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(5.86 MB 3000x3000 45377125831_c0f7c05929_o.jpg)
Time for /doll/! Anonymous Board owner 09/21/2019 (Sat) 16:41:25 No. 5 [Reply]
Hello to all doll owners and doll lovers. This is /doll/, a board to discuss ball-jointed dolls from lines and makers such as the Dollfie line by Volks, Obitsu, A-zone, Pureneemo, Angelphilia, Tokyo Doll, Dolk, Parabox, and so on. Both resin and vinyl dolls are welcome.

Please remember to read and follow the rules at https://anon.cafe/doll/rules.html so we can all take it easy and enjoy /doll/ life.

If you are also interested in toys, check out /toy/ on the animu bunker: https://prolikewoah.com/toy/
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(12.40 MB 3840x5760 miko02.jpg)
(513.56 KB 1067x1600 smug karin.jpg)
(87.03 KB 600x697 ribboncoron01.jpg)
(3.16 MB 4912x3264 towa01.jpg)
(4.75 MB 3264x4912 toobs and some other doll.jpg)
Dollfie Dream Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 13:05:13 No. 16 [Reply]
Who is the best standard and why is it Miko?

Why did Volks decide to make Towa a brave and stunning breakthrough for downs syndrome sufferers?

When will 2B finally fucking come out?

Just how dangerous is the Ribbon/Coron combination?

Will your latest super-cute clothing piece finally be the one to leave a big enough stain that you'll finally pull out the acne cream?
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Yeah, if that cover art is accurate then it deffo looks better than average.
Thank you Anon, she's been a long time coming.
(901.79 KB 720x960 JMGM2832.PNG)
The Volks CEO is such a bro.
Umm...it's not about Dollfie Dream, but about vinyl doll in general so I hope it's ok to ask; my doll got a *small faint black stain on her face. I didn't put anything near her, though she do have black hair so it could be that. Anyway, how can I remove the stain? Thanks in advance and sorry if it's not the right place to ask.

*I can't even capture it in camera
Benzoyl peroxide works on vinyl pretty ok, I've used it in the past on small spots on my girls arm. Put a bit of it on the area and leave it under a lamp for a few hours, rinse the spot off with water, then scrub it a tiny bit with a Magic Eraser (those generic dishwashing erasers work too) and do it repeatedly as needed. If it's that faint, you should only have to do it once.

(777.55 KB 1365x2048 1445009719140.jpg)
(606.23 KB 750x1000 1454499693881.jpg)
(415.60 KB 1200x1598 1445010850342.jpg)
(305.53 KB 1067x1600 1496557074947.jpg)
(339.73 KB 1067x1600 1425734263722.jpg)
Lewd Doll Thread Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 01:44:11 No. 27 [Reply]
We post lewd girls being lewd in this thread. A friendly reminder to spoiler detailed naughty bits and human doll stands (wait, is that allowed here?).
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In what sense? I think some modifications exist that allow insertion of scale items, but if you’re talking about insertion of non-micro penises or human digits then doll scale generally doesn’t accomodate. There are the 1:1 RealDolls and so forth but those aren’t /doll/s.
I'm pretty sure there's onahole modifications even for smaller dolls.
Wouldn’t a penis need to be quite small to fit into such an onahole?
No, it just winds up looking like /fairy/'s porn folder, with a small girl stretched by a dick about her own size. Often the onahole-bodies look like garbage, though. Just look up dollfie porn videos.
(2.76 MB 1280x720 lewd doll1.mp4)
>Just look up dollfie porn videos
Do they look like this?

(166.35 KB 880x360 ar02_00.jpg)
(14.17 KB 589x305 677321110.png)
Doll Event Thread Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 04:47:51 No. 65 [Reply]
General event thread.
Will be posting translations of the event calendar from the Nijiura doll threads.

> 10/19(Sat) "October New Outfit Announcement Meet and DD Gathering 2019" All Volks Sumika SR/web
> 10/20(Sun) "42nd Doll's Myth" OMM, C Hall [Osaka]
> 10/20(Sun) "2019 Osaka Hobby Fest" Intex Osaka, Hall 3 [Osaka]
> 10/20(Sun) "PRIVATE ROOM 31" Tokyo Bungu Kyouwa Kaikan, 1F [Tokyo]
> 11/15-17(Fri-Sun) "Doll Market 2019 in Winter" Hokusenn Gallery Ivory [Sapporo]
> 11/16-17(Sat-Sun) "Design Festa vol.50" Tokyo Big Sight [Tokyo]
> 11/17(Sun) "AK-GARDEN 17" TRC Tokyo Ryutsu Center, Hall 2 [Tokyo]
> 12/01(Sun) "DOLLS Sanctuary 19" Kurashiki Fashion Center [Okayama]
> 12/01(Sun) "Characters Festa in Ariake 1" Tokyo Big Sight West, Hall 4 [Tokyo]
> 12/01(Sun) "I Doll VOL.57" Tokyo Big Sight, South Hall [Tokyo]
> 12/14(Sat) "Dolls Party 42" Tokyo Big Sight [Tokyo]
> 12/22(Sun) "PRIVATE ROOM 32" Tokyo Bungu Kyouwa Kaikan, 1F [Tokyo]
> 12/28-31(Sat-Tue) "Comic Market 97" Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall [Tokyo]
> 01/05(Sun) "DOLLSHOW 58 Winter Asakusa" Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center, East Hall, 5-7F [Tokyo]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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I want to go. Being an Angelphilia owner is suffering. ;_;
OP is based as fuck. Thanks a bunch. Maybe this will get me to get my ass going to Japan again this coming year. I went to IDoll one time and it was so much fun. The japs don't know how lucky they are.
>The japs don't know how lucky they are.
It really is a hobby paradise there. Don’t know how some of them find time for it though.
A few more dates for 2020:
> 01/13(Mon:Holiday) "Sapporo I Doll VOL.5" Sapporo Convention Center, Large Hall [Sapporo]
> 02/09(Sun) "Wonder Festival 2020 Winter" Makuri Messe International Exhibition Hall [Tokyo]
> 02/09(Sun) "Sendai I Doll vol.10" Yume Messe Miyagi Exhibition Center [Sendai]
> 02/24(Mon:Holiday) "Fukuoka I Doll VOL.12" Fukuoka Convention Center [Fukuoka]
02/08-09(Sat-Sun) "Snow Miku 2020" Volks Sapporo SR,Web [Sapporo]
02/09(Sun) "Dolls in Wonderland 36 in Nagoya" Mandarake Nagoya [Nagoya]
02/09(Sun) "Wonder Festival 2020 Winter" Makuri Messe International Exhibition Hall [Tokyo]
02/09(Sun) "Sendai I Doll vol.10" Yume Messe Miyagi Exhibition Center [Sendai]
02/22(Sat) "February New Outfits Announcement Meet" All Volks Sumika SR,Web
02/24(Mon:Holiday) "Fukuoka I Doll VOL.12" Fukuoka Convention Center [Fukuoka]
03/08(Sun) "PRIVATE ROOM33" Tokyo Bungu Kyouwa Kaikan, 1F [Tokyo]
03/15(Sun) "DOLLSHOW 59 Spring Asakusa" Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center, East Hall, 4-7F [Tokyo]
03/22(Sun) "Characters Festa in Kobe 2" Kobe International Exhibition Hall [Kobe]
03/29(Sun) "I Doll VOL.58" Tokyo Big Sight, South Hall [Tokyo]
04/26(Sun) "Dolls Party 43" Tokyo Big Sight [Tokyo]
04/26(Sun) "Nagoya I Doll VOL.29" Fukiage Hall 1 [Nagoya]
05/02-05(Sat-Tue) "Comic Market 98" Tokyo Big Sight [Tokyo]
05/24(Sun) "I Doll West VOL.30" Intex Osaka, Hall 1 [Osaka]
06/28(Sun) "44th Doll's Myth" Umeda Sky Building, Aura hall [Osaka]

(179.50 KB 900x600 6549742571_48fd72c82c_o.jpg)
(1.89 MB 813x1219 23578731789_462b0f7fb3_o.png)
(1.73 MB 2048x1356 11597259825_194bb1b93f_o.jpg)
(8.53 MB 2666x3999 23501558740_2e6be19f46_o.jpg)
Merry Christmas! Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 07:09:22 No. 129 [Reply]
Merry Christmas, /doll/!
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Happy New Year.

Thanks a lot. I'd prefer physical eyes (the reason why I want one of these and not an ordinary figure is precisely because everything is physical and not just plastic or painted on), so I'll take a look at parabox. If it doesn't look like I can get what I want on a 1/6 scale, I'll consider the smallest variants of the 1/3 or 1/4 models.
Ah that makes sense. Customization really is one of the best things about dolls. If the 1/6 Parabox don’t end up working for you then start looking at Mini Dollfie Dreams. They are 1/4 and around 43cm high. The last two images you posted appear to be custom DDH-01 heads on MDD bodies (not 100% sure on the last one though, it may be a 12 head). The DDH-01 is the most popular MDD head but the customs can go for a lot. I got my custom 09 head for 15000 yen on Yahoo Auction a few years back. But a mod like the open mouthed girl you posted would likely go for at least 60000 yen or more these days. There are always cheaper options of course but really cute one off heads will break the bank. Volks Standard Liliru is just under 50000 yen with body and wig included: https://dollfie.ec.volks.co.jp/category/D_DD/4518992422121.html

The most popular MDD basically ever is getting a rerelease later this month. Arle is a lot of people’s pretty little princess. If she appeals you would have to buy her this month, no time to think. Her price will likely at least double on aftermarket again and rereleases by Volks are really rare. https://dollfie.ec.volks.co.jp/category/D_DD/4518992427447.html

I was hoping for a Noumi Kud rerelease myself (who would also fit your blonde princess criteria well) but she wasn’t popular enough I guess.

Whatever you go with please show us final girl! Especially if it is a Parabox, I don’t see those much.
(64.37 KB 300x650 PD-BS40-ICHIGO_1.jpg)
(94.63 KB 300x300 HD-TE-ICHI-L_1.jpg)
That looks good, but I'm not in a rush. It might be a while before I actually decide to get one. Right now I just want to get a good idea of what's available, looks good and fits.

This body with this face seems like it would do nicely. https://paraboxshop.jp/goods_en_jpy_3425.html
She's a bit taller, but so much to be an absolute deal-breaker. The site's outfit choice isn't that great though. I've found this https://dollfie.ec.volks.co.jp/item/4518992423470.html but I have no clue whether it will fit her or not and the site's model descriptions don't have size numbers. Or I can't find them.
(63.82 KB 570x570 dress1.jpg)
(97.28 KB 570x570 dress2.jpg)
That girl is pretty cute! She definitely gives the princess vibe.

Sadly that outfit from Volks won't fit. For a 40cm body you'd need to go for an item that lists a fit for MDD when browsing at Volks. The linked outfit is for SD/DD sizing, so 55-60cm girls. Far too big!

Usually they have a matching MDD size when they release outfits (the design often changes a little but has the same feel) but it seems that outfit had no release for a smaller body. I also don't know how good a Volks outfit will fit on Parabox (it should fit but how well is up in the air..).

As an example these are all the correct general size for a 40cm doll:

I believe all Azone outfits would be too big for reference, they have some listed as fitting the 45cm range so maybe that would work..
Ah, I see. Thanks a lot, now I have a general idea of what to look for. Hopefully those MDD outfits will fit fine. That first one is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. It might be a while before I commit to buying one, but it's important that I have all of the information first.

(Bi?)Monthly Doll Club Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 15:33:29 No. 89 [Reply]
Anon! Your doll's been feeling a little lonely lately. Why don't you take her down, pose her, and post a few quick photos of her ITT?

This thread is to help us enjoy our dolls instead of letting them gather dust. The club activity is simple: Get (one of) your doll(s), change a piece of their clothing (it doesn't have to be their entire outfit) or an accessory/wig/etc., pose them, and post a photo of them ITT. It doesn't matter how small the change or shitty the photo, the point is to enjoy spending a little time with your doll. Lewd BJDs are welcome too.

The recommended frequency is monthly or bimonthly. If you have one or two dolls, consider participating at least once a month. If you have more than two dolls, consider participating at least twice a month.

I'll start us off with Ellie here. She's an Angel Philia doll who I haven't decided on a proper name for yet. I changed her out of cute blue frilly Volks dress into something a little more Angel Philiaish. I was surprised by how cute she looked in it and ended up taking more photos than I intended using proper lights and so on.

Your turn, Anon!
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Thank you. I actually think the outfit looks better without them but I just... she needs them on, you know?
(1.07 MB 1512x2016 week2.JPG)
Bit late for my second pic. It's getting colder but still not time for pants.
>off the shoulder + zettai ryoiki
Powerful combination Anon.
Thanks Anon. Dolls are at their best with zettai ryouiki.
(1.96 MB 4032x3024 toobs.JPG)
Changing up 2B's look for this week.

(133.17 KB 540x740 mdl_DDdy2B_img.jpg)
/doll/ Buyfag Thread Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 12:31:54 No. 98 [Reply]
We've all spent too much money on dolls. What's your latest doll, clothes or random purchase? Anything you are excited for?
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(438.87 KB 2048x1152 EIhQWRhU4AAl-hn.jpg-large.jpeg)
(438.87 KB 2048x1152 EIhQWRhU4AAl-hn.jpg-large.jpeg)
(8.31 KB 512x448 cheap to clothe.png)
(23.34 KB 298x192 PuyoPuyo.png)
(1.31 MB 800x1038 Puyomsx2.png)
>>99 (checked)
>Anyone going to go for Arle?
She's very tempting, but I don't want to get an MDD-size girl. If I can resist the Ribbon/Coron double whammy then I can resist Arle. I already have enough trouble wanting clothes for my DD-size girls, though maybe with Arle that isn't a problem (second pic related).
(67.11 KB 570x570 fortoobs.jpg)
Just bought this lovely maid outfit for my Toobs at a good price.
Very nice outfit, please post pics when it arrives.
That’s going to look fantastic on her. Echoing >>123 request for pictures when she’s in it.
Will be sure to share, I'd like her in her default a little longer but I might go maid style around Christmas.

(1.26 MB 1024x768 IMG_3068.PNG)
Custom and Modding Thread Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 15:23:31 No. 36 [Reply]
Do you own any modded dolls or parts? Would you consider doing so? Also ITT post cute customised girls.
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Those do look handy hurrhurr but also a little creepy and skeletal.
(57.59 KB 800x685 yixbnu56eocd1.jpg)
Elf ears are pointy and cute.

Most are cast out of resin so that's beyond a weekend project for the uninitiated. Maybe something like paper clay might work. Or adapting the Parabox fairy ears (pictured) to non-Parabox heads.
Whatever you do, do not attempt to make ears out of duct tape...
You can get resin elf ears that clip over ordinary doll ears. Unfortunately you can’t use magnets because the ears aren’t concealed beneath the wigs.
>>46 Where do you get those? I only know of that Taobao seller but they no longer make elf ears.
(468.06 KB 1152x2048 25892385110_0db42a2555_k.jpg)
>Whatever you do, do not attempt to make ears out of duct tape...
Do you have a story to tell us, Anon?

(442.40 KB 600x458 desu.png)
(313.55 KB 566x1024 suiseiseki.jpg)
(47.26 KB 360x480 suiseiseki doll 3.jpeg)
(59.00 KB 474x558 suiseiseki doll 2.jpeg)
(51.01 KB 360x480 suiseikei doll.jpeg)
First post GET for Suiseiseki desu! Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 01:16:22 No. 1 [Reply]
And maybe the rest of the rozen maiden in general too desu!
9 posts and 7 images omitted.
(57.40 KB 1140x755 CNvpvPJU8AE89lR.jpg)
Most of it gets posted on Twitter by Japs but it shouldn't bother you if you have a few keywords to start with and look through reposts for good users to bookmark. But it's social media and has extreme amounts of noise making it extremely tiring to infinitely scroll. And god help you if you accidentally click a post making you lose your position in the page.
That's where I was hoping anons on IBs would step in to post good stuff they find.. but yeah, never happened. The closest was that Desu board but it was all shitty Rozens, reaction images and 3DPD 1/1 dolls since the janitors decided that doll images don't belong there.
And regarding lewds, there's very little of it now since there's a coordinated to turn everything into a cleanfeed. It also didn't help that ages ago halfchan brought unneeded attention to that one lewd board leading to their stuff reposted everywhere (and some assholes even started sites for profit) driving everyone off. It's not a very big community and everyone goes to the same few events so go figure.


Could you please delete the post that fell out the thread? The block bypass caught me off guard.
(93.87 KB 835x835 shokku.jpg)
>some assholes even started sites for profit
T-There were for-profit doll porn sites?
(179.53 KB 600x750 Hinaichigo.jpg)
Reminder to all you memeing fucks that Hinaichigo is best Rozen by the end.
Fucking how? Bitch didn’t even.
shit taste. Boatlights is forever

(1.65 MB 2000x1136 8960937139_f6d557c65a_o.jpg)
(745.67 KB 2048x1152 14325215797_e0ac50cef9_o.jpg)
(1014.87 KB 4000x2670 9017387315_0c8a16223a_o.jpg)
(2.73 MB 2000x2000 24425609916_a393096621_o.jpg)
(211.45 KB 1024x683 family.jpg)
Family size? Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 16:28:06 No. 23 [Reply]
How many dolls in your household, Anons?

I have four girls and one more is on her way. One of the things I like about dolls is that they don't take up as much space as figure collecting and you get a lot more fun from them, so I'm trying to keep the family down to a more manageable size as much as I can. I don't see myself ever being someone who has double digit counts of dolls... but then I never thought I'd get more than two.
4 posts omitted.
>The guilt of not bringing them out weighs on you when they're sitting there watching you all day.
I know this feel. I only have a few but I feel guilty for not showing them enough attention, changing their clothes more often than every couple of months, and so on. I always think that changing their clothes and giving them new looks will be a fun activity but I always end up getting stressed and grumpy when I do it for some reason. It just feels like too much of a production even though I have everything organised well.

>Been too busy. It’s been upsetting me.
One collector I know of who has many dolls makes a “doll appointment” each week to take out one doll, change her clothes, give her a brush, maybe take a couple of photos, and generally appreciate her. Might be something to consider. It’s no good to be stressed out about something that’s supposed to bring you joy.
>doll appointment
Why don’t we do something like this in a thread here? Like a book or cinema club but for dolls, a weekly or bimonthly time when we do something small with our dolls and take at least one photo, no matter how shitty.
Just stressed out I can't devote time to them right now more than anything. Generalized work and stuff this year is very busy. I go from extreme periods of work to lots of downtime. It just is what it is. I'm exhausted when I get in to the point I don't even want to play with the dolls. I'll get some time soon though, but it's increasingly looking like it won't happen until the end of the year.
I kind of like this idea, especially if there was themes. Like monthly theme could be anything simple.
It’d have to be very simple so that it doesn’t present too much of an obstacle. The whole point is to get dolls off their shelves after all.


no cookies?