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Shizuka Miura. Poetess, singer and doll maker Dolly Lama 10/19/2022 (Wed) 17:03:52 No.348
Hi dolls enthusiasts, just want to share this with you. Shizuka Miura (三浦静香) was a Japanese doll-maker and musician who created many works of unearthly beauty during her lifetime. An apprentice of the legendary doll-maker Katan Amano (天野可淡), Shizuka started her artistic career making ball-jointed dolls. Then, under the influence of her husband Maki Miura (三浦真樹), a seasoned guitarist who had played in such notable acts as Les Rallizes Dénudés and Fushitsusha, she began writing songs based on her poems. Before long, with the help of Maki and a couple of other underground musicians, around the frontwoman emerged a band — simply called Shizuka (静香). Few officially remains available from Shizuka’s doll work as she likely never had an artbook published. Still, many images of her dolls were uploaded to the Web and, in 2018, were in exposition in Ginza, Tokyo, by the doll gallery Maria Cuore (マリアの心臓). Furthermore, Shizuka was a member of a mysterious gothic doll club named “Glamorous Area”, which existed from 2001 to 2010. I discovered the musician then as I was looking to know more about her I figured she was a quite recognized doll maker in Japan. Few can be found about this past activity expect some photography here and there : https://shizuka-g.gitlab.io/in-memory-of-shizuka-miura/gallery.html http://glamorousarea.easter.ne.jp/vampire-next.htm If you understand Japanese, you can maybe find more here: https://www.mariacuore.jp/exhibition/ As you can see, her dolls can be quite creepy and highly expressive. You can see other pictures used on promotional material and cover of some PSF compilation records. Shizuka's music is absolutely wonderful, filled with powerful emotions. Here is a live excerpt where you can see some of her dolls.
Open file (362.34 KB 1608x1018 1635472428.jpg)
Open file (559.85 KB 1604x1020 1635472428 (1).jpg)
Open file (691.73 KB 1026x1598 1635472428 (2).jpg)
Open file (529.50 KB 1478x1108 1635472428 (3).jpg)
Open file (462.24 KB 1060x1546 1635472428 (4).jpg)
>>348 These are very unique dolls indeed! Creepy ones indeed. I'm glad you shared this I'm going to have fun exploring this come soon. As of the JP link, there's unfortunately little to be seen there. Seems to be leading to a public exhibit of them that is no longer showing these dolls. That being said, there are still some neat pictures there which I've attached to this post. Beyond that, there's not really anything to note on the page.
Any other famed exhibitions of creepy beauty?
>>457 OP here and Shizuka's music enjoyer. The video you shared is private on youtube. Mind to share it with me if you have access ? Can I drop you an email ?
>>457 The photo looks like it was taken from the Live At Manda-La2 1993 & Studio Ams 1994 performance, however I can't find this specific frame in the video I got. Is it an edit you made ?
>>457 Oh and thanks to you anon I discovered Kim Jung Mi. Listening the Now album on repeat. Wish you all a Happy New Year, blessings on you and your dolls.
Open file (1.48 MB 5120x2880 happy_new_year.jpeg)
Happy New Year, /doll/!
>>612 Where did you find that ?Is it a book, a zine ? Please show more.
>>613 It seems as though these dolls aren't made by Shizuka Miura. Those shots are from an art book of Katan Amano's dolls. I found a listing for it on ebay and several other links by reverse image searching the first image. The second one didn't yield any results, but I presume it's from the same source. Ebay Listing: https://web.archive.org/web/20230225145823/https://www.ebay.com/itm/194320404161
>>632 Yeah, sorry for leaving those pictures without a source saved them a while ago when i was trying to find Shizuka dolls in "japanese web" through Amano books very glad you found this store, it's beautiful even though i haven't ordered anything from there yet ;'(
>>348 Dolly, I think you'd be interested to take a look: https://www.blackeditionsgroup.com/be-015-52-shizuka-heavenl-persona
>>669 Already ordered mine. Can't wait to have it in my trembling hands. Was thinking to scan and upload those /doll/s photo included in the different Shizuka release I got at home soon.
>>671 it will be great, can't wait<з thank you
Open file (80.45 KB 600x600 cover.jpg)
Open file (38.26 KB 1240x874 01.jpg)
Open file (45.88 KB 1240x874 02.jpg)
OK /doll/, I did my best with the shitty scanner I have at work. Those two are from the Lunatic Pearl EP, released by An'archives in 2022.
>>714 Thank you, dearly, doll. These are still great to get a good look at even if the colors and quality are a bit low.
Open file (71.57 KB 600x600 cover.jpg)
Open file (255.90 KB 1596x1737 01.jpg)
Open file (52.56 KB 1240x1754 02.jpg)
Open file (56.09 KB 1240x1754 03.jpg)
From the Paradise Of Delusion, still by An'archives in 2021.
Open file (51.99 KB 628x874 04.jpg)
Open file (64.12 KB 628x874 05.jpg)
Open file (73.50 KB 631x874 06.jpg)
>>716 ...And a set of postcards from the same release. also I just figured out the scanner cropped some images
Open file (77.22 KB 1240x1754 01.jpg)
Open file (471.92 KB 1742x1229 02.jpg)
Open file (100.37 KB 1240x1754 03.jpg)
Open file (99.53 KB 1240x1754 04.jpg)
>>669 From this gorgeous reissue :
Open file (122.08 KB 1772x1752 05.jpg)
Open file (755.69 KB 1812x1742 06.jpg)
Open file (429.65 KB 1726x1742 07.jpg)
I'm so pissed of the scanner cropped the images, sorry about that
>>348 This stuff is ghoulish, not moe. I suspect that's exactly what the artist is going for, and the brainwashed masses applaud it for being (((progressive))). Beauty may be only skin deep, but for individuals such as those, ugly runs right down to the bottom of the soul.
>>721 Doll, all of this stuff is absolutely gorgeous. There isn't anything here that's ugly besides hating.
>>721 Yes her dolls may be kind of creepy and yes that was made on purpose. But there is beauty underneath what you think is uggly. These dolls have a huge emotional impact and handcrafted with deeper knowledge and devotion than most of modern products. It's called art, but I guess romantism is out of reach for a normie brainwashed polbot that can ony blame the failure of his soul on (((them))).
>>721 I pity you anon.

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