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Open file (100.29 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Cuckqueaning in anime Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 00:53:00 No.967
We had a good thread about this on the old board, so let's start a new one here. Obviously there are a lot of harem anime, but it's usually of the 'competing for one guy' type rather than the 'sharing one guy type'. I've been watching this isekai, 'The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?'. In the 5th episode, the protagonist gets engaged to a girl and his 2 female party members start plotting to become his concubines. I just watched the 6th episode, and already the fiancée has said she is fine with the girls being his concubines and he's agreed to it! And they're all living in the same house together.
>>967 Another isekai that did something similar was 'In Another World with My Smartphone'. It takes place in a setting where polygyny is normal. The protagonist's first fiancée actually is the one to propose the idea of sharing him with the other girls. She also has Mystic Eyes of intuition that let her know when he is having perverted thoughts about other girls.
Open file (190.34 KB 1366x768 15883815358580.jpg)
Senjougahara from Monogatari doesn't mind Araragi "playing" with other girls, and she kinda encourages the prude Hanekawa to do it in one episode while making really queany comments like how they have "the same taste in men".
try Kanojo mo Kanojo
Open file (149.60 KB 1920x1046 tsugumomo_EP10_S9.jpg)
Tsugumomo is an anime with some good cuckquean moments. The story is about a guy, Kazuya, who inherited his deceased mom's obi (kimono sash). The obi is a tsukumogami, an object that has acquired a spirit. It can transform into a cute anime girl with blue hair and elf ears, named Kiriha. The protagonist's mom used to go around cleansing curses along with Kiriha and now the protagonist takes over that role. Kiriha sexually teases Kazuya and a bunch of other characters are after him; his older brocon sister, the local goddess and her big-boobed familiar, his nerdy childhood friend, etc. The show also goes further sexually than most similar non-hentai shows (actually implying sex and orgasms). I will warn people that there is a loli element, as Kiriha normally looks mature but when she expends energy looks like a child, and the local goddess Kukuri also looks like a child when not wearing her mask. Although there are also big boobed girls; something for every taste pretty much. One good example of a scene with cuckquean elements: in season 1 episode 12 Kiriha pressures the goddess Kukuri into washing Kazuya in the shower. Kukuri regularly daydreams about marrying Kazuya so she accepts although she's embarassed. Kukuri washes Kazuya's back while he's blindfolded with his face pressed into Kiriha's tits. When Kiriha orders Kukuri to wash Kazuya's penis she accepts but then passes out when she sees his erection. Kazuya then goes to bed with Kiriha (they sleep in the same bed), and the passed-out Kukuri who lives with them is sleeping in another bed beside them. Kiriha strips Kazuya to 'reward' him, saying Kukuri will sleep through it. Kiriha tosses Kazuya's shorts on Kukuri's head (she smiles in her sleep when they land on her - nice touch). Then the next morning Kukuri realizes what happened and yells at them for having sex beside her. She actually says "So how was it? Give me details!" and "Don't spare any details!" And then his brocon sister runs up and yells at him for not having sex with her instead, and tells him to move in with her.
>>1016 That actually sounds fun. I knew Tsugumomo was very ecchi but had no idea if took it that far.
>>1017 >>1016 The manga shows those ecchi scenes in much greater detail. The mangaka also draws smut of all the characters in separate works too. Be prepared for feels if you decide to pick up the series past the anime, the story goes to some pretty dark places sometimes.
This new series, 'Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time', definitely seems like it will be up our alley. >Upon winning a fighting tournament and being crowned the world’s strongest warrior, Peter Grill discovers a downside to his newfound fame. Women of all species, from ogres to elves, are scrambling over each other for his seed to ensure they have the strongest babies possible. Poor Peter just wants to settle down with his lovey dovey fiancée, but he’ll have to outmatch, outwit, and outrun a harem of very determined monster girls to do so! I saw the first episode. It's very lewd. The hero is a buff, blonde, blue-eyed dude. His human fiancée is totally naive, thinks babies are brought by storks, and has only ever held hands with him. In the first episode two ogre sisters are after his seed, and yes, although he resists at first, he does fuck them both. The episode ends with his fiancée knocking on the door while he's laying in bed with the ogres. I assume each episode will introduce a new monstergirl trying to get impregnated by him. This show seems basically tailor-made for us so I hope you all enjoy it.
>>1171 The first episode of Monster Girl Doctor is also out. It's about a human doctor and his lamia assistant treating various monstergirls. The lamia is his childhood friend and is in love with him and possessive of him. She gets jealous of the other monstergirls he treats. One line that stood out: >You want me to come with you to see another girl? What are you thinking?
>>1174 There's also a nice moment in the 2nd episode where the lamia is holding a mermaid and patting her head while the human doctor fingers her gills.
The third episode of 'Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out' has some good stuff. The male character, Shinchi, works at a café. The daughter of the café owner, Ami, who works with him, has a crush on him and lusts over his toned swimmer's body. Then when the main girl, oppai loli Uzaki Hana, comes in to playfully annoy Shinchi, Ami is jealous at first. Then after observing their interactions and how cute they are together she seems to enjoy watching them, even blushing as she says she'll have to pick up more shifts so she can watch them together. She even invites the two of them out to dinner with her and her dad. I haven't read the manga, so let me know if there's much more along these lines to come.
>>1171 > His human fiancée is totally naive, thinks babies are brought by storks, and has only ever held hands with him. The dream development would be if halfway through she found out about the other girls’ need for seed, but because she’s tabula rasa about sex she thinks it through and comes to the conclusion that her future hubby being a breeding stud makes sense and sounds kinda fun besides. So the rest of the series involves their adventures in interspecies diplomacy viz. who he’s going to fill up next. There’d be potential for some really interesting storylines. There could also be some genuinely serious and emotional moments without ever having to threaten the fundamental bond between the main pair, too. God but seeing a high-functioning hero-cuckquean would be amazing. Now I’ve made myself sad because such a thing will never exist. >>1174 I’ve seen some super-cute screenshots of this, doesn’t look quite as queany but still worth checking out. Thank you for the recommendations! I’ll check both out very soon.
>>1246 I watched them. >>1174 >Monster Girl Doctor I was looking forward to this but was disappointed. The writing is wretched, the animation a seizure, the comedic timing nonexistent and the jealous snek just plain annoying. Even the nominally interesting character designs are just stolen more or less wholesale from other, better stuff. I dropped it after an episode. >>1171 >Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time Very enjoyable! I liked this a lot on both a cuckquean level and as a plain ol' erocom. I recommend this to everyone (get the uncensored rips that broadcast on AT-X or be prepared to suffer the HOLY LIGHT) and especially the rest of us here. It's a shame that the episodes are only half-length. They got the plain ol' giving in to physical temptation over with in the first episode and got sillier from there, which I wholeheartedly approved of. Had me howling in places. I stand by my earnest and heartfelt desire for the fiance to find out and collaborate in getting more monstergirls stuffed with his seed. >>1212 Haven't watched this. Is it worth making time for SUGOI DEKAI?
>>1212 >oppai loli Anon, I know what's considered childhood is getting longer and longer these days, but really? >>1256 >Very enjoyable! I liked this a lot on both a cuckquean level and as a plain ol' erocom. I recommend this to everyone (get the uncensored rips that broadcast on AT-X or be prepared to suffer the HOLY LIGHT) and especially the rest of us here. It's a shame that the episodes are only half-length. They got the plain ol' giving in to physical temptation over with in the first episode and got sillier from there, which I wholeheartedly approved of. Had me howling in places. Uncensored huh? Didn't realize this was a full-on hentai, and it's surprising that there's any uncensored release at all given Japanese law. Anyway, your description sounds good, but if your attached clip is from that then it doesn't look good...
>>1262 >Uncensored huh? Didn't realize this was a full-on hentai It’s not. Doesn’t have to be porn to be censored. Different television stations have different rules about what they’ll broadcast at what time, and where something exceeds those rules then it gets censored. The national anti-pornography laws aren’t involved. > Anyway, your description sounds good, but if your attached clip is from that then it doesn't look good... A matter of taste. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t, but shit taste is the right eternal of all.
>>1262 >Anon, I know what's considered childhood is getting longer and longer these days, but really? Ha, well, I was kidding sort of. There are a lot of the usual busybodies on Twitter making out that her design looks underage because she's so short (as if teens can't be short) so I was just rolling with it. But yeah, she's legal.
>>1270 >making out that her design looks underage because she's so short (as if teens can't be short) I saw a little bit of the several fusses made. The whole thing smacked of Twitter addicts grasping desperately for e-clout. How sad that they want to pretend that comedic shortstacks can't exist.
>>1256 >>1262 I should warn anyone thinking of picking up Peter Grill that it's not really cuckqueaning, just plain old cheating spun to be funny. I can only imagine that if you didn't have the fetish, the ugliness may well muscle out the comedy. But man, /a/ really does not like this anime.
Open file (12.00 MB 1024x576 01.webm)
Elemental Gelade is a kid's action show where the central conceit is a transparent, albeit G rated, analogy for sex (some women have the ability to turn into powerful weapons which are used by men). It has a fairly standard love triangle arc from around episodes 17 - 20. However, there's a bit of a twist which gives it a strangely queany vibe for a kids show. Glasses and Kuudere here both like generic Aryan shonen protagonist (GASP). GASP has been following Kuudere around and protecting her since episode 1, but she's both a cold fish and trapped in a G rated show so not much comes of it beyond a few almost confessions and almost kisses. Then Glasses basically throws herself at the guy. The whole thing comes to a head in episode 19 where Glasses straight up asks Kuudere to her face if it's OK to take the guy and Kuudere not only says it's OK but even admits that he might prefer Glasses. (1) There's then quite a few scenes where Glasses makes a show of being close to GASP in front of everyone as Kuudere looks dejected off to the side. (2) Just when you think you know who's getting cucked they're attacked by a random monster and Kuudere effortlessly shows that she's a much, much more powerful weapon than Glasses. Finally, Kuudere takes GASP's first kiss like it's nothing while Glasses watches despondently from the bushes. (3)
Open file (5.94 MB 1280x720 02.webm)
Open file (9.35 MB 1280x720 03.webm)
>>1276 Breaking up for file limit and because I suck at compressing webms.
Near the end of the new Goblin Slayer movie someone asks Cow Girl at a new year's celebration if she doesn't want to share Goblin Slayer with the rest of them; she replies >I'd be lying if I said I wanted to share him. But I guess I'm feeling kind of generous this year.
>>1276 >>1277 >some women have the ability to turn into powerful weapons which are used by men So it's Valkyrie Drive but without lesbians? >Teenagers sounding like 45 year old chain smokers Please don't watch shitty dubs.
>>1256 >Haven't watched this. Is it worth making time for SUGOI DEKAI? It's a very cute and fun show. I doubt the cuckquean angle will amount to much though.
Open file (599.58 KB 950x1340 07_5cc6beab79e39.jpg)
Open file (582.34 KB 950x1340 08_5cc6beb72e98f.jpg)
Open file (628.68 KB 950x1340 09_5cc6bebcd97a6.jpg)
Open file (641.57 KB 950x1340 10_5cc6bec52b910.jpg)
In the latest episode the cute orc girl says she had no intention of keeping Peter to herself and is perfectly content to be one of his mistresses. Then there's some breast envy stuff. I haven't read the manga yet but I looked up the equivalent portion of it.
>>1378 Ah yes. Composure is stored in the breasts. Known wisdom of the sages.
>>1378 The orc is best, so it makes sense she'd adopt such a high-class stance.
Does Inuyasha count? Kikyo technically got Reverse NTR-ed by her own reincarnation. And Kagome technically almost got Reverse NTR-ed by her own previous-life self.
Open file (544.61 KB 1300x1848 01.jpg)
Open file (459.52 KB 1300x1848 02.jpg)
Ishuzoku Reviewers, chapter 41. The amazons of a shop fall in love with Stunk because he's strong. And they make clear that they want strong men to have as many women as possible. For amazons, not only this is natural, but desirable. There also an excellent anime adaptation for this series that I recommend, but the season ends way before this chapter in the manga, maybe in season 2 we'll have cuckquean amazons. >>1212 Ami is totally a cuckquean and Uzaki is not a loli, she's 19 in the first couple of episodes and turns 20 later in the anime/manga.
>>1419 >Ami is totally a cuckquean and Uzaki is not a loli The last episode was of interest. Uzaki's milf mom meets Sakurai. Due to misunderstandings she thinks he's a cougar hunter; she overhears him and her daughter talking and thinks they're talking about her sexually and she's clearly turned on by the idea and speculates about if he wants both of them. Apparently there are doujins inspired by this. So, definitely worth watching that episode although I recommend people watch the whole thing. I agree about Ami too, she talked again about how attractive she finds him but she only wants to observe the two of them together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHmMArkmRDI
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eULSbf5Oy18&ab_channel=NuxTaku Bastard is saying the Anime is bad, he aint enlightened!
Open file (129.72 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
Open file (142.05 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
Open file (148.61 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
Open file (151.04 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0004.jpg)
>>1422 Watched ep 9 yesterday. I'm really enjoying the show, it's wholesome, great when you want to have a break on other more intensive shows. Also I love when the mom is the vixen, it's so rare.
>>1426 I downvoted it because of the title, but damn those reactions were hilarious. Seems like most of them were into it.
Open file (2.27 MB 500x281 tsugumomo laugh.gif)
>>1016 I just picked this up because of your rec. Very comfy and fun so far, thanks anon.
Is Clara Valac on 'Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun' a cuckquean? When playing house, she makes Azz-kun play "the young housewife next door that my husband cheats on me with" (0:24): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2fuinUL9cI Also she has horns (granted, not unusual for a demon) while Ameri has fox ears (literal vixen).
Open file (55.34 KB 250x250 what are birds.gif)
>>1525 Reckon maybe you're stretching there, Anon.
>>1016 The OVA is out. It's basically 100% fanservice (borderline hentai).
>I'll have a taste of him first, and that one can start with holding hands, just like an elf should. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHedsyYheGE
>>1676 Ais waitching as a parade of girls go after Bel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNNskGp0Lhw
Mushoku Tensei is getting an anime this season. The MC's dad will cuck his mom with their maid (complete with giving MC a half-sister) in the third or fourth episode. Then sometime in season three or so (if we ever get there), MC himself gets married, then ends up bringing in two more wives.
>>1978 >The MC's dad will cuck his mom with their maid (complete with giving MC a half-sister) in the third or fourth episode. Does he cheat on his wife to do it, or does she encourage/condone the union?
>>1980 If it's anything like the WN/LN then the dad is cheating at first but then the wife accpets it later on. (On the proviso that he not cheat on either of them from then on or she'll raise hell eight ways to sunday.) It's also revealed that the maid very much seduced him partly because years back, even before he'd met his wife; the maid and the dad had been students together at some sort of swordsmanship academy or something where he'd taken her virginity somewhat roughly and then promptly vanished/got banished because of it shortly thereafter. So when she'd started working as a maid after their reunion years later she they both tried to keep cool but once the wife got pregnant the first time she really started to get envious. Or that should be the case as far as I remember anyways. Could be wrong tho since it's been years since I read it
Open file (609.24 KB 1156x1617 1609240040876.jpg)
The Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World manga got to the second wife/slave recently and blessed us with this doozy of a page.
Only very tangentially related but I know people here are into robot girls; I would recommend Plastic Memories. It's only one 13 episode season. No cuckqueaning in it but elements of the plot made me think about it. It's set in the near future and the MC joins a company that creates androids. The catch is that androids only live about 9 years and then have to have their personality wiped or they go crazy. The team he joins is a mix of humans and androids and their job is to go in pairs (one human and one android) and retrieve androids near the end of their lifespan. He falls in love with the android girl he is paired with. You know from the beginning that the girl is supposed to die soon. There is a moment in the last episode where she is talking about what his future will be like in a few years and mentions he will probably have a new girlfriend by then. It made me think it would be nice if she set him up with a girl she thought would be good for him or recommended he go after a particular girl. There's one human girl on the staff who is like an exact expy of Asuka from NGE, except she is only tsundere in the sense that she acts like she isn't concerned about the couple getting along when really she wants badly for them to be happy together. Anyway it won't take you long to watch and it's a pretty sweet story so you may as well give it a shot if you're looking for something.
Open file (69.17 KB 640x892 dungeon02.jpg)
New anime: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter It's not an isekai but uses the same sort of fantasy setting and the same tropes (overpowered MC, harem, etc.). Which is good; I never really got the point of making the character from our world when often it is irrelevant to the plot. Anyway the protagonist is a noble but in the lowest rung of nobility, the baronetcy. When it starts his 'only' power is omniscience but he gets a huge headache every time he tries to use it. His buxom best friend tells him she read an account of another man with the same power who felt better when he kissed his wives every time the headache occurred (wives plural, so polygyny is on the table!). So of course he tries that with her. He uses his power to discover a dungeon which another girl is chained up in and can't leave. She transfers all her power to him making him OP. She explains to him that every time he uses these powers it will deplete something called Life Points. If these run out, he will die. Doing things that give him pleasure will build up his Life Points. Including gaining wealth, eating delicious food, and of course sexual pleasure. So basically the plot mandates him living like a hedonist if he wants to use his powers without dying. He ends up joining the adventurer's academy with the best friend, who is a higher ranked noble. Another snobbier noble girl who looks down on him joins their party. And of course there are other girls; his sister has a crush on him, and apparently a receptionist girl will too. And this is only the first episode. I found it a lot of fun. If you don't mind a lot of clichés you will probably like it too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOAywWzUc2k
In the anime Aikatsu the main character Hoshimiya Ichigo her father is never around he is out exploring the word and I think it is a Cuckquean relationship.
Open file (65.05 KB 594x334 dun23.jpg)
>>1987 Second episode is out. The show is definitely a bit cheesy but I'm still enjoying it. The childhood friend and the guild receptionist get jealous over the protagonist but by the end of it they make up and are both cuddling with him. >>1997 Thanks, I'll check that out.
>>1997 Aikatsu’s an anime meant to sell a collectible dress-up themed arcade card game to little Japanese girls to play outside supermarkets and in corner arcades. Stop desperately grasping for cuckqueaning that isn’t there you ESL sperg. >>1998 Looks stupid but fun. I’ll check it out if I get the chance.
Open file (54.47 KB 1280x720 Roxy.jpg)
There's a really great cuckquean moment in the second episode of the new isekai anime, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. The main character is a little boy so far although his mind is adult and he has his memories from his past life intact. Apparently he'll age up later. Anyway, he's shown himself to be gifted at magic so his attractive blond parents have hired a girl named Roxy to be his magic tutor. He hears his parents fucking loudly and peeks outside his room only to catch sight of Roxy masturbating outside his parents room while she listens to the moans. Here's a clip from it I found on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnvXDsivsB0[Embed]
>>2003 Daaaamn. That'd be the 2am timeslot on Tokyo MX, then.

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