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Open file (11.30 KB 206x245 sri.jpg)
real-life "sci fi" options for NDE/etc? Anonymous 06/05/2022 (Sun) 18:34:26 No.336 [Reply]
Is there any ghost of a chance that quantum immortality,or boltzmannian reincarnation,etc..omega point, or ANY theory of post-portem survival,or death-never-happens model, is true? Im contemplating killing myself,but I want to be sure of what im doing. I read papers by atheists and naturalists defending a sort of personal, POV after-death sentience .I lurked EA and lesswrong,turingchurch, the Journal of Cosmology,etc. just give me the bare truth,my folks.
>>336 You can't be sure, theism and related concepts are guesses at something which can't be known for certain by living things. Best case scenario is that 'you' as a person stop existing in any meaningful conscious sense (you can't suffer if you don't exist after all). Worst case is that you end up in some kind of hell world and suffer for eternity. Where you think the dice will land between those points is up to you (though not something that's worth gambling IMO).
>>337 I think eternal hell is ontologically impossible(cappodecian gang!). And I really think a non-theistic afterlife/no-death is totally possible. I still have some time alive..I will see what I do.
>>336 >Is there any ghost of a chance that quantum immortality,or boltzmannian reincarnation,etc..omega point, or ANY theory of post-portem survival,or death-never-happens model, is true? If you're serious about this... Rigpa is best be defined as personal knowledge of the primordial forces that comprise the universe. It is knowledge of the "ground level", or most base form. A sort of all pervasive darkness that acts as both the canvas and the paint of the material universe. I believe that to know rigpa is to know death without dying. You can see it though meditation or psychedelics and it's distinct from thoughtlessness or letting the mind go blank. Just remember that the goal of Buddhist teachings is the acceptance of suffering through knowledge and a perspective shift, not the elimination of it. The ascetic lifestyle adopted by many who have attained rigpa is not so much a conscious effort, but a natural role that one falls into once the illusions of pain and pleasure have been shattered. To have rigpa is to acknowledge that there is only a mechanical reaction to stimuli, and then go from there. Key search terms: Dzogchen, Schopenhauer >>338 >I think eternal hell is ontologically impossible If you define hell as isolation from the forces of creation, we are already living in it.
>>341 so rigpa is accepting one barely has free will and that everything is merely cause-effect,forever?

Open file (258.62 KB 636x352 Cybertruck.png)
Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 15:55:34 No.25 [Reply]
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Stop being disingenuous. We're both saying collisions are bad. You're the one arguing that we shouldn't be worried about them becoming vastly more likely and most destructive.
>>50 A lot of people praise china and japan, but that's obviously just propaganda, like every country and town does. japan isn't clean or high-tech. they have a lot of neon-lights in some of their cities, but that's about it. It's just as tacky as those middle-eastern stores that sell all kinds of garbage with neon-ilghts in the window because they think it looks cool. most japanese and chinese don't have phones even made within the past 15 years. and neither of their "people" are intelligent either. just more lies/propaganda pushed by the insecure effeminate "people", lie how blacks pretend to be tough and tall, when in reality, most of them are shorter than the majority of asian and so are their "dicks".
Open file (1.82 MB 2305x4096 media_FPk_E1EaIAUOmNJ.jpg)
>>326 There are so many odd things about this writing, it makes me wonder if you have ever lived in Japan.
>>63 This is peanuts compared to what will happen if China attempts to take down Startlink: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3178939/china-military-needs-defence-against-potential-starlink-threat The debris field from 1000 destroyed satellites will be a huge problem for decades.
>>329 >The debris field from 1000 destroyed satellites will be a huge problem for decades. Most definitely. That's one of the issues with these quite-eccentric collision orbits; the tidbits are generally well-outside the typical LEO atmospheric 'event-horizon', and thus avoid the common scenario of autonomous de-orbit after a few years or even less. This would be an effective end of safe orbital trajectories -- manned or unmanned -- probably in perpetuity for the lifetime of mankind to remain. It will be a field indeed, and represents an utter disaster for spaceflight if/when it occurs. In fact, it's a likely scenario IMO, and moreso over time. >tl;dr Enjoy space while you still can, Anon! :^)

Cyberpunk art Anonymous 11/27/2019 (Wed) 22:54:59 No.51 [Reply]
Post some /cyber/ art.
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Open file (935.71 KB 540x405 Canal.gif)
Open file (1.66 MB 540x603 Cat.gif)
Open file (1.25 MB 500x288 DayatTheBay.gif)
Open file (393.39 KB 698x508 giphy2.gif)
Looks like the tgbooru isn't being used anymore: https://grognard.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list

/cyber/ hobbies 03/25/2021 (Thu) 09:05:07 No.179 [Reply]
Post about your hobbies and favourite /cyber/activities here chummers. Explain why you do it, and what's so /cyber/ about it. I'll start: >Repairing old tech. I enjoy giving old stuff a second life, instead of throwing it out. Buying new stuff everytime something breaks is consumer-tier shit. Fixing your shit is cyber as fuck.
I'm constantly trying to figure out how to piece together the smallish resources I have (RaspberryPis, Beaglebone Black/Blues, Arduino R3s & Nanos) into distributed computing systems suitable for building my own robowaifu. I also spend time learning to program C++ for the same reasons. Seems like it's pretty much becoming a major focus in my life. I feel like if we all make a breakthrough with this tech, then /cyber/ will both be real, and at least slightly less dystopic. :^)
>>179 n-o-d-e has some pretty /cyb/ projects. I have been getting into self-hosting my own infrastructure. I run my own DNS, and Mail server. I also host a local DNS resolver to filter traffic (like a PI hole) , but I use BIND with DNS Response Policy Zones (RPZ) to block domains.
I like coding in HTML/CSS and learning javascript. but to be fully honest there's nothing much cyber about it sadly, it's just plain old coding.
>>318 That's very cyber. Anything to do with computers, electricity, robots, etc. are part of cyber.

Anything cool on the deep web? Nate 05/04/2022 (Wed) 01:11:46 No.320 [Reply]
I am looking for something that'll be pretty interesting to me, or my friends since we're looking for something that can probably scare us or gives us the vibes.

Open file (159.08 KB 450x90 banner.png)
BitChan Beta v0.9.0 Release Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 19:51:51 No.120 [Reply]
The BitChan beta just got released and is looking for people to try it out. It's a decentralized imageboard that runs on top of BitMessage. You can create and completely control your own public or private board, globally moderate as an owner, add admins who can also globally moderate, moderate your own instance locally as a user, upload literally anything with size limits theoretically up to 100gb. Uploads can be sent purely over BitMessage or you can choose to use a hosting service. Uploads that use hosting are subjected to heavy duty protection: every file is zipped, encrypted/password protected, the zip's header is removed and random chunks of the file are removed before being uploaded. The removed parts are hidden in the PGP encrypted message that's sent over BitMessage. Once the upload is received the zip is put back together again, decrypted, unzipped and displayed in the thread. 100% of BitChan traffic happens over tor. Private boards prevent posting from all but explicitly added IDs. The permitted ID list can be edited by the owner at any point to include new IDs or restrict old ones. On public boards any ID can post until it is banned, but because of how BitMessage works, you can always just make another ID. Communications on every board are PGP encrypted. This means that even if someone somehow guessed the board name on BitMessage (basically impossible for reasons I won't go into here), they would be unable to read anything without also having the BitChan PGP symmetric password. Owners can globally change CSS, banners and wordfilters. Owners can even wipe a board if they want. You can join and create as many boards as you want. There's also a prototype steganography thread running alongside of every normal thread. The steg thread shows decrypted steg from jpg/pngs. There are also public and private lists. Lists are just collections of links to boards or other lists. Owners can do much of the same moderation, CSS changes etc. as they can do on boards. They can be updated and edited after their creation. BitChan is fully dockerized so it is cross-OS compatible, but has only been tested with Ubuntu 20.04 and the most recent version of Whonix. I could go on about all the features (there's a lot more), but I just wanted to give you a taste. It's surprisingly fast for text only messages that total around 20kb or less and using hosting services for file attachments, taking usually only a few seconds to a minute depending on how many people are on your part of the BitMessage network. https://github.com/813492291816/BitChan
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>>174 Very naughty of you. true we only want dope people
BitChan 1.0.0 has been released. Github: https://github.com/813492291816/BitChan Try it out here (some functions limited by Kiosk owner): http://bitchanr4b64govofzjthtu6qc4ytrbuwbgynapkjileajpycioikxad.onion/ This is a significant update. New features and refinements include, but are not limited to: Security - All essential features work with JavaScript completely disabled - All internet traffic (Bitmessage/uploads/downloads) through tor with fake UserAgent - All messages PGP-encrypted with user-selectable cipher and key length - Encryption, fragmentation, and hashing to secure and verify authenticity of received post attachment files - Bitmessage Identities for private addresses that only you control

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (4.37 KB 300x167 room.jpg)
BitChan Version 1.1.0 Release https://github.com/813492291816/BitChan/releases/tag/v1.1.0 Tor Address: http://bitchanr4b64govofzjthtu6qc4ytrbuwbgynapkjileajpycioikxad.onion I2P Address: http://bitchan.i2p I2P b32 Address: http://waycuw2c27ruakfblkf5tcegwmt3ot445dlfoypil6bzmm4yxg7a.b32.i2p - Fix remote file exploit bug - Fix locks not being respected by the frontend - Fix update of board/thread timestamp when post/thread is deleted - Fix adding to mod log when deleting post/thread from recent/search pages - Fix being able to post to nonexistent thread - Fix database lock issues when processing many posts - Fix deleting post with password - Add I2P support (for uploads, downloads, and hidden service) - Add I2P upload sites (bunkerfiles.i2p, 0xff.i2p)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (1.84 MB 1275x1884 14128794756316.png)
Anonymous 06/20/2021 (Sun) 19:51:59 No.187 [Reply]
Pirate Radio From The DarkNet endchan.org/CaptainBlackbeard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX3SW08hnrU
Open file (782.66 KB 659x1200 1657654654654647.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 659x1200 1657654654654646.png)

Open file (34.76 KB 800x450 banner.png)
Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 23:45:30 No.79 [Reply]
hi i'm the person who has the old jinteki site up on neocities, i don't really know what happened to the akitaro guy other than that he was looking for hosting before
i want to update the site with newer stuff (like new android info since xposed is dead) and fix some broken pages
if anyone has good content to put on the site, it'd be appreciated!
alternatively if the guy is still around and there's a updated version already please let me know because i can't find your contact since nobody uses tox anymore
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>>79 You've got a section about phones on your page, which is pretty schway. I was looking for something spyware-watchdogish for different OS for phones, especially with KaiOS in mind. That'd be interesting content imo, but I haven't found anything related to specifically KaiOS yet.
>>79 Are you still here? Quite a few of your links are broken, specifically the links to the Mega archives.
>>79 Thanks for keeping this up.
Hi. I don't know where else to ask. It's a long shot, but there was, maybe is, someone who posts cyberpunk and infosec related links on various imageboards. On one of them was a link to a Pastebin in which he said he was willing to help people getting into infosec. I don't think this is the place, but I don't know where I saw the link and I lost all my browser history and sessions shortly after reading it. If this sounds familiar, help a brotha out. Thanks.
Open file (48.04 KB 1024x682 tpc-hest2-16x9.jpg)
>>307 Long shot here but could that have been Maderas? He wrote a collection of pastes while active on 4chan. You could also check out the library thread on this board, there might be links there that will jog your memory.

Best Opsec Archive 2022 OPSEC 01/25/2022 (Tue) 02:10:01 No.304 [Reply]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- onion: http://opseccsthnq6nqd6crm2gt2pqszspyr5w44pffhf2grxtiqq67sii4ad.onion/ clearnet: https://cybertoolbank.cc telegram: https://t.me/cybertoolbank ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Opsec archive for you 2022, cybertoolbank.cc! We have listed the best services and sites to maintain good opsec! Welcome using cybertoolbank! its fully ad free and does not contain any trackers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Doxing and osint tools! * 115 tips about operational security with good explanations! * List of most trusted messengers! * List of anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges. mixers, wallets and much more! * List of best VPN and Email services!

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (401.49 KB 960x1280 platoo0s.jpeg)
need help PLATO_OS 09/13/2021 (Mon) 02:36:56 No.212 [Reply]
need help
>>212 This looks interesting, but I don't currently have the time, unfortunately. Looks to be a google maps view, to me.

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