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Open file (777.55 KB 1365x2048 1445009719140.jpg)
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Lewd Doll Thread Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 01:44:11 No.27
We post lewd girls being lewd in this thread. A friendly reminder to spoiler detailed naughty bits and human doll stands (wait, is that allowed here?).
Open file (797.66 KB 799x1200 4121 - bath tagme.jpg)
Open file (221.06 KB 900x1200 4232 - bath tagme.jpg)
Open file (210.81 KB 900x1200 4255 - bath tagme.jpg)
Open file (241.59 KB 900x1200 4378 - bath tagme.jpg)
Open file (311.13 KB 1200x900 4379 - bath tagme.jpg)
Finally, the thread I wanted but didn't dare to make due to a lack of content.
Here's a few images from a set I did manage to find.
Ordinary doll nudity doesn’t have to be spoilered unless it shows detailed genitals, so photos like the third, fourth, and fifth pics are okay to leave unspoilered if you want. If you want to spoiler them anyway I’m not gonna stop you (there’s actually no way for me to unspoiler images with the mod tools).

>human doll stands
I guess the same principals apply? Let’s make something up now. If all that is visible is that which would commonly be considered a “non-sexual” part of the body then it’s okay to leave unspoilered. If a sexual part (genitals, nipples, etc) then it has to be spoilered. The operator-sama might mark us NSFW if we get too much of that sort of thing but I think it should be okay in little bits! I’ll update the rules later.

They are hard to find, aren’t they? The first, fourth, and fifth photos would be okay unspoilered too. The second and third don’t show detailed genitals but they are pretty lewd so spoilering those was a good choice.
The selfie feel of the first pic is heart-stoppingly adorable.
Holy crap that's from the Dolls in the Bath set. I never got around to saving them in '08/'09 so all I'm left with is a dead bookmark to ttp://tomahawk.tank.jp/dib.html
Kids and deadbeats shouldn't be admitted around these here parts.
/doll/ is totally NSFW(allet).
So true.
Open file (156.41 KB 1000x562 B01.jpg)
Open file (107.49 KB 542x800 DD_BD01_01R.jpg)
Open file (130.97 KB 900x598 DD_BD01_02R.jpg)
Open file (154.21 KB 610x1000 DD_BD01_04R.jpg)
Open file (118.30 KB 900x631 DD_BD01_05R.jpg)
Open file (92.61 KB 900x467 DD_BD01_06R.jpg)
Open file (123.12 KB 562x1000 DD_BD01_07R.jpg)
Open file (102.88 KB 491x800 DD_BD01_08R.jpg)
Open file (86.71 KB 546x858 DDdy3_body_01_03a.jpg)
Open file (76.05 KB 513x912 DDdy3_body_01_08a.jpg)
That’s a Dollfie Dream body, but I don’t recognise the vagoo. I don’t think it’s by Peach Pai, is it?
It's not. Rajikaru only makes (if he ever gets around to it) silicone busts/pais and yawas. The images came from an FC2 blog belonging to a dealer(?) that's long been emptied out.
Open file (225.56 KB 1067x1600 1425730853195.jpg)
Open file (338.10 KB 1000x1500 1425730769300.jpg)
Open file (279.60 KB 1000x1500 1482420578508.jpg)
Open file (282.00 KB 1600x1067 1493504006467.jpg)
Open file (376.96 KB 933x1400 1496557553178.jpg)
Doll titties. Good. More. Plz. More creamy doll titles.
I am drink. But I really like doll titties. Is so good. Not enough. You know this so truth. I’m
Open file (673.02 KB 2376x4224 1329823712432.jpg)
Open file (831.44 KB 2376x4224 1329823830045.jpg)
Open file (710.54 KB 2376x4224 1329823863506.jpg)
Open file (795.37 KB 2376x4224 1329923179573.jpg)
Open file (865.31 KB 2376x4224 1329923296477.jpg)
Dolls with modest breasts really are for the best.
That’s a lot of hot glue.
Open file (83.00 KB 801x1200 1571323124240.jpg)
Open file (156.68 KB 1281x1920 1571322921868.jpg)
Open file (234.59 KB 1920x1280 1571323060224.jpg)
Open file (254.95 KB 1920x1280 1571322997925.jpg)
Open file (385.37 KB 1280x1920 1571322970500.jpg)
No detailed genitals so it’s fine.
Are there any fuckable dolls?
In what sense? I think some modifications exist that allow insertion of scale items, but if you’re talking about insertion of non-micro penises or human digits then doll scale generally doesn’t accomodate. There are the 1:1 RealDolls and so forth but those aren’t /doll/s.
I'm pretty sure there's onahole modifications even for smaller dolls.
Wouldn’t a penis need to be quite small to fit into such an onahole?
No, it just winds up looking like /fairy/'s porn folder, with a small girl stretched by a dick about her own size. Often the onahole-bodies look like garbage, though. Just look up dollfie porn videos.
Open file (2.76 MB 1280x720 lewd doll1.mp4)
>Just look up dollfie porn videos
Do they look like this?
Attention everyone! Elsa Babe may be making a full size Liru doll! ☺️
Open file (124.88 KB 1200x900 RE012316.jpg)
Open file (235.73 KB 900x1200 RE155029.jpg)
Open file (285.77 KB 900x1200 RE114667.jpg)
Open file (246.03 KB 1200x900 RE073592.jpg)
Open file (262.61 KB 900x1200 RE053169.jpg)
>>34 Searching the traditional way (i.e. by reverse image search) found the set pretty quickly seemingly from a 2014 upload. Same resolution as >>28, though I don't know how old the set is so this might even be fullz
I've always wondered if anybody tried to make a porn stop motion movie using these dolls.
Open file (214.65 KB 900x1200 RE155058.jpg)
Open file (263.65 KB 900x1200 RE155030.jpg)
Open file (253.82 KB 1200x900 RE073534.jpg)
>>1087 The problem is they aren't that stable. For something like claymotion you can get a lot of keyframes without compromising the stability of the model because it's intrinsically pinned to the ground. For sfw shots you also have more options to e.g. prop dolls up by their clothes (attached to things that actually are stable) >/co/shit

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