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Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Infinity Cup Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 23:23:53 No.972
Hey there, /cuckquean/ If you got a moment to spare, would you mind paying us a visit over https://anon.cafe/icup/ and joining us with a team of your own? We'd like to have you with us.
Oooooh! I remember this! I wanted us to join in last time but nobody really knew how to get assets going. I think we can do it this time!
>>974 You don't really require a complex knowledge of PES, just 16 character names, at least one uniform and a crest. You can see the rest of the rules on the /icup/ wiki or the board itself.
I think I remember /cuckquean/ having made a logo for their team during their last attempt to enter. Anyone have it saved?
Open file (93.87 KB 649x834 icup.png)
Open file (46.20 KB 649x632 icup_nobanner.png)
>>980 >/cuckquean/ having made a logo CONCUBINAE CONCUBERE MARITUM MEUS
Open file (191.90 KB 600x600 1450061436524.png)
Some player name ideas from last time: 'queans: >Cuckquean-tan (captain) >Eto Fujiko >Senjougahara Hitagi >Jacqueline Kennedy >Ladybird Johnson >Mero (Meroune Lorelei) >Jolyne Cujoh >Kanna Tanigawa Vixens: >Sada Abe >My Sister >My Best Friend >Bigger Tits >Tighter Pussy >His Ex-Girlfriend New ideas to make for fun commentary opportunities: >Please Fuck >My Boyfriend I'm sure we can do better this time around though.
Open file (171.99 KB 841x1024 BATTLE MOTH.jpg)
>>982 >tfw your old work is so hideous that it offends you now DELET Are there any restrictions on the logos this time around? I'd like to have another crack at it.
>>983 If I remember right, Jolyne Cujoh was basically only placed in because of the song Jolyne, in which the Jolyne of the song was a vixen rather than a cuckquean.
>>984 What even were the restrictions last time around? The main point is that it's able to be used on uniforms to begin with, right?
>>972 >>982 I'm so glad to hear you made these. Come post them on /icup/ too to formalize your entry!
>>982 >>984 >>987 No restrictions, just avoid anything that can get the wiki or the streams b&d
Open file (218.90 KB 2027x1501 cuckquean fc 4x.png)
We're back. Now taking feedback on our new team emblem. I'll use the elements here to design our uniforms. What uniforms do we need? Players + goalie? I see some of the teams in /icup/ with three uniforms.
Open file (131.47 KB 1945x1521 thicker_cuckquean-fc.png)
>>998 I tried a new version with thicker antlers and a tweaked motto.
>>998 Uniforms are: >Home: regular kit >Away: if both teams look too similar, the away team uses this uniform. >GK: goalie There are also slots for more kits but they probably won't be used.
>>982 >>983 >>998 Ah, so you DO have something ready! Glad to hear it. If you want to participate in the cup, please, go to >>>/icup/ and make a thread, just so I can add you to the list of currently participating boards. Please be reminded that we're reaching 32 teams soon and it's first come, first serve!
>>983 >>998 >players I'd say a change to be made here is to make Jolyne Joestar simply Jolyne instead and move her to a vixen position.
As a heads up, there is one week left to submit your board's entry to the Infinity Cup! For your entry to be considered complete, we still need a full roster and 3 kits from your board.
If you're struggling for numbers you might as well add Star Butterfly. For the roster, its a minimum of 18 players. Pick 11 to start on the field (one of them is a goalkeeper, then four medal players: one is a 'gold', one 'silver' and two 'bronze') A custom made kit is great (see >>983 for template) but in the worst case there is an interactive PE2017 Kit Creator tool online.
Fuck it, I'm just going to solo the gear, players, goal horns, everything. Expect an update in a few hours. >>1124 You'll get a thread in a little bit. I hope me make it in.
Open file (420.78 KB 2048x2048 icup2020_cuckquean_home.png)
Open file (274.16 KB 2048x2048 icup2020_cuckquean_away.png)
Open file (2.30 MB 2048x2048 icup2020_cuckquean_gk.png)
First update: I've finished the uniforms and posted them together with our crest at >>>/icup/746
Here's a proposed roster. Queans and vixens may be on either attack or defense, though both Cuckquean-tan and Tonight's Plaything should be on initial attack so they can work together. Our Catgirl Maid and Bicorn should be on defense to provide a good backstop. 1. Cuckquean-tan (gold, captain) [quean] 2. Tonight's Plaything (silver) [vixen] 3. Our Catgirl Maid (bronze) [vixen] 4. Bicorn (bronze) [quean] 5. Tighter Pussy [vixen] 6. Hitagi Senjougahara [quean] 7. Mero [quean] 8. Better Tits [vixen] 9. Star Butterfly [quean] 10. Antonia Wolff [vixen] 11. Emma Jung [quean] 12. Maria Huxley [quean] 13. Momo Deviluke [quean] 14. Kanna Tanigawa [quean] 15. Firmer Ass [vixen] 16. Eto Fujiko [quean] 17. My Best Friend [vixen] 18. His Ex-Girlfriend [vixen] 19. My Sister [vixen] 20. Jolyene [vixen]
>>1131 >>1132 Alright, I've finished our entry including lineup and goal horn/anthem. It's all over in the thread linked in >>1131 if you want to suggest changes.
>>1128 Excellent work! Those kits look wonderful.
Open file (131.47 KB 1945x1521 cq.png)
Congratulations /cuckquean/, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows: >July 31 Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below) >August 1st Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage >August 7th, 8th, 9th First, second, and third Day of competition >August 14th, 15th, 16th Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage >August 22nd First day of Knockout Stage >August 23rd Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game. >Alright, I think I can handle that Perfect. The page explaining Team Strategies and how to select them is here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Team_Strategies And the page for Player Cards that does the same is here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards You can send your strategies and player cards to me (SKF@8chan.co or SKF@cock.li) until July 31st, which gives me ample time to actually put them into the game. If you have any trouble with this as well, reach out. I've tried to make those two pages as accessible as possible, but I know there's still going to be issues for those putting it together. >I want to help but not do that Not a problem. Most teams don't have their roster pages filled out, and it's likely yours is one of them. Head to the wiki and fill in your team's roster page with images and brief profiles on your players. It really helps the commentators with their shitposts in-game. (Exemplar roster pages: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ita//Roster http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//loomis//Roster http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//otter//Roster) We're always looking for 3D models of players on teams, so if you happen to know how to use Blender or have access to MMDs or similar 3D models, pass them along and we'll work on getting them into PES. We're also opening up submissions for adboards for this Cup, the field advertisements the scroll through during play. To submit them, simply post in your respective thread on /icup/, the only requirement is that the images be scaleable to 512x64, as that's the dimensions that PES needs for them to work. And as always, there's also room for any OC you guys want to put together for the tournament. t. SKF

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