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Humiliation Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 15:07:31 No.809
Cuckqueans into humiliation, how do you like being put down? Do you have a preference for being humiliated by your partner or the vixen? For instance, do you mostly enjoy the feeling of being compared to another woman's body? Or being bad at sex and having your partner complain about it, using it to justify the cucking. Share your thoughts, fantasies and such.
Open file (95.26 KB 311x608 patient.jpeg)
>>809 I can't answer this because I'm hardcore compersive but if I was into humiliation it'd be from my man comparing me to the vixen. Like I'd be driven into a paroxysm of trying to please him, just absolutely debasing myself, kissing his feet, wearing revealing clothing for him, being desperately affectionate, and halfway through fucking me he'd make an offhand comment about how she is wetter and tighter around him and it'd push me over into a powerful yet pathetic orgasm. Not really into it myself but I can imagine how that'd work for someone a little different to me. The vixen on the other hand? Can't imagine it. If she tried to insult or degrade me I'd just laugh, playfully slap her ass, and tell her to prove it. Whatever gets him the best ride. Oh nooooo, please don't fuck my maaaaan, noooo...
I love the humiliation of making a new board just to be as dead as the one trying to replace.
>>809 I am... an extremely submissive person so I'm probably a good person to answer this. To me the cuckqueaning ideal is a form of motivation. The vixen gives me something to compete against constantly, and she is entitled to preferential treatment and to sexual preferentiality. She's "submissive" to our boyfriend, but no more so than the average woman. Meanwhile, most of the time, I'm little more than a slave, given scraps of pleasure when they see fit. Ideally I would be strictly forbidden from masturbation, with chastity used as enforcement if necessary. Sex would be mostly anal, and I might be allowed to orgasm perhaps once a year, if even that. I think it would be a lot of fun if both my boyfriend and vixen took turns having enjoyment of me. In the rare event that I'm allowed any sort of participation in their sexual activities at all (usually I'd be doing nothing more than watching them and cleaning up afterwards, all without touching myself of course), they'd tease my body mercilessly, with no regard for my comfort. Both of them would comment on various aspects of my body and tease me about them, even if they are compliments. They would also mock me for my eagerness at sex. I get to participate so infrequently that of course I'm pent up, and they'd tease me about how I haven't had release in months. >>811 This board is even deader... Let's try to revive it though!
>>845 > The vixen gives me something to compete against constantly, and she is entitled to preferential treatment and to sexual preferentiality. This is the part I’ve never understood about this flavour. Of course I want my man constantly balls-deep in some pretty side pussy to the point that he’s fucking them more than me, but the idea of competing with them just seems incongruous. Like, why? Maybe it’s that you also want to be submissive towards women whereas I only want to be submissive towards my man. Like if he locked me up in a chastity belt and dressed me in a little maid uniform I’d be delighted to bring drinks and clean up but if a vixen tried to mock me about it I’d slap her right on her unprotected pussy and ask my man to shut her up by plugging her cheeky mouth with dick. I like it when they thank me for letting me borrow my man though, that makes me feel happy. If you had a vixen who wasn’t interested in dominating you or humiliating you but your man still humiliated you, would you still be as interested?
>>846 Yes, but only if my man still enforced a hierarchy where she gets preferential treatment to me. If I so much as give her a glare of frustration, I should be punished. I'm supposed to act submissive and pleasant, and accepting of the fact that I am not sufficient for my boyfriend. I have to act like I don't mind the fact that I haven't had sex or been able to touch myself in three months because he's been having too much fun with another woman.
>>845 I've heard stories where the viexn is submissive to the other person but do some of you have vixens that are more dominnant towards your boyfirends/girlfriends?
Its no humiliation, but wouldn't it be cute to dress up your vixen in lingerie for him?
>>871 Not humiliating at all, but fun! Very fun!
Open file (190.67 KB 850x1206 1502647526114.jpg)
>>871 >>879 What if she wants to take your favorite/sexiest lingerie for herself? I mean it's not like you have a use for that special Valentine's day outfit you bought to wear for your bf.
>>890 >implying she'd fit into my bras >implying we wouldn't shop for matching lingere together anyway >implying I wouldn't wear my special Valentine's Day outfit to watch her get railed in her special Valentine's Day outfit
Open file (448.32 KB 600x1200 1587345700814.jpg)
>>895 Then maybe you can be the one to try out her bras and see how loose they feel. If you go shopping together, she might let out a little smirk when she compares the sizes side by side. She might make sure yours is small enough to be really tight and really bring out the flatness when standing next to her. Would you prefer to be in something sexy and provocative as well, or some more conservative lingerie?
>>871>>879 Some more from the same channel. These old films were basically advertisement but put more effort than anything today.

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