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Anonymous 09/09/2022 (Fri) 20:49:34 No.433
Corechan is mostly about technology. There's an off-topic board too. Come and check it out. https://corechan.net/index.html
>433 If I can not post on your site with Netscape Navigator 9 on my Windows 2000 shit box, then your site sucks.
>>440 Should work tbh. No JS required, it's just simple HTML.
>>447 Just tried again and it doesn’t work. To be fair, I am trying to use a web browser from 2007 which is pretty much just modified Firefox 2.0. I would have been surprised if it did let me post.
>>448 Strange, I know ancient schizo browsers work with LynxChan. Don't know why they don't work with jschan. Oh well.
>>433 nice I'll check it out and post

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