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Nijiura Doll Threads Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 08:37:31 No.251
I'm not really a dollfag, but I do think dolls are cute and I want to help save this board from annihilation. Did you know that the residents of Futaba Channel's Nijiura may board host regular doll threads, where the "dollaki" all post pictures of their dolls? Did you know that there's a site out there archiving all of these threads and images? http://nijiura-doll.info/fullmirror/ is an archive of the daily 10PM doll threads on Nijiura may, and goes all the way back to 2006. http://may.nijiura-doll.info/ is an archive for the other doll threads on Nijiura may, and currently goes back to 2017 (it used to go back much further, but the years prior to 2017 have been removed due to lack of disk space). http://nijiura-doll.info/wiki.cgi is a small wiki maintained by the dollaki that contains various guides and other bits of information about dolls and the doll threads. http://biningyou-tokei.info/ is a cute doll clock website they made that changes to a different doll picture every minute.
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Posting some random pictures I've saved from their threads.
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This one failed to post.
Open file (417.85 KB 969x1292 1632122548778_small.jpg)
Fine I'll resize it.
Open file (377.24 KB 1400x933 1632123192855.jpg)
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Spoilered due to nipples.
Open file (288.71 KB 1125x1500 1632127924641.jpg)
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She's a big girl.
Open file (136.29 KB 675x900 1632133204013.jpg)
Open file (214.87 KB 869x1280 1632133952244.jpg)
Open file (810.25 KB 2048x1365 1632134125691.jpg)
Open file (651.30 KB 1600x2400 1633503455343.jpg)
Open file (577.01 KB 1500x2000 1633473152017.jpg)
That's it for now, hope you enjoyed this look into Nijiura's doll threads!
Thank you for showing us these Anon, they are very cute. There’s a lot of love in these pictures.

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