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Open file (2.07 MB 5504x3096 singapore night.jpg)
Cyberpunk in Real Life Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 01:52:09 No.23
Would Singapore count as an IRL cyberpunk setting? I'm assuming everyone here is familiar with William Gibson's "Disneyland with the Death Penalty" article.

What other actual locations would count as cyberpunk?
>What other actual locations would count as cyberpunk
South Korea comes to mind.
Hong Kong
Japan, Taiwan, some major cities in the west.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
I would have said Tokio in first place
>>23 >What other actual locations would count as cyberpunk? The entire world as it is now counts as cyberpunk in my eyes. It's basically Deus Ex right now.
>>102 Just too bad there's no actual NSF
>>115 >NSF By the time we have the NSF, it'll be too late and we'll be in the Invisible War.
>>102 This, I've been saying for a while that we live in the cyberpunk era, but I think 2020 is the point where denying it is simply delusional.
>>102 >>137 This isn't new. People have been saying that for at least ten years. >>115 The IRL ruling class is a lot smarter than Bob Page. If any NSF analogue were to show up, it would probably be a honeypot.
>>137 Do you think the 2020s will mark as a transition period towards a fully cyberpunk world?
>>144 We're already living in a fully cyberpunk world. We simply are lacking the aesthetics, that's all.
>>150 >We simply are lacking the aesthetics, that's all. It's not rad and Japanese, it's plastic and Chinese instead
Open file (613.12 KB 1200x800 Sentosa Island.jpeg)
Lived in Singapore for 8 months in 2011/2012. If you define Cyberpunk as "High tech, Low life" then its the definitive real life example to look to. In the nice apartment i lived in the pantry doubled up as a bomb shelter in case China ever decided to invade. Every year they have a national parade that gave me North Korea vibes, and if you are not Singaporean then you need to stay at home unless you like paying a fine. Walking along the main commercial high street with JP Morgan employees in suits sweating in the 80% humidity is directly contrasted with the Malaysian wet market just a few blocks over. Ultra clean streets that if looked at too closely reveal working girls entering dodgy abodes with secret door knocks, or the various bars that for some reason have blacked out windows and doors. Even the pristine shopping malls become a shady place at night, skateboarders can't skate outside so they do it in the empty halls of these malls, or if you know where to go you can visit what i was told was called the "Four Floors of Whores", i think you can figure out the rest. And don't forget if you feel like voicing your opinions on how the PAP run things then you better make sure you only do it at the Speakers corner, unless you want a defamation case levied against you. Also no porn allowed, no drugs allowed and depending on where you are from, no jobs either. But you can get a good tan on a lovely beach on Sentosa Island, just don't go in the water, unless you want a nasty rash from the numerous cargo ships coming in and out constantly spilling shit into the sea. I'm sure there are other places in the world where this all applies, but thankfully i will never live there (until my native homeland followed suite) but it was an eye opening experience that i will never forget. I think in 2021 we may all be a little bit closer to cyberpunk than we want to admit, i can't imagine what Singapore is like now.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvWiCclESL8&t=3s&ab_channel=R%CE%9BZ%CE%9ER Did anyone else get serious cyberpunk vibes from Razer's mask announcement?
>>165 it doesn't sound like a nice place to live in
>>193 >it doesn't sound like a nice place to live in which is exactly why it's /cyber/
I'm surprised Shenzhen, China has not yet been mentioned. Go do an image search for "shenzhen night" or some variation on that. The place is the electronics capitol of the world.
All modern cities count as cyberpunk locals at this point. You have self driving electric cars piloted by an increasingly technocratic middle class driving by the homeless camps that litter and clog the streets and walkways. All the while glittering steel and glass liths scrape the clouds, their innards teeming with human drones operating ever more complex computer systems dedicated to supporting the monstrous corporate bureaucracies that more or less acts as the defacto government via lobbying, campaign funds, and even the writing of laws. Who supplies the food? Industrial farms owned by a few megacorps. Who supplies the media? A few megacorps who exclusively hoard IP. Who supplies building materials and consumer goods? A few megacorps who work in international and overseas markets to provide the cheapest labor and goods. Who supplies logistical and computational resources. A few megacorps who have come to dominate the communications/software market. In some cases, these megacorps overlap, like in the case of amazon where they are a media, logistics, tech, and manufacturing conglomerate. If you are not ruled by a conglomerate you are ruled by a dictator who, when they are reminded of the lack of power they hold culturally, religiously, or even traditionally, will neal under fealty to the unity of the conglomerate who has subsumed the largest and most powerful coalition of states or express their interests as a corpo conglomerate (like in the case of Russia). Now you can argue about the ability for this state of afairs to maintain itself, however, one thing is certain. The technocratic financial monoliths are here to stay and right now youre living under their benevolent thumb. Yes. Singapore is a cyberpunk citie as it exists in a cyberpunk world.
>>201 thanks for the tip, i was ignorant about it tbh.
>>165 On the other hand, you can walk down the street at after dark without worrying that Shitavious and half a dozen of his homeboys will pull up in a stolen car with clouds of weed smoke coming out of the windows and stomp you to death on the sidewalk for being a honkey in their presence. The Malay day-laborers are simpletons, but they know their place, the police tolerate no monkeyshines, and the streets are safe. >if you feel like voicing your opinions on how the PAP run things Why would you even think of such a thing, as a foreigner and a guest? I would not go to another country and try to tell them what to do. You sound very immature and very entitled. >no drugs allowed For some of us, that's a feature, not a bug. Look, would you really rather live in Detroit? I've actually been to Detroit, by the way. I advise against going south of Eight Mile Road, east of Telegraph, or north of the Rouge River while wearing white skin. It's Haiti with snow in there. >depending on where you are from, no jobs either Go read Hobbes and Locke and learn about this new thing that's just been invented called a "social contract" between the citizen and the state.
>>229 I don't recall signing a contract.

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