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Open file (40.90 KB 495x437 throuple.jpb.JPG)
Looking to share my gentleman SharonSharalike 10/16/2023 (Mon) 18:31:13 No.5916
30 years old in Nebraska. To make a super long story short, I'm a wheelchair momma of one now (yaaaay!) but unfortunately an idiot doctor made me go 2 days before finally getting the goddamn c section I asked for in the first place... And it kinda ruined my ability to be sexy. We're not sure if nerves were damaged, my hormones changed too much, there was too much pushing trauma to "down south" or what all happened. I tried a couple websites looking for someone but the few people that responded seriously have all ghosted me without explanation. So this is kind of a shot in the dark.
Open file (677.37 KB 652x653 tamamo therapy.png)
>>5916 Jesus fuck, I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Even more horrifying to hear they fucked it up so badly even though (from what I've been hearing) they're passing out c-sections like candy in America these days. Anyway, welcome. I'm surprised you found us. We're an anonymous imageboard so we're more about discussion than personals and tend to have more 'queans than vixens. In a previous home we had a looking-for map but the circumstances of our move meant that that never came along with us. It sounds like you're trying to become a cuckquean more out of felt necessity than it being your fetish, but good luck on your vixen hunt (it's a tricky thing to do online!) and by all means please join in on other discussions here if you like. You need not fill in the name and email fields to post; in fact, imageboard culture discourages it (hence why you see everyone being called Anon or Anonymous).
Open file (473.87 KB 720x720 Non-Monogamy.png)
>>5916 Sorry to hear about this OP, genuinely hope you find someone and things work out. If cuckqueening isn't actually a fetish you have I suggest looking into ethical non-monogomy instead. ENM can take many many different forms. Some people are polyamorous and want companionate love from multiple people. Other people want a primary partner who is their husband/wife and then secondary relationships that fulfill various needs or desires. Those needs and boundaries can range from something as restrictive as primary partners only agreeing to have hookups with random people and never developing greater intimacy to full on open relationships where there are no restrictions at all. The most important thing is communicating boundaries and mutual consent. I'm saying all of this because ENM of any kind can be very emotionally challenging even though it can also be very rewarding. If this is your first experience with any of this and especially given the circumstance starting with a fetish that specifically targets feelings of being used (and subverting in a kinky way when everyone involved finds it hot) might not be the best place to start.
>>5919 Not to hijack this thread but it's better to ask here than to create a whole new thread for it (probably?) I'm a man who finds cuckqueening attractive but also genuinely am empathetic and values consent. In a few years I'll be looking for a more serious partner and wouldn't be opposed to relocating or helping her relocate potentially. I'm in my early mid 20s, just not time for it yet. Assuming this place still exists then what's the board culture on making a post with my bio like people do on /soc/ but without the endless dick pics and shitflinging? This board is generally very chill and I don't want to disrupt the community here at all.
>>5922 The main risk of personals threads is in attracting the sort of poster that overwhelmingly populates halfchan these days, i.e. painfully unaware guys who flail indiscriminately around anywhere they smell women, don't have much idea of cuckqueaning (not double-ee queening, that's a different thing) beyond imagining that bro it'd be totally baller to have a chick who lets them fuck other chicks, and tend to generally shit up any place they find. COCK OR GTFO is for exactly the same reason as TITS OR GTFO is (once was?) elsewhere. Also, not to piss on your ambitions, but have you considered that cuckqueans usually only emerge in the context of a relationship in which they're already happy and secure, and that there's good reason to be suspicious of a guy who's out specifically looking for a cuckquean?
>>5922 >>5923 Oh, also, you might be looking for the male advice containment thread at >>2371
Open file (2.02 MB 498x280 alex-jones.gif)
>>5919 > tend to have more 'queans than vixens Freaking atrazine has turned the whole world into cucks!
Open file (735.37 KB 1160x1100 1477797025536.png)
OP you'll never please your husband, you'll never be able to sexually satisfy him, you'll never be a real woman
>>5959 >smug anime girl reply >carefully chosen Megumin'd Christ-chan for le lowkey traditional LARP to be convincing Oh, no, no, no. (You) are not a woman, just a ressentful troon trying some edgy irony. OP was born double X, uterus et al. Even on a wheelchair she still is a woman, even frigid she is a woman. You, on the other hand chose to be an abomination, she was dealt a bad hand in life. Let that sink in, then cope and seethe. Don't forget to dilate. OP, welcome to imageboards. Now, GET OUT!
>>5970 >>5959 is just some psuedo-/christian/ troonspammer who slithers around Anon.cafe's other boards every so often trying to stir up trouble. Doubt OP stuck around to see it in any case.
>>5970 >world's ugliest man has a breakdown because he was called out on being a troon wew just another day on /cuckquean/

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