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Sculpture/Figurine Thread Dolly Lama 09/07/2023 (Thu) 00:05:50 No.985
BO graciously said I could post my little pic collection of these old art deco figurines. Please enjoy. I wish I had some of these in better resolution.
Well I do have a folder of sculptures but most of the are more like classical and academic sort of art and I'm not really sure if they fit here. I did find this little sampling of wire screen sculpture that might fit here. I'm not sure if this needs to be sproilered or not so I will just to be safe.
These are both stylish and classy. I've always liked Art Deco.
>>989 >wire screen sculpture >'Steel and air' Can you please provide full information you've found on these images. Hopefully some links where the process is explained in detailed? Unironically Asking for a friend: purely for scientific and engineering research purposes. :)
These are cool.
>>991 Of those particular pieces the artist I know is named Dominique Bordenave. As far as the process I'm not sure what to say beyond just getting your wire mesh and start bending and manipulating it. From what I've seen it really is like sculpting. There's some videos on youtube for wire mesh sculpture that might help you. One thing to consider is that you can buy wire mesh from specialty dealers made of different thickness of wire, different "thread count", and even different types of metal. Of course if you're getting started it would be easier and cheaper to just buy aluminum or steel screen at the hardware store.
Beautiful stuff! >>989 >well I do have a folder of sculptures but most of the are more like classical and academic sort of art and I'm not really sure if they fit here. I see no reason why they couldn't! I don't think the differences in art style are substantive enough to warrant their own thread. Afterall, all styles of /doll/ are welcome here. Why not all styles of " /sculpture/ too?
>>993 Thanks kindly, Anon. Cheers.
>>995 I also now recall several years ago a family member made an attempt at making a screen sculpture as well. They made a sheep's head just freehand and without really any background in sculpture. It turned out pretty well actually so I think with a little practice you could make human figure without much trouble. >>994 Well if the BO doesn't mind I may upload some in a few days.
>>1008 I don't mind one bitnas long as they're depicting living things. I think it's within the scope of this thread and I'd love to see it!
Open file (113.91 KB 768x1075 BRUNO CATALANO.jfif)
Open file (315.63 KB 1365x2048 BRUNO CATALANO_2.jfif)
Open file (360.59 KB 2560x1707 BRUNO CATALANO_1.jfif)
Open file (205.78 KB 2048x1365 BRUNO CATALANO_3.jpg)
Discovered the work of Bruno Catalano on the North coast of France.

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