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Open file (159.86 KB 1600x1200 1411051038798.jpg)
/f/ meta thread flashmaster 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:04:51 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /f/! Please post any concerns or requests you have in this thread, and I will do my best to satisfy. Enjoy your stay and remember: I still do it for free™ Board rules: https://anon.cafe/f/rules.html IRC channel: irc.anonops.com:6697 #/f/ugees
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Open file (1.49 MB 1685x941 shinji hurt.png)
>>1475 You can use Flash Projector, Ruffle or the Newgrounds player, but the fact is Flash will eventually become fully extinct as no new flash projects are made and the existing ones will get deleted as it already happened to all Deviantart flash content... https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=6z7-H2Xlx4U

Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread Three: Electric Boogalee lance##m3y78z 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:20:05 No.4 [Reply] [Last]
Hi, welcome to The New New Thread. Same as The Old and Old Old Threads! This is a thread allegedly for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff. Despite this being a TiTS thread in name (for historical purposes), barely anyone here plays TiTS. For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask. https://forum.fenoxo.com/forums/trials-in-tainted-space.8/ For reasons of how long this thread's existed and how much fen's fucked up everything he's touched, there's a good chance the thread will have barely anything to do with fenoxo and his hugbox at any given point. Information >FAQ https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/ >Mobile Builds https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html >Minerva Read the readme if you want to use it to edit your save data. Especially read the readme if you use Chrome. https://mega.nz/#!30gTyCCK!GFy7E3yrlkpUbA9yFMZpSinlT1BiO6Xn1Ykpc50b-Cw If you would like my custom mobile CoC, or other builds, just ask and I might oblige. >Downloads We don't really have the latest builds first anymore. That said, I make mobile builds and desktop builds from source code when I can (and/or feel like it), and redistribute the premade builds when I can access them. I mirror them here.

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>>1629 >no real reason to A lot of people only learn vi because they ssh into a box and nano isn't installed by default. I personally prefer emacs as an editor, but have been using vim and software with vim bindings lately because it's just everywhere. Every time I install something nice, it turns out to have vim bindings, so I live with it. >They just put on a show to give a (weak) excuse to abuse even more power. Pretty much. Capitol police made six requests for NG support, and had offers from the Pentagon and FBI. All were denied by officials in the Capitol. They had a month to prepare for a very visible protest, and gave it less security than even a regular Trump rally. Painfully obvious to everyone that doesn't get their news from a propaganda machine.
>>1628 >He was already impeached the first time, just never removed from office. Shows how little interest I have for this stuff, haha. TWO SCOOOOOOOOOPSSS!??!??!? TWO IMPEACHMENNNNNNTSSSS???!?! We're on the same page. It's retarded to us, but not to them. It's more evidence for their herstory books; make the right less attractive, hoping to keep its size under control in the future. They need an opponent, only it can't be too powerful. I think we're witnessing them invent the next problem with the latest deplatforming; shrink the right by pushing Trump's true believers underground, hoping to cause some more tourism incidents, use those to continue expanding control.
>>1631 >I think we're witnessing them invent the next problem With the impeachment, absolutely. The next problem will be republican congressmen that didn't vote for impeachment. Those that did just became pariahs to the right, those that didn't will be held accountable for 'supporting fascism.' It further fragments the right as a political opponent.
>>1624 I honestly miss being able to not care about politics, but every single part of life has become politicized, and it's impossible to insulate yourself from it unless you have "fuck you" money and land. Even then, you can still get eminent domain'd so jews can build more rapefugee housing. There's no ability to be left alone anymore.
Open file (177.44 KB 1145x1520 01.jpg)
>>1634 >unless you have "fuck you" money You need to separate wants from needs. Land in California close to shopping centers, airports, etc is expensive as hell. Land in the middle of nowhere Wyoming is like $4k for 40 acres. The cost of living is really dirt cheap, it's just that bugmen are weighed down by unnecessary expenses and blame everyone else for their poverty. Auto loans because they financed a new shitbox, expensive rent because they didn't do their research on housing, fast food and boxed frozen dinners because they never learned how to cook, needless online entertainment, new video games, electronics, and consumer products. Nobody needs any of that, and it's expensive as hell. I am not a rich man, but everyone thinks I am because I buy almost nothing and keep my expenses as low as possible. Cut out the expenses, work, save up, do your research and buy that land. The biggest problem the right has is this idiotic desire to stay plugged in to the society they hate. Either go full bugman or get out, anything in between will just make you miserable.

Comfy SWF Thread Anonymous 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:37:33 No.10 [Reply]
Let's get things rolling. Post all the com/f/y stuff you got!
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Some more pictureless songs from my music collection that I don't know if I shared or not. Probably did. All one band except for the second one in this upload.
One slightly better known band now, but still never a top-100 act. Ween.
How do i save flash animations from this website?
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Anonymous 05/03/2020 (Sun) 16:05:23 No.61 [Reply]
you guys ever make a flash animation? even something small and dumb?
I did, but I never finished it and have no idea if I still have it. It wasn't very good compared to the thing I was inspired by.
>>62 If you don't wanna watch both, the second is really, really clever.
>>62 Those are bretty gud!
I used to make stupid shit on 4chan /f/ back in the day. I miss those days.
>>856 You can still make stupid flashes for fun. /f/ never dies.

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
/f/ for /icup/ 2020! Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 11:13:11 No.134 [Reply]
Hiya, there, flashy friends, We're about to begin a new Infinity Cup tournament and we'd really like it if you came and participated with us. Come join us at https://anon.cafe/icup/ !

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