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Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 23:45:30 No. 79
hi i'm the person who has the old jinteki site up on neocities, i don't really know what happened to the akitaro guy other than that he was looking for hosting before
i want to update the site with newer stuff (like new android info since xposed is dead) and fix some broken pages
if anyone has good content to put on the site, it'd be appreciated!
alternatively if the guy is still around and there's a updated version already please let me know because i can't find your contact since nobody uses tox anymore
Man, I have missed so much. I would have re-created cyberlife on neocities on my own, but was too lazy. I'm glad he stashed the code on github.

Many newcomers won't even understand many of the references there. Hell, I barely understand either. Akitaro...if you're out there, let us know. And RIP xposed.
Err, wrong "xposed". But still sucks that it's gone.
What happened to the old Jinteki site?
iirc akitaro just couldn't afford it anymore or something like that? he was self hosting before, he used to take pictures of his setup on 8ch
Please link the right cy.7z
It is still available here: https://web.archive.org/web/20170926154303/http://jinteki.industries/files/cy.7z
done! neocities doesn't allow many file types to be uploaded without paying for things. sorry i didn't notice sooner.
added some new sites today and removed some dead links, i'll have to go through the other pages and add new recommendations etc etc
maybe i should add an update log? don't want to shit up this board but also don't want to butcher the original site too much.
to be honest don't be afraid, if you want to talk with ex-cyb community there's a lot of us on #/g/punk on Rizon

cyberpunk has always been anonymous and as long as you respect the aesthetic and make shit better that is perfectly alright
>>79 If anyone knows how to get in contact with akitaro, let him know I'm willing to pay for site, host, whatever for jinteki if he still needs. Can be reached at provided email.

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