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Open file (10.63 KB 182x277 1.jpeg)
I am never contributing to a USA company or government projects. Anonymous 10/01/2022 (Sat) 22:21:10 No.462
Giving them technology is a mistake since they're all just gangsters and immediately sell out any tech to the worst enemies of the Western world without any concern about how it will be abused and invite enemy nations to co-opt the country and corporations for personal profit while lying to everyone that it's for world peace and global cooperation; they're actually just selling Americans and the entire Western world out to enemy nations. All the Western universities are the same thing, anything you give them is immediately handed over to China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. for free because they're captured institutions that have been weaponized to steal Western tech. You're insane, absolutely insane, if you are giving technology to USA universities, companies, or government. They need to be shut down because they're just stealing everything from our country for China. These Federal agent spies for China and Israel put other spies in charge of the companies and institutions to steal all our technology and giving them anything is only hurting Americans further by giving rival countries all our tech advantages. The buck stops here. I will not give the USA, its corporations, or universities ANYTHING until they assassinate these spies and lock down technological secrets.And if you're giving tech to them, watch your back because I'm coming after you.
>>462 You will perhaps be happy to hear that several US professors have been tried for undeclared Chinese funding. Parts of te US government still cares. it is not as monolithic as some believe.
>>463 I am happy to hear it, but it's an all or nothing thing and the laws and environment have changed to transfer anything you give to them to rival nations immediately. Either the institutions are secure and won't leak tech, or they won't. As it is the USA's foreign agents have crippled every aspect of the country's tech development they can through government policy. Patents are literally put on a global internet for every country to see, universities publish their studies online for the world to collect, companies sell globally allowing rival nations to reverse engineer it, every university is open to training members of any nation, foreign agent spies like Eric Schmidt are saying that the USA will not gain a technological advantage unless they put foreign natonals into the development projects where they can steal technological advantages, and the enemy nations of the world have been allowed to set up their intelligence and soft power campaign operations right in the country by simply claiming to be businesses or non-profit (often religious) organizations. Multinationalism DOES NOT WORK and multinational institutions are just vehicles for exerting malicious influence and stealing tech from other countries. Whites are their own national group and we shouldn't be supporting in any way these multinational institutions that are working for enemy nations to loot our nation of everything we have. Give something to a US company, to a US school, to the USA government and it will be in China's hands within a week because these multinational institutions are just tech stealing operations on Western soil. So no. If I contribute to anything it's going to be a Whites only organization with a security detail that will covertly assassinate people for just saying they support foreign immigration. We are not 1 nation and the USA Federal government works for enemy nations, not us.
Open file (927.83 KB 1170x1707 1.jpg)
These are the people crafting policy in the Federal government. They are extremely hateful of the Western population, they are openly advocating sabotaging Western economies, and the Federal law enforcement aren't blacksiting them while these foreign agents run terrorism, inimtidation, harassment, and communicatons obstruction campaigns against the Western population. So no, I don't think it would be a good idea to support any of these institutions technologically or otherwise. The Federal government IS NOT serving the Western nations, they're working for the enemy and a few arrests of professors blatantly accepting bribes from China to sabotage the West is not going to change that because transfering tech to China has become Federal government policy, institutional policy, and if a company or institution refuses to allow enemy national spies to infiltrate them, the FBI targets them for "White Supremacy". ZERO technological support for any of these multinational institutions is the appropriate response. The Western nations have absolutely no advantages other than tech, these institutions are working for enemy nations and they need to be shut down and their employees executed for treason where they played a role in facilitating these tech transfer and their descendants' assets seized and citizenship revoked.
Let go of your racist brainworms, and you might enjoy life more. However, other than that you're right. I'm learning Mandarin so I can go work for the future, not for the clowns in Washington. They're so scared by the Chinese kicking their asses in AI that they put a halt on TPU sales. Too little too late if you ask me. It's a shortsighted sanction that will only accelerate China's independence from American technology.
Open file (1.03 MB 2352x4096 media_Fd5nfuxVIAADXtV.jpg)
>>469 What makes you think China is the answer? It seems rather unstable these days, pollution is out of control and I am not sure why you would want to work for them or in China. Why not look at South Korea and Japan?
>>470 Both of those countries are in demographic death-spirals, with populations on track to drop by half or more by 2100, with matching economic contraction. There's no hope there, least of all for the fa rangs they despise and blame for destroying them. They're not wrong--American-style feminism is the reason their women are marrying their jobs, refusing to have children, and dying alone in their tiny apartments full of cats. It's fashionable. They're imitating the Western (((feminists))) who did the same thing to us.
>>465 You. I like you Anon, no homo.
>>509 Well, at least the otakus there in positions of power will release robowaifus on the world before the kikes manage to kill the Nipponese culture off entirely (as they have with the West).
>>509 East Asia is massively overpopulated, fewer people will result in better quality of life for those living there in the future. These countries aren't going to vanish - there are more chinese under the age of 25 alive than there are americans under the age of 100.
Open file (456.84 KB 500x500 1664476506365.png)
>>509 Geez, women, if given the choice, prefer to live with cats rather than men. Best to blame the Jews, rite?
>>527 >Best to blame the Jews, rite? Exactly so. BTW, care to break your """statistics""" down by race. Say, how many of these heinous crimes are commited by niggers and spics, for instance (in Burgerland as just one example), or by mudshits in Yurope. BTW, Tits or GTFO is still a law in effect, m'dear. >*tips fedora*
Open file (106.00 KB 1050x913 feminism.jpg)
Open file (2.29 MB 1272x6168 feminism 897897987.JPG)
>>527 >inferring the feminism isn't a jewish construct fuck off hasbara
>>573 >first pic Tranny inclusive 'feminism" is not feminism.
>>575 >'feminism" is not feminism Whatever (((You))) say anon.
>>575 Feminism is literally just the study of women/femininity. That's it. One can absolutely hate women and study female psychology to exploit them and they would still be a feminist. A tranny wants to be a woman so they learn how to act and behave like one. Presto, they are now a feminist. Stop imbuing technical terms with positive/negative judgements and feelings.
Open file (305.14 KB 1108x801 13-50.png)
>>528 >Say, how many of these heinous crimes are commited by niggers and spics, for instance (in Burgerland as just one example), or by mudshits in Yurope. It's nowhere near as disparate really. And even if it were, the real question is: why are there such disparities to begin with? Mentally-functioning people have a huge body of research providing answers (men are socially expected to be more violent, wealth inequalities drive crime up on the poorer side, mainstream media overemphasize info that feeds male and race insecurities...) while rightoids have, in 8 years since we've been having these shit discussions, never been able to provide anything beyond "if there are differences, it has to be genes" with the occasional PCA diagram to pretend you know what you're talking about. There's a reason people like you never debate outside anonymous imageboards, and it's not fear that your local rabbi might backtrace your posts and kill you for parroting Alex Jones.
>>580 You’re acting like crime for women isn’t massively underreported. When women do things that would be considered crimes for men, it’s basically treated as a joke (being violent with someone, rape, petty theft). And if couples commit a crime, the blame normally falls entirely on the man with the women getting away scot free, like they are a child who was emotionally manipulated into something.
>>577 I too can argue by making up definitions for words that do not match anything that was ever in any dictionary.

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