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Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 03:53:28 No. 12
So the age old question must be done.
What is /cyber/?
(155.15 KB 692x780 reaction_124.jpg)
>High tech, low life, baby!
Are we /cyber/ now?
(98.10 KB 1500x999 reaction_117.jpg)
I'd say yes. I am pretty much a lowlife.
As technology advances and it will get increasingly harder to answer that question until the term "cyber" or "cyberpunk" becomes meaningless.
People will become poorer, but due to technological advances it will be easy to clothe, feed yourself and satisfy other physiological needs, however life will be devoid of all meaning, depression rampant - a fertile soil for all kinds of absurd degeneracy, so the "punk" aspect will survive.
That's why it will be increasingly important to find God in your life, or at the least have something productive to work on that will benefit yourself and at least a small cadre of others.
I have that feeling that quantum tech has already start to take over the cyber world and maybe everything connected to it will soon be that dream of mine, just imagine the zapping control operating networks coming into existance.

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