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Open file (442.40 KB 600x458 desu.png)
Open file (313.55 KB 566x1024 suiseiseki.jpg)
Open file (47.26 KB 360x480 suiseiseki doll 3.jpeg)
Open file (59.00 KB 474x558 suiseiseki doll 2.jpeg)
Open file (51.01 KB 360x480 suiseikei doll.jpeg)
First post GET for Suiseiseki desu! Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 01:16:22 No.1
And maybe the rest of the rozen maiden in general too desu!
What are the rules for /doll/? Am I allowed to post images of my sex doll waifu?
t. /robowaifu/
I don't think the BO got round to writing them. There's a global rule about adult content on SFW boards but the admin OK'd spoilered nude dolls.
Open file (1.24 MB 1000x1500 definitely OK.jpg)
Open file (41.80 KB 720x960 OK.jpg)
Open file (103.32 KB 450x600 technically OK.jpg)
Open file (788.62 KB 1200x1424 not OK unless spoilered.jpg)
Sorry I'm late! >>1 I do not mind this GET one bit. Good work, anon. >>3 >>4 The rules are up now! You can read them at https://anon.cafe/doll/rules.html or from the link near the bottom of the posting box. Sex dolls are not a ban-on-sight offence but they're forbidden as a primary topic, meaning you should refrain from using /doll/ to post pictures of and talk about sex dolls but if the topic happens to come up as part of some other discussion I won't wade in and ban you for simply mentioning it. Please don't be sneaky about this exception; it's not up for argument on technicalities. Anyway if /robowaifu/ in >>3 wants to talk sexrobowaifus then the most appropriate place to do so would be /robowaifu/. Regarding doll nudity, the admin approved unspoilered doll nudity provided the doll images in question don't display detailed genitals. For example, default Dollfie Dream female crotches would be OK but Tokyo Doll, Angelphilia, or modded female crotches such as Peach Pai would not be. Pics related are examples. Hope that clears it up. These rules are out of date! Please check the pinned post for accurate info.
Edited last time by LatexLover on 04/02/2023 (Sun) 02:13:34.
Open file (608.65 KB 794x1122 mouse.jpeg)
Thanks for clearing that up, BO. When I first saw this board, I assumed it was a less technologically focused sex doll board. But now I understand what the purpose of this board is.
Also is this board a bunker for 8/doll/ or a something else entirely? Did 8chan even have a /doll/ board?
Open file (125.45 KB 1504x1000 C5CbthOUoAAoFJM.jpg)
About damned time you showed up.

The 8chan /doll/ board was dead at birth. It had a scant few threads with people who never returned after after posting.

Let the dollposting begin.
>dead at birth
>with people who never returned after after posting
This surprises you, with such a niche topic? Hell, I like this stuff, but it's too damn hard to find decent doll porn like the 4th pic in >>6
Everything I may be able to find is always either on turboautist forums that require signup, burrowed in a mountain of garbage,d downsyndrome dolls, and autism, or in nipspeak which I don't understand.
The only things that aren't hard to find are fat fucks sticking their dick in onaholes with doll parts, but that looks garbage most of the time, and sexdolls, but those are banned completely instead of being relegated to a single thread because the BO is too retarded to understand how to grow a userbase.
She’s cute. Is she yours?
>how to grow a userbase
Wouldn’t that just create a userbase of sex doll users?
Open file (57.40 KB 1140x755 CNvpvPJU8AE89lR.jpg)
Most of it gets posted on Twitter by Japs but it shouldn't bother you if you have a few keywords to start with and look through reposts for good users to bookmark. But it's social media and has extreme amounts of noise making it extremely tiring to infinitely scroll. And god help you if you accidentally click a post making you lose your position in the page.
That's where I was hoping anons on IBs would step in to post good stuff they find.. but yeah, never happened. The closest was that Desu board but it was all shitty Rozens, reaction images and 3DPD 1/1 dolls since the janitors decided that doll images don't belong there.
And regarding lewds, there's very little of it now since there's a coordinated to turn everything into a cleanfeed. It also didn't help that ages ago halfchan brought unneeded attention to that one lewd board leading to their stuff reposted everywhere (and some assholes even started sites for profit) driving everyone off. It's not a very big community and everyone goes to the same few events so go figure.


Could you please delete the post that fell out the thread? The block bypass caught me off guard.
Open file (93.87 KB 835x835 shokku.jpg)
>some assholes even started sites for profit
T-There were for-profit doll porn sites?
Open file (179.53 KB 600x750 Hinaichigo.jpg)
Reminder to all you memeing fucks that Hinaichigo is best Rozen by the end.
Fucking how? Bitch didn’t even.
shit taste. Boatlights is forever
I prefer this doll personally, I dunno tomboys just get my rocks off. >>41 Good god I completely forgot about that annoying cunt, fuck you for reminding me.
>>244 saw souseiseki on the front page just came by to say based
Dolls are so sexy.
>>246 They are!
>>244 >Good god I completely forgot about that annoying cunt, fuck you for reminding me. Fuck you, you soulless little faggot. The glory of genki blonde lolis is eternal.
>>245 Thanks lad, lad to see I'm no the only one with superior taste here. >>248 Honestly I'm inclined to believe 'self proclaimed Hina lovers' are actually just lying and trolling for (You)'s and I doubt you can prove me wrong.
I wonder how many doll images I have I think me and OP have the same images
>>275 what anime is that from?
>>276 Rozen Maiden
>>278 I like the dark themed white haired one. She must have an interesting backstory.
Open file (26.69 KB 365x365 suigintou.jpg)
>>276 >A dollfag that doesn't know of Rozen Maiden. I can hardly believe that. >>280 >I like the dark themed white haired one. Good taste. >She must have an interesting backstory. She sure does. Now go and watch it. You won't regret it.
>>281 so how do I summon Suigintou? She reminds me of a power I had encountered before.
Board is dead.
>>281 Where can we get a singuintou figure?
>>285 ebay? You can probably find a pre-owned one
>>286 Aren't some weeb shops still selling them?
>>285 The pre owned sites in Japan probably have a few.
>>296 not looking at those ones. Looking for the 2013 version of suigintou.
TEST >>284 >Board is dead. Good thing dolls never die.
>>634 What could they have been testing... The world may never know. Great image, regardless.

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