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Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 18:35:47 No.134
What can i use for a private chat with some friends, nothing fancy at all, just text and images, with a reasonable percent of privacy?
>>134 whatsapp
Open file (148.00 KB 796x738 alternatives.PNG)
>>136 Why uBlock and AdblockPlus?
>>136 >DuckDuckGo >Tor >Telegram
Open file (74.26 KB 859x568 ddg.png)
>>136 > Instead of Twitter use Gab > Instead of Facebook use Minds > Instead of Google use DuckDuckGo Stop trading one centralized platform for another, I'll remind everyone twitter and facebook started out pretty free-speech too. The only answer is decentralization.
>>152 >>151 What do I use instead of DDG?
>>153 A searx instance, or YaCy if you're hardcore.
>>154 Thanks, I'll look into those.
>>154 What about swisscows?
>>152 > The only answer is decentralization. Well, at least you had the common courtesy to suggest there may be a better alternative. Maybe you're not just a Marxist goon like all the rest then. Mind giving us some specifics you have in mind?
>>158 The webring is a start, next we need some cryptowizard to come up with an actual WebRing chat
>>134 qtox is good, just learn how to use it
>>136 >some stupid feeemale's choices What is that site anyway? Is it one of her listed ones, because if not.....
If you want truly private, XMPP with OMEMO en d-to-end encryption is the way to go.
tox is nice if you don't need group conversations in android or to synchronize anything (this is cringe and useless, don't). There are good clients (ratox, toxic, qtox) for linux, you can pick your fav flavor.
>>158 Tox is a P2P software but the network traffic might be too much to be handled in a single phone. I dunno, never got it to work mainly because never had a friend or relative patient enough to install it and test it. You might look up XMPP/Matrix if you want a federated alternative.
Session messenger is safe and anonymous
>>271 What do we know of the company behind the app?
>>271 Crypto honeypot
>>273 Operated by whom? There is a dozen agencies that would like to pull off a heist like this.
Open file (36.54 KB 474x310 th(1).jpg)
>>134 Just write your own protocol you fucking mog.
>>277 Making your own protocol is rarely a god idea, more so when cryptography is involved, and most of all if the person asking is unfamiiar with programming and by all indicatins have no real knowlegde of crypto. The infamous Debian crypto disaster is an excellent example of what happens when ordinary developers meddle with things they do not fully grasp. We still do not know the full implication of that case, and probably never will.
>>134 GNU jami
>>153 Searx or whoogle
You could use Signal or Telegram or Matrix
>>317 Telegram isn't safe to use outside of private one-on-one calls, and feds lurk around it.
Mumble Open source, able to host on own hardware, simple design, and not resource heavy, works on just about anything, even dated 32bit hobby machines.
Session >signal fork >normie and user friendly >no phone number >no email >available in fdroid >based on lokinet, decentralized I tried tox for a while but it drains your phone battery. It's nice if you are only discussing with your friends at home or at a particular hour.
>>317 Telegram >CEO is a World Economic Forum member >Questionable E2E https://www.weforum.org/people/pavel-durov https://restoreprivacy.com/secure-encrypted-messaging-apps/telegram/ Matrix >Created by an Israeli phone company that data-mined and spied on Americans >Fake decentralized >Matrix stores the data posted to any room indefinitely on all participating servers https://archive.org/details/CensoredIsraeliSoftwareSpyingOnUSAmDocsComverseInfosysCarlCameronDec2001 https://wikiless.org/wiki/Amdocs
>>607 That is not a marketing-friendly name.
If they expect high tech, go low tech. That also goes for super secret military tricks.
I do come here almost every day and lurk around. I don't know much about cyberpunk but I do like the aesthetic. I hope to learn tho.
What about Nextcloud? Does it work well to chat and share files with friends and family? I'll host my own server of course.
>>149 uBlock Origin is enough. Websites can check what add-ons you use to identify you, use as few as possible
>>134 Try a DNS server with ad blocker. Just google.
Psi+ with Omemo Encryption is probbaly the best client for what you want its lightweight simple and not bloated and has all has all the necessary privacy mitigations for a XMMP client (visit digdeeper .club and go to XMMP clients usage and mitigation)
matrix client and onionshare are good options too
>>617 What is the name of that comic? It looks good.
>>648 It is Cassiopeia Quinn: https://www.cassiopeiaquinn.com/ The artist is/was a regular in 4chan /co/, and has a very characteristic style.
Never trust anyone who offers you an "official" app/program/way of using it, the means of chatting on the internet, that survived for the longest (and will for decades to come) are those, that have just a simple protocol specification, that others can follow. IRC stood the test of time just because of this. If there was a central authority, an official client, proprietary server side or anything like that, it would have been abounded long ago. IRC is insecure though, you can try to secure it to some degree, but it's still some frankenstein solution, instead of something that has reasonable privacy out of the box like a self-hosted XMPP server with OTR/OMEMO.
>/ T H E E N D / is down again wonder if it'll finally stay down this time pretty sure the owner is actually dead or at least in an institution
>>620 Nextcloud Talk is great , you can share image and tex like discord as is. You can do stream of your desktop or cam also but requires open more ports and an extra service.

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