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The /cyber/ sticky 2016+3 edition Anonymous 11/29/2019 (Fri) 03:21:14 No. 60 [Reply]
Useful Websites

New repository for various /cyber/ related content:


Repository for various /cyber/ content - Reupload of the old http://jinteki.industries (RIP):


Tor chatroom:


SFTP server - No traps allowed:

>Address: termer.net

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Open file (34.76 KB 800x450 banner.png)
Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 23:45:30 No.79 [Reply] [Last]
hi i'm the person who has the old jinteki site up on neocities, i don't really know what happened to the akitaro guy other than that he was looking for hosting before
i want to update the site with newer stuff (like new android info since xposed is dead) and fix some broken pages
if anyone has good content to put on the site, it'd be appreciated!
alternatively if the guy is still around and there's a updated version already please let me know because i can't find your contact since nobody uses tox anymore
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added some new sites today and removed some dead links, i'll have to go through the other pages and add new recommendations etc etc
maybe i should add an update log? don't want to shit up this board but also don't want to butcher the original site too much.
to be honest don't be afraid, if you want to talk with ex-cyb community there's a lot of us on #/g/punk on Rizon

cyberpunk has always been anonymous and as long as you respect the aesthetic and make shit better that is perfectly alright
>>79 If anyone knows how to get in contact with akitaro, let him know I'm willing to pay for site, host, whatever for jinteki if he still needs. Can be reached at provided email.
Unsure if anyone cares or if this is common knowledge, but it seems like it was put back up on a different site. https://cyberpunk-life.neocities.org/
I'd like to suggest adding certain things to that, or any similar, site: First, there's a old Bladerunner PC game which is absolutely amazing and should be mentioned. I read it's available again, since recently. Second, if you want to share pictures but don't have much bandwidth, then there are options like Bittorrent, just use them. I know, privacy, but downloading Cyberpunk pictures isn't really a rebellious or illicit act.

Open file (500.85 KB 500x500 Cyber_logo.png)
/cyber/ for the Infinity Winter Cup 2020! Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 21:01:48 No.139 [Reply] [Last]
Hey there, /cyber/ We're in the process of organizing a new edition of The Infinity Cup or /icup/ for short, a virtual soccer tournament pitching various boards and imageboards against each other, and we're trying to find out if any of the boards that previously joined us wanted to reserve a spot in the final tournament. Since your team was already present in previous iterations, we already have both your roster, your kits and logos, so the only thing we ask of you if you want to join is the following: 1) Making sure your team has the correct number of medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze), which you can see from the wiki page; 2) Making a thread over at https://anon.cafe/icup/ with your team's pledge, you just need to make a new thread telling us that your board wants in on the cup. Optionally) Assign player cards, roles and special strategies to your players, which can be referenced from the following wiki articles: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Team_Strategies Optionally2) Change roster names and/or give us 3D models to use for your team, or new kits or whatever contribution you'd like. I hope to see you guys on the pitch!

Open file (16.06 KB 305x172 th.jpg)
gg Ghost 11/21/2020 (Sat) 17:21:32 No.138 [Reply] [Last]

Open file (2.07 MB 5504x3096 singapore night.jpg)
Cyberpunk in Real Life Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 01:52:09 No.23 [Reply] [Last]
Would Singapore count as an IRL cyberpunk setting? I'm assuming everyone here is familiar with William Gibson's "Disneyland with the Death Penalty" article.

What other actual locations would count as cyberpunk?
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I would have said Tokio in first place
>>23 >What other actual locations would count as cyberpunk? The entire world as it is now counts as cyberpunk in my eyes. It's basically Deus Ex right now.
>>102 Just too bad there's no actual NSF
>>115 >NSF By the time we have the NSF, it'll be too late and we'll be in the Invisible War.
>>102 This, I've been saying for a while that we live in the cyberpunk era, but I think 2020 is the point where denying it is simply delusional.

Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 18:35:47 No.134 [Reply] [Last]
What can i use for a private chat with some friends, nothing fancy at all, just text and images, with a reasonable percent of privacy?
>>134 whatsapp
Open file (148.00 KB 796x738 alternatives.PNG)

Open file (159.08 KB 450x90 banner.png)
BitChan Beta v0.9.0 Release Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 19:51:51 No.120 [Reply] [Last]
The BitChan beta just got released and is looking for people to try it out. It's a decentralized imageboard that runs on top of BitMessage. You can create and completely control your own public or private board, globally moderate as an owner, add admins who can also globally moderate, moderate your own instance locally as a user, upload literally anything with size limits theoretically up to 100gb. Uploads can be sent purely over BitMessage or you can choose to use a hosting service. Uploads that use hosting are subjected to heavy duty protection: every file is zipped, encrypted/password protected, the zip's header is removed and random chunks of the file are removed before being uploaded. The removed parts are hidden in the PGP encrypted message that's sent over BitMessage. Once the upload is received the zip is put back together again, decrypted, unzipped and displayed in the thread. 100% of BitChan traffic happens over tor. Private boards prevent posting from all but explicitly added IDs. The permitted ID list can be edited by the owner at any point to include new IDs or restrict old ones. On public boards any ID can post until it is banned, but because of how BitMessage works, you can always just make another ID. Communications on every board are PGP encrypted. This means that even if someone somehow guessed the board name on BitMessage (basically impossible for reasons I won't go into here), they would be unable to read anything without also having the BitChan PGP symmetric password. Owners can globally change CSS, banners and wordfilters. Owners can even wipe a board if they want. You can join and create as many boards as you want. There's also a prototype steganography thread running alongside of every normal thread. The steg thread shows decrypted steg from jpg/pngs. There are also public and private lists. Lists are just collections of links to boards or other lists. Owners can do much of the same moderation, CSS changes etc. as they can do on boards. They can be updated and edited after their creation. BitChan is fully dockerized so it is cross-OS compatible, but has only been tested with Ubuntu 20.04 and the most recent version of Whonix. I could go on about all the features (there's a lot more), but I just wanted to give you a taste. It's surprisingly fast for text only messages that total around 20kb or less and using hosting services for file attachments, taking usually only a few seconds to a minute depending on how many people are on your part of the BitMessage network. https://github.com/813492291816/BitChan
7 posts omitted.
>>127 > given the benefit of the doubt on endpol Dear god, did I make a mistake?! >Retards like you don't last long over there. Summerchild, that's where the retards congregate. And yeah, it's the masons HAHAHahahahah
Open file (191.94 KB 860x801 41-416922.png)
>>128 Why do you have a hard-on about masons? They're not even brought up that much. End is where retards like you can't even pass half an hour without sperging until you're out. Now everyone who sees this thread will realize what a cringe sperg you are and not even want to try your beaner scam. Congrats.
>>129 Your opinion is noted and summarily discarded. Enjoy your time back at the dumpster fire only rejects from 8ch occupy. Literally nothing of value was lost. And when you do start using BitChan, you'll know how to contact me to tell me how great it is. Cheers faggot.
>>130 Seething yid!
>>130 sorry mate i have no need to post on a child porn site

A cyber punk 2020 one shot and I need help. Anonymous 10/25/2020 (Sun) 05:15:29 No.119 [Reply] [Last]
As 2020 comes to a close, friends and I are going to play Cyberpunk 2020 tm for the novialty of this year. I hope to have them hooked to play more. I need help designing a tenement they will be playing in. So far I have a 9 stories building with 2 sub basement floors. So far the floors are Sub basement 2: Underground parking lot, old laundry room. Sub basement 1: Underground parking lot, a ripper doc. Ground floor: Lobby, managers office and room, street access laundry mat. 2nd floor: Capsule hotel. 3rd floor: Capsule hotel. 4th floor: Studios (but the size of a prison cell). 5th floor: studios. 6th floor: Converted Aerodyne hanger to Bar and bazzer. 7th floor: 1 room apartment. 8th floor: 2 room apartment. 9th floor: 2 room apartment. What else should I add to make it feel flushed out to be in. They will be starting on 6th floor and its a bad day starting.

Lain thread. Anonymous 04/30/2020 (Thu) 18:22:03 No.105 [Reply] [Last]
Let's all love Lain.
>>105 We have to here because her site became irrelevant after they deleted their /cyb/ board :(
>>113 wtf really?
Open file (65.21 KB 418x669 loveLain.gif)
We are all. >>113 The entire site is dedicated to /cyb/ so a dedicated board seems irrelevant.

Open file (12.00 MB 3725x2449 one.png)
Open file (839.67 KB 800x523 three.png)
Open file (3.65 MB 1920x1440 two.png)
OC Thread Anonymous 08/23/2020 (Sun) 00:56:48 No.117 [Reply] [Last]
Made some /cyber/ related OC lately? Post it itt.

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