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Open file (444.39 KB 1536x2048 EjKcl1tVgAA22sd.jpg)
Repost Thread Anonymous 10/01/2020 (Thu) 10:54:10 No.191
This board needs an injection of cute dolls, stat! Post anything and everything you can find.
>>191 >Nurse-doll waifus best waifus Baste OP is baste.
>>193 a cute.
Open file (209.08 KB 1365x2048 EjOJULJVcAEXzrJ.jpg)
Open file (131.16 KB 1024x576 EEcJs-jU8AAPVsH.jpg)
Reminder to watch
Open file (488.89 KB 933x1400 EjLFHmzU4AEk2Bp.jpg)
>>201 That coord is top cute!
Open file (1.49 MB 4096x2305 EjPaCYzVcAEZwSd.jpg)
Open file (459.32 KB 1920x1281 EjZH1gMVkAAewYB.jpg)
Open file (687.99 KB 1536x2048 EjqS-HoU4AEiywC.jpg)
Open file (405.81 KB 670x1005 20170926182852851.jpg)
Open file (202.98 KB 670x447 20170926182320563.jpg)
Open file (347.37 KB 670x1005 20170926182433924.jpg)
Open file (375.88 KB 670x1005 20170926182711825.jpg)
this is really creeping me out
Open file (494.72 KB 700x1050 20180328140841484.jpg)
Open file (222.54 KB 700x467 20180328140811976.jpg)
Open file (477.72 KB 670x1005 20171116182029703.jpg)
Open file (447.56 KB 750x1125 20190613192959136.jpg)
Open file (503.07 KB 750x1125 20190613192952356.jpg)
>>208 Howso? I'm curious
>>208 They're kinda cute. Makes me want my own dolls
>>209 Some people get creeped out by dolls. No idea why you'd come look at /doll/ if you do, but there it is.
Open file (271.39 KB 750x1025 20190822150713324.jpg)
Open file (682.16 KB 750x1125 20190822150536150.jpg)
Open file (513.30 KB 750x1098 20190822150603821.jpg)
Open file (467.91 KB 750x1062 20200917104235238.jpg)
Open file (370.00 KB 750x1096 20200917104255108.jpg)
>>211 I suppose I wouldn't expect general creeped-by-dolls as the sentiment if they're here, instead expecting something thread-specific.
Open file (440.19 KB 750x1125 20200115114701608.jpg)
Open file (514.59 KB 670x1005 20160621180345356.jpg)
Open file (523.68 KB 670x1005 '.jpg)
Open file (527.49 KB 670x1005 20160621174735618.jpg)
Open file (443.53 KB 670x1005 20160621180155780.jpg)
yep its still not cute and it's still creeping me the fuck out
Open file (473.10 KB 670x1005 20160301211952144.jpg)
Open file (388.89 KB 670x1005 20160301213838641.jpg)
Open file (252.79 KB 550x825 20160301213505961.jpg)
Open file (193.69 KB 550x825 20160301213517481.jpg)
Open file (403.74 KB 670x1005 20160301213834281.jpg)
Her name is Dorito
>>221 Yeah, these are the dolls that're made specifically with the aesthetic that creeps many out. >>222 (checked) She looks like a tiny heroin addict.
Open file (331.38 KB 670x1005 20160301213947611.jpg)
Open file (451.60 KB 670x1005 20160301212211299.jpg)
Open file (212.06 KB 550x825 20160301213604854.jpg)
Open file (252.86 KB 550x825 20160301213701129.jpg)
Open file (342.98 KB 670x1005 20160301213941351.jpg)
>>223 The aesthetic is my favorite part. I love dolls that have a pale look with careful shading. They're cute to me, and I also like the one more outright designed to be creepy, like The Star, Death, The Hermit, so on from Doll-Zone -- Or was that Doll Chateu? I still find it all to be pretty, anyway.
>>225 >I still find it all to be pretty, anyway. While I have nothing against owning dolls (I want a robowaifu after all), I still find that difficult to fathom. I know there are guys who honestly like much of the kind of thing you might find on /monster/ so it's hardly shocking to me. But for an aesthetic that is obviously simulating physical illness to be appealing to someone is quite beyond my reckoning tbh.
>>225 Cute dollbutt
Open file (386.05 KB 670x1005 20160509160156132.jpg)
Open file (471.98 KB 670x1005 20160922165018794.jpg)
Open file (511.81 KB 670x1005 20160922165736769.jpg)
Open file (316.48 KB 670x1005 20161214103437819.jpg)
Open file (373.58 KB 670x1005 20161214101753590.jpg)
>>227 Miss-clicked spoiler on a clothed pic instead of the butt. >>226 It's pretty. These spoilered ones are the more outright creepy/grotesque styled and i enjoy their aesthetic too.
Open file (51.25 KB 250x167 thumbnail spic.png)
>>228 >first pic I saw that doll on sale just recently. She was half off
>>229 CARLOS! You're a double-nigger
>>225 >>228 I can tell there's a definite aesthetic they have going and I think it's cool that you dig it. The soldering iron guro's a bit much for me though.
>>193 Source of pic related?
>>234 Probably from this blog: http://galaxypolice.blogspot.com/
Open file (1.57 MB 1067x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.26 MB 1067x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.54 MB 1067x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.51 MB 1067x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>222 >>225 I've been following BJDs for over a decade and sadly not got a single one yet , it's kind of interesting when you think about how they evolved to having double joints and there's been trend returning to the single joint roots. Being mostly a simple toyfag, I used to think that double joints are better because it means more articulation, but then I realize after reading and seeing how not fun/smooth to pose BJDs are, taking to account that their big scale doesn't allow them to interact with most toys and miniatures, I got to the conclusion that BJD first and foremost priority should be aesthetics, that just meant to be big beautiful dolls that you can't do much with. My currently favorite doll body is the 1/4 Myou Doll, it's pear shape and got actual ball joints, it could use more defined detail in certain areas, notably the ankles and the bottom area looks kinda weird and have harsh sculpt to it. If this body was added more detail and sculpted more in the style of that big MSD DZ you posted, it would've been the prefect BJD body imho.
>>236 >how not fun/smooth to pose BJDs are, taking to account that their big scale doesn't allow them to interact with most toys and miniatures I'm not sure how posable you're looking for here, but a lot of a doll's posability depends on her internal structure. I've never owned a strung doll but I'd guess they're differently-posable than those with skeletons because you've got only the tension of the rigging against the joints. I own single-jointed and double-jointed girls and have always found the single-jointed ones a lot easier to pose. There's also the design of the body parts to consider: Angel Philia's balloon-like vinyl shell design means that they can get some nice squish like real flesh because the body parts don't end up levering against themselves, but that can backfire and look unnatural if taken too far. I've posed my very smol girls together with my 1/3rd girls too and it looks cute. Making use of the scale difference for a giantess/minigirl feel is the key, I find.
>>237 I meant for strung dolls only, I imagine vinyl dolls with inner skeleton are very similar to regular fashion dolls and action figures as they both have actual functional joints. >I've posed my very smol girls together with my 1/3rd girls too and it looks cute. Making use of the scale difference for a giantess/minigirl feel is the key, I find Sure thing, but I had in mind more 1/6-1/18 scales figures and accessories. >I own single-jointed and double-jointed girls Nice, can you elaborate what dolls do you own?
>>238 I own five Dollfie Dreams, an Angel Philia, and a Mini Sweets doll.
>>222 muh dick!
I found these the other day and thought of /doll/.
Iplehouse dolls are so pretty
>>310 gorgeous doll is it a dollfie bjd, the outfit is adorable
>>311 I don't remember where I got the pic honestly, it might be searchable. I don't actually have any dolls (other than in pics), but I'm interested in them and will most likely buy some at some point when I'm able to (I noticed this board might be considered for deletion because of inactivity so I posted to help keep the board alive) I'll see if I can find more doll pics which haven't been posted on here yet
>>312 Oh, I really hope this board doesn't get deleted. My doll is soon coming and I wanted too share loads of pics of it. Also wanted to do an art project around it.Would be a huge blow if this board gets deleted, love this little board. Usually find pics on flickr. Really want to get a doll house but I wonder if it is even possible 60cm dolls are huge don't know if it would even work the house would be huge
>>312 >I noticed this board might be considered for deletion because of inactivity >>313 >Oh, I really hope this board doesn't get deleted That would really suck, but I doubt the Admin of anon.cafe is actually considering that. It was just the roving niggerpiller sniping the odd potshot I imagine. Regardless, I keep the board fully archived if something ever happens. If so, just regroup in /shelter/ and discuss things. You'll be fine, /doll/ . >t. /robowaifu/
Open file (131.84 KB 540x592 efw.PNG)
Open file (103.64 KB 579x606 wd.PNG)
>>314 Niggers be nagging. Anon.cafe has a bright future and potential. Here is some doll face I draw of references, drawing dolls is the most enjoyable thing to draw for me.
>>315 Your work on the eyes is very nice Anon. Keep at it! Do you ever visit on /loomis/ ?
>>314 why would they delete /doll/? /toy/ have been inactive for months now and the board is still around.
>>316 Thanks. Yeah I'm pretty active on anon.cafe /loomis/ board I mainly post in the practice thread. Practice figure drawing of nude women, mostly the posts with one picture of the drawing and the model as a reference in the second photo.
>>318 Cool, glad to hear it Anon. Keep working at your arts, we all look forward to your progress!
Open file (261.06 KB 1167x1391 Selection_028.png)
Drew Fashion Iplehouse Doll Yur's face
>>327 I'd suggest you work through Betty Edward's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book+workbook Anon. You have a good feel for eyes so far, but your general geometric proportions are off. That book will help you tune your 'seeing' in. Keep at it Anon!
>>327 >>328 BTW, it's a beautiful doll you've chosen for your reference Anon.
>>328 Thx for the advice anon, u got a point. Currently still working through fun with a pencil nearly done with it. Might look into it in the future. Drawing digitally is very new to me will take me time to get use to especially with drawing lines and shapes still very awkward. Lot easier for me to draw traditionally just thought I would give digital art a bit of a try in my free time when I am not drawing traditionally. >>329 Yeah, users on flickr sure know how to take amazing pictures of there dolls
Redrew it but traditionally took half the time it did to do it digitally.
>>333 That's a bit better on your proportions Anon. Drawing with a tablet electronically brings tons of benefits to the table, but it can take a while to get used to them when you're beginning. Just be patient with yourself and keep at it Anon. >nice digits! :^)
>>334 I didn't notice the digits lol. I draw on an easel think I might just go all in on traditional art comes down to personal preference. I wished annoying people would leave this board along and stop saying it's dead and should be deleted it's mean and damaging to people enjoy this board.
Good luck /doll/!
Open file (557.09 KB 1120x1680 20220109U_01.jpg)
Open file (423.84 KB 600x900 20220109U_07s.jpg)
Open file (381.40 KB 600x900 20220109U_12s.jpg)
Open file (279.57 KB 1120x1680 20220409S_01.jpg)
Open file (254.50 KB 900x600 20220409S_08s.jpg)
Open file (280.18 KB 600x900 20220409S_10s.jpg)
Open file (403.26 KB 1120x1680 20220109T_01.jpg)
Open file (312.89 KB 600x900 20220109T_10s.jpg)
Open file (327.18 KB 600x900 20220109T_13s.jpg)
>>382 You're a louse mr anon.
Open file (364.40 KB 1120x1680 20220409P_01.jpg)
Open file (263.59 KB 600x900 20220409P_04s.jpg)
Open file (264.48 KB 900x600 20220409P_13s.jpg)
Open file (276.94 KB 600x900 20220109S_04s.jpg)
Open file (385.89 KB 1120x1680 20220402W_01.jpg)
Open file (251.90 KB 600x900 20220402W_04s.jpg)
Open file (272.67 KB 600x900 20220402W_14s.jpg)
Open file (300.07 KB 600x900 20220102Y_04s.jpg)
Open file (305.35 KB 600x900 20220102Y_09s.jpg)
Open file (321.13 KB 1120x1680 20220102M_01.jpg)
Open file (256.95 KB 600x900 20220102M_09s.jpg)
Open file (268.15 KB 600x900 20220102M_13s.jpg)
Open file (250.66 KB 900x600 20220320C_04s.jpg)
Open file (298.31 KB 600x900 20220320C_07s.jpg)
Open file (292.07 KB 600x900 20220320C_12s.jpg)
Open file (303.57 KB 600x900 20220320C_18s.jpg)
Open file (349.78 KB 1878x1880 FgJbtJPVsAAcE6u.jpg)
Open file (436.21 KB 2048x2050 Ff1CfRRUUAAbsW9.jpg)
Open file (1.81 MB 526x360 1461946242134.mp4)
>>389 A cute! >>392 Kek. I love stop-motion, and dolls are a natural fit ofc.
Open file (256.90 KB 900x600 20220110A_03s.jpg)
Open file (260.67 KB 600x900 20220110A_08s.jpg)
Open file (229.80 KB 600x900 20220410C_03s.jpg)
Open file (231.93 KB 900x600 20220410C_13s.jpg)
Open file (293.66 KB 600x900 20210801O_04s.jpg)
Open file (295.10 KB 600x900 20210801O_13s.jpg)
Open file (286.62 KB 600x900 20210801O_21s.jpg)
Open file (369.13 KB 1120x1680 20210801Q_01.jpg)
Open file (350.92 KB 600x900 20210801Q_13s.jpg)
Open file (293.30 KB 600x900 20210725W_03s.jpg)
Open file (320.51 KB 600x900 20210725T_04s.jpg)
Open file (391.68 KB 600x900 20210725W_13s.jpg)
Open file (68.53 KB 540x491 165347541665783.jpg)
Open file (254.95 KB 600x900 20210306B_14s.jpg)
Open file (233.11 KB 600x900 20210306B_21s.jpg)
Open file (247.25 KB 600x900 20210306B_25s.jpg)
Open file (228.20 KB 600x900 20210306B_08s.jpg)
Open file (209.38 KB 900x600 20210306B_11s.jpg)
Open file (227.42 KB 600x900 20210306B_03s.jpg)
Open file (219.98 KB 900x600 20210306B_05s.jpg)
Open file (313.89 KB 600x900 20220227T_02s.jpg)
Open file (338.87 KB 600x900 20220227T_08s.jpg)
Open file (318.04 KB 600x900 20220227T_11s.jpg)
Open file (329.77 KB 600x900 20220227T_25s.jpg)
Open file (227.84 KB 600x900 20200913B_04s.jpg)
Open file (270.29 KB 600x900 20200913B_06s.jpg)
Open file (250.20 KB 600x900 20200913B_14s.jpg)
Open file (282.62 KB 600x900 20200913B_18s.jpg)
>>405 >dead board >video is over a year old.
Open file (273.16 KB 600x900 20220502R_06s.jpg)
Open file (264.50 KB 600x900 20220502R_12s.jpg)
>>408 But she learned how to write today ;-; This video is so inspiring. What will she do next?
>>409 >What will she do next? Guess what, she's already running her own business now Anon! https://youtu.be/0LNthFGX4aM >via https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/1591.html#17799
Open file (68.89 KB 736x1105 qt.jpg)
>>419 This is amazing!! I almost want to cry. Doll rights have really come so far. I can't wait to see what the future holds.
Open file (55.14 KB 800x800 FIGURE-148388_01.jpg)
Open file (77.43 KB 800x800 FIGURE-148388_06.jpg)
Open file (48.97 KB 800x800 FIGURE-148388_04.jpg)
Open file (73.85 KB 800x800 FIGURE-148388_09.jpg)
Open file (74.63 KB 800x800 FIGURE-140332_02.jpg)
Open file (71.14 KB 800x800 FIGURE-140332_03.jpg)
Open file (67.15 KB 800x800 FIGURE-140332_05.jpg)
Open file (63.08 KB 800x800 FIGURE-140332_06.jpg)
Open file (285.71 KB 600x900 20211205Z_05s.jpg)
Open file (268.81 KB 600x900 20211205Z_11s.jpg)
Open file (279.55 KB 600x900 20211205S_05s.jpg)
Open file (281.27 KB 600x900 20211205S_11s.jpg)
Open file (271.39 KB 600x900 20211205S_15s.jpg)
Open file (267.17 KB 600x900 20211205S_18s.jpg)
Open file (264.56 KB 600x900 20211205F_05s.jpg)
Open file (272.15 KB 600x900 20211205F_15s.jpg)
Open file (289.69 KB 600x900 20211205F_20s.jpg)
Open file (332.27 KB 600x900 20211121C_02s.jpg)
Open file (340.50 KB 600x900 20211121C_13s.jpg)
Open file (325.64 KB 600x900 20211107E_03s.jpg)
Open file (340.63 KB 600x900 20211107E_08s.jpg)
Open file (269.29 KB 600x900 20210829D_03s.jpg)
Open file (291.97 KB 600x900 20210829D_10s.jpg)
Open file (276.14 KB 600x900 20210829D_14s.jpg)
Open file (282.37 KB 600x900 20210829D_19s.jpg)
Open file (322.92 KB 600x900 20210829C_04s.jpg)
Open file (366.37 KB 600x900 20210829C_08s.jpg)
Open file (320.12 KB 600x900 20210829C_14s.jpg)
Open file (311.29 KB 600x900 20210829C_22s.jpg)
Open file (316.30 KB 900x600 20210829C_27s.jpg)
Camo undies wotk surprisingly well. Noted...
Open file (296.62 KB 600x900 20210410H_04s.jpg)
Open file (324.79 KB 600x900 20210410H_07s.jpg)
Open file (276.19 KB 900x600 20220321G_04s.jpg)
Open file (359.39 KB 600x900 20220321G_05s.jpg)
Open file (243.57 KB 600x900 20220321G_13s.jpg)
Open file (277.14 KB 900x600 20220321G_18s.jpg)
Open file (311.97 KB 600x900 20220320E_05s.jpg)
Open file (271.09 KB 900x600 20220320E_14s.jpg)
Open file (250.58 KB 600x900 20220320E_29s.jpg)
Open file (425.39 KB 1120x1680 20220312H_01.jpg)
Open file (475.17 KB 900x600 20220312H_07s.jpg)
Open file (296.79 KB 600x900 20220312H_13s.jpg)
Open file (318.40 KB 900x600 20220312H_18s.jpg)
Open file (259.08 KB 600x900 20211211P_02s.jpg)
Open file (263.81 KB 900x600 20211211P_07s.jpg)
She's a photographer! Being photographed no less...
Open file (325.90 KB 900x600 20211211L_02s.jpg)
Open file (315.75 KB 600x900 20211211L_09s.jpg)
Open file (422.14 KB 900x600 20211211L_13s.jpg)
Open file (246.38 KB 1120x1680 20211211J_01.jpg)
Open file (248.18 KB 900x600 20211211J_08s.jpg)
Open file (261.42 KB 600x900 20211211J_11s.jpg)
Open file (320.31 KB 900x600 20211211J_17s.jpg)
Open file (262.30 KB 600x900 20210206B_03s.jpg)
Open file (281.17 KB 600x900 20210206B_06s.jpg)
Open file (326.56 KB 600x900 20210206B_21s.jpg)
A cute!
Really nice photos. I like the one in the yellow flowers field, pure cuteness.
Open file (83.28 KB 533x800 kimono dolls.jpeg)
Open file (59.18 KB 500x375 dollieh sanctuary.jpg)
Open file (130.95 KB 1221x806 sakura spacesuit.jpg)
Open file (74.76 KB 410x1046 sakura spacesuit 2.jpg)
Open file (112.62 KB 800x867 cardcaptor sakura.jpg)
Open file (46.77 KB 346x978 sakura skivvies.JPG)
Open file (93.07 KB 705x793 the squid girl.jpg)
Open file (62.27 KB 668x780 squid girl smile.jpg)
Open file (40.46 KB 303x923 squid girl skivvies.jpg)
Open file (164.87 KB 1484x898 squid girl on the bed.jpg)
Open file (38.69 KB 640x427 cat doll.jpg)
Open file (47.30 KB 427x640 cat doll 2.jpg)
Open file (36.33 KB 500x500 cat doll 3.jpg)
Open file (46.09 KB 500x500 doll with cat.jpg)
Open file (77.97 KB 853x1280 miya_img01-853x1280.jpg)
Open file (150.20 KB 853x1280 miya_img04-853x1280.jpg)
Open file (130.94 KB 853x1280 miya_img05-853x1280.jpg)
Open file (78.55 KB 853x1280 miya_img06-853x1280.jpg)
Open file (71.26 KB 1280x853 miya_img07-1280x853.jpg)
Open file (165.76 KB 853x1280 miya_img09-853x1280.jpg)
Open file (115.87 KB 853x1280 miya_img10-853x1280.jpg)
Open file (138.40 KB 1280x853 miya_img11-1280x853.jpg)
Open file (277.50 KB 660x990 suchika_img04.jpg)
Open file (145.12 KB 990x660 suchika_img05.jpg)
Open file (145.95 KB 660x990 suchika_img07.jpg)
Open file (207.89 KB 660x990 suchika_img08.jpg)
Open file (190.75 KB 660x990 suchika_img09.jpg)
Open file (186.02 KB 660x990 shizuka_img01.jpg)
Open file (191.71 KB 660x990 shizuka_img02.jpg)
Open file (387.45 KB 660x990 shizuka_img04.jpg)
Open file (477.92 KB 660x990 shizuka_img05.jpg)
Open file (211.53 KB 990x660 shizuka_img07.jpg)
Open file (384.15 KB 660x990 shizuka_img06.jpg)
Open file (266.84 KB 660x990 shizuka_img08.jpg)
A cute! I like how the inside of the elbow has a little "don't pinch" plate?
Open file (112.10 KB 1200x1200 1200x1200_22cm.jpg)
>>458 It's not a "don't pinch plate" actually! It's a segment between 2 separate joints. Having 2 elbow joints allows a larger range of movement. If they only had one joint, the harder materials of the forearm and upper arm would stop each other at just less that 90°. With 2 joints, though, you can more closely mimic actual human ranges better.
>>460 Neat! How much would just the 'base' (?) in your pic cost, about? Also, do you know if there are any engineering diagrams or blueprints available somewhere for something similar? >t. asking for robowaifu a friend :^)
>>462 I don't know about any schematics or anything like that, but here's the link where I pulled that model from: https://obitsu.co.jp/doll-division/obitsu-body-and-parts/obitsu-body/obitsu-body-22/ You can also check out pics rel for what I was able to scrounge up with a simple search. Hope it helps!
>>463 Thanks! Great stuff Anon. :^)
>>449 Does she wear glasses in the spacesuit shots ? Mind to post a photo with glasses but no space helmet on please ?
>>469 They're not my photos, sorry. I got them from the dollieh sanctuary forum, though I can't seem to find the specific thread. And yeah she is wearing glasses in the spacesuit it seems. I think the spacesuit and helmet are attached though so you may not have any luck getting a pic in the suit without the helmet.
>>470 A pic without the suit but the glasses would be perfect tho :) Dolls with glasses are the cutest. t. メガネっ娘 enjoyer
Isn't there a horror movie out right now based around an overly-protective doll?
>>485 Sure, it's called Yandere: The Doll Arises.
>>485 Horror? That sounds like a dream come true.
>>486 >>493 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8760708/?ref_=ttls_li_tt Ah, I think it was this one. She looks and sounds like a doll, from what little I saw.
>>498 >>499 These are gorgeous location shots Anon.
>>502 They really are. I only recently found them through the tumblr blog "gonayuki". There is a lot of good doll pics to be found there, really pretty stuff.
>>506 Well please keep being our go-between. Moar! :^)
>>504 >tfw I mistook the last pic as preggers dolly
>>525 Wonderful dump Anon, thanks! >Not a subsidiary of RoboWaifu, Inc. Lol
>>576 Nice dump Anon!
Some robowaifu inspiration
>>599 Thanks for the new dump Anon! A cute! >>592 >>593 >>594 Is she some sort of battery, or are they going for the beginnings of a smol robowaifu here Anon?
>>594 Oh this is neat.
Open file (195.09 KB 1366x2048 1675293062671718.jpg)
>>600 (dubs) I believe she is equipped with a battery but charges by a USB in her back. I believe that you can also have it bypass the battery and just directly charge the item.
>>602 I see. Certainly we'll equip our robowaifus (even the smol ones) to be able to charge all our devices wherever we are together. Thanks Anon! BTW I like Danny Choo's work, but I've heard some don't. a) How do you feel about this? b) Why do ppl dislike him (or is it the dolls themselves)? Cheers.
>>603 I don't really mind how others feel about certain things. That said, the best reason I can imagine people might hate Danny Choo is that he can be quite preachy. He has a big emphasis on maintaining a diverse line up of dolls, even if they don't sell well, and likes to talk about that a lot. Outside of that, I could only imagine business practices or quality being issues, but I'm not familiar with his products in those ways.
Open file (366.71 KB 1366x2048 FlS38amakAA8Sq4.jpeg)
Open file (442.08 KB 1365x2048 FlS4QQUaAAIhyl6.jpeg)
Open file (418.91 KB 1366x2048 FlS4hQ0acAAMMlG.jpeg)
Open file (373.66 KB 1366x2048 FlS8rzSaEAAobSG.jpeg)
Open file (362.11 KB 1536x2048 FlS5CqVacAIiYl1.jpeg)
Open file (445.77 KB 1536x2048 FlTBO9_akAE5VtZ.jpeg)
Open file (326.01 KB 1536x2048 FlTBiDracAADUBJ.jpeg)
Open file (484.37 KB 1536x2048 FlTJt-LaMAAv7mV.jpeg)
Open file (2.74 MB 2028x1521 FlTX0w_aEAEL5h_.jpeg)
Open file (195.29 KB 800x1200 Fl8rjL9agAMqpRR.jpeg)
Open file (485.52 KB 1366x2048 FmBb1ymaMAAGFek.jpeg)
Open file (635.72 KB 1576x2048 FmBcDNKaYAA-znk.jpeg)
Open file (525.02 KB 1366x2048 FmBcM-RacAQ420w.jpeg)
Open file (574.06 KB 1366x2048 FmBcR5MaYAApQKx.jpeg)
Open file (574.02 KB 1366x2048 FmBca2qaMAMHbgl.jpeg)
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Open file (191.24 KB 800x1200 FkzMtzlaYAA5ZCd.jpeg)
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Open file (378.51 KB 1338x2048 FmRkz1-aEAMRttP.jpeg)
Open file (200.94 KB 1200x900 FmhRcHzaYAEIML8.jpeg)
Open file (172.54 KB 900x1200 FmhTt3YaEAAE9wL.jpeg)
Open file (215.88 KB 900x1199 Fmhbc1AaEAIPDwf.jpeg)
Open file (2.77 MB 2028x1521 Fmq3AvQaYAAsZYs.jpeg)
Open file (393.94 KB 2048x1536 FmrEUt4aUAEGUkF.png)
Open file (418.33 KB 1536x2048 Fma-8nkakAAR2u5.png)
Open file (346.28 KB 1300x2048 Fma-7cwagAAeXu6.png)
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Open file (387.82 KB 1935x1452 Fm7FiOhaMAE6k5L.jpeg)
Open file (408.69 KB 1536x2048 FjnUgb4acAANBGp.png)
Open file (209.84 KB 800x1200 FnZWT4paMAQe7VW.jpeg)
Open file (167.38 KB 829x1200 FnaGTm8aYAM_ewx.jpeg)
Open file (449.74 KB 1536x2048 FnfKZ20aEAA3wiM.jpeg)
Open file (499.95 KB 1536x2047 FnfKUiUaUAIlziK.jpeg)
Open file (449.74 KB 1536x2048 FnfKZ20aEAA3wiM.jpeg)
Open file (408.69 KB 1536x2048 FnfKf01aMAI4IKs.jpeg)
Open file (383.47 KB 1536x2048 FnfLD-XaMAEU_zi.jpeg)
Open file (2.81 MB 1521x2028 FnfLf8PaIAELFL-.jpeg)
Open file (558.47 KB 1366x2048 FnD7kM8aYAAXY3W.jpeg)
Open file (389.63 KB 1365x2048 FnEUP5jaYAAq-zy.png)
Open file (198.23 KB 800x1200 FnTyK42aMAId-Ry.jpeg)
Open file (521.21 KB 1536x2047 FnZWGinacAMqULY.jpeg)
Open file (418.91 KB 1366x2048 FnUUjW9acAEQBC3.jpeg)
Open file (454.09 KB 1365x2048 FnUU3DBaMAE_zrZ.jpeg)
Open file (484.36 KB 1365x2048 FnJqAmYaAAACKT0.jpeg)
Open file (457.13 KB 1366x2048 FoSOapGaUAA3S39.jpeg)
Open file (557.80 KB 1366x2048 FoSOhWWacAAnfss.jpeg)
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>>629 A cute, thanks!

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