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8kun's back up Anonymous 01/22/2020 (Wed) 06:48:19 No.715
Hey, my apologies if it's "too" off-topic, but 8chan is back (again), it's 8kun.top
/cuckquean/ is still up on there !
>big banner at the top of the page saying MIGRATE TO ANON.CAFE/CUCKQUEAN/
Thank you for letting us know. The content is apparently being ported across Soon(tm).
Probably should repost what I mentioned there here as well, soubt the BO looks at the original board very often:
Please note that anyone here can take over the board (on 8kun) if the current owner goes through with their plans
>4. The Board Owner must not make it impossible to post on his or her board, either by locking all or most threads and / or deleting all or most threads or posts;
>6. The Board Owner must not squat in a board for the purpose of redirecting users from 8kun to a different website. Please note: creating a bunker in case of primary-website malfunction / downtime is fine, provided all of the above are complied with.
And frankly, forcing people to use a website when they might prefer to stay on the old one by denying them the old board is scummy anyway, don't do that.
Nothing’s ever been forced. Go ahead and post there if you want. Just because the content will also be moved here does not mean it will disappear there. Both boards will be maintained.
>The Board Owner must not squat in a board for the purpose of redirecting users from 8kun to a different website.
kek, that’s a new one
Except for the part where the BO said
>I've set this board to be delisted, so it will not appear in 8kun's indexes. Once all content here is migrated, I'll lock all threads. I will continue to log into the board owner account and will continue to keep this place clear of spam and other rule-breaking content, but if you want to post you should join us at https://anon.cafe/cuckquean/.
No it's not, I'm pretty sure that's been there since the Hotwheels days.
As for the question of the old board, I don't think it's right for the BO to hold on to the 8kun board if there's no intention to ever let people post there. The only reason to keep a board that you'll never use is to stop anyone else from reviving it; a jealous desire to be the only board on this topic. It's fine if you want to move to a different site, 8kun is kind of shitty, but ownership of the old board should be relinquished in that case.
Relinquished to whom?
So go tell off /tg/ you double hapa, they did exactly this too. Go tell off every other board that’s moved into the webring oh wait, you’re already shilling on them too. Nothing is stopping people from posting on 8kunt; they just don’t because it’s a pathetic bioluminescent Internet mudhut nowadays. Maybe if Ron aka (you) hadn’t fucked up so bad and lost Anon’s confidence it’d be a different story but he did so here we are instead with you whinging like a tranny at us
Nobody in particular, just let it expire so it can be claimed if someone wants it. I doubt anyone does, I just think it's silly to keep a board if you're not using it.
Though I guess that's not doable currently since claims are not yet being done. Still, maybe someone willing to put up with that site will still be around if Ron ever gets around to finishing it.

>muh hapas
>muh shills
>muh glowniggers
>muh secret ron astroturfing
>muh trannies
Fuck anon, your post is like a parody. I've never been called five different boogeymen at once before.
You are also a niggernigger, a Jew, and an Albanian.
You go too far, such insults are not to be flung about carelessly
Who but an Albanian would willingly slosh about in 8kun's infected bowels? Who but a Jew-Albanian would advocate for it?
Idk where to ask this, I'll just ask here randomly...

I wonder what do women, in general feels about NTR. Not Reverse NTR but NTR or just Cuckolding fetish. I read a poll in Otoge reddit about NTR and RNTR. Most of them agreed that while they may read it out of curiousity, they ultimately wont like it..I've also read about one that claim she likes the reverse sexuality in NTR as it puts the women as the perverts, because "woman can be perverted too". Another said how she Likes being fought over. I am curious how do majority girls feels about this genre. I can ask this in a more NTR related thread but I just assume there are more guys there lol.
Male cuckoldry disgusts me.
How do we know if this is a male or female respond.
Asking cuckqueans on an imageboard about the opinions of the majority of women regarding NTR is like going to /pol/ to ask them about the general population's consensus about black people.
So just as a reminder, /a/'s mods got removed today for largely the same reason as outlined in >>719 with the board being passed over to the owner of /animu/
They also failed to log in to the BO account for two months, but due to the amount of attention this gathered there's a pretty good chance that the rules will be followed more strictly from here on out.
Also no, these rules are not new, they've been in place since 2016 http://archive.ph/s6BU7#selection-1429.0-1437.98

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