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Always come back Anonymous 11/22/2022 (Tue) 23:15:04 No.498
Doesn't matter how much time pass, how much the life changed, i always ending here, maybe with a different feeling, maybe i am a different person, i start just a lonely day or night, procrastinating and trying to leave my mind of my house, trying to don't think on real problems, trying to think that the world is so easy that we are the lonely punk hackers that will change the world, that we will win against the big corps, life isn't that i am not the boy of 14 years that discovered this sites, the pandemic shit change everything, but doesn't matter what everything on the web seems to be dead and olvidado, when the pandemic end i left too, i feel sad because of that, but i got very nice months since, life is good when we don't give a fuck, with alcohol, drugs or maybe just a pack of cigarettes, just forgetting the world and the problems, living in the moment, i don't know what i will do in the future, i don't know if i will have time to talk to my dad and trying to fix all the problems, i don't know, i would like to do music but i need to study because i live in the third world and i'm poor, i have fear of being old and then doesn't have the energy to do the things that i like, to just look back on life and feel sad like i feel now and how i was feeling every time that i come back, maybe the next time the things will be better for everyone
Open file (34.05 KB 424x324 1641927954211.jpg)
I feel you, anon. The Internet feels empty , so many site are slowly dying, it is kinda sad. The pandemic sucked extra hard in the third world. hope it gets better.
Open file (69.36 KB 530x520 KittenChickenComfy.jpg)
>>498 We have agency, especially people who give a thought to the world we live in. Most people tune in to TV, Netflix or the like. And yet we can do so much more. I have that a try, not big earthshattering things, just a few things here and there, and then I looked for the results, like rings in water, staying anonymous where I could, pseudonymous otherwise. And the interesting thing is that it doesn't take much to effect a change, make things better, improve life just a tiny bit. It takes more patience and persistence than hard work, something that surprised me a bit. And it still does. And yet it works. Of course there will be resistance and setbacks. Yet you can bear through. In a way it makes sense, for had it not, nobody could have built a civilisation. Kings and emperors are remembered, yet success was built on the backs of nameless people. I know what you mean about growing old and not seeing success. People have written about it more poetically, like "Because their words had forked no lightning". So give it a try, and the next time you return, it will be a brighter place.
>>499 I barely find the Internet fun anymore. You would think that now with billions of people using it constantly there'd always be someone to talk to, but that's not the case. I'm at the point where I would rather never spend time online if I can help it.
>>561 > I'm at the point where I would rather never spend time online if I can help it. Perhaps a healthy choice. But isn't your 'disdain' for being online mostly just an artifact of the disenfranchisement by so many small & vibrant communities with the Globohomo's oppressive """vibrancy"""? That wasn't an accidental 'oh, things just turned out that way' thing, that was a deliberate destruction by the globalists of anything they could manage it with, that didn't fit into their schemes. If you want something cool again, then be the future you imagine.

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