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A cyber punk 2020 one shot and I need help. Anonymous 10/25/2020 (Sun) 05:15:29 No.119 [Reply]
As 2020 comes to a close, friends and I are going to play Cyberpunk 2020 tm for the novialty of this year. I hope to have them hooked to play more. I need help designing a tenement they will be playing in. So far I have a 9 stories building with 2 sub basement floors. So far the floors are Sub basement 2: Underground parking lot, old laundry room. Sub basement 1: Underground parking lot, a ripper doc. Ground floor: Lobby, managers office and room, street access laundry mat. 2nd floor: Capsule hotel. 3rd floor: Capsule hotel. 4th floor: Studios (but the size of a prison cell). 5th floor: studios. 6th floor: Converted Aerodyne hanger to Bar and bazzer. 7th floor: 1 room apartment. 8th floor: 2 room apartment. 9th floor: 2 room apartment. What else should I add to make it feel flushed out to be in. They will be starting on 6th floor and its a bad day starting.
Hey choom. Just spotted this, if you're still looking for inspiration, I'm down to help. You should have a rooftop community garden, but gangers took it over and are growing poppies instead of potatoes. Also, ALWAYS have a BrainDance parlor/studio somewhere nearby. Great source of sidework and plotlines, unless you don't like tangling with all that. Another thing I like is a body dump at one of the capsules; make the owner a retired gangoon who'll hermetically seal up a capsule for as long as you're willing to pay the rent. Awesome plothooks for days there.

Open file (500.85 KB 500x500 Cyber_logo.png)
/cyber/ for the Infinity Winter Cup 2020! Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 21:01:48 No.139 [Reply]
Hey there, /cyber/ We're in the process of organizing a new edition of The Infinity Cup or /icup/ for short, a virtual soccer tournament pitching various boards and imageboards against each other, and we're trying to find out if any of the boards that previously joined us wanted to reserve a spot in the final tournament. Since your team was already present in previous iterations, we already have both your roster, your kits and logos, so the only thing we ask of you if you want to join is the following: 1) Making sure your team has the correct number of medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze), which you can see from the wiki page; 2) Making a thread over at https://anon.cafe/icup/ with your team's pledge, you just need to make a new thread telling us that your board wants in on the cup. Optionally) Assign player cards, roles and special strategies to your players, which can be referenced from the following wiki articles: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Team_Strategies Optionally2) Change roster names and/or give us 3D models to use for your team, or new kits or whatever contribution you'd like. I hope to see you guys on the pitch!

Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 03:53:28 No.12 [Reply]
So the age old question must be done.
What is /cyber/?
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Open file (98.10 KB 1500x999 reaction_117.jpg)
I'd say yes. I am pretty much a lowlife.
As technology advances and it will get increasingly harder to answer that question until the term "cyber" or "cyberpunk" becomes meaningless.
People will become poorer, but due to technological advances it will be easy to clothe, feed yourself and satisfy other physiological needs, however life will be devoid of all meaning, depression rampant - a fertile soil for all kinds of absurd degeneracy, so the "punk" aspect will survive.
That's why it will be increasingly important to find God in your life, or at the least have something productive to work on that will benefit yourself and at least a small cadre of others.
I have that feeling that quantum tech has already start to take over the cyber world and maybe everything connected to it will soon be that dream of mine, just imagine the zapping control operating networks coming into existance.
>>77 "Finding God" is a shit meme. What's important is to maximize your success at your biological imperatives. Maximize the number of children you have and their success rates. Create or acquire supply chains which will ensure you and your clan will survive for the foreseeable future. That is the one true goal for any living Human (and indeed for all biological life), all other goals are some kind of hedonism or a deception sold by people trying to sabotage you so that there is less competition.

Open file (1.44 MB 2834x4415 DSCN3070 (2).JPG)
Free soft drink samples Marty 04/22/2020 (Wed) 10:08:04 No.103 [Reply]
We're giving away free Punk Mate samples to hacker spaces and cyber punk communities. Interested? Send us a message (email, twitter, fb) and we'll hook you up with a crate! You can find our contact details on www.punkmate.com
Is this just essentially a rebranded Club mate?
@Anon: Well, it's not Club Mate, but quite close. Punk Mate has more caffeine due to how the yerba mate is grown. The taste is very much the same, you'll get used to it :)
>be me >fed or wathever bad guy >go to undrerground communities >hey anon, would you want some free drinkables ? >Drinkable pozed with schizo inducing mind control poison >? >profit Also cringe.

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
/cyber/ for the Infinity Cup! Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 21:28:06 No.109 [Reply]
Hey there, cyber dudes, We're making preparations for the Infinity Cup 2020 and we'd really love to see you come up with a team for your own board! Come to https://anon.cafe/icup/ and discuss it with us!

Review of cyberpunk book Mark Everglade 04/20/2020 (Mon) 23:24:07 No.100 [Reply]
Hey. In June I'll be launching my new cyberpunk novel, Hemispheres, through RockHill Publishing. Might be interesting if you'd like to do an interview, publish an excerpt, or know anyone who might be interested in doing so. PR is meeting with Neal Stephenson in person about it right before we launch, so it might make some waves and all that. Feel free to visit my website at https://www.markeverglade.com for more info - didn't want to clog this space. Thanks, Mark
Oh and my email is markeverglade.author at gmail.com M

Open file (1.82 MB 1200x1400 8chan_Cup4_Logo.png)
/cyber/ for the Infinity Cup 2020! Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 22:36:34 No.78 [Reply]
Hey lads.
We are currently streaming the group phase of the current year's 8chanCup (or as it's more properly known as the Infinity Cup) but due to the exodus and 8ch hiccups we've lost a few teams whose boards never really recovered.
We're wondering if you guys are still interested in it, because in that case you may want to go to the wiki, edit some stuff out for the team and apply to join the next one!

All you need to do is create a wiki entry of your own team over at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page (use the layout of other teams as a preset), coming up with members/players that represent your board's culture and in-jokes, create a proper emblem and jersey combo and optionally choose strategies, skills and exportable 3d models using the rules set up at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules and we'll make sure to consider your application for the future pot.

I should mention that we would also really appreciate if you came over to our cup's stream at https://cytu.be/r/8cup to spectate what the cup's really all about and to propose your own ideas to make it even better.

See you on the field!

tfw ur gamin Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 00:01:33 No.41 [Reply]
tfw ur gamin
stfu you absolute godamn retard you are the fucking absolute worst
>couldnt handle the neutron style
you are a fucking bastard and I hope you know this, it pains me every fucking day to see that this board is fucking soiled by your dissapointing message "couldn't handle the nuetron style" is just the latest example of the lack of thought and effort put into the fucking post
i'm also gay OP

The /cyber/ utility thread Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 01:04:45 No.2 [Reply]
Request changes to the board here!
Edited last time by Yeove on 11/29/2019 (Fri) 02:55:26.
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That's the good stuff.
.spoiler:hover {
color: #AAA;

Open file (1.16 MB 2048x1536 1570473185738.jpg)
Help save RMS and Free Software Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 09:02:53 No.5 [Reply]
Free software is great, but the real issue is free hardware
We've seen some things in that regard which might ultimately help, like 3d printing of various different materials

That said, I like the potential of ReactOS
Things getting subverted is nothing new, but I agree something should be done to preserve and defend free software and development of it
That's a good point with regards to hardware. As long as usbprocesses that users can't access exist, free software may not matter at all.

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