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Open file (444.39 KB 1536x2048 EjKcl1tVgAA22sd.jpg)
Repost Thread Anonymous 10/01/2020 (Thu) 10:54:10 No.191
This board needs an injection of cute dolls, stat! Post anything and everything you can find.
>>315 Your work on the eyes is very nice Anon. Keep at it! Do you ever visit on /loomis/ ?
>>314 why would they delete /doll/? /toy/ have been inactive for months now and the board is still around.
>>316 Thanks. Yeah I'm pretty active on anon.cafe /loomis/ board I mainly post in the practice thread. Practice figure drawing of nude women, mostly the posts with one picture of the drawing and the model as a reference in the second photo.
>>318 Cool, glad to hear it Anon. Keep working at your arts, we all look forward to your progress!
Open file (261.06 KB 1167x1391 Selection_028.png)
Drew Fashion Iplehouse Doll Yur's face
>>327 I'd suggest you work through Betty Edward's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book+workbook Anon. You have a good feel for eyes so far, but your general geometric proportions are off. That book will help you tune your 'seeing' in. Keep at it Anon!
>>327 >>328 BTW, it's a beautiful doll you've chosen for your reference Anon.
>>328 Thx for the advice anon, u got a point. Currently still working through fun with a pencil nearly done with it. Might look into it in the future. Drawing digitally is very new to me will take me time to get use to especially with drawing lines and shapes still very awkward. Lot easier for me to draw traditionally just thought I would give digital art a bit of a try in my free time when I am not drawing traditionally. >>329 Yeah, users on flickr sure know how to take amazing pictures of there dolls
Redrew it but traditionally took half the time it did to do it digitally.
>>333 That's a bit better on your proportions Anon. Drawing with a tablet electronically brings tons of benefits to the table, but it can take a while to get used to them when you're beginning. Just be patient with yourself and keep at it Anon. >nice digits! :^)
>>334 I didn't notice the digits lol. I draw on an easel think I might just go all in on traditional art comes down to personal preference. I wished annoying people would leave this board along and stop saying it's dead and should be deleted it's mean and damaging to people enjoy this board.
Good luck /doll/!
Open file (557.09 KB 1120x1680 20220109U_01.jpg)
Open file (423.84 KB 600x900 20220109U_07s.jpg)
Open file (381.40 KB 600x900 20220109U_12s.jpg)
Open file (279.57 KB 1120x1680 20220409S_01.jpg)
Open file (254.50 KB 900x600 20220409S_08s.jpg)
Open file (280.18 KB 600x900 20220409S_10s.jpg)
Open file (403.26 KB 1120x1680 20220109T_01.jpg)
Open file (312.89 KB 600x900 20220109T_10s.jpg)
Open file (327.18 KB 600x900 20220109T_13s.jpg)
>>382 You're a louse mr anon.
Open file (364.40 KB 1120x1680 20220409P_01.jpg)
Open file (263.59 KB 600x900 20220409P_04s.jpg)
Open file (264.48 KB 900x600 20220409P_13s.jpg)
Open file (276.94 KB 600x900 20220109S_04s.jpg)
Open file (385.89 KB 1120x1680 20220402W_01.jpg)
Open file (251.90 KB 600x900 20220402W_04s.jpg)
Open file (272.67 KB 600x900 20220402W_14s.jpg)
Open file (300.07 KB 600x900 20220102Y_04s.jpg)
Open file (305.35 KB 600x900 20220102Y_09s.jpg)
Open file (321.13 KB 1120x1680 20220102M_01.jpg)
Open file (256.95 KB 600x900 20220102M_09s.jpg)
Open file (268.15 KB 600x900 20220102M_13s.jpg)
Open file (250.66 KB 900x600 20220320C_04s.jpg)
Open file (298.31 KB 600x900 20220320C_07s.jpg)
Open file (292.07 KB 600x900 20220320C_12s.jpg)
Open file (303.57 KB 600x900 20220320C_18s.jpg)
Open file (349.78 KB 1878x1880 FgJbtJPVsAAcE6u.jpg)
Open file (436.21 KB 2048x2050 Ff1CfRRUUAAbsW9.jpg)
Open file (1.81 MB 526x360 1461946242134.mp4)
>>389 A cute! >>392 Kek. I love stop-motion, and dolls are a natural fit ofc.
Open file (256.90 KB 900x600 20220110A_03s.jpg)
Open file (260.67 KB 600x900 20220110A_08s.jpg)
Open file (229.80 KB 600x900 20220410C_03s.jpg)
Open file (231.93 KB 900x600 20220410C_13s.jpg)
Open file (293.66 KB 600x900 20210801O_04s.jpg)
Open file (295.10 KB 600x900 20210801O_13s.jpg)
Open file (286.62 KB 600x900 20210801O_21s.jpg)
Open file (369.13 KB 1120x1680 20210801Q_01.jpg)
Open file (350.92 KB 600x900 20210801Q_13s.jpg)
Open file (293.30 KB 600x900 20210725W_03s.jpg)
Open file (320.51 KB 600x900 20210725T_04s.jpg)
Open file (391.68 KB 600x900 20210725W_13s.jpg)
Open file (68.53 KB 540x491 165347541665783.jpg)
Open file (254.95 KB 600x900 20210306B_14s.jpg)
Open file (233.11 KB 600x900 20210306B_21s.jpg)
Open file (247.25 KB 600x900 20210306B_25s.jpg)
Open file (228.20 KB 600x900 20210306B_08s.jpg)
Open file (209.38 KB 900x600 20210306B_11s.jpg)
Open file (227.42 KB 600x900 20210306B_03s.jpg)
Open file (219.98 KB 900x600 20210306B_05s.jpg)
Open file (313.89 KB 600x900 20220227T_02s.jpg)
Open file (338.87 KB 600x900 20220227T_08s.jpg)
Open file (318.04 KB 600x900 20220227T_11s.jpg)
Open file (329.77 KB 600x900 20220227T_25s.jpg)
Open file (227.84 KB 600x900 20200913B_04s.jpg)
Open file (270.29 KB 600x900 20200913B_06s.jpg)
Open file (250.20 KB 600x900 20200913B_14s.jpg)
Open file (282.62 KB 600x900 20200913B_18s.jpg)
>>405 >dead board >video is over a year old.
Open file (273.16 KB 600x900 20220502R_06s.jpg)
Open file (264.50 KB 600x900 20220502R_12s.jpg)
>>408 But she learned how to write today ;-; This video is so inspiring. What will she do next?
>>409 >What will she do next? Guess what, she's already running her own business now Anon! https://youtu.be/0LNthFGX4aM >via https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/1591.html#17799

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