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king's mediocre art kingADVRC 01/04/2023 (Wed) 16:17:12 No.507
Greetings users of /ent/! With the impending death of 8chan.moe/404/ I have been invited to post my artwork here. Salutations aux utilisateurs de /ent/! Avec la mort imminente de 8chan.moe/404/ J’ai été invité à poster mon travail ici. Je ne parle ni ne Français lis, alors je m’excuse à l’avance s’il y a des problèmes de traduction.
Open file (9.00 KB 212x406 Velma_Dinkley.png)
Open file (412.16 KB 1200x1848 Velmouse.jpg)
Open file (294.41 KB 1200x1848 Velmouse (lineart).jpg)
Open file (291.29 KB 1200x1848 Velmouse (3).jpg)
Open file (698.98 KB 1200x1848 Velmouse for Francanon.jpg)
My first submission is something that was requested by your BO on /404/. He asked that I draw Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo as an anthropomorphic mouse girl. I just finished it today and I am happy with its results. Ma première soumission est quelque chose qui a été demandé par votre BO sur /404/. Il m’a demandé de dessiner Velma Dinkley de Scooby Doo en tant que fille souris anthropomorphe. Je viens de le terminer aujourd’hui et je suis heureux de ses résultats.
Open file (955.64 KB 320x240 nice post.gif)
>>508 Welcome King and thanks for the Velmouse. I like it ! Not a problem if you don't translate your texts, I think french IB users are quite familiarized with English. You can post lewds versions if you want as long as it's not pronography. Nudes and light erotica is OK. Maybe put a spoiler on the lewdests.
Finished working on another request today. For this one I was asked to draw 2 girls from 2 different animes with breastfeeding nursing the other. I posted its progression in a different thread but I'll repost it in this thread for continuity.
Open file (628.08 KB 1200x1848 Velmouse Lewd.jpg)
Open file (592.72 KB 1200x1848 Velmouse Nude.jpg)
Finished working on the bonus content for Velmouse today. Does /ent/ have a mascot of any kind? I wouldn't mind contributing some content that users could enjoy.
tu postes pas sur cake anon?
The only cake board I've posted on recently was loli3. I don't usually draw loli but have recently drawn a few. I prefer drawing sexy curvy girls tbh. Le seul plateau de gâteaux sur lequel j’ai posté récemment était loli3. Je n’ai pas l’habitude de dessiner des loli, mais j’en ai récemment dessiné quelques-uns. Je préfère dessiner des filles sexy et courbes tbh.
I have this thread bookmarked now :3
>>528 >I prefer drawing sexy curvy girls tbh based
Oh hey Daed! Fancy seeing you here. Liking the new artwork?
Started the next round of requests. The first one comes from a DA user that asked that I draw his character Nima the Hunter in a cute pose. She's based off the Sonic the Hedgehog style. I gave him several options and he chose pose 5.
Open file (594.28 KB 1482x2160 bobby_by_revan005.jpg)
Open file (226.24 KB 1280x960 vi_by_revan005.jpg)
The second one also comes from DA. He asked that I draw a 'couple playing at the beach' scene with a couple of characters, particularly his female character sitting on the male's shoulders. They're both furrys btw.
The final one is from DA as well. He asked that I drew a MLP character and Rouge the Bat (another Sonic character) wearing bunnysuits and jetpacks. Somehow I ended up with a whole group of furry pieces.
>Deviant Art >des furrys >Sonic >MLP >wearing bunnysuits and jetpacks J'aime la tournure que prend ce fil.
Worked on the hunter request today. The requestor chose option 5. This time I'm resketching the pose using the framework so it's easier refine the body and pose.
Worked on both the beach request and jetpack request today. I applied the same technique I used for the last update.
Worked more on the hunter request today. I shortened he arm a bit and started refining the final lineart for her body.
Worked on the beach request today. I have most of the male character finished.
Worked on the jetpack request today. I have most of the pony character finished. Also starting to work on a Valentines piece, but I'll hold off sharing it until it's a bit more finished.
Open file (70.46 KB 800x600 monitoring.jpg)
Worked on the hunter request today. The lineart is pretty much finished, though I think I need to tone down her leopard spots a bit. I'll see what the requestor thinks first.
>>585 >tone down her leopard spots I agree in b&w they stand out a lot, maybe they'll look better when you'll add color.
The requestor would like me to keep the spots the way they are. Once the image is colored and her body is more solid it should look better.
Open file (544.96 KB 1600x2000 Valentines Day Candi.jpg)
Finished the lineart for my Valentine's Day piece this year. Her name is Candi and she is one of the original characters I created back when I was young. I've updated her look to match my current art style. Her outfit is normally a small tight blue dress and a matching headband, but for the holiday I've given her a french beret and a stylish dress.
Worked on the beach request and the Valentines day piece today. For the beach request I finished the body for the male charcter and started on the female character, and for the Valentines piece I added the base color.

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