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Open file (11.09 KB 540x540 woodman.jpg)
/doll/ manufacturing Dolly Lama 10/23/2022 (Sun) 02:54:56 No.367
I have something like pic related and always wonder if I can turn it to a more human form by sculpting it. It's a wood articulated figurine used to learn drawing. I'm not that good at sculpting but as they are cheap I woud not mind trying. Do you guys ever attempted at making your own dolls from A to Z, like sculpting it from wood or 3D printed parts ? What tools would you use and what parts should I buy separately (eyes, wigs...) Let us know, even your failed attempt can be some good teaching points for anyone willing to try this.
Wood carving is very hard. I'd recommend that you start with some cheaper scrap wood that way it's really low risk. I need to get back into doing it since it's very focusing. It's a nice way to apply yourself. I'd never considered carving my own dolls but if I pick it back up I'll definitely give my hand at it.
>>368 I have some practice in carving (wood and stone), but I never try doing things that require precision so I believe the face should be the more difficult part. I need to train myself. Also I would need some really fine chisels.
>>368 >>370 From my experience of watching my mom carve when I was a kid, wood carving is more like wood sanding. You carve out the rough features then you smooth everything together with progressively finer and finer grain paper.
>>668 You're right. I'm thinking lately to change job and plan to learn wood craving.

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