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Open file (828.37 KB 1276x716 sisuana.PNG)
Anonymous 05/29/2023 (Mon) 04:32:42 No.5236
For those who enjoy incest, do you prefer the vixen to be a relative inserting herself into a normal relationship or to be an unrelated girl who intrudes on your family and takes what has always been yours?
>>5236 My preference is for the daughter to cuck her mother, the idea of the cuck mom being supplanted by a younger, hotter version of herself is super hot for me. I rather enjoy the flavor where mom encourages daughter to seduce her father, but its also nice when mom and daughter are willing to share, creating a harem for dad. I never thought too much about the scenario where an outside girl enters the picture, though. I've seen a case where dad gets a GF and the jealous daughter starts sleeping with him, but in that case the new GF was into it and she works together with the daughter to get other women into his bed. But to me, that case feels different from what you're describing. Maybe something like where a sister has a crush on her brother and when he gets a girlfriend cucky jealousy ensues? Maybe the two of them pledged to marry eachother in their youth, and while he saw such things as children's games she still maintains her crush? Or am I off the mark, here? Do you have any examples to share?
>>5238 The topic is intentionally broad, but I do like the jealous sister setup. There's one doujin series where the girlfriend can't compete sexually and the sister convinces her the only way for her to provide him with happiness is to step down to a secondary role and basically be their beard, marrying the brother in public before handing the ring over to the sister for a private ceremony, I really like how that kind of scenario makes the two fetishes work together. For the opposite, there are lots of stories where sisters have to accept their brother's girlfriend or where they start masturbating to the sound of sex behind the shared wall, but I don't think I've ever seen a story that takes it all the way. I imagine a situation where she accepts that she can never be with him because of the taboo and gets toyed with by a vixen who notices the attraction and provides a pipeline for seeing his pleasured face. Maybe that's too depressing to see through without turning it into a threeway relationship, though.
https://www.reddit.com/r/Incestconfessions/comments/14bi02a/cucked_by_husband_daughter/ So apparently I've [33F] been cuckqueaned according to people online… looked into it and that's definitely how I feel. I have no idea how long my husband [37M] and daughter [18F] have been hooking up and I don't know if he'll tell me. I haven't been with anyone besides my husband, he was my high school sweetheart, and love him and have no desire to ruin him or my daughters lives. So for the time being, this is life. My daughter walks all over me and humiliates me all she can. My husband treats her like a queen and then treats me like dirt. She's been making her drive her and/or her friends places recently and just demands I drive her rudely. I told her no the other night, he overheard us arguing, walked in and told me to shut the fuck up and go to the bedroom, take off my clothes, and lay down… I did as I was told and could hear him console her as I walked away and told her not to worry he would take care of it. I laid in the room for a few minutes alone before he came in with her… she was already naked. He had her get on top of me, with her pussy over my face. He pulled his dick out of his pants and shoved it in my mouth to get it wet and then gently put it in her. He started to slowly pound into her. He started to tell her how much he loves her and was telling her he would make mom do whatever she wanted for her. His dick and her vagina slamming into my face as I tried not to cry, but was admittedly wet as all hell. He cummed in her and then demanded I clean her up as he watched. When I was done, she got off me and he told her to go get ready. When she left, he flipped me over and shoved his dick in my ass…. Which hurt like a bitch how he did it. He grabbed me around the neck from behind and told me he doesn't want to hear me talk to her that way ever again. That I'm her slave as much as his and he better hear I treat her like a princess. He took his dick out of my ass and got up and started grinding his dick, balls, and ass against my face… we heard our daughter yell I'm ready daddy. Then he slapped my ass, told me to get the fuck up, and take our daughter and that he would see me when I got back. The ride was awkward with my daughter. Silent at first and then she ended up saying you know daddy's going to do whatever I want, he loves me more than you now. I didn't say anything. I dropped her off and she told me she would call me when she's ready for me to pick her up. I went home in the meantime, I came home and my husband was obviously still horny… he was jacking off in our room. When he saw me, he told me to come in and suck his balls. I did. He was watching what I thought was porn and once I started sucking he turned up the sound and I could tell he was watching videos of my daughter having sex, I could hear her moaning and saying daddy and other things… I continued sucking while he jacked off. When he was about to cum he pulled his balls out of my mouth and shoved his dick down my throat. I choked as he cummed down my throat. He left the room and went to our spare room/office until I picked up our daughter later that night. Then he invited her to sleep with him in our room and told me to sleep in the spare. She was so fucking happy that he was kicking me out again… the sex was hot, but fuck the disrespect…. I don't know what I'm doing.
Open file (16.48 MB 1280x720 Mom Understands.mp4)
>>5238 >I rather enjoy the flavor where mom encourages daughter to seduce her father, but its also nice when mom and daughter are willing to share, creating a harem for dad. I have something close to that. Harem time episode 2 - https://hentaibar.com/videos/1545/harem-time-the-animation-episode-2-english-subbed/
>>5236 You shouldn't deny your man to your family. And no, it's not socialism when you call him "our man". https://twitter.com/lewdgazer/status/1692189550981091450
Open file (3.27 MB 3591x2560 shozui00.jpg)
Open file (632.43 KB 3591x2560 shozui01.jpg)
Open file (645.41 KB 3591x2560 shozui02.jpg)
Open file (641.66 KB 3591x2560 shozui03.jpg)
Open file (638.68 KB 3591x2560 shozui04.jpg)
>>5594 The third image should say "husband of us sisters". https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/110370522
Open file (633.33 KB 3591x2560 shozui05.jpg)
Came across this and my queanbrain immediately latched onto it. Imagine being a daughter of a total boobmonster, waiting for yours to grow in but they never do. Fed up with the chestlet life your mother has condemned you to, you decide that if she wont give you what should rightfully be yours, you will take what should rightfully be hers; you decide to seduce her husband. The whole endeavor turns out to be rather easy, after just a few weeks of hidden flirtation and stolen kisses you have him eating out of your hand. You guess that you must be a master seductress, or your mom isn't giving him enough attention in bed. You decide that it's time to really seal the deal, so after managing to get mom out of the house, you jump his bones. You're riding him raw, having a great fucking time, riding extra high off the fact that you're stealing him from her. He grabs both your hands and says "Honey, I'm getting close." Huh, that's kinda weird, why would he grab both your hands, and he always calls your mom honey... Suddenly, you feel feel hands on your hips holding you down as a massive pair of tits push into your back. "Silly girl. Did you think I didn't see what you were doing? If you wanted to get pregnant so your tits will finally sprout, you only needed to ask." You hear your dad moan, then feel his dick start to twitch as he shoots his load into you, all the while your mom is holding you down and making sure every drop lands inside you, voicing her encouragement to him the whole time. When he's done she removes her hands from your hips, then swats your butt lightly. "If that round didn't take, we can try again next week. Now move it, I'm going to clean your father up and our vixens don't get to be here for that part. Be sure to close the door on your way out, and don't forget that dinner is at 6." In a well-fucked stupor you meekly pad out of your parents' room, the sound of your mother sucking your juices off your dad's dick ringing in your ears.
https://twitter.com/cawneil/status/1681692998709411840 >>5608 >Suddenly, you feel feel hands on your hips holding you down as a massive pair of tits push into your back. I don't how I got caught off guard by this but I'm glad I did. It made it way hotter.
>>5720 I need sauce.
Demons fear incest..
>>5729 >to marry their sisters, daughters, granddaughters and their own mothers Has any of them married them all?
>>5729 The Zoroastrians sat at a crossroads between paganist and dualism so they worshipped Zoroaster through the supposed piety of things like the roaring flame or the golden bull, and also noticed that bulls will happily service anything that comes along as far as their overabundant fertility is concerned. >>5730 History lesson incoming btw I'm sure the Magi were doing things that within most of regular society set off some disgust complexes, so they said it was really pious to overcome the boundary. If it did any good for them then it was not manifested as able warcraft with the islamists. They modernised and they fled to west of India. They're liked in money exchanging because mistruth like fiddling the books is a religious heresy. There's an example of a Persian Satrap who had three children by his mother presumably helped along by bereavement of their father or something. There's no record of any of his other conduct and I assume he was lousy and just trying to follow the doctrine of paying pennance by shagging family. So I'd guess his demons didn't quite leave him as was suggested doctrinally. Another example would be of a pony colt whose mother died laboring him, so when he grew older he was left in a herd with his maternal and paternal grandmothers and with equine not having follicle drop off like people do, they ended up with several foals each from them. I wonder sometimes was I dropped on the head or some such for knowing all this stuff... Anyway, being insular in nature did not lead to what they wanted, which was for people to stop killing each other if they were all half-brothers and half-sisters. Once any special distinction is worn away they just fight while being siblings as in old Hawaii.
Open file (3.99 MB 2560x3630 1515748629007.jpg)
Sisters were made for their brothers. Their bodies just fit together perfectly and she gives him more pleasure than anyone else ever could. It's an honor to be allowed to be a part of such a relationship, to support them and help raise the product of such a pure and holy love.
>>5732 >the doctrine of paying pennance by shagging family. Giwtm. >when he grew older he was left in a herd with his maternal and paternal grandmothers and with equine not having follicle drop off like people do, they ended up with several foals each from them. Looks like animals have all the fetishes humans do. We are not so different. >I wonder sometimes was I dropped on the head or some such for knowing all this stuff... Depends. Did you just come across this stuff on a "Did you know?" page or did you seek this knowledge? >>5733 Becoming one with the people closest to you should be celebrated. Btw, sauce?
Open file (1.83 MB 2845x1563 103847556_p0.png)
Open file (1.88 MB 2845x1563 103847556_p1.png)
>Sisters share one soul. >When one of them feels pleasure so does the other. Imagine. >Why did I start feeling pleasure suddenly? My sister didn't mention inviting a 4th person. So it must be just her and my boyfriend at home waiting for me. Btw, wouldn't that lead to an infinite loop? Sister A feels pleasure because Sister B feels pleasure from dick but Sister B feels pleasure from the pleasure Sister A feels as well and so on. Sauce is Youma Shoukan e Youkoso but there isn't anymore of this duo.
Open file (367.67 KB 1280x1780 3.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 1320x1500 58586489_p0.png)
>>5760 No, you'd just be feeling the same nerve stimulation as her. They're synchronizing, not amplifying. You could start playing with yourself to create new sensations that would get synced to her on top of what she's already feeling from getting fucked, though.
>>5780 >They're synchronizing, not amplifying. That makes sense. Otherwise it would be too much to handle.
Open file (5.70 MB 1280x720 1.webm)
Open file (5.13 MB 1280x720 2.webm)
>She shares a name and a fetish with his sister. Wholesome. Love es M - https://hentaibar.com/videos/2483/love-es-m-the-animation-episode-1-english-subbed/
You should feel happy when 2 princesses like your brother. They could have anybody but they chose him. Himesama Gentei! - https://hentaibar.com/videos/1076/himesama-gentei-episode-1-english-subbed/
>>5734 >Giwtm Keeping it within fantasy is alright, but the guy was forgotten politically/militarily and only his mother fucking antics made a Greek footnote >Looks like animals have all the fetishes we humans do Again, outside of the fantasy this was deliberate human action in bringing them together. It takes human imagination the fact that he also gave a seeing to a granddaughter of one of the two on top of it all, so you stretch it to the point where you're giving them internal monologue and making them say "take it all you slut, like the time I made your aunts and uncles". The reality was probably a lot more straightforward. >Did you just come across this stuff Nope. I'd looked with malice aforethought but I've affirmed my religion since and if you're looking to be in that round hole you shouldn't go squaring the peg off. Everything I've said is qualified, because I'm trying to get to where I want to. >celebrate inbrooding I want to be in the free love cult, but for the faithening I've had in JC it pushes back against it
>>5801 >the guy was forgotten politically/militarily and only his mother fucking antics made a Greek footnote I see no problem with that.
Open file (555.70 KB 900x840 94095841_p0.jpg)
Open file (552.49 KB 1000x984 94183216_p0.jpg)
Open file (665.54 KB 1271x882 94266598_p0.jpg)

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