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Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread Three: Electric Boogalee lance##m3y78z 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:20:05 No.4
Hi, welcome to The New New Thread. Same as The Old and Old Old Threads! This is a thread allegedly for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff. Despite this being a TiTS thread in name (for historical purposes), barely anyone here plays TiTS. For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask. https://forum.fenoxo.com/forums/trials-in-tainted-space.8/ For reasons of how long this thread's existed and how much fen's fucked up everything he's touched, there's a good chance the thread will have barely anything to do with fenoxo and his hugbox at any given point. Information >FAQ https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/ >Mobile Builds https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html >Minerva Read the readme if you want to use it to edit your save data. Especially read the readme if you use Chrome. https://mega.nz/#!30gTyCCK!GFy7E3yrlkpUbA9yFMZpSinlT1BiO6Xn1Ykpc50b-Cw If you would like my custom mobile CoC, or other builds, just ask and I might oblige. >Downloads We don't really have the latest builds first anymore. That said, I make mobile builds and desktop builds from source code when I can (and/or feel like it), and redistribute the premade builds when I can access them. I mirror them here. I am also, to my knowledge, the only person making iOS builds for TiTS nowadays. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html
Mass Civil Disobedience is Spreading https://www.bitchute.com/video/h8hHvqWEXw7s/ This Potato-Anon gets it.
>>1814 >I don't think they're prepared to rail octagon and go beheading They don't need to carry out the executions, only a tiny minority of people involved in these revolutions ever do. On a broader scale, the average leftist will be making lists of neighbors to hand over, participating in mob style crowd control, etc. Leftists happily reported family members to the FBI that went anywhere near the capitol last month, they'll turn in their neighbors to virtue signal all the same. >AKs and RPGs only reach out so far, and there are fudds sitting on .50 BMG equipment. >Not to mention access to off-road and all terrain vehicles, nightvision equipment, They will have all of that and more, as they do every time. Everyone from Soros to Zuckerberg is going to fund this shit, and they've already poured over a billion dollars into BLM. You already saw Uhauls filled with weapons, shields, bricks, etc showing up to the riots last summer. When this thing kicks off, the left will have no shortage of gear or funding. They will have the manpower to send a truck of armed niggers to your countryside community at all hours of the day and night. >The only racial conflict which would be a good comparison would be the Rhodesians It's not even about a racial conflict. These things start and end the same way, every time. It will be some frenzied feel-good color revolution that starts out with goals of healthcare, ending student loan debt, faggot acceptance, etc. It will grow increasingly aggressive under the left's predictable purity tests, and will lack effective leadership. But by the end of things, another Pol Pot/Zedong/Sung will have taken the reins. Once victory is assured, they'll drop the facade and dispose of their useful idiots. Our new Secretary of Defense is a nigger that has already ordered a military stand down while they purge 'extremists' (read: conservatives) from the ranks. Firearm confiscations will be here soon. And for all the talk about resistance, the Russians didn't even resist being hauled off to the gulag; people aren't going to resist turning in guns any more than they did wearing masks. Things are gearing up fast, and the conservatives will be saying "Imagine the outcry if the situation was reversed" all the to way to their mass graves. >>1815 Absolutely pointless. It's no different from all of the people that applauded Trump for bits and pieces of legislation here and there. None of it addresses the underlying issue, none of those people even know what the problem actually is. The average anti-lockdown person thinks the government is stupid and incompetent, they aren't even aware of the calculated danger they're in. The plan continues unopposed while we celebrate 'disobedience.' When shit hits the fan, they'll be headed to the re-education camps thinking "Wow, who'd have thought this could happen here?"
>>1816 So how do we pray about the matter gunship? I'd rather die in open battle with clear enemies than passively go into a pussified grave at the hands of Bolsheviks. I don't really think God is quite through with the West just yet tbh.
>>1817 Can any of us claim to truly know what God's intentions are? There is that famous joke about the drowning man in a flood. He turned away all manner of rescuers, claiming that he was praying to God, and God would save him. When he finally drowned, God said, "I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?" If God's plan for the US is a marxist-led genocide, perhaps he has already given you all the information you need to survive it. In any case, I have meticulously studied foreign affairs longer than most people here have been alive, and I am confident that we are witnessing a textbook example of a far-left revolution. It is well funded, it is encroaching on every facet of life (as it always does), and its ideologues are growing increasingly aggressive. Textbooks from the 1619 Project are already rolling into public schools across the country, which is revisionist nigger-centric and anti-white history. Conservatives and whites will continue to be dehumanized by the left, and the media will ignore growing violence against them while fear mongering about an increasing white supremacist threat. (black on asian crime is skyrocketing right now, but the media isn't going to mention that at all). When a handful of conservatives are lined against the wall in Ohio, people in Arizona will hear nothing about it, and it will grow increasingly common in silence around the country. Just as Sihanouk endorsed the Khmer Rogue, progressive leaders like Obama will endorse the groups responsible without mentioning the violence, and the justice system will only be brought down on the people that defend themselves. It has happened dozens of times in a by-the-numbers fashion, and it will once more here. You saw a bit of that this summer when BLM violence, literally on video, was just a 'conspiracy theory' to every leftist politician. I have decided to just get out. I am beyond fed up with events in this country, and also the people in it. They will watch football, eat McDonalds, and play video games right up to their demise, and then be surprised when hell itself shows up at their front door. They deserve everything that happens to them. I am going to spend the next month researching a country to move to (many have very lax immigration policies in terms of working/living there permanently). I will spend four hours a day learning the language and studying the country, and will continue to prepare for the worst. My investments continue to grow quite well through trading, and I'd like to leave here with as much capital as possible. At the first predictable sign of revolution (well funded and armed 'organic' far left groups clashing with the right), I will hop in my car and drive down to Mexico, where US citizens can stay without a visa for six months (work visas are easy to acquire there if necessary). During that time I will make my final arrangements and be off to whatever country I've picked should the situation back home not improve. I would like to retire to the countryside somewhere and be among people who have never even seen a nigger or tranny. I'm not going to get all autistic about my options; every country has its problems, but potato farmers in Siberia aren't concerned with Putin's crackdown on the media in Moscow. If you choose to stay, I highly recommend that you read up on historical leftist revolutions, and know what you're getting into. In particular, ever-increasing purity tests are a defining factor of the far left. Pol Pot eventually went so far as to execute or throw into work camps everyone with an education, though he himself had studied abroad in Paris, because only the farmers were the true proletariat. North Korea has a three generation rule; you could be the most devout non-white marxist around, but if you have family somewhere that's conservative, off you go. You will be outgunned and outmatched by well funded groups, friends and neighbors will turn against you to save their own families, the justice system will be rigged against you in every way. People act like these revolutions just happen one day, but they don't; they have very obvious and predictable buildups, which we are witnessing here. There are plenty of countries without necrotic economics systems, that aren't in the middle of a color revolution about to go hot. Unless you have a fetish for US soil, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by staying for what's to come. You look at every leftist revolution that's ever happened, and all of the horrors they caused, and the smart people got out first every time. But if you wait to the last second, you'll find the borders more heavily guarded than Trump's wall ever dreamed of being, for your 'protection'. Whenever these leftist revolutions begin, everyone likes to think they're on the right side, that they won't end up in a camp. They'll never understand that the ostensible goals at the start of the revolution are never the end result. Students are always the largest demographic that participates, and the educated are always the first to be executed.
Open file (964.59 KB 1009x1024 Tirpitz.png)
>>1816 >>1818 Based, I'm into trading myself and will pursue options after some months of practicing paper trading, clown stock market however is at an ATH and the fed has said they will keep printing and I know this probably won't last forever because they will crash the market bubble to complete the covid fear plandemic that they're using to paralyze, set fear and empoverish the masses with, the numbers are unbelievable. 900K+ Americans just applied for first time unemployment week after week and the market is still ATH and keeps growing every day 70% of small businesses is also eliminated, destroyed. The market is completely disconnected from the economy it's scary and freaky as hell. If you have a lot of funds in the market I'd advise you to be a bit careful now, if you have enough to live off realize your gains. The months ahead what we're seeing now is the biggest wealth transfer ever in a merger between the new world order and judeocapitalist high finance entities so that they can be the lender and buyers of last resort, they're inflating and buying up everything, the entire debt market, bitcoin, everything, you name it; they're buying it and manipulating it right now. Fed clowns keep printing as people are sitting there with no job and idle hands. And it's only going to be a matter of time before they pull the plug to complete it to create their little dystopian little Jewish feudal society because the way things are going now this market can't last forever the way I see it.
>>1818 >If God's plan for the US is a marxist-led genocide, perhaps he has already given you all the information you need to survive it. Maybe you're right--on both counts. I think the fallen Babylon Whore in the Book of Revelations could hardly find a more apt exemplar today than New York City (and by implication most of the country), so I don't actually expect the US itself to survive. Probably the Chinks will do it would be my first guess. While I'm an American myself my point was about the broader West. Give me some time to chew this stuff over please.
Flash game
>>1821 More game
>>1819 The overall health of the market is irrelevant when you daytrade (so long as accurate predictions can still be made). Should the market collapse tomorrow, I would still be able to trade the following day if some stocks began to go up. But yes, it will crash at some point, and you shouldn't be holding on to stocks long-term right now. If the entire economy goes with it, the stock market will be least of our concerns, and all the more reason I would hope to be living in a different country by then. I have a few rules for trading to minimize my risk. First, I never invest more than 1% of my money into any stock. Second, I don't rely on a margin account, so I keep 50% of my total account in settled funds, meaning only the other half (at most) is ever in play. I setup stop loss orders at 10% for all of my trades. If the market were to collapse across the board, I am only risking 10% of half of my money. Lastly, I setup limit sells at 10% profit, so that I cash out on a breakout long before it inevitably collapses again. Volatility is the enemy of trading; you only have to lose everything once to erase any big gains you might have had in the past. So I use these rules to ensure small but consistent gains with very few risks. Too many people try to get rich overnight on the market, not appreciating how quickly a small consistent gain will grow your account. >>1820 >I don't actually expect the US itself to survive. Correct. And what happens when the US goes; when the market dies and the politicians make their stealthy retreat to Switzerland? What political force will continue to be funded from abroad, as it was in East Asia's turbulent postwar period? What group will get to control shipments of fuel, weapons, etc in the ports? Hopefully I am too busy watering crops on another continent by then to see the answer.
Open file (61.71 KB 1080x982 zqCkxx5.jpg)
NGL, this board turning into /pol/ is starting to annoy me Bur whatever, it's not my place to do anything about it
Replaced my laptop's palmrest and "keyboard bezel" (according to the HW maintenance guide, that's what it's called). Feels like a new machine again.
>>1824 I can be on my way if you'd prefer. I've not forgotten that this was originally your board, but I have no interest in discussing video games and other pointless garbage.
I've been fucking around with my old IBM XTs (one desktop, one luggable), and good fucking god I didn't realize how unrealiable old keyboards can be. The one on the luggable is fine, but I've had three seperate keyboards fail on me when using the XT, all of them having different broken keys. Each one had just one fucking key that I absolutely needed to start the hard drive low-level formatting program broken. I can't just use the luggable one either; at least not without making an adapter, as it uses an RJ11 head to connect to the computer. Also, for some reason it refuses to acknowledge more than one floppy drive at any time, regardless of the jumper settings. >>1824 /pol/ content isn't new for /f/, but like all of our discussions, they invariably make way for something else. >>1826 I'd rather not lose any of you guys. To address your point more directly: While the current state of the western world is doubtlessly taking a sharp turn for the worse, and we all will have to find ways to deal with that, we must also not forget to enjoy what we can in life. I don't blame Lance one bit for wanting to inject some more lighthearted discussion into our board. There are plenty of opportunities to stress over our lives, but so few to refresh ourselves and put that stress on the backburner for just a little while.
>>1824 My apologies Lance. Frankly I'm very concerned about our future, and gunship just seems to have a big store of wisdom. I don't have any idea how old he is, but he's obviously seen a thing or two. I personally don't have anyone in my life right now like that, so I probably got a bit carried away myself. Please forgive me. >>1828 I'll chill on it. Besides, I think I've already absorbed plenty to understand better what's actually going on. In lighter news, I seem to have my dumpy shiny old, beatup new box running OpenBSD working fine. As soon as I finish learning the basics of algebraic processing of text I'm currently digging into, I plan to attempt to set it up as a usable desktop machine. I need to learn to use PF so I can create my own Great Firewall of not-China too, so I can then just dump Linux pretty much completely as far as my own personal stuff goes.
>>1828 >we must also not forget to enjoy what we can in life. Certainly, and I'm quite happy with my life. I discuss some very negative things with a couple of anons here, but my lack of posting on other topics isn't indicative of anything personal. /pol/ content is just the only topic that comes up that I have anything to say on. If we started discussing cooking, gardening, bodybuilding, etc I'd have many pleasant things to discuss. But we have a choice of /pol/ and tech, so I mostly just post on the former (I'm not saying that we Should discuss those other things). >I don't blame Lance one bit for wanting to inject some more lighthearted discussion into our board Absolutely not, everyone is always welcome to post anything. The point I was making however, is that I personally have neither the time nor desire to discuss those things. So, if we wanted to make /f/ less /pol/, and that is a reasonable request, that would effectively end my participation altogether. Extrapolation isn't everyone here's strong suit, but it is not lost on me that we have picked up many new /pol/ish anons almost entirely because of my ramblings. I can pretty much guarantee that my continued participation will only make this place more /pol/ and never less.
David Hill, the guy who was in charge when thinkpads became junk (stepped down two years ago), fellating the current thinkpad designs and missing the point of them except for as a fashion statement (e.g., forgetting that they are supposed to serve a utilitarian purpose)
>>1830 I'm fine with some /pol/ stuff, it's kind of to be expected, and I'm not in charge here anyway (and even if I were I wouldn't force it to go away). Just is a bit bleak after a while without any other stuff getting talked about simultaneously.
>>1830 >>1832 Bleak stuff is happening irl, ofc it will bleed over into online discussion. People shouldn't be freezing to death in Texas so politicians can score political points, and we shouldn't have to worry about China and the jews spying on us because they're 24/7 thinking about how to genocide us, but here we are. >>1831 A standard utilitarian laptop chassis format really needed to be implemented 10+ years ago. We had mATX boards and standardized cases for all sorts of desktop form factors, but portable solutions were all proprietary. Not having a standardized portable form factor is a major fuckup. I'd love to throw in a new mobo into an old thinkpad chassis to get the best of the old and new. It's a goddamn shame.
>>1832 >Just is a bit bleak God help you when it shows up on your doorstep, lance. >>1833 >People shouldn't be freezing to death in Texas so politicians can score political points Every time something like this happens, I just shake my head; people absolutely do not get it. Easy access to food, water, shelter, heating, etc is a convenience, and not a natural component of life. When your society starts to fall apart, so too does your safety net. But these people just happily go about their lives as if this were the 1950s and everything was okay. Anyone that has not made self reliance the cornerstone of their life by now just isn't going to make it. They have no idea what's going on, and are entirely unaware of the danger they're in. And it's going to rapidly get worse.
Open file (149.16 KB 1920x525 01.png)
At first I thought it was kind of neat that the site provided lyrical context.
Got Jak & Daxter (the first game, for PS2) for $9 today. It's pretty fun, and pretty impressive technically speaking to my mind.
Open file (2.26 MB 3008x2000 ci20.jpg)
>All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.
Open file (15.85 KB 403x336 excellentscientaste.jpeg)
>>1837 >That keyboard
Open file (35.64 KB 572x960 01.jpeg)
>>1837 >Playing CoC when AI Dungeon exists Sickening.
Open file (531.41 KB 3840x1888 01.png)
If anyone wants to make some money, they're doing it in the postmarket this time. Absolutely brilliant move.
>>1841 At the least something's going well for a few of us Anon. Appreciate you keeping us in the loop. Like a breath of fresh air knowing they aren't having it all their own way.
The final stage begins. Good luck, Anons.
>>1841 God's blessings on you, Anon.
I thought of you and I just wanted to invite you guys to zzz/a/'s movie night later today just in case you might like anime. >Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVA 1 and 2 >Porco Rosso Friday February 26th 1pm PST - 3pm CST - 4pm EST http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/a/thread/260.html#372
>>1846 >BTW just in case you don't know the first title, it's a very comfy atmospheric piece featuring arguably one of the world's great robowaifus.
Open file (1.35 MB 1080x1080 01.png)
>>1843 A lot of people aren't going to make it. It's kind of sad, you warn them and they just keep on doing what they're doing. Oh well, so it goes. At least I can look forward to seeing the retarded leftists pursuing STEM degrees in this environment getting what they deserve real soon. Kids are about to find out the fun way why third world countries don't have a service economy. >>1846 >Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou I actually downloaded that a year or so ago, and just never had time to watch it. Still don't, unfortunately, but good choice.
>>1841 Maybe they should re-brand it as RatTrap It seems to be more about drawing in unrepentant, greedy Jews than about games now. https://www.rt.com/business/516638-gamestop-short-sellers-losses/ How long until their fellow tribemembers get tired of their shit?
>>1851 All the fake vaccine shot, hollywood syringe stuff was weird as hell. Meanwhile M1 money supply went vertical, and our entire timeline seems very unstable. Narratives aren't lasting more than a few days now, evaporating almost as quickly as they're formed. Remember pangolins?
Open file (491.97 KB 3840x1887 01.png)
>>1849 They're pretty tired of it, Robinhood froze trading during the initial runup, so people couldn't keep buying the stock. It also came about that Robinhood is owned by the same capital group that owns Melvin. Robinhood is for bugmen, so that doesn't matter at all, but of course that's 90% of the WSB people. Pump and dump stocks are great for daytrading though, so I'm perfectly happy with their shenanigans. Buy in when it's on the rise, sell when it hits resistance. Let the retards with their 'diamond hands' bullshit hold the bag when it collapses. You've got people using their college funds to buy into GME at like $300 because fucking memes on the internet said it was going to go up, with no technical analysis at all, and then they lose everything. But I can pretty much guarantee you that, between the tax write off on these losses, and the money they made shorting GME's fall from ~$400, the hedge funds are doing just fine after their initial loss. SNDL is another great one lately. Dump $5k on it every morning during the downtrend, sell it a few hours later when it goes up. TLGT has been less volatile, but more reliable as well. Just keep an eye on the volume.
>>1853 Thanks! That graph is the first time I've understood the basic correlation between volume, price & timing. Seems fairly straightforward now to my (admittedly) inexperienced eye.
Open file (157.08 KB 992x880 01.jpg)
>>1854 It's easier to present that data that way in hindsight, but when you're looking at predictions and money is on the line, you want to be using candlesticks. The classic 'mountain' graph is more familiar, but not a good tool for technical analyses. Volume is a very important factor in stock price. If more people want to buy a stock than sell it, the price is going up. Always keep an eye on the ask/bid spread. Pre/Post market is very volatile (dark shades), but the volume is very low, so corrections usually occur quickly; make money on the corrections. It's good money that snowballs quickly if you're not retarded. Learning how to turn your money into more money is one of the most useful skills you can have. Half of those idiots bitching about healthcare and the 9-5 grind wouldn't have to if they did something useful with those stimulus checks instead of buying a new Xbox or whatever.
Julian Assange has been in solitary confinement for almost two years now.
"There are delays in legal papers reaching him and the laptop issued by UK authorities for the court case is read-only, it has no text editing programs, and the keys are glued down to prevent him from typing." https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/assangeappeal/
>>1855 Thank you. I'm not sure what 'using candlesticks' means exactly apart from the metaphor, but I can imagine that it's more intense looking forward into the unknown. Know that I realize just how corrupt the Wall Street system is, and how criminally nepotistic it is, I hardly know where I would start if I had sufficient money to get going with it. Robin Hood is obviously 'controlled opposition' so that's out.
>>1858 >Now that I realize*
>>1858 Guys like gunship can probably get you into it, but it's easy to lose your ass day trading if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Especially now that they're overtly fuck you over by stopping transactions, selling shares for you and stopping trading if you "win" too much. It's a dirty, rigged game.
>>1858 >I hardly know where I would start... Robin Hood is obviously 'controlled opposition' so that's out. I personally use Schwab and Ameritrade. Schwab is arguably the better brokerage with more available options, fantastic customer support, and a great banking experience (checking). Ameritrade however has a much better trading experience. Nothing game changing, just fewer menus, cleaner information, built-in things like alerts, and a better flow. I use Schwab as my personal bank and use it for more advanced trades (or if Ameritrade doesn't have something I want to do), and I use Ameritrade for the day-to-day trades. If you open an account, always use a cash account, never a margin account. >>1860 You can avoid most of the rigging by not trading 'meme' stocks. I can kind of see where they're going with the market manipulation angle. I mean, it's not true manipulation, but it is tens of thousands of people banding together to influence market prices. There's no reason to be involved in that as a new trader anyway though; most of those people are getting into a stock hoping it goes up like 500%. That's gambling, not investing.
>>1861 Thanks for the good advice gunship. I have an account with Fidelity for my 401k, I'll eventually look into the other two you mentioned at a later date. >but it is tens of thousands of people banding together to influence market prices. Arguably less fundamentally insidious than just a few snakes kikes people 'banding' together to downright insider trade & short to manipulate market prices. Hardly surprising the average non-insider cries foul at the obvious double-standard going on there.
>>1861 There are some good underrated dividend stocks out there, but the Fed added 19 trillion to M1 last week. I'm maneuvering more for durable goods in anticipation of a major fuckup of the global economy.
>>1862 >401k That's really going to suck when the economy goes. Even recently in 2008, some people lost as much as 50% during that recession. I'd sooner sit through inflation in a savings account than risk that until retirement. >>1863 With the way the market's been (especially last month), I just don't leave positions open for more than a day or two if I can help it. I have been considering dividends though, in the context of my impending move to Mexico. On that note, I have settled on the lovely little beachside town of Playa Del Carmen, which has more white people than Los Angeles. I've been using Google Street View to call up the numbers on rentals and little markets there for prices. Rent is like $350 a month, and it looks like my total expenses would be $850 a month. So, dividends could certainly provide some passive income towards that. Daytrading is more time intensive, but would pay that off within the first week of each month easily. I have 5-6 people joining my little expat adventure, and you guys are all welcome if you're interested. Should be a nice group of friends. Covid-19's mask cult was a dress rehearsal for the compliance they'll be expecting when the real lockdowns start under Covid-21. People will happily report friends and family for noncompliance, and undesirables (read; whites, conservatives) will be hauled off to 'quarantine camps', where they'll all perish. No reason to end up in a ditch here when you could be eating fish tacos in the Caribbean.
>>1864 The Yucatan is a lovely climate. I spent some time in Belizean jungle and really enjoyed it. The beaches at your new spot sound stupendous. Good luck to everyone.

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