leaving the house carrying a laptop with Asuka plastered on the back. Almost as bad as a video game tattoo.
>>2031 Hey a Volvo? Coolest of shitboxes. Manual conversion would be sweet, but getting it back on the road is probably the smart choice.
Open file (267.63 KB 1221x661 TiTS offbeatr.png)
Hello, /f/ossils. I am writing a comprehensive history of Corruption of Champions's development. It began as a relatively small document I was hoping to write to replace the omission-heavy 'History of /cocg/' article that's often touted as the definitive story of CoC. I only planned on covering 2012 to 2016, from /cocg/'s inception to the moment CoC was 'completed' and buried by its writers. In the process, I realized I could only do my work justice by covering the story in its entirety, starting from Unnamed Text Game's origins in 2010 and going right up the present day, covering how CoC's various shitstorms and demons (no pun intended) have gone on to affect the development of CoCII, too. I have spent the last several days with my nose in the Wayback Machine to pick up what pieces I can of the earlier years and am sitting on nearly 85,000 words of documentation. I was wondering if any of you had any memories you'd like to share; little-known bits of drama or other controversies that you've kept in your heads over the years that you'd like to be on the final record. This includes any remarks on the games' writers or developers, Trials in Tainted Space's worst atrocities (I don't plan on researching that game's development in nearly as much detail as CoC/CoCII, so speak now or forever hold your peace!), Slablands, etcetera. Any rare images, stories, anecdotes and so on—please share them if you'd be willing.
Open file (73.18 KB 795x419 1506893235607.png)
Open file (159.89 KB 704x609 1518214604796.png)
Open file (244.72 KB 1718x1561 UhszKYJ.png)
Open file (916.28 KB 3000x900 1518389374335.png)
>>2034 CoC's development was before my time (I was working with FC Dev on 'Free Cities'), but if you ever want to write about TiTS or (early) CoCII, I had the unfortunate luck of being heavily involved in that here. For a time, I was 'commie anon' on 4chan's /dgg/, responsible for the Rabbi Fennberg fun, and also co-admin of the /d/ Discord before it went full-homosexual. For CoCII, Fen moved away from downloadable builds to prevent a repeat of our fun, and I ended up writing a web scraper to download their online version. But the game was absolutely awful and I abandoned all involvement within a matter of months. >Trials in Tainted Space's worst atrocities Since I'm guessing this section will be mostly a footnote to the CoC stuff, I'll just summarize the biggest happenings. 1. I had been dumping backer builds of TiTS on /dgg/, along with my edited changelogs, for some time. Fen eventually got tired of it and added a tracking code to the TiTS build, discovering which account was leaking the builds, and shadow-banning me. Lance here discovered the tracking code, as well as how to remove it, and we were back in business for several more years. From about 2016 - 2020, almost every leaked backer build you could find on the internet had come for this board. 2. For reasons still unknown to us, Fen decided to change Syri's artwork, and the spunky white teen suddenly morphed into Aunt Jemima. This led to a lot of drama, and our creation of 'White Syri Edition' builds, restoring the original art. Fen eventually added more art, which we thoroughly Caucasian'd, and one anon even removed her dick (might have been flashmaster). 3. There's this tranny on Fen's staff, Gedan, whose life is an absolute trainwreck (but I repeat myself). The only time his name even came up was to inform the community of his latest struggle with living. Anyway, he had been responsible for the fabled 'ship update' for like two years, and Fen was constantly letting everyone know that progress was slow but steady. "It's a huge game-changing update, it's not going to materialize overnight!" Well, after about two years, Fen said Gedan no longer had time to work on it, and he was going to do it himself. The work was done, start to finish, in a week. Hmmm. 4. Fen would constantly go weeks at a time without working, blaming some illness or another. It became a running gag that Fen, dating a tranny, probably had GRIDs. My favorite was the time he took a second week off work because an ear infection he had the previous week had supposedly spread to his other ear. This does not happen. Ear infections either start in both ears (or symptoms in the second ear begin soon after), or the infection stays in one ear. An ear infection cannot cross the head without going through the brain - causing potentially fatal meningitis and requiring much more intensive care than a week off work. It was also amusing how often his illnesses coincided with furry conventions in his area, or game releases. 5. Lance wrote a tool that auto-built the backer version of the game from the files on their GitHub repo. This caused Fen to stop updating the public github repo altogether. 6. Lance used to build all of the mobile versions for us, and he drew this adorable app icon for TiTS that has probably been seen by anyone who ran pirated TiTS on their phone. Much of all this has been lost time, but I dug up a handful of screenshots I made way back when.
>>2034 Though it's probably nothing that needs to be in any official history of TiTS, thinking of all this reminded me of some of the fun we had over the years. 1. We had been frequently plagued by absolute retards from F95 for years. Within minutes of Fen releasing his builds, these watermelon sellers would arrive en masse to demand that we get it for them, in broken English. This led to the creation of special 'F95 Editions' for them, including: - The Richard Stallman Edition, which replaced all character busts with images of Richard Stallman. - The Pedophile Edition, which changed the browser's tab-text to make it look like the file was sending searches for CP to Pornhub. 2. There was this terminally online loser named Emerald in their community. Like, I have never met a more worthless person in my life, and doubt that I ever will. On the one hand, she would talk about how she only brushed her teeth every few weeks, and how she positively lived in online 'fandoms' and would suffer crippling anxiety just from being away from her computer. But on the other, she was absolutely hated by everyone here because all she ever did was take out her frustrations with life on other people in the community. Nothing could be said by anyone on the forum or Discord without this miserable sack of shit looking for an excuse to chew them out. I ended up throwing up a Discord account and posting this absolutely scathing monologue about Emerald's daddy issues, and her need to discuss her menstrual periods with everyone. She broke down and left the community for like six months over it. It was petty as hell (what of our work here wasn't), but just lovely all the same.
>>2035 I would be honored if you would tell me as much as you know or are willing to share about CoCII's missteps, down to the last nitty, seemingly unimportant detail. I don't plan on using all of the information I'll collect, but the task of bridging the gap between CoC1 and the sequel is a daunting one. I hear all sorts of stories that I can't verify because I know next to nothing about CoCII at the moment since I'm still working my way up to it. Inserted OCs capable of killing gods, wholesome superhero daughters added out of spite purely to mock people asking for incest content, inside joke characters written to make fun of CoC1 players who didn't like forced polyamory, the main villain being rewritten from an evil demon to a morally grey 'mommy!!~' figure who actually disagrees with much of the demons' worst acts purely because of player $urvey$ showing that she was a beloved character in the community, and so on. Do you know much else about Gedan? A source told me that he's now one of the most important members of the FenCo administration along with Savin and Adjatha (whatever you might have on them is welcome too, by the way), but I know next to nothing about him at the moment.
Open file (170.66 KB 700x664 01.jpg)
>>2037 >CoCII's missteps, down to the last nitty, seemingly unimportant detail. I'll write out everything I can remember tomorrow, but I don't know how much of it will be useful, since I don't think I ever actually played the damn thing. >inside joke characters written to make fun of CoC1 players who didn't like forced polyamory This was one of the big issues with Fen's band of degenerates in general towards the end. Early CoC had its share of issues regarding content submissions, but the vast majority of the content was still aimed at pleasing the players. Fen's community has banned or ostracized everyone that isn't a hyper-progressive, dick-sucking, dog-fucking, Fen fanboy, and the result is that most of the writing became in-jokes and appeals to other staff members rather than fun for the community. Writers were writing more for 'good boy' points from Fen, rather than to move the story along in any meaningful way. Savin was the lead writer for early CoCII. You'll recall him from earlier smash hits like "I changed my mind: Syri's dick isn't going away in SyriQuest after all" and "I hate when people mod CoC because then The Poors can't tell where my masterpiece ends and some plebeian's fanfiction begins" (horribly ironic considering his literary talents make Young Adult novels look like Homer's Odyssey). Anyway, his primary fetishes are anal and cuckoldry; lovely, I know. Helia's cuck content in CoC1 drew considerable controversy, doubly so in later years, after CoCMod expanded the cucking further. It was always a running joke during TiTS' development that Savin was incapable of writing characters that weren't hellbent on cheating on you. And thus began CoCII with a main character whose religion demanded polyamory. The kindest thing I can say about Savin is that I know nothing of his political views after five years, because he never felt the need to create an entire personality out of smug social media posts. >Do you know much else about Gedan? He was Constantly Gone during TiTS' development. Supposedly a dev working on this or that, but also his car was breaking down, he was between residences, etc. Disappeared from the community entirely for many months, and did not re-materialize until early in CoCII's development. He was one of the lead devs working on CoCII (now a javascript game), while Savin was Project Lead and apparently the lead writer. Other than that, Gedan was just one of those Chinese off-brand versions of women. >Adjatha The worst 'artist' to ever appear before my poor eyeballs. Jesus Tapdancing Christ I hope the lad gets sewn into a sack with venomous snakes one day. You know how most games are played by several different people? And these people all have different likes and dislikes? Long hair or short hair, tall or short, busty or flat, etc? Well, Adjatha never got that concept. His art (exceptionally generous wording here) is entirely the same, and appeals to one type of person. Adjatha starts his abominations with an animal, we'll call it a rat, and he begins by making it morbidly obese, as if it were buying hair weaves at Walmart. Now, whatever size thighs and tits he's given this rat, it's time to double them. Then the rat receives its absolutely-mandatory latex suit. Next, the rat gets a massive crotch bulge, because women are just icky or something. Lastly, for whatever bizarre reason, he runs the rat's head through some sort of compression algorithm, so that its scrunched up and distorted face resembles a JPG from the 90's that had been copied and pasted a million times through the ages.
>>2038 I take back the last step of Adjatha's art process; it was Cheshire that couldn't draw faces to save his life. Adjatha just couldn't draw attractive things.
>>2038 >The kindest thing I can say about Savin is that I know nothing of his political views after five years, because he never felt the need to create an entire personality out of smug social media posts We are kindred spirits. That's the one thing I've come to be pleasantly surprised by about him so far as well—no using his grand stage to preach to the masses about politics (though literature is another story), unlike Fen's sorry alleged tendency to keep stopping work due to depression caused by arguing about politics on Twitter. More stories and information relating to Fenoxo and Savin's forays into trendy progressivism and things like Syri's dedicking and other spites or odd acts of revenge against the community that happened throughout TiTS/CoCII would be much appreciated. I'm fairly certain that my (now novel-length and I've only covered two and a half years, what the fuck am I doing?) work is going to end with a chapter on FenCo's constant attempts to bury CoC because they hate its community and consider much of the game's content too controversial to see the light of day.
>>2035 I know that I made some edits. I think there were a few others, but these are all I have left in my edit folder. As I recall, the edits I made consisted of: A - Thinning nuSyri out, which I did by lowering the horizontal resolution of the image B - Changing the skin color a bit, which was just me using the bucket tool and doing a whole lot of autistic pixel hunting C - De-roastifying the vagina, which I did by just erasing the old one and drawing in a new one D - Further thinning her out by smoothing out or erasing the fat rolls in the original image. E - Giving her a womb tatoo which marks her as /f/'s property. >>2038 I can't speak for any outside forums, but the most popular nickname for Savin here was "Anal Savin".
>>2041 >but the most popular nickname for Savin here was "Anal Savin". Funnily enough, that used to be a positive moniker for him. Before Savin came along in the summer of 2012, lots of people were complaining about the dearth of anal content in CoC because Fenoxo had a deep aversion to it and only wrote vaginal scenes. How times change.
>>2040 >Savin I remember exactly one vaguely-political post from Savin, in which he argued against firearm restrictions. Actual marxists tend to be just as in favor of firearms as conservatives, so the stance isn't too revealing of his political views. But it made me think that perhaps he keeps his views to himself because he's not the mindless progressive his community expects. Fen's Twitter account used to be very centrist, actually. The vast majority of his content was focused on his game and the surrounding community, and his occasional political posts tended to be longer with respectably nuanced (even if disagreeable) positions you would expect of actual human beings. It was around the time that he started his "ExhibitionNoxo" Twitter account (dedicated entirely to pictures of his dick) that he adopted the usual "Nuance is for Nazis" mindset, and his Twitter account quickly filled with infantile progressivism. Now everything he likes is a 'basic human right' and everything he doesn't like is caused by some -ism. >keep stopping work due to depression caused by arguing about politics on Twitter Somewhat amusing to hear that's what things have come to. When I last paid attention to any of this, his dereliction of duty was at least limited to supposed medical causes. These people are utterly miserable - unable to even make it through the day so long as someone, somewhere is a victim of something. Yet they look at you like some sort of squid creature when you suggest that they can still live a good life despite world problems, rather than continue their frustrated and entirely impotent social media activism. >More stories and information relating to Fenoxo and Savin's forays into trendy progressivism 1. Sometime in 2018 or 2019, there was a character in TiTS that you could dominate if you defeated. I don't know the specifics because I never played TiTS beyond early Syri. But, while the player being raped and forcibly changed upon defeat was totally kosher to this community, being on the giving end of such made them feel 'uncomfortable.' Fen toned down the character considerably, under the excuse of 'correcting poor writing.' 2. Fen's sorry excuse for parenting was well followed over the years. As chronicled in CoC's history, leaked chat logs from way back when showed Fen sexting some community member while still married to his wife. He later left her for a tranny, but there was still the matter of his kid. Throughout TiTS' development, Fen would periodically take time off to watch his kid, as a 'favor to his ex.' Time spent with his kid was never about the kid themself, or Fen's role in their life; it was always seen as just a grudging obligation to his ex-wife. As eager to skip work as Fen was, I don't recall a single instance of that being due to his kid's birthdays or school events. To think how different my perception of Fen would be if, instead of mysterious and fake illnesses, Fen had simply said he needed time off work because his kid was more important. 3. Sort of off-topic, but you're probably well aware that Cyberpunk 2077 was universally seen as the second coming of Christ by a category of people that I despise - Fen included. Anyone who had given CDPR a passing glance since The Witcher could see that they were no longer the same studio, and there was no reason to expect anything from this new game. But not Fen. Like most bugmen, Fen had fallen for the hype and was prepared to lock himself in his room for a week while he vegetated in front of this garbage. To this day, I've had more fun watching a week's worth of palpable disappointment from that detestable group than they had playing the game. 4. My personal opinion regarding Syri's sudden change in melanin was that it was done both for the sake of diversity. Her skin tone had been described as white in-game up til then, likely using the only synonym for 'white' Savin seems to be aware of; alabaster. Her skin tone after the change was very much in a different tax bracket. But alas, it is Monday. More to come after the markets close.
Coincidentally enough I just came across vg/post/15368028 where an anon suggests that, based on Savin's remarks in Fenchat during a conversation about politics, he was indeed a conservative; at least in 2012. He once claimed that he was a "crazy religious fundamentalist paladin type" in his teens, though, so maybe it wore off.
Open file (37.95 KB 718x303 MynTCxZ.png)
Open file (182.83 KB 1009x893 02.png)
One more thing. I found a screenshot I took of TiTS' offbeatr page. The reasoning should be self-explanatory, as none of those promises carried over into actual development. >>2040 As I think on it, I realize that I don't remember much of interest regarding CoCII. The entire run up was uneventful to me, culminating in me deciding that the game was terrible and unworthy of the time spent uploading it (I was on a 1mb/s connection at the time, and it took about 45 minutes to upload all of this crap). But I'll share what I remember. Savin was put in charge of TiTS, and Fen made a big deal about keeping the two games/teams separate. Fen would be working exclusively on TiTS, while Savin and his band of transsexuals (Gedan, and one I can't remember) would be working on CoCII. To access CoCII's dev builds, you had to subscribe to Savin's personal Patreon. There is/was a public git repo with some work for CoCII. Nothing substantial, but it is of interest because 90% of it was written in TypeScript. I don't know if this was just a dev's brief attempt to write the game in his favorite language, or if the game ended up actually being written in TS. The published result either way would be obfuscated JavaScript, but I found it an interesting note at the time. We all knew that Savin, with his substantial disdain for modding, would never publish CoCII in a way that was accessible. And this proved to be the case. Originally the game was to have an Online version and a Downloaded version; there was even a Download link at the top of the page. Downloadable copies of CoCII were not made available throughout the entire time I followed the game (I presume they are now). The only way to play CoC early in development was Online - thus heavily restricting piracy. It was a nice thought, but the game also preloaded all of its assets at the start of the game. So I wrote a quick web scraper to save everything it was loading, and preserve the directory layout. This created an offline downloadable game with full assets, though the actual source code was still obfuscated (you could interact with some of it, but it was a pain in the ass and not worth the hassle). Now that I think of it, the 'F95 Pedophile Edition' was most likely a CoCII build rather than TiTS, since the game ran in a browser window. I spent a few months uploading those CoCII builds here, which were probably the only downloadable copies around, since no one else was going to write a web scraper for such garbage. Eventually they started adding assets that were not being preloaded at the start, and since I did not play the game, I had the unenviable task of trying to explain to porn addicts how they can use their browser to identify which asset is missing and let me know so that I could download it manually and repackage the build. It got to be such a hassle that I just stopped doing it. I tried the game once for about five minutes. There was a kitsune in it, so my interest was naturally piqued. I skimmed through the introductory content, found the kitsune, began to read the godawful literature attached to it. And then I never re-opened the game. I might be able to answer specific questions, but this is really all that comes to mind about early CoCII for me. You might try searching for archives of our board on julay.world, back when it was all going on. Fen and some of his staff had even posted there at various times. I remember we had this one guy pop in full of "y'all"s, "yikes", and other buggy buzzwords trying to give us a hard time while also avoiding 'problematic' language in his posts. It turned out to be one of their writers - 'B' or 'Hugs' if I remember correctly. Absolute faggot, whoever it was. >wholesome superhero daughters added out of spite purely to mock people asking for incest content Savin would not let anyone write content for Helspawn, even going so far as to hound modders about their work. It was a frequently desired fetish, and Savin was constantly on guard for it. >>2044 Savin is also not a furry. It wouldn't surprise me much if he were more conservative than the rest of the team, but I have no idea what that would look like in practice, considering the political makeup of the others. "Well, maybe women should be able to kill their unborn children. But only on Tuesdays!" Somewhere out there, there's a 'They Live' Savin meme I made, documenting all the buzzwords from Savin's various controversies. If I ever see it again, I'll probably remember more of them. I'm not fond of the man, but Fen's behavior over the years makes Savin look like an upstanding gentleman - such as the controversy of Fen getting the community to pay for his transsexual boyfriend's tit job.
>>2045 As I understand, CoCII is now inundated with kitsunes due to the work of one person, The Observer, also known as Tobs. He refers to them as his "floofs" and I believe there's some convoluted plotline where you have a "floof" daughter who is nothing but heckin' wholesomeness and fights crime or something. The enemies of the kitsunes are furry foxes (how daring. wink-wink, audience) who serve CoC1's fox god, who has also been imported to the second game. Do you know much about The Observer?
Open file (351.72 KB 1000x1000 Kinu-DCL-Young-Full.png)
>CoCII is inundated with kitsunes That's honestly hilarious. I might even have to play it one day just to see if there's anything in there I might like now. >>2046 >Do you know much about The Observer I've spoken to him a few times, years ago. I have no idea what he's like today, but at the time his writing was good and he was a voice of reason in that community of miscreants. It's actually encouraging to hear that he's had an outsized role in the development/writing of CoCII. I do remember him trending towards 'wholesome' crap, but after dealing with Fen for that long, it was nice to see anything other than player-takes-dick-in-his-ass being written. I don't know him personally, but he was the only writer on that community I liked. I remember writing out some thoughts on him here at one point - likely in the archives at 8ch or Julay. Skimming through the wiki page, I see that DCL did a lot of art for CoCII; certainly encouraging to see anything other than Jacques or Adjatha. This one kitsune is adorable, and a total breath of fresh air after years of obese rabbits in latex suits. I have no idea how this game is distributed these days. But if I can run it on Linux, I'll probably take a look to see how it's doing some time.
>>2047 >I have no idea how this game is distributed these days It's on Steam, sometimes I'll see it while scrolling through the store there.
Open file (215.78 KB 689x1000 01.jpg)
>>2048 Great. It was worth $10 just to not have to register for F95 or set the damn thing up in Wine. >>2047 Follow up: I tried it for half an hour. Compared to the first few months, this was a significant change. Cait's promiscuity didn't appear to come up at all in the beginning scenario (I saw a button concerning her faith but didn't press it. Otherwise, the subject was never broached). Because the intro writing was decent, I have to give Savin credit for progressing through the years. Furthermore, it was light years ahead of anything I read in TiTS. I skimmed the thing in order to get to the kitsune (the gem puzzle was a worthless addition to the game, compounded by the fact that you have to solve it three times). That is when things began to unravel. So, the kitsune. The Observer is not great at writing smut. It's as though a blind man is attempting to describe a painting. There is thrusting, squeezing, and so on, but for the majority of people, sex is not primarily a physical affair; sex is, by and large, a psychological and emotional experience (Are you aroused at washing your dick in the shower?). And if you can substitute a warm melon for the woman in your story and still have it read the same way, you've only portrayed a similar experience to masturbating. Some of the writing was just... no. Take for example, "You let go of her ass just long enough to give your fox-wife's ears a fondle. Yes, it really is in her. What's she going to do about it?" Yeah... On a side note, what is the point of having a kitsune if they are just going to behave like regular humans? Is it even proper kitsune smut if she isn't saying things like "I want to have your pups!" or "A-are you really okay with a fox?" The 'fluffy tail' bit gets old fast, and again we are only focusing on the physical aspect of the kitsune. The user interface is clumsy. Despite the new JavaScript UI, only a small portion of it is actionable. You would anticipate that when you click on your character's symbol, your appearance or inventory will be displayed, however you must instead click on Journal, followed by Appearance. Messy. While some of the artwork was acceptable, most of it did not appeal to me. It made me nostalgic for the old sprite art of CoC1, where I could fill in the features in my head, and where slim hips were not entirely verboten. Overall, I suppose I can't complain at $10, but it'll be a long time before I play it again. Much improved over TiTS, but still not my cup of tea. I've also been extremely spoilt over the last year by AI Dungeon and NovelAI, which provide me with AI-generated kitsune characters that cater to my every whim. In one of my early attempts at bastardizing AI storytelling for smut, I was pursuing this tsundere-ish kitsune, and she snarled at me with "Are you into fucking dogs?!" I couldn't believe that the AI was capable of understanding context well enough to come up with an insult like that. AI-kitsunes have been my go-to ever since.
Just dropping in to let you know I'm still working on the history of CoC (130,000 words now) and that I'm still deeply interested in hearing about little-known drama relating to TiTS/CoCII's development and writers that you guys might have stored away. I just wasn't sure what to say—I came here to dig up dirt from a community I assumed would be more anti-FenCo than any other and ended up making Savin ten dollars. I am not sure how to deal with that.
Open file (145.89 KB 1125x1103 01.jpg)
>>2054 There was a time when I'd made being anti-FenCo into a personal crusade of sorts. But today it would be like asking my concerns of the Soviet Union - it's silly and I couldn't care less. It was fun to reminisce about the old days, and I hope some of the others can share their memories with you as well. But I feel more pity than anger towards anyone still involved in that community after all these years.
It's been a while since I've blogposted, and I don't know how many of you are still here, but for those of you who are (and, more to the point, have actually been following my rambling) I've had some major personal developments. Foremost is that I finally made peace with the source of my depression after thirteen long years. I've already talked about how I spiraled into depression when I was in that room, but how I survived was by forming a belief that one day, somewhere down the line, I would see the light at the end of the tunnel. I formed two lasting beliefs during this period: first, the belief in eternity (though it wasn't in a religious context at the time) and that I could acieve it, and the second is the belief in true love. The second belief is especially important because in my pre-teen to teenage years, for unrelated reasons (in short: I was horny and had internet access), I fell into a pit of degeneracy. I won't get into the details, but I always stopped short of certain lines that repulsed me for reasons I couldn't immediately identify. After a while, I started to recede, and discard the degenerate tendencies I accumulated one by one, leading me to where I was a few years ago. I recently realized that those invisible lines were drawn by myself in that forsaken room. If I didn't suffer then, I wouldn't have the mental toolkit necessary to fish myself out of the degenerate hole I dug, I wouldn't have come to realize what the world is really like, and I would probably be just another useful idiot serving the globo agenda. Nearly thirteen years ago, I left that room, but a part of it always stayed with me, and that part of me has been my guiding light all along. I still fall short on many fronts, but now I earnestly believe that I can survive in this world. If I could go back and talk to my eleven-year-old self, I would only say one thing: That there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's beautiful.
Open file (3.52 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20211113_114940.jpg)
Open file (5.29 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20211113_185844.jpg)
>>2056 I still drop in now and again. I just got a working Tek 468 oscilloscope for $25, and a non-working 486DX Compaq portable III clone (like, a clone of the compaq) for $30. Motherboard doesn't show signs of life, but looks really clean. Going to try reseating everything as soon as I have time (and maybe find a PLCC puller). Even if I don't get it working, I have verified that it's a good PSU and also the hard disk still works. Any number of other components could still be good. And I got a gas plasma display and clicky Alps switch keyboard out of this, So I can't be too mad. I also got a totally untested but good looking physically Thinkpad 310 for $10. My friend also went with me, and got a working 8086 Olivetti (AT&T 6300). No hard disk or anything though, and he has no floppies, and he knows next to nothing about old PC's (didn't realize when he bought it he'd need an HDD or boot FDD to actually do anything with it). I told him about the Gotek drives, but omitted that I got an ISA IDE controller with my luggable. >>2056 Glad you're figuring things out. Despite my grumping and such, I do still manage to feel like I'll work things out (things will work out in the end). It's good to keep a positive attitude.
>>2057 actually, IDK; that might not be enough for an 8086 clone. I know that for instance there's a separate type of IDE for XT class machines that's 8-bit. So much about these computers that I've never gotten around to messing with. Hopefully I'll be able to make this board work (and hopefully dump the BIOS before it's too late, if it's not already). BTW pulling out all the RAM and cards and powering it doesn't make the speaker beep, so it's not even getting that far.
Open file (36.08 KB 1550x375 babysitting cream.png)
Hello again. That archivist guy here. I now have the entirety of 2010 and 2011 chronicled and 'finished' and will soon begin the task of mashing together some 180,000 words of /vg/ archiving from 2012 and early 2013 together with Fenoxo's blogs from that time. The reason I'm blogging this obviously incredibly important update to you all is because it's rapidly becoming apparent to me that I won't be able to stop with just chronicling CoC between 2010 and 2016, sprinkling in pieces of TiTS's development where relevant and then devoting a few chapters to CoCII and how it differs from CoC. What was once a nagging thought has reached a buzzing fever pitch and has become impossible to ignore - if I am putting in this much work to record CoC's history, why on earth would I not do the same with TiTS? Development of the two overlapped for several years, and I am growing increasingly convinced for several reasons (too convoluted to explain in this fat post) that one must understand CoC's history to understand TiTS's. With that said: >>2035 I rescind my earlier claim that TiTS is going to be sidelined in my project. It will be no footnote. I do plan on researching the game's development in as much detail as CoC (and, eventually, CoCII.) Any more information (however seemingly unimportant), noteworthy events, landmark moments from any time in the game's development, etc., that you could lay out for me would be incredibly appreciated. Much of my frustration comes from having to essentially pore over the same information three times: first to collect it all, second to see what's important and how it interconnects, and lastly as I'm putting it all together for the final cut. Having someone knowledgable to lay out the major beats in advance would be a big help: which authors are worth paying attention to because of their later relevance, for example. I realize this amounts to "Hey, remember TiTS? Tell me about it! What do you mean you want specifics?" but I thought I'd push my luck here as much as I can. I've asked around in a few other places but it seems as though the majority of TiTS players elsewhere only came in well after the game was up and running circa 2018 or so, and the only remaining CoC players seem to be post-Steam-release tourists who just want to spam mass-produced Discord emojis of their favorite waifus from CoC2 dabbing.
Open file (340.13 KB 1280x868 01.jpg)
Happy Thanksgiving, all! I'm still around to a certain extent; I still check in from time to time. As it appears to be that time of year, I am once again 'dating' someone with a troubling age difference. I've come to the realization that I clearly have a 'type,' as this girl is nearly identical to the last one in every manner but hair color, and that I also appear to be this group's 'type' as well. Though it is difficult to imagine a lasting relationship ever forming from these types, I can only hope that this one is not concealing any suicidal tendencies that may surface in the spring. >>2056 I've been following your troubles with a keen interest, despite the fact that it's obviously a highly personal affair with many things left unsaid, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't all a conundrum to me. However, I am overjoyed to hear that progress has been made! I'm sure most people have an idea of true love when they're younger; I certainly did at one point. However, as I grew older, I realized that my definition of love was little more than thinly veiled lust, and that true love looked quite different. In my head, there are persons with whom I imagine all of the nuzzling, cuddling, hand-holding, and other physically irresistible components of love. However, there are people in my life that I truly love, whose health keeps me up at night, and for whom I am willing to put up with a variety of hardships. The people I really love present me with far greater difficulties than I anticipated true love to be, and my love for them is far more ‘boring’ than any fantasy. When I was a young man, I believed that love and sex were inextricably linked, but I no longer feel that is the case, and love looks quite differently to me today. I don’t know what true love quite looked like for you, but I'm guessing the majority of people make a similar finding as they mature. I agree wholeheartedly with your conclusion. While we cannot choose our circumstances, we do have complete power over how we respond to them. Regardless of its countless tragedies, life can be beautiful for those who choose to hold that view. How fortunate we are to have been born human at all, rather than, perhaps, as salmon!
>>2060 The original ideal of love I formed was an emotional ideal, but not necessarily a sexual one (I knew what sex was when I was eleven, but I had yet to actually form any sexuality). In short, my belief was one where two people would share all interests, thoughts, emotions, secrets, and withold nothing. They would give their all into supporting eachother, preserve their union at all costs, and follow eachother to the ends of the universe and back. A continuous upward spiral of two hearts and minds. My views have evolved over time, but this foundation has remained mostly the same. I have adopted a sexual component, but over the past few years I've subconsciously bumped down its priority and now, ultimately, consider it to be secondary and disposable. Not to say that I reject my sexuality (it is an inalienable aspect of being human), but it takes a back-seat to everything else. It's funny in a way: I evolved out of a mindset I held as a child only to realize years later that I had the right idea to begin with. Is this ideal attainable? Probably not, but perfection rarely is, and I have no intention of sacrificing the idea of perfection for the sake of an imperfect world.
>>2061 >where two people would share all interests, thoughts, emotions, secrets, and withold nothing I should recommend a puppy or a young child before a woman! Should I be so honored as to find a perfect woman, our relationship will assuredly be imperfect through my own failings! The fruit of love is compassion, yet the soil commands tears and sweat! >>2059 My time with TiTS began in 2015, but I must confess that my only interest (which was to be quickly abandoned) was Syri; I have not even played the game beyond that in all this time. The writing comes from fundamentally incurious people whose creativity cannot transcend "what if this girl had a penis too?" Gladly would I answer what I could, but I paid no attention to the writers, and am more unfamiliar with the story than someone who picked it up for the first time last week!
Open file (5.49 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20211126_233506.jpg)
Installing OpenBSD for the first time. Didn't take long for me to decide I like it. (system is a Thinkpad 310 with a Pentium and 32mb RAM)
>>2063 this thing was $10 at a HAMfest; had to rip it down to the motherboard to get to the RTC battery (removing motherboard from the frame). Apart from that, and needing a valid boot sector on the HDD before it will let me boot a CD-ROM, this computer's been doing well so far. Optical drive works (laser hasn't burned out), which is handy.
Open file (5.61 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20211126_232247.jpg)
>>2064 forgot pic. It even supports Cardbus cards, so it has 802.11n now.

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