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Anonymous 10/03/2021 (Sun) 23:52:45 No.214
This board seems like it has been abandoned, to be honest this whole site may end up as another abandoned corner/layer of the internet i will not be surprised if the owners have left this place, anyway if this is the case then it has been an honour, but i have also come with a question, can it be argued that East Asia is the most cyberpunk place at the moment? Of course it has influenced cyberpunk a lot that is certain, i do not expect many replies if any at all as activity has diminished, but hopefully someone will respond, if not then Godspeed, hopefully we will all meet again somewhere else one day, wherever you all are.
>>214 It is fairly quiet here but the latest FAQ was posted in the board, probably the first update after the purge on 4chan. Where people went, remains a mystery. East Asia is a bit vague. If you say Far East, as in JP, KR, CN I think the answer i yes. Tokyo and Tsukuba are high tech, Hong Kong is pretty intense, Shenzhen is the nexus of high tech (pirate) production, and Taiwan makes most of the chips in the world at TSMC and UMC.
>>215 Yeah i meant the far east such as China,Japan, Korea etc, i am glad to see another anon, i was not aware of a purge, i truly believe that what is happening in the east is foreshadowing for what awaits the rest of the world.
Open file (53.95 KB 700x520 Human_Augmentation.gif)
>>216 I think in terms of tech, Japan and Korea are ahead, China is more unclear, especially about how much is industrial espionage rather than home grown tech. Interestingly the UK has become very liberal for gene editing tech, including high level decisions for the "three parent child" where the mitochondrial DNA was taken from another woman. China is strongly suspected of intending to use gene editing for military use. Pic. related is a US wish list but that was before CRISPR/Cas9 was known. Outside tech, Japan had a financial bubble bursting, tanking much of the economy with stagflation, while the rest of the world helpfully providing all sorts of advice for quick fixes. Now EU and the US are approaching similar financial terrain and all the clever advice is drying up quickly. Financially we recovered quickly from Lehman Brothers tanking in 2008 but for ordinary people we are still not entirely out of the woods.
>>217 Sorry for replying so late, it really is going to be some decade ahead of us, especially some century i am both excited and terrified.
Open file (1.85 MB 13glis.mp3)
>>218 It is a bit mixed. There is a lot of stagnation, only a few field see progress beyond incrementally more fancy wrapping. At least we have some music (if this works...)
>>220 Good song anon, hopefully this slow down and replication crisis is not a lasting factor, it would be a shame, but i feel we will see breakthroughs soon enough.
>>221 Academic freedom means only academia can fix the replication crisis. Since many in academia got into high offices based on questionable work, we have a huge moral hazard issue here. I cannot see any way out of this for the foreseeable future. Perhaps we need a bot/AI to unmask each and every frauds and have them thrown out.
>>222 An A.I. would be perfect to correct our errors, we just need to make sure it does the right things.
>>223 A bit like Eudeamon?
An archive of /cyb/ files: https://files.catbox.moe/u4xk7w.7z
Seems someone is trying to resurrect the CybSec wiki., at least the contents: https://cyb-sec.neocities.org/pages/
>>226 I am intrigued, but at the same time the information there is outdated and half-assed. For example, there is zero point in going for a CompTIA Security+ cert unless you are already very well versed in networking. Get Network+ or your CCNA first. Unless you can talk to me and convince me that you actually know something about the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, between TCP and UDP, between the different layers of the OSI model, unless you can talk to me competently and sound knowledgeable about what the TTL data at a packet does and what it means, you're not going to make it. Maybe you could eventually pass Security+ with enough tries just by sheer rote memorization of the source material--but if you don't have a deep understanding of networking, if you don't know the difference between a router and a switch, if you don't know what the flags on a TCP packet do, and if you can't explain all these things to me without googling for it, then you don't actually know shit and you're a liability, not an asset, in the infosec world. A+ is Babby's First Cert, it always has been, even the 2019-current version that's got so much material stuffed into it that you take it as two separate tests, and the tiny bit of networking in it will not get you very far when the hiring manager says "explain to me how you would secure my office network." And if you somehow bluff your way past an HR drone who doesn't understand any of the big words and get the job without a technical interview, you STILL don't really know jack shit and you are STILL a liability in the position, not an asset. Really, if you want to work in infosec, as opposed to talking about it on Internet forums, a Master's in Electrical Engineering is nowadays being demanded by a lot of firms as the absolute minimum buy-in, plus a government security clearance, preferably current and active. Not saying it's impossible to find work without those, but if all you have is certs, you may end up being stuck in tier 1 helldesk phone drone jobs, getting screamed at and threatened by brain donors who lied on their resumes and want you to teach them how to Powerpoint before that big meeting in two hours, and you will probably get a dollar over minimum wage for it.
>>230 I am no expert on /sec/ and the pages are not mine. Had it been mine I sure would have chosen a more readable set of fonts and colour, it as really painful. Anyway, the cert discussions on /sec/ were heated but rarely productive and it is indicative that the current 4ch /cyb/ /sec/ thread brings up angry but ultimately non-productive comments about certs. I see the SecFAQ has not been copied over, not sure why, but an old copy is available here: https://archive.md/rroTR It is 20 years since I did any sec work and that was a different era. I will not pretend I can make any meaningful contribution but I hope others can. I see the editor accepts pull requests. It would be nice it it were updated, if only to avoid the same questions coming up again and again.
>>215 >Where people went, remains a mystery. They went back to 8kunt then I don't know what happened. I refuse to go to that hellhole so I hope this board can be revived.
>>233 Went *back* there? I didn't know that is where they came from.
>>234 This was the 8ch /cyber/ bunker
Open file (1.82 MB 500x500 1626587382727.gif)
>>235 I had a look there, seems rather dead, and I saw no indications they came from there. How did you see this?
>>236 Dude, the entire webring exists to host 8ch boards after the site went down in 2019. And /cyber/ was on of the boards I browsed on 8ch. See >>8 and >>>/meta/172
>>237 The reference was to the incident at 4chan, I never knew of 8ch. Did you mean that after the exodus from 4chan people went to or returned to 8ch?
>>214 it doesnt seem that dead judging by these reply times
Open file (42.27 KB 500x375 stillalive.jpg)
>>214 Cyber just can't die.
>>214 Have you done anything for this board to not get abandoned? No? Serves you right.
>>240 Things are definitely improving, though we are far from the halcyon days of /cyb/ on 4chan. Hopefully more people will appear.
>>243 greetings chummers. i only now noticed the /cyber/ board here. Definitely beats lurking lainchan for hours.
>>243 You know red lasers are harder to see in day time than green lasers. I think in future we will see green lasers in replacement of red lasers. Unless Blue or purple lasers somehow is found to be more useful.
>>243 I think I was here at the end of 2019, and I just forgot about this place.
>>246 With augmented vision, the visibility of the colour would change. And some biological augmentation is available already, it just isn't that well known. Red and IR laser is better for passing through the air, while blue is more scattered and when you get much past violet you get absorption in the air.
>>215 >Where people went, remains a mystery. Some posters say they went to a secret club. I don't know where that is, they would not say. https://desuarchive.org/g/thread/84363498/
>>238 I dont know anything about 4chan. I discovered the board around 2016 on 8ch.
Now that Matrix 4 is released, we might get more interest in Cyberpunk. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20211207-the-matrix-and-the-sci-fi-stories-that-became-a-reality
>>270 >matrix 4 >cyberpunk retard
Is there a new board owner?
Open file (179.65 KB 1429x1022 UndergroundHideout.jpg)
>>353 I don't think so, and according to the "Boards" list, the board owner is (still) inactive.
So is this board dead as well? Fucking hell..
>>473 Not really, it is just slow. This seems to be the new home of the slowly updated /cyb/ FAQ.
>>474 I see. It's the only place I found for this subject and it's this slow so it's a bit disheartening. May as well try and re-invigorate it :D
>>475 I'll do my bit, by bringing back the /cyb/ News of old.
>>220 Oh man, UnrealSuperhero3, I remember this from way back in the days of pirating Sony Vegas and stuff.
>>491 >UnrealSuperhero3 Ah, so that is what it was called, thanks! It is one of my favourites, along with "Human Race" from "Goldrunner": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO-MxmvbL5A (variations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpCVTQCDsaY and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1yJI9_3caw) These composers never got the recognition they deserved.
Time to do my annual check in.
>>529 Check in checked Anon.
>>529 Hope you stay around to review the FAQ posted in the other thread. Even though /cyb/ was killed on 4ch, the FAQs are being maintained.
And so we pass, like ships in the night.
>>534 Good to know.
>>473 As far as I can remember, all cyberpunk forums were always dead.
>>566 There's always someone lurking about.
Open file (87.02 KB 2736x1660 TheFall.png)
>>566 No, the 4chan cyberpunk general on /g/ was intense up to the end, when the mods killed it for reasons unknown. After that event, I guess here is one of the few remaining.
>>214 they're not even close. I've seen s.kor*a, which is supposed to be the most advanced place in as*a, but it's nothing but large neon signs to advertise places/stores. the buildings and roads are incredibly shitty, so shitty, that they even have 2 foot pot holes INSIDE their cities. Nothing advanced/cyber about a rundown country with lots of poorly-made ads in lights everywhere - that's called a corporate hell. asians are actually incredibly low-iq, and they have to hire German companies to set-up something as simple as a factory to produce plastic bowls. I call people like that "Screechers". they hate something about themselves so much, that they screech that they're the opposite - like how niggers pretend to be tough, but in real life they are on average about a head or more shorter than some of the shorter European men.
Lainchan is still pretty active though it's less cyberpunk and just a Lain themed alt chan
>>214 /cyb/ on /g is back
It seems like 4chan is busy again, but it's lame and repetitive. I miss the old 8chan. Late city is fuckn' gone, and I haven't bothered to check /comfy/ lately, but I know the thread with the pictures from the 80s/90s is gone. Not even archived, wtf!
>>625 >but I know the thread with the pictures from the 80s/90s is gone. I'm just passing through, but are you talking about the one with all the mall pics and stuff? If someone made a thread, I could repost a bunch of them. Too bad the discussion is gone though. There was a guy in there who seemed to know his stuff when it comes to architecture.
>>625 >Late city is fuckn' gone They have moved here.
>>625 >pictures from the 80s/90s Was it on /comfy/ ? I think it was on late but if you think it was on /comfy/ please let me know so I will restore it. t. /comfy/ BO

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